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tv   Early Start With John Berman and Christine Romans  CNN  August 30, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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surrogate. and clinton aide huma abedin separating from her husband anthony weiner. why? a new sexting scandal. lewd photos behind this split. we will talk about what it means in the presidential campaign. comedy master gone wilder dead at age 83. we pay tribute to his incredible life. ♪ anything you want to do it want to change the world ♪ ♪ there's nothing to it >> one of the great films. one of many. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm alison kosik. >> i'm john berman. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. the trump campaign in a controversy. this is days before trump is set to address black voters in detroit. a surrogate for donald trump
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tweeted out this picture of hillary clinton in black face saying she is pandering to black voters. at the same time louisiana senate candidate david duke is noting his support for trump which trump is now disavowing. hillary clinton expressed concern over david duke. saying nobody knows how well duke is doing and his embrace of trump which could put that d despicable man in congress. jim acosta has more. >> reporter: first the trump campaign released a statement condemning a robo call from senate candidate david duke to encourage voters to vote for trump. then one of the pastor surrogates, mark burns
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apologized for a tweet he posted of hillary clinton in black face. here is a video apology from the pastor. >> i really am a shepherd to god's people. the last thing i want to do is offend people. the tweet was not designed to anger our stir up the pot like it did. it was designed to bring how i feel a very real reality as to why the democratic party and how i view it and have interpreted it. >> reporter: trump is scheduled to deliver a speech on wednesday night. a top adviser says trump is standing firm on his position for a wall on the border, but added a decision on what to do
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about the millions of law abiding undocumented immigrants in the country could come years later. john and alison. >> jim, thank you. hillary clinton facing a new controversy as well this morning. long time clinton aide huma abedin announcing she and her husband former congress member anthony weiner are separating. following new reporting by the new york post that weiner was sexting with a woman who also happens to be a trump supporter. this is five years after weiner blew up his political career by accidentally tweeting a snapshot of his crotch. trump using this as an attack on clinton calling this an example of bad judgment. he said weiner's marriage put him in close proximity to highly classified information and clinton was careless and negligent. >> let us bring in analyst josh rogin. he is a columnist with the
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washington post. trump is tying security to anthony weiner's sexts. who knows what he learned and who he told? it is another example of hillary clinton's bad judgment. it is possible our country and security have been greatly compromised by this. are your security sources are concerned about anthony weiner's sexts? >> there is literal by no logical way to tie hillary clinton's e-mail scandal to anthony weiner's adultrus behavior. those who betray their spouses, half of the congress would lose security clearance as we speak. by the way, you know, anthony
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weiner did not have access to any of this and it really is just a ham-handed way to tie two things together that have nothing to do with each other. >> as if this campaign season cannot get uglier, if that is possible, you have one of the trump surrogates tweeting this picture of hillary clinton in black face. then you have the robo call from kkk member david duke. i want you to listen to this and talk about how the campaign is going. listen to this. >> i want massive immigration to stop now. it is happening. it is time to stand up and vote for donald trump for president and vote for me, david duke, for u.s. senate. >> the trump campaign condemning the support from the kkk.
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you have the tweet coming out showing hillary clinton in black face. is there a point where voters take a look at this going back and forth and say i had enough. i'm tuning out? >> there is a risk of that. i talked to clinton campaign staffers last week a lot. they made the decision to confront donald trump on the race issue knowing there was a risk of just this happening. it would just become a race to the bottom. both sides call each other racists and voters would not know what to do with it or how to separate it out. there is no real equal here. one making these remarks for about a year. donald trump. the clinton campaign taking those remarks and putting them in ads and speeches and pointing them back at donald trump. what it does is it gives a forum for anyone in the community, to
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have a platform to speak. that is a down side risk of highlighting this issue. that is the risk the clinton people took knowingly. >> we should say, josh, the trump campaign disavowed the robo call quickly. the statement is mr. trump is continuing to disavow mr. duke or anyone associated with a message of hate. there is no place in the republican party or our country. we have no knowledge of the calls or related activities, but strongly condemn and disavow. >> i think that is fine. that's what they should do. you have to put that into context of how they reacted to the race issue over the course of the last several months. we are talking about tweeting things on racist web sites and accusing judges of not be able to adjudicate cases because of race. you can put the disavowing is great. they should do that.
