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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  August 31, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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hi there, i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. thank you for being with me. let's get to the breaking news. a major moment here in the race for the white house. we are waiting to see an image sure to send shockwaves through the political world here and beyond our borders. why? because donald trump will be standing by the president of a nation trump has maligned, really ever since the first couple of minutes of his campaign. talking about mexico and trump's own advisor tells cnn that the
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photo-op was really one of the prime reasons mr. trump has traveled here south of the border to mexico city. you do have to wonder after trump meets this afternoon with mexican president enrique pena nieto make any difference in his big immigration speech tonight. not only is he going to mexico today, he's then turning and and traveling to phoenix, arizona for a major address this evening. it is still not clear when exactly these two men will see one another, will meet behind closed doors. but trump's opponent here, hillary clinton, had this to say moments ago about building relations with other nations. >> you don't build a coalition by insummlting our friends or acting like a loose cannon. and it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours, and then flying
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home again. that is not how it works. it is more than a photo-op. it takes consistency and reliability. let's begin our coverage this hour with john vause in mexico city. john, simple question. because of everything that mr. trump has said about mexico for the last 14 or so months, why did mexico extend its invitation to trump? >> reporter: yeah, it is a good question. lot of people are asking that question today. it could be a simple as the president here wanting to improve relations with a man who might end up being the president of the united states, try and work through some of the issues of immigration, of trade, of security. lot of people though are very angry about all this. there have been two protests here in mexico city so far today. one a few hours ago. it wasn't a particularly big protest but there is another protest which got under way in the past hour or so. there's been a lot of anger
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expressed in local media. the president here has been described as a sellout. the former mexican president, vicente fox, said on cnn that enrique pena nieto could actually be seen as a traitor for this meeting with donald trump because of everything trump's said about mexico and its leaders for the last 14 months. but it was an invitation extended not just to donald trump but also to hillary clinton. so it might just be simple as the president here wanting to meet both of these candidates to work on what is a very important relationship between mexico and the united states. but right now a lot of people are asking, why is this man, why is donald trump, now in mexico -- well, soon to be in mexico on an official visit. >> i know we'll be in touch with you watching for whatever pictures we will see as far as the meeting or a joint statement afterwards. john vause, thank you. as john just pointed out,
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donald trump not exactly a popular guy in mexico. neither actually is the nation's current president whose approval ratings are the lowest of any mexican president in the last quarter century. some mexicans are absolutely outraged by trump's mere presence on their soil. they're furious with their own leader for extending that invitation. the two men have exchanged harsh comments in recent months. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists. and some, i assume, are good people. >> our politicians are stupid and the mexican government is much smarter, much sharper, much more cunning, and they send the bad ones over because they don't want to pay for them. they don't want to take care of them. >> translator: whoever insults and talks bad about mexico doesn't know mexico. whoever insults mexicans doesn't know mexicans. it seems to me that they are hurting the relationship that
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mexico has with the united states. >> we have 11 million people in this country who are here illegally. they will go out. some will come back, the best, through a process. . they have to come back legally. >> translator: in the past, some leaders addressed their societies in those terms. hitler and mussolini did that. the outcome is clear to everyone. it rumtesulted in devastation a tragedy to mankind. >> there is going to be a wall. it is going to be built by mexico. we're going to have a strong border, a tremendous wall, a wall that mexico pays for which will be very easy because they are making a fortune with us. >> there is a way to help mexico pay the world but any decisions inside the united states is a decision of its government. >> but under no circumstances would mexico pay for that wall? >> there is no way that mexico can pay a wall like that. >> so that was the mexican president with fareed not too long ago. let's bring in our senior latin
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american affairs editor, rafael romo. we've talked about the trump pinatas not too long ago. how are mexicans overall feeling about trump's trip today? >> brooke, let me tell you some of the things trump's visit to hex mexico. his cabinet is urging the president to cancel his meeting with trump saying it is an insult to all mexicans. the leader of the prd party said welcoming trump to the presidential mansion should be considered an act of treason against the motherland. there is also a protest -- john was talking about this -- being planned at the angel of independence, that's a monument on the iconic reforma avenue where mexicans of all walks of life will be congregating to protest trump's visit. there's also been a media firestorm. it's probably the first time that i see columnists in mexico from both the right and the left
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united in denouncing something. let's remember, enrique pena nieto is the same man who compared trump to moussolini an hitler. the president trying to explain this on twitter said the following. president enrique pena nieto said, "i believe in dialogue so that we can promote the interests of mexico around the world and mainly to protect mexicans regardless of where they are." however, the rest of the country is not seeing things the same way the president is, brooke. >> we should start to get some pictures if anything -- if there are more protests popping up along that reforma and around the angel of independence statue. rafael romo, for now, thank you very much. this trip is arguably the exclamation point after weeks of trump's hispanic outreach efforts. keep in mind, mr. trump met with hispanic advisory council 11 days ago to help disseminate his
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message to latino voters. one of the advisors, pastor del grotto, he leads the alpha and omega church in miami. pastor, first of all, thank you so much for taking the time today. i appreciate you. welcome. >> blessings to you and to all your audience. >> thank you. before we get to his speech this evening, this is a big day for mr. trump. you've been listening to some of our coverage ahead of his visit to mexico city, pastor. what do you make of this sudden trip to mexico? >> i think it is an excellent thing. i think, first of all, that's what -- if he becomes the president of the united states, for sure he's going to have to have some peace with our neighbors. and i think that pena nieto doing this is also showing the ability to connect with trump. i think also trump is going -- will have the opportunity to clarify certain things that are upsetting the mexican community.
