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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 29, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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compromised or hacked like this. clearly there's a lot more information we need to know about what is going on. evan perez, thank you very much. thanks it for me. i'll be back 5:00 p.m. eastern in "the situation room." for our international viewers, "amanpour" is next and for our viewers in north america, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right now. wolf blitzer, thank you so much. welcome back from vacation as well. today's attacks are not only about policy or business or political records. instead, today's theme is medical records. both candidates raising questions about the health of their opponent. donald trump challenging hillary clinton in a tweet. this is what mr. trump tweeted. i think that both candidates should release detailed medical records. i have no problem in doing so.
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hillary? the clinton campaign firing back on mr. trump's health and picking apart a letter from trump's personal physician decleari decled declaring, "if elected, mr. trump would be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency." elizabeth cohen, let's start with this letter that we've seen from trump's doctor. tell me about that and how he evaluated him. >> you know, the letter is very interesting. my colleague, sanjay gupta, was saying that he hadn't seen quite a letter like this. i feel the same way, using phrases like his -- his cardiovascular status is excellent. if elected, he would be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency. that kind of hyperbole is not seen in medical records. medical letters are usually filled with facts and not filled
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with adjectives. this letter stands out. as we learned in the interview that donald trump's doctor did with nbc this past weekend, he wrote is rather quickly while sitting in a limo. another thing that is quite unusual. brooke? >> this is the doctor. >> i thought about it all day and at the end, i get rushed and i get anxious when i get rushed so i put out four or five sentences. >> brooke, rushed, anxious, writing it from a limo. certainly not something that you would expect from a professional. complaints are swirling that donald trump is not doing enough to meet with and really listen
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to african-american voters. so you know what he's doing this weekend? he's heading to detroit. he plans to make a direct appeal to black voters by doing an interview with the impact network. trump's campaign touts impact as the "only african-american owned and operated national television christian network." in the meantime, trump speaks to black voters, hispanic voters and here's one of his tweets. look how bad it is getting, how much more crime, how many more shootings will it take for african-americans and latinos to vote? we should note that fbi statics show a major violent crime nationwide is down from the 1990s. trump is set to do this detroit interview on saturday. and unlike most of his campaign events. bishop wayne jackson says he will give trump 30 minutes to
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outline his policies and says it's not an endorsement of trump. with me now, a colleague of bishop jackson who plans to actually protest outside of this location when mr. trump is in detroit reverend, thank you for joining me. i appreciate it. >> thank you. i appreciate being on your show today. >> you got it. since you're colleagues with bishop jackson, do you know why he said yes to trump and what he's hoping to get out of saturday's event? >> i can't speak as to his method or standards are i only know that he's having him on the show, cnn, msnbc, he's just
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coming to do his interview there like he would anywhere else. >> is he a trump supporter? >> i don't know if he's a supporter of trump or what his stand is on that. he's doing what he does like he always does be it a presidential candidate or regular person, whoever. >> okay. got you. and so as for you, reverend, what will you be doing on saturday while mr. trump is there? >> i am going to protest him even coming here, him even asking for black african-american voters or latino votes. we don't want him here or want him as our president he and, bottom line, you shouldn't be asking for our votes after the
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way you've treated the black african-american culture. >> i understand. there have been a number of people on my show who don't like mr. trump. listen, he's been criticized to speaking to african-americans and mostly white audiences and he's going to the black community. can't you give him some credit? >> how can i give him credit for things that he has said about black african-americans, latinos, gays, lesbians, the things that he has said is not a peaceful talk. he's trying to build walls and we're trying to build bridges. we're trying to bring peace into the community and in to our nation. we have enough terrorist attacks going on to have a person like this come and to cause havoc all over america, which he has done. if you notice, at every one of his meetings, there's always a
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fight, there's always a race move. >> he expressed regrets and the fact that he is coming to detroit with dr. carson who grew up in that city. >> yeah, but he regrets it only because he's down in the polls. he has his own republican party against him. he has people saying that he's crazy. one of the things i look at, for you to tell the black african-american race, if black lives matters, go back to africa, that is an insult on me, on america and not the type of man we need in office. >> reverend, thank you, sir, for your voice. we'll be listening to see what mr. trump says saturday.
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thank you for coming on. >> thank you. i'd like to add, he also needs to spend up for the 15 and the union for a fair wage for the poor people in our community and he's not doing that. >> understand. reverend, thank you. appreciate it. let me bring in my panel. anna marie cox, betsy mccoy is here, a trump supporter and former new york lieutenant governor and ryan lizza, working for the new yorker out of washington, d.c.. welcome to all of you. i know there's a lot to get to. you were just listening to my last interview and ana marie, let's start with the medical records and the doctor and this letter here that mr. trumped doctor admittedly said he was in
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a hurry. >> and he was anxious as well. >> anxiety while being rushed is not looking for something in a medical professional i look for particularly and i worry that someone who is tasked with this as an important of job would put it off and write it in a limo. other people have rehearsed all of the things that are sketchy about this letter. it bothers me that we're having this discussion about the candidates' health. lincoln was no picture of health and jfk was either. >> why do you think they are focusing on it? >> i think it is important. i think voters want to know that the people they choose to occupy the highest office in the land have the possibility, the potential to serve at least four years. what we know about mrs. clinton, she suffered a head injury.
