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tv   New Day Sunday  CNN  August 28, 2016 3:00am-5:01am PDT

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because of nba star dwyane wade, a great guy, dwyane wade, was the victim of a tragic shooting. >> the tweet isn't important. what's important is this horrible crime. sympathy for the family is the thing we ought to be feeling. >> hillary clinton called black youth super predators. remember that? >> he's got guys connected with the klu klux klan. they're claiming him. passengers on board a southwest airlines flight feared the worst when they heard a big boom as one of the plane's engines blew. >> it felt like half of the plane almost like capsized. >> we're definitely grateful
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that we were safe. >> round of applause for the captain. ♪ good morning. we're always so grateful to have your company. >> we've got a lot to talk about this morning, including qb colin kaepernick stirring up controversy by refusing to stand during the national anthem. there have been a lot of reaction to that. first, the trump campaign on the defensive again. this time the gop nominee is taking heat for this tweet following the death of dwyane wade's cousin. dwyane wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in chicago, just what i have been saying. frer african-americans will vote
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trump. >> after critics slammed him online, he tried to redirect the conversation on fox news. >> so unfair to have a mother walking down the street with a young child and somebody gets shot. it's happening all the time. you look at what's happening in the communities. you look at the tremendous violence. we can stop that immediately. we can over a longer period of time fix the education. >> the clinton campaign was quick to blast trump's initial response. tim kaine saying he struck the wrong tone. >> we ought to just be thinking -- we ought to be extending our sympathy to the family. that's the only reaction that's appropriate right now. and maybe a sadness about this gun violence issue chrks we know it's complicated. sunlen serfaty is in des moines, iowa. >> following the trump campaign and the backlash to trump's
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saturday tweet. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump causing quite the uproar over social media tweeting about the tragic killing of dwyane wade's does in. the uptick in inner city violence is one of the main reasons he believes african-americans will vote for him in november. these sort of comments met with immediate criticism, especially as he brought up this recent tragic killing, noting that he was politicizing the moment, that he's inserting himself into this tragedy. donald trump speaking to a predominantly white audience, again trying to reach out to african-american voters and specifically brought up this recent killing. >> more than 6,000 african-americans are the victims of murder, of murder, every single year. just yesterday the cousin of nba star dwyane wade, a great guy,
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dwyane wade, was the victim of a tragic shooting in chicago. she was the mother of four and was killed while pushing her infant child in a stroller just walking down the street, shot. it breaks all of our hearts to see it. it's horrible, it's horrible. and it's only getting worse. this shouldn't happen in our country. this shouldn't happen in america. >> reporter: adding to the criticism is senator tim kaine, hillary clinton's running mate, who while he was out campaigning, criticized donald trump for highlighting this case. he said the only response right now that is appropriate is expressions of sympathy to their family. trump's message comes amid this surge of gun violence in the city.
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we've befo according to the chicago tribune, three people have been killed and at least 15 others injured in shootings since yesterday afternoon, not even a 24-hour period. and that number doesn't include one of the more high profile shootings, the killing of aldridge, the cousin of dwyane wade. family and friends are planning to hold a prayer vigil for her this afternoon. she was shot in the head and arm while she was out with her newborn baby in a stroller. she died a short time later at the hospital, leaving behind four children. that baby was not hurt. of course now that baby is going to grow up without a mother, so physically shot hurt. we understand they have -- police have talked to a couple of people of interest. >> right.
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a dispute involving an uber driver led to the shooting of dwyane wade's cousin according to the chicago police. so far in arrests have been made. nykea was caught in the cross fire. she was pushing her newborn baby in the stroller at the time. a special prayer vigil is planned in her honor this afternoon at the new creation church. back in march of 2012 wade's nephew was shot twice in the leg during a robbery attempt in a chicago convenience store. aldridge's death comes one month after the chicago bulls superstar joined fellow players on stage at the espys pleading for an end to gun violence.
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just one day before the shooting wade took part in an espn round table discussion about violence in his hometown of chicago. >> we're going to have a larger conversation about this with cedric alexander in just a little while about chicago. let's talk about the political implications now. a. scott bolden along with donald trump's senior advisor former congressman from georgia jack kingston. good to have both of you. congressman, i want to start with you. stewart steven summed up the criticism of trump's tweet.
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why did donald trump pair this tragic death of his mother with african-americans will vote trump? >> i think number one he did express sympathy very abundantly at the ohio rally. >> three hours later. >> he's under scoring the fact that we do have problems in the inner city, often affecting african-americans more than other populations. the big story isn't what he tweeted, it's the 6,000 african-americans who have been murdered this year. that's where we need to be focusing. the fact that a republican candidate or any candidate is reaching out and talking about that should be a positive thing, not just for african-americans but for all of the country. if you look at the failed policies that we have seen in so many of the inner cities run by democrats and the fact that the murder rates in baltimore and
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washington, d.c. and newark and chicago have skyrocketed this year, that should be a campaign issue. it's what are we going to do about this. >> the candidates often use tragedies to discuss specific issues and their plans for them. his statement is this is something that should happen. your response? >> it certainly should not happen. this was a crass -- who donald trump is, he saw a tragedy , a woman who's been killed tragically and his first response was black people vote for trump. highly inappropriate. there's no real answer to that. that's trump. when his handlers got to him, then he offered his condolences. this isn't a black problem. this is an american problem. this happens in poor communities, black, white and
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brown. this is all of our problem. i'd like to have the republicans work with democrats on reducing gun violence, shutting down the gangs in chicago which make up 70% of these shootings and get some reasonable gun control in place. stop gun sales at gun shows and do reasonable background checks. >> it appears to be that there is a pattern here. let's put up the tweet from june after the shooting at pulse nightclub in orlando. trump tweeted, appreciate the congrats for being right on radical islamic terrorism. i don't want the congrats. i want toughness and vigilance. we need to be smart. there is a pattern here. why does donald trump through these tweets think me first, at least by this rhetoric from the tweets? >> remember, donald trump is not a politician. >> he is a politician. he's running for president.