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>> let me get to the clarification in a second. but the former president of mexico, vicente fox, said the current president of mexico, called him a traitor. do you think that's fair? >> vicente fox, he represents a feeling of some of the mexicans, of course. the mexican people are very nationalist. i understand their feelings. i'm not putting in question the position of ex-president fox, which i am sure he is a patriot. but he was also very friendly with the bush family, and we cannot avoid thinking that between jeb bush and trump, there was a tremendous friction. and so perhaps fox is not only projecting his feeling about how mexico feels, but how he feels about his friends in the bush family. >> so here you are, pastor, you are there in miami. but i also know to your point about clarification in his
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immigration speech, immigration is very, very personal for you. i understand you were separated from your parents when you were just a little boy, just 2 years of age. you were brought to the u.s. from cuba. when you -- you talked to mr. trump not -- >> i was 14. >> you were 14 when you left. did you share with mr. trump your personal story? will you tell me about that conversation, please, sir? >> no, no. i have shared it with other people from his campaign. first of all, you know, i am not in the campaign of trump. >> i know. >> i'm not representing trump. i not representing either the republican party. i am representing the evangelical hispanic community. i at a hispanic, a citizen of this country. i represent the feeling of the people of the latino people and what we would like to advise trump. that's what i went there for. >> what did you say to him? >> well, i cannot say everything
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i said to him because i don't want that to really -- the thing is that we have to wait now what's going to happen today. everybody's waiting. we express ourselves. they talked about the budget. they talked about unemployment. i spoke mainly about what mainly concerns me and the people i represent, which is the religious liberties and, of course, the national motto that was signed by eisenhower in 1956, in god me trust, that now is becoming a joke and we want to reactivate it again. so that was my main thrust here, to make sure our religious liberties are maintained. but of course, everybody, after everybody spoke their portion, we had to touch -- touch on immigration because this concerns everybody. so we wanted to be sure that we express ourself to a more humane manner of looking at how he is going to handle the 11 million people. >> that's exactly what i wanted
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to ask you about. word humane is a word mr. trump has used. what do you -- tonight, when he stands in phoenix giving a very important speech, what do you want to hear him say as far as what happens to the 11 million undocumented immigrants who have never committed a crime? >> well, first of all, as we spoke there, for sure, we all agreed -- and as i say, there was only a couple of pastors in the group, so not everybody was a pastor. we all agreed that the border has to be secured, for sure. we all agreed that criminals must be taken out yesterday, out of here. and something has to be done because, no doubt that nothing has been done. and if it would have been easy, it would have been done already. the republicans haven't done anything. the democrats haven't done anything. and the only one that has spoken about this has been trump. i tell you one thing, i would have gone to hillary if she would have called also the people that were there, myself, and tried to tell her how we
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feel. but the one that invited us was trump. not hillary. so he showed concern about our feelings and about how we felt about the situation. we explained, we advise him in what we think should be done. now, if he is going to pick up our advice or not, i guess we will he a find out tonight. >> this evening when he speaks in phoenix, pastor del gato, we'll be listening. and we'll see if any of your advice paid off. politically speaking here on this trip to mexico today, what are the risks? what are the rewards? both for mexico and for donald trump. we'll discuss that ahead. also, breaking news today. a u.s. official says it is" laughable" that russia is now claiming it killed the spokesman for isis. now the terror group is also vowing revenge. we have new details on that.
