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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  August 30, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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so you're telling me there is a chance? be sure you follow me on facebook and twitter or tweet the show @theleadcnn. happening now, breaking news, terrorist take down. isis says a key leader has been killed in syria pl he called on followers to kill americans by whatever means possible. did a u.s. airstrike tame him out. will his death make a difference in the war against isis? >> not backing down. cnn jr. says his father's position on immigration is not softening at all. he will still push for the deportation of immigrants.
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and the fbi are release notes from her marathon interview along with a report recommending no charges in the e-mail investigation. could a fired general's secret life as a swinger have him exposed to blackmail? and how did his sex club visits go undetected for years? i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." >> this is cnn breaking news. >> breaking news, in an unprecedented announcement, isis says a senior leadership has been killed in syria. the terror group is vowing revenge. he was the most public face of isis and may have overseen bloody attacks in europe. the oust officially labelled him a terrorist two years ago and put a steep price on his head.
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a coalition air strike today did target a senior isis leader. also breaking right now, on the eve of donald trump's big speech on immigration, his son says he is not softening his position at all. his father will still push to deport undocumented immigrants, but there are babysteps that need to come first. the issue of race is dominating and distracting the campaign. an african-american pastor has now apologized for tweeting a cartoon iman showing hillary clinton in black face. and the u.s. general who was fired after the army discovered his secret life as a swinger. how did the military miss his frequent visits to sex clubs. i will speak to chris collins,
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the first lawmaker to endorse trump, and well have full coverage of the day's top stories. isis announcing the death of al adhani. >> he is not only isis's top spokes man, he is also believed to have been an operational commander of isis attacks overseas. she also a possible successor. oust officials put a $5 million bounty on him. if he is dead, the enemy has suffered a big loss. >> he is possibly a higher value target than the isis leader. tonight intelligence agencies are looking to see if abu
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mohammed al adnani is dead. they do not relead how he died. >> this would be a stunning development. he is an absolutely key figure in this terrorist group. he is much more than just a spokesman. he is one of our most senior figures. >> he has not only been isis's top spokes man, but also gave key direction on she a shooter that does stuff that affecting the reality on the ground. september 2014, he issues an audio message calling for lone
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wolf attacks that analysts say was a game changer. he called on them to kill americans and what he said were the filthy french. >> after that, there was a deadly assault on the canadian parliament. analyst say he could have had an insper rational role in the paris attacks. >> he is a more dangerous fear, believed to be overseeing the part of isis that carried out the attack in paris that could carry out an attack in the united states on a significant scale. >> officials say he was among
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the first to join insurgents. >> he started as a fighter, but demonstrated leadership and rose through the ranks. and he was like many of the others were. he got out and continued to rise. >> they spoke to an official about his death. and they say he constructed an airstriker in aleppo. this oust official would not say they were targeted al adnani. >> he has been reported dead or wounded before, is that right? >> yes, in jan of this year, but
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this was never confirmed and he lived to fight another day. >> thank you, following another breaking story. there is another very contentious subject calling attention to his campaign right now. tonight, phil, the topic of race is boiling over right now. what is the latest. >> yeah, an issue that is to the unquestions forefront of the campaign. trying to bring this up as an issue, but also a issue that has become increasingly personal. >> the battle over the hot button issue of race in america continuing to escalate. >> i pray those offended receive the sincere apology.
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it was never my intention to hurt or offend anyone. >> apologizing for tweeting a cartoon of hillary clinton in blackface. >> for me the blackface was not the focal point of the picture. for me when i saw it, it was showing how hillary clinton as the democrat party panders after the black vote. >> as trump's campaign disavows this robocall from david duke. he has dogged trump's campaign for months. >> we're losing our country. the black panther cop killers. it's time to stand up for doctor donald trump for president and me for u.s. senate. >> an apparent effort to reach out to minority voters in recent
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weeks. a clear weakness for trump according to a poll that showed just 2% of voters support the g.o.p. nominee. parents working with their beautiful child. parents shot, child is shot. folks, what do you have to lose? what do you have to lose? donald trump will fix it. >> top advisor joel beneson. >> this all coming as trump prepares for a crucial moment in his campaign. highly anded immigration policy speech. trump's advisors have been touting consistency, even as trump, himself, has appeared to waffle on the issue of deportation in recent days. >> they will pay back taxes,
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they have to pay taxes, no amnesty. but we work with them. >> but today, donald trump jr. says trump still intends to remove all undocumented immigrants. >> you have to start with baby steps. >> and trump making clear in a treat that the central component of his proposal is unchanged. saying he will build a great wall on the southern border and much more. >> "and much more" is what people are most interested in. they're playing coy saying wait and see for that speech in arizona tomorrow. those details are increasingly important important tomorrow. donald trump, behind the scenes, how he recognizes his views, that is the most interesting
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thing to watch tomorrow. >> phil mattingly, thank you very much. you're going to hear more from donald trump jr. today. you can watch anderson cooper's entire interview with him tonight. in the meantime, chris collins of new york, the first member of the u.s. congress to endorse trump. >> you heard trump jr. tell his father that they will take "baby steps" on the issue of immigration. do you believe he is still committed to deporting all of the 11 million undocumented people here in the united states? >> i'm not party to the peach she going to give, but what i expect we may hear is deporting the immigrants that have broken
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our laws, where they're allowed to stay in the u.s. you have to draw a line. those undocumented workers, the illegal immigrant that's broke the laws should be deported. at the same time, i have called for the immigrants that have been here working and raising a family, they would be able to travel and raise a family, do a crucial job that americans don't want. as i said, it would be difficult if not impossible to deport 11 million immigrants. let's start with those immigrants that broke our laws out of the country, and implement e verify.
