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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  August 28, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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we just heard republican vice presidential candidate mike pence criticizing the clinton foundation and calling for an independent special prosecutor. new e-mails obtained by cnn show a foundation official asked hillary clinton's state department for special favors, specifically for access to a lunch. in one case he asked that representatives of those top donors be invited to a lunch that was related to china. and chinese diplomates. talk it over with our panel, donald trump supporter and pastor of harvest, praise and worship center.
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washington correspondent for the new yorker. when we look at this, i believe who we are on the air. clinton offering a detailed explanation. is she, or is it a more excuse on the question of these e-mails? >> i think their view is the line is did -- i think she is using the smoke and fire analogy. is there proof the clinton state department provided any policy changes, any policy favors in return for a clinton foundation donor? so far i don't see the smoking gun in these e-mails. no doubt there was a cozy relationship between senior people at the clinton foundation and pen and. they go back a long way and obviously working with
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communication. you know not shocking the clinton foundation would be recommending people to populate these kind of lunches and such, which are traditionally for who, donors, those kinds of people. you know, donors get access in american politics. anyone that is surprised by this shouldn't be. >> just want to welcome in scott boldin, former chairman of the washington, d.c. democratic party. we had a problem with the signal. we have him now. i want to give pastor burns a chance to respond first. you are a trump supporter. when you hear that from ryan, who covered the campaign for sometime that he doesn't see a smoking gun in these e-mails do you see a smoking gun? >> it is clear that it is a pay for play system that is in full effect with the clinton foundation and with clinton and the state department. we are going to see what we want to see. supporters will see what they
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want to see. but the american public sees clear as day when the rain is gone, i can see clearly now that this is without smoking gun, this is about question that shows hillary clinton and why 70% of americans don't trust her to become the next president of the united states because it is fewer people that will prosper and not us working americans that donald trump has connected with and has become a voice for the voices. >> mark, i want to give you a chance to respond and ask why doesn't hillary clinton come out in a press conference forum and just answer these questions once and for all? >> she has asked. these questions have been asked and answered several times. she has done 300 press conferences. >> interviews, not press conferences. >> i'm sorry. she has talked to the press. it's not like she is not accessible to the press.
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she talks to the press after public events. let me get in to the pay for play. we keep talking about this and i'm a former prosecutor. let me talk about this. what is the pay, the foundation does incredible work and what's the play. people ask to be seated or get invitations to various government, nonprofit and other organizations, organizational events all the time. unless there's a government action, unless there's policy change, then there's no problem. there are appearance issues, of course, but she's addressed these. her surrogates have addressed these. and when the prosecution, fbi or doj looks at this, they look to see if it is unethical behavior, inappropriate, never been prosecuted for that. if it is unethical maybe, if it is down right illegal they will open up an investigation. they declined to do that. they looked at it before. there were rules set in place and i would be honest if i was donald trump and his campaign i
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would be worried about getting my polling numbers up with african-americans, hispanics and educated whites that continue to attack hillary clinton for a foundation that has done great work and there's no bridge. that's the bridge from the ask to a favor to something illegal. there's no bridge and they should focus on something else. >> pastor, how do you answer that argument? >> this is what hillary clinton supporters will do, they will always try to resteer the narrative when hillary clinton and her campaign. this is a desperate sign of a desperate candidate willing to say, do, cover up whatever she has to to make sure that she's -- >> she is up by ten or 12 points. how can she be desperate? she is not desperate up by ten to 12 points and up to seven of 11. >> one at a time, please. please let the pastor finish his point. >> she clearly sees the handwriting on the wall and she also knows this october surprise
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is coming up. there's more e-mails that's going to be released and she is horrible, pointless acts like the one with the kkk to try to pander on the fears and the hardships of african-americans and minorities in this country. that's not a sign of a leader who cares about the people. >> pastor -- >> i want to -- >> one race who really doesn't care about the african-american community and will use us continuously as the democratic party has done and then say, hello,ly see you four years later. thank you for your vote. that's hillary clinton and the democratic party. >> ryan, on the issue of press conferences, these are continuing issues here. the fact is whether there is evidence of pay to play, part of the reason this still gets oxygen, right, is that the issues have been been answered
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directly by her with sufficiency, at the perception of the press she hasn't had a press conference in more than 200 delays. why the delay? there is a perception of waiting out the clock by the campaign. >> absolutely. the old rule in politics where they stiff us in the press if they are up in the polls. the obvious theory in the clinton campaign is they have a decent advantage over donald trump right now. he continues to make news with controversial comments. they are just playing this sort of building a ground game, staying on message, running out the clock and it's not in their political interest to get in front of a big group of reporters and answer questions from us. the only way to make that happen is for we in the press to keep up pressure, keep the clock up on cnn. we have seen play for pay in politic and in the clinton administration for sure. there were a lot of cases. i don't see pay for play for donors asking to be at a lunch. i would say to pastor burns, say