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>> okay. is this not a little bit ankle biting here when you're saying let's focus on the tweets and not the bigger problem. 49 people were killed in orlando and the murderer's father goes to a hillary clinton rally. >> it's not as if i'm digging for something that was not supplied by the candidate himself. he tweeted out that message on june 12th. he tweeted out the message yesterday. these are things that he is offering. he is a politician because he's running for president. >> in his speech yesterday in iowa he spent a lot of time on this. he was very eloquent, he was very sincere, both to the family but also to the bigger picture. the bigger picture is not guns. it's interesting that the democrats rush in after a tragedy and talk about gun control, but that's not political. let's be honest with ourselves
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about this. the reality is, in the inner cities you have failed education programs. you have the december mags -- t said is if i'm selling you a car and you've not going to buy it from my competitor, i'm not going to be as competitive as i could be. the best thing for african-americans and all population is to look at both parties. >> what are the republicans offering african-americans? african-americans are very interested in equal rights, gun control, criminal just sis ice reform, human right rights, civ rights. republicans got any of that on
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their platform list? no. so it's one thing to say you want my vote as an african-american. what are you offering me? when you want my vote, you've got to ask me out on a date and give me some reason to stop seeing the person that i'm seeing. right now the republicans don't have anything to offer. thanks but no thanks. >> there has been very little if any progress in this city. three dead, 15 wounded in just the last 20 hours or so. stay with us. we're going to continue this conversation in just a moment. we have to talk about trump and clinton tradie ining barbs. hillary clinton is being attacked for describing a former member of the kkk as a friend and mentor. also panic and fare aboard a southwest flight as major engine trouble forces it to make an
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trait on tv bashing trump. she forgot how she said a kkk member was her mentor. i think they're discussing late west virginia senator robert byrd. he said the association was the biggest mistake of his life. is this a fair point the sisters are raising? >> not at all. this is more tit for tat. robert byrd 80 years ago was a member of the kkk. he denounced it 40 years ago or 50 years ago. so this tit for tit policy, you can't equate both of them, because hillary clinton is not retweeting the messages of white supremacists.
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she's not embracing the alt-right. she doesn't have a ceo from breitbart. so the credibility when he calls her a bigot or says this tit for tat rings hollow. it's going to ring hollow until the donald trump talks to the african-american community and makes himself accountable for all of these flaws in how he deals with race and class issues. >> you discussed robert byrd being a member of the kkk several decades ago. this was a man who while serving with hillary clinton used the n-word on television in an interview in march of 2001 while they were colleagues and she then called this man a friend and mentor. if it is fair to pair steve b
3:20 am
bannon's history at breitbart with donald trump, that the clinton campaign should expect the questions about robert byrd's history. >> i don't know whether they should expect it or not. i think they're comparing apples and oranges. it's wrong for him to use that word in an interview in 2001. they worked together in the senate. here and currently breitbart's ceo is running donald trump's campaign. donald trump is gratuitously retweeting the messages of white supremacists. and white supremacists and neo nazi groups are supporting him. david duke said we're about to take over the republican party. >> i have to say this, i don't know anything about donald trump retweeting anything from david duke. i do know this.
3:21 am
>> i didn't say from david duke. >> i do know this. when mateen sat in the front row of hillary clinton's rally, a father of a terrorist. donald trump was absolutely on the front end of inclusiveness with african-americans and other groups that have traditionally been excluded from them. i do know this. jessie jackson has recently praised donald trump for opening up reality to his rainbow push coalition. and i do know this. donald trump has run hundreds and hundreds of businesses. and if he had a history of discrimination, believe me, we would all know about it. >> we're living that history in this campaign right now. >> this is certainly discussed in the new york times this morning, a really detailed piece about some of donald trump's practices and the practices of
3:22 am
his father. we may get to those later in the show. but thank you both for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. jake tapper's exclusive interview with mike pence, that's coming up on state of the union. they'll talk about what's next in this fierce battle for the white house. state of the union is on at 9:00 a.m. eastern right here on cnn. you can imagine some frightening moments for passengers aboard a southwest flight when the plane was forced to land after major engine issues. listen to this. >> i thought it was an attack or that the plane was going to go down. >> it felt like half of the plane almost like capsized on the other side.
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think about how you would have reacted in the moments on a southwest airlines plane like this. it made an emergency landing after its number one engine failed mid flight. no injuries to the 105 people aboard. kudos to those pilots obviously. but it freaked people out. >> it was like an explosion. >> some of the 99 passengers on board a southwest airlines flight headed to orlando from new orleans feared the worst when they heard a big boom as one of the plane's engines blew. >> i thought it was an attack and that the plane was going to go down. >> it felt like half of the plane capsized on the other side. >> i had my 5-year-old sitting next to me. i looked out the window.
3:27 am
there was a lot of smoke. i looked back and it was gone. i just saw metal flapping. >> as oxygen masks deployed, minutes later they were touching down in pensacola without further incident. >> rauound of applause for the captain. >> later a different plane brought them to orlando international safely. >> i know god was with us the whole time. had that punctured the interior c cabin, we bea'd be dead. >> we had good pilots. trump now giving some specifics about his plan for immigration, including what he would do on day one. i laugh, i sneeze... there goes my sensitive bladder. sound familiar? then you'll love this. incredible protection in a pad this thin. i didn't think it would work, but it does.
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because of nba star dwyane wade, a great guy, dwyane wade, was the victim of a tragic shooting. >> the tweet isn't important. what's important is this horrible crime, situation think for the family is the thing that we ought to be feeling. >> hillary clinton called black youth super predators. remember that? >> he's got guys connected with
3:32 am
the klu klux klan. they're claiming him. welcome back. good to be with you on this sunday morning. the trump campaign is trying to redirect the conversation this morning after donald trump tweeted this response to the death of a mother of four in chicago. and some people are accusing him of politicizing her death. dwyane wade's cousin was shot and killed walking her baby in chicago, just what i have been saying. african-americans will vote trump. >> tim kaine saying he struck the wrong tone. >> it is also a family. let's take that -- >> so unfair to have a mother walking down a street with a young daughter or a young boy and somebody gets shot, whether it's the mother or the child. it's happening all the time. you look at what's happening in the communities.
