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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  August 28, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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america is not. and the greatest strategy is, we know how to do it. tune into our regular show every sunday at 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. eastern and thanks for watching this "gps" special. hello, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield. thanks so much for watching. we start this hour with breaking news in the murder of nba star dwyane wade's cousin. two brothers are locked up right now, charged with killing nakia aldridge. aldridge was shot in the head while she was walking and pushing her newborn in a stroller on friday. she died a short time later at the hospital. authorities say she was not the intended victim. police say darwin sarells jr. and darren sarells were shooting at another man when aldridge were caught in the cross fire. moments ago, police talked about
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the arrest and the cycle of gun violence in their city. >> when will enough be enough? how often do we have to stand at a podium like this, demanding from our additional and policy partners some type of resolution? this tragedy isn't just noteworthy because miss aldridge has a famous family member. it's noteworthy because these two offenders are the prime example of the challenge we face here in chicago, with repeat gun offenders that don't care who they shoot, don't care whose life they take. and clearly, clearly don't fear the consequences of their actions. >> cnn's rachel crane joins us now outside a vigil for aldridge with more details on the arrest. rachel, what more do we know? >> reporter: well, fred, police are characterizing this as a brazen attack that happened in broad daylight. the incident occurred on the friday in broad daylight at 3:00
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p.m. in a press conference this morning, as you pointed out, the police said that they had made arrests in this case. brothers darwin and derren sorrell had been arrested and charged with murder and attempted murder. the police characterized these brothers as career criminals. derren, the youngest brother was on parole for gun charges. he was on electronic surveillance, but he was not wearing his electronic bracelet because he was supposed to be looking for a job, a fact the police are very frustrated by. >> derren sorrells, was involved in a murder, not only while he was on parole, but while he was wearing a home monitoring bracelet. i want all of you to think about what i just said and ask what that tells you. it should tell you that it's time to stop talking and get serious and take action when it comes to how we sentence our
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repeat gun offenders. i'm frustrated, you should be frustrated. all chicagoans should be frustrated. >> reporter: the police went on to elaborate on those frustrations. they pointed out that for every hour in 2016, 6,000 guns have been recovered in the chicago area. behind me this afternoon, a vigil will be held for nakia. her family, friends, loved one comes together to honor her life. she leaves behind four children and will be greatly missed, fred. >> and then, rachel, you know, secondary to the fact that nakia was killed, did investigators say anything more about the circumstances? what was happening? why was there this gunfire in the first place, that she would end up being caught in the cross fire? >> reporter: well, the police pointed out that she was not the intended target. there was a for-hire driver that was the intended target.
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he was driving some women to the area. they said that he did not look like he was from the area and that's what caught the sorrells' brothers attention. that they had exchanged looks and chased this driver down the street, and that's when they opened fire. the police also said they could not have made these arrests without his cooperation, so he played an integral role in those charges being made, fred. >> all right. rachel crane, thank you so much. all right, on to the campaign trail. donald trump still trying to clarify exactly what his immigration policy is at an event for veterans in des moines, iowa, he tackled the subject again, but this time tried to narrow down who would be deported when he takes office. >> on day one, i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country. >> trump's remarks have critics say it's a shift from his original plan of using a deportation force to remove all
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undocumented immigrants from the u.s., but trump's running mate, indiana governor mike pence says trump's position has not changed at all. he sat down for an exclusive interview on cnn's "state of the union". >> governor pence, good to see you again. >> thanks, jake. good to see you. >> let's start with this issue. the estimated 11 or so million undocumented immigrants currently in the united states. this is what mr. trump promised back in november take a listen. >> we're going to have a deportation force. and you're going to do it humanely -- >> are they getting ripped out of their homes? how. >> they're going back to where they came. if they came from a certain country, they're going back to that country. that's the way it's supposed to be. >> so mr. trump has been saying from day one that the violent illegal immigrants will leave the country. but what about the rest? what happens to the other 11 or so million, however ever many
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there are. will there be a deportation force removing these individuals from the united states? >> let's be very clear. nothing has changed on mr. trump's position. on illegal immigration, he put this issue at the center of the presidential campaign in the republican primaries. and his position and his principles have been absolutely consistently. we're going to secure the border. we're going to build a wall, have a income barrier. we're going to enforce the laws of this country in sanctuary cities. implement e-verify. and we will have a mechanism for dealing with people in this country that you heard the word, humanely again. it's going to be fair, it's going to be tough, but there will be no path to legalization, no path to citizenship unless people leave the country. he said that very consistently. the contrast with hillary clinton, who supports amnesty, open borders, who wants to implement executive amnesty again on day one, even though the supreme court of the united states rejected it, and hillary clinton, who wants to increase refugees from the terrorist-torn country of syria, by 550%.
