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tv   Wolf  CNN  August 29, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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and only knowing that she's in the hospital at her next step. we are staying on this. he's getting out friday. it will be a big day friday. thank you both. thank you as well. really appreciate you watching "legal view." "wolf" starts right now. hello. i'm wolf blitzer. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. up first, we're less than 71 days away from the presidential election and just two days from donald trump's major speech on immigration. the speech wednesday follows a week of conflicting comments from donald trump. the lingering question now, how will he deal with the millions of undocumented immigrants living in the united states? here is how his campaign manager, kelly conway, explained tr trump's approach. >> he has said that if you want to be here legally, you have to
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apply to be here legally. we all learned in kindergarten to stand in line and wait our turn and he is not talking about a deportation but is talking about being fair and humane but also being fair to the american workers who are competing for jobs, being fair to all of us who want secure borders. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton is focusing in on fund-raising once again wrapping up the month of august with a series of events out in the hamptons on long island. our washington senior correspondent jeff zeleny is covering the campaign in southampton, new york, for us right now. our national correspondent jason carroll is outside trump tower in manhattan. jason, what can we ex inspect to hear, first of all, from trump's immigration speech coming up on wednesday? what are you learning? >> reporter: well, a couple of things, based on some of the things he said in the past just over the weekend in terms of immigration he said, wolf, if he were to become president within an hour he said he would start to get the bad guys out of here. but it's still very unclear in
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terms of what happens to the estimated 11 million undocumented people still living here in the united states, will there be a deportation force as trump promised in the past? what will we see going forward? well, he is expected to give specifics when he gives that immigration policy speech in phoenix. mike pence, for his part, waeing in on the subject giving his sort of take on what trump's position is when it comes to immigration. >> what you see going on right now, and i think at a certain level it's very refreshing because it's the donald trump i see every day, you see a ceo at work, you see someone who is engaging the american people, listen i listening to the american people. he's hearing from all sides. i promise you, he is a decisive leader, he will stand on the principles that have underpinned his commitment to end illegal immigration in this country and that's what people will learn
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more about in the days ahead. >> reporter: if you listen to the answer of that question, very specific about being a ceo but not when it comes to immigration policy. trump seemed to suggest there could be a softening on the issue when it comes to his point of view. kellyanne conway, his campaign manager, giving more detail about that saying there could be a, quote/unquote, softening on approach but not what she called a softening on policy. wolf? >> jason, trump also is promising a more direct outreach to african-american voters. what do we know about that? >> reporter: right. look, he's been criticized not for reaching out to african-americans or to latinos for that matter but in part from where he's been doing it, giving these speeches from communities that are predominantly white and a number of his critics say, look, if you really want to reach out to these communities of color you need to be on the
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ground and in these communities when you're making your pitch. and so what will be happening is donald trump is going to be at a black church in detroit talking about his policies that he says would benefit communities of color and, again, his campaign manager kellyanne conway saying in the future he'll be doing more of that. wolf? >> jeff, august, as you know, shaping up as a big fund-raising month for hillary clinton. what can you tell us about the latest events she's had? >> it is one of the biggest so far. our estimate of what she has raised in august and will raise for the final couple of days here is about $58 million. now that comes because of big fund-raising pushes like yesterday alone here in the hamptons at three separate events, $11 million. this comes on the heels of last week's big west coast
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fund-raising swing. $19 million. so hillary clinton and tim kaine, her running mate, are using august as a key month to fill the campaign coffers. they have been on tv with months. the clinton campaign believes that they need this money for tv ads and to fund the massive ground operation for the final two-month push of this campaign and that september will be largely taken up by campaigning and preparing for that first debate one month from now. that's why august is designed and devoted for a big fund-raising month and, wolf, there are few places better than here in the hamptons on the edge of long island in new york. jeff, the trump campaign is trying to stir up some questions about hillary clinton's overall health, trump challenging her to release detailed medical records.