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so going forward we no longer face the situation, and our dairy farmers and crop farmers use e verify to validate that every worker on their farms is here, legally, with work papers. that would be a great step forward. meanwhile, make sure the show does not get worse. >> you would not necessarily all of the undocumented immigrants would have to be deported or leave the country before they can come back and have a legal status, they can remain in the country and get legal status? that is what you would like to hear from donald trump? >> it is. for those illegal immigrants who are obeying our laws, gainfully employed on our farms, hotels, restaurants, i think that is a compassionate solution. one that would work. and i'm hopeful that we will
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hear that as donald trump lives up the to pledge to secure our borders, build a wall, make sure the illegal immigrants that broke the law are deported. >> let's talk about what pastor mark wurns did. she involved in trump's outreach. he tweeted that car soon portraying hillary clinton in black face. what was your reaction? is it appropriate for someone to be putting out those kinds of images? >> no, it was not appropriate. both sighs, whether it was hillary's kkk commercial, which was doisgusting. no one is thinking their speaking for trump is just not so. you can't hold a candidate accountable for what other
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people may say or do surrounding them other than very quickly which donald trump did, disavow any part of that. the pastor did apologize. he tried to explain the situation, using the word pandering. so you can't excuse it. i would never try, mr. trump has not. i hope we can just move beyond that and focus on the big issue for many loving in these inner cities who are not participating in any economic growth. we need to make america great again for all americans, we need mark to work again for all americans, and she pointing out that many have been left behind whether it is education or work. >> i want you to stay with us. let's take a quick break and resume the conversation after this.
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liberty mutual insurance. glrchlts we're talki. we're talking with a donald trump supporter, but there are big things going on today in key battleground states. >> marco rubio and john mccain each facing primary challengers who aligned themselves with donald trump. while they're both favored to win tonight, they're navigating the trump terrain.
2:21 pm
needing to woo hispanics. >> trump is losing in the state, battling national headwinds because of that. >> i'm not sure that he is losing in florida, but it is irrespective. i have to earn my own way. >> would you campaign with trump when he comes down to florida? >> we have our own schedule, we're not going to disrupt it. if it makes sense, we will look on a individual by individual basis. >> leaders worried about trump at the top of the tukt, successfully convincing rubio to run for reelection. but will rubio serve his full six-year term if reelected? >> no one can make that commitment because you don't know what the future will hold in your life personally or politically. i can commit to you this. if i'm running to be a u.s. senator, i'm fully prepared for that to be the last political
2:22 pm
office i hold, and i want to be one of the most effective senators of 21st century. >> that raises the stakes for rubio and mccain, to help the g.o.p. keep control of the senate. rubio won't take back the attacks he waged against trump. his primary vote says it could backfire in november. >> the lack of endorsement, the real endorsement of the nominee irritates them. >> in arizona, a cnn orc poll finds mccain ahead of his republican opponent, kelly ward, who is embracing trump by facing a tough challenge from ann ki
2:23 pm
kirkpatrick. >> i think he needs to show his appreciation for veterans, not john mccain, but those who fought and those who were prisoners of war. >> debbie wasserman shultz has been accused of tipping the scales helping hillary win the democratic national committee. >> how can patrick murphy support hillary clinton after the things coming out about her. >> we're back with republican congressman chris collins of new york. do you think we could see senator mccain or senator rubio
2:24 pm
withdraw support from donald trump, run against him if you will? >> no, i don't. i believe the republican party is united to make sure that we have a republican president so defend the supreme court and make sure the split supreme court stays conservative and constitutional. certainly marco rubio said he is supporting donald trump. and i believe mr. mccain as well, when it comes time november eighth. we're more united than the liberal press wants america to believe. we know what is at stake with the people court. we know what is at stake with the rule making and the executive orders that had negative impacts on all businesses around the country and our farmers. what is at stake means we have to keep hillary clinton out of the white house. we need to turn a corner. we can't have an effective third term of barack obama.
2:25 pm
so i believe that when it all settles down on november 9th and we look back, you're going to see 95% plus of republicans voting for donald trump. but there is a problem, say for mccain or rubio to win primaries. they have to get support from independent voters. big hispanic populations in arizona and florida, for example. do you sense that they may be walking away, at least, a bit from trump to try to gain that support? >> what i do know is all politic social security local, everyone is running their own race, but as mr. trump has shown in the last few weeks, as i believe he will show with his immigration speech. he is putting together real plans. and as america sees his plans unfold, and hillary still hiding somewhere, she has not had a press conference since december,
2:26 pm
she is not coming out with these types of proposals, certainly on immigration. i really think as mr. trump is staying very disciplined, talking about his agenda, pivoting to the mistakes that hillary clinton made, her dishonesty. i think with 70 days to go, you will see a level of enthusiasm that will have the current pundapund punda -- congressman, thank you for joining us. >> always good to be with you, wolf. >> coming up, breaking news. donald trump jr. says his father is not softening his stance on any part of the immigration issue including deportation. and could a general's secret life as a swinger exposed him to
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. donald trump jr. is telling cnn that his father is not softening on his immigration position at all. we have our panel with us now, donald trump jr. told anderson coop near his father is not softening his position at all on
2:32 pm
immigration. he still favors deporting all undocumented immigrants. will we get a clear position from donald trump tomorrow on where he stands on this issue? >> i don't think so, that is the honest truth. he has been more and more clear on everything having to do with illegal immigration other than what you do with the undocumented immigrants. is sounds like the safety zone for most republicans. the thing that brings them all together. talking about securing the border, e-verify, things like that. t the. you just talked to a trump surrogate with a different position that when we think
2:33 pm
position than we think trump has. will trump leave it alone? trump jr. says nothing has changed, and if the status quo works, and there is no solution about legal status or anything like that, that is different from deporting them all. >> do you agree? >> i absolutely agree. i don't know that they know what they're going to do with the undocumented that are not -- the united states is already deporting criminals. that is already the policy. so it just doesn't seem like they are honing in on this. i don't know if they have the knitty gritty. >> dana, you have been reporting on some of the down ballot races. senators of competitive races
2:34 pm
that are running. they could end up helping trump in the respected battleground states? >> when i started talking to republicans that believed this more and more, i was kind of surprised. you were just talking about the concept of john mccain who has a primary, marco rubio who has a primary today. traditionally when we think of coattails, it is a popular candidate helping people lower on the ballot. the home among some republican operatives that i have been talking to across the country is that the marquis names could help donald trump. >> mark. what are you looking for in the races, and what might we see
