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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 29, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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can you tweet the show at the lead cnn. we read them. now i turn you over to one wolf blitzer in "the situation room." thanks for watching. >> mapping now, separation anxiety, top clinton aide huma abedin. her husband, anthony weiner, caught up in another sexting scandal. donald trump saying hillary clinton was irresponsible. and will trump break free of the embrace of white supremacists. doctors notes after donald trump doctors say he took just five minutes to write a brief endorsement of the candidate's health. saying he and clinton should meet the medical records pl
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clinton has done that, will trump follow? secret talks as kim jong-il says the u.s. is in range of his weapons. firms have been meeting secretly with north korean diplomats. could they restart talks on north korea's arsenal. i'm wolf blitzer and you're in the situation room. >> a new sexting scandal involving anthony weaner is causing a sir in the presidential race. anthony weiner's wife is huma abedin, hillary clinton's close closest aide. as if that's not enough drama, anthony weiner's sexting partner
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is apparently a donald trump supporter. a new national poll showing hillary clinton still leading donald trump by seven points and it also shows both candidates are very unpopular. only one-third of voters have a favorable view of hillary clinton and just a quarter after favorable view of donald trump. and even as kim jong-un celebrates firing a missel from a submarine and warning his missiles can reach the united states, experts and former officials reportedly have been meeting secretly with diplomats discussing possible restart of nuclear talks. i'll speak with republican congressman sean duffy, trump supporters, and there will be full coverage of today's top stories. let's begin with the latest anthony weiner sexting scandal and possible impact on hillary clinton's presidential campaign. cnn's miguel marcus joins us with details. donald trump is using this story to question hillary clinton's judgment.
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>> he is indeed. as hard as it is to believe, anthony weiner has been caught sext again. this time grabbing a spotlight in presidential politics. anthony weiner caught in yet another sexting scandal. husband to long time and powerful hillary clinton adviser huma abedin, humiliated once again. this time on the front page of the new york post. and this time not just a lurid photo of weiner on the front page. the selfie he sent to a woman not his wife, shows him in his underwear. this time with his child beside him. the post reporting the picture sent by 40-something divorce out west in the midst after sexual conversation with the caption someone just climbed into my bed. according to the post, weiner and the woman exchanged messages going back to january of last year. the disturbing image seized upon by donald trump. who used it to continue
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questioning hillary clinton's judgment saying i only worry for the country in that hillary clinton was careless and negligent in allowing weiner to have such close proximity to highly classified information. who knows what he learned and who he told. it's just another example of hillary clinton's bad judgment. it is possible that our country and its security a have been greatly compromised by this. for some the story about the husband of the current vice chair of hillary clinton's presidential campaign and previously her chief of staff at the state department is a potential question of national security for others just a cheap tabloid story. but for huma abedin, it was apparently the last straw. in statement, she said i have made the decision to separate from my husband. anthony and i remain devoted to doing what is best for our son who is the light of our life. she also asked for privacy. in 2013, during come back effort as he ran for mayor, weiner was
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caught for a second time sexting with women under the alias carlos danger. huma abedin defended him before the cameras. >> really what i want to say is i love him, i have forgiven him. i believe in him. as we have said from the beginning we are moving forward. >> but today separated, their marriage dissolving, even before the public announcement a close friend telling cnn that couple has been separated for months and recently she hadn't even been wearing her wedding ring. anthony weiner resigned from congress in 2011 after accidentally tweet is to the entire world a sexually complicit photo intended to be ademocratic message it a 21-year-old woman. after days of denials and mounting pressure to resign, he finally fessed up. >> to be clear, the picture was of me and i sent it. >> this morning, after another humiliating round of he is. ing went public weiner finally deleted his twitter account.
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now to be clear, there is no indication dl were any security breach or concerns connected to this. we have reached out to anthony weiner himself. hasn't gotten back us to. he did speak to the post before they published the story saying he knew the woman for some time, they read lahad a relationship nothing he sent to her was inappropriate. >> huma abedin was apparently blind-sided about the new revolutions about her husband. let's bring in jeff zeleny. have you been working with your sources getting more information. what else are you learning? >> huma abedin was furious and sickened. those are precise words here, when she learn bed this photograph of her husband, anthony weiner, with their young son, jordan. she knew there had been some instances of recent sexting. the new york post reported something a couple weeks ago.
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but when she saw that photograph specifically, flashed on the tabloid this morning, she saw it over the weekend, wolf. i'm told she was furious and sickened. in fact anthony weiner was here on the hamptons with huma abedin and their son and a big fund-raising swing hillary clinton was asking and is still having when all of this went down. he left today i'm told and she is still here. but wolf, i'm also told by friends of the couple that they indeed had been somewhat estranged for months as miguel said and had been driftinging apart. but she did not want to cause a distraction to the presidential campaign. she is traveling so much with hillary clinton they were still living together in their apartment. he was caring for their son. their relationship had been strained, wolf. >> do you know jeff if huma abedin was with hillary clinton today? >> we do not believe she is with her at fund-raisers today. she was yesterday. out on the front raising circuit
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here across the hamptons heading to some four event where she raised some $11 million. huma abedin is always at hillary clinton's side at policy meetings, fund-raisers, other events. but today we are told she is not with her and in fact our reporters at these fund-raisers staking out these fund-raisers have not seen her on a campaign trail. wolf, understandably, she is laying low today. >> understandably indeed. jeff zeleny, thank you. donald trump and campaign aides have been going through contortions to explain why he stands on deporting undocumented immigrants. let's go to jason carol, following this story for us, first. trump is planning to explain his immigration policy and comprehensive speech later this week. right? >> that's correct. and can i tell you, wolf, that a number of trump supporters that i have spoken to are looking for cl clarification on this. will there be deportation?