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the choice could not be more clear for the american people. donald trump has been completely consistent in his positions, jake. >> except on this issue pip understand everything you're saying there, but the one issue you didn't really address was whether or not the 11 or 12 million undocumented immigrants will be removed by a deportation force, as you heard mr. trump saying in that clip from november of last year. is that policy still operative? >> well, what you've heard him describe there in his usual, plain-spoken, american way, is a mechanism, not a policy. i mean, you're going to hear more detail in the next two weeks, that lays out all follth policies, but there will be no change in the principle here, that donald trump wants to make it clear to the american people, that while hillary clinton is committed to open borders and amnesty and executive amnesty and more of the same that has really harmed our economy, and frankly, as he said, with regard to dangerous individuals in this
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country, has cost american lives. you know, when i was in iowa, i met with sarah root's family. the heartbreak of sarah root's story and other stories of families whose children have lost their lives to people who are in this country, dangerous individuals, who are caught up in this broken system and then escape justice, as the man who claimed her life did, is going end to under an administration of donald trump. >> i get that the violent illegal immigrants will be removed from the country. but what i'm not hearing, and i'm wondering, for people out there -- look, it's not just the liberal media, right? it's also conservatives. it's rush limbaugh, it's governor sarah palin, it's other people who want donald trump to w win, who are saying, wow, it sounds like he's really backing away from this deportation force, removing 11 million. and right now, governor, you're not saying, you're not pledging that there will be a removal of all undocumented immigrants. you're not saying that. >> no, what i'm saying, jake,
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and what i said to you a minute ago, and i want to be very clear, there'll be no path to legalization, no path to citizenship -- >> right. >> people who want to gain legal status, will have to leave the country. >> but what about the millions in this country right now? what happens to them? >> i think donald trump will articulate what we do with the people who are here -- >> we, he already has articulated -- >> -- >> but i promise you, donald trump are more concerned about american citizens, who are here legally, who are struggling in this economy. you have a dad in ohio who's working two jobs and mom has a side job and they're trying to make ends meet and they haven't seen their real personal income come up in 10 to 15 years and this flood of illegal immigration has contributed mightily to depressing wages in this country and denying jobs and opportunities to americans -- >> that's why i'm asking. >> i know the media wants to focus on that one issue. donald trump will articulate a policy about how we deal with that population. but i promise you, he is going to remain completely focused on
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american citizens and people who are here legally and how we get this -- >> i don't understand why -- >> -- people who play by the rules. >> i don't understand why it's the fault of the media for focusing on an issue that you're crediting donald trump for bringing to the fore. >> yeah. >> the idea is mr. trump won the primaries in no small way because he had this very forceful position, saying all 11 million or 12 million undocumented immigrants will be forced to leave this country. right now you're saying that's not the policy. you say he'll be unveiling it in the next few weeks. it's 72 days to the election. >> the way you characterize his position is one thing -- >> we just ran the clip. >> he's been completely consistent in the policies he's talked about. he was attacked from day one for putting the whole issue of the violence who was derived from certain individuals who come into this country illegally on the table. he's made it clear, we're going
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to secure our borders, we're going to build a wall, enforce the laws of this country, stand up and uphold the constitution of the united states of america. but what you see going on right now, and i think at a certain level, it's very refreshing. it's the donald trump i see every day yo, you see a ceo at work. you see someone who's engaging the american people, listening to the american people, he's hearing from all sides. but i promise you, he is a decisive leader. he will stand on the principles that have underpinned his commitment to end illegal immigration in this country, and that's what people will learn more about in the days ahead. but let's be clear. hillary clinton supports open borders, amnesty, and even wants to increase syrian refugees to this country by 550%. you couldn't have a more clear choice between donald trump and i, who will end illegal immigration in this country, and hillary clinton, who will pursue more of the same executive amnesty, open borders, which the american people are sick and tired of. >> all right. much more of that interview
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11:16 am