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back to our breaking news here. we may get word any moment now that donald trump has landed in mexico. the meeting he is set to have with the mexican president, enrique pena nieto is private, so private in fact that details are actually tough to get hold of. but the fact that trump is in the country where he has outraged many, many mexicans during his run, including actually the former president, vicente fox. >> he is not welcome to mexico by 130 million people. we don't like him. we don't want him. we reject his visit. i don't understand why president pena has offered this opportunity. i think it's nothing more than a political stunt. >> that interview set off this exchange on twitter.
11:19 am
trump, "former president vicente fox who is railing against my visit to mexico today, also invited me when he apologized for using the f-bomb." well, vicente fox responded, "donald trump, i invited you to come and talk to mexicans. stop lying." let's talk this over with the kansas secretary of state chris kovac, bill prest who once supported bernie sanders, mat schlapp, a trump supporter, and ricardo reyes, a republican who supports hillary clinton who co-founded the pro-clinton group quite the lead-up to this landing in mexico city. matt, let me just turn to you here. we've heard a bit from a trump advisor basically saying, hey, as far as why he is going to mexico city today, really to
11:20 am
look presidential and to have a great photo-op. is it more than that? >> i think this is like a real moment. this whole question about immigration has been bubbling in our politics for quite some time and trump when he announced, he just popped that bubble and we've been talking about it this whole campaign season. for him to now take the invitation that was given to him by the president of mexico and go down there, i think it is very unorthodox, it is surprising, i think it is brilliant, i think it is respectful. i actually think it is going to be a really good thing for him. i think he will be politically rewarded for doing the right thing, though we don't know what's happened yet. >> ricardo, did i hear a laugh? >> i don't know about brilliant. i think it is an astute move. it makes a lot of sense. you have the president of your neighbor inviting both candidates, by the way, to come over. i don't think that president pena nieto ever imagined that his invitation would be accepted
11:21 am
so quickly. i think it is an astute move by the trump campaign. but i think from pena nieto's point of view, this is the most important relationship that mexico has. he wants to -- he knows that there is a new neighbor moving in next door, a new owner of the house is moving in next door, and i think he sent out an invitation to the neighbor saying "stop by for coffee some time." i think to the two potential owners of the house. the trump campaign very astutely said how about we come over tomorrow and come over for coffee some time before they move in. he said how about tomorrow with a group of people. i think president pena nieto is in a tough position. you have to have good relationships with mexico's most important economic partner. at the same time you have a candidate who has insulted the
11:22 am
mexican citizenry en masse. and his responsibility is to maintain political and economic relationship and make sure that that doesn't go under. but at the same time, defend his citizenry and his electorate. >> this is why it is so fascinating. the rewards could be huge. chris, to go with this coffee analogy, trump saying, hey, yeah, i'll have coffee and i'm having coffee with you today and i'm flying there today and we're going to do this thing. when you look at approval ratings for enrique pena nieto, they're not so hot. is there potential given the fact that a lot of mexicans are not so thrilled trump will be on their own soil, this whole thing could backfire and the president could walk away and say it was a horrible coffee meeting and he is a horrible man? >> yeah, i suppose there is always that potential. but i don't think it is going to happen that way. i think it is much more likely that both sides see this as a win-win. as matt already mentioned, the trump team obviously sees this as a win. the candidate is there for the first time really outside of the united states representing the
11:23 am
united states in what everybody recognized is a discussion about some very tense issues with the country of mexico. he'll look very presidential doing it and he'll show that he is sticking up for what he has always said in the campaign. on the other side, president nietto recognizes there is a good chance this guy could be president and there will be some big changes in the relationship, including possibly the reduction in the $23 billion of remittances that mexican illegal aliens send home to their country -- mostly illegal -- send home to their country every year. that's going to change the economics of mexico. if the deportations begin quickly and it starts with criminals, you could have some felons coming back very quickly. president will want to know when and where they are going to be deported. so he's got to show that he can govern and deal with this changed relationship. i think he gains by having this meeting, too. >> bill prest, should hillary hop on a plane, too? >> first, she's got an invitation, i think she will probably go down there, too. i have to admit that in the
11:24 am
