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tv   New Day  CNN  August 31, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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they're bringing crime. they're rapists, and some i assume are good people. >> reporter: trump tweeting i've accepted the invitation of president enrique pena nieto of mexico and look very much forward to meeting a surprising invitation, rejecting the nominee's promise he'll make them pay for a border wall. >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and i will have mexico pay for that wall. mark my words. >> under in circumstances would mexico pay for that wall. >> there is no way mexico can pay a wall like that. >> reporter: the mexican president likening the billionaire's rhetoric to adolph hitler and be knee toe mussolini. he tweeted that the purpose of
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the visit is to promote the interests of mexicans worldwide and protect mexicans wherever they might be. during a north american summit with president obama in july, nieto promised a frank, open dialogue with whomever is elected. >> tomorrow night in arizona, big speech on immigration. >> reporter: trump is set to unveil his long awaited immigration plan, but details remain vague. the big question is whether trump will soften his hardline position to use force deportation to remove an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> 11 million people in this country that came in illegally. they will go out. >> we have to have baby steps first. >> reporter: well, trump has not used the word baby steps in relation to his approach to immigration policy. so we'll have to see how that works out. later we will see what steps he will take. the clinton camp, for their part, weighing in on trump's meeting with mexico's president,
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the campaign released a statement saying what ultimately matters is what donald trump says to voters in arizona, not mexico, and whether he remains committed to the splitting up of families if and deportation of millions. >> jason, thank you very much. but this is a significant move. you're going to see it echoed now by the campaign, namely donald trump jr. coming on television defending his father's immigration policy against accusations he's flip-flopped on his central campaign issue. tough spot for the son who sat down with anderson cooper last night to drill down on specifics. here's a taste. >> tomorrow your dad is giving a big speech on immigration. have you seen the speech? do you know what it is? have you talked to him about it? if so, is there going to be more clarity on exactly what his policy is? >> there's going to be more clarity. i've seen parts of it. they're still finalizing aspects of it now t and they're going to continue to lay out things in the coming weeks and months as that expands. you're going to see a lot more
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detail, but you're going to see the fundamental principles we have to do. we have to secure our border. we have to implement an e-verify system. we have to let i.c.e. do their job, enforce the existing laws on the books. these are laws there today. they been on the books for years. they've been expanded. these guys are basically told they can't do that. we have to have baby steps first. we have to let i.c.e. do their jobs, and we have to do this for the benefit of the american people. >> your dad was very clear during the primaries about his policy. build a wall, have mexico pay for it, go after the criminals, the undocumented 11 million immigrants. they've got to go, good ones can come back. there will be a deportation force. he seems to be de-emphasizing that or trying to focus more on build a wall, the e-verify, go after the criminals. now we're hearing from someone from the campaign just the other day, well, on the 11 million, we'll figure that out down the road. is there going to be more
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clarity on that tomorrow? >> i think the 11 million is one thing, but when you take out -- again, the criminals, when you take out the people who have committed felonies and you send them back home, that's millions of people. that's a big portion of that group. and without doing that, everything else is irrelevant. you have to take those steps first. >> that was pretty much jeb bush's policy. that was a lot of other republicans' policies. even your father acknowledge ed under obama they've been deporting a large number of people. what has concerned republicans particularly in the last week or so is some of your dad's statements about softening. >> anderson, i was there. you're obviously referring to the hannity thing. i was there with them. i did a segment for the next day five minutes after that. he wasn't softening on anything. he didn't change his stance on anything. what he did and what he's done all along is he's speaking with the people. he's not lecturing them like most of the politicians you see. he's having a conversation. he basically surveyed the room and asked, what are your thoughts on this? because i want to take into
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account what they say, unlike our opponents. he's actually having a conversation with the people of this country, the hard working men and women who made this country great. he's giving them a voice. he asked an opinion. he didn't say, well, my policy is now changed. the media will run with it however they want. that's not what happened. and i was in the room. >> it did seem to some viewers we talked to that it seemed like he's polling the room, he's not quite sure what his own policy is. >> he was asking an opinion. his policy has been the same for the last six, seven, eight months. >> they all got to go. >> that's been the same, correct. but you have to start with baby steps. you have to let i.c.e. do their job. you have to eliminate the sanctuary cities. you have to get rid of the criminals, first and foremost. you have to secure the border. these are common sense things, anderson. these are things that every other country in the world has done. and those who haven't and have gotten lackadaisical about it, look at what's going on. europe is the best example of that right now. >> all right. so let's discuss trump's
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surprise trip to mexico and his big speech tonight with cnn politics executive editor mark preston, cnn political analyst and national political recorder for real clear politics, rebecca berg, and latin american political analyst and radio host anna marie salazar. so mark, how is this going to work today with this meeting between president nieto and donald trump? donald trump who has called mexican immigrants rapists and president nieto who has likened donald trump to hitler and mussolini. >> i think we would expect there would be a lot of fireworks going into this meeting. however, i don't think that's going to happen. you have two men. they know what they need to do. you have a president of mexico right now whose favorability rating is in the 20s. you have donald trump back here talking about this populist message about how he's going to force mexico to build this wall. i think you're going to have donald trump go to this meeting, get back on an airplane, fly to arizona, talk about how well
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things went and how well he'll be able to work with mexico, and i think you'll probably have the mexican president say we're still not going to pay for that wall. >> anna maria salazar, what's your take on what would motivate the mexican president in a meeting like this and where he needs to be on the other side of it. >> i don't think anybody understands what motivated the president to accept this meeting. i mean, literally everybody is in shock down here because this meeting is going to take place. it's hard to foresee any results from this meeting that could benefit nnieto or the mexican people. it'serplexing. it's very difficult to understand why he accepted the meeting. this could have repercussions in mexican politics. there's a lot of questions in regards to the sanity of this meeting taking place in mexico by the mexican president. >> rebecca, let's remind everyone of what president nieto
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said about paying for the wall, which has been one of donald trump's main campaign promises, when the president of mexico sat down with fareed zakaria. listen to this. >> donald trump's main policy proposal, the one he began his campaign with, is that he intends to build a wall between the united states and mexico along the border, and he intends to get mexico to pay for it. >> there is a way to help mexico pay the wall, but any decisions inside the united states is a decision of its government. >> but under no circumstances would mexico pay for that wall? >> there is no way mexico can pay a wall like that. >> he say there's no way they can pay for a wall like that. so rebecca, what do you think is going to happen on that topic when these two men finally talk? >> well, i don't think, alisyn, that we can expect any sort of down payment on the wall long r.
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but of course, as mark said, this is important for donald trump because it gives him some context for his immigration speech later today. it gives him an opportunity to say s i've seen on the ground what's happening on the border, and now also met with the mexican president and expressed my concerns and expressed what i want to do if elected. that gives him sort of some credibility with this issue, whereas he doesn't have, as we know, foreign policy experience, like hillary clinton. this is one of the major concerns among voters when you look at public polling. and so any opportunity he has,
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especially outside of the spotlight in terms of the american press. he's not bringing reporters with him on this trip. so it gives him a very safe space to say, look, i am bolstering my credibility on this issue. >> it's absent an ugly incident with pena nieto. this is a home run for donald trump. it's something a president would do. there's almost no chance he can't come out of it saying he didn't get his message across. they haven't figure d out how t change finesse in their position. donald trump jr. isn't a kid. he's 30-something years old. there's a difference between confidence and competence. he never said baby steps. let i.c.e. do its job. who's keeping i.c.e. from doing its job in is that going to get past scrutiny, that kind of
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argument? >> you're right. there's no way he can win in november if he doesn't change his position and move beyond the base. no question about that. but they really are muddying up the waters and making confusion on where donald trump stands, whether it's deporting 11 million, whether it's getting the bad guys out of here, about continuing on with policies that are already in place by barack obama. to your point, who is stopping i.c.e. from doing their job? there's nobody out there stopping them from doing their job. so it really is muddled. but i think for the supporters of donald trump, regardless of what his position is, and to your point softening, chgwhich agree with absolutely, some would say evolving on the issue, his supporters are going to stay with him. i think that republicans who are concerned about donald trump, about his stand on immigration, and certainly voters who don't like the way his rhetoric has been directed at his panpanics going to embrace this. >> ana maria, let's talk about the mystery and motivation
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behind this. president pena nieto invited donald trump and invited hillary clinton. so why wouldn't he wait until there was a u.s. president elect, until the american voters had decided on one of these people to then meet with them? >> that's why -- that's what's been the mexican tradition. the mexican tradition has been not to show any preferences for any of the candidates who are seeking to be the next president of the united states. that's why it's astounding that he's meeting with donald trump the same week where the president is supposed to present his version of the state of the union in mexico. it's kind of the state of the nation address. that's supposed to happen on thursday. and he is being bombarded by a lot of questions in regards to ability to govern. so this meeting is probably
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taking place the worst week that could possibly be for the president in political terms. of course, those who want to be potential candidates for the 2018 elections here in mexico already tweeting and sending out messages and telling donald trump that he's not welcome. so it will be used against the president, against the president's party, and ultimately donald trump is despised in mexico. regardless -- whatever the outcome is of this meeting, it's perceived like all of you have said. only one who can really benefit from this is donald trump. so i'm not -- you know, to think that donald trump meeting with the mexican president could potentially even benefit him with hispanic or latino voters in the united states, mexican-american voters, is not going to go very far. so i could almost bet that this meeting is going to be considered one of the historical mistakes of this president and that, yes, donald trump is going
3:14 am
to use this meeting to somehow justify him being a bully or speaking strongly against the mexican people, against the mexican government. and no one has really mentioned this, the hillary clinton campaign is probably pretty angry about this. it is very unlikely that she would come and visit mexico, especially after this meeting. i would even say when she becomes president of the united states, it's very unlikely that she'll be -- that one of the first countries she'll be visiting will be mexico. it could also have repercussions in the mexico/u.s. bilateral relation even after the elections. >> such a fascinating perspective from you to talk about the ripple effect that today's meeting could have on everything. thank you for all of that insight. rebecca and mark, stick around. we have more questions for you coming up in our 8:00 hour. we'll talk to trump's running mate, indiana governor mike pence, in his first interview since this mexico trip was announced. we'll also get reaction from
3:15 am
the former mexican president. that will be in the 8:00 hour. two big gop establishment senators fighting off primary challengers and keeping their bids for re-election alive. arizona senator john mccain, a day after his 80th birthday, beating his 47-year-old opponent, who called him old and weak, by more than ten percentage points. mccain goes for a sixth term against democratic congresswoman ann kirkpatrick in november. and florida senator marco rubio cruising to a win against a millionaire who spent his own money trying to knock out rubio. the one-time presidential candidate will now face off against democratic congressman patrick murphy. they're expected to run a tight race with republican control of the senate on the line. all right. now the fbi is set to make public its report that recommended no charges against clinton over private e-mails. the question is, what will this do to the campaign? what could be in there? we'll give you a good hint, next.