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when you put it into the context of what the trump campaign has been doing and saying about race, it is easy to understand when you look at the latest poll. 85 to 2 black registered voters are favoring hillary clinton. that should tell everybody everything they need to know about donald trump's outreach to african-americans is going. >> both candidates have hugely unfavorable marks on both sides of the aisle. you know, you look at them. it is a race to the bottom. how do voters feel when they see these candidates saying i want the black vote more. i want the black vote more. voters see through what's going on here, don't they? >> they do. it is turning off voters from all across the political spectrum. that is what is going on in the entire race. you know, it is not just on the african-american or hispanic issue. voters are really getting fed up with the level of vitriol and sheer negative nature of both campaigns. that is true.
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at the same time, we can't really draw an equalvolence here. both accused the other of racism. if you look at the polls and people who are the target of attacks, they are not saying it on both your houses. donald trump is saying controversial things for a long time. voters will stopprespond to tha. >> josh, thank you for being with us. hillary clinton is set to have the biggest fund raising month in august. 31 events pulling in $58 million. that is according to a cnn analysis of ticket prices. raising $90 million just in july. that is her biggest haul to date. august total should surpass that. her running mate is also sweepsi sweeping across the u.s. and
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making money. they are doing this now to focus on campaign and debate prep. it is benefitting a joint account to raise money for the clinton campaign and democratic national convention and state parties. the agreements allow donors to give more than $500,000 to various funds. is that working? >> we don't know the impact of the ads. it will be interesting to see. gene wilder has passed away at the age of 83. we will look back at this truly unique career. one-of-a-kind on screen. that's next.
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♪ we'll begin with a spin traveling in the world ♪ ♪ of my creation what we'll see will defy ♪ ♪ explanation >> he was so good in that movie. gene wilder in one of his most memorable roles in "willy wonka & the chocolate factory." hollywood mourning the loss of the actor and screen writer. wilder frequently collaborated with richard pryor. it was his work with director mel brooks that was one of the great comedy partnerships of the last 50 years. it began with brooks casting wilder as leo bloom in "the
2:16 am
producers." >> i'm hysterical. i'm having hysterical. i'm wet. i'm wet. i'm hysterical and i'm wet. i'm in pain. and i'm wet. and i'm still hysterical. >> he was really so funny. fast forward to 1974 and wilder in the role of "blazing saddles." in the same year, final collaboration which wilder co- write with brooks. "young frankenstein." ♪ if you're blue and you don't know where to go ♪ ♪ to why don't you go where fashion sits ♪ ♪ putting on the ritz >> he was so sweet. mel brooks tweeted a salute to his friend calling him one of the truly great talent of our time who blessed every film they did with his magic.