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in any way is trump softening his position? these are questions they have. they are hoping finally they will get answered when he delivers this speech on wednesday. >> there is another civil rights issue we need to talk about. and that's the issue of immigration enforcement. >> as donald trump prepares to unveil his immigration plan, he is sticking to one of his signature proposals. >> we're going to build a great wall on the border. >> the gop nominee still supports building an actual wall along the southern border saying it will be inapen trabl barrier but what is less clear is what trump plans to do with the undocumented immigrants already living in the u.s. >> day one i'm going to begin swift moving criminal illegal immigrant from this country. >>. >> reporter: but his adviser suggests any decisions on depar tags of the estimated 11 million
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undocumented immigrants in the u.s. should come after securing the border. >> all the media wants to talk about is the 11 million people or more or less, they have no idea what the number is because we have no control over our country, they have no idea what it is. >>. >> reporter: last week trump creating confusion about his position after saying there might be a quote softening in his pledge to support the undocumented immigrants only to reverse course two days later. >> i don't think it is softening. >> but 11 million people are -- >> i have heard it was heartening actually. >> on the state of the union, it was said there has been no change in his running mate's principles and policy on immigration suggesting trump's shifting responses are a selling point. >> it is very refreshing. the it is the donald trump i see everyday. as you see a ceo at work. you see someone who is engaging the american people, listen together american people, he is hearing from all sides. but i promise you, he is a
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decisive leader. >> trump is also making a push for minority voters, planning a trip to detroit this weekend and he highlighted several shootings in chicago over the weekend as evidence people who live in community of color, should vote for him. >> more than 6,000 african-americans are the victims of murder, of murder, every single year. >>. >> reporter: trump taking to twitter to make his case. how much more crime, how many more shootings will it take for african-americans or latinos to vote for trump equals safe. and blaming hillary clinton for the problems tweeting now that african-americans are seeing what a bad job hillary type policy and management has done to the inner cities, they want trump. >> in hillary clinton's america, the middle class gets crushed. . >> trump trying to play up what he sees as one of his strengths. launching a new tv ad focused on the economy.
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>> in donald trump's america, working families get tax relief. >> the saying they plan to spend upward of $10 million on the ad and just over a week in nine key states. and wolf, more about that visit from detroit, donald trump will be visiting a black church. once again the trump campaign feels as though they could really make inroads into not only the african-american but the latino keeping it as well. wolf? >> jason carol outside trump tower in new york. thank you. joining us now, sean duffy of wisconsin. a donald trump supporter. congressman, thanks very much for joining us. >> good to be here, wolf. thanks for having me out. welcome back. >> thank you. donald trump issued a statement as you know saying there is a national security component of the marital issues involving anthony weiner former congressman and huma abedin. why is dl a national security issue? do you agree with it?
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>> first of all, i don't agree. i think this is a sad story. anthony weiner is a bit after weirdo. hillary clinton didn't marry him and she didn't hire him. she hired huma abedin. so to make the leap that anthony weiner is a security threat, i disagree with tp i think there are so many issues to discuss in regard with security breach, with hillary clinton and with huma, to take the lead to anthony weaner is a mistake. i've got eight kids. this is a young boy whose parent are splitting up up. this is a sad day for that little boy. we should leave the politics out of that separation. >> a lot of people agree with you on that, congressman. and i know you believe these two candidates should be arguing over substantive policy issues but today donald trump released another tweet hitting hillary clinton, get this, going back to the '70s.
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we wrote this, he said does anyone know that crooked hillary would tried to hard was unable it pass the bar exams in washington, d.c. she was forced to go elsewhere. is that relevant right now to be talking about whether she passed the bar exam on her first attempt out of yale law school? >> again, i don't think that's relevant. folks have gone back to divorce, an adviser of trump from 20 years ago. i think reaching back into the past on the candidates, i think it is a distraction from the main issues that americans are focused on. we are in serious times. we have security issues overseas. we have security on our border. economic issues in our inner cities across our middle class. those are the issues i think most americans care about. if we get distracted and are talking about other issues from whether it is 10 or 20 or 40 years ago, i think that we're not talking about the serious issues. and again, i think is a mistake.
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on both sides. and both sides are doing this wolf. hill i have doing it and trump is doing it. here is the bottom line. hillary clinton is a smart lady. and donald trump is a smart guy. there is no question about that for both of them. let's get down to the policy differences on how we move america forward and i think that's the debate that most americans want to have. >> so let's speak about major policy issues. one of those issues being immigration. they clearly disagree strongly on illegal immigration, what's going on here in the united states. donald trump's campaign manager said he is not talking about a deportation force any longer. he used to talk about a deportation force. do you see this as major shift from his initial support of a formal deportation force to get rid of all 11 million undocumented immigrants in the united states? >> the issue is kind of cloudy. there is not a lot of certainty around where mr. trump is in
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regard to the deportation force. is there some modification for that? he will clarify in a couple of days. i think the right approach is to say, security border. whether a wall or use technology or boots on the ground to secure the border. that's job number one. then you have to deport the really bad actors. those committing crimes or violent crimes. and you look at those trying to live the american dream and those pulling often titlement system. let's send those back too. but a huge group of people here just to work, make their families better off than they were in their own country. and by the way, a deportation force, wolf, isn't going to work. you're not going to be deport whether it is 11 million or 15 or 20 million people. you're not going to be able to do that. and i know we're all interested in what's hillary's position and i think she is more of an open border person. trump's been strong on immigration. but make no mistakes the congress will have a real say in
2:17 pm
what happens with immigration reform. you have to come to the house and senate and we are going to engame in this debate and have our fingers on whatever is crafted with our next president. >> so do you see donald trump now, and we will get his speech in a couple of days, moving towards the same immigration stance. say that marco rubio put forward or jeb bush put forward during the republican primaries. >> i don't know if that is where hae bns going again. it is confusing on where he has been on the issue. i think he should go on that issue. where he's been especially in republican primary, it is not practical. i don't think it will work. and frankly it'll have a devastating impact on the economy. folks who have come here and are actually working that are undocumented do wonderful things, most of them for our communities, whether it is in wisconsin or whether you go to my wife's hometown of phoenix, arizona and across the country. they are an important element of
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our economy and work force and to take them all out and ship them home is impractical but also devastatingic nom economic. once the border is secure, wolf, i think most americans, whether you're a conservative or liberal, this issue will dissipate and you can more fairly deal with those who are here. i think the real burning issue that get people excited and energized is the fact that there is an open border and we don't know who is coming across. whether they are selling drugs or shepherding people or terrorist or guns. we want, as americans, to decide who comes in and out of our country. you resolve that and i think other issues are falling aplace and much easier to handle in the political environment that we set today. >> donald trump has been campaigning for 15 months. he did incredibly bell well among the republicans but now he is coming without a formal detailed position on immigration. why has it taken so long?
