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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  August 30, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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moments of my life. >> i hope they can show improvement. >> they went around, their friends, their school, their community, raised 20 grand and bought a permanent quadriciser so the people with physical challenges in their school can get more mobile. >> fantastic. good for those boys. time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. ♪ good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. the politics of race, casting a large shadow on the presidential showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump. both campaigns trading jabs over charges of racism and mistreatment of minority voters. one trump supporter, himself an african-american, forced to apologize for this tweet showing clinton in black face. >> it was in hindsight a
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horrible image to use. for me, the black face wasn't the focal point of the picture. for me when i saw it, it was showing how hillary clinton and the democrat party panders after the black vote. >> and the trump campaign scrambles to disavow a robocall from the former lead of of the klu klux klan, david duke. and mr. trump seizing on the latest sexting scandal that has ungulfed the husband of top clinton aide huma abedin. trump saying the repeated misbehavior is just another sign of clinton's bad judgment. >> allegations of racism and sexting. what could be next with this campaign? the pastor who tweeted that cartoon of clinton in black face apologized for doing that again this morning. pastor mark burns saying there are so many different ways
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that -- creative ways that he could have gotten his message out there. without question, that tweet and the david duke robocall is sure to complicate trump's reaching out to african-american voters. accusations of racism, leading to more personal attacks on the campaign trail. donald trump's campaign manager hitting back at hillary clinton's running mate for remarks he made last week, linking trump to former klu klux klan grand wizard david duke. >> donald trump is pushing their values, clklu klux klan values, david duke values. >> in the case of tim kaine, we expect the rough and tumble motorcycl politics, the lies from her folks. i think it's going to backfire. >> duke is promoting trump in robocalls for his louisiana
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senate campaign. >> it's time to stand up and vote for donald trump for president and vote for me, david duke, for the u.s. senate. >> trump has been characterized for not disavowing david duke's endorsement quickly enough during the primary. >> it's absolutely disturbing. the trump campaign has no knowledge of the campaign that david duke is running and we have disavowed david duke and don't condone any of the activities he's doing. >> clinton saying duke's senate bid is a byproduct of trump dog whistles to racist voters. >> this has trump supporter pastor mark burns apologized after tweeting this photo of hillary clinton in black face, mocking her out reach to black voters. >> the last thing i want to do
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is to offend people. >> meanwhile, the republican nominee seizing on the latest sexting scandal surrounding the husband of long time hillary clinton advisor huma abedin. >> she's married to a guy who is uncontrolled. >> abedin announcing her separation from disgraced former congressman anthony weiners after the new york post published pictures he allegedly sent to a woman with his child lying next to hill, something that reportedly left abedin furious and sickened. >> he's a sick person and she has access to classified information. to think that it's very likely that much of this information anthony weiner would know about. and i think it's something that was terrible. >> and the campaign shifting to
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policy tomorrow when donald trump delivers his speech on immigration. some of his supporters concerned he is softening his position on his promise to put into place that deportation force to deport an estimated 11 million undocumented people living in the united states. the campaign hoping to clarify trump's position during that speech tomorrow. >> let's talk about donald trump's big week. with me now a trump supporter and a clinton supporter. paris, let's start with huma abedin. does mr. trump have proof that huma abedin is sharing state secrets with her husband? >> no, i don't think mr. trump or anybody has actual proof that she was sharing top secret information with her husband. >> why go there, paris? >> what it does raise is the seriousness of the issue of
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having a secret server and having top secret information that was accessible to a lot of people. and as the fbi said -- >> how does connecting anthony weiner to that -- >> because you have a person who has exercised bad judgment. if he's in incapable of keeping his own son out of his sexting escapades, certainly one would make the conclusion that he's not able to have good judgment as to information that his wife may or may not have shared with him. >> i want to clear this up. trump says that huma abedin is sharing secret information that she the got from hillary clinton with her husband anthony weiner who's passing it along to someone maybe kind of? >> it's not unheard of for people in politics to have spouses to talk to them about the things they're doing. huma is a senior person.
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she's a very loyal person to the clinton campaign and the foundation for many years. just like petraeus who shared information with his spouse or his woman that he was seeing at the time, it's not unheard of or uncommon for this to happen. if it did happen, anthony weiner has shown extreme lack of good judgment. >> there is no evidence that anything like this happened. i just want to reiterate that because i'm a journalist. unless i see proof, it didn't happen. >> you like facts. so do i. >> okay. bringing up huma abedin, she does seem to be involved with every controversy that comes down the pike with hillary clinton. at what point does she start hurting mrs. clinton? >> let's talk about donald trump's bad judgment in throwing out wild accusationaccusations. here's a family that's facing a scandal. i can't imagine what it would be like to go through what this family is going through right
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now. but to somehow link hillary clinton and all of these things, i was absolutely shocked to have wild accusations about huma thrown out there in the middle of all of this. what business is it of donald trump's to somehow link something that he has no evidence for in a situation like this? that's some pretty bad judgment right there. >> well, i will say, paris, that mr. trump has a problem with women voters, right? huma abedin is a human being and she's going through an awful time right now. it can't be very much fun. so why even go there? why not let voters draw their own conclusions? >> just to be very candid with you, i didn't like the fact that democrats in the hillary clinton campaign tried to make an issue of mr. trump's campaign manager in relation to his personal life. >> you mean steven bannon?
