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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  August 29, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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donald trump announced what he calls a major speech about his immigration policy. >> we are going to get rid of the criminals within one hour after i take office, believe me. >> we're going to secure the border. we're going to build a wall. >> we all learned in kindergarten to stand in like and wait our turn. >> his real message seems to be make america hate again. >> you can walk down the street and not be killed, not be shot, not be mugged. >> donald trump has not held an event in the black community. >> it can't get any worse. what do you have to lose.
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>> hello, everyone, i'm john berman, kate bolduan is off. if you want to skip gym class, you get a note from your doctor. the quote is, if you want to be president, should it take more than that? so this morning, donald trump is challenging hillary clinton. he put out a tweet. he said, think that both candidates should release detailed medical records. i have no problem in doing so. hillary? as for the clinton campaign, they're essentially saying medical game on. they're picking apart a letter from donald trump's personal physician who declared that if elected, mr. trump would be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency. that line raised some questions when it came out. mostly because no one remembers john madison's doctor's letter. want to bring in cnn national correspondent mark preston for this. talk about this campaign response, this surgical takedown
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of that doctor's letter. >> what we're talking about is a letter that donald trump's doctor put out that was called into question because of the flourishing language this doctor used, as well as the fact we've come to find out the doctor had wrote it rather quickly. let's take a look at this blog posting put on hillary clinton's website last night. they knock out 11 different things they see as interesting or questionable. let me read you a couple of them. one is they note that the website listed at the top of the letter doesn't even exist if you go to that website. it doesn't take you to the right place. they note that in the salutation, to whom may concern, there was actually a typo in there, it should say, to whom it may concern. again, calling into question really the doctors focusing on the attention of donald trump's health. dr. bornstein says trump's lab results are astonishingly excellent. as the clinton campaign notes, that isn't a real medical
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description. they go on to what you said, i can state the healthiest individual ever to serve in the presidency. there's just no way they could ever make that claim because he would have had to then check every other person who ran for president. this is a statement from the clinton campaign as they put out that takedown. donald trump has put forward a laughable letter that admits health information including date of his exam, his family medical history, his heart rate, his respiratory rate, his ekg or his respiratory level. donald trump needs to produce a real doctor's letter written by a credible doctor that he fees the state of his health for voters. i just got off the phone with someone in the clinton campaign and they said it's really not about his health. for him, it's about accountability, the fact that he has not put out a detailed letter, and they're also trying to tie this to the fact he won't release his taxes. for donald trump, it looks like it's a play on health but it's really a play on transparency.
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>> we should note that we did hear from this trump doctor, nbc news caught up with him, and he admitted to them he wrote this letter in about five minutes while a limo driver waited in front of his office. then he had this to say. >> his health is excellent, particularly his mental health. he thinks he's the best. >> you were talking about how the clinton campaign now intends to engage on this subject. >> absolutely, we've heard from his surrogates, rudy giuliani, calling into question hillary clinton's health, the fact that she had a fainting spell a couple years back, she wasn't able to testify before congress, and there was a conspiracy theory that, in fact, she is not healthy enough to serve in office, but as donald trump put out that tweet, expect to see more of that. as we head into really the closing months of the campaign, it's going to get dirtier and
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dirtier and this is certainly one of the issues both candidates will try to expose. >> so we have that to look forward to. mark preston, the healthiest political editor cnn has ever had, thank you. donald trump announced he has an immigration plan and he's going to explain it all to us, possibly. he said, i will be making a major speech on illegal immigration on wednesday in the great state of arizona. why wait? he still has ten weeks until election day. this follows a week of trump really waffling on this issue which has been central to this campaign. he was sort of giving a different answer depending on the day over the last ten days. donald trump will also follow up this immigration speech with something he really hasn't done very much in this campaign. he will take his pitch to african-american voters to an actually african-american audience. he will speak at an inner city church. he'll do an interview there. cnn national correspondent jason carroll is outside trump tower