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he says he would have no problem releasing his own similar records, so how is the clinton campaign responsibilitying? >> he did send out a tweet but he hasn't yet released his own? he has released much less health information than any candidate ever has. hillary clinton has not been as forthcoming as some other candidates but certainly much more so than donald trump. hillary clinton is the only candidate in the race who has met the standard expected of presidential canned and provide add detailed medical letter by her long time physician in a statement just last week. donald trump has put forward a laughable letter that admits basic health information. it said basic information like what type of medication he's on, what his heart rate is, his blood pressure, et cetera. the only health information he
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has released is a letter from his doctor saying he would be the healthiest presidential candidate. that is likely beyond the scope of what he knows himself. this has been the sideshow back and forth over the health in what are two of the old eest candidates. she is 70 and he is 68. don't look for the clinton campaign to release more information until he releases his basic medical records. wolf? >> thanks very much, jeff zeleny and jason carroll. i want to bring in kelly, a cnn political commentatocommentator cnn political commentator from the congressional black caucus. do you expect that donald trump will release a detailed specific medical record of his own? >> i think what he's relowsed so far is just fine. i'm far less concerned with the
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medical records than the 30,000 missing e-mails that hillary clinton would erase from cyberspace. she was required by law to preserve those. i'm more concerned with the state department saying last week they're refusing to release her entire schedule despite getting their act together. you're required by law to do these things and there's vast lack of transparency and that's my big concern. >> angela, don't you think the american public deserves to know all the medical details of one candidate who is 68 years old and another candidate who is 70 years old? >> of course they do, wolf, and that's why for decades now candidates have been producing this kind of critical information. donald trump has released the least amount of medical
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information of any other candidate in decades. so speaking of transparency, i think it's rich from the trump campaign and surrogates and supporters that we're constant ly talking about how transparent donald trump is that just because he says what's on his mind and even that changes minute to minute, second to second, it doesn't mean he's being transparent at all or honest. his type written letter from the doctor said all test results were positive. we know positive test results isn't always good. i had a positive test result once and it meant i had strep throat. making sure that he's fit to serve as president because he gives me pause every single day. >> on that point, what do you say that the american public deserves to know more about donald trump's medical history. there was a tie poe but this was a medically certified doctor who said he is fit to be president.
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it's flabbergasting the clinton campaign wants transparency. donald trump has never violated transparency laws that the united states government puts in place. >> are you satisfied with the doctor's letter released about hillary clinton's health? >> yes. i'm satisfied with her letter, with donald trump's letter. i'm more concerned about the other transparency aspects i brought up. >> all right. very quickly, i'll give you last word. go ahead, angela. >> sure, speaking of transpa transparency, i love to see what donald trump decides to do with his tax returns as we also know every candidate that's run in the last several decades released their tax returns. hillary clinton, as we all know has released, i think, her tax returns for several decades. there's no point on that as well. >> thanks very much. coming up, one of hillary clinton's closest aides now separating from her husband,
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top hillary clinton aid huma abedin is separating from her husband after he sent suggestive photos again. abedin released a statement and it says, quoting after a long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, i have made the decision to separate from my husband. anthony and i remain devoted to doing what is best for our son who is the light of our life. during this difficult time i ask for -- i ask you respect our privacy. the former congressman who was first caught up in a sexting scandal on twiter in 2011 cost him his job. he has deleted his twitter account. miguel marquez has the details. miguel, certainly one of hillary clinton's closest advisers. she has been working with hillary clinton for many years. i know the trump campaign is now
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reacting. >> it didn't take long for this to reach the presidential level clearly. huma abedin is the vice chair of hillary clinton's campaign, she was with her at the state department as her chief of staff. the trump campaign call this more evidence of hillary clinton's bad judgment, in part, saying i only worry for the country in that hillary clinton was careless and negligent in allowing weiner to have such close approximate proximity to classified information. who knows what he learned and who he told. it's another example of hillary clinton's bad judgment. it's possible our country and security have been greatly xr xroeed by this. not going away anytime soon. she has been dealing with this for years, first in 2011 and 2013 through a documentary made that she was clearly uncomfortable with the entire situation and now this. a close friend of huma abedin
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saying today's announcement of their separation is really only public. they have been separated for some time. >> any reaction from the hillary clinton campaign? >> not from the campaign itself, only from huma abedin to say this is a private matter. a very difficult time. we are reaching out to see if there is anything more but it would be very difficult to say anything about something that is so personal, so embarrassing and so difficult to believe that it just keeps happening time and time again. wolf? >> all right, thanks very much, miguel marquez, reporting for us. there's less than a month -- we're less than a month away from the first presidential debate. donald trump apparently bringing together a group of advisers that includes rudy giuliani and former fox news executive roger
10:18 am
a ailes. hillary clinton has been discussing policy issues. one of the key parts is who your prep partner is. jennifer gran holm is the former of michigan and was also the stand-in for sarah palin when she was running for vice president during joe biden's prep work back in 2008. governor, thanks for joining us. >> you bet, wolf. >> so walk us through this process. you were a stand-in for sarah palin. how does it usually work? >> well, first of all, you are notified that -- or you are asked to be the stand-in, a good couple of weeks before you actually go to debate camp which generally is close in time to the first debate. and so as the stand-in you have got to bone up on all of this. you have to study that person's positions, watch all of their prior debates if they had them.