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all right. some cause for speculation on both sides of the race. the fbi is set to release to the public its report to the justice department recommending nothing charges against hillary clinton for her use of private e-mail servers as secretary of state. this as we're learning that the state department found dozens of clinton's deleted e-mails related to the benghazi attack. on the other side, a real hit piece in mother jones that basically describes donald trump's modeling agency as a circumvention of immigration law. so let's bring back mark preston and rebecca berg. let's talk about these two potential bombshells. i put it in quotes because what can there be in these e-mails if the fbi already looked at them, right, already inspected these e-mails that it's giving over? what could be in there that would change the race? >> we don't know, but that's what's the $64,000 question is. is there correspondence back and
3:21 am
forth between the state department aides, folks perhaps, you know, outside of the state department? because we already know there was a connection with the foundation anyway. were there people on the outside providing help to the people on the inside about how to deal with benghazi. if that's the case, that would be new. that would be revealing. also, i think it goes to a greater problem for hillary clinton. we talk about this every week as we're sitting here. the clintons seem to try to play by their own rule. this is another example of them saying, do as i say, not as i do. >> rebecca, we're also going to get these 30 pages of the fbi's notes that today took while hillary clinton was being interviewed. now, this was already given to congress. some of this has leaked. what do we think -- this is the result of a foya request by cnn. now the public will be able to see what the fbi took notes on during that interview. what do we expect to be in those? >> that's the question, right. i think what republicans are
3:22 am
hoping will be in there are some inconsistencies between what clinton has said publicly throughout the course of this campaign about her e-mails and private server and what she said to the fbi. of course, this interview wasn't done under oath, something many republicans had some qualms about. it wasn't recorded. these are just rough notes, rough transcriptions of what was said in the interview. clinton's campaign might use that as an opportunity to push back on some of the content and say, hold on a second, this isn't the full record of what was said. but at the same time, it is very consequential in terms of her trustworthiness, her honesty. these are metrics that are very important in this campaign and ones she has really struggled with throughout this campaign. if there is any sign of inconsistency between what she has said publicly and privately, that's going to hurt her. she'll have to defend then why there are those differences. >> couple quick points. one, the fbi never puts you under oath. but lying to the fbi is a crime. so they don't need to put you
3:23 am
under oath the way the cops do. even then, you can still lie to the cops. it's not a crime. >> isn't one of the things that might be revealed is the fbi didn't ask the questions that congress wanted them to ask. some of their issue with it is not her answers. it's that they don't think the fbi went deep enough. >> or just as much the other way, that guys in the room with her or women, whoever was doing the interviews, had suspicions and didn't like certain answers and thought there should be action about certain answers. the fbi set up to make a case. that's their job. it's the department of justice's job to say whether or not their case is good enough. >> but the fbi decided not to make that case. >> it's also worth noting, as much as congress is upset about this and certainly republicans who are leading the investigations into this, the fbi is not an arm of congress. they have their own job to do. when we saw comey go on capitol hill and try to answer questions, he kept on getting badgered saying, well, you know, did you learn this, did you ask
3:24 am
that, and comey would say over and over again, that was not the focus of our investigation. we did not see an inconsistency in what you're asking. >> he was in a tough spot. usually it would be the attorney general who would be having that conversation about why they decided no the to prosecute, not the head of the fbi. rebecca berg, this other story, this mother jones story. it basically says, to mark's description of the clintons, you play by your own rules. it seems to fall into that category with donald trump. this modeling agency that he has, women came forward saying they circumvented immigration law, they put us in these lousy apartments, and they were just milking the system and milking these women to do it on the cheap. how much do you think happens with this? >> well, it could be hugely consequential because it shows perhaps that there's some inconsistencies between what donald trump is saying and what he's actually done in his business career. but what we have seen with donald trump is that he likes to
3:25 am
brag about taking advantage of loopholes in the law, not only when it comes to something like this, immigration rules, but also with taxation. he's used the tax codes, as he said, to his advantage. so if he can make the case that he was trying to take advantage of a broken system, there is a way that he could maybe maneuver this politically to a place where it's advantageous for him. >> it's not taxes though. these are the h1b visas that he's talked about being abused. he said, i'm going to get rid of them because people abuse them. we have to be tougher. that's what they're accusing him of in this piece. >> basically that he had told the models coming into this country, just say you're here for tourism. >> taking meetings. >> you're trying to find an agent. if they find your portfolio, because they really were coming in for work, just say that you were looking for an agent. so is that a loophole or breaking the law? >> it's clearly breaking the law in the end. what donald trump has said over
3:26 am
and over again as a businessman, i'm going to take every chance i can to help myself out personally. now that i'm running for president, i'm here to help you out, and we'll close these loopholes down. for some reason that, hasn't stuck to donald trump in this campaign, as a lot of things haven't stuck. >> working the taxes and breaking the law are two different things. everyone wants to pay the least amount of taxes. we all get that. this could be something different. the question is, does it get that kind of traction that it needs. >> right. and i would say this. being in new york city with the tabloids, that could be his downfall in the sense that they could seize upon the story and run with it. >> we're going to be having one of the models who says that she exploited this, you know, breaking of the loophole or whatever on "new day" coming up in the program. stick around for that. thanks so much, panel. >> yes, thank you very much. on monday, we're going to have two special reports on both presidential nominees. personal stories from those who know them best. the series is called "unfinished
3:27 am
business." hillary clinton monday night followed by "all business: the essential donald trump" at 10:00. watches and warnings in florida as a major storm barrels towards the gulf coast. what areas will feel the brunt of this storm. we have the forecast for you next.
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florida's gulf coast now under a tropical storm warning and a hurricane watch as this tropical system strengthens. the storm is expected to intensify and bring heavy rain and winds to the area. cnn's meteorologist chad myers joins us with the latest. how's it looking, chad? >> when you put, alisyn, a storm in the gulf of mexico, one that's going to hit something because it's a big circle and you're going to hit either mexico, florida, cuba, texas, or anywhere along the gulf coast, but you get it in very warm water. that's why it's going to strengthen. i think this thing will likely be close to a hurricane when it makes landfall. there's the cloud cover. it truly blew up overnight. a much stronger storm than it was yesterday. there's your hurricane watch from apalachicola almost down to
3:32 am
tampa. tropical storm warnings on land for tropical storm force winds, making landfall this time tomorrow to around midnight thursday. a big storm. as this storm leaves and gets back into the gulf stream, there's a chance it tries to pull a north or northwesterly course back into the u.s. don't know if that's going to happen because the middle is here and the far outer edge is way out here. i just want you to know that the new york city area, the boston area, not truly out of the cone for this later in the weekend. it's a busy weekend along the gulf coast, along the east coast. could see some rip tides from this thing. it would be a very large rip event. we have to maybe stay out of the water. probably don't want to do that on a labor day weekend. lots of rain coming down for sure. two storms headed to hawaii. and so is the president. watch that later in the week. >> chad myers, thank you very much for giving us all the possibilities. we will stick with you. thanks. all right. so a top isis leader has been killed. i know you hear that from time to time, but this guy, this
3:33 am
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isis vowing revenge, of course, after it says one of its top leaders was killed in syria. abu mohammed al adnani. he was the official spokesman for isis who called for attacks in the west. the pentagon isn't confirming his death yet, but we would be one of the most high-profile isis members killed to date. for some perspective, cnn contributor and senior editor at the daily beast, michael weiss. as i was saying in the leadup to this, people will often report big guy in isis killed. the expectation is, you know, this is like a worm. you cut off one end, it grows back. maybe not so with this guy because he had a very specific purpose that he was uniquely effective at. >> the irony here is they're actually underselling his role. he was leading all the foreign operations of isis. >> what does that mean? >> all the terror attacks from
3:38 am
paris to brussels, indonesia, everywhere around the world, he had prior knowledge to and had to sign off on. he was almost essentially their director of national intelligence. >> the reason that's relevant to the current state of play, according to our sources, is that recruitment of foreign fighters, how to get guys back into the country, how to turn thugs into terrorists, that was this guy's domain. do you believe that? and if so, what's the significance? >> yes, and what's interesting about him is he's one of the veteran fighters of isis. he was part of this organization before it was formally founded. he met al zarqawi around 2002. he was recruited in aleppo. he's a native syrian, which is more powerful in terms of what isis has become today because it's a completely iraq-ized franchise. to have a syrian leading the movement within syria, a form e isis defector told me, look,
3:39 am
adnani runs all of syria for isis because he knows the terrain very well. so he would have been the guy recruiting people within syria, training them up in the mountains and countryside of raqqah or overseeing their training and then dispatching them back into the west. >> and he was a star for them in a perverse way because he was able to, hearing it from the french point of view on this, you know, these thugs they're dealing with in these disenfranchised communities, this guy would send you a video and say, i was just like you. now i found purpose. now i'm a hero. and you can be a hero too. and this was a very effective tool. >> and i think the most powerful aspect of his persona, if you like, was his longevity. this was a guy who fought the americans for almost a decade under u.s. occupation in iraq. survived imprisonment in the internment facility. he was captured in about 2005.
3:40 am
let out of prison, and what does he do, 2010, starts to whip up discontent among the sunni population in iraq against the maliki government, then goes across the border to syria and finds jihad over there. he's stuck in the game, and he's evaded killing or capture for so long that he had almost this mythical aura. he was part of isis longer than al baghdadi. >> so is there potential for an effect where he's more powerful dead than he ever was alive? or no, this guy was a logistics guy, and if he's not around, it's bad for isis. >> i don't want to get too ahead of myself, but i would consider adnani to be more irreplaceable than baghdadi. baghdadi has a ph.d. in islamic studies, claiming descent from the house of the prophet
3:41 am
muhammad. but yeah, adnani was the chief strategist for isis. the role of spokesman, i shouldn't discount that. he was known for his rhetoric. his nickname was the attack dog. it didn't matter who he was talking about. the americans, the west, the syrian regime, or al qaeda. remember, isis and al qaeda split in 2013, 2014. he was so full of atup ration and scorn. this was a guy who had the coho in this case to accuse the leader of being a sellout. he said, look, what are you doing coming to syria. we have al nusra, we have our own franchise. stick to your domain in iraq. adnani said, who are you to talk about the border. this is a transnational, global jihad. you're an old man. we're the new guys on the block. that took a lot of guts and arrogance, you might say, but he rallied the troops. a lot of people in al qaeda defected and joined isis because
3:42 am
he was the one saying we're going to establish the state now. enough waiting. time is now. >> so we'll wait more confirmation, but if he's gone -- >> well, isis has said he's dead. they wouldn't create that -- >> doesn't help them. michael weiss, thank you so much for helping us understand this. appreciate it. alisyn? all right, chris. the story you and i both covered in orlando. these frantic calls for help. orlando police releasing now the 911 calls capturing the panic inside the pulse nightclub when a terrorist opened fire there. we have a live report next. i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me.