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in new york. >> let's start with immigration. as you just said, finally donald trump expected to deliver that immigration policy speech. a lot of people looking forward to that, as you can imagine, a lot of his supporters who i've spoken to are looking for some clarification here. is he going to use a deportation force? what specifically is going to happen to the 11 million undocumented people living in the united states. hopefully some answers coming. one point where donald trump has been clear, and that's his point of trying to reach african-american and latino voters. he's talked about it many times during his rallies. he said, look, under a trump administration, you'll be able to walk down the street without getting shot. these are trump's words. he's also talked about hillary clinton and the democrats, how he says hillary clinton and the democrats have failed communities of color and, of course, john, he's been tweeting about it, and tweeting a lot. just this morning, he tweeted
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this at 9:02 a.m. look how bad it is getting, how much more crime, how many more shootings will it take for african-americans and late continue yolatinos. and this, now that african-americans are seeing what a bad job hillary-type policy and management has done to the inner cities, they want trump. well, that's not entirely true, polls showing just the opposite. as you know, john, he is really doing very poorly among african-americans and latinos. having said that, some of the criticism he's been facing is that he's been giving these speeches about reaching out to these communities, but doing them and giving these speeches in communities that are overwhelmingly white. well, he is expected to visit predominantly african-american church, that's going to happen in detroit next weekend. where he is expected to address issues facing african-american
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and latino communities so that will finally be happening next weekend. john. >> all right, jason carroll for us in front of a busy trump tower this morning, in front of busy campaign action for the trump campaign. i want to bring in our panel. joining us this morning, kayleigh macanan. allison stewart. and eoroll lewis. who thinks this will sway votes before november 8th? raise your hands if you think this will be a voting issue. why are we talking about it? >> in the case of the trump campaign, they're trying to explore. maybe we can eliminate you as a candidate in many people's eyes.
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you can't fault them for trying. i think going back the other way, trying to link it to taxes and other transparency issues. this is one more issue that's going to get thrown into the meat grinder. i think what really makes it kind of silly, everybody can see them. you can see them go bounding up the stairs and give speeches and everybody knows how to assess that. >> it's a good point. i've covered a bunk of campaigns beginning to end. by this point in every campaign i've covered, i was a wroneck, like they looked good to me. >> not to mention sleep deprived -- >> you mentioned all those things. >> no, no, i mean me. they're exhausting. they're grueling. no matter what side of the aisle you're on, if you're a reporter or one of the candidates. the fact the two of them are still able to put together a
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coherent sentence is hats off to them. there's no questioning the health of either of the two of these. they're both certainly displaying their stamina at this point. to the degree that they want to continue to talk about this, i agree, it's not going to change any votes. if donald trump is going to question her health, he does need to produce something much more than what he has produced. and this is -- granted, you know, it's good fodder for conversation but it's not going to change votes. we need to get back on the issues that people are concerned with. you want to talk about health. how you can improve health care for everyday americans. >> we like every record we can get, we'll take them all. let's move on to immigration. donald trump is giving a speech on wednesday in arizona about the issue of illegal immigration which has been a centerpiece of his campaign for more than 14 months now. the last eight days it's been called into question. his aides, his surrogates, his running mates, they had this to say about his plan, listen. >> his position and his
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principles has been consistent. >> this is a guy who's been very consistent. >> right. since the show of hands worked so well last time, on the issue of what to do with 11 million undocumented illegal immigrants in this country, i'll have a show of hands, who here on this panel thinks donald trump's position has been consistent? raise your hand. i thought you might raise your hand, kayleigh. i'm glad you did. what do you think he wants to do with the 11 million undocumented illegal immigrants? >> this to me was really a contrived inconsistency controversy. because donald trump mentioned wanting to soften his position to sean hannity. he also mentioned he's listening to voters. voters are telling him they don't like this aspect of his plan. what he is doing is signaling priorities to the american people. he's saying, look, priority one, putting up the wall. mexico's paying for it. priority two, people have to obey the law to come back in. priority three, e-verify. these are priorities.
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and getting the criminals out of the country which, by the way, barack obama, just last year, released 20,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records into society -- >> just to be clear, up until a week and a half ago, you agree, he did say the 11 million undocumented illegal immigrants, he said they have to go, he said that clearly, they have to go. >> yes, and now they -- >> he's saying get the criminal ones out first. he's not really saying he's going to do anything to remove the ones who have committed crimes while they're here, right? >> he has priorities. you're not going to get the entirety of your agenda done. he's signaling priority one are criminals. >> the other big thing, we learned and jason talked about it, donald trump is going to speak to an african-american audience to talk about african-american issues. outreach to these voters was something i imagine you worked on quite a bit, you know, with the congressional black caucus. does donald trump get credit for, at this point, going to detroit to do this?