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>> meaning steven bannon. i feel that anthony weiner and huma's relationship should play a role in this case. it should be about hillary clinton and donald trump. that's it. as it relates to hillary clinton -- >> so it was tit for at the? >> probably. i think the hillary clinton campaign is smart for not engaging on this issue. i do believe that hillary clinton has an issue as it relates to women voters and her issues with her own husband and fill la philandering and lying and chae cheating. >> the polls show that women overwhelmingly support hillary clinton. >> if hillary clinton was to engage in this type of conversation as it relates to i fidelity, cheating, it brings up all these things that the hillary clinton campaign does not want to talk about. it's a smart decision on their part politically to not address
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huma and anthony weiner. >> having this campaign ceo is the same thing as what? this is just interesting to me. of course it matters who he selects to run his campaign and having someone who has the political opinions and connections and conspiracy theories as the person he's selected -- >> no, no. i was talking about his personal life with his wife. >> okay. not my turn? >> go ahead. >> thank you. i think what we're talking about here -- i mean, the issues that are -- that just preceded this panel on david duke and all of the white supremacist groups who are supporting donald trump with every fiber of their being that's what we should actually
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be talking about here. >> let's talk about it. >> whether or not donald trump repudiates them -- >> which he has. >> -- they see something they really like this donald trump and that's something that should worry all of us. >> i'm going to have to leave it there. mr. trump did disavow duke's support for his campaign. thanks to both of you. presidential politics are looming large today in primary contests involving some big names. in arizona john mccain is seeking his party's support for a sixth term, this as he maintains an uneasy alliance with mr. trump. marco rubio also trying to move republicans despite nasty exchanges with the gop nominee. rubio backing away from the accusations that could alienate voters in a state where trump remains popular. also the fate of debbie wasserman schultz, the party still furious despite ousting
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her amid claims that she favored hillary clinton over bernie sanders. >> reporter: now all three of those candidates are expected to win today's primaries by pretty healthy margins. the one wildcard is turnout is probably going to be pretty low. it's going to be unexpected to see who turns outs to the poll. what's a bigger concern for those senators is what happens in the general election and what happens because of what's happening in the presidential race, whether the unpopularity of donald trump will hurt republicans tickets and whether hillary clinton's problems and questions of trust and honesty will hurt democratic candidates. yesterday i had a chance to talk to marco rubio, who's in a particularly awkward position with donald trump, having characterized him so sharply in the primary, but needing those
6:13 am
donald trump supporters to come out in november. and he really walked a fine line. you said a lot of things about donald trump during the primary that you have not taken back yet. >> the primary is over. >> you called him a scam artist. >> the primary is over. the republican voters have chosen a nominee and we have a choice between two people. there's only two people in the world that can be president, donald trump or hillary clinton. i do disagree with donald trump on a number of things. i disagree with hillary on everything. that's the choice before voters right now. >> you said he's to er-- too erratic. >> now that last remark about the democratic challenger that he'll likely face in november trying to tie patrick murphy to hillary clinton. patrick murphy told me yesterday
6:14 am
that he trusts hillary clinton. interesting also, i talked to marco rubio about donald trump's position on immigration ahead of that wednesday speech. marco rubio said that he doesn't think that donald trump's call to deport 11 million illegal immigrants is realistic. he doesn't think that mexico would pay for a wall. but at the same time he would not characterize donald trump's rhetoric on the issues, instead criticizing democrats, showing that fine line that he's balancing even on the issue of immigration. still to come in the "newsroom," we know anthony weiner a little too well thanks to many embarrassing sexting scandals. what do we really know about his wife? we'll talk about that next. ♪
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anthony weiner remains silent either his latest sexting scandal after his wife huma abedin announces her split pr the former congressman. the new york post publishes explicit photos weiner allegedly sent to another woman. it's all over the headlines again today. it's all over the daily news and all over the new york post. all of this happening as abedin's role in clinton's career comes under scrutiny. brian todd joins us now with more on that. >> a lot of questions being asked this morning about huma abedin's role in hillary clinton's career, and questions over whether huma abedin might
6:20 am
in fact be a liability for hillary clinton at this point. either way, these latest reports about anthony weiner have clearly put huma abedin over the edge after a series of embarrassments and attempts to save her marriage. >> i'll be making no further comments. thank you. >> for someone who always seems to disdain the spotlight, abedin has been pushed into it. tonight she is dealing with another humiliation caused by her husband, former new york congressman anthony weiner. a new report that weiner sent sexually explicit photos to another woman, including one photo with their 4-year-old son sleeping next to him, prompting abedin to separate from weiner. >> i can't imagine how painful it is for her. this is a very personal thing she's having to live out in a public way. >> a close friend of abedin's tells cnn abedin and weiner have
6:21 am
quote essentially been separated for months. abedin had been seen recently without a wedding ring. weiner's sexting scandals go back years. he first said he was hacked, then admitted he lied and then resigned from congress. two years later while weiner was running for mayor, more photos were revealed. from abedin, an extraordinary show of support. >> i love him, i have forgiven him, i believe in him. we have moving forward. >> around that time a documentary on weiner's campaign was produced. at one point in the film abedin clearly looks agitated as weiner apologizes to his staff. a campaign aide complains she's
6:22 am
being harassed by the media. abedin forcefully coaches her on optics. seemingly a signature response from huma abedin, tidying up with an obsession for detail no matter how damaging the crisis. recently e-mails obtained show abedin was often approached by clinton foundation staffers for donor access to hillary clinton while she was secretary of state. the e-mails show abedin seemed to facilitate at least one meeting. the clinton campaign denies wrongdoing. but has huma abedin become a liability for hillary clinton? >> she's not a liability except for the fact that her political enemies, hillary clinton's political enemies will try to make her a liability. i don't think it will stick, because i think most people recognize that huma abedin didn't do anything other than try to make her marriage work. >> now that former clinton aide says that chillary clinton
6:23 am
wouldn't get rid of huma abedin any sooner than she would get rid of which chelsea. cnn has reached out to anthony weiner for comment. we've not heard back. still to come in the "newsroom," chicago nearing a grim milestone. the city closing in on its deadliest month in nearly 20 years. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. chicago on the brink of reaching a deadly threshold on par with its most violent most in nearly 20 years. 400 people have been shot in chicago this month alone. 78 homicide recorded. the last time the city saw a
6:28 am
deadlier month was october of 1997 when there were 79 murders. cnn's ryan young live in chicago with more. good morning. >> reporter: these are just staggering numbers. everyone's been talking about this for so many days especially after the shooting of dwyane wade's cousin. when you think about that, a mother who was walking with her child when she was shot four times, twice in the head. that's not the only crime that's happened. more than 30 kids have been shot and killed in chicago just this year. when you look at this year alone, 2,988 people have been shot in 2015 and 2016 already 2800 people have been shot. you think about that crime rate that is soaring here. 43% higher in murders, 48% higher in shootings, 27% up in robberies. look, this has been a conversation across this city,
6:29 am
especially when it comes to as many young people that have been shot and killed. it's almost to a point where you can't even get through a day without someone being shot. in fact, last night two teens were shot. you have a lot of community members asking what can change. you look at the crime rate compared to los angeles and new york, people want to know what the solution will be. there have been more murders in this city than new york and l.a. combined. people pointing to gangs as part of the problem. but there needs to be a larger out reach that people haven't seen so far. mr. trump is using chicago's spike in crime as a reason to vote trump, promising african-americans they will be able to walk the streets without, quote, getting shot. i talked to rapper rhyme fest. he also issued a challenge. >> i want to say that i'm inviting donald trump to
6:30 am
chicago. i will walk you down a block, mr. trump, and i guarantee you won't get shot. >> we tweeted the invitation to mr. donald trump. so far he has not tweeted back. with me are trump supporters and clinton supporter angela rye. twok all welcome to all of you. pastor, do you think mr. trump should accept rhyme's invitation? >> i didn't hear the last part of your question. >> rhyme fest who is a rapper has invited mr. trump to walk the streets with him through black communities. do you think mr. trump should accept the invitation? >> i think so.