2:35 pm
tonight that could impact november? >> not so much what we see tonight, but what we see in the 72 hours after the race. will they decide to go all in. having money freed up they don't have to spend in a battleground state. will they go into arizona and will they go directly at donald trump and try to link john mccain with him and try to kill two birds with one stone? same thing could happen in florida as well. if you look at the make up of the voters back in 2012, 18% of the elector raate were in arizo. marco rubio is cuban, and a third of those were cuban. perhaps he has a better advantage with those voters, but if democrats do decide to spend a lot of money if they try to pick up the senate seats, which they certainly will in florida, perhaps they will in arizona,
2:36 pm
that could spell trouble. >> pennsylvania, it shows hillary clinton, you see right there up by eight points, 48-40 over donald trump. if he loses pennsylvania, what is his path to 270 electoral votes? >> without pennsylvania, it could really help him. that means he has to look now to six states, basically. he has to look at nevada, iowa, new hampshire, iowa, north carolina, and ohio. those six states, he would need to really start doing better than we're seeing him doing now. that is where his focus would have to be if he loses out on a big prize like pennsylvania nap is why the number is so troubling for them right now. it is a key building block. without it they need to pull more together. >> and it is a white whale for republicans. mitt romney thought he would win because people were hanging out
2:37 pm
of a parking garage waving, but he didn't win. >> jackie, one other thing, the debates now, hillary clinton, i don't think, has she ever faced anyone like donald trump? >> no, she can't let him get under her skin, and she can't look like she is talking down to him. she can't go too far in the weeds because of the contrast. but hillary clinton is many things, she is very good at debating. you have to imagine they're preparing very hard. as much as you can. >> which donald trump will show up do you think, mark preston, will show up at the debate? >> right, look, it is unclear.
2:38 pm
everything is unpredictable about him. i would caution this. there is an expectation on a debate stage, that you have decorum. specifically when you're talking about debating for the highest office in the nation. i also think donald trump will be a little careful that he doesn't seem like he is attacking hillary clinton because she is a woman or because she is talking down if did not go well when he was talking talking talking talking to carly fiorina. brikt's notes on her e-mail server is about to be revealed.
2:39 pm
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cnn learned the fbi will release their notes from the investigation of hillary clinton's e-mail practices while she was secretary of state.
2:44 pm
clinton has been focusing on her upcoming debates with donald trump. >> hillary clinton is taking traditional and nontraditional avenue vias she repairs for debating trump. she has been speaking with those close to trump to figure out what makes him tick. >> even asking donors at a high dollar fundraiser on advice for how to face off with donald trump. >> i would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about how i should debate donald trump. we have 71 days left. and i'm not -- clinton told the crowd that is not taking any chances. >> i do not know --
2:45 pm
>> cnn learned the campaign is turning to his former co-author turned critic for advice. >> when the attention is not on donald trump, he will do anything to get it back. >> clinton is watching clips of trump's republican primary debates and taking notes on what irritated him. she is also reading briefing materials about trump's policies, personality, and politics. >> i don't think he can go toe to toe on policy or substance. i think we will see a lot of the same kind of hyper over the top rhetoric from him that we have seen -- that is who he is. don't think he can control himself. >> hillary clinton is no stranger to the debate stage. having debated about 40 times including nine meetings with bernie sanders. >> senator sanders did call me unqualified. i have been called a lot of
2:46 pm
things in my life, but that was a first. >> and more than two does within then senator barack obama in 2008. >> senator obama, it is very difficult having a straight up debate with you because you never take responsibility for any vote, and that has been a pattern. you and the -- >> now wait a minute, in the illinois state legislature, just a minute. >> as well as her new york senate debates that included this -- including this moment. >> she and bill clinton have an ethical imperative to stop accepting foreign do nations to the foundation now rather than after the election. it comes after the fbi recommended no charges against clinton for her private e-mail
2:47 pm
server. >> the clinton campaign says they want the materials released to the public after being released to congress just a couple weeks ago. they could be made public as early as tomorrow. this is certainly something the clinton campaign wants to move on. >> a lot of people that want to read those reports. coming up, new questions about why in took the u.s. military to long to discover a top general's scandal with a double tlief was spent in sex clubs. get back to great. this week 50% off all backpacks. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. always has to be who sat your desk? phone now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available,
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new questions are being asked about how the u.s. military screens officers who
2:52 pm
handle highly classified information and why it missed a general visiting sex clubs with a woman who was not his wife. the general was discovered and fired. our global affairs correspondent has been into all this. there is no guarantee other top officers aren't leading the secret life as well. >> that's right. tonight there's growing concern that the pentagon is not doing enough to vet people closest to americans' important secrets. after a top u.s. general involved in protecting the u.s. from russian threats, was caught leading a double life as a swinger. >> increasing the rigor of each -- >> tonight new questions in the bizarre case of david, the army major general at the center of a salacious pentagon sex scandal who apparently lived a double life for more than a decade. all of it, critics say, undetected bha should have been more stringent back ground checks. the married father of four ran the u.s. military's campaign against russia until this past
2:53 pm
spring when he was demoted. after a pentagon investigation appeared to uncover evidence he had been frequenting swingers' clubs, participating in group sex, and carrying on in nearly ten-year affair behind his wife's back with another woman. sometimes using government computers and phones. jennifer armstrong told usa today she began swinging with him after meeting in iraq in 2005. armstrong's name was redacted from this army inspector general's report but she confirmed this relationship. of grave concern is that arm they solicited partners on at least one website and exchanged sexually charged e-mails that could have left him open to blackmail, including from russia. >> they can exploit these situations very easily. >> that could be a ticket for them to gain information. it could be a ticket to
2:54 pm
blackmail. >> tonight experts say flaws in the screening of officials encharged with the nation's top secrets wrng strogt enough. and that regular polygraphs should have raised red flags. >> they are normally not administered. they could have potentially uncovered significant issues. >> today at the pentagon, a top u.s. commander defended the current system. >> i don't know all the details of that march situation. i think what we go through to prepare leaders is very sufficient. >> but tonight, sources say many on capitol hill don't buy that and are pushing for more stringent back ground checks. the senator saying, this case shows more needs to be opportunity to detect potential threats on national security secrets. too many cases in recent years have shown gaping holes in the process. >> he was pulled from his job.