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>> i think you just mentioned something very key. you said at this point. donald trump has run a campaign that has been rooted in bigotry and racism. whether we're talking about immigration and him softening a position, originally wanting to put 11 million people on planes to get them out of here, criminal background or not this is more of the same. donald trump does not have any real desire to tap into the needs and the actual desires and policy prescriptions that would help to strengthen the african-american community. he sees a gaping hole between a win to 270 electoral votes and where he is right now -- >> something interesting happened that didn't have anything to do with the campaign per se but colin kaepernick, didn't stand up for the national anthem, but in the process of being interviewed, he did say he had great criticism for donald trump but he also noted that hillary clinton had used the word super predator in the 1990s. an african-american athlete
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concerned about the fact hillary clinton used that word. been the subject now of a donald trump video. i'm wondering if his discussion over the last ten days has helped put that back into the national dialogue. >> well, it will. there are some people, many of whom bernie sanders supporters, who really bristled at her as vok cas advocacy and her use of the term super predator. if you extrapolated what was happening with kids, with so-called crack baby, kids born addicted, and the rising crime rates, people thought if that goes on an uninterrupted trajectory, we'll have complete mayhem and that's where the phrase super predators came from. it was discredited. she has backed away from it. any time you bring it up there are some people who will really, really bristle and try and tie that around her neck. that is entirely fair. if you want her to apologize,
8:15 am
you can ask her ten type times that's what you'll get. >> in regard to the outreach, i think it's good he is finally going to the african-american community, but i think at this stage, if we minimize the conversation to what he said or she said in years past, we take away from the real issue here, is what can the do of them do for the african-american community moving forward. who has the policies that will help them economically, with education, with health care. and i firmly believe that donald trump's policies will be more beneficial to the african-american community. it's a way of how he articulates that is the question. i think he can also incorporate some of jack kemp's policies of empowerment, providing ladder to opportunity for them to lift themselves up out of their situation. he needs to work on the tone -- >> that's part of the problem. the fact african-americans are talked about as monolithic entities, we all need to pull ourselves up from our boot
8:16 am
straps when we were barefoot on plantations building this country for free is highly problematic to me. it's not about us all needing to be lifted out of impoverty. i reject the notion we constantly need to talk about -- >> i'm not -- >> i'm almost done, i'm just saying that particular point strikes a chord with me and your candidate more often than not going to that refrain is highly problematic so i'm cautioning to get some other -- >> it is a fact that -- >> i'm not talking about fact, i'm talking about tone -- >> donald trump articulated this that someone who looks like me makes on average $142,000 but someone of african-american heritage, they make $11,000. that's a problematic figure. it's problematic an african-american male is six to eight times more likely to be killed than a white person. donald trump addressing them and
8:17 am
trying to reach out -- >> kayleigh, that's not -- >> -- what he's doing is saying there are people in inner cities and i want to reach out because i care about them. >> that's not true. we know that donald trump has done to people in inner cities for years. while you may not want to talk about what's happened in the past, you have to look at the past to figure out where people are going in the future so i think we would be remiss if we ignored the discrimination housing cases which there was a tremendous expose in "the new york times" this weekend. none of the surrogates want to address the fact he's never apologized to these people. in 2013, got right about his position again -- >> we can talk about robert byrd with hillary clinton -- >> robert byrd actually apologized for and requested funding for the -- >> -- if donald trump wants to turn to his racist pace -- >> this is exactly what happened, you try to yell over -- >> i was in the middle of my -- >> kayleigh -- >> arkansas, these are facts,
8:18 am
these are inconvenient for you guys -- >> i don't mind inconvenient -- >> for the clinton team, because here -- >> i'm just a black democrat who disagrees with racism. >> i agree with alice i'd rather talk about issues -- >> that is an issue. >> when you have a vp saying value, we can do the same for your candidate -- >> we can't though. >> we can talk about robert byrd -- >> robert byrd actually had -- you guys like to talk about black staffers. robert byrd had black staffers. he apologized. he requested funding -- >> -- and hillary -- >> i agree, it's horrible. he requested funding for the mlk memorial. we can go on and on about comparisons to david duke struggling to disavow the kkk and david duke. we can talk about his father being involved -- >> saturday, donald trump will give this speech, this interview in detroit, so it gives us five days to talk about this a lot more and we have the election in
8:19 am
november. guys, come back. i do appreciate it. a star nfl quarterback defending his refusal to stand during the national anthem. hear his brand-new comments about why he did this and how also he's calling out hillary clinton and donald trump. plus, a mother of four shot to death in chicago while pushing her infant in a stroller killed for really no reason. she also happens to be dwyane wade's cousin. and now her mother is speaking out. >> they want their -- their mom. it just hurts to hear kids saying they want their mom and their mom won't be in their their mom won't be in their lives anymore. where we explore. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency. developing more clean burning natural gas. my job? my job at exxonmobil? turning algae into biofuels. reducing energy poverty in the developing world. making cars go further with less. fueling the global economy. and you thought we just made the gas. ♪