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>> well, again, he is not a career politician. this has been a business guy who has built buildings, projects, golf courses, created a lot of jobs for a lot of people and made lot of money. this is the first time he has dipped his toe into the political arena. he is new to it. and i think he has had some evolving positions as he has become more up to speed on you know what the consequences are some of issues he has taken early in the campaign. i think it is important that upon more information you are able to modify and change your position in way that is more sound and more relevant and more workable. i think that's what he is actually doing right now. but again, whether you are marco rubio or ted cruz, or john kasich, these guys have been in politics most of their lives. donald trump at 70 years old, this is the first time he has been in and would you expect you you would have some kind of shifting and molding of policy as it is closer to election day.
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>> i got to take a break. but quickly, even at this late date, you think he is still trying to figure it out? >> well, it is obvious from the campaign he is still trying to figure it out. we will get a speech on wednesday to clarify where he is going on immigration and frafrpgly i think that's good for his campaign, for the base. but also for a lot of minorities, hispanics, in this country looking for economic opportunity, and but want to tone from mr. trump, that is far more appealing to them in conjunction with his economic positions and trade positions, i think they can vote for him but he has to get this issue on immigration right first. >> congressman, i need you to stand by. we have more to discuss. we will resume the questioning right after this. get back to great. this week 50% off all backpacks. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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we're back with the republican congressman sean duffy of wisconsin. donald trump supporter. congressman, david duke, former kkk grand wizard is running for the senate in louisiana. he just put out a robo call urging voters in louisiana to support both him and donald trump. listen to this. >> unless massive immigration is stopped now, we will be outnumbered and outvoted in our own nation. it happening. we are losing our gun rights, free speech, taxed to death, jobs and businesses, to unfair trade. we're losing our country. look at the super bowl salute to the black panther cop killers. it's time to stand up for voer donald trump and for president and vote for me, david duke, for senate. >> mr. trump denounced david
2:26 pm
duke or any individual associated with a message of hate. there is no place for this in the republican party in our country. we have no knowledge of these calls. but strongly condemn and disavow. should he go further and ask david duke to take down the robo call referring to him? >> i would argue that the robo call, and i have done them myselves, have already gone out. david duke is a racist and has no place in our party. but it is unfortunate that david duke found the time zone of donald trump because donald trump believes in opportunity for all. no matter your gender, race or. and to have david duke step on that message is too bad. what i think is a problem is when have you democrats throw out the race card.
2:27 pm
even republicans will say we add terrorist, shooter in orlando, his father endorsed hillary clinton and stood behind stage and placed by the campaign. both of these candidates, are good people, i think hillary is misguided but they are good people. neither of them are racist. and i think we have to get beyond this name calling because there are racist out there like david duke. and i think to call others racist in this campaign diminish those who really are racist and have racist tendencyes. let's stop running ads about it. and especially for the inner city, how do you offer it he up and offer better jobs and more education to make their lives and families stronger and better? that's the conversation we need to have. listen, hillary doesn't support terrorism. and donald trump is not a racist. let's get a off the plate.
2:28 pm
>> sean duffy of wisconsin. thank you for joining us. >> have a good one, wolf. >> up next, i'll speak with a long time clinton ally. that's up later in "the situation room." the former white house special consult, lanny davis. strong views on what is going on. also, hillary clinton's top aid, huma abedin now separates from her husband, former congressman, anthony weiner, who is caught up in next another sexting scandal. why is donald trump getting involved with this controversy? our experts are standing by. stay with us. you're in "the situation room." you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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[ clock titime. ] you only have so much. that's why we want to make sure you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all we should fit into your life. not the other way around. our top story this hour.
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top clinton aide, huma abedin split from her husband, anthony weiner, after his latest sexting scandal. but donald trump is accusing hillary clinton to allowing weiner close proximity to national security information. david, trump put out that statement saying in part it is just another example of hillary clinton's bad judgment. going on to say it is possible that our country and its security have been greatly compromised by this. why do you think he chose this line of attack? >> it is actually an new line of take for donald trump on this issue. he has been going after anthony weiner for months throughout this campaign and trying to tie anthony weiner to hillary clinton through anthony weiner's wife, huma abedin of course. but listen, in light of huma
2:34 pm
abedin's name being back front and center in the stories about the clinton foundation and the proximity and relationship between the clinton foundation and state department, donald trump is trying to seize and opportunity here. i can't imagine wolf there is a single voter out there who thinks donald trump weighing in on anthony weiner and huma abedin separating and dissolving their marriage is actually going to impact a single vote. i find that very hard it believe. >> there are some who suggest donald trump's going on the offensive, going on the attack on this specific issue,ish you've sexting and this marital relagtion shep that it opens hi self up to criticism. i has had failed marriages in his earlier years. >> yes. he is on his third marriage and he had infidelity and his argument is that he can't trust
2:35 pm
donald trump because she married someone who treated on her. in some ways he has been unfaithful too. does that raise questions about his own trust worthiness. it would. in a debate for instance in a couple of weeks this probably wouldn't come. . it seems like it is one of those things where trump is in some ways clever enough to wedge himself into the conversation about someone's really sad end of marriage. >> jackie, donald trump, as you know, had debate preparation over the weekend. do you believe we will see donald trump bring up theish you've bill clinton's infidelity in the upcoming presidential debates? >> donald trump is not someone with a wealth of self awareness so the fact that might come back at him with his infidelity i don't think would stop him from doing that. look at the people he surrounded himself with during debate prep. roger ailes, roger stone, there are a lot of people that have
2:36 pm
been dwelling in clinton land and really going after the clintons for many, many years. there is no reason to believe why bill clinton's infidelity wouldn't be part of the debate but this is very unpredictable. this isn't traditional debate prep so she will have to be ready for just about everything. >> they are both getting ready for just about anything. >> as you know, a brand-new monmouth university poll came out that shows secretary clinton's lead narrowing. popping at 43% among registered voters with trump at 36%. what does donald trump need to do to accomplish in the first debate and further close the gap because the gap at least in this poll has narrowed a bit? >> well, where do we start with that? it has narrowed but it is still pretty significant. given where we are. it is hard to imagine things changing significantly before
2:37 pm
the debate so you're right the first debate least will be a hugely important forum. you know, but i think at this point the question is, what is hillary clinton need to do to freeze that in place? and the answer is something that her campaign is grappling with but obviously primary continue to paint a picture of donald trump as someone who doesn't have the temperament or readiness or character to be commander-in-chief. and try to come across as somebody who is likeable and more trust worthy than polls show that she is right now. the way i look at it and perceive it is it is on her to keep things the way they are and that, i think, is probably how my understanding is how they look at inside headquarters at her campaign. >> david, as you know in recent days, there's been confusion