6:31 am
african-americans don't need to make mr. trump our scapegoat. we need to stand up to the platform and do something for our community. he comes in with a vision to help our people to have a better life. i think all black ministers have turned their backs on their own people. and we look at washington, d.c. -- >> wait a minute. you think all black ministers have turned their backs on their congregatio congregations? >> most of them have. megachurches are only for mostly single parenting women. and they're doing very little for their own community. let's put it on blacks. the naacp, the black political caucus. i've been in washington. i've seen how they walk the streets. they're doing absolutely nothing. >> i want to go back to that point and ask angela about that
6:32 am
because she was the executive to the former executive director of the black caucus. do you feel that way angela, that black ministers have turned their backs on their largely african-american congregations and all of the civic organizations have also turned their backs on black americans? >> let me first address what the apostle said last, which was the black political caucus, which i have no idea what that is. i worked for the congressional black caucus. i can tell you having worked for the conscience of the congress -- and they earned that moniker more than 40 years ago for all of the work they've done for black people. i have no idea -- i've never heard of the apostle or his daughter. i certainly don't know where they were when william barber was launching war for black people to retain the right to vote. launching a full on attack on black pastors and organizations
6:33 am
that have protected our rights and have ensured that our legislators have -- i don't know where you were when these things were happening. instead you opt to use this particular platform and the one that you used in your church gi just recently to have a rally for donald trump. i know you can do that because you don't have 501 c 3 status. >> i want to ask angela this question. so donald trump is going to go to detroit late they are wer th he's going to meet with a very popular black pastor there. that pastor says he is reserving judgment because this is the first time he's met donald trump and he needs to talk to him face to face.
6:34 am
have you or your father met mr. trump or talked to him face to face? >> actually, we have. we met with him on august 18th when he came down to charlotte, north carolina, and did his town hall rally there. so we had a chance to go in the back and speak with him. and we had already given him information on some of the things that we would like to see him put on his agenda as it pertains to african-americans. >> did he present you with any sort of a plan to create jobs in your community or other african-american communities throughout the country? >> well, he was very receptive, very warm. he was very present and in that moment. he assured us that he will be working towards cultivating a plan. what we wanted to do was to actually bring him the issues that we would like to see resolved. and so there was no actual plan made. but he made every effort to let
6:35 am
us know this will be an ongoing situation, he will be continuing to dialogue with people from all demographics so that we can come up with an actual plan that we can move forward with. >> pastor, i needs to ask you about something because you have your own plan to create jobs for african-americans. you talk of dual citizenship. what do you mean by dual citizenship? >> thank you for the question. dual citizenship, we african-americans are the only people in the world that do not seek dual citizenship. that's why chicago gains, california gangs, the krips and the bloods, detroit michigan. we have blacks in the street because blacks have no vision, they have no leadership. >> what do you mean by dual citizenship? because you've also talked about building a road back to africa. can you explain that for us?
6:36 am
>> yes, i can. thank you for the question. as a matter of fact, where our ancestors came from, from the indian ocean all across to the atlantic ocean, that is 4,000 miles. we wanted to go back and help build highways to create jobs, train rails, pipelines, oil, petroleum to create jobs that the democrats had not did. i think it will give young people in prison -- >> just so i can be clear, what you're suggesting is that african-americans living here who are in trouble should go back to africa perhaps to find jobs? >> not to go back -- i'm saying return. it's a clause in the united nation's charter, a right to return, to help build infrastructure, to give young people -- everybody want to stay here. we are skilled people.
6:37 am
we helped president jefferson -- i'm sorry. >> i just wanted to get angela's take on your idea to create jobs. >> so i guess i'm confused. i'm not sure if you're talking about building a little bridge back to africa or if you're talking about working on actual infrastructure to build roads in africa. if you're talking about building a bridge to africa, i think that's probably impossible. i apologize for laughing. >> yes, it is impossible. >> but i'm sorry. okay. so terms of creating jobs in africa, i think that's admirable. i just would encourage you to talk to candidates that actually have legitimate ideas as opposed to the one you've endorsed, donald trump. >> yes. >> thanks to all of you for being with me. still to come in the "newsroom," growing fallout over
6:38 am
kaepernick's protest during the national anthem. we'll talk about that next. to see everyone.
6:39 am
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growing fallout over colin kaepernick's protest during the national anthem. politics are speaking out. the white house has commented. he's also seeing backlash from jim harbaugh. >> i acknowledge his right to do that, but i don't respect the motivation or the action. >> although it wasn't so long after those comments that harbaugh, now the coach at michigan, walked back his comments on twitter, saying, quote, apologize for misspeaking my true sentiments. to clarify, i support colin's motivation. it's his method of action that i take exception to. now there's speculation that colin kaepernick could lose his
6:43 am
job as the san francisco 49ers' quarterback. welcome. >> hey, how's it going? >> good. what do you think that colin kaepernick is going through now? >> i think he's going through a pretty rough patch in that he wants to do the right thing and he knows that doing the right thing is going to be very difficult because a lot of people won't understand, which we're seeing in the media and from responses on social media. and he's probably right now wondering is he ever going to play football again. >> what do you suppose his coaches and managers are saying behind the scenes? >> i think they're probably saying, hey, if you do this -- hopefully they had this discussion before he actually said anything, because you should approach these matters knowing what the potential consequences are. that's at least what i did. hopefully they were saying if you do this, there is a chance
6:44 am
that you don't play football again, because the nfl is a very corporate environment. and while they may like their athletes speaking out on endorsements and football issues, they really don't like athletes speaking out on social issues. >> is there a place within the football world for, you know, for standing up for issues? or should that be left for after the game is over? you know, where you can protest anything you want without causing a ripple effect across the whole league? >> i definitely think there's a place within the football world for social issues. football players are human beings and members of society just like everyone else. i would argue that it's actually our civic duty as americans to care about what our society consists of. colin being aware of these issues and bringing attention to them does far more good in the long-term than any amount of his ability throwing a football. >> is there some other way than not standing for the national anthem to do that?