>> i don't think they have american citizenship. we have to start a process where we take back our country. our country is going to hell. >> is it still the position of the trump/pence campaign that children born in this country -- in this country -- to undocumented immigrants are not u.s. citizens? >> well, i think the whole question of anchor babies, as it's known, the whole question of citizenship of natural born americans is a subject for the future. i think the american people ought to ask, if we look at our whole immigration system and see whether or not that works and makes sense. but under the laws of today in the united states of america, what donald trump was referring to, this is part of the issue that we need to deal with in this country. but look, i have to tell you, he is a man who speaks his mind and he has put this issue front and center with the american people and i have to tell you, i know how the media loves to come in and loves to, you know, divide
11:17 am
the issues, and frankly -- not you personally, jake, but a lot like to see if they can drive wedges between people that support donald trump. the truth of the matter is, as i'm traveling across the country and with donald trump and for donald trump, the american people hear him loud and clear. hillary clinton is for amnesty and open borders and more of the policies that have harmed our families. donald trump is absolutely committed to securing our borders, having e-verify system, standing by the constitution and reforming the immigration system that works for american people. >> i want to turn to hillary clinton and some of the tough charges going back and forth between her campaign and your campaign. she said, donald trump is helping a radical fringe take over the republican party. and take a listen to what your counterpart, senator tim kaine had to say just on friday. >> ku klux klan values, david duke values, donald trump values are not american values.
11:18 am
what's your response to senator kaine? >> i think senator kaine's comments, hillary clinton's comments on thursday night sound are desperate to me. to be honest with you. i don't talk a lot about the polls, jake, but i know the polls are all closing up and the fact that you see democrats and hillary clinton and her running mate rolling out the same old playbook of racial divisiveness sounds a little bit to me like an act of desperation. look, the american people are sick and tired of politicians who seek to divide the people of this country, to unite their supporters. >> donald trump called hillary clinton a bigot. >> donald trump has been reaching out -- >> you just accused her of dividing people. he accused her of being a bigot. >> well, i -- look -- and that was on the day that hillary clinton literally condemned, not just donald trump, by the same terms, but also millions of americans who long for a better
11:19 am
future. >> you think she was calling all trump supporters racists? >> i think she was calling millions of americans around this country, who believe we can make america great again. who believe that hillary clinton and barack obama's policies have weakened america's place in the world and stifled america's economy, she's put some sort of racist intention on those americans. i think that's deeply offensive. but here's the thing, the american people see right through it these days. and what you have in donald trump is someone who's reaching out, speaking boldly from the party of lincoln, particularly to african-americans and latinos in this country and saying, it doesn't have to be this way. it can be better. i mean, think of the heartbreak in these communities. to be living in our inner cities, which many african-american families, for now, generations, have been in neighborhoods with failing schools, unsafe streets, no jobs and opportunities. i mean, we're standing today on the 53rd anniversary of the "i have a dream" speech.
11:20 am
and dr. martin luther king jr. was one of the heros of my youth. i walked across the edmund pettus bridge with john lewis on the 40th anniversary of bloody sunday. i think the civil rights movement is one of the greatest accomplishments in american history. >> i understand that means a lot to you -- >> look at the reality in many of our cities. i was walking through neighborhoods in indianapolis just a few short weeks ago before this opportunity came into my life with reverend charles harrison, part of the ten-point coalition. you stand with families on their front porches, they will tell you, the schools are failing and they won't give us educational choice. the streets aren't safe and there's no jobs. donald trump believes we can make america great again for every american regardless of race, creed, or color. and the only answer hillary clinton and her running mate has is more of the same racial divisiveness and racial attacks and i think it's beneath -- >> with all due respect, sir,
11:21 am
the reason tim kaine said what he said is because david duke is supporting your campaign. take a listen. >> i'm overjoyed to see donald trump and most americans embrace most of the issues that i've championed for years. >> that must really bother you? >> it does really bother me. donald trump made it clear repeatedly this week, not only does he denounce david duke, but we don't want the support of people who think like david duke. but people see the choreography, you and i have known each other a while, lihillary clinton -- n on that, but on the two speeches. hillary clinton has a really bad week. e-mails coming out, the clinton foundation, more and more of the cascade of controversies coming out of here with the clintons ducking and weaving and not answering questions, more than 250 days since a press conference. so all of a sudden here it comes, they roll out the politics of division with a
11:22 am
speech thursday night and a running mate comes out with those outrageous charges. the fact that an individual, a contemptible individual like that supports my running mate is no more relevant than the fact that the father of a man who killed 49 people in orlando, florida, was cheering hillary clinton at one of her rallies. >> all right. so much more from that interview, including what pence has to say about the clinton foundation coming up later on in the hour. next, hear what our panel of experts has to say about pence's comments.