short term this was a good move on donald trump's part. because, look. we are talking about it. that's all people have been talking about all day and tomorrow morning the picture on the front page of every newspaper in this country is going to be one donald trump and president pena and that will overshadow whatever he says in the speech tonight in the short term. i don't think in the long term it will help him politically. let's be honest, this is nothing but a stunt. this is nothing but a photo-op for both presidents. you cannot insummit the people of mexico for 14 months, you cannot call them murderers and rapists, and the president cannot compare donald trump to hitler and mussolini, and then expect that they're going to get together and have coffee and anything is going to happen. donald trump is not going to come home with a check, nobody's going to build that wall. >> let me jump in. the hillary campaign is jumping on this. they are ripping trump on this and have taken virtually every single tweet in the history of twitter for donald trump when he
11:25 am
has ever, ever, ever mentioned mexico and we're just going to stroll through as they have compiled this on hillary clinton's website. tweet after tweet after tweet. right? >> yeah. you don't undo that with rone rushed meeting or one photo-op? >> you do. i actually think. >> oh, matt. >> no, bill, this is true. this is a way to reset the whole question. what we think is going on between the united states and mexico is the fact that there's not enough respect paid to mexico. that's actually not what's happening here at all. what's happening is that mexican governments subsequently have not done anything to take care of this very serious problem. immigration not being controlled from mexico and from countries to the south of mexico. they have a real responsibility to make sure that we know who's coming in to our country. if they are a great ally, which i want them to be, they've got to solve this problem. americans know this. americans know this in their
11:26 am
heart. they know this is a serious problem and they know politicians have been lying to them for too long, bill. and they shouldn't do it. >> matt, you don't solve the problem by insulting them and denigrating them for over a year -- >> he went to their country. that he not an insult. >> then go down there and expect anything different. >> you don't get it both ways. >> i think his presence in that country is an insult to the people of mexico. >> oh, nice try. it's not. >> it is. it is. how can he insult 130 million people and then be welcome in mexico? >> go ahead, chris. >> the president of mexico invited him. i think it is ridiculous to characterize this as an insult to mexico. and we also have to recognize there is many examples in american history of the president of our country talking tough about the leader of another country and then the two individuals meet in person and they start to talk in productive terms. this is nothing new. i think it is probably going to be very important going forward if mr. trump is president that
11:27 am
they have a personal relationship that begins now. it is a good thing all around. >> what do we think is best case, matt, turning back to you, because we know we have reporting from the u.s. embassy in mexico apparently advised the trump campaign doing a hastily arranged trip. why the rush? especially today ahead of the speech. >> because this is what president obama does best. right? which is he uses his official capacity, the same thing when the house of representatives invited netanyahu. what the president should do is take a step back and mitt romney and other presidential candidates have gone to visit allies of ours in the past. mitt romney went to israel. other candidates have gone to other places. this is a perfectly responsible thing to do. obama, stay out of it. by the way, this is an important bilateral relationship. it is important no matter who wins the white house. i think hillary clinton should go down there and they should go to israel and they should go to our european allies and i think it is a good thing. >> bill? >> brooke, why the rush? you know why the rush?
11:28 am
because donald trump's campaign is failing particularly on this immigration issue. for the last ten days there's been confusion. you and i have talked about it every single day. nobody knows where he stands. now he has this speech. he's desperately trying to turn the page on immigration. he gets this invinvitation, say here's a way to fire up the headlines. it is a one-day story. won't accomplish anything. >> all right, chris, bill, matt and ricardo, thank you. we'll see if they could be on the cover of every paper tomorrow. short term versus long term. still why no media? donald trump leading campaign reporter stranded in phoenix ahead of a speech there as he is making this sudden high-profile trip to mexico city. why did he do that? we'll talk to brian stelter, our go-to media guy. also ahead, russia taking credit, saying it was one of their air strikes over the skies of syria that may have taken out that top isis militant, that
11:29 am
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off.
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11:34 am
killing of the man who is essentially become the group's spokesman and the leader abu ba baghdadi's successor in the event of the leader's death. he was responsible for the orchestration of some of isis' deadliest operations, including attacks in paris and brussels. joining me now, nic robertson, cnn's senior international editor. backdrop to this, word that isis has now stepped up efforts in the wake of this to infiltrate operatives in to the uk to launch attacks, what are you hearing? >> yeah. senior european counterterrorism officials are finding over this summer because they've become more aggressive in combating the terror threat, the attacks in brussels this year, a lot more arrests of isis operatives. they are learning a lot more about their intentions. that they want to try to get
11:35 am