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>> dr. frankenstein. >> you must be egor. >> no, it is pronounced igor. >> gene wilder is survived by his wife of 25 years and comedy greatness. >> you cannot imagine anyone else playing the roles that gene wilder played. so many. tropical weather systems brewing trouble in the atlantic and pacific. let's get to meteorologist pedram javaheri with the latest. >> alison and john, good morning. still watching a lot of activity across the tropical world. gaston is pushing away from the united states. not a threat. it is tropical depressions 8 and 9 which will become hermine and ian. it will skirt the carolina coastline with storm surge threat and coastal erosion possible with heavy rainfall. it is tropical depression 9 which is really working into the
2:18 am
gulf of mexico and eventually pull toward the north and to the east across the big bend of florida. thursday afternoon and thursday night. that is the time period we are looking for this to become tropical storm hermine or ian. the notice the rainfall is the story with that storm system. look at this storm set up across the pacific. we have lester and madeline. category three and four. this will skirt the islands. they will move from a cat one when they make landfall. thank you, pedram. turkey ratcheting up the fight against isis and syria, but the position in the war is comp complicating u.s. involvement. we'll break it all down next. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone
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president obama this week set to discuss the fight against isis when he meets with president erdogan on the sidelines of the g-20 meetings in china. this comes as the u.s. is trying to cool the battle of the war on isis. the turks view the kurds as terrorists. let's get more on the story with nick paton walsh. now you have the u.s. telling turkey to stop attacking the syrian kurds and turkey saying you cannot tell us who we can and cannot fight. >> reporter: also, to the
2:24 am
americans telling the syrian kurds to pull back across a natural boundary in syria. the euphrates river. that is the line for the kurds who have been supporting in the fight against isis now for well over a year. they have been very effective force on the ground. everybody knew eventually support would run up against more turkish opposition. as the kurds have cleared isis out of areas, they are creating their own mini state in northern syria on the turkey border. turkey sees them as terrorists. now it is clear they view the syrian kurds as a terrorist organization. they have been in clashes about six days ago now to take the town of jarablus now away from isis. now we are in the dangerous position with the americans asking the turks not to push south. the turks along with the syrian remembbels doing the fighting f
2:25 am
them. we have the syrian kurds asked by the americans to move east across the euphrates. that hasn't happened. we heard from kurdish officials. we heard from officials that they are basically still there and fighting isis at this stage effectively telling the turks, we have not moved. we are fighting isis. we have the two american allies facing off and this all distracts from the fight of isis. >> thank you, nick. racism in the smack of the 2016 presidential race. hillary clinton and donald trump slamming each other with new attacks. that's next.
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courtyard, the official hotel and i got together to remind you that no one's the same without the game... like @sirloinking who writes, "just came home with $85 worth of groceries with names like, goats beard, pawpaw and that vile weed kale. what happened?" well, a lack of football is what happened. breathe. soon, you'll be enjoying a big 'ol brat at a tailgate and kale smoothies will be but a memory. next time you order kale, try using a silent "k". tastes so much better. hard hitting attacks on the
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campaign trail. hillary clinton going after donald trump. trump going after clinton after supporters of trump make controversy comments. anthony weiner's sordid photos ending his marriage and causing a headache for the clinton campaign. and beloved actor gene wilder passing away at the age of 83. we will remember his truly unique career. >> i want -- i want -- i want everything i've ever seen in the movies. >> leo say you'll join me. >> i'll do it! by god, i'll do it! >> that is one of the best new york scenes of any film of all time. welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm alison kosik. it is 30 minutes past the hour. the trump campaign in a controversy days before trump is
2:31 am
set to address black voters. african-american surrogate for trump tweeting this image of hillary clinton wearing black face. there is one time kkk leader and senate candidate david duke trumpeting his support for the republican nominee and trump disavowing. hillary clinton speaking at a fund-raiser expressing concern over duke pigging backing on the trump campaign aiming to improve his standing in the polls. she says nobody knows how well, duke, is doing and how his embrace of trump's and trump's acceptance of him could put that man, despicable man, in the senate of the united states. cnn's jim acosta has more from washington. >> reporter: john and alison, the nasty election battle with trump and clinton is taking more ugly turns. the trump campaign released a statement condemning a robo call