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find yours in the pain relief aisle. kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. football season already smack in the middle of a national debate. san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick calls his refusal to stand for the national anthem an act of protest against racial injustice in this country. listen. >> i stand up for the oppressed. when there's significant change and i feel like that flag represents what it's supposed to represent in this country, representing people the way it's supposed to, i'll stand. >> all right, the move obviously
8:24 am
receiving some backlash, including from several 49er fans who responded by setting kaepernick jerseys on fire. you wrote an interesting column. you said more power to colin kaepernick for this statement. you said somewhere muhammad ali is smiling. explain. >> just think, we spend time this summer really celebrating muhammad ali's life, the ideas, the values he stood for. and now we have a situation where an athlete uses his stage, his very profound stage in the nfl. now, granted, he wasn't winning a gold medal when he made the stand, but really made a bold statement. and in the spirit of ali, in the spirit of john carlos and tommy smith, to really bring attention and awareness to something that
8:25 am
is on the minds of a lot of our citizens, particularly african-americans. and so that's why i applauded colin kaepernick for taking the stand, although, as you mentioned, it definitely was a lot of backlash. sometimes when you make a statement, you have to be willing to accept that. >> and he knew no doubt he'd receive some backlash here. victor cruz, new york giants wide receiver, he was asked, he said, i think personally the flag is a flag, regardless of how you feel things are going on in america today and around the world with gun violence and things like that. you've got to respect the flag and stand up with your teammates. it's bigger than just you in my opinion. what do you say to victor cruz? >> i think there's a lot of different ways you can interpret this. a lot of people look at the flag and they purely see it as a symbol of the united states
8:26 am
military. and that's something that colin kaepernick addressed yesterday. i give him some credit, too, for talking for about 20 minutes in the locker room, which in nfl locker rooms is an eternity for talking to the media, but, you know, facing the heat, answering the questions, explaining himself. there are a lot of ways you can interpret this. colin kaepernick basically, as he explained it yesterday, was not making a statement against the u.s. military and, in fact, he said that, you know, he thinks on a certain level that military people who are sacrificed their lives and their livelihoods have really been disrespected in a sense that the united states as a society hasn't always lived up to the ideas that, you know, it stands for and the principles it stands for. so, you know, that's the spirit that i kind of accept this protest with. and other people are going to look at it different ways. again, being american, that's one of the rights you have.
8:27 am
you have the first amendment right to express yourself and freedom of speech. >> there's another criticism when it compaes to kaepernick, essentially he's not the right person to do this, or a person in his position shouldn't be doing this. brian smith from the houston chronicle sports column writes, it must be too deep, complex and multilayered for kaepernick to comprehend the fact the only reason he's allowed to be a lifetime mega millionaire continually say stupid things and freely express his inherrant and unalienable rights is because of the flag and country he proclaims to hate. that's a different criticism here. >> yeah, well, guess what, it doesn't really matter how much money you make in terms of whether or not you have the right to express yourself, okay. i think we all understand that this is a great country in terms of the freedoms it has afforded its citizens and free dopes that
8:28 am
allow you to express yourself. that's what we can't miss with this opportunity for colin kaepernick to bring attention and awareness to something that he is obviously passionate about and one of the things i think that's really come through in listening to him is we're talking about a guy who has become educated on some of these issues and it's not easy to put your hands around a lot of these situations and, you know, basically he talked about police brutality as the single most pressing issue that he wanted to bring awareness to. i think we can take that and go even further in some of the systemic issues in our nation, especially as they pertain to african-americans and other minorities. so the point he should not say anything because he makes money. no. i hope this really compels other people who may not make the money kaepernick makes, citizens
8:29 am
who may not have the platform kaepernick has, people who are in positions of power who can do things from a business standpoint, an economic development standpoint, you know, all sorts of ways in our society that people can be inspired to do something and not just be silent. >> he is certainly -- >> i think that's part of the message i take away from colin kaepernick. >> he has certainly reignited this discussion to say the least. all right, jared bell, thanks for coming in, really appreciate it. all right, we have breaking news now involving former congressman anthony weiner and his wife, hillary clinton's closest aide, huma abadin. this is after new reports emerged about weiner and accusations of sexting. we'll have that right after the break. which is great for famili. finally! whatever captain obvious. save up to 50% during the labor day sale.