into britain. isis really wants to target the uk, one of the reasons they're having difficulty is because britain is an island and the terrorists don't have that free travel that they had as we saw from the paris attacks, brussels attacks, they were able to plan the paris attacks by living in brussels and drive freely across the border, the passport-free zone getting into europe. they don't have that in britain. it is much harder to get weapons there than it is inside france or belgium. what worries the european counterterrorism officials is that terrorists are communicating, isis operatives communicating using things like telegram which intelligence services cannot read into, cannot see what's going on. the only way that they can compromise them, if you will, is to bug their houses or their vehicles. so there are some pluses here for the british, but there are also some worrying things. there are unknown communications happening and a lot of that
11:36 am
effort is towards britain right now. >> then nic, what about the death itself? what russia is claiming. the white house spokesperson, josh ernest, said there are absolutely no facts to substantiate russia's claim that they were the ones, it was their air strike. but they were operating in that area, were they not? >> yes, they were. that's certainly what they claim and on that day and around about that time but they are using completely different types of weapons systems. russians are not using guided missile systems. at least that's the assessment of the pentagon and others. the united states of course does use targeted weapons systems from drones and they do say that they were specifically targeting adnani. but before you drop a bomb or fire a hellfire missile from a drone or whatever, you've got to know what you're firing it at. there seems to be little indication that the russians are putting in the kind of intelligence-led effort to requires you to know where adnani is, which vehicle he is traveling in. that's kind of key sort of real
11:37 am
time intelligence information that you get from months, years even of hard work on the ground, of targeting one person, trying to get people close to him, trying to get information about when and where he is traveling, what vehicle he is in. it is that stuff that leads to -- that sort of information that leads to these drone strikes. so russia's claim really just seems to want to muddy the waters. but let's not forget, isis knew that this was bad news. they got out with the bad news first. they were the ones that announced adnani had been killed rather than, let's say, having the pentagon say we killed him. then everyone turns to isis and say, hey, what happened, and they have to look like they are on the back foot. they try to get out ahead of this bad news. russia, on the other hand, just seems to be trying to capitalize on this. it just indicates russia feels dominant, itself, operating in the domain of syria. >> isis trying to get out front of their own death. that's something, nic robertson. thank you, as always. back to our breaking story, the breaking story of the day here -- mexico. we'll take you back to mexico city where donald trump has just
11:38 am
touched down set to meet with the president of mexico. but i have to tell you, the details on this trip, they are slim because trump left the campaign press behind. let's talk to brian stelter about how this whole thing went down and why some people are -- mad. we'll use that word. mad. mary buys a little lamb. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of at&t, and security that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t. i wodon't know where i'd be without itre so when i heard about con-artists committing medicare fraud... it made me so mad i wanted to give them the old one-two
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breaking news here. we now know officially that donald trump, he and his team, his plane, have landed in mexico city but there is definitely some frustration. we are about to talk to our senior media correspondent, host of reliable sources, brian stelter. the traveling press, they're
11:43 am
irked because they are not with him. rather than travel on the typical media plane, cnn's team in mexico city traveled separately from the trump camp. brian stelter, you're helping break the news that we now know his plane is officially there in mexico city. >> and that's all we know. that's all we know. trump aide confirming, yes, they've landed. no word on the next step or how they'll get there. some of that is for security reasons. the other is because there is not a traveling press pool with him. normally when a candidate like donald trump would go on an overseas trip there would be journalists traveling with him who travel with the candidate every day. even now president barack obama's trip to germany and to other countries from 2008. reporters came with him the whole time. this is different though. journalists not coming with him on this trip today. donald trump is sort of doing this by himself. that's partly why we don't have lish pi live pictures of it right now. >> just a couple of quotes from members of the traveling press pool, "no one from the traveling press pool will be able to get down there by then.
11:44 am
we are left in the dark." "trump traveling press corps got no heads up about this trip, no efforts made to get them there." mr. trump is someone who is extraordinarily media savvy, does not shy away from cameras. why not have cameras? we'd be sitting on it live. >> it is curious. maybe because it is a last-minute trip, these plans only came together relatively quickly. but the fact that they did not make arrangements for the press, the traveling press, to come with him is very unusual. the reason why so many journalists are worried about it today is because it sets a worrisome precedent for future candidates. because logistics weren't made to bring the press with, it is a concerning precedent. >> getting in u.s. in my ear from the control room. we do now officially have our first couple of photos of trump in mexico. stick around. quick break. back in a moment. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork.