3:33 am
you look at the tremendous violence. and we can stop that immediately. we can over a longer period of time fix the education. >> we ought to just be extending our sympathy to the family. that's the only reaction that's appropriate right now. and maybe a sadness about this gun violence issue, which we know it's complicated. >> political commentator erroll lewis. i want to start with the tweet on cousin more than an hour later, trump tweeted again saying my condolences to dwyane wade and his family on the loss of nykea aldridge. they're in my thoughts and prayers. i don't want to discount the fact that he put it out there,
3:34 am
but is anyone on his camp working with him on his twitter etiquette. i'm wondering what the camp thought when they saw that first tweet go out. >> i would discount it. some people have done some forensics on this and pointed out that that second tweet came from an ipad. donald trump has said he doesn't use ipads. it's safe to assume someone nonetheless his camp tweeted it for him in an attempt to sort of clean up what was an unusually obnoxious and insensitive and really disgusting kind of a statement. the notion that this kind of tragic murder would lead people to vote for donald trump, i mean, if that's true, he should go to the south side of chicago and hold a rally on the south side. he should address the people who he claims are now going to vote for him because of this horrible violence and really make it real. the key thing that you just played is him saying we're going
3:35 am
to stop this immediately. >> i was going to ask you about this. if you could stop it immediately, wouldn't somebody have done it by now. >> see, now you're thinking logically. more importantly -- and i think this is all going to come home to roost for donald trump. what exactly does he mean, we can stop this immediately? who? how? what are you going to do? if there's any integrity to that statement or to the point he's trying to make by jumping into the middle of something like this without ever addressing the family or even contacting them, well, let's hear it. let's talk about this seriously. >> now the onus is on him to explain that line of we could stop this immediately. >> exactly. him or any of his many many surrogates who are left trying to clean up his spur of the moment exclamations that have no
3:36 am
substance behind them. >> let's talk about immigration real quickly. >> on day one, i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this count country, including removing the hundreds of thousands of criminal illegal granimmigrantst have been released into the united states under the incompetent obama/clinton administration. >> so the keyword in this sound here criminal. he's being very specific about it now. is the change in verbiage helping? >> i'm still a little curious about it. here again the details raelgly -- really do matter. we know that almost all of
3:37 am
criminal law enforcement happened at a very local level. let's say some sheriff's deputies stop somebody on suspicion of having burglarized a home or something like that and it turned out that their citizenship papers are a little unclear. what on earth are you going to do from washington to make something happen along those lines? we've got once again an unclear promise and assertion that's being made. i'd also say, though, if donald trump were to become president, he would be hard pressed to match what the obama administration has done. he said we're going to go after the criminals. we're not just going to try and round up everybody whose papers are out of order. that's an impossible task. >> we see the difference in tone, whether it came from him or somebody on his staff yesterday with the dwyane wade
3:38 am
situation. we see a lot of questions about where his stance is on immigration. is he flip-flopping? is he changing things? are we seeing donald trump simply trying to say what he wants to say to win him votes? or are we witnessing a man -- are we seeing him learning as he's on the campaign trail? and what is the learning curve? he announced his run june 16th of last year. so it's been over a year. what is the learning curve? >> they are building the plane as it's taking off. the problem for donald trump and his campaign is they're running out of runway, they're running out of days, they're running out of news cycles. on the immigration question, he's doing what is traditional politics. he's doing what is the responsible thing if you want to lead a nation of over 300
3:39 am
million people, which is to sort of stake out your volumalues an position and then try to keep its core but bring in some of the swing voters. that's really what he's doing. you can call it a flip-flop. you're going to get push back when you try to do that. but he's doing what any politician would do to see if he can actually win a majority, get to the white house and then implement his policies. the problem is he's doing it in such a clumsy way. he was so vociferous and caustic about it all through the last year. very hard to see how he's going to get back to the middle now. >> erroll is going to stay with us for this next story. this popular nfl quarterback is
3:40 am
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an nfl quarterback caught in controversy this morning, but also starting an important conversation. colin kaepernick refused to stand during the national anthem before friday night's game. some people are calling him ungrateful. others are defending his right to stand up or sit down for whatever he believes. i am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. to me this is bigger than
3:44 am
football. and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. there are bodies on the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder. i want to start with you and what we think reading that from colin kaepernick. >> an interesting young man and weighty decision that he made. keep in mind, he's trying out. he's essentially on a job interview trying to become the starting quarterback a couple of weeks out from opening day. this is the last thing he needs. so let's take him seriously when he says that this means a lot to him. he's putting a lot on the line, not just his endorsements but indeed his job. i am one of the people who believes that free speech means free speech from everybody. it's not something i would have
3:45 am
done during a job interview or pretty much any other time. he's going to get a lot of push back. it's going to cost him a lot in the way of condemnation, possibly endorsements, possibly the job that he's seeking. that just underscores how serious he is about this. >> the criticism, scott, is that at least from those who are criticizing what he's doing and how he's doing it, is this is not the time to display that dissatisfaction, that anger, whatever emotion he's feeling during the national anthem while you are playing for your city, for this team. >> well, when is a good time to protest? when is a good time to exercise your first amendment right? is it connected to his income or football or the national anthem? when is the good time to do that and stand up against police violence. he has an active social media campaign. he's talked about this police violence. and this is his manifestation of