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she has expressed that she short circuits things and we see her occasionally needing help, for example, making it up the stairs. >> can we say that these medical professionals, people who are not experts in the field -- it's completely unsubstantiated. >> i've seen photographs of her needing help going up the stairs. >> she tripped. she tripped. >> there's nothing wrong with knowing that our candidates are healthy. in fact, when i ran for lieutenant governor, i was required by the party in new york to have a full physical and disclosure to them -- full physical and disclosure to them to ensure that i was capable of serving for four years. and i was decades younger than
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mrs. clinton. >> ryan lizza, when i immediately also saw that mr. trump wanted -- he said, i'll give you my detailed medical records, hillary clinton, you disclose yours. when we talk about records and disclosures, don't you think the voters are also going to think of the other tax returns? >> gosh, i thought that was a pretty good deal that trump threw out there. everyone would benefit if the two candidates actually did that. right? so far, hillary clinton has released a lot more medical information than donald trump has. from trump, we just have the silly letter from his gastroenterologist. but it's kind of a nice offer that he's throwing out there. i haven't seen the clinton response. but these are candidates on the older side. >> you want to know how to do
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it? >> yeah. he's not exactly -- they are both older candidates and why not -- we should know everything about them that we can if we are going to lend them as much power as the president gets. betsy, it's really disappointing to hear you get involved with these conspiracy theories about hillary clinton's health from watching clips on youtube. >> just raising the issue. >> i know. but that's like when psychiatrists come on and diagnose trump as being mentally unstable. we should rule that out of the conversation. >> i'm expressing my view as a voter that we would like the information. i think i'm agreeing with you, ryan. >> saying she needs help going up the stairs, i think that's silly. >> with all due respect, we're not going there. >> i agree with ryan that this is a great idea that trump threw out. i wish he would do the same with his tax returns and i think it's
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just as irresponsible for people to diagnose with trump's health. he tested positive for every test and there's a psychopath test. >> oh, play fair. >> i want to talk about the issue of the tax returns. because almost all politicians call for tax returns. they almost pay the top rate in their income bracket because you look at their income tax return, it's paid speeches and book royalties, usually books about themselves. whereas people in business have a very different kind of tax return. they employ the deduction that krg has created to invest and build property tax deduction, investment tax credits, capitals gains rates. for that reason, almost all business people pay lower than the maximum rate and what's going on here is called tax shaming. they seem to imply that someone
11:14 am
who pays less than the maximum rate. >> are you asserting that you know how much tax he paid? because that would be news. >> i'm asserting this. i'm asurting this. that it is prepost rouse to suggest that someone who pays more than the law legally requires them to pay is somehow more virt rouse. i urge donald trump not to release his tax returns because we'll spend the rest of this campaign picking it apart. >> betsy, we know that this is going to come up. it's september -- you know hillary clinton is going to bring this up. what do you think will be his response or his one liner on why he's not going to do it? >> i think betsy hit on it there. the thing that other surrogates said, they don't want to release it because they don't believe that journalists know enough about taxes to fairly report on
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it. they don't want to release it because they don't want to create a campaign issue. you know, i think he's basically decided that whatever is in the tax returns will be a bigger political problem for him than just dealing with the fact that he's not being transparent about it. i don't he's going to release it because he's made a strategic decision that the benefits of keeping them secret outweigh the costs. >> ryan, marie and betsy, come back. here we go, it's almost labor day. almost the final stretch. thank you so much. she is hillary clinton's closest aide and now huma abedin announcing she has separated from her husband, anthony weiner, over a new sexting scandal. and a star nfl quarterback defending his decision not to stand up during a preseason
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game. hear why he chose not to stand and we'll have both sides in this raging debate. and a mother of four killed in chicago pushing her newborn three weeks of age in a stroller. killed for absolutely no reason. she's also dwayne wade's cousin. her mother is speaking out. >> they want their mom. it just hurts to hear her kids saying they want their mom and their mom won't be in their lives anymore. money you put awar retirement. over time, your money could multiply. hello, all of you. get organized at
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welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. doubling down on his attack against police brutality, he has told reporters he will sit out the national anthem at games going forward. >> i'm going to continue to sit and stand with the people, that being the press. to me, this is something that has to change. when there is significant change and i feel like that flag represents what it's supposed to represent and this country is
11:21 am
representing people the way that it's supposed to, i'll stand. >> now he is being called anti-american, anti-military and, in some cases, people have used racial slurs towards him. let me bring in two very different voices. cnn sports contributor hines ward who played ball for a number of years and writer for "the bleacher report," mike freeman. hines, i want to start with you. from what i understand, you say you personally don't agree with him, his choice to sit out the national anthem. you know, you have a father who was in the military so this is also personal for you. talk to me. >> yes, it is. but, you know, i just think he's going about it the wrong way. there are better ways that he can go out and effect change. he can do it through social media, donate your entire salary for the cause. there's just other ways. protest on your own time. don't bring in the organization of your teammates because it can
11:22 am
become a distraction, not only to your teammates but to the organization because each and every day, the goal is to try to win a super bowl. and each and every day these guys are constantly being asked, what do you think about kaepernick's antics or actions or beliefs. >>en on the flip side, mike, you pointed out the parallels to mohamed ali, you never fully understood ali because they are saying the exact same thing. explain that to me. >> i respect hines ward. i couldn't disagree more. mainly because when is the right time to protest? there's no right time. you are supposed to make people uncomfortable and make them think and there's no bigger platform than the nfl, than what
11:23 am
colin kaepernick did. he did what he's supposed to do. draw attention to a problem that's building up in him for a long time. i know players that know him, you can see on his social media footprint, he's been thinking about this for a long time and has been bothered like a lot of people, african-americans. as a guy who served in the military myself, i was a regular ar army grunt, i don't like the methodology but i understand the methodology. you're trying to draw attention and there's no good time. no matter how he did it, he would have been criticized. as someone in the army, i like what he did because one of the reasons i joined was to help so guys could do what he did. i want people to be able to celebrate our ideals, our beliefs and this is one of the ways to do it even if you don't like it. >> yeah. you know -- go ahead, hines. he says he respects the military. this isn't about that.