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! for the first time, we're hearing the frantic calls for help from inside the pulse nightclub in orlando after that terrorist opened fire, killing 49 people and injured dozens of others. obviously this is disturbing stuff. if you would like to turn the sound down on your television, now would be the right time. cnn's martin savidge is live in atlanta with more. what's the latest here? >> reporter: hello, alisyn. we've had transcripts of these 911 calls. in other words, you've been able to read the words of 911
3:47 am
callers. this is the first time you're actually going to be able to hear them. they are by no means all of the calls. but they do give us some very strong insight into the chaos and the confusion and the killing. take a listen. >> my girlfriend is hiding in the club pulse. >> reporter: they are the first 911 calls to be heard from the pulse nightclub attack. >> she's still in the bathroom. she he got shot. nobody's going in for him. >> reporter: spanning three hours, beginning minutes after the first shots are fired. >> how many shots did you hear? >> more than ten. >> reporter: none of these calls are from inside the club during the shooting. one is from a man who's just managed to escape. >> and you're not injured? >> no, no, no. i'm fine. we were leaving the club, and then as soon as we left, gunshots were just going like crazy. >> reporter: others are from the
3:48 am
family members and friends receiving desperate calls or texts from those inside, relaying to authorities a chilling glimpse of the unfolding horror. >> one of our friends sent us a text and said that he's been shot and he's in the bathroom and no one sees is him. >> reporter: one man overcome with fear and frustration after multiple calls, unloads on the operator, unable to understand why police have not rescued his girlfriend. >> there are now four dead in the bathroom and two shot. they're bleeding out. if somebody doesn't get there soon, they're going to die. >> okay, sir. >> and this is like the [ bleep ]. >> sir, we have people there. >> reporter: these are the rollover calls, calls that went to the orange county sheriff's department after the orlando 911 call center became overloaded. operators try to get information. >> where is your brother located in the club? did he say? >> reporter: and try to console desperate family members. >> we are in the club. we're searching for everybody. we're pulling victims out. >> reporter: it will be hours more before the world learns the extent of the mass killing.
3:49 am
and again, just so people understand, these were released by the orange county sheriff's office. there are hundreds more of these 911 calls that the orlando police department has. right now, they're still tied up by the investigation and potential litigation. but again, just a sampling. and they are deeply, deeply moving. chris and alisyn? >> they are. i mean, they're chilling. we were down there reporting. the frustration of everyone on the outside saying, why aren't police going in, why aren't they doing more. we're getting cell phone calls from everybody. of course, then the police have their side about how they were trying to methodically box in the terrorist, but it's just -- it brings it all back to hear the calls from that night. >> and martin, you did a good job with that. it's always a tough call because you're reliving people's worst moments and people will ask why. then again, it is important to remember what's happened. that gives you the momentum to make sure it doesn't happen
3:50 am
again. all right. so we're going to take a break right now. donald trump has a big meeting in mexico with the president there. what a context after more than a year of heated anti-mexico rhetoric. who wins in this situation? what happens on the other side of it? we're going to ask a former republican official who is supporting hillary clinton. plus, mike pence and vicente fox coming up at 8:00 a.m. "new day" not a show to miss today. tokyo-style ramen noodles.
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3:54 am
donald trump making a surprise visit to mexico today to meet with mexico's president. trump accepting the invitation following more than a year of harsh rhetoric against mexico and its people. joining us now is rosario marine, a mexican immigrant who became u.s. treasurer under george w. bush, the first u.s. treasurer ever to be born outside of the u.s. she is a lifelong republican who recently announced she will vote for hillary clinton because she cannot condone donald trump. thank you so much for being here. >> alisyn, it's my pleasure. >> what do you make of this invitation from the mexican president to donald trump and donald trump accepting it? >> well, it's very unusual. i've never heard of anything like that happening before. i understand the president of mexico trying to soften the rhetoric that has taken place. but there is no mistake about this. there is universal condemnation from the people of mexico to the
3:55 am
rhetoric that he has employed from day one of his campaign, specifically against mexicans. >> but is that what you think the president of mexico is doing? you think he's inviting donald trump to get donald trump to soften his rhetoric? >> i would want to believe that is the intention. you know, he is the head of state, unlike the candidate. something has to happen, alisyn. this is just unacceptable. he has taken rhetoric to levels that we have never seen before. against not just immigrants but specifically mexico. what's unusual to me also is for him accepting it. it's one of two things will happen. he will either go out there and say, i am really sorry, they're not really all rapists and murderers and criminals and try to soften that, or he would go out there and say, i want to
3:56 am
tell thim him to start paying t wall. it's one of those two things. i don't know which one is going to appear, especially on the eve of the immigration speech he's going to give in arizona no less. a state that has obviously been very colorful when it comes to immigration. >> yes, it will be very interesting to see how i hhis vt with the president colors the immigration speech. is there any chance that the topic of the wall doesn't come up? >> oh, no. >> so they'll discuss it. what could -- i mean, since the president of mexico has said there's no way that mexico can or will pay for this wall, what will the outcome of this conversation be on that? >> i don't know. you know, one thing is for sure. what the little orange man wants us to do is to be talking about him all the time. that's what we're doing. so his strategy of just getting media coverage 24/7 is working.
3:57 am
i don't know whether advancing policies that make sense is in his strategy. obviously that is not the case. there is no way he can make mexico pay for the wall, period. there is no mechanical way. there's no policy he can cite. there are no laws he can implement to get mexico to pay more that. so that's just nonsense. but it riles his campaign. >> and ms. marin, when you say the little orange man, i assume that you're referring to donald trump. why won't you use his name? >> i don't. just thinking and talking about him makes my stomach ill. so i refuse to call him by his name. >> you also wrote an op-ed for univision in which you talked abouted this is bigger than donald trump. you blame the republican party, your party, for letting him get this far. let me read a portion of this for our viewers.
3:58 am
the party left me and my community all alone again. it has had plenty of time to stand up for my community, but it has chosen not to do so. i have come to this devastatingly painful realization that my party doesn't want my vote nor that of my community. evidently it is not important or not as important as some other voting bloc. so you feel that the republican party has shunted aside hispanics. >> you know, painfully, i have to say that's just a reality. it just pains me, alisyn. because i have worked for this party for specifically 22 years, but more so for 32 years i've been voting republican, ever since i became a u.s. citizen. to realize that they really don't care about the vote of the hispanic community, it's just very painful. otherwise, they would have done something. they would have said publicly, this is something that is
3:59 am
completely and totally unacceptable from day one. they chose not to do that. it comes to the point that he's the nominee by insulting every single group imaginable out there. the party has just let him ride this. this has been just very painful, and i will not be part of that. i am from california. i was here when 187 happened. i have seen the zdevastation to the republican party in california, having that kind of rhetoric, alienating an increasingly important part of our voting groups, especially the hispanic community. for the national party not to understand and realize that we are losing this voting bloc is just painful. >> rosario marin, thank you so much for coming on "new day" and sharing your thoughts this morning. >> thank you. we're following a lot of news this morning, so let's get right to it.
4:00 am
>> i'm not going to pay for that [ bleep ] wall. >> this is going to be your victory. it's going to be your victory. it's going to be your victory. >> donald trump heading south of the border today. >> you have to get rid of the criminals. you have to secure the border. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. >> donald trump lost the latino vote on june 16th, 2015. it doesn't matter what he says. >> donald trump is not a popular person in mexico. >> donald trump poses a unique threat to american democracy. >> every day there's something new. >> she bleach ed them so no one will ever be able to see. who does this? this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning. up first, donald trump takes a surprising trip ahead of his highly anticipated immigration speech in arizona. he's heading to mexico to meet
4:01 am
privately with the mexi ll lly . >> it puts even more attention on how he's going to explain softening his immigration stance in his big speech tonight. let's begin the coverage with cnn's jason carroll. >> good morning, chris. donald trump expected to draw a sharp difference between his position on illegal immigration and hillary clinton's, which he says is essentially amnesty. trump's hardline supporters are waiting to see if he'll keep his promise of deporting all the undocumented people living in the u.s., but first there will be that meeting with mexico's president, trump traveling with rudy giuliani, senator jeff sessions, and trump's son-in-law jared cushner. >> we're going to secure the border and stop the drugs from pouring. >> reporter: donald trump surprising the political world
4:02 am
by announcing he's heading south of the border today to meet with mexico's president just hours before his highly anticipated immigration speech. the visit coming after more than a year of criticizing mexico on the campaign trail. >> when mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. and some, i assume, are good people. >> reporter: trump tweeting, i've accepted the invitation of president enrique pena nieto of mexico and look very much forward to meeting him. a surprising invitation given pena nieto's previous comments about trump, rejecting his promise he'll make the mexican government pay for a 1,000-mile border wall. >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border, and i will have mexico pay for that wall. mark my words. >> under in circumstances would mexico pay for that wall? >> there is no way mexico can pay a wall like that.
4:03 am
>> reporter: the mexican president likening the rhetoric to adolph hitler and benit benito mussolini. the mexican president saying he extended the invitation to both candidates. during a north american summit with president obama in july, pena nieto proposed a frank, open dialogue with whomever is elected. >> tomorrow night in arizona, big speech on immigration. >> reporter: trump is set to unveil his long-awaited immigration plan, but details remain vague. the big question is whether trump will soften his hard line position to use force deportation to remove an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> 11 million people in this country that came in illegally.
4:04 am
they will go out. >> we have to have baby steps first. >> reporter: well, trump has not used the term baby steps in relation to his approach to his immigration policy. later, we will see what steps he would take. the clinton camp weighing in on the visit. the campaign released a statement saying what ultimately matters is what donald trump says to voters in arizona, not mexico, and whether he remains committed to the splitting up of families and deportation of millions. chris? >> all right, jason. thank you very much. let's discuss with cnn political commentator and former donald trump campaign manager, corey lewandowski, cnn political commentator and hillary clinton supporter, bakari sellers. good to have you here. one wrinkle in our understanding, "the washington post" reporting that pena nieto invited both candidates. trump must have jumped on the invitation faster. he's getting in there. certainly playing to advantage. now, this could be a huge moment
4:05 am
in terms of redefining this election. but there are also huge stakes. let's remind what the context is for this meeting. here's a mash-up of the things that trump has said that will come into play in this meeting today. >> they're sending people that have lots of problems. they're bringing those problems with us. they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. and some, i assume, are good people. i'm not just saying mexicans. i'm talking about people from all over that are killers and rapists. somebody's doing the raping, don. you know, somebody's doing it. women being raped, who's doing the raping? our politicians are stupid. the mexican government is much smarter, much sharper, much more cunning, and they send the bad ones over because they don't want to pay for them. they don't want to take care of them. >> okay. so that's going to set a little
4:06 am
bit of the stage for what happens in there. corey, the obvious upside is he looks presidential. he's going to meet with the president. he's getting the respect of the invitation. how do you see the upside? >> i think it's about leadership. it's exactly what that is. it's meeting with the head of another foreign country. it's showing it's a close business partner. obviously he's talked about renegotiating nafta and the bad trade deals america has had. what he's said on so many occasions is the mexican leaders are smarter than us. they out-negotiate the american people. if i'm the president of the united states, we're going to have an understanding, we're going to work fairly together, but we're going to work well together. >> what's the chance he goes down there and is political, he changes a little bit. he aeeither gives nieto the opportunity top say, mr. trump doesn't think we're only sending our worst there or paying for the wall is we see as a function of our trade agreement, not some penalty on mexico. do you think there's anything like that? >> sure, i think that could happen.