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donald trump gave your, an organization $100,000, donald trump is now president. and you asked to go to a lunch at the white house. you don't get anything out of that if you just went to a lunch. i don't see how, you know, why that is necessarily scandalous. that's why i disagree of how there is a smoking gun in the current e-mails. >> would you consider that scandalous if you asked for access to a politician's lunch, for instance? >> back door deals, it happens all the time. >> it does. >> so you would turn down the invitation to the white house? is that what you are saying? >> this is what the american -- yes, it may have been happening over and over again but that's what one of the problems. >> would you turn down the invitation to the white house based on that question? >> point i'm making is the american public, that's who we are talking about. that's who we serve. not just the few elite that have
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access and can afford a $100,000 donation so they can gain access to certain people that can do favors for them. we're talking about the american public. this is a voice that donald trump was talking about. what you are saying, you are right, that's how it has always been done in washington, d.c. but donald trump is saying, i'm tired of that type of politics. that's destroying america and it's not impacting the normal american citizen, like myself. >> we are going to have to leave it. one quick and then we will have to leave it there. >> whether 20, $100,000, every one of them is looking for access to that candidate. it is not illegal, it's not inappropriate or unethical. >> the pay for play attitude that few people get to have and the rest of us are left out. >> thank you very much. difficult issues. but thank you for taking time
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with us. still to come, colin kaepernick made a stand by sitting during the national anthem on friday night. some fans are making their own statement. >> my salute to you. >> furious fans are burning all things kaepernick. >> you should never play another down in the nfl again. >> you are live in the cnn newsroom. tender,center-cut sirloin... hurry in... the outback steak & crab bash starts at just $ 14.99... bloomin' great! ♪ ♪ ♪
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social media is ablaze with reaction to san francisco 49 quarterback colin kaepernick's decision to sit down during the national anthem as a sign of protest. you will see why we use the word "ablaze." his refusal to stand before a preseason game has many fans burning jersey and other merchandise with his name on it. polo sandoval is joining me with details. remarkable to see this kind of catching fire, as it will, on the internet. >> absolutely. it is definitely spreading throughout the country. some of the criticism is coming from some of the quarterback's own peers. within the last hour ago, one of the players from the bears saying he stands during that portion of the game but he also agrees that racism is a real issue in the united states and what you are about to hear that's the main message from
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kaepernick but go on-line and see reaction from the public. colin kaepernick is behind a controversial moment in a football season that hasn't kicked off yet, the 28-year-old chose not to participate in the national anthem at the start of a preseason game on friday. it shows them standing as he sat silently on the sidelines. kaepernick said he was protesting systemic racism. he told i'm not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. to me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. there are bodies in the streets and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder. kaepernick's silent demonstration is setting off a firestorm of criticism. >> my salute to you -- >> furious football fans are burning all things kaepernick. >> you should never play another
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down in the nfl again. >> kaepernick has support, though. political commentator defended the pregame protester in a conversation with cnn's jim sciutto. >> if we are making an ethical, political argument, i would say it is justified. i am a routine attender of basketball games, i never stand for the flag. >> you don't stand? >> no. it is an act of political resistance. political critique. >> one fan took to twitter calling kaepernick his next pick for president. the 49ers organization said it respects their players decision. a part of the statement reads "we recognize the right of an individual to choose to participate or not in our celebration of the national anthem." the team is now preparing for the next preseason kickoff. add spike lee to the list of
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people behind kaepernick, interesting comparison here to the 1968 olympics when two african-american medal winners lifted their black glove covered fist in the air. obviously a different situation but interesting how that was met with high criticism and now here we are 50 years or so later and obviously a similar situation there, as well. >> that moment as well. thank you very much. i want to make a note to our viewers. we had a technical difficulty in our last segment just before the break. we lost our audio with pastor burns. he was on a skype shot. that's what happened there. and we will of course have him on the air many times in the coming days. coming up, it's more than hillary clinton and donald trump on the ballot this november. for some members of congress, what happens at the top of their
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welcome back. donald trump and hillary clinton's fight for the white house is, of course, the main event, but voters have many more decisions to make on election day, races that will decide which party controls both the
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senate and the house for the next two years and some of those contacts are just as nasty as the presidential race. larry sabado, author of "the kennedy half century" is also director of the university center for politics. larry, first thanks for taking time out of your sunday to join us today. >> sure. happy to be with you. >> let's look at came primaries in particular. arizona and florida, they have primaries this week. former presidential candidates fighting for their political survival, this is mccain and rubio. do you see any danger in either the primary or the general election for either of them? >> the primary less so. i think both mccain and rubio will win, though mccain has a particularly tough challenger. the general election, that's a question mark for both of them. if you had to guess today, you would say that both mccain and rubio would hold on, but i'm not so sure. i think it's going to defend on who is at the top of the ticket.