2:55 pm
he refused to answer questions from the army inspector general but issued a statement to usa today apologizing for the pain he caused his wife and family. we've tried to reach them but we've been unable to reach them. breaking news. a wanted leader has been killed in syria. it was linked to bloody attacks in europe. and donald trump jr. tells cnn his father's position on immigration is not softening at all. he says his father will still push for deportation. but why is he talking about starting with, quote, baby steps? the trips you have to ta, into one you'll never forget. expedia plus rewards. earn points on over one million hotels, flights, and packages.
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happening now, breaking news. the u.s. put a multimillion-dollar bounty on his head. now terror group says the top spokesman is dead. did american forces take him out? baby steps. as donald trump prepares to give his big speech on immigration, his son tell cnn, his father is not softening his hard line views but he says unmasking deportation would not happen right away. will he make his policy clear tomorrow? secret notes. we've learned the fbi is getting ready to release new information on what hillary clinton said about her e-mails behind closed doors. it will ease or escalate the controversy as clinton prepares for her first debate with donald trump? and tampering by putin?
3:01 pm
the top senate democrat is now warning that russia may try on manipulate the results of the november elections. he is asking the fbi to investigate. as new breaches of voter data bases add to the urgency. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." breaking news, the highest profile killing of an isis leader yet. the terror group is vowing revenge after announcing the death of mohammed al adnani in syria. senior officials announced that forces conducted an air strike in the area targeting a senior isis leader. he was the most public face of isis and at the top of america's kill list. also breaking, on the eve of donald trump's big immigration speech, his son now tells cnn that his father isn't softening
3:02 pm
on anything. donald trump jr. says the mass deportation of undocumented immigrants remains part of the plan but he suggests, it may be implemented in baby steps. tonight, the fbi may be just hours away from releasing a report on its investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails, explaining why no charges were recommended. law enforcement officials tell cnn that secret notes with clinton's fbi interview will also be made public as soon as tomorrow. just over two months until election day. a new warning about the possibility of tampering by vladimir putin's government in the u.s. presidential vote. senate minority leader harry reid is asking the fbi to investigate, staying kremlin may seek to falsify election results. a top donald trump surrogate, representative michael burgess is standing by along with our analysts and correspondents as we bring you full coverage of the top stories.
3:03 pm
up first, let's go to our national security correspondent, jim sciutto with more on the news a top spokesman is dead. >> today isis took the rare step of confirming the death of a senior leadary short time later, several defense officials tell never u.s. conducted an air strike against a senior isis leader. this is area in syria and the u.s. is working to confirm they hit their target. >> sheikh abu mohammed al adnani has been one of the top leaders. plotting terror attacks gulf of mexico the west, now reported dead by the terror group. saying adnani was martyred while surveying the operations to repel the military campaigns against aleppo. isis offering no other proof that western officials have not confirmed his death. stale senior u.s. official said
3:04 pm
they targeted senior isis leader near aleppo. the official won't say that they were targeting adnani. the u.s. has offered a $5 million reward for his death or capture. ad than zli widely believed to be inspiring and directing attacks in the west like those that have terrorized europe recently. thought to be a successor to abu-bakr al-baghdadi, he brought in foreign fighters to the battles in syria and ral. a top u.s. general fighting isis says the leadership may be losing its influence. >> some of what we saw was direction from baghdadi to his fighters to fight to the death. obviously they didn't. they didn't follow his direction which may be an indication of the state of isil. at least in some cases. >> adnani's official title was spokesman and did he advertise in the most brutal acts,
3:05 pm
beheadings, et cetera, but he was also an operational leader who was leading and directing terror attacks in the west as well as recruiting foreign fighters. if his zeds confirmed by the u.s., it would be difficult for the group to effectively replace. >> thank you. we're also following breaking news in the u.s. presidential race. donald trump's son now tells cnn his father isn't softening his position on immigration. other surrogates are veering from the campaign's message. let's bring in our senior white house correspondent jim acosta. he has more on the campaign. >> donald trump is finding he has plenty of competition these days when it comes the ill advised comments, his own surrogates and staffers are creating a even more headaches for the campaign. >> hello, florida! >> he's not quite forgiveness but one of trump's top surrogates apologized on cnn after tweeting this cartoon of
3:06 pm
hillary clinton in black face. >> obviously, my message, i stand by it but the methodology i do not. the message is this. the democrat party has been using the black vote. that black voting bloc. >> never, ever will we allow her to step back -- >> the popular warm-up act at trump rallies, he preaches with a big voice. >> she belongs in jail! >> the pastor is just the latest prominent campaign voice to create a distraction for trump as he attempts to woo african-american voters. the clinton campaign accused burns of crossing the line. >> i think he surrenders the ability to discuss the issues. i think it is unfortunate. >> other top surrogates and staffers from the trump campaign are coming under screwed autiny
3:07 pm
well. >> the women would be -- they would have husbands, they would love their children. they wouldn't be a bunch of -- that come from the seven sisters schools up in new england. >> and the keep america super park unearthed the video of the campaign manager talking about women in the military. in this panel discussion, conway argues that rape would not exist if women were as strong as men. >> physical fitness, if we were physiological physiologically. not mentally. physiologically as strong as men, rape would not exist. you would be able to fight him off. >> the trump campaign says it rejects extremist views like those of the kkk leader david duke who placed a robo call asking voters to back the nominee. >> unless massive immigration is stopped now. we'll be outnumbered and outvoted in our own nation. >> the campaign said in a
3:08 pm
statement, there is no place for this in the republican party or our country. the democrats count per that trump's rallies stir up. >> i can choose a path here to try to mollify you. i never took you seriously on this. >> donald trump will be walking a tight rope in his upcoming immigration speech tomorrow night. move too far to the right and he risks losing middle class voters but any changes to his immigration plans to erode support that he has. in conservative base delivered him the nomination. we did check with the campaign and they have not responded. >> thank you. a lot of anticipation of what donald trump will say and not say in his immigration speech in arizona tomorrow. donald trump insists his father is standing firmly on his hard
3:09 pm
line positions. listen to what he told anderson cooper in an exclusive interview. >> he didn't soften on anything. what he did was, what he's done all along. he is speaking with the people. he is not lecturing them like most of the politicians. he is having a conversation. he surveyed the room and asked, what are your thoughts? i want to take into account what the people say. unlike our opponent who will take into account only those who contribute millions and millions to her campaign. he is having a conversation with the people of this country. the hard working men and women who made this country great. he is giving them a voice. he asked for opinion. he didn't say my policy has changed. the media will run with it however they want. that's not what happened and i was in the room. >> did it seem to some viewers that we talked to. it seemed like he is polling the room. >> he was asking for an opinion. his policy has been the same for the last six, seven, eight. >> he still says they all have to go.