4:07 am
we've seen other governors from our country meet with the governor of mexico. governor christie was down in 2014. said he had a great relationship with the governor -- with the president of mexico. it's very, very possible that mr. trump goes down there, meets the president, and says, hey, look, we have more things in common than we have apart. let's find a way that we can work together. >> what does it mean to you, bakari, and the clinton campaign, if this meeting happens and after it trump changes somewhat in his position of mexico having to pay for the wall or, you know, his feelings about who's coming over from mexico? on the one hand, that would be a positive step in terms of why you don't like the rhetoric. but how would you see the change? >> i think that's what the expectation is. i think donald trump has made a mess of his foreign policy and immigration policy. the expectation is he's going to go down here because he's going to have to stand up man to man with the president of the mexico and say, we're going to build a
4:08 am
wall and you're going to pay for it. you're sending the worst of the worst over. two sentiments he's espoused throughout the campaign trail, neither of which prove to be fiscally responsible or prudent or just smart for lack of a better term. so it's going to be interesting how he interacts with the president of the mexico on this stage. everybody is going to be watching i had words. then he's going to come back tonight and give his immigration speech in arizona. the question that we have is now i think he's moved his foreign policy or his immigration policy to baby steps. the question is, what does that mean? it's going to get jumbled and be even more jumbled when he leaves mexico. >> this has been a little point of controversy. donald jr. -- to be clear, not a big fan of scrutinizing the family of candidates. but he's an adult. he's taken on a surrogacy role. he spoke to anderson cooper last night. he did redefine his father's position. here's how. >> he wasn't softening on anything.
4:09 am
he didn't change his stance on anything. what he did and what he's done all along is he's speaking with the people. he's not lecturing them like most of the politicians you see. he's having a conversation. >> that's all fine, what what -- what he's saying. it's fine to change your position to a position that is more reasonable in the eyes of a lot of people. but that's exactly what you said you wouldn't do. mr. trump said from the beginning, no, no, no, you're weak and soft if you say that. not me. i'm going to round them all up and they're getting out. that's clearly not the position he wants to push anymore. how do you reconcile the change? >> i don't know if that's true. >> he will not say deportation force. >> number one, build a wall. that's never deviated. number two, defund sanctuary cities. number three, enforce the rules. number four, deport anyone that's been convicted of a felony in this country that's in an american jail. >> all of those points match
4:10 am
everyone who was on the stage with him every single primary debate except, i'm going to get rid of all 11 million. >> and we keep letting donald trump and donald trump jr. get away with this. we're going to send all the murderers and criminals back. that's 690,000 people. that's it. 690,000 illegal immigrants who have committed a felony in this country or a serious misdemeanor. what do you do with the other 90%? what donald trump wants to do, and let's call it what it is. he flip-flopped. he threw out a test balloon, but now he's back. he wants to round all those people up and send them back. there's no difference between donald trump's policy today and dwight eisenhower in 1954 with operation wetback. it's the same policy prescription. he threw out a trial balloon and ann coulter, rush limbaugh shot it down. >> he's exactly right. donald trump has not changed his position. from the first day he announced he's running, he's not changed his position on immigration.
4:11 am
when he says there's no path to immigrati immigration. hillary clinton has executive amnesty. the day she gets in, path to citizenship. that's not what donald trump is saying. so it's very, very clear. if you're in this country illegally, you will leave. if you want to come back in, you'll come back, you'll come back through a proper channel. >> the only difference between that and the status quo would be forcing that to happen, right? because everybody says that right mow. >> donald trump also wants to end birthright citizenship. donald trump has a problem with dreamers. yes, hillary clinton does want a right to citizenship. we have an issue with immigration in this country. anybody who says otherwise is just not paying attention. but we don't want to break up families. i think that's inhumane. that's unjust. families should be allowed to stay together. you should have dreamers able to go to college and succeed and do these things that are part of the american dream. donald trump doesn't want that. i think immigration in mexico, the relationship with mexico and
4:12 am
the mexican president is the clearest decisive policy we have. donald trump is actually getting to somewhere where we has a policy. it doesn't make sense. it's inhumane. it's impractical. but that's his policy. >> donald trump could see the president of mexico and say, this is an issue we're not going to change from. i'm going to build a wall, and 69 days from today i'm going to be elected president of the united states. we can work together and find a way that mexico can start paying for that wall. it is going to be built. it's 2,000 miles. we don't need to do all 2,000 miles, but that wall is going to get built. he's never deviated from it. >> tunnel technology too. >> and the mexican president says he's not going to pay for it. let me ask you something else that came up in the news. the trump campaign loves to use the e-mails. this mother jones piece that came out about the modelling agency. you have these women coming
4:13 am
forward, we have one on the show today, who says i came into this modeling agency. they circumvented the immigration laws to help us get in. this is exactly what donald trump says has to be stopped. this is exactly what he says is wrong. if this is true, what mother jones is putting out there, and we'll test this woman who comes on the show today, how can he say i want to be tough on immigration if he's breaking the same laws that he says he wants to uphold? >> first, you have to question if the reporting is accurate. secondly, as a businessman, he's used legal immigrants to come into country. >> this would be illegal. >> i understand. and there's been never an accusation that has said, other than this piece, that donald trump has done something illegally. there's no foundation for that other than what mother jones is reporting. what we know in the clinton world is time and time again, her e-mails continue to drip, drip, drip. >> never broke a law. >> the fbi says that there was no intent. the law was clearly broke. . >> she's had 20 years of
4:14 am
investigations, and she's never been found to have broken a law. >> we've never seen one e-mail from donald trump that indicates something other than he said because he never sent an e-mail. >> this kind of fits into the mantra that is donald trump. donald trump will do absolutely anything, including circumvent the law, if it benefits himself. we saw the fact that he used labor laws and policies because he said he couldn't find any american workers, so he got all of these immigrants thouo come and work instead of hiring americans. now we're seeing this with this modeling agency. >> in fairness to corey and the trump position on this, we got to test it. let's vet it. >> oh, i'm all for it. and we'll start allowing people to make judgments. bakari, corey, as always, appreciate it. coming up in the next hour, we're going to talk to trump's running mate indiana governor mike pence. this is his first interview since the mexico trip was announced. what does he see as the agenda? we're also going to get reaction from former mexican president vicente fox.
4:15 am
all right. what do latino leaders think of donald trump's surprise trip to mexico? up next, we'll talk to a latino congressman and his brother, who's a sheriff in a border town. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece
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donald trump will make a surprise trip to mexico today to meet with country's president. the trip coming ahead of a big immigration speech planned for tonight in arizona. after more than a year of anti-mexican rhetoric on the campaign trail. how do latinos feel about all this? let's bring in sheriff martin cuellar and henry cuellar. they join us from texas in front of rio grande, the waterway that separates mexico and the u.s. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> congressman, let me start with you. what do you expect to come out of this trip between donald trump and mexico's president. >> i don't think donald trump even knows what he wants to do. what is his mission, what's his purpose. the last time he went abroad, he went to scotland to see his golf
4:20 am
course. i don't know if that's part of the agenda, but we do know that he says he's a brilliant negotiator, so i would bet he's going to fail in trying toen covince president enrique pena nieto to pay for the wall. that's not going to happen. it will be interesting to see what happens there, and it will be interesting to see if he flip-flops when he talks about his immigration plan, clarifying his immigration plan. >> congressman, why do you think mexico's president extended this invitation after calling donald trump's rhetoric -- he's basically likened it to hitler and mussolini. >> you know, i don't know. i was with the president just a few months ago. we did talk about donald trump. i don't know why he's doing this, but nevertheless, quite honestly, he's a friend of mine. i've known him since he was governor. the public in mexico doesn't
4:21 am
like donald trump because he's called them rapists, murderers. somebody who doesn't understand the importance of our relationship with mexico. every day there's $1.5 billion of trade between mexico and u.s. here in laredo, we handle 66% of all the trade that comes by truck into the united states. he just doesn't understand the border and the importance of mexico. >> sheriff, you are on the front lines there in laredo of any problems at the border. what to ydo you think of donald trump's plan for a wall? >> i don't think he has an idea. like we say down south, he's shooting from the hip. he needs to rethink and think about the things he's saying before he speaks, especially on national tv. one of the things i look at, you know, we were born and raised in this area. you can see how safe it is right now. i don't think he knows what he's talking about.
4:22 am
now, when we talk about a wall, you know, we have an alternative. we call it border smart. it's a program that we want to implement where we have smart cameras along the border. we want to make sure that we keep our communities safe by having cameras and sensors and having drones also, you know, fly in areas of hot spots to keep away the drug smugglers. i can give you a perfect example. we have a camera we have situated at a park where it was very notorious of having drug traffickers going in the middle of the park where the kids were playing soccer. now, you know, what we've done, we eliminated the drug smugglers. now they go around us, you know, and it's easier for us to catch them because they're going around us and we're able to do our job. that shows us that the cameras are working, and that's one of
4:23 am
the things we're going to ask of course congress and also the state for more new technology and that's what we want to do. >> look, you're on the front lines. you have your finger on the pulse of what works there and what doesn't work there. so gentlemen, what do you want to hear tonight in donald trump's immigration speech? congressman, to you. >> well, i'll start off first. first of all, it will be interesting to watch what he's saying because he attacked his republican candidates when they were running in the primary. he attacked bush. he attacked rubio. he attacked other folks. now he's flip-flopped to a lot of the things he's saying. he used his words where he doesn't really understand what he's talking about. for example, he talks about a deportation force. what the heck is a deportation force? is he talking about i.c.e., the people that do the deportation, that focus on criminals? he's saying a lot of things that he attacked his republican folks
4:24 am
that were running against him, the other nominees. so again, any immigration reform plan has to have three things. one, you have to have border security. but nothing about a 14th century solution called a wall in this 21st century problem we're in. you have to have smart security technology, the right mixture of federal, state, and local folks working together. you have to have a plan that works. and finally, what are you going to do about the 11 million or 12 million undocumented persons you have? if you don't want to have amnesty like president reagan did in 1986, at least legalize those folks so you know who they are. you got to have something that works and not something that sounds right or flip-flopping like quite honestly trump has been doing. he has been flip-flopping. bush knows that. rubio knows that. and other folks know, the american public knows he's been flip-flopping. >> yeah, sheriff, we have 15 seconds left.
4:25 am
what are you listening for tonight? >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear that. >> what do you want to hear trump address tonight? >> well, what i want to hear is that they're going to work together. one of the things i will look at, i've been in law enforcement for over 35 years. we have a perfect relationship. well, not perfect, but close to perfect as far as a relationship working with mexico. we've gotten felons that have crossed to mexico. we're able to work with the police, with the military in getting those fugitives that go across. you know, we want to continue. we don't want trump to ruin the relationship that we have now. >> understood. martin cuellar, henry cuellar, thank you very much for joining us. coming up in our next hour, we will talk to trump's running mate indiana governor mike pence in his first interview since the mexico trip was announced. we'll also get reaction from former mexican president vincente fox. we'll hear what they both have
4:26 am
to say in our 8:00 hour. chris? >> so as trump tries to mend fences with mexico, or at least that's what we think he may do, he's showing no such outreach to hillary clinton. he's hammering his rival on her family's foundation and private e-mails. is there more trouble for her on the horizon? that's next. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now, you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no. your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything. perfect! for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven. for a free quote, call liberty mutual at
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4:29 am
but the only way to learn the full depth of her public corruption is to read the 33,000 e-mails that she deleted.