2:38 pm
about whether or not donald trump's immigration policy includes what he once called deportation for us to remove all 11 million undocumented immigrants from the united states. when he ran out of the republican primaries as you know. he is now delivering major immigration speech on wednesday in arizona. what is he going to say about this specific issue, based on everything we are hearing? >> right. that speech on wednesday, wolf, focussing on deportation i think is something every reporter covering it will be doing it. hearing from kelley ann conway over the weekend, she made sure that we knew he didn't use deportation force since last november. that is language of the past, not the present. and i think if you look at how he is has been positioning himself he is going to hammer way at the things he believes that can be done right now, verify, tactics that he believes he can use to reign in illegal
2:39 pm
immigration. no status, no citizenship, i don't think you will hear an actual plan on what do do with the 11 million estimated undocksmented here. he will focus on border security first. >> everyone stand by. a lot more to assess. a drip of revelations about hillary clinton's eye mails appears to be hurting her in the latest polling. how much closer will the race actually get? home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. courtyard, the official hotel and i got together to remind you that no one's the same without the game... like @sirloinking who writes, "just came home with $85
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a new national pool shows hillary clinton hold awning to her lead over donald trump. but the race is getting tighter amid continuing revolutions and questions about hillary clinton's e-mailes. pamela brown is keeping a closer eye on democrats for us. pamela, hillary clinton is busy raising money for her campaign's final push. what else is going on? >> yes. the clinton camp is widening its lead over donald trump with clinton on track to have her biggest fund-raising month yet. today hillary clinton keeping up her pace to raise money as we aims to aim august her biggest month yet for fund-raising. clinton headlined three events sunday in the hamptons where she raised over $11 million. this month alone, cnn estimates the campaign will have raised more than $58 million from clinton headlined events. the fund-raising push comes after trump narrowed the money gap in july. only being outraised by $10 million. clinton remains the leading
2:45 pm
candidate. but what was a double-digit lead has narrowed in the latest monmouth poll released today, showing her up 7 points nationally. 43% to 36%. as the race he has with ten weeks to go, clinton and trump continue to trade jabs over health. >> his latest paranoid fever dream is about my health. >> the clinton campaign releasing this statement, mocking trump's doctor. saying his hyperbolic language giving trump a clean bill of health sounds a lot like trump himself. the doctor told nbc news he wrote the note in five minutes. >> his health is excellent. >> now trump is challenging clinton to release more about her health. tweeting i think that both candidates should release detailed medical record. the clinton campaign says she already met the standard and provided a detailed medical
2:46 pm
record showing she is in quote excellent health this as clinton faces more questions about state department access given the clinton foundation donors. newly released state department e-mails obtained by abc news finding donors were invited it state department lunch with the chinese president. and one exchange the foundation's top official asked top clinton aide huma abedin if one of the donors could sit next to biden. she replied be i'll ask. it is unclear if the request was granted. >> when she was secretary of state, there was a mechanism in place to make sure there weren't conflicts of interest. people think back it that time and know there was an agreement with the obama administration and many people refer to it on a ban of donationes. it was in fact a recognition the work was helping people and they wanted to make sure we could continue doing it. >> hillary clinton has several fund-raising events this week.
2:47 pm
stockpiling for final stretch after labor day and ahead of the busy debate schedule starting in september. wolf? >> pamela brown reporting. thank you. coming up, a new report reveals secret talks between north korea and the united states. is kim jong-un willing to negotiate over his new missile answers nuclear weapons? see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin. 8 out of 10 people saw 75% skin clearance at 3 months.
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despite a series of aggressive and troubling military move, north korea has been holding secret talks this year with experts and former officials of the united states. some of the participants think the north koreans may be willing to restart talks about their nuclear program. cnn political analyst josh rogan is joining us now. he reported all this in the washington post. tell us more about what you've learned. are there indications is north koreans are serious about this? >> thanks, wolf. i don't have any official dialogue. there's been a series of meetings that are held all over the world between top former officials from the clinton and bush administration, korea experts, nuclear experts. they take place in berlin, singapore. some have taken place in china. they say the north koreans are looking for new talks. this is disputed. other officials say that no, there's no chance for new talks considering the fact that north
2:53 pm
korea has been launching missiles and testing bombs. they would be with the new leader kim jong-un and the new regime that's looking for a broad peace treaty with the united states. they want to talk about getting nuclear weapons off the peninsu peninsula. >> do any believe they will be willing to denuclearize? >> this is also a dispute inside the obama administration. there's a lot of skepticism that they would ever denuclearize. on the other hand, as the time goes on, north korea is building and building. they only get more nuclear weapons, more ballistic missiles. the longer we wait, the worse the situation becomes on the
2:54 pm
ground and the less they will fully denuclearize. >> how do your sources expect all this to go forward? >> there's no expectation that the north koreans and the obama administration will have enough time to do anything real in terms of diagnologue. everyone is looking to what happens after the election. hillary clinton aides say they want to raise the pressure on north korea, increase sanctions. there's a big question about whether they would work. the sanctions don't seem to get them to the table. there may be an opportunity after the election, new administration comes to town to see if the north koreans are serious. the bottom line is we don't know right now. >> josh rogan reporting for us. thanks very, very much. coming up, hillary clinton closest aids splits from her husband former congressman anthony weiner who is caught up
2:55 pm
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happening now, judgment call. donald trump wastes no time on the marital break up clinton's aids. trump is using the newest sexting scandal to attack hillary clinton on national security. walled off. trump's campaign insists there
3:00 pm
won't be flip-flopping on his signature issue of protecting the border. we're getting new information on his plans amid questions about flip-flopping. tightening race. a new poll shows hillary clinton's lead narrowing. could trump turn things around opinion. hacking the vote. cyber criminals break into election systems compromising hundreds of thousands of personal voters records. could there be any impact on election results. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." we're told hillary clinton's close and powerful aide doesn't want her separation from anthony weiner to distract from hillary clinton's campaign. donald trump has other ideas. he's seizing on the break up
3:01 pm
after brand new allegations that weiner has been sendi ining sexy charged texts again. it allowed weiner to get close to highly classified information. trump is preparing to give major speech on immigration on wednesday amid new question cans about whether he's softening any of his hard line positions. top campaign advisor saying trump will make securing the border first priority and delay the conversation about what to do with millions of undocumented immigrants. a new poll shows clinton is down 7 points ahead down from her double digit lead after the convention. voters have historically negative views of both nominees.