11:24 am
go ahead, hines. >> but could you imagine, the opening day of the nfl kicks off september 11th weekend. we're celebrating the 15th anniversary of 9/11. could you imagine the distraction that the organization and teammates will have to face, the backlash that they are going to get for kaepernick when he doesn't stand during the weekend of the opening nfl? can you imagine the backlash he'll receive from that? >> i would answer it, hines and brooke, this way. if he keeps doing this, if he's going to be on the team -- and i don't think he will be on the team opening day, if he is, if he sits, and that happens, here's what i would say. the nfl has had lots of distractions. most nfl players are like hines, good dudes, honorable men. but the nfl has also embraced domestic abusers, guys who have had duis, some really bad guys.
11:25 am
we don't say they are a distraction. the cowboys signed a guy last engineer who had a severe, horrible domestic situation. so there are worst things. >> i hear you. let me also jump in and say a lot of folks look to athletes as role models and they want athletes to stand up for a particular cause. a tweet said "everyone wants athletes to stand up until they saying in they don't like." mike, to follow up on one of your points, kaepernick has been around for a while and some folks are saying, he's made his money, he's on the bench, he may not even be there on opening day. he's sort of in a position, some are inferring, that now he's safe and he can not stand. your response to that? >> what he did is going to lead to probably -- probably, in my opinion and in talking to people around the league, the end of
11:26 am
his career. so there's nothing safe about what he did if he's not going to play football again probably. i feel very strongly that the 49ers are going to cut him for football reasons. i don't know if that's true. and he's going to have a hard time, brooke, a hard time getting another job because of this. so there is still some sacrifice there. yes, he's older, not as good, acknowledged. i get it. but what he did will lead to the end of his career. >> also, brooke, can you imagine -- if i came in on cnn and made a protest, i probably won't be here. so it's a time and a place for everything and for colin kaepernick, i think he made the wrong decision. because doing it out there on the nfl field is not conducive for the league. >> i don't think this is over at all. hines, mike, thank you so much. meantime, we have to talk about chicago today. chicago, where a mother of four was murdered while pushing a
11:27 am
stroller with her 3 week old. the victim happens to be the cousin of nba star dwyane wade. his reaction to the shooting. also, donald trump's reaction to the shooting. did he politicize this shooting in chicago? let's go there, next. ♪ rock-a-bye michael, your day is through. ♪ ♪ cause sealy's support is perfect for you. ♪ only the sealy hybrid has posturepedic technology to support you where you need it most.
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together, we're building a better california. bottom of the hour, you're watching cnn. thank you for being with me. two brothers now charged in the murder of a chicago mother of four. they are expected in court
11:32 am
today. the mother is 32-year-old nykea aldridge, one of eight murdered victims in chicago this weekend alone and more than 450 shot and killed in the city since the start of the year. aldridge is also the cousin of nba star dwyane wade and police stress that is not the only reason why her killing is, quote, noteworthy, according to them. they say aldridge case represents repeat offenders where they don't care who they shoot. aldridge was just walking along with her newborn, three weeks of age, in the stroller when the mother was caught in crossfire. the brothers, according to the police, are gang members and were currently out on parole and the day aldridge was killed, her cousin, dwyane wade tweeted this. "my cousin was killed today in
11:33 am
chicago. another act of senseless gun violence. four kids lost their mom for no reason. unreal. #enoughisenough." aldridge's mother mourns for her daughter, her grandkids but it may actually surprise you what she says about the accused killers here. >> they miss their mom. they want their mom. it just hurts to hear kids saying they want their mom and their mom won't be in their lives anymore. only through spirit, only through -- the only way they know their mom for the rest of their lives, the only thing they have to go on is what they had. it's just heartbreaking. oh, god. it's heartbreaking. and i truly, from the bottom of my heart, i forgive them.
11:34 am
i can't bring her back but i forgive them and i just pray to god that they pray to god to ask for forgiveness for what they have done. they have taken a person's life senselessly. and i just love them. >> sadly, my next guest has experienced tragedy like the aldridge's family. her name is tamar, with mothers against defenseless killings. i'm struck by that mother who lost her child whose grandchildren are asking where their mother is. first to you, before we talk about your group, what message would you have for that grieving grandmother? >> i have the same message for that grieving grandmother that i have for all of the grieving
11:35 am
grandmothers. i've seen this before and my heart really goes out to the aldridge family and the wade family and our entire organization mourns along with them. but we mourn with the entire community. aside from nykea, there were eight other people being murdered. this scene plays out across the city this year. it's a lot of people going through this. it's a lot of people hurting. and the message is the same for all of them. we can actually -- these things could have been prevented. they can all be prevented. we just had to do something to make that happen. >> well, you're doing that. you started this group. your friend died trying to break up a fight. can you tell me what you do? >> actually, her name was lucille burns. i did not meet her but i know her because i'm a mother and i know what it's like to try to do
11:36 am
the right thing in the wrong time. the thing was, if somebody is trying to prevent violence and they are murdered, then somebody really should stand up and say something and step up and say something for them, speak up for them. and i feel you have to say something, it's time for us to take our communities back. so we intervene. we keep bad things from happening. we've done it for the second summer straight. we know that it works and can be done. >> you have an experience of a shooting death in your family. why do you care so much? why are you doing this? >> i care so much because right now we all should care. i'm a mom. i have a 20-year-old daughter and 18-year-old son. i couldn't be nykea aldridge or her mom. i couldn't have kids grow up
11:37 am
without their mother and couldn't live the rest of my life mourning one of my children. i couldn't do that. so before death came to my door, before all of this -- this visitor that comes to so many homes of mothers in chicago, before it came to my house, i had to make sure i did everything i could to prevent that and that's what this is. this is me actually being proactive. this is us being proactive. >> a group of moms coming together. apparently it was just a look between these two guys on the street corner and that's when the gunshots rang out and that is when nykea was killed. tamara, thank you for sharing your story and voice and hopefully you'll get inquiries into your organization. it sounds phenomenal. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> you've got it. we'll talk with a grammy winning rapper from chicago. why police are now apologizing
11:38 am
to him for how police officers treated him after he was robbed at gunpoint and also his challenge to donald trump. also ahead, less than a month away from the first presidential debate. why the debate moderator is still undecided. folks, we're less than a month away. we'll be right back. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®. i'm terhe golf. but i'd like to keep being terrible at golf for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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september 26th, september 26th, let me say it again, september 26th, circle it on your callendar, that's when
11:43 am
hillary clinton and donald trump will square off in the first of three debates. donald trump is taking a casual approach. if you read this piece in "the washington post," their reporting is this, he has summoned his informal band of counselors to his new jersey golf course for sunday chats over bacon cheeseburgers, hot dogs and glasses of coca-cola. they test out zingers and chew over ways to refine the republican nominee's pitch. joining me is todd, who recently
11:44 am
won the national debate coach for the third time in a row. great to have you back. >> thank you. we remember the primary debates on the republican side and when you're one on one with hillary clinton on the stage, how do you think that will work? >> i don't think that will work very well. trump will start off at ease. donald trump has given feature length interviews where he's been just fine. if all he is doing is preparing the insults and zingers, a republican strategist said that won't play well in a 90-minute debate because it can only go so far. i don't think that's what you need to be working on.