3:46 am
his protest. he has every right to do it. i admire his courage for all that he is putting at risk, n notwithstanding his long-term contract. athletes have always been roundly criticized because fans, black, white, yellow and brown put them in a sports box and say that you cannot move out. muhammad ali moved out and other olympic athletes have moved out and they've been roundly criticized. that comes with courage and exercising your first amendment. >> the nfl released a statement saying the players are encouraged but not required to stand during the playing of the national anthem. i just want to make sure we got that in there. thank you both. of course this will be a conversation that continues throughout the season if he continues to hold that spot. donald trump said he'll get rid of criminal illegal immigrants on day one of his
3:47 am
presidency. brian stelter is going to have more on his immigration plans and some reaction from a key constituency. >> jorge ramos says donald trump is in panic mode. be binge-stud. now she writes mostly in emoji. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade. today, the only spanish words he knows are burrito and enchilada. soon, he'll take notes en espanol. get back to great with the right gear. from the place with the experts. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. ♪ the sun'll come out for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow
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50 minutes past the hour right now. donald trump is trying to court latino voters, despite sending mixed signals on immigration. one latino journalist contends his out reach is too little too
3:51 am
late. let's bring in brian stelter. i know you spoke to you knunivi anchor jorge ramos. what are people saying about donald trump, immigration and the alleged flip-flop? >> ramos says he's channelling the views of his audience, his spanish speaking and bilingual viewers who are very skeptical of donald trump. >> who knows what he's thinking about the deportation? he's backtracking on his flip-flop. i honestly think that donald trump is in panic mode with latinos. i think he realized too late he cannot win the white house without latinos. i've seen the latest polls. univision says he might get 19% of the latino vote. and mitt romney with 27% lost the election. i think he's realizing that he
3:52 am
can't win nevada, colorado, florida without latinos. i think latinos will remember what he said. he said that mexico immigrants were bringing drugs and they were rapists. even if he's shifting his position right now, they'll remember that on november 8th. >> ramos there saying that donald trump is in panic mode among latinos. ramos is arguably the best known news anchor on spanish speaking tv. ramos is a very influential figure. he's an add voe kavocate for hi audience and he's been trying to get an interview with donald trump for a long time. he showed up at a press conference, tried to interview donald trump and was kicked out of the room. he says there's very little out reach by the donald trump campaign toward hispanic viewers.
3:53 am
>> who else are you talking to this morning? >> stewart stevens who was the mitt romney campaign strategist in 2012. he dislikes both trump and hillary clinton. we're going to be talking about the media strategies of both candidates. and be sure to catch him on reliable sources today 11:00 a.m. eastern only here on cnn . another surge in violence in chicago. one report says that more than a dozen people were shot in fewer than 24 hours. that number does not include the cousin of superstar dwyane wade. ♪ ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback.
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this morning a search and rescue operation is on after a small plane crashed into lake ponchetrain in new orleans. tens of thousands of people were forced out of their homes after the devastating flooding in louisiana. people had to leave behind everything, includie ining belo family pets. >> volunteers are stepping up to care for these pets, but they're really hoping these families come looking for them. >> this dog here, she came in yesterday. she was recovered by one of the field teams that found her out in an area where the people had all been pushed out. she had had to leave her behind. you just can't blame people when
3:58 am
they have no home, no car and no way. we've had a army of volunteers working diligently, trying to keep up just with the cleaning and bedding and trying to make these animals comfortable. we just appreciate you so much. thank you. the individuals that run this shelter, they've directly been affected by this flood themselves, their own homes. his own home was absolutely destroyed by the floods. come here, sweet darling. every day is a challenge, because there seems to be no end of animals that are still being found. there are so many areas that people just now are able to come back into. as you can see, we have quite a collection of dogs here that have been displaced by the flood. and we're striving to shelter
3:59 am
these animals to allow them to be reunited with their families. the dogs are missing their people just like the people are missing their dogs. >> that's got to be tough. you're probably running out of the house and maybe you don't know where your dog is. >> you don't have time. >> if they're not there, you can't grab them and go. they're doing such good work there. wea've got a lot more ahead on the next hour of your new day and it starts right now. >> the cousin of nba star dwyane wade was the victim of a tragic shooting. >> the tweet isn't important. what's important is this horrible crime. sympathy for the family is the thing that we ought to be feeling. >> hillary clinton called black youth super predators. >> he's got guys keblconnected the klu klux klan. they're claiming him. >> passengers on board a
4:00 am
southwest airlines flight feared the worst when they heard a big boom as one of the plane's engines blew. >> it felt like half of the plane almost like capsized. >> we were grateful that we were so safe. >> round of applause for the captain. ♪ so good to have you joining us here on a sunday morning. not just those story this is hour, but san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick with a protest that's drawing a lot of harsh criticism. >> an nfl star takes a stand by sitting down. more on that coming up next. the trump campaign on the defensive again. this time the gop nominee is taking heat for sending out a tweet following the news of the death of nba superstar dwyane wade's cousin. here's the tweet.