6:45 am
>> he could tear up a draft card like ali. >> i guess i wonder if other players will follow him. because surely within the football community there are many players who feel passionately about the issue that colin kaepernick feels passionate about. >> i think there will be. i saw a report. i think there was a rookie linebacker who said he's not going to stand as well, because he realized from colin's actions that he has the stage and he can do something with it. hopefully there will be more guys because this is a chance for players in the nfl to make a statement on the issue of racial relations in the united states. it's a problem we've been wrestling with since the civil war. we still haven't figured this out and we need to because people are diagnose in the stre -- dying in the streets. at the end of the day, i think that's all colin is asking for, is for people to be held
6:46 am
accountable for their actions. >> do you believe that your standing up for gay rights affected your football career? >> i do, because when i look at the numbers, i would have been entering my ninth year in the nfl. most punters who make it past three or four years, tend to last for about 13 or 14. i wasn't over paid considering the other punters who were my equivalent skill level and my stats were exactly in line as they had been the previous seven years which had been good enough for the team. if i look at all these sets in the equation and only one thing that's changed -- >> do you wish you hadn't spoken out? >> not at all. that was one of the things i weighed before i spoke out, was will i be happy with myself if the worst happens, if i don't play in the nfl anymore? and i said, yeah, i'll be fine with that. at the end of the day i think it is more important to live in a
6:47 am
society that values people and doesn't discriminate against its own citizens rather than making a bit more money playing a game that children play in the park. >> do you think what you did made a difference? >> i hope so. i know we were the first state in minnesota to defeat that constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. i think it takes a lot of people working. that one person can provide an impact by making other people aware due to their platform or their ability to be seen. and i think it's a combination of both. it's a combination of society wanting to change and also having visible symbols they can rally behind and move towards. >> thanks for your thoughts this morning. i appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. still to come in the "newsroom," it was a sexual assault case that was sparked a firestorm. now as a former stanford swimmer is about to be released from jail, california lawmakers scramble to pass a tough new
6:48 am
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6:52 am
checking some top stories at 52 minutes past, harrowing images of a rescue off the coast of libya. doctors without borders posting this image of a 5-day-old baby saved along with his twin. about 57 other refugees and migrants were transcribing to make it across the mediterranean sea, most heading to europe. brock turner is set to be released from jail. the former stanford swimmer was convicted of sexually assaulting a 23-year-old unconscious woman. even though prosecutors asked
6:53 am
for a six-year prison sentence, he got six months in jail and only served half that sentence. now a new law is awaiting the california governor's signature calling for mandatory prison sentence for sexually assaulting someone too intoxicated to give consent. ireland must collect $14.6 billion from apple after allowing it to avoid almost all corporate tax for 20 years. this could have a big impact on how europe treats u.s. companies. both apple and ireland plan to appeal the decision. not one, but two weather systems are threatening the coastal u.s., one setting its sights on northern florida, the other the outer banks of north carolina. residents bracing for heavy rain and possible flash flooding. meteorologist chad myers is here. >> not even strong enough to get names yet. hopefully later on today as they start to move away from land, they'll get their act together. we don't want anything to be
6:54 am
hitting land as a big storm. all we're going to get from number eight is a rip current situation. that will be for north carolina. some will be happy about these rip currents because they'll be able to surf in them. this is not a day tout ob there if you're not an expert swimmer or lifeguard. this is going to make those rip currents -- you can be taken out to sea by this stuff. big waves, sure, but not big fun if you're in that. now the bigger story i think which is into the gulf of mexico as this storm, number eight pulls away. it could be hermine or ian. we're seeing which will be the earliest to develop a name. this is looking more sinister today. this purple area is what moved across cuba into the gulf of mexico and will eventually make a big right-hand turn and try to run back at florida. run back at florida as something probably stronger than the one up in north carolina, making storm surge up to about three
6:55 am
feet, making wind, probably more importantly, making some of the foenl f potential for inland flooding. just like we saw in louisiana, possible to get flooding when you get all that rainfall in 10 to 12 hours. who is going to hawaii? the president is. yes, we have two hurricanes potentially rolling toward hawaii over the next couple days. the cone is over hilo, crisscrossing there across the hawaiian islands. maybe thement will get a wind event there to deal with. we'll have to see if he changes plans or not. if you're going to hawaii, keep your eye on this. >> we'll do. the next hour with cnn newsroom after a break. get between you and life's dobeautiful moments.llergens flonase gives you more complete allergy relief.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. race and ugly rhetoric casting a large shadow on the presidential showdown between hillary clinton and donald trump. both campaigns trading jabs over charges of racism and mistreatment of minority voters. one trump supporter, himself an african-american fired off this tweet showing clin none black face. he apologized on cnn just a few hours ago. >> it was in hindsight a horrible image to use. for me the black face was president the focal point of the picture. for me when i saw it it was showing how hillary clinton and the democrat party panders after the black vote. >> all right. a lot to cover, as usual this morning. jason carroll is here to walk us
7:01 am
through part of it. good morning. >> good morning. this was supposed to be the day when much of the talk would be about trump's muchly an liss pated speech on immigration. you have mark burns apologizing for posting the picture of clinton in black face. burns says he has not spoken to trumped and he repeatedly apologized for twooeting a cartoon he admitted was divisive. then you have the former head of the clan, david duke, putting out a row bow call asking for voters to support him in the senate and trump for president, all this as trump is trying to appeal to communities of color and moderate white voters. first, listen to the robo call that went out to people in louisiana. >> unless massive immigration is stopped now, we'll be out numbered and out voted in our own nation. it's happening. it's time to stand up and vote for donald trump for president and vote for me, david duke, for the u.s. senate. >> the trump campaign was
7:02 am
criticized during the primary for not disavowing duke's endorsement of duke quickly enough. this time the trump was quick to get out and disavow duke's robo call. >> it's absolutely disturbing. the trump campaign has no knowledge of the campaign that david duke is running and we don't condone any of the activities he's doing. >> the trump campaign also released a statement saying there is no place in the republican party for duke's racist views. the trump camp now also looking ahead to tomorrow's speech on immigration. trump's hard line supporters are concerned he is softening his position on using a deportation force as promised to deport some 11 million people live manage the united states. this morning trump did tweet about the wall he intends to build, saying from day one i said i was going to build a great wall in the southern border and much more. stop illegal immigration, watch wednesday. i think a lot of people will be watching on wednesday. >> i knowly be, and you, too.