2:53 pm
there will be a lot of coattail this year, jim. >> there was a "washington post" op-ed. republican strategists say it's time for the gop to, in effect, give up hope. i'm going to quote. the time for the phrase desperate times call for desperate measures is attributed to hippocrates. now is the time for the republican party to take decisive, perhaps desperate measures if it is going to survive. do you think that's correct? >> if they do it, they would only undertake it until at least after the first debate and maybe the whole series. then they could point to the polls and say there is nothing that could change them and we have to say the senate and the house. but they're tremendous risks for the republican party in abandon be trump. >> when you look down ballot, there's been a lot of talk about trump having an effect on down-ballot races. what do the numbers show right now in terms of the trump
2:54 pm
effect, if it's real, helping the democrats reclaim the senate? >> it is real. i'm convinced of that. as we approach labor day, even though the democrats are currently behind in the senate, 54 seats for the republicans, 46 for the democrats, i think the democrats have a good, maybe better than good, chance to achieve at least a 50-50 tie. a tie would be broken by the new vice president. if hillary clinton won, obviously tim kaine would be breaking the tie. and democrats could do better than that. why? donald trump is dragging down some republicans, and it just so happens that this year, the republicans are defending 24 of the 34 seats on the ballot. they've got a lot of territory, they've got nine incumbents or open seats that potentially could switch. the democrats have only one in nevada. >> final question. donald trump, he's campaigning
2:55 pm
this week in washington state. that's a state that last voted for the gop in ronald reagan's landslide victory 32 years ago. last week he was in texas and mississippi, which you would think any republican candidate could win easily. what do you make of his campaign strategy? >> i think it's going to be a case after november 8 what candidates should never do. he's either campaigning in states he's sure to win or states he's sure to lose, and he ought to be in the 8 to 10 swing states where at least he has a reasonable shot. eventually he'll do it. i guess it will be after labor day. >> do you have any sense of why focus on the long shots and the ones that are really in the bag? >> well, trump is a candidate who doesn't play according to the rules. of course, his supporters say he's going to win a massive landslide on account of it. and we'll all see how this unusual strategy is going to
2:56 pm
work outcome november 8. >> yep. 70 days away. larry sabato, thank you very much. after the break. the words of a mother who lost a daughter to the plague of chicago. the heartbreaking interview. trust me, it is. that's right after this. makes it simple to book the perfect kid-friendly hotel. which is great for families. finally! whatever captain obvious. save up to 50% during the labor day sale. and get an extra 10% off with promo code lastchance.
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top of the hour now. you are live in the cnn newsroom. i'm shim sciutto in for poppy harlow. we're hearing from the grieving mother of a chicago woman who was gunned down while taking a walk with her newborn baby. her daughter an innocent victim of the gun violence on chicago's streets. two men, they're brothers, are locked up right now charged in the shooting death of nikia aldridge. aldridge is the cousin of nba star dwyane wade. police say she was not the intended victim. der ren sore rells and darwin sorrells jr. are being charged.


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