3:10 pm
>> correct. you have to start with baby steps. you have to eliminate sanctuary cities. you have to get rid of the criminals first and foremost. you have to secure the border. these common sense things. >> you can hear a lot more on "ac360." only here cnn. let's talk about donald trump and his immigration policy with congressman michael burgess of texas. he is a donald trump supporter. thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you for having me on. >> so you heard donald trump jr. list several steps, baby steps. baby steps he would take before addressing what happens to the undocumented people living in the united states. maybe heavy million or so. are you comfortable with donald trump postponing his answer to that question? >> it's not a postponement. i think donald trump jr. said this very directly in response to a question. job one is securing the border. does the united states have the
3:11 pm
fundamental right to define and defend its borders? i say yes. i believe mr. trump feels same way i do. job one then is to secure that border. and let me tell you, it is not secure. i was down there three weeks ago. we talked two years ago about the problem of unaccompanied minors coming across the border. it is just as bad today. the problem is it is not being covered like the media like it was two years ago. >> let's stay border is secure. and he builds a huge wall. what happens to the 11 million people who are here undocumented? >> well, first off, i actually don't accept the premise of 11 million. i don't know where that number comes from, wolf. when i first ran for office in 2002, my very first editorial board interview with the dallas morning news, the question to me was, what are you going to do with the 11 million people in this country? tell me that number is the same as it was 14 years ago? i simply don't believe it. >> whatever the number is. let's say it is 5 million or 20
3:12 pm
million. whatever the number is, what do you do with those people? >> first thing you do is secure the border. stop the hemorrhage. stop the bleeding. stop the damage from during. and then i respect donald trump for saying, i am then going to see what resources i have and what i have at my disposal to begin to enforce the law. and the other thing i respect him saying is that he is going to involve the united states congress actually, under the constitution, the house and the senate may a large role in deciding the naturalization law. we have a president currently who wants to function as a ruler. donald trump feels that he ought to involve the legislative branch. i think that's a good and healthy thing. >> so you think he should leave it vague for now. >> well, he's not vague. he said he will secure the border. he said he will have interior enforcement. yes, at some point, the worst of
3:13 pm
the worst will be picked up and deported. and then enforcement actions will occur. hillary clinton two and a half years ago on a cnn program, i believe, in response to christiane amanpour said she would accompany the alien children coming across the border. she was criticized for it. that first plane load of kids that went back to central america, that really showed the problem down in 2014. people actually need to see the united states is serious about defining and defending its borders. i think that's the key step. >> so people in texas, your state. this is a big issue, texas as well as other states as well. do you think they'll be satisfied if donald trump does not specifically spell out his man of what to do with these undocumented immigrants? >> well, look, he spelled it out. >> you said he is going to build a wall, secure the border. what about the impact on these
3:14 pm
people who are living here in the united states? let's say they haven't commit any crimes. what will happen to them and their kids? >> well, fundamentally, i think it is hurtful to both countries involved when that occurs i never understood why president fox in mexico decided it was a good national strategy to export his young men back in 2005, 2006. it made no sense then. it makes no sense now. i think donald trump is correct on this. let us secure the border. then we'll see what he has. what resources does he have. what is the will of the legislative body? what tools will congress give him is this as far as enforcement of the law is concerned. that's i think a reasonable step for a chief executive to take. >> would you support some sort of pathway to legal status, legal residence in the united states for these people?
3:15 pm
>> i don't think you can have that as part of discussion right now. number one, all the time the border is unsecured. you say you will who issen the procedure and then you get a surge of migrants coming across the border. they're coming across at their peril. three weeks ago, i saw two women and three young baby children on the banks of the rio grande in 106 degree heat. they had no water. no proper shoes on their feet. if they hadn't been picked up by the border patrol, those would have been casualties. they were deposited on the texas side of the rio grande by coyotes, by human trafficker from central america. that's the business model we have to interrupt. >> congressman, you're there in texas close to mexico. do you agree with donald trump that he will build a ball and mexico are pay for it? a wall? >> well, actually, congress already funded under the secure fence act in 2006 a good chunk of that.
3:16 pm
now what has happened to that appropriations since then, i can't actually identify for you. and i will also tell you, there are portions of the wall that have already been built. but i think donald trump is serious. and i believe him in this. he will make border security a priority and dohe will do what takes to make sure the border is secure. >> we have more questions. we'll resume the conversation right after this quick break. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake.