4:01 am
dwyane wade's cousin was shot and killed walking her baby in chicago, just what i have been saying. african-americans will vote trump. >> trump tried to redirect the conversation on fox news. >> so unfair to have a mother walking down a street with a young daughter or a young boy and something gets shot, whether it's the mother or the child. it's happening all the time. you look at what's happening in the communities. you look at the tremendous violence. and we can stop that immediately. we can over a long eer period o time fix the education. >> the clinton campaign was quick to blast trump's initial response. tim kaine saying he struck the wrong tone. >> we ought to just be extending our sympathy to the family. that's the only reaction that's appropriate right now and maybe a sadness about this gun violence issue chr, which we kn
4:02 am
it's complicated. >> look at the headline in the chicago tribune this morning. three people have been killed and at least 15 others injured in shootings since yesterday afterno afternoon, in less than 24 hours. >> we've got to talk about this exchange, the tweet and the comments and the larger problem as it relates to chicago and gun violence. i want to talk about the tweet and this immediate exchange and the larger problem. was it appropriate for donald trump to send out this message initially spelling dwyane wade's name wrong but then correcting that, but not expressing any empathy, any compassion, any sympathy for the family of this woman who was killed? >> he sent out another tweet within an hour of that expressing condolences and
4:03 am
thoughts rand prayand prayers. the issue here isn't tweets. it's almost 460 people have been murdered in chicago this year. this conversation is a little misguided, as is tim kaine's saying that gun violence is a complicated problem. that's not a solution. saying something is complicated doesn't solve anything, doesn't savelives. we need to solve this issue. hillary clinton has proven absolutely inept in her almost 30 years of public service. >> i looked at donald trump's position papers on his website, seven of them. not a single one about gun violence. specifically, there is obviously a problem. we heard the headline there from the chicago tribune, three dead, 15 wounded. and candidates often use specific tragedies to examine a larger problem. why is this different? >> i think first and foremost my prayers go out to the wade family. but this isn't the first time
4:04 am
that this has happened. this isn't the first time where we've had a death or a tragedy in chicago or in any other city across the country. i thought yesterday's tweet by donald trump was the perfect example of callousness, the i told you so, quote unquote, i told you so tweet was just a bit much yesterday for someone who just lost a mother, a sister, a cousin. i think we need to refocus. yes, this gun problem that we have in our communities that's prevalent is a very complicated problem and it has to be treated as a public health risk. until we start understanding the layers and the complexities that cause this type of violence, i don't think we'll ever get to a place where we can solve it. i'm not sure that donald trump has any solutions to do so. we've seen the mothers of the movement who have been campaigning with hillary clinton. african-americans -- let me just say this, victor, because one of the things that drives me up a wall is that people speak to us
4:05 am
as if we do not know that violence is in our own communities and they speak to us as if we are not trying to do things on a daily basis to remedy that. neither of those is true. >> let's play -- hold on. let's play what donald trump said at this rally yesterday and then we'll talk about plans and solutions. >> so we send our thoughts and prayers to the family and we also promise to fight for a much, much better tomorrow. across chicago more than 2,700 have been shootings victims since january of this year. think of it. 2700 people have been shot since january. we cannot as a society tolerate this level of violence and suffering in our cities. to those suffering, i say vote
4:06 am
for donald trump. i will fix it. >> donald trump says he will fix it. how? >> one of the major issues is of course economics. you're seeing unemployment rate in the inner cities is sky high. the unemployment rate of african-americans is double that of white americans. donald trump will absolutely make reinvestments into the inner cities. we'll make sure those inner cities have a future, have an opportunity. hillary clinton is not bringing any solutions to the table at all. all you have is tim kaine using epithets and comparing donald trump and his 14 million supporters in the primaries to things like the kkk which is not at all help full ful to resolvi issues. these issues are about all americans. it's incumbent on all of us to come together and resolve the problems going on in our inner cities. >> let's push you on the point
4:07 am
of donald trump's plan as it relates to economics. hillary clinton has a gun violence plan that is quite detailed. donald trump has seven position papers there, not one of them relating to gun violence. should he be more specific here beyond the economics? >> rahm emanuel has been mayor of chicago for years now and he's shown complete inability. the clintons have failed on this. donald trump is saying that he will work with our inner cities on the economics, on what's going on where people don't have jobs, futures, a light at the end of the tunnel. it's those economic situations that are causing the tensions between the people in the inner cities and the police. when we remedy that, of course the violence will go down because people will have jobs
4:08 am
and an opportunity to look forward to tomorrow and not just live in the horrible situations they live in now. >> this sounds a lot like what we heard from donald trump in that pretty famous now or infamous that you don't have jobs, your schools are crumbling, you're living in poverty. >> i'm talking about specific inner cities. >> specific inner city, you're relating specifically to economics. boris says this is an economic issue. >> this is more than an economic issue. boris and donald trump and many of donald trump's surrogates have this inability to comprehe comprehend inter-sectionalty. boris and donald trump always want to say it's the economics. it's jobs and when i get in office, i'm going to solve this problem immediately without any solutions. let me give you a solution that
4:09 am
hillary clinton talks about because you already talked about her gunman. there is a 30-20-10 plan where you're dedicating 10% of government spending to the 20% of communities that have been facing poverty for 30 years or more. and we're talking about infusing direct resources right into those communities so you can actually have those jobs. you can invest in science, technology, engineering and math, things that are very important. do you even know the young lady's name who was killed two days ago? >> i do know her name. i don't appreciate you bringing that up and trying to paint me somehow as out of touch. the left has been using this issue to divide america. >> hold on. let me ask you -- i have the same question for bakari. has either nominee reached out to the family? >> are you asking me or bakari? >> i'm asking both of you. >> you just played a clip of donald trump reaching out to the
4:10 am
family. >> no. i mean like a phone call directly to the aldridge family. >> that's up to mr. trump. we're here to talk about larger issues. >> i'm asking has it happened? >> we all expressed deep condolences and of course to the family of ms. aldridge and all of those shooting victims. >> duo you know if he called? >> that's up to mr. trump. >> has the clinton campaign reached out? >> i have not. one of the things that the clinton campaign stated yesterday with tim kaine is you don't want to make this a political football. >> that's exactly what you just did. >> we've got to wrap it here. i thought that question was valid if we're going to have this conversation about nykea aldridge, if either side has called her family to offer their condolences. donald trump is no stranger
4:11 am
to campaign merchandising to get his message out, buttons hats. he's got a new line of apparel for the lgbt community. colin kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem and it has sparked a heated debate over the right to protest. ♪ ♪ and i didn't get here alone. there were people who listened along the way. people who gave me options.
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4:14 am
more tragedy and chaos in chicago. now, according to the chicago tribune three people have been killed, at least 15 others wounded in the shootings there since yesterday afternoon. that number does not include nykea aldridge, the cousin of nba superstar dwyane wade. family and friend plan to hold a prayer vigil this afternoon in her memory she was caught in the middle of a shootout between an uber driver and two other men.