11:45 am
>> on the flip side, obviously you have to be doing your homework. the americans, especially those undecided, want to know where you stand on policy and substance. but it has to be a delicate punch. >> that's exactly write. these two candidates have one thing in common and that is that their favorable ratings go down the more they talk. so i would coach them to talk less, be succinct and give up time to the other person. hillary clinton is doing exactly -- if you watched the last 20 debates, she's doing what you should expect. she's studying, she's studying trump, she's studying policy. and trump is preparing for it just like he did, which is, his personality, his zingers, et
11:46 am
cetera. he's got three people supposedly helping him. maybe laura ingraham and roger ailes and bannon. i think they will make it so trump comes out and he's very forward and a little vicious but you have to be so careful because the more he talks, the less people will like him just like in clinton. this is a tricky debate. >> todd graham, who would you pick? >> well, you've already said you might be out of the country. you're my first choice. >> don't tell everybody that. >> i'm not watching the debates if they say no brooke. but there are three people that i think would be fair.
11:47 am
the first is nbc lester holt. he seems to be across the board a very steady figure that both campaigns would like. believe it or not, i think chris wallace would be excellent even though fox is is more to the right, chris has been very good at hosting the debates and very forward and fact-checking and from cnn, his very best job he's ever done was this year and trump likes anderson and on his show quite a bit. i think they would be easily accepted by both campaigns. >> september 26th, i'll be at every one but one, todd graham. >> thank you so much. lots to talk about ahead of these debates. thank you. we'll pass them on. meantime, coming up, actor and director nate parker breaking his calls amid calls to boycott
11:48 am
"face of the nation." and a rape that he was cleared of 17 years ago. why is it resurfacing now? that's coming up. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake.
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11:52 am
nate parker breaks his silence. he's a director, producer and writer of the sundance film which captures the slave revolt of 1831 led by nat turner and now he's speaking about an insuran incident in his own past in 1999. he was charged with raping an 8 18-year-old student. parker was cleared in trial a couple of years later and his roommate's sentence was overturned. parker is opening up in an exclusive one-on-one interview with ebony's britney danielle.
11:53 am
this happened 17 years ago and you wrote in your piece, "to paraphrase tyra banks, we were all rooting for him." what happened? >> the optics became incredibly awkward. what happened was this rape allegation, which has been around as he stated before in his wikipedia page, most people didn't pay attention to it until the sundance year, the film became a juggerknot and an oscar contender. i think before this, people were rooting for him. this is coming off the heels of
11:54 am
oscar so white so even a lot of studio people and academy people were probably hoping that, you know, this -- >> would be it? >> takes pressure off the diversity conversation and then things went wrong. >> and then he talked to you and in talking to you what i was struck with is how he described how he was back in the day. he said, listen, i was a dog. i was a player. he talked about how he perceived consent at age 19. what did he share with you? >> he talked a lot about what you just mentioned, that he's been -- since this whole controversy broke, there's been a whole lot of criticism, people have been saying they are not going to go see the film. there's been positive and negative op-ed, people trying to separate the artists from the film. and apparently he's been reading all of it and while he's been reading all of it, he's been having conversations with friends, some of which -- some
11:55 am
of who are rape survivors and so it opened his eyes, he says, to toxic masculinity and rape culture and male privilege. when he was young and a college student, he was a student athlete, too, he was just trying to get girls. he was trying to get girls to go back home with him, trying to get girls, he says, to say "yes," trying to get girls to have sex with him, you know. so he owned up to that as a young man and now he sees that that is not how he should have been. >> so candid with you in your interview. thank you so much for sharing a bit of it with us. >> thank you. >> i appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. coming up next, top clinton aide, huma abedin, stood by her husband amid all of those
11:56 am
sexting scandals. she plans to separate. he faces new allegations of sexting with a woman who is not his wife. we'll be right back. but did you know your eyes, your brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel delivers mega support. delivers mega support. ♪♪ cause sealy's support yis perfect for you. ♪ only the sealy hybrid has posturepedic technology to support you where you need it most. sealy. proud supporter of you.
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and we continue right along on this monday. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. we start with this political tit for tat that has taken an unusual turn. trump issuing a challenge to clinton on twitter saying, "i think that both candidates should release detailed medical records. i have no problem. hillary?"