4:30 am
they're gone. >> so that would be impossible. but donald trump, nonetheless, is not letting up on his attacks on hillary clinton's private use of e-mail servers. the fbi is set to release its report to the public, explaining why it recommended no charges against clinton. this as word the state department has recovered dozens of deleted e-mails on the benghazi attack. let's bring in cnn senior political commentator david axelrod. the main problem for clinton in this is you were not supposed to delete -- you could argue she shouldn't have deleted anything. she should have turned it over. even within the guidelines, it allowed some discretion in dee le -- deleting. now they found e-mails deleted about benn gaghazi. how do you recover politically? >> well, we don't know what those e-mails said. this is going to be a continuing story from now to november. i think we can be sure of that. and new chapters keep evolving here. the release of the fbi report
4:31 am
and presumably her transcript. these 15,000 e-mails that were deleted. this is going to be in the backdrop of this election from now until november. the question is, are there revelations within these e-mails that are more damning than the ones we've seen already. if the answer is no, then i think it's background music. if the answer is yes, it becomes more of a central issue. then there's the issue of donald trump. you know, the bear thing. are these problems enough for people to overcome their profound concerns about trump. >> you remember the bear thing? >> no. >> the bear thing is there are two guys in the forest, one of them sees a bear coming. one guy is lacing up his shoes. the other guy says, what are you doing, you can't outrun the bear? he says, i doesn't have to, i just have to outrun you. >> how did you know he was referring to that bear joke?
4:32 am
>> i read it in his book. and two, he said it on the show once. >> we've had this discussion before. but the bear are voters. right now trump is less swift of foot than hillary. so you know, i think that's a lot of what she's counting on here. >> i just loved watching alisyn's face change when you said the bear thing. >> i didn't know if there was a picnic basket coming up somewhere or what. >> what is this bear, and why don't i know him? >> exactly. i like you're inside david axelrod's head. david, let's move on from the bear, unless you have another frightening animal you'd like to insert into this. so "the new york times" editorial board yesterday called for the clinton foundation to today, not wait until hillary clinton wins, if she does, but today to stop accepting foreign and corporate donations. and if she wins the presidency for even bill clinton and chelsea clinton to sever ties
4:33 am
with the foundation because of all of this our of impropriety. >> okay, so there are three guys in a canoe. no, no. listen, i think that if i'm there, if i'm thinking strategically in their corner, i'm thinking, a, this foundation, they don't draw salaries. it does charitable work. if they take these steps, does this kill the controversy and what would happen then is if you're doing this now, why didn't you do it when you were secretary of state. and so the question is whether this -- a move now of that sort would quell the controversy or would it just, you know, advance it in a different way. i think i would probably stay where i am right now if i were them on this. again, you know, this is a question of are there other elements of the story that we
4:34 am
don't know yet. the story last week, i thought, was overreported about the visits to the secretary of state because nobody's been able to show that there was some action that resulted from these meetings that was untoward. if that were to be revealed, this would be a much bigger story. so far, that hasn't happened. i'm sure that there are a couple of people over at the rnc and the trump headquarters who are looking for those connections. >> what's the plus/minus on trump going to mexico to visit the president? >> well, i mean, first of all, it elevates him to the stature of an international leader, which is what he wants to give the appearance of. it softens some of the really -- or is an attempt to soften some of the harsh rhetoric he's used. the danger is i don't know how pena nieto, who has his own political problems in mexico, doesn't use this as some sort of
4:35 am
platform to say, we're not paying for a wall, our people are not murdererers and rapists. if he doesn't do that t he's creating political problems for himself. remember, he extended this invitation to both candidates. i think he got the one he was hoping wouldn't come. now he has to deal with it. so i think this is fraught for donald trump, but it fits with the fact that he's making the speech on immigration tonight, which, you know, he's cleverly hyped by taking many different positions on immigration in the last ten days so as to create mystery about what he's doing to say tonight. i'm sure a lot of people will be watching. this is a great prelude, i'm sure in his own mind, to that speech. >> you know, it'll be very interesting to see how this visit with the president then colors the speech. one thing about donald trump is that he is influenced by whoever he has met with most recently. so if the president of mexico
4:36 am
makes the case about why he should be friendlier to mexico, then you might hear some strains of that in the speech tonight. >> you might, although i think the thing that is really interesting is how does he walk this path. he floated this trial balloon last week about a more humane immigration policy and perhaps a path to legalization. this was roundly attacked by some of his key supporters. by rush limbaugh, but ann coulter, by people who have been in his amen corner for a long time who said you're going too far here. he pulled back from that. so the question is, how far can he go in this speech to reassure people that he's not -- that he is not, you know, on the jagged edge here with his immigration plan and still keep in his corner his base. it's a tricky piece of business for him. >> david axelrod, great to talk to you. there's a bear right behind you. >> i need to pick up some more
4:37 am
jokes. >> fantastic. so some potentially damaging allegations against donald trump from former models at his modeling agency. did he have them work in the u.s. illegally? and of course, what does that mean for his stance on immigration? one of the models making the accusations and the reporter who broke the story will join us next. be binge-studying. get back to great. this week 50% off all backpacks. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. "it's just an alert from credit karma. they help me with this whole--being an adult thing." "credit karma seriously helped you feel like an adult?" "yeah." "free credit monitoring?" "i feel like it's working all ready." "credit karma. give yourself some credit."
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4:41 am
well, everybody really seemed to have have a good time. i want to thank all of the folk over at trump models because the models were just great. >> all right. so that model that you briefly saw wearing the camisol is rachel blay. she's a canadian woman
4:42 am
represented by trump model management. she and other models say the agency employed them in the u.s. without work visas. they were docked massive fees from their earnings and were encouraged to deceive custom officials. she joins us now, as well as james west, a senior digital correspondent with mother jones, the mag that broke this story. welcome to both of you. james, let me start with you, since you've been reporting on this. what did you learn about the trump model management agency and whether or not they broke any immigration laws. >> this is one of donald trump's most prized possessions as a company. he owns 85% of this thing. he still earns millions of dollars from trump model management, according to election filings. so this is a big deal for him. what we learned was four models in various years from 2004 to 2011 encouraged to skirt immigration laws. two told me they were asked to write down false addresses on immigration forms as well. things like send your portfolio ahead of time by mail so that the customs officials don't find
4:43 am
it. as we know, working as a tourist in the united states, you simply can't do it. you have to have work authorization. >> so rachel, that brings us to you. you worked with the trump model management for three years. what was your experience in terms of how you got into the country and whether or not you had the right visa. >> i definitely didn't have the visa. i got in, in april 2004. i only got the visa in september 2004, in between april and august 2004, i spent most of my time in new york and worked, did a lot of jobs to which they deducted taxes. but i didn't have a visa until september. i didn't actually start the visa process until august. >> and what did the trump model management agency tell you about working without a visa? >> it's quite a bit normalized
4:44 am
practice in the industry when you're -- for your first time, you go to the u.s. yet, you know, you can't, as a model, one of the things you learn quite quickly is you shouldn't ask too many questions. so you just know you have to do -- if you want to work, you have to do as you're told. yet, you're kind of aware that it's not legal. >> so you say that it's sort of normal in the industry and that models know not to ask too many questions, but was there something different about the trump model management agency where they skirted the rules even more so than other places that you worked? >> yes, i worked with a different agency when i left trump, and they got me my visa straightaway. some girls get it quite quickly, but it's quite a spread out way of working for agencies to not have girls coming in with a work visa. for example, that summer in new york, we were about seven foreign models in that
4:45 am
apartment, at least, during that summer. i believe none of us had a work visa. maybe me and one more ended up getting one. >> james, what did you learn about how they did business at trump versus other places? >> this is a guy that runs on his business record, right, as a nominee for president. so i think looking into his business practice was really interesting for me. it's not just rachel's story in the piece at mother jones. there are other models in there that talk about living in a basement apartment in the east village of new york, stuffed into rooms, no air-conditioning. they're kind of pretty intense situations. >> but is that not standard? when you're starting out, aren't you sort of all packed into a one-bedroom apartment? basically what i'm referring to is that rachel said to you in the article that honestly, they're the most crooked agency i've ever worked for, and i've worked for quite a few. so what set the trump agency apart? >> well, other people also told
4:46 am
me, and rachel has this experience as well, that they were left with a bad taste in their mouth. there was a system of payments, advances, rent for rachel and others for up to $1600 a month for a bunk bed in a stuffed, crowded room. >> rachel, what was your experience? what made them, to your mind, the most crooked agency? >> it's not as much on the immigration level. that is quite common. but there are some agencies more honest about this. what made them the most crooked is how they use these foreign models that came in without visas, the expenses they faked in those statements and the state of the apartment, which was one of the worst i've ever lived in. i've seen quite a few in new york city and internationally. this was by far the worst model apartment i've lived in. these expenses, agencies are
4:47 am
quite spread out, but trump has, from all the agencies i've been with -- i've been with three agencies in new york. i know a lot of girls that have been with different agencies. they're by far the one that is most crooked when it comes to financial accounts and statements. >> rachel, are you worried about speaking out right now, given that trump is so powerful and running for president? >> well, you know, i have spoken out about the industry in the past. i've been approach about this topic and to speak out about the actual situation of immigration and financial statement with trump model. i don't have anything to lose. that's the reality. because i spoke out once, i don't work anymore in the industry. and that's okay. all i have to gain is bring out the truth and let american people know what's going on with this business of his. >> well, rachel blais, that is brave. thank you for your candor and
4:48 am
speaking out. james west, thank you for sharing the reporting with us. earn can go to mother jones and read more about this story. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. >> let's get over to chris. >> all right. a big guest coming up. former tennis star james blake, you remember he had his victories on the court, but off the court, remember he got arrested wrongly and roughed up by cops last year? so what does he think of the colin kaepernick silent protest of the national anthem? is that the right way to tackle police brutality? we're going to ask blake live. there he is looking good as always. quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
4:49 am
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
about race and policing in america is very controversial and people get very heated. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick decides not to stand for the anthem, he gets critics. he says it's not about loving the country, it's about saying not everything is right here. this is my way of making that message. this is an issue that former tennis star james blake knows very well from a different perspective. here's the video. he's just hanging out outside his hotel and a cop comes out of nowhere. james is trying to explain they've got the wrong guy. doesn't listen. it was determined excessive force, surprise, surprise.