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back to our breaking news here. the big day for donald trump just hours ahead of his big immigration speech in phoenix,
11:49 am
arizona tonight. he has up and taken a plane to mexico city to visit with the president of mexico, enrique pena nieto. we have those first couple images here as we have confirmation he is on the ground. but before we go there, let me play some sound from the state department briefing. this is rear admiral john kirby. here you go. >> we believe that the relationship is strong enough to be able to weather comments that are made by candidates running for political office here in the united states, or frankly candidates that are in elected office in mexico and things that they might say. our relationship is strong enough to weather those kinds of things. >> i think it's also just important to continue to point out that this was an invitation extended not only to mr. trump but also to hillary clinton, extended from the president of
11:50 am
mexico last week. it is mr. trump obviously who has said yes and said yes today. no word as far as whether or not hillary clinton will hop a plane at some point. she met with the president in 2014 and says she will -- the campaign says she will when the time is appropriate. as we work on getting this picture, john vause is there in mexico city there on the ground ahead of this highly anticipated private meeting between president pena nieto and mr. trump. john, i understand that now not only do we know the plane -- the trump plane is on the ground, but he has been seen in a chopper heading to the presidential palace. can you confirm that for me? >> well, we saw one helicopter fly overhead a short time ago. we don't know if donald trump was on that helicopter. it would be a fairly safe assumption that he was. it would certainly fit in with the timing of the plane arriving here in mexico city and a helicopter flying overhead just a short time later. it would be a little early,
11:51 am
ahead of schedule. but this has been a very hastily arranged meeting. it certainly hasn't been sticking to the details. they've been changing pretty much by the hour. yeah, there is a good chance that helicopter flying overhead a short time ago has now touched down at the presidential palace. let's expect the meeting with the president to last maybe 30 minutes or so. after that meeting, the president of mexico and the presidential nominee of the republican party will make a statement. it is not entirely clear if they will answer questions at this point. but, brooke, if they do take questions, the questions will be to the mexican president, will you pay for the wall. and if he doesn't get the first question and donald trump gets the first question, the question will be, do you plan on still building that wall and making mexico pay for it. the answer to both those questions is likely to be no, that then raises another question, what was the point of this trip? was it all about publicity if there is going to be no policy shift from either side here.
11:52 am
>> we've got pictures of the helicopter. i am listening to you, john vause. those are questions that will be asked. i understand from our cnn espanol crews that they believe this is the helicopter that is carrying mr. trump from wherever it was he landed in mexico city on to the presidential palace. to your note about questions being asked, brian stelter, let me ask you. i read that kellyanne conway, the campaign manager, said, yes, there will be questions. my question is, if there is no traveling press pool, who's asking the questions. >> that's an unanswered question right to you. hopefully folks like -- >> questions about questions. >> hopefully reporters like john vause as well as spanish speaking reporters who are there in mexico. earlier today there was an indication maybe trump will not take questions after all. so it is very much up in the air. it is very possible we won't hear from him until his speech tonight. obviously reporters would like to be able to talk to both trump and the mexican president about what transpiretranspires, becau
11:53 am
wonder about the two men's events. we could hear two very different accounts of what happened during this meeting from the men in the room. so there is a lot of curiosity about that. >> excellent point. stand by. we'll take you back to mexico momentarily. more on our breaking news when we continue. but did you know your eyes, your brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel delivers mega support.
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we'll get you back to the breaking story here of the day. meantime, a new cnn film airing tomorrow follows a man in search of his spiritual awakening. will he give up his life and family to join the buddha field? some former members call it a cult and it is still active today. take a look at the sneak peek, cnn film "holy hell." >> we would use this term "you need to drop your mind." >> that was something you would say to someone. and it was critical. it was, hey, you're not in line
11:58 am
with what's going on here. >> you don't want to be in the mind. no thoughts. if you're having thoughts, you're not connected to meditation and to god. >> there is a term called mutual complicity. you can't have a teacher without followers. >> the benefits outweighed the craziness. so you started to accept the questionable stuff. you just started to accept it. it is like any family. i think a lot of us compartmentalized. a lot of us rationalized always. he certainly helped us rationalize. everything. >> the only truth that's left is the truth that i am told. and who is the highest authority in the group? it's the master. >> and
11:59 am
looking at here, many of them speaking have since left this group. but as you just pointed out, it is still a robust group. we went to the island of oahu in hawaii. there were 100 to 150 followers. so still very robust. and they contend that what you're seeing here, though it looks magical and mystical, it is quite harmless. they find it to be beneficial. certainly the people who have left the group call it something very different. brooke? >> we will be watching. cnn film "holy hell" airing tomorrow night on cnn at 9:00 eastern. here we are on this wednesday. i'm brooke baldwin. you are watching cnn. my goodness, it is a busy afternoon. a major moment here in the race for president. donald trump has officially landed in mexico. it is a visit sure to send shockwaves through the political world, both here domestically and beyond our borders. donald trump will be meeting with the president of mexico,
12:00 pm