12:01 pm
and then there is talk about trump's personal physician releasing this tweet, "if elected, mr. trump would be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency." there are bizarre new admissions made by trump's physician, including the admission that he felt rushed and anxious while writing this note and all of that as we get word that trump's on and off again address on immigration is now on in arizona in two days' time. even before the venue is decided, trump is reporting big crowds. but the question here, what has changed, if anything, on his tough talking immigration policy? let's start there with jason carroll, cnn correspondent here in manhattan. listen, we spent many a day last week talking about the softening and then the hardening of the trump immigration stance what are you hearing today?
12:02 pm
>> if you listen to what his campaign is saying, perhaps there will be a softening on how he approaches his immigration policy but certainly no softening of the policy itself. so clearly there's some parsing of words here. because when you speak to his supporters, and i've spoken to many of them, as you know, brooke, even trump supporters say, look, we need more clarification here so we are expected to get some of that clarification when he delivers his immigration policy speech in phoenix and the unanswered questions, what happened to the estimated 1111 million undocumented workers, do you use a deportation force and where are some of the specifics here?
12:03 pm
hopefully those specifics, once again, when he gives the immigration policy speech in phoenix on wednesday and we're standing by. >> jason, thank you for that. david chalian is joining us as well as cnn chief political analyst, gloria borger. springboarding off the campaign adviser on the 11 million undocumented immigrants, they will not have a path to legalization but that conversation would happen years from now. can you clarify? >> sure. for the last week we've now heard since the hannity town hall last week, no citizenship, no amnesty, they want to make
12:04 pm
that really clear. this is after getting blow back from conservatives and, brooke, what i think is important is to pay attention to what that adviser told jim acosta and many republicans for the last ten years, that this debate has caused debate in washington. this has been a stance that many republicans and, quite frankly, some democrats have had. border security first. once the border is secure, we can talk about what happens to the undocumented immigrants already here. it's kind of punting on what is one of the, you know, biggest issues surrounding this because you have these 11 million estimated folks to be here who are undocumented and, basically, it sounded like we were getting a little tea leaf reading here that he may punt on that and say i'll discuss that after the border is secure. >> punt from having that
12:05 pm
conversation years from now. gloria, i want to hear from you but let me play one bit of sound from mike pence over the weekend talking about trump, formulating this speech. he said he's acting like a ceo. >> first off, let's be very clear. nothing has changed from donald trump's position. i think it's very refreshing because it's the donald trump i see every day. you see a ceo at work. you see someone engaging the american people, listening to the american people. he's hearing from all sides. but i promise you, he's a decisive leader and will stand on the principles that have underpinned his commitment to end illegal immigration in this country and that's what people will learn more and more about in the weeks ahead. >> decisive leader, ceo, and on the punt, what are you thinking? >> well, here's the difference between donald trump and every other presidential candidate that i've ever covered. you're usually the ceo before
12:06 pm
you get in to the race. so that you hear all points of view, you've been out there talking to voters for years, you come up with a policy and then you say, this is my signature issue and this is where i stand on it. donald trump, we're now learning, is the other way around. he came out right out of the gate and said build the wall, have a mass deportation force and now he's listening to all these points of view, i.e., from perhaps independent voters, from people who weren't part of the republican base that supported him so enthusiastically and said, okay, maybe we will now, if this reporting is correct, maybe we'll make it a two-prong process. chalian is referring to him talking about the process which is first secure the border and then let's figure what we do
12:07 pm
next. they've been talking about it for years. so it's a difficult position for him vis-a-vis his base because what his base loved about him was that he was different from all of the other politicians. can you make the case that maybe he isn't? >> that speech in phoenix on immigration, in the meantime, there's this mega ad buy from the campaign, eight states and hammering hillary clinton not on one of her controversies, the clinton foundation or on the e-mails he's been talking about but on the economy. here's a piece of it. >> in hillary clinton's america, the middle class gets crushed. spending goes up. taxes go up. hundreds of different jobs appear. it's more of the same but worse in donald trump's america, millions of new jobs created,
12:08 pm
wages go up, small businesses thrive. the american dream, achievable. change that makes america great again. again, david chalian, this is on the economy. an issue that every american cares about. a smart move? >> i think it's a smart move to talk about an issue that everybody cares about. no doubt about that. it's a tough ad to fact check because there are not direct policies associated with the increased wages and all of the sort of positive stuff at the end. but listen, i think you're seeing now in the first two ads, the first ad was on immigration, the second ad was this ad from the trump campaign. you're seeing this first painting a really dark, negative portrayal of what it would be like under hillary clinton and then it goes to a much more positive under the trump presidency, this is what it would look like. the first ad only aired in four states, florida, ohio, north carolina, pennsylvania.
12:09 pm
this one is colorado, virginia, california, so now up to nine states and i think it's probably a wise move to do so but i think it also is going to inevitably invite the scrutiny to his economy plan that he hasn't gotten yet. >> but i think it's a smart move because he's getting people to vote for him, not just vote against her. and so he's trying to remind people why they ought to vote for him anyway in a positive sense. >> gloria, quickly, on the medical records, trump -- not talking about the doctor, but just the medical records and if you release the medical records and i'll do my same. >> i think they both hold hands and do it at the same time. >> hold their nose and jump in.
12:10 pm
>> i think the more the merrier. whether it's on medical records or tax returns, put it all out there. >> gloria borger, david chalian, thank you. a star nfl quarterback defending his refusal to stand up for the "national anthem." his reason why and we'll debate that. also ahead, police apologize to an award-winning rapper for the behavior of some of their officers after he had been held up at gunpoint. he'll join me live on what exactly happened. and what he thinks of trump's tweets about what's happened in chicago and the potential po politicization. and an ex host is demanding that bill o'reilly and several execs take a lie detector test. can she do that?