4:15 am
she died a short time later at the hospital, leaving behind four children. the baby in that stroller was not heard. dwyane wade took to twitter pleading for an end to gun violence. tweeting, the scity of chicago s hurting. we need for help. more hands on deck. not for me and my family, but for the future of our world, the youth. he went onto say, these young kids are screaming for held. hashtag enough is enough. >> people saying, look, something has got to be done. the question is how and who. let's talk to cnn law enforcement analyst cedric alexander about this. we just mentioned the headline in the chicago tribune today, three people dead, 15 wounded by guns in less than 24 hours at this point. i think there's a lot of people out there looking at this and wondering how did the city allow this to escalate to the point
4:16 am
that it did or has as we've seen it? does somebody need to take some responsibility and be accountable here? >> this is more than just holding a city responsible for what we're seeing in chicago and many other cities across this country. certainly those cities and their leadership have a responsibility to provide public safety. but this is a real complex issue. this is not a new issue to chicago and many other cities around the country. >> it has escalated over the last couple of years. >> it has escalated. but we're also seeing, if you go back and look to prior years, you will see some of these same numbers and some of these numbers even being worse. the issue for us now is how do we engage the violence in many of our cities across this country. it's going to take a variety of things. economics, we know, play a part. we know we have a criminal ju
4:17 am
justice system that sometimes is not fair and equal. >> do you think that's a problem in chicago specifically? >> it's a problem across every city in many major cities across this country where you see a level of poverty. the question becomes and the answer has to be as well what is it that we can do in the immediate right now at this very moment? we have to have long-term plans but you have to have a short-term plan. and the short-term plan for law enforcement is that you have to have the technology, the personnel and the resources at this very moment for police officers to go out in the street and provide the type of public safety they need to provide. >> we know that chicago police force has been under a lot of scrutiny because of offer involved shootings. do you believe they have enough resources to manage what's happening? >> no. i would imagine if you were to ask the superintendent there in
4:18 am
chicago or any police administrator across this country, they would tell you they need more resources and personnel. >> so they need more police officers and more what? >> technology, the technology that is out there to help with intelligence gathering and building the resources to give us greater opportunity to expand our community and police relationships. because that is a huge piece of it, we have to have relationships with the people who live in our communities that plays a huge part in developing intelligence and also building that trust that's needed so when police do go into these neighborhoods, they're joined with their police department. but the violence, we all will admit, is kind of over board in many american cities. but we cannot negate the fact that their long-term plans that we hear many of our politicians talking about, but what we need immediately as police officers
4:19 am
out there on that street is more police officers on these streets, more resources and more opportunities to better respond. because as the calls for service go up, what you're finding is that police personnel is going down. >> let's listen to something that donald trump said yesterday when he was talking about the violence in chicago. >> so unfair to have a mother walking down a street with a young daughter or a young boy and somebody gets shot, whether it's the mother or the child. it's happening all the time. you look at what's happening in the communities. you look at the tremendous violence. and we can stop that immediately. we can over a longer period of time fix the education. >> he's mentioning education. but one thing that stood out immediately was what he said, we can fix this immediately. if they were true, it would have been done by now. >> absolutely it would have been done. here's where you cannot politicize this issue. the american people don't want to hear that.
4:20 am
people who live in these communities for years want to be safe. so for any politician to say we're going to fix this, i'm going to fix this as if one individual is going to fix it, is not true. no one person is able to fix this. this is a community effort along with city hall, along with police officers out on the street. you have to have a holistic approach. there's no one person who can come in and say i'm going to fix this. what's your plan? >> should federal forces get involved at this point? >> that becomes an issue and question for whatever city is plagued with this issue and this problem. >> but your assessment of chicago and what we're seeing? >> i wouldn't go as far as as to say that about chicago. i know the leadership is working very hard to try to curtail and intervene as best they can to reduce the crime in chicago.
4:21 am
but it's going to take continued effort on the part of that community and the police department as well. but they're working hard at this and we have to give them credit for doing this. it is an ongoing struggle. let's turn now to the nfl quarterback taking a stand by sitting. colin kaepernick is in the middle of this heated debate. we'll talk about the potential fallout from his decision to sit during the national anthem. also, panic and fear on board a southwest flight. imagine this, major engine trouble forces this to make an emergency landing.
4:22 am
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4:25 am
a star nfl quarterback taking a political stance by sitting on the bench during the national anthem. >> it's become quite a debate. >> 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick made his preseason debut on friday. people are talking about what he did not do before the game. he was on the field during the national anthem but refused to stand. after the game he said, i am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. to me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. there are bodies on the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder. the nfl says kaepernick will not face any discipline for his actions. the league said players are
4:26 am
encouraged but not required to stand during the playing of the national anthem. kaepernick did not say whether he would continue with his protest when the regular season starts. >> we should point out that there are some fans who are so unhappy with this protest they're setting the quarterback's jerseys on fire while listening to the national anthem. >> you'll remember cleveland and lebron james years ago but of course he came back and made up for that. donald trump's website is now selling lgbtq for trump buttons and t-shirts. we'll talk with his senior campaign advisor about the reason for selling these and reaching out to the gay community. also, more funerals in italy as the bodies of more earthquake victims are reportedly found. people are now facing some really tough decisions about the future, do you rebuild, do you move on? we'll let you know.
4:27 am
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that can camp out in between our teeth, if we'll let it. use gum® brand. soft-picks®. proxabrush® cleaners. flossers and dental floss. gum® brand. coming up this hour -- >> i thought it was an attack or that the plane was going to go down. >> it felt like half of the plane almost like capsized on the other side. >> that's an explosion they're talking about. what happened on this southwest airlines flight from new orleans to orlando that caused an emergency landing and an awful lot of shaken nerves? . mike pence is making a play for the swing states.