4:53 am
what does blake make of the kaepernick controversy and the bigger issues that we should be talking about? let's deal with the controversy, first of all. it's always great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> i hate having to talk to you in this context. i know the issues matter. he sddoes it. knew it would be controversial. the fairest criticism may be that he put his teammates and his team and organization in a rough spot. this isn't what jim brown did, this isn't what muhammad ali did. little different for ali because it's a solo sport. what's your take on it? >> that's the toughest avenue to speak on. i played an individual sport. for me, really the only regret i tried to play having no regrets. my only regret is i didn't speak out more, didn't talk about social issues and get involved because i was singularly focused for him, he made this choice this is bigger than football and this is something where he feels he does need to use his voice for a greater good to hold the country ort powers that be
4:54 am
accountable for what he sees as a problem in our country. if that puts his teammates under more scrutiny, i don't know if he spoke to them personally, i can't really speak to the team aspect of it. but for him to speak out and use his voice, i think that's a great thing. that's not unpatriotic in any way. to me, it's patriotic to hold america to a higher standard, want it to be better. we're in a country where we have a campaign slogan to make america great again. that's not unpatriotic when you're holding the country to a higher standard. you want things to be better. >> did the disrespect of the country that people read into, not standing for the anthem wind up overpowering the message of we need more progress? >> yeah. i think that's a chance he was taking. whether or not people will see it that way, how they're going to react, i think you don't know that. for me, a protest gets people speaking. this is a topic that's i've been approached about it and talked to a lot of people just around coffee tables very much in the last few days. i think he's accomplished that
4:55 am
mission. that's good that people are talking about it. whether it could have been done better in a more respectful way, that i don't know. people have said, he should have done it a different way. i don't know of a different way he could have gotten this many people talking about it. the way he did it and the protest, a song in its third verse that we don't sing anymore, it advocates the killing of slaves. i think his message is one that it does strike a cord and a nerve with some people. i feel like he's been given that right to do that. >> fair for a guy like rodney harrison, nfl great, played for the patriots and the chargers. now he's on nbc, i think, as an analyst and a good one. he says he's not a black guy. i'm a black guy. he doesn't know what it's like to be black. he's mixed race. he doesn't know -- is that fair criticism? >> i think that's awful. i think rodney harrison is a great analyst. but when i was very young, i'm mixed race as well. when i was very young, i had an adult -- >> they're saying he took it back. he said it. he apologizes for saying it.
4:56 am
he's not the only one to say it. he said it out loud. >> i had an adult say what a shame it is to be mixed because you can be hated by both sides. i tried to immediately walk that back and see the other side. i feel like i could be loved by both sides as well. for colin kaepernick he's dealt with that too. when you feel hatred from both sides, that's a tough position to be in. whether or not you're black, white, mixed, it's a powerful message to you and for colin, i'm shurg he's hearing tons of it right now. to hear it from the black community as well, he's not a part of that community and the white community, you're not a part ever that community. it can be isolating. i've dealt with that my whole life too. where should i fit it in is? is it disrespectful to my white mother and my black father, i think that's something that shouldn't be brought up in this kind of a conversation. he's doing something as an american and something that he
4:57 am
feels strongly about. his racial profiles shouldn't be something that it's called into question by rodney harrison. >> let's talk about the "it." what it is about. violence between police and african-american and impoverished communities made manifest by what we're focusing on in chicago right now. when you look at that epidemic, which is what it is, right? what do you see as what needs attention? >> well, for me, one of the biggest things, i said this last year when i was victim of excessive force. is accountability. what you're seeing is the 2% of cops that are doing their job the wrong way, getting 90 to 95% of the attention. they're the ones that need to be sort of weeded out and taken off the force and not given this power that they're able to abuse. we want to give police officers power. we want to give them authority because we trust them to keep us safe. if the trust is lost, it becomes a dangerous situation where society is not trusting the cops, the cops aren't trusting
4:58 am
society to do the right thing and comply. we're scared. when that happened to me, i was scared because of what i had seen on the news and what could have happened. i immediately was saying i want no miscommunication. i don't want anything to happen. we're distrust full because of things that we've seen in the media. i think what really needs to happen is possibly the police unions need to stop protecting the officers that don't deserve the right to have the badge. i respect so much those that do have the banl and dot job the right way. they're being harmed by the one that is aren't. they're the ones we're seeing on the news. >> talk about a sticky situation. try being in the media. it's often the price of provocation to get this out there. policing and the problem with policing isn't really the focus of why you have that problem in chicago. if you look at it, it's gangs. it's a cycle of opportunity that gangs have exploited in their favor to get people into their ranks instead of legitimate ranks of opportunity. what do you do about that? that's bigger than guns,
4:59 am
anything. >> that is bigger than guns. i think it could start with guns. there's too many out there and too man that i are available legally or illegally. i think common sense, which ever side of the aisle you're on, common sense gun laws make sense to over 70% of the people in this country. that's something that just makes sense to get that done and unfortunately, the nra seems to have so much power even though they only have 5 million members, they have a voice because they're all very vocal. they're all willing to go to the polls and willing to protest and willing to fight for their rights and i think if on the other side the common sense side there need to be people willing to stand up and fight that good fight for what we all believe is right. >> james blake, as you know, i've always respected you even more for what comes out of your head than anything that you've held a racket in your hand. we're still early in the u.s. open. please come back, we'll talk about the tournament as it gets later on. i wanted your ideas on this.
5:00 am
this stuff matters more. we both know it. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. lot of news, we've got live interviews with the republican vice presidential nominee mike pence and former mexican president vincent fox. what do you say? let's get to it. >> i will build a great, great wall and i will have mexico pay for that wall. >> there's no way that mexico can pay a wall like that. >> donald trump making a surprise visit to mexico today. >> i don't think anybody understands what motivated the president to accept this meeting. >> donald trump is despised in mexico. >> donald trump right now is in panic mode when it comes to latinos. >> he was insulting. you have to start with baby steps. >> our country is going to hell. >> i'm starting to feel some clinton corruption fatigue. >> it just never ends with the clintons. >> the trump campaign just feels like trump's next big con. >> cannot be trusted. >> this is "new day" with chris
5:01 am
cuomo and allison cam rot i. >> this is new day. donald trump is heading to next coe and the first foreign trip as the nominee. he's going to meet with the mexican president a ahead of his highly anticipated immigration speech in arizona tonight. >> this comes after a year of trump deriding mexican immigrants and pledging mexico will pay for a border wall that trump is promising. will he back down? trump's running mate mike pence will join us live in a few moments. let's begin with jason carroll. >> good morning, alisyn. donald trump expected to draw a sharp difference between his position on illegal immigration and hillary clinton's which he says is essentially amnesty. his hard line supporters are waiting to see if he'll keep his promise of deporting all the undocumented people living in the united states.
5:02 am
first, there will be that meeting with mexico's president, trump traveling with rudy giuliani, senator jeff sessions and trump's son-in-law, jared curb ner. >> we're also going to secure our border and stop the drugs from pouring in. >> donald trump surprising the political world by announcing that he is heading south of the border today to meet with mexico's president, just hours before his highly anticipated immigration speech. the visit coming after more than a year of criticizing mexico on the campaign trail. >> when mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime. they're rapists. and some, i assume, are good peoplement. >> trump tweeting, i've accepted the invitation of president enrique pena nieto of mexico and look very much forward to meeting him. a surprising invitation given
5:03 am
pena nieto's comments about trump promise he'll make the mexican government pay for a 1,000-mile border wall. >> i will build a great, great wall on our southern border and i will have mexico for that wall. mark my words. >> under no circumstances would mexico pay for that wall. there is no way that mexico can pay a wall like that. >> the mexican president likening the rhetoric to adolf hitler and muse lynn i. >> the mexican president extended the invitation to both presidential candidates. and mainly to protect mexicans wherever they might be. >> during a north american summit with president obama in july, pena nieto proposed a frank open dialog with whomever is elected. >> tomorrow night in arizona big speech on immigration.
5:04 am
>> trump is set to unveil his long-awaited immigration plan, but details remain vague. the big question is whether trump will soften his hard line position to use forced deportation to remove an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> 11 million people in this country that came in illegally. they will go out. >> we have to have baby steps first. >> well, trump has not used the term baby steps in relation to his approach to his immigration policy. later, we will see what steps he will take. alisyn? >> jason, thanks so much. let's bring in indiana governor, mike pence, good morning governor. >> good morning, alisyn. good to be with you. >> what do you expect out of this meeting with donald trump and the mexican president? >> well, i think it's going to be a meeting between two leaders. i know that donald trump was grateful for the invitation last
5:05 am
week and like any good leader, he knows that a good negotiation begins with good relationships. what the american people are seeing today is the kind of decisive president that donald trump will be. he gets an invitation late last week from the president of mexico and essentially drops what he's doing to sit down, have a private conversation and begin a relationship where we can talk about the issues that we've got to resolve between the united states and mexico. but also about the issues that we are both struggling with in common. >> it's safe to assume that the issue of the wall will come up. president pena nieto has said that mexico will not and cannot pay for that wall. now what? >> well, i think it's important to note that today is really the beginning, beginning of a conversation. negotiations will follow this. but it all precedes out of a relationship. to know donald trump is to know not your standard issue politician, but really a business leader that knows.
5:06 am
you first got to sit down with people. you got to look them in the eye and tell them where you stand. they can express their positions. that's where real negotiations can begin. make no mistake about it, i'm very confident that my running mate will be very clear with president pena nieto about our priority of securing the border, building a wall, making it clear that we're going to have a new administration that deals with and confronts not only illegal immigration but the flood of drugs and the heartbreak of human trafficking that's coming across our borders. but i expect, i really expect the meeting today is a beginning of a conversation. i don't know where hillary clinton is. i heard she's going to cincinnati today. but i think the american people can see quite a contrast between donald trump who gets an invitation from a world leader, drops what's doing each with a maj joor speech on the schedule tonight and heads down to mexico
5:07 am
to begin a conversation about how we move the interests of the american people forward and how we work with our neighbors in a more constructive and effective way. >> president pena nieto has likened some of donald trump's rhetoric about mexicans to hitler and mussolini. do you expect that mr. trump will apologize to mexico's president for some of the language that he's used? >> well, i think president pena nieto has actually walked that language back. i think he said he was referring to philosophical points. look, i let him speak for himself. look, i give the president of mexico a lot of credit for extending an invitation to the two people that are vying for the presidency in both major political parties. but i give the lion's share of the credit to donald trump. look, this is -- both of us are campaigning nonstop. hillary is in hiding. i don't know where she's been other than we heard she's going to fundraisers. donald trump and i have
5:08 am
literally been canvassing across the country. i'm in florida today. he was in washington last night. big, big speech in arizona. the opportunity to sit down with our neighbors to the south and to have these two leaders begin a relationship that will be a foundation for negotiations, i think, should be a real insight to millions of americans who are getting a glimpse of the kind of president donald trump will be. >> do you think the meeting with the president will color the immigration speech that donald trump is giving tonight? do you think that he will soften his language or change his stance, say, on deportations? >> well, i think we'll let the speech speak for itself. i don't think they'll -- i really don't think there will be any relationship to that. i know donald trump has been working on the speech tonight very earnestly. he and i have conversations about it. his team has been meeting over this question. i think the speech tonight will be a very, very important, if
5:09 am
not historic speech about an issue that donald trump almost singularly put at the center of the national debate. look, the contrast between donald trump and hillary clinton on the subject of illegal immigration couldn't be more clear. donald trump has committed to securing our borders. building a wall. enforcing the laws of this country. upholding the constitution of the united states and hillary clinton is essentially for amnesty, open borders, for reimplementing more executive amnesty. i think you'll hear not only a description of donald trump's policies, but the american people are going to see more clearly there's one candidate in this race prepared to take the steps necessary to end the flood of illegal immigration that has been costing jobs for american citizens and people who are legally in this country. it's been lowering or holding down wages in this country and, as you all well know and have reported, it's resulted in outright tragedy in communities around this country. donald trump will address that and deal with that. hillary clinton's just talking about more of the same.