7:03 am
jason carroll, thanks so much. joining is rah she da tall leave, a former michigan state representative. thanks for being here. >> good morning. >> when donald trump gave his economic speech in detroit just a few months ago or just a few weeks ago actually. you were there and you were one of the people that protested, stood up and left the room. why didn't you just sit and listen to what donald trump had to say before protesting? >> this was the first time the detroit economic club closed the doors as an option for us to actually ask questions. as i got offered the ticket, i really wanted to ask him to do better. my children listen to the other classmates, to the forefolks in their summer camps talk about muslims and hard working immigrants as rapists. our children are listening. i think it's very clear to me that i will never be able to afford the kinds of tickets to
7:04 am
get a face-to-face with donald trump at the various fund-raisers and events. for me it was really important that i stood up and spoke out. i even asked him, please read the constitution. this is what we teach our children about our values through the constitution. it was really important for me to speak up. i have to tell you i'm terrified as a mom. raising two children of muslim faith in america at a time when we're talking about segregating our country based on faith. we're talking about excluding immigrants from our neighborhoods and they've been so much part of the fabric of who we are, especially in detroit. >> let me ask you about this because donald trump is now reaching out to minority communities. he's going to go back to detroit this weekend. he's going to sit down with a black pastor there who doesn't know whether he'll endorse mr. trump or not. it may be a contentious meeting. this pastor said he's going to look donald trump in the eyes and ask if he's a racist.
7:05 am
it's not going to be an important conversation for mr. trump. is it at least important that he'll sit down and try? >> absolutely. i think it's extremely important. i wish i could get that face-to-face time with donald trump. i think it's important for him to hear from a black pastor that every day is dealing with the challenges of the members of his congregation. poverty in detroit is high. the one thing i keep telling people when they say donald trump is coming back, he must care, i say, look, we may not have a lot of money in the city of detroit, we all struggle, but we're not stupid. we follow when we're getting bamboozled. it's obvious he's getting desperate in trying to come back and sound sincere. many of us know the first time we heard about donald trump was when we heard about the lawsuit against himself when he was trying to exclude people away from his housing project. that's what's happening now in downtown detroit, this pushing out of black families, seniors, people that are poor outside of the downtown area.
7:06 am
that's exactly what trump did in his own back yard in new york. >> is there anything mr. trump can say to you that would change your mind about him? >> you know, win or lose in this election, donald trump can do something about poverty now. why isn't he acting now? he has the resources to do something to try to alleviate poverty among children in the city of detroit. >> he would say he created a lot of jobs in his many businesses. >> a lot of us can say that. when you have an unemployment rate like we have in the city of detroit, he's not obviously not focused on people of color. >> rashida tlaib, thank you for joining us. i'm joined by scott any nell hugh, and jason johnson the politics editor for and professor at morgan state university, worked on both republican and democratic campaigns.
7:07 am
scottie, you heard rashida, i asked is there anything mr. trump can say that would change your mind about him. it doesn't appear there's anything. does mr. trump have a hard road convincing minority voters that he's for them? >> that's one mother, and i respect her. i think she's doing a great job trying to build a better country for her children. but to sit there and talk about a problem without giving solutions is how we've ended up in what we're dealing with today and why folks are looking for someone on the outside of government. she tried to blame the poverty of detroit and what's going on now within her own city that she was a legislator of for the last six years on donald trump who has nothing to do with it. why don't you look at the policies of hillary clinton and barack obama of the last eight years that has allowed housing ownership among african-americans to go down, poverty to go up, for crime to go up. >> you could argue that by
7:08 am
saving the auto industry that the obama administration and the bush administration, too, because he initiated, did create jobs and did help detroit and did give people jobs. >> yet they're still ranked very low when it comes to the economy and economic recovery, only at a 1% which is about what the national average is. and many car dealerships and car manufacturers moved to states like tennessee, no income tax where they now have nissan and volkswagen and others because of the oppression of the labor unions. >> they wanted to get rid of the unions. let's face it, they moved south so they didn't have to pay their workers so much, it was cheaper to do business there. that is part of it, too. >> i disagree. their workers are very happy. >> i'm not saying they're not happy. i didn't say that. i'm saying part of the reason they moved from places like ohio and illinois and michigan. jason johnson, donald trump is going to go to detroit. he's going to sit down with this pastor and it won't be a
7:09 am
pleasant meeting. this pastor is going to ask donald trump some tough questions. isn't it noteworthy that donald trump is at least going to do this? >> no, not at all. carol -- i respect scottie and i understand trump has a campaign to run. it's 70-something days. people need to get paid and do their jobs, but this is not going to work. it's not going to work because the american people have seen what donald trump has said about people of color over the last 18 months. you don't even have to go back to the 1970s. if you have somebody that is running for president of the united states who says that a sitting judge can't do their job because they have mexican parents, that is racist. consequently, african-american voters are very inclined to say, if you're hostile towards muslims who 20% of african-americans in this country are muslim, and you're hostile toward mexican americans, you're probably not going to be all that pleasant towards us.
7:10 am
i don't understand why the trump campaign thinks this new plan is going to work one way or the other. he'd be better off doing work in north carolina and ohio to increase early voters. trump needs to get out all the white voters he can. not going to do well with african-americans or latinos, no matter how many churches he goes to. >> still, isn't it important that he's going, jason? >> no. it's like chris rock used to say, you don't get credit for doing what you're supposed to do. if you're running for president of the united states, you're supposed to want to talk to everybody. why are we giving donald trump credit for actually going to a city and talking to voters. you shouldn't get credit for that. that's your job. hillary clinton can go to places in the south, in the north, that's what you're supposed to do. >> scottie? >> the hypocrisy is really interesting. on one hand you have my friend there, by the way, not paid by the trump campaign, not a member of the trump campaign, doing this on my own dime, so just to correct that. originally the last nine months
7:11 am
going to the african-american community, going to hispanic community. mr. trump is now doing that. he did it back in chicago back in the spring and we had violent riots that caused him to leave. so he has tried. hillary clinton has -- >> wait a minute. that has nothing to do with it. he held a rally. if he was afraid of that particular neighborhood, there are other neighborhoods within chicago that actually have african-americans populating it. >> you had the african-americans celebrating, actually sent out an e-mail -- >> whoa, whoa, whoa. i don't remember that. i don't remember black people getting together and having a huge celebration. he was running for president. what you're saying, scottie, is all black people were celebrating because of something that happened. that's like when trump said all muslims were celebrating 911. >> no, i said some were celebrating. watch my words. >> scottie, what?