4:31 am
the gop vice presidential nominee has campaigned in ohio, indiana, virginia. this week he's spending time in georgia. this is a traditionally red state, but polls show trump and clinton neck and neck. mike pence is joining you later this morning for the full hour. >> that's right. we're going to have an extensive interview with mike pence as well as our round table. we'll be talking to him specifically about a lot of issues that have come up in the last week talking about donald trump's signature issue, the issue that helped him win the republican primary so handily, illegal immigration. there has been some back and forth about whether or not mr. trump is still committed to the idea of a deportation force to remove all 11 to 12 million undocumented immigrants from this country. we'll be talking about that as
4:32 am
well as many other issues with governor pence. >> and i'm sure that -- we heard jack kingston earlier this morning, senior advisor to donald trump, when he was talking about the alleged flip-flop in the immigration scand policy, talking about what's happened in chicago and the tweet about dwyane wade's cousin that donald trump first put out. people were calling it political rather than etch thmpathetic. jack kingston said donald trump isn't a politician. that was his excuse. i'm sure we're going to hear from mike pence in that regard as well. >> certainly that's an issue that's come up on the trail. we'll talk about this rough back and forth going on with tim
4:33 am
kaine, hillary clinton's running mate, talking about how america doesn't stand for klu klux klan values, david duke values, donald trump values. and conversely, donald trump calling hillary clinton a bigot. >> it feels very personal to a lot of people right now. thank you so much. looking forward to the show. again, don't miss jake's exclusive interview with vice presidential candidate mike pence on state of the union. today, 9:00 a.m. eastern only here on cnn. so after reaching out to african-americans and to hispanic voters, donald trump and his campaign now are appearing to reach out to the lgbt community. his campaign is selling t-shirts and buttons on the website with the words lgbtq for trump. let's talk about it. let's bring in boris epstein, senior advisor for the trump campaign.
4:34 am
and jody winterhoff, also a hillary clinton supporter. good morning to you. >> good to be here. >> boris, let me start with you. is this an out reach to the lgbt community? does the campaign see this as a way to reach out to the community or to bring in or offer something to those supporters who are already with mr. trump? >> this campaign is reaching out to all communities. of course we're reaching out to the lgbt community. hillary clinton has such a terrible record on lgbt issues. if you look at her record, she said she was opposed to gay marriage. that's something she has flip-flopped on. this campaign is about reaching out to all communities, including the lgbt community. it's now 35 minutes in. we haven't once mentioned any of the issues pertaining to hillary clinton such as the foundation, such as her e-mails. but i leave it to you to talk
4:35 am
about whatever you want. >> you just joined us in the 7:00 hour. the show goes two hours. donald trump has never run for office, never held office before. let's examine the record of mike pence who last year signed the religious freedom restoration act which many called anti-lgbt. he opposed employment nondiscrimination act several years before that. also rejected the federal guidance on transgender restroom access earlier this year. is this the candidate, is this the team that you think most effectively can make that case to lgbt voters? >> donald trump is the top of the ticket and it's his believes and views that are holding this ticket. >> he also chose mike pence, though. >> let me answer your question. >> go ahead. >> donald trump has spoken to the lgbt throughout his lifetime and throughout his candidacy. when the horrible shooting in
4:36 am
orlando, he said isis is specifically targeting the lgbt community. this is a candidate who's open to all communities including this one. we should celebrate this. it is revolutionary for a republican to do this kind of out reach. >> he says that the clinton campaign or hillary clinton has a terrible record as it relates to lgbt issues. we'll remember going into the 2008 campaign neither senator clinton at that time or senator obama at that time supported same-sex marriage. they both say they evolved. but you hear the case from boris. >> certainly i hear the case and i think he's brought up some interesting point this is morning. the community has so much at stake this year in these elections. we have made so much problem and there's so much at risk with a trump and pence ticket. you highlighted some of the things that mike pence brings to this table in terms of discrimination against the lgbt
4:37 am
community. however the other piece of this is some of the statements that donald trump has made. he has spoken about putting justices on the court that would roll back marriage equality. he has talked about and supported efforts in north carolina around the horrendous dr d d from the latino and latina community. he didn't meet with those folks. you know what he did in orlando? he actually went to an event with folks who support discrimination against our community here in this country and around the globe. we can talk about the record. what i would also say -- >> you did not answer anything about hillary clinton's record. >> i'm actually going to talk about her record. >> great. >> she has a longer record of
4:38 am
positive work on our issues than donald trump has even thought about. and what i would say in terms of her record is, you know, she has spoken out and worked on issues globally and in this counted. and she has come out in support of full marriage equality. she has a tremendously detailed plan about how she would work for our full legal equality, supporting the equality act, working to eliminate and prevent hiv. how she's going to protect children. frankly the other piece that's missing in this debate is we have an epidemic against transgender community in this country. hillary clinton has spoken out to support and be concerned about this issue as well. >> we've got about 70 days left. what does the rest of this out reach to the lgbt community from
4:39 am
the trump campaign look like as we get closer to november? >> it's out reach to all communities. talking about the economy, talking about national security, making sure all americans feel safe in this country. 70% of americans feel less safe than they did eight years ago. >> hold on. i need to be specific about the question because you're saying it's reaching out to all community. this isn't a t-shirt, this isn't a button that says all communities for trump. this is lgbtq for trump. it is the campaign here that's isolating a specific demographic that's trying to attract -- >> you're saying the lgbt community doesn't share the same thoughts, considerations or concerns as other communities. >> no. boris, boris, i see your attempt here. but what's happening here is that the campaign has put this t-shirt and button on the website. >> right. >> my question is --
4:40 am
>> -- have the same concerns -- >> let me get the question out. i hear your answer, but if you're reaching out to a community specifically through this community for trump, what will you do to reach that community? the t-shirt isn't all communities for trump. >> we are talking about issues that face all americans, including specifically the lgbt community. look at national security. look what happened in orlando. >> he has no answer. >> hold on here. >> i'm answering your question. isis and other radical islamic jihadists are specifically targeting the gay community and donald trump is the only one that can protect this country. hillary clinton wants to increase the influx of syrian refugees by 550%. >> he has no answer. >> to that point, this is a point that we heard from donald trump after the orlando shooting in june. we heard this from his supporters, that there is a connection here specifically to