president enrique pena nieto. trump has maligned this country really since the first couple of minutes of his campaign when he descended that escalator back in trump tower. trump's own advisors actually tell cnn that this photo-op in mexico was one of the reasons mr. trump decided to take this trip south of the border ahead of his big speech tonight in phoenix. you have to wonder, after trump meets this afternoon with enrique pena nieto, will trump make any last-minute changes to his immigration speech? he is set to deliver that speech in phoenix a couple of hours after leaving mexico. so let's first begin in mexico city with my colleague, john vause. john, tell me about mr. trump and the mexican president's plans for the day and do we know where mr. trump is right now? >> reporter: well, we believe that the helicopter which touched down here a short time ago had donald trump on board
12:01 pm
and the meeting between president pena nieto and mr. trump will begin shortly. and then after that, in about 50 minutes' time -- between 30 and 50 minutes' time both men will make remarks. i'm being told by a campaign source there will be no questions. this is back and forth, will they take questions or won't take questions. right now it looks like they won't take questions so we won't get answers to some of those issues which obviously will be very prominent during the meeting between these two men. mostly, the wall, who will pay for the wall, will they build the wall. will there be any policy shift by donald trump when it comes to his very tough immigration policy towards mexico. but right now, brooke, it's important to note that these two men having this meeting right now are probably the two most unpopular men in mexico right at the moment. donald trump according to some polls here has an approval rating of somewhere between 2% and 7%. as far as the mexican president, his approval rating is around
12:02 pm
23% that's the lowest since he took office back in 2012. a lot of people are asking what's in this meeting for the mexican president, what does he get out of it, being photographed smiling and shaking hands with donald trump, a man who is deeply unpopular among many mexicans. one last point. it was interesting he took this chopper ride from the airport to the presidential palace. obviously one of the main reasons for that is the notorious traffic here in mexico city. but it also meant that donald trump didn't see some of the street protests which have been taking place here in mexico city over the last couple of hours because he is a man who is deeply, deeply unpopular in this country because of everything he has said and his policies oftn immigration, on trade, on security over the last 14 months. it will be interesting to see what will come out of this meeting, a any policy shift, or whether it is a publicity stunt by donald trump. >> you know, we'll see.
12:03 pm
you're right, there won't be questions. that's what we understand. but we know that trump will be giving remarks and that will happen after the meeting just in some minutes from now. so stand by for that, john vause. we'll loop back with you. with john's points, everything that mr. trump has said about mexico and mexicans and undocumented immigrants here, the mexican president, enrique pena nieto, has long been on the defensive, even some months ago comparing mr. trump to hitler and mussolini, although he has since softened some of his words there. but this is a look back at a very public, fiery feud. >> they're bringing drugs. they're bringing crime. they're rapists, and some, i assume, are good people. >> our politicians are stupid and the mexican government is much smarter, much sharper, much more cunning, and they send the bad ones over because they don't want to pay for them. they don't want to take care of them. >> translator: whoever insults
12:04 pm
and talks bad about mexico doesn't know mexico. whoever insults mexicans, doesn't know mexicans. it seems to me that they are hurting the relationship that mexico has sought out with the united states. >> we have at least 11 million people in this country that came in illegally. they will go out. they will come back -- some will come back, the best, through a process. they have to come back legally. >> translator: in the past, some leaders addressed their societies in those terms. hitler and mussolini did that. and the outcome, it is clear to everyone. it resulted in devastation and tragedy for mankind. >> we are going to build a great wall. the wall is going to be paid for by mexico. people are not going to be able to tunnel because we'll have tunnel technology. we're going to have a strong border, we're going to have a tremendous wall that mexico pays for that will be easy because we are paying them a fortune. >> it is a position of its government. >> but under no circumstances would mexico pay for that board
12:05 pm
sfer. >> there is no way that mexico can pay a wall like that. >> let's bring in a number of voices here to have a conversation about this mexico trip today. a member of trump's national hispanic advisory council, steve cortez. cnn chief political analyst gloria borger. cnn contributor bakari sellers who supports hillary clinton, andrew sealy, executive vice president at the woodrow wilson international center for scholars and knows a lot about mexico. also brian stelter is back with us, our senior media correspondent, host of "reliable sources." we all officially know that mr. trump is from mexico, on his way to meet with the president. steve, beyond according to this trump advisor, he's there to look president tension and a photo-op. what's the goal? >> i think this is substantive. i think he is acting very presidential at the same time that hillary clinton is on the hamptons and she's partying with rock stars at the invitation of the president of one of our most important allies and trading partners and our neighbor
12:06 pm
mexico, donald trump said yes, let's start to talk because we have some serious issues, we have serious opportunity the two countries together. >> sheet's actually in ohio. excuse me. in ohio speaking to veterans. >> american legion. >> american legion. >> but she spent the last couple of days on the hamptons and couldn't be hbothered to honor this question from president pena nieto. the fact that he went to louisiana, now he is in mexico. none of us know what they are discussing. i hope they're discussing very serious issues, things like we need to revise the nafta agreement, make sure the border is controlled from both sides of the border, we need mexico's help to do that and we have a bright future together but we have to act as real friends and we can't ignore the issues that are facing us. >> is it, steve, odd though that this trump advisor, yes, echoing your points and also saying it shows team trump is nimble but this is a photo-op?