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we have some breaking news involving one of the more well-known political marriages in the country now. that between former member of congress anthony weiner and his wife huma abedin who is probably the closest aide to hillary clinton, the democratic nominee for president. the statement just released said after long work on my marriage, i have made the decision to separate from my husband. now, why are we telling you this now? it has to do with new reporting that came out this morning in "the new york post." joining me, miguel marquez, brian stelter, jeff zeleny. we'll talk a little about this now. first, the background what is in the "new york post" today? >> a disturbing story in the
8:35 am
"new york post." here we go again with anthony weiner. this is a guy who, this woman, from january 2015 to early this month. in one of the photos, weiner appears only in his underwear next to his sleeping child. he texts this woman saying someone climbed into my bed. weiner responds to the posts saying look, we've been friends for some time, the conversations were meant to be private and anything i ever said to her was appropriate. in 2011, he resigned his congressional seat after mistakingly tweeting to everybody an explicit photo of himself rather than sending it through a private individual direct message. in 2013, it looked like he was making a comeback. he was running for mare yor of
8:36 am
new york. and then more sexually explicit tweets came out under an alias. abedin has stuck by him. she's been a longtime aide to the clintons. as secretary -- as chief of staff when she was secretary of state. and currently as the vice chair of her campaign. cnn has reached out to anthony weiner himself. obviously the news from huma abedin takes sort of precedence here and is everything we need to know about where they are. it's been very tough -- >> we do know anthony weiner has taken down his twitter account. jeff zeleny, i want to bring you in. anthony weiner's in a different place this third time. first, he was a member of congress. so public interest there. second, he be was running for mayor so there was public interest there. now he's really the spouse, he's the spouse of huma abedin would is a central player, like one of the most important players in
8:37 am
the hillary clinton campaign. tell us more now about what she is saying and what she intends to do going forward. >> john, he is more than a spouse. he is a central player of course. huma abedin, you cannot understate the importance of her to the hillary clinton campaign. there's no one who is at the candidate's right hand more often than huma abedin, everything she does, policy meetings, fund-raisers. she's in hamptons, new york, on a fund-raising swing. huma was by her side yesterday. she released a short statement. she said, after a long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, i have made the decision to separate from my husband. anthony and i remain devoted to doing what is best for our son who is the light of our life. during this difficult time, i ask for respect for our privacy.
8:38 am
john, this really is a personal matter, not a campaign matter. but it is really angering some people on the campaign i've spoken to this morning when this new york post report came out. because most have thought the former congressman, the former mayoral candidate, had gotten it back together, in their words, and they were hoping he would not embarrass this campaign, embarrass huma. but there are so many aides and so many people who work on a campaign but, again, no one closer in every respect to secretary clinton than huma abedin. we've seen her name come up in controversies over e-mails, she's worked for her for two decades, really grown up at her side here. so one can only imagine the personal conversations huma is having with hillary clinton,
8:39 am
john. >> no doubt about that, brian stelter, this follows the release of a documenting, surprising documentary that anthony weiner allowed. this had to do with the second sort of round of controversy. >> right, and his wife seemed to be a reluctant player in that documentary. what's strange about this, among other things, weiner continued to live in public, to have a public life through this documentary and on his twitter feed. a very engaged twitter feed until he delighted it. the problem here was his sexting behavior. it's perplexing, it's mystifying. now just downright sad. people have had fun with this story. "the new york post" among others certainly have. but now to have a child involved, to have is the child on the cover of "the new york post" with his father in bed with him taking lewd photos, that is just sad for everyone involved. >> anthony weiner's not running for anything at this point, he's not eiga member of congress -- >> i think it is a campaign
8:40 am
matter because donald trump is sure to weigh in on this -- >> it may very well come up in the campaign. >> i wonder if trump will chase to weigh in or not now that we've heard from huma on this. >> we shall see. miguel, brian, jeff zeleny, thank you. the presidential debates, a former aide says donald trump says he wants it to beat wrestlemania so how is he preparing? if you believe the well-placed leaks, with burgers, hot dogs and coca-cola. we'll discuss. and, with extended range lte, it reaches farther than ever. now you can stream video and music free in more places without using any of your data. from skylines to coastlines, out in the country, deep in the city. we got you covered. 311 million americans and counting. and we won't stop. come see why t-mobile is #1 in customer satisfaction.