12:11 pm
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12:15 pm
welcome back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. two brothers charged in the death of dwyane wade's cousin, nykea aldridge, a mother of four, will be in court today. she is one of 18 people murdered in chicago just this past weekend. 450 killings since the beginning of the year. aldridge's death shows that there's a chronic problem in the city. repeat offenders, according to the police superintendent, don't care who they shoot. he complained that chicago officers get resistance from members of the community. some activists say that is because people have learned not to trust the cops. one grammy award-winning rapper says he understands firsthand why that is. his real name is chase smith and
12:16 pm
recorded his incident after he was robbed at gunpoint in his own car. >> what did the supervisor say? >> he asked you to leave. >> why? >> because you were giving information that we needed to take -- >> what information do you need? what information do you need? i would like to give you that information that i've been robbed this morning. >> he's using a camera. >> i don't care. >> i'm asking you, what information do you need to report that i've been robbed this morning? >> what was this officer asking you? >> she asked me what happened and i told her what happened. >> quiet down. >> i'm not -- i'm using -- i am in shock because i just had a gun to my head. she asked me what happened and i told her what happened. i would even like to tell you what first happened. when i walked through the door and she asked me what was wrong, she kept eating, she kept playing candy crush. >> that voice, here he is, chase smith, first of all, are you
12:17 pm
okay? how are you doing? >> i am fine. thank you for having me. this isn't even about me because i'm going to be okay. and the reason i'm here today is about joe smith, john and sharon smith and the other people in the communities that try or have tried and we're not interested. >> first, let me take you back two steps for folks who are watching who don't know what happened, tell me what happened when you were in your car. >> well, i'm in my car and i put it in to park and many of the cars nowadays, my car at least, when you put it in park, the doors unlock automatically. so my doors had unlocked. i didn't pay attention. i was writing music. someone moments later jumped in my car, put a gun to my head and said today you're going to die. i was shocked. i said, what do you want from
12:18 pm
me? i said, the money. i want all of it. i gave him my wallet. he said, you don't know how close you got to getting shot. he exited the car and left -- he was sitting on top of my bag that had checks, that had laptop, that had a lot of things. he didn't take my phone. this young man, obviously, was not a professional robber. this young man was desperate and wanted my wallet that had $3 in it and threatened to kill me over a $3 wallet. >> $3 in your wallet. that's what he takes. when i read about this and you took to twitter and said essentially to him -- and i want you to tell me -- you could have offered this man a job. what -- how did you perceive this? >> well, you know, i work in the community. you know, i don't only do music. one of the things with rappers, we talk about making it out of the hood. we want to make it to escape it.
12:19 pm
i don't believe in that motto. i want to make it to rebuild it. i help young people, 14 through 24, in creative writing. i teach creative writing. we work in the arts with our young people. and so many times we help to employ these young people. and so, you know, to this young man and grandma is watching, if his mom or dad or he's watching, call me now. return my i.d. return my wallet. let's talk. i love you. i love you. you know, i understand that chicago is in a fragile state. i understand that these are desperate times. but there are people in our community. this is not what donald trump says that it is. there are people in our community with young people and how to reach out. and i'm reaching out to this young man and if he's watching, i really -- i pray that we can
12:20 pm
have a conversation. i'm not angry with you. and i'm not mad at you. and i love you. but, moreover, the problem i have is when i tried to report the crime, that was the bigger problem, to me, was -- >> you had a hard time reporting it? >> i walked in to the police station and the -- the first police officer was playing candy crush and said i want to report a crime and she said hold on one moment. she kept playing her video game. i said, really, what's what we're going to do, we're going to play video games? another officer told me to put both of my hands on the table so she could feel secure. i did that. she then said to me, as i was telling her about the crime, she said he didn't get your phone. he must not have been that good of a robber. at that point, i was fed up. i said, you know, she's stuffing her mouth with cookies and playing candy crush.
12:21 pm
you're patronizing me. at that point the officers got upset and told me not to talk about any of the other officers or ask questions. i asked to see a superior. i asked them if i could talk to their sergeant. she told me that they ask the questions, not me. and the sergeant was right behind them. i didn't see him standing in the corner. the sergeant said, you know what, if you want to mouth off to my officers, why don't you just get the f out of here and leave, no report for you today. many people wonder, why did you start the video in the middle. because no one should walk into a police station and begin recording. that's not a natural thing. and i only began recording when i couldn't report the crime. >> i appreciate what you said, pretty powerful about your love for this man and an
12:22 pm
african-american and says to the black community and come to chicago walk you through the streets. have you, heard anything from the trump camp, and, b, what would you say to mr. trump? >> since i'm talking to this minister, we love our pastors, our ministers and with other people in the community and the ministers and what i would say to mr. trump is today he apologizes on my behalf and
12:23 pm
talking to me never reached out to talk with me. a what i would say to rahm emanuel, can we please get together for real this time and have a conversation about what's really happening in our communities? i can guarantee you, trump could walk down my block and not get shot. >> hmm. che smith, thank you. >> thank you. >> have a good day. >> you, too. coming up next, top clinton aide huma abedin announced their marriage is over. she intends to separate after the former congressman, former mayoral candidate facing new allegations of sexting with a woman who is not his wife. plus, a star nfl quarterback defending his refusal to stand up. his explanation for why. we will debate that. we've got both sides.
12:25 pm
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12:28 pm
he's being called anti-american, anti-military, pretty much anything but an nfl superstar. despite all of that, 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is doubling down on his stance against police brutality. he has told reporters that he will sit out of the national anthem at football games going forward. >> i'll continue to sit. i'm going to continue to stand with the people. that being the press. to me, this is something that has to change and when there's significant change and i feel
12:29 pm
like that flag represents what it is supposed to represent and this country is representing people the way it's supposed to, i'll stand. >> well, people are all kinds of split on this one. you can see from the video, fans are torching his jersey some of them are playing the "anthem" while doing so. cnn political commentator and director of the black caucus, angela rye is with us and sergeant drew dreyer is here. nice to meet you. thank you for your service. >> thank you. >> let me begin with you. he is not only disrespecting the country but punishing everyone. what do you mean? >> we fight for the right to protest. in this case, sitting down is not the right way to do it.