5:10 am
i think that's going to be more obvious after the speech in arizona tonight. >> governor, speaking of immigration laws, we just had on a model here from germany who worked for three years with the trump modeling agency. she says that the trump modeling agency violated immigration laws and had she and the other models work without the proper work visas. what's your response? >> well, my response is that we've heard those kind of accusations before, even directed at the trump family. i'm very confident that this business, like the other trump businesses, has conformed to the laws of this country. but look, these are not the things alisyn that people are talking to me about around the country. i spent a lot of time in georgia. i was in north carolina last night. the american people are concerned about this economy, they're concerned about security, they're deeply concerned about the impact of illegal immigration on this
5:11 am
country. >> yeah. >> and donald trump is going to continue to focus on those issues. i think that's why you see this race tightening up. and that's why i really do believe we're poised for a great victory in november. >> on the topic of illegal immigration, wouldn't this be relevant? wouldn't the fact that one of his own companies, the trump modeling agency, if they employed models illegally, doesn't that point out some hypocrisy in this race? >> well, as i said, i think the trump organization can speak for itself on those issues. i'm very confident that they complied and conformed to the laws of the country. as i said, these sidebar issues that come up, his business enterprise can address those. i'm confident they'll address them forthrightly. i have to tell you, alisyn, i said this to you at the iowa state fair, where the american people are focused right now are on security, ending the flood of illegal immigration, upholding our constitution and making sure
5:12 am
we have the highest standards of ethics in the highest office in the land. i think what people will see tonight in the broad shouldered leadership of donald trump in that speech is the kind of leadership that speaks to all of it. i'm really proud to stand with this man and to see what a decisive leader he is. here he gets an invitation late in the week from the president of our neighbor to the south and it would have been very easy to say let's get together, let's talk for days and days and figure out how to make this happen. donald trump is someone that says, we got an invitation, we've got an opportunity, let's drop what we're doing, he's going to begin a relationship that i truly do believe is in the interest of the united states of america and we're going to make clear, we're going to put america first, but there's an old saying in indiana that good fences make good neighbors. the way we can be good neighbors is with strong leadership in the united states as a start. >> governor, i want to ask you about something else that the american public is concerned about. that is, voter fraud. you had an exchange yesterday in
5:13 am
georgia with a voter pro expressed some fear about this. let me play that for everyone. >> we all continuously hear about voter fraud and i think that's a great fear that i have that regardless of how many people come out and support the trump/pence ticket that perhaps this is rigged. what would stop them? >> i would tell you, i think your skepticism is well-founded. but the response ought to be action. >> governor what did you mean by that? do you think that voter fraud is widespread? >> well, i think voter fraud exists. we've had instances of that, that have been prosecuted in the state of indiana over the last 10 and 15 years. with the revelations yesterday by the fbi that a couple of states election systems had been hacked, in the state of indiana we have initiated a dialog with our i.t. systems and our
5:14 am
secretary of state to review the security of our voter files. but my message to each and every one of them, these elections happen one precinct at a time. people that are involved in this movement, people that want to make america great again ought to know that being involved in the election as a volunteer, as a poll watcher, as a poll worker is the way that we have always vouched safety, integrity of the one person, one vote system. the skepticism is well-founded. people need to be very concerned about the potential of voter fraud. that vigilance is essential to to any vibrant democracy you are talking about two things. the hacking in illinois and arizona, that's invisible. how will poll watchers on the day of the election be able to detect computer hacking? >> well, they wouldn't be able to detect computer hacking. one of the things about working
5:15 am
at your own neighborhood precinct place, alisyn, most people know their neighbors, people come through the door. they take a ballot and that's the reason why in the state of indiana, states all over the country, elections are add in m owe administered in a precinct by precinct basis. people being there, democrats and republicans being willing to be involved and protect one person, one vote is really essential because we've had incidents in recent years, not only in indiana but around the country of voter fraud. i think the progress that we've made in the state of indiana in voter i.d. laws that ensure that everyone's vote counts is important. that was my message yesterday that we all ought to be very, very vigilant about protecting our democracy and the way we can all do that is by being directly involved in the voting process, which culminates when the polls close on november 8th. >> governor mike pence, thanks so much for taking time to be on
5:16 am
"new day" this morning. nice to talk to you. >> great to be with you. >> chris? >> all right. it was good to hear from governor pence astrum heads to mexico. up next, let's get mexico's former president vicente fox to weigh in on what he makes of the meeting and the immigration issue in america. president fox, next. dog chow fo. my dog girlfriend is 17 years old. she's been eating dog chow from her very first day and she can still chase squirrels. she can't catch them, but she can still chase them. after 17 years i'm still confident in feeding her dog chow because i see the high quality ingredients that go into it. i'm very proud to make dog chow right here in edmond, oklahoma. the check they sent isn't enough to replace your totaled new car. the guy says they didn't make the mistake. you made the mistake. i beg your pardon? he says, you should have chosen full-car replacement.
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they're rapists. and some, i assume, are good people. i'm not just saying -- i'm talking about people from all over that are killers and rapists. >> and the mexican government is much smarter, much sharper, much more cunning and they send the bad ones over because they don't want to pay for them, they don't want to take care of them. >> it is the invective, it is the issue that defined donald trump and really rocketed his early campaign. now, trump is taking a big step towards damage control. he's going to meet with mexico's president enrique pena nieto ahead of his immigration speech tonight. what's going to be the play here? what are the expectation sns let's discuss with former president of mexico, vicente fox who joins us. hello. to all america and first of all, let me tell you, he is not
5:21 am
welcome to mexico. by 130 million people, we don't like him, we don't want him. we reject his message. i don't understand why president pena has offered this opportunity. i think it's nothing more than a political stunt. trump is using mexico, using president pena to boost his sinking poll numbers. i think the president pena is taking an enormous political risk by hosting trump. if he's gone soft on trump, it will hurt him greatly. he will even be considered like a traitor because we don't accept to be offended like we just heard and should not happen he comes here with a smile on his face. i think this is a big mistake on
5:22 am
part of president pena. >> but it is his mistake then. because the president invited trump. this isn't an insurgency. he asked him to come down, he asked both candidates. trump seized the initiative. why don't you see it as a sign of perhaps improved relations? right now we're dealing with seeing trump change on the issue of immigration. maybe the ugly talk early on was just to get support. maybe he'll change his position with the president as well. >> you don't see that on a -- nor so on somebody that could be presidential. i mean, you cannot lie to people. you cannot take advantage of people all the time like he's doing. you cannot cheat people. you have to be straight. you have to speak the truth. this is what he has done none at all. so it's a very opportunistic move and i hope u.s. public
5:23 am
opinion, u.s. citizens can see this and finally, and finally see what is behind trump, this false prophet that is just cheating everybody. it's a desperate move and i don't see how it can work at all. >> so why do you think president pena invited him down? he has said he's not going to pay for the wall, that mexico can't pay for it. then he invited him to come. >> yeah. that's what i don't understand. i will not understand unless there's an explanation to it. except that pena will take a very firm stand that he will reject and ask and commit him to apologize to all mexicans here in mexico and in the united states and that he withdraws the stupid proposals of building a
5:24 am
wall, putting together a trade war with mexico, of limiting foreign investment into mexico, of taxing imports to mexico. i don't know where pena is. i just don't understand -- i understand trump's move, very smart move. but very, very in a lying attitude. that cannot be speaking the truth. how can you trust a guy like this? that this morning is coming with this message, that tomorrow he will take a different stand. i don't understand what's going on here, and i really apologize for our president taking this step forward. i really expect from him as all 130 million mexicans, all of our great brother mexicans in the united states, an explanation
5:25 am
from both, from president pena and trump himself. >> president pena nieto's numbers aren't so good in mexico. i think his popularity is at about 23%. maybe he's looking to make a show of force as you suggest and help his popularity among the mexicans. let me ask you something about your change in tone, mr. president. when you came on the show here in new york, you said, look, i shouldn't have used the same type of ugly words that donald trump uses. we should have a dialog. he should come down here, he should see what the issues are. he should understand what the real situation is. now you seem very angry again. what happened? >> that you do as a citizen, that you do as a mexican that is worry about trump becoming president of the united states. you don't do that, president of this great nation which is mexico, representing 130 million people, i'm sure he's going to
5:26 am
be rejected by everybody here in mexico. we cannot accept this going on. yes, it could be a desperate move. he's just a -- of his address to the union like we're going to hear in mexico. to me, it is a desperate move on both sides. >> he has been changing what he's been saying about immigration here. he's not talking about the deportation force anymore. he's talking about working with people who are here, figuring out ways to do this that is humane. does that improve your expectations of what would happen under a president trump? >> certainly no. because you cannot trust a guy like this. how can we grant confidence and support to ideas that change every day? he's cynical.
5:27 am
he continues to disregard its own people and disregard mexicans. he is firm on his stand that he will throw them out, that he will build the out. you cannot play the music for both sides. he cannot get followers in the states that are -- the white american and at the same time have the brown mexicans be -- the minorities. it's either one of the two. or he should change his policies and be very, very reasonable on what he proposes. but how can you believe him when we are hearing right now that he violated migration laws in the united states. how can now he be speaking like he is, how ke speak about trade war when he's manufacturing all
5:28 am
his products for his business outside of the united states? it's absolutely incongruent, absolutely inconsistent and i appeal to people in united states to think about what you are risking with this guy as president of that great nation. i just cannot envision him sitting on that chair that was the chair of president washington, president jefferson, president kennedy, president reagan, all of the great presidents of that nation, that this guy is not up to be a president. he's not presidential, doesn't look presidential. he doesn't know how to run a nation. he don't even know how to run a business. >> former president of mexico, vicente fox, thank you very much for letting your opinions be known here on "new day" as always. >> thank you. bye bye. >> alisyn?