3:02 pm
let's go first to our washington correspondent. you're learning more about the decision to separate from her husband. >> the decision came very abr t abruptly over the weekend after friends say she was furious and sickened when she saw the photo of their young son together on the bed. hillary clinton's right hand in the spotlight again tonight. interrupting a hampton's fund raising swing to say she's leaving her husband after another sexting scandal. the paper said he sent the racy picture to a woman, not his wife. in a statement she said after
3:03 pm
long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, i have made the decision to separate from my husband. anthony and i remain devoted to doing what is best for our son who is the light of our life. to both clintons they've been like family. now it's a campaign issue seized upon by donald trump. >> her number one person is married to anthony weiner, whose a sleeve ball and a pervert. it's just another example of hillary clinton's bad judgment. it's the latest distraction in campaign filled with them. abedin at the center of
3:04 pm
questions about a cozy relationship between the state department and clinton donors. new remae-mails reveal she seal state lunch for three top donors. abedin replied i'll ask. >> the simple fact is this is becoming more and more clear through direct evidence in these e-mails that state department officials under secretary of state clinton, were extending access and special favors to major donors of the clinton foundation. >> reporter: the clinton campaign dismisses the criticism saying there was no pay for play between the foundation and state department. the controversy has become a noisy sound track. august has been a gold mine for clinton, raising $58 million.
3:05 pm
she raised $11 million alone in the hamptons on sunday following a $19 million swing last week in california. >> wow. >> reporter: all this as the democratic ticket is under fire for tieing trump to racists. >> donald trump is their candidate because donald trump is pushing their values. ku klux klan value, david duke values, donald trump values are not american values. >> reporter: saying that democratic running mate sunk to new lows with dirty and deplorable attacks. >> reporter: now huma abedin has not been at clinton's side today. she will have three in total. she was at her side yesterday as she always is throughout this entire campaign. it's clear that donald trump now intends to make anthony weiner front and center in this argument. there's no evidence that any of his accusations about classified
3:06 pm
information being jeopardized are true here. for hillary clinton's part, she did not talk about this today at the fund-raisers. a short time ago she was asking some of her donors for help, for their advice as she prepares for her debates against donald trump. she said i'm not sure which donald trump will show up. she's soliciting they're help. these new yorkers know donald trump well. >> let's get a closer look at huma abedin, her personal relationship with her estranged husband. >> they have been going on fast break five years. she's been married to anthony weiner for six years. we're getting new information on how the latest reports on weiner put huma abedin over the edge after a series of embarrassments and various attempts to save her marriage. >> i'll be making no further comments.
3:07 pm
thank you. >> reporter: for someone who seems to disdain the spotlight, she's repeatedly, unwillingly pushed into it. tonight huma abedin is dealing with another humiliation caused by her husband. a new report that weiner sent photos to another woman including one picture with their 4-year-old son sleeping next to him prompted abedin to announce she's separating. >> i can only imagine how pain. it must be for her. she has a child. they're family. i think this is a very personal thing she's having to live out in a very public way. i wouldn't wish this on anyone. >> reporter: they have been separated for months. she had been seen recently without a wedding ring. people around the clinton camp
3:08 pm
noticed. he first said he hacked and then admitted he lied and then resigned from congress. two years later more explicit messages were revealed. he used the pseudonym carlos danger. from abedin, an extraordinary show of support. >> i love him. i believe in him. as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward. >> reporter: around that time a documentary on weiner's campaign was produced. at one point abedin looks agitated as weiner apologized to his staff. >> the level of guilt and pain i feel and i'm sorry for putting anyone in this position. >> reporter: abedin forcefully coaches her on optics. >> you'll look happy. >> reporter: seemingly a signature response. tidying up with an obsession for detail no matter how damaging the crisis.
3:09 pm
remails obtained showed abedin was approached for donors access to hillary clinton while secretary of state. the e-mails show she seem to facilitate one meeting. after 20 years by her side, she has become a liability? >> she's not a liability except for the fact that her political enemies will try to make her a liability. i don't think it will stick because i think most people recognize that huma didn't do anything other than try to make her marriage work. >> reporter: that former clinton aide says hillary clinton wouldn't get rid of huma abedin any sooner than she would get rid of chelsea clinton. she said that she and weiner are focused on what's best for their son. >> his stock is clearly plummeting a lot further even as
3:10 pm
we speak. what's the latest? >> reporter: several news organizations tonight are cutting or suspending their ties with anthony weiner. ny1 said he's on indefinite leave and the new york daily news for which he was an occasional columnist said it's no longer running his columns. >> thank you. now to donald trump's campaign and the lead up to his highly anticipated speech on immigration policy. that's coming up wednesday. will trump answer some key questions when he appears in arizona to deliver that speech. our senior white house correspondent jim accoosta is covering it. what's the latest? >> he has the speech set for wednesday night. yes, the gop determination to build wall on the southern boarder is as firm as ever.