10:19 am
you have to look at all of their prior statements, really internalize that person so that when you're standing there you can respond as they would and study up on your opponent so you will be able to deliver some zingers or attack and pivot. it's a game of three dimensional chess. know what your point is and and tis pate how you will attack your opponent. >> so obviously preparing a debate against donald trump is unique. walk us through the advice. you have to have someone who can really do an excellent job as donald trump. >> or maybe two people. who knows which will show up on any given day. >> he might be the calmer donald trump. he can't disappear like he was able to do in the larger primary debates on the republican side.
10:20 am
you have to anticipate all of that. so when you're preparing you have to have somebody who comes with an aggressive answer and you have to have somebody who comes with a more understated donald trump but know that he's getting advice. advice from roger ailes, question whether that's going to be effective in his effort to win suburban swing women. he's getting advice about how to go after her. if the people are giving him advice are smart they're going to say to him, come out of these debates looking presidential, with people liking you. you cannot look unstable, like you don't know your policy. i know they say right now he's not doing a whole lot of prep but he'd better be doing something because it's malpractice not to practice. >> how in the gutter do you
10:21 am
think the first presidential debate will be between these two who clearly don't like each other? >> it's going to in large measure be up to him. she won't be in the gutter. he has been known to go there. i just -- i mean, it wouldn't be wise for him to do it. in most instances you've got a debate camp week before this debate and that means that you are going there and you're doing mock debates or you're trying out answers. you're not just kicking back saying what do you think about this? you're actually setting up a debate so that you can stage what will it look like and feel like if your opponent comes hard core, if your opponent comes like a gentleman. the fact he may not be doing that is a little bit curious to me but i know his advisers have to be telling him while you may want to knock her off her game she has a good game and will be hard to knock off. >> jennifer granholm, thanks
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very much. >> you bet, wolf. >> two big races just one day away. we're watching primary battles in florida and arizona. powerful incumbents try to hold on. taking on senator john mccain. that and more up next. 73% of americans try... cook healthy meals. yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more... ...add one a day men's 50+. complete with key nutrients we may need. plus it helps support healthy blood pressure with vitamin d and magnesium.
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tomorrow's primary day in a couple of states including arizona, the longtime senator john mccain running against k kelly ward. it's been a rather contentious, somewhat nasty campaign that involves republican presidential
10:27 am
candidate donald trump at times as well. our poll of likely voters in arizona shows senator mccain with the lead 45% to 29%. kelly ward is joining us now. we invited senator mccain but he declined our invitation. let's talk about your effort to defeat a very established incumbent. clearly he's well known to all republicans, indeed everyone out in arizona. >> yes, wolf. i thank you for having me on. i'm not surprised senator mccain wouldn't come and be side-by-side with me because he's done all he can to avoid being in the same room. he's been afraid to debate. he's definitely not standing on his own record. he's done his fair share, $7 million worth of attacks against me. but things look great. i'll tell you, there's a new poll out right now showing that this is a razor thin margin.