5:29 am
>> as you've been discussing, chris, donald trump is heading south of the border. what does the clinton camp think of trump's visit? her campaign responds next. ♪ the ford freedom sales event is on! our biggest event of the year just got better! ♪ announcing zero for seventy-two across the entire lineup of ford cars, trucks and suvs. plus, tagged vehicles now get a thousand smart bonus. that's freedom from interest... and freedom to choose with ford. america's best selling brand. ♪ now get 0% financing for 72 months
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i don't know where hillary clinton is. i heard she's going to cincinnati today. but i think the american people can see quite a contrast between donald trump who gets an invitation from a world leader, drops what he's doing, even with a major speech on the schedule for tonight, and heads down to mexico to sit down with the president of that country to begin a conversation about how we move the interests of the american people forward. >> that was donald trump's running mate, governor mike pence, weighing in on trump's surprise trip to mexico today to meet with president enrique pena nieto. this trip is hours before trump's highly anticipated immigration speech tonight in arizona. joining us now is the clinton's campaign's director of latino outreach to weigh in on the response to mike pence. let's start with that. what's your response to what vp
5:34 am
nominee mike pence said saying donald trump is seizing this opportunity to speak to the president of mexico. where is hillary clinton? >> i actually think donald trump has one purpose for this trip, which is to distract the american people from what has been at the core of his message and policy for 14 months. he launched his campaign by calling mexicans, rapists and criminals. that's been who he is. he has consistently talked about his policy to deport not only 11 million undocumented americans in this country, but also go after kids who are born in the united states and are citizens by birth to also deport them. that has been his policy. this is another deliberate attempt to draw attention away from that. >> well, regardless of his motivations, will hillary clinton accept the invitation from the president of mexico to go there? >> the secretary last met with president pena nieto in 2014. she looks forward to doing so again in the future. >> but she doesn't feel the need
5:35 am
do it during the campaign? >> i think the secretary has spent the last 14 months talking about what is important to the american people, talking to latino voters about what her plan is. she couldn't be in a more different place than donald trump on this issue. she launched our campaign meeting with dreamers and listening to them and bringing their policy into that conversation. she used the democratic convention to bring that family forward, to talk about the issues that immigrants are facing in our country, to talk about how to fix the issue. donald trump launched his campaign trashing mexicans by talking and spewing hatred and bigotry throughout the campaign and then he took the national convention and spread more hate. they couldn't be in a more different place. the secretary looks forward to an opportunity in the future to meet with president pena nieto. >> why do you think president pena nieto invited donald trump, a man who he has said recently that he thought trump's rhetoric sounded like hitler's and
5:36 am
mussolini's. why do you think he invited him and what is he expecting out of this visit? >> we need to let president pena nieto decide that and explain that himself. we have to remind ourselves of what is really happening here and focus on that. donald trump has tried to use different rhetoric, but his policy remains the same. his son was on tv today, governor pence was saying that nothing has changed from his policy. his policy is to go around, round up and deport 11 million undocumented immigrants from this country. his policy is to build a giant wall along our southern border. that is the focus of this. his policy is to take away deferred action from childhood arrivals, protection from deportation, from dreamers in our country and put them on a path to deportation. that is the plan here. i don't want to get distracted. i don't think the american people will allow themselves to get distracted when donald trump has made this the core of his campaign. the one policy he has explained
5:37 am
to us over the last 14 months is his immigration policy. that's exactly what's happening here. we cannot allow ourselves to get distracted by changing headlines or attempt to distract us from his real policy. >> since this is an opportunity, since these two men will be having a one-on-one meeting, what do you want president pena nieto to explain to donald trump? >> i think donald trump needs to explain himself. but i also feel like he has been explaining himself for the last 14 months. as i said, i'm going to continue to say this because really, this is an attempt to distract what is happening in his campaign and how he's led us to this moment. donald trump, from day one, has used this campaign to demonize immigrants in this country. he's not only gone after immigrants, he's gone after mexican americans and you saw that with the judge who said -- he said he was less american and couldn't do his job because of his mexican heritage. that's the conversation they should have. i'm not going to weigh in on
5:38 am
what president pena nieto should press him on in that meeting. all i know is that we've been watching his campaign as a former undocumented immigrant myself, i have heard him go after my community and after latinos in america. i have heard him go after my sister by saying he would take away her protection from deportation. i have heard him go after 11 million people in this country working hard day in and day out to provide for their families. he is spurring hate throughout our country and we're not going to stand for it. >> lore ella prael i, thank you for being on new day with us this morning. one quick programming note. on monday, we'll have two special reports, on both presidential nominees with personal stories from those who know them best. you can join us for unfinished business, the essential hillary clinton monday night at 8:00 followed by all business, the essential donald trump at 10:00. stick around for that. chris? >> good to know what i will be
5:39 am
doing monday night. so chris brown, you know him, big star. facing very serious charges. after a 14-hour long standoff with police, bizarre, even by hollywood standards. what happened? we know and we'll tell you next. alzheimer's disease the fi is out there.survive and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen by funding scientific breakthroughs, advancing public policy,
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the attorney for r&b singer chris brown tweeting out he is "out and well." after being charged with assault with a deadly weapon after a bizarre 14-hour standoff with police at his home and were called to the scene after a woman said that brown threatened her with a gun. cnn's kung law is live with more. what do we believe happens now? >> certainly enough that he spent a few hours in custody, in police custody and took a trip downtown chris. let's look at the tweet from mark geragos. geragos being the attorney for chris brown tweeting, thanks to everyone for their support and well wishes. chris is out and well. the allegations are demonstrably
5:44 am
false. so he was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. after that 14-hour standoff that chris, you certainly can describe as bizarre. >> barricaded myself in my house. have you seen my house? i'm a barricade myself in a palace? i'm not coming out. for what? >> singer chris brown's social media tirade in the middle of an hours long police standoff. he's inside his los angeles mansion, outside a growing police presence. friends interviewed by officers coming out one by one. >> he did not pull a gun on a girl? >> no why did the girl say did he? >> all these girls are -- >> tmz called 9-1-1 saying during a party at his house brown pointed a weapon at him. >> he said get the f out of here and threatened me with --
5:45 am
>> as police presence grew, police posted videos on instagram. >> when i call the police for stalker people endangering my life, they don't come until the next day. let somebody make a [ bleep ] allegation about me and the whole s.w.a.t. team. >> verging on the bizarre. >> i'm not running for politics. i don't give a [ bleep ] if i get personal opinion. you can all [ bleep ] for all i care. >> his long-time celebrity lawyer mark geragos by his side, geragos is a cnn con crontributr also. >> we're going to let it play out. >> the grammy award winning singer has a history of charges. a felony assault of then girlfriend rihanna. after 14 hours, this hollywood spectacle concluding with a mundane drive downtown. >> mr. chris brown will be transported by detectives to robbery homicide division where he is going to be booked for
5:46 am
adw, assault with a deadly weapon. >> bail was set at $250,000. he did pay that. he was released as you saw in the tweet from mark geragos. a court date has been set for september 20th. alisyn? >> it will be interesting to see what happens that day. kyung, thanks for that reporting. what is the future of the clinton foundation? should the clintons cut ties with the foundation before the election as some have suggested. we'll debate that next. er treatt centers of america, every patient gets their own care manager, to coordinate every aspect of their care. it's a long journey, its very complicated and we try to help them through that. we are available 24/7. if a new symptom occurs in the middle of the night, we are there to help. the care manager coordinates all of the patient's appointments, scans, chemotherapy... the last thing any patient really needs to worry about is how am i going to get here, how is insurance going to handle this? one of the great things we do is help
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5:50 am
all right. the clinton foundation. is it a pay to play organization as part of a clinton kingdom or has the foundation become a political pawn in a donald trump tirade? that is the issue. today it's going to be argued by two of the best. we have former white house special counsel under the clinton administration, mr. lanny davis and senior adviser to the trump campaign, boris epstein. great to have both of you gentlemen. let's do this old school lawyer-style. boris, you start with the allegation and let lanny respond. >> the clinton foundation was set up and is operated as a vehicle for international organization and domestic donors and international donors to carry favors and gain leverage with the clintons. examples, fernando, being named to a national security.
5:51 am
he had no national security background. gilbert show gur i, international criminal who are has given millions to the foundation. attending bill clinton's birthday party and being asked on behalf of to have meetings with ex-ambassadors. another one who has an association with hezbollah that can't even come to this country. clinton foundation only spends 15% of the monty has on actual charities. not even rated by charity navigator. it's not a charity. it's a business. "the new york times" says it should be shut down. it should absolutely be shut down now and the money returned. >> lanny, you counter those. >> well, one at a time. you heard the last absolutely false statement. charity watch has confirmed -- >> charity navigator i said. >> excuse me. i said charity watch. don't interrupt me. i will speak and you can counter as the ground rules indicated. charity watch, one of the nation's leading organizations evaluating charities has
5:52 am
confirmed that the numbers 87 cents out of every dollar is contributed. secondly, you have not named one facts that any favors, financial gain or policy change occurred by secretary clinton because of a donation and finally, you forgot to mention, the 11 million people who have benefited by the clinton foundation because of aids vaccines. you've failed to mention the hundreds of thousands of american children who have been documented as benefiting from the clinton foundation's work in reducing calories and sugar beverages in school. all the good works and the transparency you failed to mention. >> transparency? >> and given an a for publishing every donor that has ever come into the clinton foundation. >> that's incorrect. >> you omitted those facts and misstated facts. >> boris says that charity watch you said. >> charity navigator. >> charity watch gave them an a.
5:53 am
that's what he's talking about. the allegation now is, the transparency was the last thing that boris sees, don. you said they listed all the donors. that gets them an "a". >> the home access initiative. >> [ overlapping talking ]. >> two people, you confirm that chris and put boris back on and tell him owe. >> i'm right here, lanny. >> we can go back -- [ overlapping talking ]. >> boris, we can say it now. you're picking a different source. charity watch says what lanny is saying. charity navigator -- >> charity navigator refused to rate it. clinton foundation said they absolutely did not -- [ overlapping talking ]. >> let me finish. i know you're upset because you're working for somebody taking bribes from north korea. >> i wouldn't interrupt you. let me talk. the clinton health access initiative, it's an entity that forget or short circuited to
5:54 am
turn over foreign donations. hiblgt signed a pledge saying she would not work with a foundation anyway. we know from the a.p. that more than half of her meetings that were outside of her post as secretary of state were with donors of the foundation. that's pay to play. that's called show me the money. why did the foundation have to restate four years, four years of tax returns after they did end up taking donations. >> lanny, how do you respond to those? >> the associated press repudiated the misstatement of fact. included in that was a nobel prize winner and heads of state. the associated press -- you've acknowledged what boris misstated. secondly, it is ironic and a little bit funny. i'm not upset at all. i'm proud of the foundation. that you mentioned tax returns. answer this question. why hasn't donald trump revealed his tax returns? >> i'll answer the question. because he's done everything he's had to do under the laws and rules and regulations.
5:55 am
>> why doesn't he give his tax returns? >> why are you evading the question? >> don't interrupt me, lanny. i'm answering the question. [ overlapping talking ]. >> lanny let him answer. >> don't have an answer for the way the clintons have acted. they're the ones that -- about not taking foreign money while she was secretary of state. >> answer my question, boris. why hasn't he disclosed? like every -- >> like hillary clinton has her whole career, she's -- before congress and you know -- [ overlapping talking ]. >> last portion of this. i give you a last close. give me one quick statement on what you want people to know about this, boris. you get the last word, lenny. >> the foundation, if everything was fine, the clintons wouldn't be admitting it's a wrongful entity. they already promised when she
5:56 am
became secretary of state they wouldn't take foreign money. they signed a pledge -- you know that her chief of staff worked with the foundation, meetings with a foundation while in her post. huma abedin was by the clinton foundation and others. a huge conflict of interest. it's one big mess of pay to play, fraud, bribery and conflicts of interest. >> lanny, davis. >> i'd love to be on with boris again. this was a lot of fun. not only have they not broken a single law between the white house and the state department and any meeting that happened to occur, but boris has not been able to criterite one fact thats that secretary clinton changed any policy because of a donation. >> she was appointed -- >> excuse me. all you've done is misstate facts and pure innuendo and you haven't answered my question, why won't donald trump disclose his tax returns like every
5:57 am
other -- >> you know that. >> you won't answer boris. >> our candidate has done everything under law and rule and regulation. >> you don't answer my question. >> lanny davis, boris, in the interest of discourse, we won't just have it on new day. we'll carry it forward. keep the conversation going. appreciate it. that was for you. newsroom with carol costello is going to begin right after this short break.
5:59 am
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