3:17 pm
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3:20 pm
we're back with republican congressman, you know hillary clinton is studying trump's temperament to potentially rile him up during the presidential debates. how should he be preparing right
3:21 pm
now to counter that? >> well, wolf, i'm probably not the one to give advice on that. i think you just do the best job you can. sure, it is important to study facts and figures and have knowledge at your finger at this points. to study old tapes have how people have performed in debates but that is such a wild card. i think the whole country is anxiously anticipating it. 27% of people haven't made up their minds. these debates will be pretty critical, both sides. >> david duke is running for louisiana senate. in a robocall he encouraged people to vote for himself but also for donald trump. donald trump has disavowed any connection with david duke. is that enough? what would you like to see the trump campaign do and say as far as not just david buchanan but other white prem sifts who say --
3:22 pm
>> wait a minute. i don't think there's any reason to give the clinton campaign more credit than they're do. donald trump did the right thing on disavow that robocall. david duke needs to cease and desist and that's about the end of it. >> why do you think they're supporting donald trump? what has encouraged them to believe he is their guy? >> well, let's just take a step back. in the primaries, this was emphatically the right and the left. we don't like the status quo. that was the message sent by the electorate. when you look at both candidates now, who is more likely to be status quo? who is more likely to be business as usual as far as the v.a. is concerned? who is likely to make it a priority and get it fixed? who is likely to be status quo as far as the federal tax code is concerned? who is more likely to get something done and fixed? i think the answer is pretty cheer. as people get closer to the election day.
3:23 pm
i hope they will make the right choice. in my opinion, that's trump. >> do you think he needs change hang on these issues? some of that states as we've seen has resonated with these white supremacists. >> again, i reject that. i think the important thing about donald trump, for all of to us bear in mind is he is a first time candidate. i remember when i was a first time candidate. i was not all that polished. some would say i haven't learned much. a first time candidate running for the highest office in the hand. that hasn't happened since dwight eisenhower. this is an enormous accomplishment already. it is a tough deal. you're in the media. you see this. you see the polished answers we can give you as sort of a study in how not to respond to an
3:24 pm
interviewer's questions. donald trump is not like that. he is honest with you. he tries to tell you what he feels. what is on his mind woex be a better candidate if he didn't do that? i'm not here to judge that. >> we'll heave it on that note. we really appreciate you coming on the show. we have some breaking news coming into the situation room right now. look at this. evacuations underway at a fast moving the fire in california. look at this. 300 firefighters now on this scene. these are live pictures that are coming into the situation right now. we'll take a quick break. we'll follow this story. this is breaking news. we'll get more on the presidential race as well. she spent summer binge-watching. soon, she'll be binge-studying. get back to great.
3:25 pm
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3:29 pm
we're following breaking news in california. evacuations are underway in neighborhoods at a senior center and a mobile home park as a fast moving fire. look at this. it is burning through parts of riverside county, california, just east of los angeles. the fire already has burned some 400 acres. at least 300 firefighters are on the scene. pretty dramatic. what we're watching right now.
3:30 pm
let's hope for the best. we'll continue to monitor this. much more on the breaking news coming up. we're following another story. donald trump's son says his father is not softening on anything as the republican nominee manls to give a major speech on his policy tomorrow. let's bring in our political analyst. she is a national political reporter for real clear politics. our chief political analyst, gloria borger, and cnn political commentator, david axelrod. adviser to president obama. we'll get full clarity tomorrow night when donald trump delivers his major speech on immigration. >> how do you define clarity? >> full clarity. >> what i think we'll hear from donald trump is the words that, i'm not changing my position. and he is going to present it as a multistep process. and he will say secure the
3:31 pm
border, which is what he has always talked about. build a wall. he won't change on that. the question of whether there would then be so-called mass deportations, i think will be left to some point in the future. and if you're a presidential candidate who was running against him on the republican side, you could be forgiven for asking yourself, well, gee, wasn't that what i was talking about? >> like jeb bush, for example. >> like jeb bush, most of the candidates. wasn't he talking about securing the border first? most republicans in congress talk about securing the border first. so i think that will in itself create controversy. >> donald trump jr. says his father will still push to deport all the undocumented immigrants living in the united states but it will take, quote, baby steps. his words. baby steps to start with. what does that suggest to you about the plan? >> well, this suppose the what gloria was talking about.