12:30 pm
what does the national anthem mean for you? >> it means a lot. right now in iraq, the anbar province, the devil's den, there are soldiers right now saluting to the flag going down at night. for him to be sitting there, this guy makes more in one game check than i made in four years in the marine corps. so for him to be sitting there during the "national anthem," it's a hard pill for us veterans to swallow. >> you can understand where he's coming from, angela? >> absolutely. i appreciate your service, to brooke's point. but i do respectfully disagree. the hard thing is to take a step back. just, for example, when i was growing up, my dad had a poster that he got at the million man march. a black man is beaten -- the american flag is beaten on his
12:31 pm
back. when you think about some of those things, including i saw earlier -- and i hadn't realized this. it's something i learned in history and forgot. in the third verse of the national anthem by francis scott keys, there's a line that says no refuge could safe the slave from the gloom of the grave. for those who have ancestors in this country of slaves, i never would want to disrespect our vets but at the same time i understand the conflict of being an oppressed person in this country, of being someone who understands i have slavery ancestors and so this is very, very difficult. so thank you for doing it. >> i appreciate that. colin kaepernick has that platform to utilize in other ways than sitting down on the
12:32 pm
sidelines. i know the nfl has said that it's not mandatory for you to stand during the national anthem but just out of courtesy, i think that he could approach it other ways to help out in the situation. >> how else would you see him doing that? >> i spoke to the medal of honor winner last night and a personal friend of mine from the benghazi story on the way here on the train. they both said the same thing and they don't have a problem sitting down with the "national anthem" but it's his next step, let's go to solutions and not just talk about the problems and that's where they want to see him at. >> as far as police brutality is concerned. so you want solutions to his concern. is that what they are saying? >> yes, ma'am. i think -- i don't know what colin kaepernick donates to or helps. i'm sure there's a lot of organizations. >> power in the pocketbook instead of sitting down? >> correct. go to your local ymca, boys and
12:33 pm
girls club, be a mentor. i think that would produce more results than sitting down in the national anthem. >> we would not be talking about it. >> you know, he did it two other times. because he wasn't in uniform, nobody noticed. this time he was in uniform and the first stage to empower someone is to call notice to the issue and that's what he did here. i hope you're right. i hope it doesn't stop there. again, i'm not going to speak on his behalf. i'm not a spokesperson for him. i would doubt he meant to do anything disrespectful to vets. i hope if you can take that lens off and say maybe there's a part of this oppression -- >> no. he says he respects the military. the fight for freedom is not being felt by everyone here including troops. got to leave it here, drew and angela. we'll see if he continues to do
12:34 pm
this. less than a month until the first presidential debate and we still do not know who will be on the stage asking the questions of the candidates. an inside look at the debate actually over the moderators themselves and the drastic differences in how hillary clinton and donald trump are preparing to take the stage. stay with me. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake.
12:35 pm
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12:38 pm
let's take a moment and honor this cnn hero who left a medical career in the u.s. to make sure people in her homeland of kenya get the treatment they need attacked by the extremist group al shabab who left many who live on the islands bordering somalia struggling to survive. >> we have about six villages that have absolutely zero help. when an individual is in the remote area and has an absolute emergency, it's considered a matter of destiny. i feel like there's no purpose if you don't challenge your comfort zone and do something that's a little bit bigger than who you are. >> to watch one of her life-saving missions, visit back in 45 seconds. mom,
12:39 pm
i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. all right. the very first presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump is set for september 26th. four weeks away in the washington post and the two candidates could not be preparing more differently saying, quote, hillary clinton is methodically preparing for the presidential debates as a veteran lawyer would approach
12:40 pm
her trial and perfect the pacing and substance of her presentation. they write that trump isn't holding any mock debates but meets with his advisers for, quote/unquote, sunday chats. cnn's chief political correspondent, dana bash, who i might add, would make a phenomenal moderator. >> showing your bias, my friend, but thank you. >> i'm totally biased but everybody knows that. what have you heard about how these two are preparing? >> i think "the washington post" laid it out right and i don't think anybody who has watched either donald trump or hillary clinton for more than five seconds would be surprised that they are very different in how they approach their prep. hillary clinton is known to be incredibly methodical, detail r oriented, has been her whole life since law school and through politics as both the first lady and a kapd herself
12:41 pm
and donald trump since august of last year, the first time he was the presidential candidate in that forum, that he doesn't approach debate prep in that kind of methodical way. he is a go with his gut kind of guy and didn't do the traditional mock debating that is really the norm and has been in recent history since television debates have been around, which is, you stand at a fake podium and have somebody playing the role of your opponent or opponents and have somebody playing the moderator and everybody throws questions at you and you spar with the person playing your opponent and you get comfortable that way in addition to reading briefing books and so forth. as you said, i'm told that at least now the plan is not to do that, even for this high-stakes general election debate, just like he didn't do that in the primaries.
12:42 pm
but he has been meeting on sundays so far with a core group of people to go over details, to go over policy points, to go over talking points. he did it last sunday and we're told he did it yesterday as well. >> let me bring in my next guest, dana bash, for now. thank you. let's bring in kristen powers. welcome to the cnn family, my friend. >> thank you. nice to be here. >> you joined cnn from that other network so you know roger ailes and laura ingraham. what kind of advice do you think he's getting from them on style and substance? >> well, look, i can't really say exactly what they would be advising him on. all i can say about roger ailes is he definitely knows how to prepare somebody for a debate. this is what he used to do a long time ago before he ran fox news.