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all right. before the break, you heard donald trump's running mate, indiana governor mike pence weigh in on trump's plans for illegal immigration. let's talk about it with senior adviser for the trump campaign, boris epshteyn, and tara ros rosencrantz. so boris, what is happening to trump's policy on immigration? would you describe it as changing, evolving, shifting? is it any of that? >> it's exactly what mr. pence said. first, we'll deport any criminals. we'll end sanctuary cities and make sure e-verify is on the books. >> but is that a change -- >> i'll contrast -- >> -- an evolution, or just more
11:27 am
detail? >> fredricka, the key is to contrast what donald trump has said and is saying, who wants to have amnesty, swing the borders wide up, have a 550% increase if syrian refugees in this country and get rid of america as we know it. donald trump will keep america safe, american jobs in place, and president clinton will do more to harm america, just as she's done in her 40 years in public office. >> so taryn, are those fair comparisons to make? is it fair enough to say concretely, this is ow clinton sees it, this is ow donald trump sees quit? >> no, and i don't think there's anything consistent coming out of donald trump's campaign except for hate and divisiveness and embracing this hate movement, as hillary clinton called it earlier in the week. and i think that's really, they can do and the governor can try to say and spin and i know he had governor christie out there talking as well, and trying to make it seem a little more palatable to the american people, but at the end of the day, i think we've seen the true
11:28 am
donald trump over and over again. >> but what's hillary clinton's immigration policy, taryn? >> but this has the cornerstone of his campaign, isn't really the pressure on donald trump to reveal, because this is how he unveiled his candidacy. >> no, fredricka, the pressure should be on both sides to talk about what their policy is. we've, talking about what our policy is. what is hillary clinton's policy? it's a 100-day amnesty plan, a 550% increase in syrian refugees. it's making sure america is less safe now than it was when she became secretary of state. and going forward, it's making sure we don't have a country anymore. donald trump will make sure america stays america, and hillary clinton's plans will make sure that we have illegal immigrants coming into this country at will. >> so boris, later on this week, it has been said, that donald trump would reveal more on the immigration plan this week. still unclear whether that is still, you know, going to take place. but what more detail would be revealed if what you spelled out, you believe, is common knowledge to most? >> again, you'll see details on the policy as we've laid out.
11:29 am
making sure illegal immigrants who are criminals are deported. making sure sanctuary cities are ended. making sure we have e-verify and dealing with the remaining illegal immigrants in a way that's humane and on the books in the future. but again, i would ask anybody out there to ask hillary clinton and her campaign staffers, which by the way, are not on tv very much, what is hillary clinton's plan. it's 100-day amnesty, making sure our borders are swung wide open, and illegal immigrants and those who want to hurt our country come in at will. don't forget, donald trump will build a wall and mexico will pay for the wall. hillary clinton wants to make sure that not only do we not have a wall, but we don't have a border. >> so what's the feeling in the hillary clinton campus that hillary clinton feels she has to match an immigration plan with donald trump, given that that's been the cornerstone of his campaign. >> and i do think if you go on, you can find all the details you can about her immigration policies and what she wants to do. >> what are those? >> she's been open about talking about them. and i think the point here that
11:30 am
you're making and that we're making that the pressure is on donald trump to provide those details. >> i would love for you to tell us what those details are. >> it's the cornerstone of his entire campaign. and not just that, if he's going to go and say and try to soften and have somebody else try to clarify. he's gone back and forth. and you know, jake played the tape for him and governor pence is saying, no, nothing's changed and obviously nothing's changed. it's a great opportunity for them to sidestep the questions that they're asking, the same way he's yelling over what i'm trying to say. the real truth is, is that donald trump, the only thing that has been consistent is this movement towards hate, a hate movement, if you will, across the country and trying to make sure -- >> you saying 14 million voters in the gop primary -- >> all right, let's talk a little bit more about that, the style dumpifferences, the conte in which these things are being conveyed from both campaigns in a short moment. we'll take a short break for now, taryn and boris, we'll return. >> thanks. on dirt and grime and grease in just a minute
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all right. welcome back. vice presidential candidate mike pence calling for an independent special prosecutor to investigate foreign donations to the clinton foundation. pence telling cnn's jake tapper that he doesn't know of any specific favors that clinton provided donors while secretary of state, but believes donations helped donors gain access. >> so this becomes a conduit for people to gain access and gaining access is a favor, jake. >> mr. trump's foundation gave $100,000 or so to the clinton foundation. was he trying to gain access? was he trying to gain a favor? >> i think donald trump's made it very clear, through the course of his career, he's supported a broad range of initiatives and policies. just this week, he contributed $100,000 to a little church in baton rouge, louisiana. >> you're not comparing that to mr. trump's foundation giving money to the clinton foundation? >> i know we want to make donald trump the issue on -- >> no, you're talking about the clinton foundation miami talking about the clinton foundation. >> i'm talking about foreign