7:12 am
>> i said some were celebrating. there were e-mails sent out celebrating that they ran donald trump out of chicago. >> some. >> to my point, hillary clinton has yet to come and actually talk to us, maybe christian conservatives, evangelicals, us gun toting baby loving southerners or westerners, she has yet to reach out to us. as much as i don't want to criticize donald trump, i have yet to see her go to a gun show and say why do you folks -- why are you clinging the your gun as your bible so much. >> that was barack obama. hillary clinton didn't say that. >> she has not done anything to reach out to the other side. the hypocrisy of saying they have to reach out to one group and yet ignore yet demonize in her speech i think is unfair. >> let me make this clear. i'm not supporting hillary clinton. we're talking about donald trump doing a better job talking to minorities. hillary clinton has 90% of the black vote. trump is the one who needs to put the work on. >> but only 18% of the christian
7:13 am
evangelical group supporting her now. >> scottie nell hughes, thanks to both of you. the fbi investigating an apparent breach of election systems earlier this year. officials say hackers may have targeted databases in arizona and illinois, compromising hundreds of thousands of voters' personal information. evan perez in washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. we're talking about these two attempted hacks in illinois and in arizona. in the case of illinois, the election authorities there say that hackers did manage to get in and they apparently stole the personal data of as many as 200,000 voters there in that state. the fbi is investigating that. in arizona it appears someone might have tried to get in. it's not clear that they actually did. but the fbi is also investigating whether or not this is just a couple of many other incidents that are targeting election authorities around the country. in the case of illinois, what
7:14 am
appears to be happening according to officials we've been talking to is that criminal hackers are trying to steal the personal dater of these voters. that includes their names and addresses, social security numbers, phone numbers, things that are valuable to sell on the internet for these hackers. at this point they don't know who is behind this. the suspicion is they might be criminal groups in eastern europe who are behind this, carol. >> there are rumors out there that russian hackers are behind this, too. i think senator harry reid believes that. is that true? >> well, we don't know that just yet. one of the things we have to be careful about is to address whether or not this should undermine people's confidence in the election system. according to officials we've been talking to, there's nothing to indicate that is the case. we should underscore that the voting systems, the machines and the tabulation systems are not connected to the internet in both these states. that's generally the case around the country. so that's one way for you to
7:15 am
address that issue. obviously there is some concerns here because it is an election year and that's one reason why the fbi sent out an@alert to all states to make sure their security is up to par. >> evan perez, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom." donald trump speaks out on anthony weiner's latest sexting scandal. why some of his supporters are pushing back and urging the candidate to stay on message. hmmmmmm..... hmmmmm...
7:16 am
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7:19 am
donald trump pounces on anthony weiner's recent sex scandal. huma abedin announcing their split. now trump says their marriage may be a matter of national security. >> in the case of anthony weiner, she's married to a guy that is uncontrolled and uncontrollable. he's a sick person, and, you know, she has access to
7:20 am
classified information. huma abedin has access to classified information. how hillary got away with that one nobody will ever know. but to say that it's very likely that much of this information anthony would know about. >> all right. let's talk about this with cnn political analyst and former clinton administration official kirsten power and cnn political commentator and trump supporter scottie nell hughes. scottie, last night she talked to trump's friend and business associate tom barrick. here is what he had to say about trump making this a campaign issue. let's listen. >> to make the leap that anthony weiner is a security threat i disagree with. i think there are so many issues to discuss in regard to security breaches with regard to hillary clinton and huma, to take the leap to anthony weiner i think is a mistake.
7:21 am
>> when he comes out now and talks about anthony weiner and huma abedin, that's the kind of stuff you don't want to hear him talking about? >> personally i don't because i think it detracts from the substance. >> all right. those were two trump supporters, scottie, do you agree with them? >> i do. i thought representative duffy's interview and thought he was on target. this is a personal issue. my heart hurts for what huma is trying to do. like any strong woman, she might be toward to shreds inside. this is a matter she's asked to be kept private and handle on the inside. i do say going forward if hillary clinton is elected president, there might be issues whether or not it might be blackmail or weakness, but let them handle their own house. they've got enough trouble. >> do you think there's anything to the allegations that donald trump made, skoet tea? >> obviously huma was around very secretive -- the e-mails
7:22 am
have been leaked. she was definitely around some very classified information in the past as hillary clinton is secretary of state. there's no evidence that that was leaked out or in any way anthony weiner had access to that, even if it was just pillow talk. this is once again, mr. trump bringing the focus in on e-mails and lack of security amongst clinton and her staffers. i think that's what he was meaning. but i think this is an issue they need to handle on their own. >> kirsten, we know mr. trump has a problem with women voters. does this hurt, help his cause? >> i don't know if it will hurt it, but it definitely won't help it. the problem with this, like so many of the trump accusations is there's not one shred of evidence to support this ever happened. he's suggesting because he thinks these thing about anthony weiner that huma must have shared this information even though we have no reason to
7:23 am
believe she would do that. this is not somebody, anybody who has ever been under the impression of sharing information she shouldn't be sharing. pillow talk, i don't think people are usually sharing classified information in pillow talk. they shouldn't be. it's something that violates an oath they have taken. so i also think it's again, he's attacking somebody really at one of the lowest moments of her life, very similar way he did with the khan family where you have grieving parents and he's attacking people dealing with things that you would never want to ever have to deal with. it's very, very unseemly. >> i will say that huma abedin has become this lightning rod. her name pops up all the time, and hillary clinton's opponents sometimes use her quite effectively. at one point will hillary clinton sit back and reconsider or should she? >> i can't imagine that hillary clinton would ever get rid of
7:24 am
huma abedin, nor should she. i think this is somebody who has been with her for decades, her closest aide, a person she trusts most in the world. it's someone she has said is like a daughter to her. i don't see this as being somebody whose job is in jeopardy at all. the fact that you have political opponents making hay about her, doesn't mean she's done anything wrong. i think we need to remember that. yes, a lot of people have tried to make her a lightning rod. when you look at a lot of accusations, there's nothing there. >> scottie, there may be a danger here. you want women to support one another through times of trouble. if hillary clinton were to dump ooum u huma abedin, what would that say about her? >> absolutely. mr. trump did praise her in her decision to get rid of anthony weiner. back when hillary clinton was going through and stood by bill
7:25 am
clinton's side amongst his scandals, she did receive criticism, saying why are you keeping with him after treating you like this? her standing by huma, saying every woman has to make their own decision, it's not one for me to judge. it would look negative if she did get rid of her. huma was very cautious about what hillary clinton was doing with not keeping her e-mails secure, servers secure and talking with other staffers saying how do we beef up the security. what hillary is doing is not right and putting us at risk. i think huma has been a good stable voice among hillary clinton in the past. she did the right thing by saying it was personal and didn't want to detract from the election. i think it's personal reasons she decided to give weiner the door. >> thanks to both of you. still to come in the
7:26 am
"newsroo "newsroom," top lawmakers facing primary battles. hillary clinton and donald trump will share the stage but not the strategy when they face off in next month's debate. t-mobile's coverage is unstoppable. we doubled our lte coverage. and, with extended range lte, it reaches farther than ever. now you can stream video and music free in more places without using any of your data. from skylines to coastlines, out in the country, deep in the city. we got you covered. 311 million americans and counting. and we won't stop. come see why t-mobile is #1 in customer satisfaction.