10:28 am
37%/33% with a 3.5% margin of error and the late breakers are going for ward. i think we can see a big upset tomorrow. >> you're a major supporter of donald trump, senator mccain has been lukewarm, not so vocal. he backs the republican nominee. still donald trump has endorsed senator mccain. how disappointed are you with that? >> you know, it was d disappointing, i know that the people in arizona know that donald trump and kelli ward will be an unstoppable force in washington, d.c., because president trump will need a policy expert like me. when i was in the state senate i was effective getting 19 bills signed into law in 2015 alone. we need somebody who will be able it to put forward the policy to secure the border and to fix the v.a. and to rev up the economy and to put america first in it trade. >> as you know, part of your pitch to voters in arizona is
10:29 am
that senator mccain is simply too old. today, by the way, is his 80th birthday. do you honestly believe that he is too old to be a united states senator? >> you know, i do want to give him the best 80th birthday present ever, the gift of retirement tomorrow. in 2008 you were interviewing then candidate barack obama who brought up that senator mccain was, let's see, lost his bearing, and john kerry said he was confused. and susan rice also on the democrats' side had concerns. and so all the way back eight years ago, cnn and other liberal outlets and other liberal politicians were bringing john mccain's age into this election. now we're eight years later. i think it's something the voters need to know, do we want to send an 80-year-old man back to washington, or do we want to have something different, a 47-year-old vibrant person with a lot of real-life experience to put this country on the right track? >> you're saying that he's
10:30 am
simply too old to be a united states senator. do you have any evidence from the health perspective, from the medical perspective, from his emotional or psychological perspective he is unquaul foid to serve the people of arizona? >> actually a lot of you in the media have been saying that. i've been saying he's been in washington nearly four decades and that's way too long for anyone to be in washington, d.c. it's time for new eyes on the problems that are facing this country. the people who have been there for decade after decade after decade have put us where we are. people are looking for a change, looking for a bold, fresh, fearless person to be their voice in washington and that's why the voters will elect, overwhelmingly dr. kelli ward. >> thanks very much for joining us. >> thanks, wolf. great to see you. >> another ace that bears watching at tomorrow's battle in florida's 23rd district where
10:31 am
the incumbent debbie wasserman schultz is trying to hold on to her congressional seat in the wake of the democratic national committee e-mail hacking scandal that led to her resignation as the dnc chair. her opponent in this democratic primary is a law and public finance professor down in florida. thanks very much for joining us. we also invited, by the way, congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz but she declined our invitation. some of the issues out there, you were endorsed by senator bernie sanders. hillary clinton, as you know, she's backing debbie wasserman schultz. she -- hillary clinton won your district by a huge, huge 37-point margin. how do you combat that? do you believe you have a realistic chance of beating congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz tomorrow? >> well, we know we do. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are not on the ballot. in fact, back in march when we had the presidential primary,
10:32 am
bernie sanders didn't even have a field operation in our district and i think he only had one field office in all of south florida. you compare that with our operation. we have the largest field operation in the entire country for any house campaign. we have four field offices in the district, dozens of field organizers and hundreds of volunteers. and we're knock iing on 10,000 doors a week right now and having conversations with the voters and it's making all the difference. the very few polls that have been out already, they showed a tight race but there are also polls that are only surveying likely voters. what we're finding is a lot of unlikely voters are now turning out to the polls. thousands of independents are reregistering democrats. the supervisor of elections is reporting a very high percentage of the votes already cast in vote by mail and early voting sites are people who don't ordinarily turn out and vote in an august primary. so we've expanded the field and we like our chances a lot of
10:33 am
winning tomorrow. >> did you ask senator sanders to come down to florida to campaign with you over the past few weeks? >> well, senator sanders, as has been reported, his new organization is walled off. we've not been able to have any direct communications but i'll tell you, our phone is ringing off the hook. thousands of people are stepping up who are not walled off from our campaign. we really have so much grassroots energy coming our way. the momentum is all on our side and it's because the message is resonating. we've been saying -- we've been pointing out the facts from the beginning and you could fact check it. it has been already. wasserman schultz has been taking millions from the biggest corporations and wal street banks and pushing their interests for several years now over those of ordinary folks in south florida. so she's been for the bad transpacific partnership deal. she's been trying to protect payday lenders that charge over 300% interest rates on loans here in south florida.
10:34 am
she's been actually taking money from private prison companies and pushing private prisons, and florida is one of the states that leads the nation in private prisons, and she's been taking money from big agricultural and big sugar interests that have contributed to the environmental crisis that's unfolding with the blue/green algae tide polluting our waters, harming the tourist trade and even threatening the aquifer and the drinking water. so issue after issue, these are local issues. this is what people are really concerned about, not concerned about national politics in this race. they're very much focusing on the local issues. >> tim canova, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. nice to be with you. appreciate it. >> we'll watch the outcome tomorrow in florida as well as in arizona. up next, the u.s. hits a milestone ahead of schedule reaching president obama's ambitious target for taking in syrian refugees, 10,000 and counting. we'll be right back.