2:32 am
from senate candidate david duke to encourage his supporters to vote for the gop nominee. one of trump's top african-american surrogates pastor mark burns apologized for the tweet he made of hillary clinton in black face. >> i really am a shepherd to god's people. the last thing i want to do is to offend people the tweet was not designed or aimed to stir up the pot like it did. it was designed to bring how i feel a very real reality as to why the democratic party and how i view it and have interpreted it. >> reporter: all of this on a
2:33 am
hot button situation of immigration. trump is delivering his immigration speech on wednesday night in phoenix. a top adviser is saying trump is standing firm on the wall on the border, but uncertain about what to do on the law abiding undocumented immigrants in the country could come years later. >> thank you, jim. more politics this morning. long time hillary clinton aide huma abedin announcing she is separating from her husband former congress member anthony weiner. this follows a post that weiner was involved in a sextinges sexting escapade. trump said in a statement that weiner's marriage put him in
2:34 am
close proximity to highly classified information and clinton was careless and negligent in allowing that to happen. >> let's discuss all things political with analyst josh rogin. he is a columnist for "the washington post." the issue of anthony weiner scandal. the latest pictures have come out. you are seeing donald trump really seizing the moment as john said. talking about how this is once again a lapse in judgment for hillary clinton. listen to what trump said yesterday on a radio show. >> the case of anthony weiner. she is married to a guy who is uncontrolled and uncontrollable. he is a sick person. she has access to classified information. huma abedin has access to classified information. how hillary got away with that
2:35 am
one, nobody will ever know. to think that it is likely that much of the information anthony weiner would know about. >> whether or not someone can be easily influenced. >> first of all, let's dispense with the notion that errors by your spouse compromises your security clearance. that's not a thing. yes, anthony weiner has personal failings. it is not -- there is no evidence he was privy to classified information or no evidence that classified information was put in jeopardy. that is wrong on the facts. the issue is donald trump is gloating about a very personal tragedy for huma abedin and her family and trying to tie this to hillary clinton. this is something supporters are likely to appreciate, but i don't see what it does for him in terms of getting him the
2:36 am
middle of the road votes that he needs. in the end, the link is tenuous, but just because of hillary clinton's past with bill clinton's own personal failings, it is to trump's making. >> everything you say is 100% true. nevertheless -- as always, josh rogin. you can tell there was anxiety in the clinton world over this whole thing. >> of course. hillary clinton for a long time had concern about anthony weiner's proximity to the campaign. that is because of the political risk. not security risk. it is not a good look. it evokes the history of the clinton affairs and it drudges up all those bad memories. from a security perspective. >> two different issues. this is a campaign that if you didn't think could get
2:37 am
uglier than it is now. we are invoking the kkk here. hearing from now a u.s. senate candidate david duke in a robo call. talking about support for donald trump. listen to this. >> massive immigration is stopped now, it will be out numbered and out voted in our nation. it's happening. it's time to stand up and vote for trump for president and vote for me. >> the trump campaign coming out and disavowing david duke. this link is not good for his campaign. >> right. the trump campaign's defense is we cannot control our surrogates. i believe them. i think that is true. if they could, they would tell these guys to stay quiet. at least for this week. this is the week as you reported, alison, the trump campaign is trying to repair its relationships with minorities. this is their big initiative.
2:38 am
they have a speech on immigration to repair the relationship with hispanics. he is going to detroit to speak to african-americans for the first time. some say it is too little too late. some say it is condescending. i'm sure if the trump campaign had its druthers, these would not be happening. it is really out of their control. >> david duke is not a trump surrogate. david duke is a former klan leader and linking himself to trump and trump disavows him. it is interesting to me, josh, the trump campaign continues to focus on this theme of race as much as they are. they have this event planned for saturday. it is part of their every day talking point now. i wonder if you are picking up what they think is working for them. >> i don't think they think it is working yet. this is a reflection of the new campaign management.