12:43 pm
basically has been in this business for 50 years, television business, he also was a political consultant before and advised richard nixon on how to make richard nixon more likable and better in debates. i think he's somebody who has a lot of experience and is somebody most importantly that donald trump trusts and respects and would listen to. >> and would listen to. >> and i can hardly think of another person that you can say that about. he has this long relationship and roger ailes is not going to suffer and he's going to tell trump how it is. what he needs to do. >> do you think that because dana was just talking in the primaries, trump was so successful with those one line zing that took him to winning the nomination but this is different. i mean, this is a different stage, this is one on one, how do you think that might play out? >> well, that's the million dollar question because he didn't have to go one on one. he was able to deflect with sometimes going on the attack
12:44 pm
against somebody or with the one line zinger whereas a one-on-one debate is going to require more depth and i think anyone who has interviewed donald trump knows that he stays very surface level. he really has this attitude that when he's president, he will just delegate. he starts moving and saying, well, i would hand that off to somebody and i have good people around me and they would know how to handle it. that's not going to work in a debate. you have to be able to talk about issues and hillary clinton is going to talk in-depth about issues. he she's studying. he's not. i think that could be a problem for him. >> do you think -- we thought it was interesting that the hillary clinton campaign came out and said, listen, he's moformidable he's tough. downplaying expectations big time. >> well, i think they are trying to lower expectations for her and in the same way that you see the trump campaign talking about
12:45 pm
hillary clinton sort of casting her as this uptight -- what do they call her -- he's the unpredictable x factor and she's the statist because she prepares. there's really nothing wrong with preparing to are a debate and it's something that most people would expect someone to do and do we really want somebody who's an unpredictable x factor? that's the question. when he sets up a debate like that, it's not the same audience as it was for the republican debate. they were looking for the unpredictable x factor. i don't know that the average general election voter is looking for that. >> kristen powers, thank you. >> good to be here. >> again, september 26th, the first debate. coming up next, top clinton aide, huma abedin, stood by her husband anthony weiner during those sexting scandals but today she's announced it is over. the latest sexting scandal involving her husband and, guess what, donald trump just weighed
12:46 pm
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i has been a stay at home dad and his wife is the top adviser to hillary clinton. we have new information if her. let's bring in miguel marquez from this. a quote from jeff zeleny that she is furious and sickened with the picture of her husband and child. >> this picture here is something she did not know about she said until she heard about it this weekend. she and her son now five years
12:51 pm
old were out at the beach in the hamptons with the clintons over the weekend. she left monday apparently. drifting apart from anthony weiner for quite sometime and this is certainly sealed it. donald trump quick to jump on this as well. saying that houma is making a wise decision. i only worry for the country in that hillary clinton was negligent in allowing anthony weiner to be in close proximity it to highly classified information. our country could have been compromise bid this. there is no indication but because of the cover, the concerning part here is that this picture here, where it shows anthony weiner in his underwear with a child next to him, the post saying that this was a conversation he was having a sexual conversation over text with a woman in her 40s from out west is the only thing they identify her with his child and then sleeping next to him. and very disturbing this latest turn in this. >> and officially separating.
12:52 pm
miguel marquez, thank you. >> you got it. >> next, former fox host suing the network for sexual harassment. she said she would take a lie detector toast prove their innocence. can she do that? let's ask. well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. you should tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (children giggle)
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a former fox news host accusing her bosses of sexual harassment. she is now challenging to take a lie detector test. she is suing the network today. her attorneys challenge former boss roger ailes, current host bill o'reilly and other fox executives to take a polygraph. among questions she would like roger ailes o to answer include did you ever ask ms. tantaros to turn around for you.
12:57 pm
she has question force bill o'reilly also, did you tell ms. tantaros that you have a quote wild side. and she said she would in turn answer any questions from fox. host of reliable sources, ryan stelts zer and joey zachson. you, sir, just got off the phone with who? >> a motion to compel arbitration, they are saying she is violating her contract. this does not belong in court it belongs if arbitration. this is 40 pages long so i'm just starting to read it. they say she is not a victim, she is an opportunist. she is filing her own retaliation claims and calling for a lie detector test. >> all anyone has, brooke, is their credibility. i think if you're going to sub note a lie detector test then you put your credibility at issue. she is confident enough in her claims, andrea tantoros to say,
12:58 pm
i'm confident with it. i i will answer any questions you want and ultimately it will determine if i'm fibbing or you. >> forgive me. i'm just getting news m my ear. gene wilder is dead. gene wilder is dead. you know gene wilder -- oh. i hate passing this kind of news along. dead at age 83. this man brought willie wonka to life. we are getting confirmation he passed way. he was an iconic actor, screen writer, author, although he was most famous for his role as the curator of candy as i mentioned a second ago in willie wonka the chocolate factory. his collection of work was as wide as his imagination. let's watch. okay. we will have a clip in a moment. he is known for his work with actor and filmmaker mel brooks
12:59 pm
with such roles as frankenstein, young frank entine. also with richard prior in silver streak, stir crazy and see no evil hear no evil. gene wilder was 83 years old. willie wonka, i have 60 seconds left. i just got the news in my ear. how many times have you seen that movie? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i know. >> one of my favorite. >> so many films over so many decades. the woman in red. producer, silver streak. stir crazy. blazing saddles. young frankenstein. that's after willie wonka in 1971. go to netflix to see if it is on there to watch it again now. when you think of gene wilder, you think of this movie and yet so many dozens of films and tv shows in his filmography over
1:00 pm
the years. >> can we just listen for three seconds? >> this way. >> we're going to leave it here. let's continue this. "the lead" with jake tapper starts now. >> thanks, brooke. a brand-new poll shows if you don't like either major party presidential candidate you're far from alone. but it if you like them both, well you might be the only one in the world. "the lead" starts right now. so what the plan with 70 days until election day? donald trump supporters, waiting to see what if anything changed in his tough-talking immigration policy. adios carlos danger. took more straw than exists in all of kansas to break this camel's back. but apparently it broke. top hillary clinton aide houma an