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it's a milestone day for the white house efforts to try to help syrian refugees. last year president obama set the goal at accepting 10,000 syrian refugees by this october. today the u.s. reached that goal. 10,000 syrian refugees more than half of them are children under the age of 18. compare that to other years in 2014, 105 syrian refugees were admitted into the yunited state and 96 combined in the first three years of the syrian civil war. joining us now is our cnn global affairs correspondent. elise, critics say the refugees could be a threat, wolves in sheep clothing.
10:40 am
are they being tracked? do we know where they are after they're placed into communities, for example? >> well, wolf, as you know there was a very stringent vetting process for them to come into the country. once they come into the country resettlement agencies are helping place them in communities and they know where they are initially but once they come here they're like any other immigrant possibly applying for citizenship and they're not tracked in the general sense, per se. refugee agencies that are helping them with services have a general idea of where they are because they need to locate them. they're not tracked in particular but, again, there was a very stringent vetting and security process for them to enter the country in the first place. >> is the u.s. more eager to allow in families with small children over individuals, let's say? >> well, as you said, half of them are children and about a quarter of the refugees coming in are women and adults over 60. a lot of these people coming in are women who are head of
10:41 am
households, perhaps they lost their husband in the syrian civil war, and the u.s. also puts a lot of priority on people who were the most vulnerable so we're talking about some adults, elderly, those who were sick, those who were subject to violence, and so these are really the most vulnerable. only about 2% of them are men of fighting age. >> the state department has said that the 10,000 number is a floor, not necessarily the ceiling. so is there a ceiling? how many more refugees do we expect the u.s. to take in from syria this year? >> well, it could be more than 10,000 and certainly the state department is expecting over the next six weeks more to come in, but the u.s. does have a lot of kind of flexibility at its disposal. there's a $34,000 cap, wolf, on refugees from what they call the middle east and southeast asia -- and south asia, so they could take more from that
10:42 am
particular quota and take away from refugees from other -- some other countries in the middle east and then there's also a $6,000 kind of unallocated reserve, and so if the u.s. needs to bring in more refugees they could. there's a lot of flexibility at their disposal and they are expecting more than $10,000, not the a whole lot more, though, wolf. >> what is the state department response to donald trump who says you can't vet syrian refugees because there is no real government over there and that isis will try to slip in terrorists to come to the united states. >> well, these refugees have like about a two-year vetting process, wolf. it's a very strict policy through the united nations who does their own investigation, through a lot of these refugee agencies. and so what the u.s. says these are some of the strictest refugee policies that any country in the world has. i want to read a little bit of a
10:43 am
statement from national security adviser susan rice who when the 10,000 refugee enters the country she issued the statement earlier today. on behalf of the president and his administration i extend the warmest of welcomes to each and every one of our syrian arrivals as well as the many other refugees resettled this year from all over the world and in thanking u.s. employees and the federal government for their commitment, wolf, she said that meeting the president's expectation that we both increase our refugee admissions and strengthen the integrity of the refugee program including its stringent security screening protocols has been essential to this effort and so the u.s. says it has a screening process like no other and that these refugees are very carefully vetted, wolf. >> elise reporting for us, thank you very much. coming up, a new poll released just moments ago shows both hillary clinton and donald trump with historically high unfavorable ratings, but it seems to indicate donald trump may be closing in at least a bit on hillary clinton.
10:44 am
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new national poll numbers just out today show hillary clinton holding on to her lead over donald trump. both candidates are registering historically high unfavorable numbers. joining us now to talk about that and more our chief political analyst gloria borger and patrick murray. patrick, first of all, walk us through the new numbers, how large is hillary clinton's lead right now? >> well, among registered voters right now she has a 43% lead over donald trump seven points, but she's holding on to some core base support. the democrats, independents are supporting her more than trump right now. so that's giving her these kind of underlying metrics that are holding on to her support. >> you have 46% for hillary and donald trump 43% for hillary, among registered voters, that's the number we have up there
10:49 am
right now among likely voters. it's 46% to 39%, but it's narrowed a bit since the earlier poll you did short ly after the democratic convention. >> right. right. and what we thought was happening there that there was a big bounce. we saw it, in fact, when we were asking people in our last poll early in august right after that convention is that they were unhappy with what they saw or turned off by what they saw in the republican convention, okay with what they saw in the democratic convention that was switching some party allegiances around. i think it's kind of settled back down right now. >> gloria, give us a little sense of how important this upcoming supposedly major immigration speech that donald trump will be delivering on wednesday is going to be because this has been a huge part of his campaign. >> yeah, and it's also been a very big problem for him lately because the issue demands some clarity. if we take a step back, wolf, don't forget this was the signature of donald trump's
10:50 am
campaign. not only building the wall-to--pronged immigration issue. not only build iing the wall bu also a mass more those 11 million or so undocumented immigrants in this country now out of here. and now what we hear from the campaign is, of course they are going to build the wall. that's issue number one. but the question is what are they going to do about rounding up and deporting people? there is a sense, obviously, if you look at polling among women voters, that there is a sense that that could be inhuman, for example, to families. so what you see is a kind of softening of trump or trump polling his audiences, what do you think you want me to do? and again, this is on an issue that was the cornerstone of his candidacy.