3:11 pm
as what to do about the undocumented, that's another matter. donald trump may be signaling his latest shift on immigration moving toward the idea. >> all the media wants to talk about is the 11 million people or more or less that are here illegally. on day one, i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country. >> reporter: in what may be a major departure for his controversial call for a deportation force that he issued during the primaries. he will announce in his speech that he will secure the border first and suggest the conversation on what to do with the millions of undocumented should come quote years from now. as for trump's proprosal to build a wall. >> we're going to build a great
3:12 pm
wall. >> reporter: advisors said don't bet on any cracks. >> it's going be as beautiful as the wall can be. we will build the wall 100% and mexico will be paying for the wall. >> reporter: trump's running mate said the policy is a work in progress but insisted there will be no path to legalization in trump's plan. >> he will stand on the principles that have underpinned his commitment to end illegal immigration. >> in hillary clinton's america, the middle class gets crushed. >> reporter: still trailing hillary clinton in the poll, trump is revving up spending in new ads. >> in donald trump's america, working families get tax release. millions of new jobs created. wages go up. small businesses thriver. the american dream achievable rp trump is still capable of
3:13 pm
stepping on message. trump saw the crime as vindication of his outreach to minoriti minorities. just what i've been saying african-americans will vote trump. hours later he tweeted his codoe lenses. >> you have to look at both tweets and he says and reminds everybody he's been trying to make the case that the increase in random crime and senseless murders, the poverty, the joblessness, the homelessness in some of our major cities is unacceptable to all of us. >> reporter: the trump campaign will continue to reach out to minority voters with a speech scheduled this weekend for detroit. the campaign is confident that the speech will settle any jitters among supporters. it will reflect the consensus of conservatives nation wide and the advisor emphasizes there will be deportations under
3:14 pm
trump's drplan. it may be the criminal illegal immigrants will be at front of the line. >> thank you. we spoke with a donald trump supporter in the last hour here in "the situation room." let's talk about the presidential race with lanny davis. he a long time clinton ally. thanks very much for joining us. >> first of all, i'd like to say i'm trying to look like wolf blitzer by allowing my beard to grow. you really look much better. >> let's move on. let's talk about the campaign now. the whole huma abedin scandal that is clearly, clearly a major development today, how do you think the hillary clinton campaign should deal with it? >> supporting a great, brilliant, dedicated public servant. i've known huma for many years and only to say that this is a
3:15 pm
personal matter of great pain to her. only donald trump, a person who seems to have no bottom, no shame, no decency, would try to use this painful, personal matter politically and exploit it. it's just shameful. >> because you saw the statement he released earlier today suggesting there are national security issues involved. huma abedin has potentially, if she comes back into the government national security classification credentials and they're raising the possibility of trump and his supporters that there could be a national security issue. how should the campaign deal with that accusation? >> by repeating the words of joseph welch, mr. trump, have you no sense of decency at long last. that's what welch said to mccarthy.
3:16 pm
when he attacked a gold star mother and attacked the death of a woman, dwyane wade's sister. now he's exploiting the painful experience in a marriage that huma is going through. have you no sense of shame left? that's my response. >> it was the cousin. let's talk about the hillary clinton e-mail issue because that is still very much alive. back in march of 2015, you remember she said she and her lawyers deleted thousands of e-mails dle e-mails dealing with personal issues, yoga, planning and stuff like that. the fbi has uncovered 15,000 documents, including e-mail dealing with government state department issues. all of these e-mails that were deleted were not personal. she said something that we now know is not true? >> i'll quote the fbi director that is so often quoted by people who are critics and the
3:17 pm
fbi director said the deletions and those e-mails were not intentionally with held and i'll leave it to the fbi directors opinion to answer your question. >> how do you explain? in march 2015, at the famous news conference, she said at the end i chose not to keep my private personal e-mails. e-mails about planning chelsea's wedding or my mother's funeral arrangements, condolence notes, yoga routines you find in inboxes. now we know that thousands of those documents dealt with specific government related issues. why? why was there a blunder like that in the explanation? >> james comey gave you an answer, and i can only repeat it. it is what he went into a political advantage of a partisan.
3:18 pm
he said those within unintentionally done and the with holding of -- he saw no evidence of intentional with ho holding. people delete e-mails. >> th >> thousands dealt with other stuff, not necessarily personal information. were the lawyers responsible for that? hillary clinton's lawyers or was she personally responsible? >> i don't know who is responsible. i hate to do this. seems to happen a lot with us. james comey looked at this subject, interviewed the lawyers and sberp viinterviewed and sai deletions and the failure to produce them were not intentional. i can't say it anymore three times. you'll get a fourth time if you ask. >> donald trump just put out a new web video attacking hillary clinton on these inconsistencies.