2:39 am
kellyanne conway. she looked at the numbers. she said oh, my god. we're 37 points behind with hispanics. 83 points behind with african-americans. we have to address this. people will debate whether or not they are addressing it well. we don't know if it will work because they have not actually done it yet. they first have to come up with the positions and roll out the positions and defend the positions and a lag for the polling. we'll see if it works. i'm skeptical myself. at least the first step is admitting you have a problem. that is a healthy thing for the campaign to be doing. it is not about beating hillary clinton on race, but about shrinking the margin in the key states to stay competitive. >> something like 1% in places like pennsylvania and ohio. nowhere to go but up from that. josh rogin, thank you. you are buying a new iphone? >> i need one. >> wait until next week to buy it. apple is hosting an event on september 7th and it is expected
2:40 am
to unveil iphone 7. the new camera with a dual lens and thinner body. that may mean the end of the head phone jack. apple may switch to bluetooth connectivity. we could see a new version of the apple watch and updated line of mac book pro. apple stock is up 1.5% in 2016. slumping iphone sales in the past two quarters have investors reevaluating the company. regulators in the eu are expected to rule this morning on charges that apple dodged taxes by making a deal with the irish government. that ruling could force apple to pay back taxes of almost $20 billion. that's a "b." just a drop in the bucket for apple. apple has at least $231 billion on its balance sheet.
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♪ we'll begin with a spin traveling in the world ♪ ♪ of my creation what we'll see will defy ♪ ♪ explanation >> that, of course, gene wilder as willy wonka. fill film many goers everywhere are mourning the loss of gene wilder. he suffered from alzheimer's. he was in "bonnie and clyde" and
2:46 am
"blazing saddles." there was the work with mel brooks. a truly wonderful comedy partnership. he was cast as leo bloom in "the producers." >> i'm hysterical. i can't stop when i get like this. i can't stop. i'm hysterical. i'm wet. i'm wet. i'm hysterical and i'm wet. i'm in pain. and i'm wet. and i'm still hysterical. >> no one did neurosis like gene wilder. in 1974, this is wilder in "blazing saddles." it was a groundbreaking comedy. tacky now, maybe, but hilarious. then "young frankenstein" which
2:47 am
wilder cowrote with brooks. ♪ if you're blue and you don't know where to go ♪ ♪ to why don't you go where fashion sits ♪ ♪ putting on the ritz >> mel brooks called him one of the truly greats of our time who blessed every film they did with his magic. >> dr. frankenstein. >> you must be egor. >> it is pronounced igor. >> i will watch that this weekend. gene wilder is survived by his wife of 25 years, karen. you know, gene wilder will be missed. >> all those films. i watched growing up as a kid. >> unique. no one was like gene wilder. no one else could play the roles like he did. >> well said. tropical weather systems brewing trouble in the atlantic and pacific. meteorologist pedram javaheri has the latest. good morning. >> good morning, john and
2:48 am
alison. watching the storms across the gulf really and you take a look around western cuba. precise location as we have the convexion yesterday with the thunderstorms associated with tropical depression 9. the forecast has not changed. north and east track with this. the big bend of florida from tampa to panaama city. it could be tropical storm hermine or ian. notice the rainfall with this is the main threat. a lot of rainfall. 6 to 10 inches. landfall thursday into friday. the tropical depression 8 off the banks of the carolinas. it skirts the coastline and the cold front shunts it away with rainfall skirting the coastline. warm temperatures. 90s across the expansive area. look what happens september. cool air comes in.