3:32 pm
i think that they are going to present this as a plan in steps so that the beginning will be deportation of criminals and some other measures. but the most controversial elements of it will be left for later. wolf, let's review the history of the last ten days. donald trump floated a trial balloon to see if co-take a, what some would consider a more tolerant position to try to reach out. not just to minorities but to these college educated white vote here's have been flowing away from him in large numbers, and who he desperately needs win. that trial balloon was shot down dramatically by rush limbaugh, by ann coulter, by a lot of his allies. and now to bridge the gap between what he said during that exploration period and his old position. and i think this is what they've come up with. baby steps. >> we'll see what those stepsful are we'll see how he defines it
3:33 pm
tomorrow. another issue we're following is the whole issue of david duke, the former kkk leader, running for u.s. senate. he says vote for him but also for donald trump. donald trump has disavowed any connection with david duke. he said he doesn't want any support for him. is this a problem for donald trump? >> good on donald trump for disavowing it now. i don't think it is as big of a problem as everything that has come before it. donald trump getting in front of the birther movement in 2011. the proposed muslim ban. the bite the the khans. this has him in trouble with a lot of white voters. not that david duke has latched on to him. if anything, david duke talked about that trump will be strong for his constituency on immigration. yet they may be facing a flip-flop or even a backing off of what they want from trump. >> another potential issue involves the trump supporter,
3:34 pm
pastor mark burns who tweeted this picture of hillary clinton with black face staying democrats only want the support of the african-american community every four years. he has now apologized about that. potentially the too could be a problem for trump who has reached out to the african-american community. >> it could be a problem but i would exhaustion one single tweet is likely not going on swing any voter's opinion of either candidate. what does become a problem is the sum of controversial tweets. not only from his surrogates but even more importantly from him and his own political campaign. we've seen a number of times in this campaign, for example, with the star of david tweet just a few weeks ago. that donald trump has gotten himself into hot water with controversial remarks on twitter and in public. there has been some very personal border line offensive rhetoric being used in this election. the problem potentially do
3:35 pm
voters start to associate that with donald trump in a negative way? do they think of him as someone who is a divisive candidate for the worst? that tweet from pastor mark burns adds to that narrative. >> what all of this does is confirm an existing narrative. whether you're talking about david duke or you're talking about burns. and that is kind of a bad thing for donald trump in many ways. as he tries to appeal to those voters that david was just talking about. bauts it is not only outreach to african-americans or minorities. what he is trying to do is convince suburban women, those white vote here's, independents, who may have some questions that him because they don't want to seem to be voting for somebody who might be considered a racist in any way, shape or form. so if you confirm that narrative in any way, it is bad. if it is a bad narrative. >> let me ask you, david, do you
3:36 pm
think it is realist pick trump can score some points, make some inroads were minority voters? >> i think less likely that he can make inroads were minority voters. there's a long history here that predates this campaign that goes to the birther movement, for example. there was a poll out today and it was from a democrat leaning pollster so it may be off by a few points. i don't know. but had his approval rating among african-americans at 0%. 97% unfavorable. that's a big mountain to climb in 71 days to persuade people who roundly dislike you and distrust that you you're suddenly if their corner. >> everyone stand by. i want to take a quick look. look at the breaking news in california. a first moving fire burning through part of riverside county east of los angeles. evacuations are now underway at a senior center and a mobile home park.
3:37 pm
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more on the breaking news we're following right now. we want to look at the breaking news in california. a fast moving fire in riverside county.
3:42 pm
evacuations are underway including at a senior center and a mobile home park. 400 acres have already been burned. also tonight, cnn has learned the fbi is ready to go public with a report on its investigation into hillary clinton's e-mails. the officials stay information could be released as soon as tomorrow. another potential distraction for hillary clinton. she goes all out in preparing for her first presidential debate against donald trump. our senior washington correspondent is covering the clinton campaign for us. what's the latest? >> that is the marquis moment on the campaign. she is preparing for this debate as though it is a critical exam. talking to many of the people here in new york city who know donald trump very well. one clinton adviser tells me that advice is pouring in. hillary clinton is spending the final days of summer watching the donald trump highlight reel. >> more energy.
3:43 pm
i like that. >> she has a beautiful face and i think she is a beautiful woman. >> she is preparing for her first debate with trump. now less than a month away. >> when i go toe to toe with donald trump which i'm looking forward to doing -- >> her campaign is dealing with one distraction after another. cnn has learned the fbi is set to pull back the curtain as soon as wednesday on explaining why no criminal charges are to be filed. yet clinton is trying to keep her focus on getting ready for trump. perhaps no presidential candidate in modern history has logged as much time as clinton on the debate stage. at leaf 40 in all. producing a textbook worth. from de blasio to barack obama. >> you're likely enough. >> but trump is a rival all his own. >> cnn has learned, clinton is
3:44 pm
taking these steps. seeking tips from writers who have watched trump for years, including tony schwartz. consulting experts on three ps, policy, personality and politics. and studying debates that agitated trump. particularly exchanges like this with ted cruz. >> a lot of fun up here. i have to tell you. thank you. >> donald, relax. >> the campaign's chief strategist told chris cuomo, clinton is preparing for a raucous debate. >> i think we'll see the same kind of hyper over the top rhetoric from him. with. we've seen. that's who he is. i don't think he can control himself. >> all this as trump tries to keep alive another side show. huma abedin separating from her husband. >> in the case of anthony weiner, she is married to a guy who is uncontrolled and
3:45 pm
uncontrollable. a sick person. >> tonight, trump seizing on an editorial that urged to cut ties now with her charitable foundation. not after she's elected. trump said it was a devastating rebuke of poor judgment and broken ethical compass. there is little doubt that the questions about it will be central to the debate. but donald trump has also contributed money to that foundation. that is a remind per he has not always been a critic of the clintons. as hillary is out raising money, she is asking donors for advice on what she should do to go up against donald trump. she said she is not sure which donald trump will show up and she wonders if he is going to have more presidential gravitas when he hits that debate stage next month. she said she is preparing for any possibilities.
3:46 pm
>> thank you very much. you've been doing some reporting on what the clinton campaign is doing to prepare for this debate. >> to tech over what they said, they are reaching out to all kinds of people including people like tony schwartz who co-authored the book, the art of the deal. he is no longer a trump friend. he regrets writing the book and he knew trump well last in the 80s. what they're trying to do is get a sense of what gets under his skin. what could do i to provoke him to throw a fit? essentially so that the american public would see his temperament because they want to prove his temperament disqualifies him from the presidency. >> you're getting new information the preparation for these critically important debates. >> sure. one of the big questions we have is what donald trump shows up to these debates. we could see more sober presidential version or the entertaining shooting from the
3:47 pm
hip donald trump that we've come to know throughout the process. his campaign, a source close to the campaign yesterday said we can expect the donald trump we've come to know. one who is authentic, tough, entertaining but also a contrast to hillary clinton. that will be the major thing we see between these two candidates. the massive contrast in personalities and style between hillary clinton, very measured, preparing herself extensively on policy and everything else for this debate, and donald trump who in his debate prem sessions hasn't really wanted to dig into policy. doesn't want to be overly practiced. he wants to come off as authentic. >> it worked for him in the earlier debates. david, a new monmouth university poll shows hillary clinton leading donald trump by 8 points in pennsylvania. 48% to 40%. she has what? 90% support in pennsylvania among black, hispanic, asian
3:48 pm
voters. this is favorable to obama's numbers in 2012 when he won pennsylvania. what does trump need to do to close that gap if he hopes to carey pennsylvania? >> what it speaks to is the fear that he was operating under, which was that he could arouse these noncollege educated whites other are terribly frustrated with the economy, to rally to his side. and carry a state like pennsylvania. it was not right. you have to break into other constituencies there. particularly if you're a republican. though suburban republicans around philadelphia. so he really needs to demonstrate in these debates, which are the major forums left to him. that he can be tolerant. he has the temperament to be president and he has some mastery of the material a president has to deal with. i think it is an ominous sign that his campaign is boasting that he doesn't want to spend much time with briefing books.