3:19 pm
listen to this. >> i am confident that i never sent nor received information that's classified. i had not sent classified material nor received anything marked classified. >> james comey said none of those things that you told the american public were true. >> 110 e-mails in 52 e-mail chains have been determined by the agency to contain classified information. >> a new poll shows she's has a high unfavorable. her lead narrowing a bit over donald trump. hasn't she done a disservice by not giving more information on this whole private server on these e-mail issues. if do you were advising her and engaged in damage control for a long time, what would you tell her to do? >> first, let's get our facts straight. james comey said and confirmed
3:20 pm
that no e-mail marked classified occurred and that hillary clinton did not see at the time any markings. at one point cnn reported that wasn't true. marked with a little c and no expert. >> let me interrupt you. he did say e-mails did have the letter c for classification. he also said a lot of the other e-mails and were classified at the highest levels. >> i respect you but you left out the second sentence of what he said. he said no expert who saw that
3:21 pm
little c would have recognized that e-mail as classified. that's a fact. check the quote. secondly, it's easily in retrospect after you're seeing e-mails she did not think were classified. she did not believe they were classified. >> why did she say she was negligent and extremely careless? >> offering an opinion is what a prosecutor does. many people sent her e-mails in the top position and did not consider those to be classified because they were sent through nonclassified channels. mr. comey would express the same opinion about extreme carelessness that i disagree with about the 300 other people who sent her e-mails through
3:22 pm
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bloating? pain? you may have ibs. ask your doctor if non-prescription ibgard is right for you. ibgard calms the angry gut. available at cvs, walgreens and rite aid. we're back with white house special counsel during bill clinton's running. the newly released e-mails show that huma abedin and the foundation, clinton foundation official were discussing getting representatives of foundation donors, good seats at a luncheon with the visiting chinese president and e-mails huma abedin appears responsive saying she's ask even if she didn't grant access. isn't it reckless to respond
3:27 pm
like this? that's the challenge being levelled against her? >> i always start with the facts. fact one is that this luncheon, the three guests of executives there's not a scintilla of evidence or fact of any favors, economic interests were asked or received or that there was any change in policy by secretary clinton for any donation. in other words -- >> what about the appearance that favors were being granted to big donors of the clinton foundation while she was secretary of state? >> again, i love being on your show and you know i respect you greatly, but you use the word will and you use the word appearances. notice neither of those words are facts. there's no evidence of any
3:28 pm
favor. speculation is fine. clinton donors will repeat are completely communicated online. every one of the 300,000 donors. there is another example where donald trump having nothing else to do but smoke, smoke, smear, smear is using something where there's no facts. >> let me get your thought s ona political issue that's come forward. voter registration advantage is shrinking this key battleground states. it shows the gop has improved the position in florida, north carolina and pennsylvania by adding hundreds of thousands of voters. could this be a serious problem if the race is close in those three key battleground states? >> we're seeing every day that the answer is no.
3:29 pm
they cannot support somebody has dangerous with their finger on the nuclear button like donald trump. i don't know about the data and party registration. we'll be happy with all voters. >> thanks very much. >> thank you. just ahead, is huma abedin a political liability for hillary clinton. we'll have more on separation. the latest sexting scandal. what were cyber criminals looking for when they actually broke into election systems with the personal information of hundreds of thousands of voters. energy is a complex challenge.
3:30 pm
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3:34 pm
break up of marriage to former congressman anthony weiner. the proximity of the clinton
3:35 pm
campaign can compromise national security? >> no. good luck. good try donald trump. i know he's trying to do that. if you're looking at getting independent voters or persuadable voters. i don't think there's an awful lot of them who will decide to vote for donald trump because of anthony weiner and his issues. i'm not surprised that donald trump is doing it because of what he's trying to do is tie it to hillary clinton's judgment since she's used his judgment as an issue against him. i'm not surprised he kind of threw it out there but i don't think it's particularly effective. >> mark, why did donald trump choose to go on the attack against hillary clinton on this issue of national security? >> because it allows him to try to continue to talk about it in
3:36 pm
disgusting situation and sad situation and yet allows him to bring it up to discuss it and try to call hillary clinton's judgment into question but to gloria's point, i don't think it's going to help with the voters that he needs to persuades. you know what else it does, it allows him to say it in a media market in new york city that could grasp upon it. you may see the tabloids, the new york post take what donald trump said and blast it out there as they continue their coverage and drumonald trump, ae have seen, feeds off the coverage of the new york media. >> will we see trump try to connect this? >> i think we will. there's a level on which this is unfair to huma abedin and hillary clinton. second guessing what goes on inside someone else's marriage. there's another level on which the clinton campaign opened themselves up to this back in december when secretary clinton's campaign described trump as having a pensioned for
3:37 pm
sexism. remember that trump responded immediately talking about problems in the clinton marriage, problems with president clinton and i think they have an opening, however unfair to do that again. >> rebecca, trump, as you know had some serious debate trep over the weekend. some of his family campaign staff with there and so were laura ingram and rudy giuliani, the ousted fox chief. which donald trump will show up at the debates, a more presidential version or trump on the attack? >> hillary clinton posed that fact question to some of her donors earlier today. she's wondering the same thing. i posed this. he will be tough and try to be very authentic. he will be unscripted. it's very difficult for him as we know to stay on script short
3:38 pm
of having a teleprompter in front of him. i think we'll see the unpredi unpredictable trump. he might not be more presidential. he might not be restrained in think way. that's a risk. it could be a huge reward for him as well. he tends to capture the entertainment value of a moment with his style and we saw this during the republican primary. it's also a big risk. we know that donald trump can go off script in a way it comes back to bite him. >> she lost her double digit lead. this among registered voters. how important will the actual debates be for donald trump if he's going to catch up in the polls? >> as he might say, it will be huge. this is -- these debates are the
3:39 pm
moments when these people go at each other person to person and the american public sits back, and i guarantee you, this will be large, large viewership and they get to see them going at each other. i've talked to a bunch of presidential candidates who have lost about this experience and one of them said to me, this was scariest moment of my life going out there because i knew what was at stake for me. if you recall in 2012, mitt romney had a great first debate against president obama. kind of changed the whole narrative of the campaign for a little bit and he wasn't able to capitalize on that because obama came back in a strong way. this is so important for donald trump not only as rebeck iscca to be seen as presidential but
3:40 pm
for people to get a sense of how good he is on the issues and what difference he will make in their lives. that's how you can do it on national television in that kind of a setting. so important. >> mark, we've seen the campaign's trade the allegations now of health problems. now donald trump is challenging hillary clinton to release more detailed medical records. can he frame this as a transparency issue for her when she's released more medical information than he has. >> i spoke to the clinton campaign as this was really bubbling up. this popped late last night where we saw donald trump tweeting out that he would release his records if she released her records and the clinton campaign came out and literally line by line discredited or tried to discredit the doctor's letter that donald trump produced on behalf to say he was extremely healthy and probably more colorful language than that.