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7:30 am
good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. presidential politics looming large in primary contests involving big names. in arizona john mccain is
7:31 am
seeking a sixth term as he maintain z an uneasy alliance with trump and supporters who rail against washington insiders. fellow senator marco rubio trying to woo republicans despite nasty exchanges with the gop nominee. rubio backing away from accusations that could alienate voters. florida voters will decide the fate of debby wasserman schultz. claims she unfairly favored hillary clinton over bernie sanders. manu raju is following all this for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, carol. we expect all three of those incumbents to win their races today, probably by healthy margins even though we're seeing these primary challengers try to tap into the unrest of the bases against the respective party leaderships. unlike what we saw in the presidential race, we're seeing these incumbents, these insiders probably going to win tonight, they're better funded, better
7:32 am
organized and frankly have run better campaigns. in florida marquee rubio is facing carlos ber roof. he's expected to win big. but then will likely face patrick murphy on the democratic side, assuming the congressman can beat his own progressive challenger in his primary. i had a chance to talk to marco rupe i don't yesterday about a number of thorny issues donald trump has been saying on the campaign trail including on immigration. >> do you hope he reverses his position to deport the 11 million undocumented -- >> i've consistently said that i don't think that's a realistic approach. >> is it realistic to build a wall -- >> not a wall across the entire border, but key sectors, yes. >> force mexico to pay for it. >> mexico is not going to pay for it. that's our national security interest. >> should donald trump soften his rhetoric? >> i'm more focused on the
7:33 am
democrat's rhetoric on this issue. >> clearly pulling his punches on this issue after having the nasty primary campaign, rubio also would not take back any of the criticisms he launched at donald trump. i asked him, well, how do you stand with those criticisms you launched at the campaign and still support donald trump? and he really did not want to address that, instead focusing on hillary clinton and trying to tie hillary clinton to his democratic candidates. we're seeing both candidates on both sides dealing with the fact that the top of their tickets are rather unpopular. >> all right. manu raju reporting live from orlando. thanks so much. just 27 days out from hillary clinton and donald trump's very first presidential debate. if the last two weeks are any indication, that stage could become the battle of the best one-liners. >> it's hard to tell where the clinton foundation ends and where the state department begins. >> i will leave it to the
7:34 am
psychiatrists to explain his affection for tyrants. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings. >> donald trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. >> she doesn't have the strength or the stamina coupled with all of the other problems that this country has, and we have a lot. >> friends don't let friends vote for trump. >> all right. a few moments ago cnn did confirm that trump's art of the deal ghost writer turned trump critic tony schwartz has been in contact with clinton for debate preparations. tweeting just 14 hours ago, trump isn't preparing for debates because he can't. no attention equals deep ignorance about issues. he will be all bluster, no
7:35 am
substance. is that true? with me ron brownstein cnn senior political analyst and senior editor for "the atlantic." welcome, ron. >> good morning. >> what do you think of mr. schwartz helping team clinton prepare for the debates? >> yes, they have criticized donald trump on some issues but that hasn't been their central line of argument. where they have focused most of their attention is reinforcing the doubts many americans have about whether he has the experience and temperament to succeed as president, whether he's personally qualified for the most complex job in the world. >> how do you do that in a debate? >> as you see, what they're trying to do, what they're arguing is their core goal in the debate is to provoke him to be outrageous or blustery or in other ways loose his cool. i think it is much more on that front at least in the early kind of hints from the campaign than it is on making a systematic case against all of his
7:36 am
policies. >> you ask him a very complicated question about something? is that how you do it? >> no. i think they're looking more to get under his skin, right? they're looking more to raise the doubts about his temperament. that is in the debate, for donald trump, i think the core hurdle to get over in the debate is to try to very verse what has been a very consistent finding that some 60% of americans will say they don't believe he's qualified, roughly the same number think he has the temperament, roughly the same number say he's racially bigoted. he has deep perceptions to overcome. on her side, it's the honesty and trustworthiness. and also whether she's in this for herself or in this to you. she has to make a case for african-americans -- >> it works the other way, too. he also can get under her skin because she also has a tendency to become overly emotional in
7:37 am
debates. we saw that when she was debating bernie sanders. >> if you go back to the senate debate, donald trump is facing unfavorable womens among women. the question of how aggressive he can be in a one-on-one debate with her i think is still open. we saw the lick lazio precedent from 2000 when he walked across the stage and handed her the paper to sign and there was a backlash on that. it's a narrow line for either of them, but i think the clearest need of either candidate in this debate is for donald trump to reassure americans -- reconvince americans that think he's not qualified. i think that's where clinton will put his efforts, to make sure 4e does not achieve the reconsideration. >> this notion about being prepared, i think donald trump at some point said there's a thing about -- you can be overly prepared. i get what he's saying about that. sometimes you fooel fill your
7:38 am
head with memorized facts and you're not able to be spontaneous any longer or think in the moment. that's also important, isn't it? >> right. that's certainly his strength. his strength is he is an outsider who will shake up the political system. that is i think one of the challenges he's facing this week with immigration. if he backs off the core position on immigration that he used to win the nomination from voters who were drawn to that, does that make him not only a flip-flopper but more of a conventional politician? i think donald trump is right that he's not going to win a debate by going toe to toe with hillary clinton on detailed understanding of section 8 vouchers. it's more a question of whether he can portray himself as an outsider who will shake up the system, but also deal with these widespread doubts about whether he is qualified for the job. i think his inclin naks will be to go after her and highlight all the doubts voters have about her. i don't think that is his central problem at this point. we have a majority of americans
7:39 am
saying they're unfavorable. a majority saying they don't believe she's honest and trustworthy. right now those concerns are being trumped by the doubts about trump. that's more than anything else what he has to deal with in the debate. >> rob brownstein, thanks so much. i'll be right back. you inherit lots of traits from your family. my ancestor, lady beatrice, introduced the elizabethan ruff. great-grandfather horatio went west during the gold rush. and aunt susan was a a world champion. i inherited their can-do spirit. and their double chin. now, i'm going to do something about it. kybella® is the first of its kind injectable treatment that destroys fat under the chin, leaving an improved profile. kybella® is an fda-approved non-surgical treatment for adults with a moderate amount of fullness... or a bit more. don't receive kybella® if you
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hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist. this is humira at work. all right. breaking news just in to cnn. twhen fbi initially questioned hillary clinton about using a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state, they took copious notes. now those notes, at least some of them, will be turned over to the media. evan perez, our justice correspondent is covering this for us. what can you tell us? >> reporter: the fbi is getting ready to release what is known as the 302s, the fbi agent's
7:44 am
notes done before the fbi announced last month they were recommending no charges be brought against hillary clinton in that investigation of her private e-mail server. they're also going to release a report that the fbi prepared and sent over to the jis justice department making that recommendation. it's about a 30-page-long report, the 302 as it's called, the interview notes. it's about a dozen pages. this really just reminds you of the problem clinton faces going down the stretch before the election. we'll have drip, drip, drip of the reminder of this e-mail investigation. the fbi is motivated here because they believe -- they want to make sure the public knows what they did and why they made the recommendation, the fbi director made that promise to capitol hill when he testified after he made his recommendation. so we expect we'll see these notes. what's not going to be released just yet are the additional interview notes from some of her
7:45 am
aides that were interviewed by the fbi as well as some of the other investigative material. that is still being kept under wraps. we don't know whether the fbi ever plans to release all that additional material. >> i'm just confused about one thing. the fbi was going to turn over notes to congress, but the congress, lawmakers were not supposed to share that information with the public. are these notes different from those notes? >> no, they're the same notes. what happened is when they turned that over to congress, there was some minor redactions made to protect some classified information. the release that's being made to the public is a lot more redactions. there's going to be a lot more stuff that is going to be hidden because they have to protect privacy under the foia. >> foia is the freedom of information act. evan perez, thank you so much. i'll be right back.