4:41 am
national security that makes donald trump the better candidate for the lgbtq community. >> i think part of what is missing in what boris is saying and what donald trump has been promoting is not only -- like, you know if i were to get married on a saturday in many states in this country and i put the picture from my wedding in my cube on a monday morning, in many states in this country i would be fired with minimal recourse. so part of what he's trying to talk about is absolutely a distraction. certainly our safety around this country and around the globe is absolutely important to all of us as americans. but in terms of what will impact my day to day life and those in the lgbtq community, there is no answer from the trump campaign. >> absolutely there's an answer. >> we are at a time in our country where we need leadership in the white house. we don't need to be pandered to. >>
4:42 am
laider -- leadership in over 30 years in public office. >> we need him to lead. so far he is not leading on any of our issues for our community and we need a leader and champion in the white house. >> hillary clinton has lied to your community and you're choosing to believe her. >> thank you both for being with us this morning. scary moments for passengers aboard a southwest airlines flight. this plane was forced to land after major engine issues. that's next. ♪
4:43 am
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i thought it was an attack or that the plane was going to go down. >> it felt like half of the plane almost capsized on the other side. >> wow. some terrifying moments on a southwest airline plane. it made an emergency landing after its number one engine failed mid flight. the plane was on its way from new orleans to orlando. good thing here, none to have 99 passengers or five crew members was hurt. can you imagine? >> uh-uh. shook people up, no doubt. i have some video that we're going to play for you. i just want to give you a head up. this story is a tough one to take. it's showing again the scale of the horror unfolding in syria on a daily basis. this is what aleppo looks like right now after two barrel bombed killed 24 people, including 11 children. here's the thing, it happened at
4:47 am
a wake being held for children who were killed in another bombing on thursday. also more funerals are scheduled today for victims of italy's devastating earthquake. this morning pope francis is offering prayers for those victims saying the church shares their suffering and their worries. 292 are dead. according to reuters, rescuers believe they found more bodies in the rubble this morning. fred, what are you learning about what they're finding this morning? >> reporter: well, unfortunately the operations that have been going on here, the search and rescue operations are more and more becoming recovery operations here in amatrice. i want to show you the scene here. you can see the devastation here in the town of amatrice.
4:48 am
what's going on right now is that the operations are at a stage where the workers here are actually tearing down some of those buildings that you see there simply to make it safer for the workers to operate here to make sure that if there are aftershocks, that the rescue crews or the search crews aren't in danger of getting buried underneath rubble themselves. they're trying to make things safer. they're also trying to clear the roads a little bit to use some of that heavy equipment they've moved in. at this point in time, yes, they are still searching for survivors. but they haven't found any in a very long time and it's becoming more of a recovery operation rather than a search operation. the folks absolutely traumatized here, at the same time as enduring those aftershocks. it's really something that frightens the people a lot on
4:49 am
top of the fact they're having to deal with the fact they're mourning their loved ones as well. funerals happening yesterday and again today as italy tries to deal with this very big disaster. i know we watch these things and we want to do something but we have no idea how we could possibly help, being what feels like a world away. well, you can help them. go to our website hillary clinton dismissing questions about her health. cnn debunks some of the wildest conspiracy theories, including the bogus anti-seizure pins and claims she is possessed.
4:50 am
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have had or have medical conditions in or near your neck or have bleeding problems. tell your doctor about all medicines you take. the most common side effects are swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, redness, and areas of hardness in the treatment area. find a doctor at you know, i always have to laugh just a little bit, chuckle. >> hmm. >> at some of the tweets we get during political season. >> i have stopped reading the notifications. stopped reading tweaks. a couple months back. >> we understand your passions and we appreciate them, but there are just so many rumors and side-stories. >> conspiracy theories that come in. >> which leads us into this, the claims about hillary clinton's, you know, health. apparently they hit a funny bone are her. >> yes. she is laughing them off literally sometimes. here is jeanne moos with the
4:54 am
story. >> reporter: you know who is making fun of hillary clinton's supposed health issues? hillary. >> take my pulse while i'm talking to you. >> okay. >> so -- make sure i am alive. >> reporter: jimmy kimmel put hillary to the test. >> can you open this jar of pickles? this has not been tampered with. oh! >> reporter: pickle jar aside, some jokes are more jarring. >> donald trump has been saying that hillary clinton looks unwell. trump then admitted he thinks any woman over 35 looks like she is dying. >> reporter: some of the funniest comments about hillary's health aren't jokes, they're actual theories. for instance. the time hillary acted startled by reporters' questions. >> it almost seemed seizureesque to me. >> reporter: what was seizure-esque was how critics seized on it. >> we had seizures.
4:55 am
psychotic facial tics. >> reporter: put it to music. even if the reporters some described looking scared said she wasn't. doctors were buying in. >> i can't say that was a seizu seizure. >> reporter: then pillow gate, the anti-seizure injector pen. the secret service agent is clutching something. is it an emergency syringe? it is a flashlight. watch it point at the floor as hillary moves to a darker area. next thing you know they'll say she is growing a tail. some have said this is evidence she is poe sissssessed by the d. jeanne moos, cnn. >> hope that gave you a smile. "inside politics" with john king starts next.
4:56 am
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he called it a softening then flipped. >> i have had people say it's a hardening. >> is trump changing his immigration policy or does he not understand the details? plus -- >> there are no excuses. i want people to know that the decision to have a single e-mail account was mine. >> a better answer, but will new e-mails about the clinton foundation bring new trust questions. it's watergate all over again. >> the character attacks get sharper. >> hillary clinton is a bigot! >> he is taking hate groups mainstream. >> weeks left and it's a


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