11:35 am
donors and corporate donors to the clinton foundation, who the associated press this week was able to confirm, were more than half the meetings, private meetings the secretary of state granted during her tenure, for the clintons to say if she's elected president, they would recognize a conflict of interest in the clinton foundation, so would be stepping away from it, former president clinton. if it would be a conflict of interest when she's president of the united states, why wasn't raising money from foreign donors a conflict of interest when she was secretary of state of the united states of america? >> let's bring back our panel now, boris and taryn. so quickly, before i ask you about the clinton foundation, to follow up on what mike pence was saying. let's finish where we left off, because, boris, mike pence, in that interview with jake said clinton's words have been deeply offensive, how she's described him in his campaign. but wasn't it trump who set the tone during the primaries, particularly describing people as murderers, rapists, liars,
11:36 am
even crooked. >>. >> no, hillary clinton's the one who's gone on the complete offensive, because she's paranoid and her team is provide. >> david plouffe just today called donald trump a psychopath on "meet the press." if i said anything close to that about hillary clinton, this building would maintenancely combust. it's obvious the clintons are nervous. because international criminals have given millions of dollars to the clintons. that is why over 70% of people don't trust the clintons. that is why the clintons should be nowhere close to not just the white house, but washington, d.c., as well, because of all the pay-to-play and fraud they've been involved in for ages. >> i think the american people are certainly sick and tired of hearing from trump, the n name-calling, the bullying, you remember that ad a while back. you know, i think it's really
11:37 am
profound that it's still going on and i do think it's dangerous for both sides to go too far entitle. but i also think you have to defend yourself, and i think that's what ended up happening, you do get in these back and forths when you've been called a name and you do want to defend yourself and go out there on the offensive, as well. this may be a negative campaign, but i think it's certainly clear that it came from trump's from the very beginning -- >> tim kaine likened all of donald trump and his supporters to the kkk, which is completely ridiculous and so out of line and completely offensive. and tim kaine has been nowhere to be seen on this campaign trail other than to pop up and make that horrible statement. >> we just saw him yesterday in florida. >> oh, i guess you found him. congratulations. >> so what about the clinton foundation issue. hillary clinton did say that there would be some changes if elected president. so mike pence even asked the question, taryn. so if those changes would be necessary if she were elected
11:38 am
president, why weren't those changes already made be it as secretary of state or as a candidate? >> i think it's unprecedented. we have somebody in this situation, if she does become president of the united states, this really is something that's unprecedented before, so therefore would warrant that. and i think as far as happening right now, it is a charity that does good work and that was depending upon these donations and the planning and so, it does take some time. and i don't think that that's unreasonable from them. and i also think that we have seen, there's been no smoking gun, no evidence of wrongdoing, and we've seen this is a charity that's helped over 11 million people with life-saving money. it's got an "a" rating from charity watch, from the american institute of philanthropy. they are trying very hard to find something wrong with this -- and meanwhile, trump hasn't disclosed anything about his for-profit businesses. >> what assurances might donald trump make if he were elected president that there wouldn't be a similar kind of microscope,
11:39 am
you know -- >> at first, i'm going to respond to what taryn just said. we do agree on one thing, it isn't unprecedented. all the fraud and pay-to-play is completely unprecedented. lying to congress about turning over her e-mails. having a convicted money launder be a major donor -- >> already, you already made that point, how would donald trump give similar assurances to the american people if he were elected president that there wouldn't be a similar pay-for-play accusation that's -- >> he's already stated that he would put his business in a trust and run by his family, whereas the clintons have stated, maybe they'll change things, but now bill clinton has said, they will keep taking foreign donations. hillary clinton made the same pledge when she became secretary of state, that they wouldn't take foreign money, but they've
11:40 am
continued to do so. the terrible time we're having in iran. the middle east, which has completely blown up on her watch. isis was born on her watch. she couldn't even keep the rules, laws and regulations off the secretary of state while running. she failed and she cannot be allowed to be president. >> boris epshteyn and taryn rosenkranz, thank you very much to both of you. appreciate it. still ahead, turkish war planes have been bombing isis targets in syria. a live report on why the fighting has suddenly intensified and what it could mean for the u.s. at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone.