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8:45 am
the predebate spin fest is in full gear. so if you believe the leaks, this weekend, trump's debate prep involved an informal session over burgers at one of his golf courses. while in contrast, hillary clinton is sticking to a more methodical approach. cnn's sara murray is live for us in washington. for what the trump people are telling us is really going on behind the scenes at debate prep. >> well, john, this is certainly going to be a different kind of debate for donald trump. we obviously saw him on that debate stage in a very crowded gop primary field. this is looking more like it's going to be one on one. right now, it doesn't look like any of the other candidates are going to make it aside from trump and clinton. it's just four weeks away. so that means the prep is beginning. for donald trump, it's been working a little bit differently. this is not a guy who is sitting there reading these briefing books every night, although he
8:46 am
does have them available. this is someone who has his circle of advisers that includes laura ingram, of course kellyanne conway and steve bannon. as he tries to figure out exactly what he wants to hit on every issue in terms of the policy and in terms of how he wants to frame it. once again, he's going to try to be true to himself. that's why he brought on steve bannon and kellyanne conway, to hit the trump tone. he is aware a general election debate goes much further into the details than the primary debates did. part of that was he would fade into the background for long stretches of time and then show up and land a couple punches and then fade back again. that's not a strategy that's going to be successful in a general election debate. >> two people on stage for 90 minutes, you can't go anywhere. saradiscuss, a former
8:47 am
sanders supporter who now supports hillary clinton. john phillip, talk radio host, for the oc register, the orange county register and donald trump supporter. mary katharine, i want to start with you, from 1 to 10, how important is this first presidential debate? >> oh, i'm thinking like a 7 or 8 probably. it's going to be hugely watched. we should have low expectations for both of them, which makes the expectations game sort of hard to play. they're saying, oh, i'm anticipating a very good game from donald trump. i think they'll both be good at the things they're good at. she'll be studied. if often wrong. he will be entertaining if often unstudied. the voters will have to choose. >> when it comes to the expectation games, what the campaigns are telling us about debate prep, i believe nothinger. every four years, we are spun to
8:48 am
no end here. brian fallon tweeted for all his lack of substance, brian fallon, hillary clinton's spokesperson. makes him a formidable debate foe. he thrashed his rivals in republican debates. on the flip side, bill press, the campaign was leaking all over to "the washington post" about their debate prep and they claim they don't know if donald trump even wants to do mock debates. i believe nothing. both campaigns are trying to set the bar unbelievably low, bill. so what is the real bar for the candidates? >> first all, you're very smart, john berman. don't believe a word that's coming out of either camp. i think there's still a question on the table about whether or not donald trump shows up. he has not confirmed he's going to attend. he's still trying to figure out if there's a moderator he can possibly live with. i can think a dozen excuses.
8:49 am
so could you. why he would not show up. and i think he could maybe even not show up and get away with it. but here's what i see. these are two totally different events. as you pointed out, donald trump sees this as wrestlemania. hillary sees this as what we know presidential debates really have been and i think should be and are. which are substantive discussions about really serious issues. this is hillary's long suit. she's done dozens of these debates. donald trump has never done one of them. i question whether he is intellectually capable of holding the stage on a one on one, on a serious discussion about issues. one liners and insults are not going >> john phillips, helping lower expectations. doing the trump campaign work for him even though he is a hillary clinton supporter. the trump people saying he's looking at this like wrestlemania. do you really believe that?
8:50 am
because the flip side of that possibility would be that if he shows he can be presidential, if he goes on that stage and holds his own with hillary clinton on the issues, he appears to the country like he could do the job, but isn't that a very important thing for this candidate in particular? >> well, if it's wrestlemania, i think he'll do just fine. as a point of fact trump has hosted two different wrestlemanias at his hotel in atlantic city. the only debate coach better is roger ales who is helping him here. if you look at who he has helped in the past, roger has coached them to be extremely aggressive in debates. go back to the 1988 election when george h.w. bush just lost iowa. he not only lost iowa, he came in third behind pat robertson and bob dole.