3:41 pm
the irony is the clinton campaign is trying to make this a transparency issue about drum donald trump and trying to tie it to the release of his taxes. it's interesting while they are fighting over health care. they're really not fighting over each other's health. what they are fighting over is the honest and trustworthiness of the voters. the health care has become a proxy fight for that big issue. >> trump is 70. hillary clinton is 68 years old. everyone stand by. we're getting new information. the fbi now investigating a hack of state election commissions. much more coming up right after this.
3:42 pm
3:43 pm
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3:46 pm
we're back with our political team and new information about break ins into the computer databases of two state election systems. our justice correspondent has been digging into this story. what are you learning? >> the fbi is investigating the theft of personal data of voters in illinois and signs of another cyber breach in election systems
3:47 pm
in arizona. investigators think that criminal hackers probably based overseas are behind these breaches and what they are likely after is the names and addresses, social security numbers and driver's license numbers. the data of about 200,000 people may have been compromised. this is the stuff that hackers sell on the internet to try to make money. the big question that comes up every four years, can someone hack into the election systems and rig the results. they don't see that as a likely problem here. there's reason for that. the voting machines and the tabulation systems used by the states generally are not connected to the internet. while a hacker may be able to steal personal data and that's always a cause for concern, it's not likely they will be able to swing an election using these methods. that said, these types of breaches get everyone's attention and it's a presidential election year. the fbi and homeland security
3:48 pm
department are alerting state election agencies to make sure that security is as good as it can be. >> very worrisome. thank you very much. gloria, donald trump has been stoking fears of voter fraud, encouraging his supporters to watch polling places in november. does this news, today, bolster his warnings? >> in a way, wolf, it probably does. ever since the election of 2000 and the recount there's been discussions in this country about what you do to federalize the election process. it's run by the states. it's not run by the federal government. the reason we don't all push a button and vote is because these systems are not nearly secure enough as we saw in the state of illinois. what i think both candidates ought to be doing is making sure the people can get to the polls and vote or vote early and that the polls will be open because every four years we seem to be
3:49 pm
going through this. again, they tried to fix it after the recount in 2000. there was a commission, a study was done but we still have voter problems in this country. the question is, whether there are enough to try to delegitimize an election, which is what a lot of people think donald trump may be sort of heading towards. at this point, the answer is no. >> rebecca, what effect could this have on election day? >> gloria started to touch on this. it really matters politically if this can be used to create some doubt. whether there's any reason to believe that there is a problem or not in terms of hacking and the election results. what we have seen already is trump and his rhetoric on the d campaign trial is starting to
3:50 pm
have an effect. whether they had reason to doubt the election process. only 11% of trump supporters said that they were very donald trump has campaigned on this idea that the system is rigged, fix is in for the establishment, both on the republican and democratic side,
3:51 pm
that if donald trump loses certainly by a narrow margin, some of his supporters or even he might make this case after election day, if he loses. but if the electoral mass looks for obama/romney and obama/mccain. look, mitt romney won it in 2012. what happens if clinton wins it in 2016? except president obama won it in 2008. these swing states go back and forth. a lot of the math is already sort of baked in. >> donald trump has called for election observers to go out there and watch what's going on. do you think we'll see trump supporters challenging the results of the election if he loses? >> oh, no doubt. there's no question that if donald trump loses, v will take a step back. we hear donald trump talking
3:52 pm
about this, saying the election is rigged. we will see election observers from both campaigns, specifically in urban areas, making sure that people who are able to vote, that they don't overvote and they're registered to vote. we'll see that on both sides and teams of lawyers throughout every state that will be called into action if they think there's any question that there's irregularity or somebody is being prevented from voting. there's no question about that. what happens afterwards and will we see an outcry from the loser? >> which, by the way, is how it should be. people should monitor elections. don't forget in 2000, you had al gore winning the popular vote by 2,000 but losing in the electoral college. what if you had something like that today? what would the response be on
3:53 pm
the person of the losing end of that, right? it's a question of how you define rigged system, right, and what you consider rigged and what you consider fair. >> meantime they have to stop the hacking systems of election systems in these states. that's a worrisome and serious development. >> yeah. >> much more coming up right after this. more and more of everything online. and so many businesses rely on the united states postal service to get it there. that's why we make more ecommerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. the united states postal service. priority: you
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the obama administration today announced it met its target of resettling 10,000 syrian refugees by october 1st.
3:58 pm
refugee number 10,000 arriving in the united states today. let's go to our global correspondent elise abbott. >> wolf, there's no cap. the white house likes to say the 10,000 number is a floor not a ceiling. they have these regional quotas. they can add some more syrians and take less from other middle eastern countries and this extra reserve they can pull from. last year, for example, they added more refugees from asia and africa where the need was the greatest. the current pace of arrivals will continue through the end of the fiscal year, the end of september. if they continue at that rate we're looking at another 2,500 by then for a total of 20,500 by the end of september. >> refugees as threats, donald trump has talked about. what kind of tracking is done once they get to the united
3:59 pm
states? >> to be frank, wofr, there isn't much tracking. refugee resettlement agencies are in touch with these people. once they arrive in the u.s., they help them get settled and provide them with some services. once these people are here, they're like any other immigrants to the united states, able to travel freely. refugees are the most thoroughly screened categories of any travelers in the united states, and have been spreading out across 40 countries, subject to more scrutiny, much more so than anybody just applying for a tour ifrt or work visa. it takes two years to vet these people. the state department, along with the department of homeland security, intel communities. they say they're very heavily vetted, wolf. >> they acknowledge it's not perfect, the system, by any means. right? >> that's right. they don't have that much visibility on these people. they're able to travel freely but say there's nufr vetting that's done before they get here that they're confident that
4:00 pm
these people are not posing risks. let's be honest. a lot of these are women and children. they say thaer not men of fighting age that might pose the greatest threat. >> elise labott, thanks very much. that's it for me. thanks for waumping. "erin burnett out front" starts right now. anthony weiner sexting scandal, donald trump's new comments ta tonight and what was the final straw for huma abedin? sanjay gupta weighing in out front. and gene wilder from "willy wonka and the chocolate factory" dead at 83. we remember his greatest moments on screen. let's go "out front." good evening. i'm erin burnett. "out front" tonight, anthony weiner scandal now fro


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