7:46 am
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congress has major questions about epipens' 400% price increase, looking for sales
7:50 am
data, manufacturing costs, federal subsidies and other documents relating to the surging price of this medicine. all this as heather bresch, ceo earned nearly $19 million in total compensation last year. cnn money's christina alesci has more. >> good morning. this oversight committee is looking at all dock s including some non-public information. they're going to look for the profit margins, how much money is this company actually making off of this drug. it's going to be looking at lobbying records as well, what kind of influence did the company have on congressional leaders. now, unclear what impact this committee is really going to have other than draw more unwanted headlines for the company, maybe pressuring it to do more than offer a generic -- they announced yesterday would offer a generic at a 50% discount. but the company has come to
7:51 am
symbolize corporate agreegreed. it's partially because of the way it handled the situation. the ceo came out and blamed a failed and broken system. consumers don't want to hear about a failed and broken sis sfem when you look at the price increases since 2009, they've increased prices 15 times. you can't ignore that. yes, middlemen do take some of that profit. yes there are people involved in the system, but when consumers see a chart like that and they know that the price has gone up 400% since 2009, they get upset, and it's not good enough for the ceo to say it's not our fault. it's the broken system's fault. we'll see if this latest sort of move to reduce the cost is going to have an impact. here is the thing, carol, their latest price increase does look opportunistic. their latest increase came in 2015 when a competitor voluntarily pulled its drug off the market.
7:52 am
so the argument that it's not opportunistic, driven by the failed system -- >> this is the only brand being sold besides the generic brand it's now offering, the same company? >> exactly. >> so it's cornered the market and now it can charge whatever it wants. >> that's exactly what the congressional oversight committee is saying, saying it has a monopoly on the market. >> christina alesci, thanks so much. talk about a whopper of a tax bill for apple. european union says ireland must collect $14.6 billion from the tech giant after allowing it to avoid almost all corporate taxes for 20 years. this could have a big impact on how europe treats u.s. companies. the treasury department is weighing in calling the ruling unfair and ireland's development agency chief said moments ago this agency does not do tax deals. both apple and ireland are planning the appeal the decision. coming up in the "newsroom," more than 6,000 migrants rescued
7:53 am
in a span of 30 hours, among them, a set of newborn twins. hmmmmmm..... hmmmmm... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm...
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some pretty unusual news coming in to cnn. there are reports out that maine's governor paula page is actually considering resigning. remember last week we told you the governor made what some called racist comments about who is committing dments the state of maine and left this expletive ladened message on the phone of a lawmaker. it's taken me aback because you don't often hear about a governor saying he might possibly resign his office in the middle of his term.
7:58 am
>> that's right. interesting political news, the state's republican governor paul lepage sub suggesting in an interview he may not actually finish his term. he told a radio station, if i've lost my ability to help the people of maine, maybe it's time to move on. this after lepage left a threatening voice mail to a local state representative filled with a lot of curse words. we have a snippet of that that we can listen to. >> i want you to prove that i'm a racist. i've spent my life helping black people and you little son of a [ bleep ], socialist [ bleep ]. i need you to -- this frick in -- i want you to record this and make it public because i am after you. thank you. >> now, this local representative who was on the receiving end of this very interesting voice mail, he was very critical of comments that the governor made about the
7:59 am
african-american community in the state of maine. lepage saying in this new radio interview that, when i was called a racist, i just lost it and there's no excuse. carol, this is potentially interesting in the 2016 election sphere as well, lepage is supportive of donald trump. he has, in fact, campaigned with trump in his state has trump has gone after that one electoral vote. it will be interesting to see if this ends up bubbling over and actually affecting the 2016 election in any meaningful way. >> this surprises me because maine's governor hasn't had a great relationship with the state legislator. this is a guy who named his dog veto because he vetoed so many bills coming out of the state legislature. >> and has a reputation for speaking off-the-cuff. >> making controversial comments. >> that's right. actually comparison haves been drawn between donald trump and the governor as well. that's an interesting element as well. >> do you think it would really happen? would that be history making?
8:00 am
>> it depends on how much backlash he continues to face for making these kinds of comments. if he feels like the pressure is too much and he feels like he's not in a productive role here, maybe he decides to leave early. >> unusual news coming out of maine. thanks for joining me today. at this hour with berman and baldwin starts now. zblunchts zblanchts. >> this is cnn breaking news. hello everyone, i'm john berman. kate bolduan is off today. we begin with breaking news in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. we could be about to learn a whole lech of a lot more about this investigation. the fbi now plans to publicly release the report it sent to the justice department recommending no charges against secretary clinton, and also the notes


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