3:49 pm
presidents have to spend time with briefing books and so do presidential candidates when you get to these debates. >> each of the three debates will be 90 minutes without commercial interruption. and tens and tens of millions of americans will be watching. another story we're following. the fbi maybe as early as tomorrow will release the report. its notes on hillary clinton's interviews with the fbi involving her e-mail, her server. all of a sudden we'll be reviewing those documents. those pages. how potentially problematic could that be for hillary clinton's campaign? >> at a minimum it will give the trump campaign a couple more news cycles to talk about her unfavorables in the polls. if her statements since director comey testified with what is consistent, i don't think it is a problem that the campaign can't overcome. if her statements have not been
3:50 pm
consistent, that then becomes a real problem. >> rudolph giuliani and others keep pushing the other of hillary clinton's health. most of the people look it a. that they are unqualified. no base you for these allegations. but he keeps pushing. others keep pushing. how much of a problem could this be? >> i think what others are trying to do is raise the question and just put it out there which is something you see a lot of in the campaign and you raise questions in people's minds that it was disqualifying somehow that hillary clinton is unhealthy and you raise that point. you know, presidential health tests have now become an issue in this campaign. in fact, hillary clinton, you all know the other night on jimmy kimmel, hillary clinton herself had to kind of open that
3:51 pm
jar of pickles. there you see it. she had to open that jar of pickles to prove that she was healthy in kind of a funny way, and wolf, i know that jimmy kimmel asked you to take the pickle test also. >> i was on with jimmy kimmel last night. maybe we have that video. if we have it. you can check it out to see if i can open up that pickle jar itself. let's watch. >> let me see what i can do. ready? >> you're going to be part of the conspiracy now. you realize that, right? >> i'll do my best. >> alex jones will be all over you. >> here it is. wolf blitzer -- oh, no. oh, was there a pop. >> i heard a pop. >> i heard the pop. i heard it, too. >> there was a little pop, and i heard the pop. >> it isn't easy to open that vlasic pickle jar. >> we'll have forensic experts
3:52 pm
listen to your pop versus hillary clinton's pop. that will be next. >> i also had a chance to meet with him on several occasions jimmy kimmel's father. jimmy -- there he is. jimmy kimmel's father in the audience. >> do you think he looks like me? >> you have the same optometrist. >> he wears those glasses only when he's near me. >> very nice man. jimmy kimmel was very nice, as well. thoroughly enjoyed being on the show. >> guys, thanks, very, very much. >> coming up, there's more news. we're following russia. is russia planning to tamper with the november election results here in the united states after cyber attacks on election systems in two states. the senate democratic leader harry reid is asking for a formal fbi investigation. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even mer-mutts.
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new information on the breaking news in california right now. at least 300 firefighters as well as water dropping helicopters and nine air tankers, they are now battling a fast-moving fire in riverside county just east of los angeles. we're looking at these pictures coming in with a very, very powerful fire. it started three hours ago. it's burned 400 acres and residents at a senior citizen center and mobile home park are being evacuated and more on this disturbing story coming up. also breaking right now, a hurricane watch has just been posted for northwestern florida. a tropical depression in the
3:58 pm
gulf of mexico is expected to strengthen into a tropical storm later tonight. it's expected to be hurricane strength when it makes landfall thursday afternoon or evening. the national weather service also has issued a hurricane warning for the big island of hawaii just ahead of hurricane madeleine. madeleine right now a category 3 hurricane. we'll have more on these disturbing developments coming up, as well. >> also tonight an urgent new warning that the russians may try to tamper with the outcome of the u.s. election. the top senate democrat harry reid is asking the fbi to investigate. he says he's concerned the threat is more extensive than widely known and may include russian plans to try to falsify voting results. we are learning more about the serious breaches of election systems in two states and who may be behind them. let's bring in our justice correspondent evan perez. is there a possibility russia is involved in this? >> it is possible, wolf. there are suspicions about the
3:59 pm
russian, but they haven't concluded who is behind the hacks. they've tracked an attempted hack to a russian internet address and it may be tied to eastern european groups stealing the identities of americans. they want to make sure the states beef up their computer security around their election systems to make sure there is no doubt about who wins in november, wolf. >> this follows a hacking incident at "the new york times" some think tanks and the suspicion is russia may be involved in those, as well? >> one of the things you hear from intelligence officials here in this country is what we may already be seeing is an undeclared cyber war with the russians and the russians are paranoid enough about what the americans are doing in russia and they think that we're doing worse to them. they've got good reason to think that, but there's also a lot of concern in the u.s. intelligence community that the russians are trying to do here what we know they've already done in europe. they funded some of the right-wing and nationalist
4:00 pm
parties as a way to undermine the european democracies and officials don't think they're trying to get donald trump elect said as they keep claiming and they're trying to create confusion around the elections. >> a disturbing development, evan, thanks very much. that's it for me. erin burnett "out front" starts right now. out front next, breaking news. a major kill. the mastermind in the paris attacks and a top isis leader dead tonight. the breaking details just in to cnn. more breaking news, polls closing at this hour. will mccain and rubio keep their jobs and will their wins hurt donald trump? president obama's longtime doctor speaks to "out front" with major questions about clinton and trump's mental health. let's go "out front." ♪ ♪ >> good evening. i'm erin burnett.


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