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welcome back. we're learning turkey is ramping up border security as its artillery and war planes pound targets in northern syria. since wednesday, turkey has been helping syrian rebels along the border retake a key town from isis fighters. cnn's senior international correspondent nick paton walsh is near the turkish/syrian border. so, nick, isis has been in control of these areas for more than two years now. why is turkey going after them like this now? >> reporter: because they finally have seen, many say, the threat that's so close to them. the u.s. has hoped more turkish action for a while, now they've got it. buts there a problem for u.s. policy. they're fighting both isis that everyone agrees are terrorists. but at the same time, they're also fighting in this incursion, syrian kurds that the u.s. have been backing for quite some time
11:45 am
fight against isis. turkey considers them to be terrorists. what we've seen in the past few days is turkish war planes, turk irk armor backing these syrian rebels and they're sweeping quite fast through this territory. they're trying to take a big chunk of the border there to make that secure. and also head towards a town where the syrian kurds recently kicked isis out of. there could be clashes there and that really brings the whole u.s. policy against isis into a bit of jeopardy. they certainly want turkey in the fight and will be backing the syrian rebels that turkey also are backing, but they've also been backing these syrian kurds, and now these two groups are on opposite sides of a front line and the rhetoric are very tough. we heard president erdogan here in this town addressing a large assembly in front of him saying they fight both isis and the syrian kurds with similar determination. this is something the u.s. has long wanted, to see turkey in this civil right, but this could be a very long-term intervention. many concerned about what turkey may have started and how they can finish it here. frederick? >> nick paton walsh, thank you so much. all right, straight ahead, governor mike pence goes on the
11:46 am
offensive, attacking the media in a cnn exclusive. >> i know the media wants to focus on that one issue. a lot of you people in the media. i have to tell you, i know how the media loves to come in and loves to, you know, divide the issues. this however, will not be simple. you gotta ride the belt, captain obvious. i have liquids in my body! ♪ ♪ the sun'll come out for people with heart failure, tomorrow is not a given. but entresto is a medicine that helps make more tomorrows possible. ♪ tomorrow, tomorrow... ♪ i love ya, tomorrow
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welcome back. breaking news out of louisiana. two people, including a fire
11:50 am
chief, were killed when a charter bus driven by an unlicensed driver crashed just west of new orleans. "the times-picayune" reports the driver was in the u.s. illegally and is facing criminal charges. state troopers say the bus was carrying flood relief workers to baton rouge when it lost control and drive through a blocked off crash scene. nearly 60 people were taken to the hospital with injuries ranges from minor to critical. an investigation is underway. and republican vice presidential candidate governor mike pence is accusing the media of focusing on the wrong issues, including donald trump's plans to use a deportation force against illegal immigrants. here's what he told jake tapper in this exclusive interview. >> and i'm wondering, for people out there, and look, it's not just the liberal media, right? it's also conservatives. it's rush limbaugh, it's
11:51 am
governor sarah palin, people who want donald trump to win, who say, wow, it sounds like he's really backing away from this deportation force. >> i know the media wants to focus on that one issue if donald trump will articulate a policy about how we deal with that population, but i promise you, he is going to remain completely focused on american citizens and people who are here legally and how we get this working for people who play by the rules. >> i don't understand why it's the fault of the media for focusing on an issue that you're crediting donald trump for bringing to the fore? >> i have to tell you, i know how the media loves to come in and loves to, you know, divide the issues, and frankly, i think -- not you, personally, jake, but a lot like to see if they can drive wedges between people that support donald trump. a lot of you people in the media spend more time talking about what donald trump said and tweeted in the last three days than you do focusing on what the clintons have been up to for the last 30 years. >> let's talk more about this with frank cessna, director of the school of media and public
11:52 am