8:51 am
it looked like it was coming to an end. he went in and got aggressive. he had that interview with dan rather where he came out and kneecapped dan rather. i think donald trump is getting the same advice from>> laur law ingram. it may not be wrestlemania but something close to it. >> if it's wrestlemania, can we get the rock on stage so i can be done with it? >> and roddy rowdy piper. >> it does seem this year especially is a bit of a shame that looks like a third party candidate won't make it on stage. there is broad dissatisfaction with both choices and it looks like no one will hit the 15% necessary to get on the debate in people would like to hear something different. i think trump will be aggressive. i think he will be trump because that's what he's comfortable doing and he loses much of his advantage when he's not being
8:52 am
trump. the question is even if he's decent on the stage and is being trump does that translate into more general election votes? >> mary katharine, gary johnson in the latest quinnipiac poll is at 10%, the libertarian candidate, the debate commission says you need to be at 15%. now 10% isn't 15% but it's impressive. do you think there's pressure on the debate commission to find a way to let gary johnson on the stage? >> i think gary johnson should be on stage. the american people deserve more choices and i don't care whether he has 8%, 10%, or 12%, he should be on stage. one thing said that was very important, this is a one on -- well, maybe two but looks like now one-on-one debate, so donald trump, that's much different than having 17 other people, 16 other people on stage you can throw darts at and then disappear. he has to hold his own and, john, when roger ailes was coaching george h.w. bush he was coaching somebody with a lot of
8:53 am
substantive background there and a lot of experience not like donald trump. >> john phillips, which candidate wants gary johnson on stage less, hillary clinton or donald trump? >> hillary clinton wants no part of gary johnson. if he shows up to the debate, he'll be removed with mace if she has her way. i think he's bleeding more votes from hillary at this point than from trump. and jill stein also is a factor in the election. >> well, but she's not going to get, as of now in the polls, she isn't close to 15%, not double digits. john phillips, mary katharine ham, thank you for being with us. coming up for us, the mother of four gunned down while pushing her 3-week-old baby in a stroller. we're going to talk about this horrible crime, the discussion that really has continued next.
8:54 am
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the plague of gun violence
8:58 am
in chicago hitting the family of an nba star. two brothers who police say are gang members on parole are now charged with the murder of dwyane wade's cousin, nykea aldridge. she was pushing her baby in a stroller friday near a school when she was caught in the crossfire. the child was not hurt. aldridge's mother spoke through tears about her loss, and she also spoke about forgiveness. >> they want their mom, and it just hurts to hear kids saying they want their mom, and their mom won't be in their lives anymore. only through spirit, only through -- only through pictures. that's the only way they can know their mom for the rest of their lives, the only thing they have to go on is what they had. it's just heartbreaking. it's really -- oh, god, it's heartbreaking not to have her here to raise her own children.
8:59 am
i thank god right now for allowing her to be in our lives as long as he did. i thank god for it, and i thank god for the kids because it's going to take all of us to raise them. it takes a village. that's what we are. we are a village and i truly, truly from the bottom of my heart, i forgive them. i forgive them. i can't bring her back but i forgive them and i just pray to god that they pray it to god to ask for forgiveness for what they've done. they've taken a precious life senselessly. >> that was an interview with cnn and our heart does go out it to that family. aldridge was among at least nine people, nine people, killed over the weekend in chicago with dozens more wounded. at the rate they're going, they are on pace it to exceed last year's record for gun violence. thanks so much for joining us at this hour. "legal view with ashleigh banfield" starts right now.
9:00 am
hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. welcome to "legal view." 71 days before the election donald trump is promising details -- details -- on that signature policy. just two days away, apparently, from getting those details in the gop candidate's address on immigration is on again. so set your calendar, set your alarm, wednesday in arizona. that's he when we find out where he stands definitively. let's hope we do. no need to worry about turnout because even before the venue was set donald trump is reporting big crowds. both trump and hillary clinton are out of sight. they are both raising money but on opposite ends of the country. and my cnn colleague jason carroll is at work trying to figure out what's next from the trump camp. he's at trump tower. so about this immigration speech, i was so


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