10:51 am
now, we have some reporting from jim acosta who spoke with a trump adviser who said to jim that there will be a conversation about what to do with those undocumented people and the quote from jim is, you shouldn't be having that conversation until years from now. well, the campaign started out having the conversation on day one and now maybe in that speech we'll hear a postponing of the conversation. i just don't know. but i think there needs to be some clarity. >> well, we'll see if that clarity emerges on wednesday. patrick, in your new poll, both of these candidates have what you describe as historically high, unfavorable numbers, right? right. voters don't have an understanding of some key issues
10:52 am
but we found that 35% of voters are saying they don't have a favorable opinion of either of these candidates and i looked back historically and the highest number i saw was in 1992, thinking of that as being historic. that was 9%. we're looking at 35%. nothing has ever come close to this number of voters who say i can't bring myself to say anything positive about either of these two major party nominees yet most of them are going to have to vote for one or the other and that's what they are telling us, they are holding their nose and voting for one of those two candidates. >> gloria, does that suggest that there will be low voter turnout? >> it could. it could suggest low voter turnout. although, i have to tell you that each of these candidates motivates the base of the other person's party. so nothing will turn out democrats like donald trump and nothing will turn out republicans like hillary
10:53 am
clinton. and i think that it's the voters who are holding their noses the most, those independent voters, those unsure voters and that's what this is all about right now. they are all trying to catch the voters who may be on the precipace of switching from one party to the other. but the folks who are undecided, sure, they could stay home or, by the way, they could vote for a third or fourth-party candidate. right? >> potentially indeed. guys, thanks very much. glor gloria borger, patrick murray, thank you. the database in two states for the election system has been hacked. who is responsible?
10:54 am
what did they steal? we have new information. stay with us. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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there's breaking news we're following. hackers have breached databases for election systems in illinois and arizona. the personal data of as many as 200,000 registered voters has apparently been compromised. evan perez is joining us. you got new information. what do we know about this hack? could it have any effect on the general election coming up in november? >> wolf, the systems that were hacked were voter registration systems. in the case of illinois, there were about 200,000 records, voter registration, personal information of voters, including parts of their social security number, their addresses and stuff like that was stolen by hackers. in the case of arizona, officials there say they believe someone downloaded a virus and
10:59 am
may have compromised access into the system. it's not clear whether anything at all -- any records were touched as of yet. both of those cases are under investigation by the fbi. as far as damage or concern about the election system, we're told that both of these systems, as it is generally around the country, are not connected to the internet. so the systems, the voting machines where people cast ballots as well as a tabulation system is generally separate and not connected to the internet. so that is one way to make sure that hackers can't get in and can't change the result of an election. that's obviously the big concern here. in this case, the fbi is very much worried about personal information of voters that may be stolen by criminal groups that want to use it to steal money and other information from voters. so that's one thing we have to be concerned in these two cases, wolf. >> it's still a very, very worrisome development. you hear about 200,000 people,
11:00 am
their information has been compromised or hacked like this. clearly there's a lot more information we need to know about what is going on. evan perez, thank you very much. thanks it for me. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." for our international viewers, "amanpour" is next and for our viewers in north america, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. wolf blitzer, thank you so much. welcome back from vacation as well. today's attacks are not only about policy or business or political records. instead, today's theme is medical records. both candidates raising questions about the health of their opponent. donald trump challenging hillary clinton in a tweet. this is what mr. trump tweeted. i think that both candidates should release detailed medical records. i n