affairs at george washington university. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. frank, this is all getting so confusing, isn't it? the trump campaign, blaming the media for focusing too much on his deportation plans, immigration as a whole, but then the campaign takes credit for bringing the immigration issue to the forefront. so, which is it? how do you strike a balance, if you're the trump campaign? >> well, it's a hard thing to strike a balance. a couple things, first of all, campaigns always like to blame the media, because the media is doing what the media's job is to some extent, which is shining the microscope, the hot white light on all these words. pence isn't wrong. there are many times when the media go too far, focus more on horse race and scandal and controversy than on the substance. and voters do want to know how some of these issues, real problems, are going to be addressed. that has, too, i think, rare in media coverage. we need more of that. now, all of that being said, if there is a time to shine the light on, it's now, before someone is elected, not after. >> ten weeks or so to go.
11:53 am
>> yeah. donald trump, hillary clinton, for that matter, should have everything they say scrutinized, taken apart for inconsistency, inaccuracy, hypocrisy. that is the media's job. >> and exposure habitantmes be tantamount to the success of donald trump's campaign. and in large part explains why he hasn't had to spend a lot of money on ads. he's been able to use kind of free media for exposure and to drive his campaign. >> that's right. he's had billions of dollars in free media. by the way, it's a little ironic in that same interview with jake tapper, governor pence there said, quoted and credited the associated press for reporting on the connection between clinton foundation donors and meetings with hillary clinton. so every candidate wants the media to, you know, to give a hard time to the other side. and i think the problem that trump has had in particular is that there has been so many inconsistencies, so many
11:54 am
inaccuracies, so many exaggerations that the fact chi checkers and ample reporters out there have had ample material. but it is one of these people who will have their finger on the nuclear button, who will be managing the national economy, who will be leader of the free world, as we like to say. and i would rather have the focus on their words now than after they're elected and then it's a congressional investigation. >> and there's been a time between now and november 21st. that's the fuirst debate. talk about media exposure. this is going to be one of the biggest stages for either one of these candidates in a very long time. and it can serve one or both very well or it could mean exposing a candidate or two in a very different way, right? >> exactly. you know, the debates will have, i'm sure, record viewership in the united states and around the world. they will be the place where the
11:55 am
candidates will reveal gaffes, if they make them, show how they will confront one another in what has been a very bitter and nasty campaign, where i hope there will be some real focus on issues. the debates are being set up in these 15-minute blocks. the presidential convention is trying to form them that way. so whoever is moderating can drill down and press the candidates to engage one another and debate. maybe that can shed some light on how they'll actually governor. >> could be very revealing. frank sesno, thank you so much. good to see you. still ahead, arrests in the shooting death of an nba star's cousin in chicago and the rising deaths in that city. and a controversial protest by 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. the reaction to his refusal to stand during the national anthem. that and"cnn
11:56 am
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you only have so much. that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. happening now in the newsroom -- >> on day one, i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country. >> will there be a deportation force? >> nothing has changed about donald trump's position. >> there certainly can be a softening, because we're not looking to hurt people.
12:00 pm
>> i don't think it's a softening. i've had people say it's a hardening. >> his position and his principles have been absolutely consistent. >> mike pence insisting today donald trump has not shifted on the issue of immigration. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." hello, again, everyone, and thank you so much for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. cnn has obtained a new batch of state department e-mails that reveal the type of correspondence the state department may have had with donors of the clinton foundation. a clinton foundation official requested some top donors be invited to a lunch event and asked if one donor could be seated next to joe biden. cnn's diane gallagher has been digging in on all of this kind of information. so, what have you uncovered? >> so far, this does shed a little bit more light on at least what the relationship is between the state department under then secretary clinton and the clinton foundation. these e-mails were


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