2:49 am
temperatures drop off ten degrees by late week. guys. i'm not ready to say good-bye to summer. >> let's see what is coming up on "new day." alisyn camerota joins us now. >> good morning, everybody. we have a very interesting show for you this morning. we will bring you behind the scenes of the debate preparations for the candidates. who is helping hillary clinton and donald trump? it turns out there is a psychologist, a ghost writer and radio talk show host. we will show you all that intrigue. also, we have a reporter from vanity fair who spent a lot of time reporting on huma abedin. she is so instrumental in hillary clinton's campaign, but she remains serious in light of her husband anthony weiner. we will see who the woman is behind hillary clinton. we will have that on "new day." a stock that has been a sweet buy is plunging in pre-market trading. we will tell you why the mood
2:50 am
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president obama will discuss the fight against isis when he meets with the turkish leader erdogan on the sidelines of the group of 20 in china. the meeting comes as the united states tries to cool the battle with turkey and the other ally. syrian kurdish troops whom turkey views as terrorists. joining us is cnn's nick paton walsh. they bet a lot on the syrian kurds, but to some, this was a predictable outcome. >> reporter: we knew they would run into the fellow nato member
2:55 am
as terrorists. the problem is when they take the territory back, it falls into syrian kurdish hands. this is in the hands of the group that turkey considers terrorists. here we are at a real crux, john. the turkish intervention by a suicide bomber that killed over 50. they knew they had to move in to stop the syrian kurds from increasing the territory along the border. they moved in user syrian rebels on the ground. they moved south and run into the syrian kurds. now america has stepped in seeing an air strike which killed 20 people and maybe militants and some say civilians. washington stepped in to say to turkey stop moving south and the syrian kurds, we told you you have to stay behind the natural boundary of the euphrates river. move east of that. now at this stage, turkey
2:56 am
appears to fire arrest tille appears to artillery strikes. the syrian kurds are fighting isis. they are saying, we're still in the battle against isis. where are you, turkey? america is trying to calm it down, but still a face-off. >> they are making gains against isis. there are problems in the aftermath. nick, thank you. let's get an early start on your money. dow futures pointing higher this morning. that follows solid gains yesterday. all three averages one big rally away from record highs. stock markets in europe and asia posting gains. oil steady at $47 a barrel. one stock we are watching today. hers hers hershey's down more than 11%. cadbury offered to buy the
2:57 am
company. the talks have fallen apart. and the epi-pen outrage drawing attention of congress. the house committee on government reform sent a letter to mylan ceo heather bresch. it is asking for communications about the surging price of medicine. all of this as she earned $19 million in total compensation last year. the lawmakers want to see sales data and other documents following the public fallout over the price hikes. mylan is offering a $300 savings card and announced plans of a generic drug at half the price. only because a competitor is launching a generic next year. this could give them market share when that happens. what is frustrating, the actual medicine costs $2. >> you look at it as a company.
2:58 am
if they have the sight to think at the beginning of summer would cause this uproar, they should have known this would happen. >> i think they know now. hillary clinton and donald trump are now swapping attacks, accusing each other of racism and negligence. "new day" picks up now. >> it can't get much worse. vote for donald trump. >> trump is trying to rebrand himself. don't be fooled. >> kkk values. david duke values. donald trump values. are not american values. >> these accusations and conspiracies don't make sense. >> anthony weiner caught in another sexting scandal. >> much of the information anthony weiner would know about. i have no complaints. i'm a lucky guy. >> the world mourning the loss
2:59 am
of gene wilder. ♪ want to change the world ♪ there's nothing to it this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> oh, my gosh. i could watch gone wilder's old stuff forever. >> it is a good reminder of all the things you don't know. the reach of his humanity. a special guy is gone. >> we will talk about that on the program. welcome to "new day." it is up first a prominent trump supporter tweeting out hillary clinton in black face. this as former kkk leader, david duke records robo calls to vote for trump. in a more bizarre twist, trump who has been under constant fire is going after clinton on the latest anthony wiener sexting scandal questioning clinton's judgment.
3:00 am
how, why? we begin with jason carol. >> good morning to you, chris. that black face cartoon of hillary clinton is sure to complicate trump's attempt to court african-american voters some of whom are still uncomfortable with the rhetoric of the campaign. trump is set to deliver this immigration policy speech that will finally clear the air on where trump stands on key points involving illegal immigration. accusations of racism leading to more personal attacks on the campaign trail. >> people look at that and say, you seem desperate. >> donald trump's campaign manager hitting back at hillary clinton's running mate for remarks he made last week, linking trump to former ku klux klan grand wizards david duke. >> donald trump is pushing their values, ku klux klan values, david duke values. >> in the case of tim kaine, we expect the rough and tumble politics, the lies from hillary clinton and her folks, but tim kaine, you've been a


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