12:07 pm
acknowledging that it is a photo-op. is that something you want to do? >> no, i'm not saying -- of course -- >> i'm saying the trump advise remember told cnn it is a photo-op which strikes me as odd. >> i would respectfully disagree, this is not just a photo-op. sure, that's part of it. images do matter of course in the political game but i think this is much more substantive than photo-op. again, too, we don't know what the substance is yet. the two men are meeting in private. i think we are going to know more shortly and we'll know much and much more tonight when donald trump lays out his full extensive immigration plan. >> bakari, to you. we know hillary clinton is in ohio. yes, she was fund-raising, yes, that is a piece of all of this. but she had met with president pena nieto two years ago. her response has been i'll do so in appropriate time. but she could get on a plane to other folks' points. >> i think the answer to the question is she will in due
12:08 pm
time. donald trump is going today because donald trump has made a mess of his immigration policy, something that we haven't really seen a major candidate do, especially being the reason he got elected at exit poll after exit poll showed the number one issue republican voters voted for was immigration. for him to still not have a clear immigration plan is a problem. i think today is somewhat going to take a little bit of heat off of tonight's speech. the image that you're going to see on every newspaper tomorrow is going to be an image of him with the president of mexico. we're going to have some dialogue -- >> it would be a good thing for trump. >> i think that is a good thing for trump. he floated out this softening, this amnesty. amnesty don was trending but it got blasted by laura ingraham, ann coulter and rush limbaugh. now he is back to his position. the only thing that separated donald trump from the rest of his competitors, the john mccains and marco rubios and others, great republican stalwarts, was his deportation force and building this wall. i believe that he has backed away -- he hasn't backed away
12:09 pm
from any of those things. the question is, is he going to break up those 11 million families. the answer is yes. >> can i just say, if we take a step back, it is classic donald trump. here he is supposed to give an immigration with a week leading up to this, with people accusing him of flip-flopping on this question of mass deportation. what does he do? he does something dramatic. theet ca theatrical. he's flying to mexico and we're all talking about it. he's meeting with the president of mexico. they'll have a press conference without questions. they're going to give these statements and they're each going to use the other guy as props. donald trump will use him as a prop and the frpresident of mexo will probably rail about donald trump once he's gone and that might help his popularity. >> steve, jump in. >> i don't think that's fair. this is not just theatrics. he has actually been remarkably consistent on immigration. he has said from the very start of his campaign that number one, we will build a wall and secure our southern border.
12:10 pm
that's been nonnegotiable. two, he has said all along, no path to citizenship. very different certainly from hillary clinton and also different from many of his republican opponents. we cannot reward criminal activity with american citizenships. he's been very consistent on those points. now he is potentially shifting -- we don't know yet. he is potentially shifting on how we treat the 11 million illegal immigrants that are here. >> that's call a flip-flop. that's not called a shift. >> it is not called a flip-flop because the none negotiables are still there. what he's doing is exerting real leadership. he's listening to the hispanic community. he's listening to his supporters -- >> go ahead, bakari. >> i know we have other people here p here. the fact is donald trump jr. floated this out we're going to take baby steps and deal with the criminals first. you have 90,000 illegal immigrants in this country who have been convicted of either a
12:11 pm
misdemeanor or a felony. that's 6% of the undocumented imgrants. how are you going to fix that problem? you can't just keep telling me we're going to get the bad ones out and that's a solution to your immigration problem. donald trump floated a balloon. it was flip-flopping. now we are at a point where we don't know what he is going to say tonight. >> that is not a solution but it is where we start. sanctuary cities is the next plausible step. we have to do this in steps. after that i think we go after anyone here illegally who is a drain on our system, somehow scamming the system. after that when we get to people who are good people, people been here for decades -- >> sounds like barack obama. >> -- who have families. look, we could agree with obama on certain things. >> hank on, can i bring andrew into this conversation? we have many, many more minutes to talk about this immigration speech. you are all bringing up excellent points and conundrums. andrew, with respect to this trip today and the mexican perspective, what's in it for
12:12 pm
mexican president enrique pena nieto to have donald trump to the mexican palace since his ratings aren't so hot and a lot of mexicans don't really like him. >> there is a lot at stake in this relationship between mexico and the u.s. illegal immigration, you would never know it from the debate but there is very little of it these days. there is probably more mexicans returning to mexico than coming across the border. that ended a number of years ago. what is coming across the border is drad. we have a great deal of trade and investment going back and forth. mexican economy depends on the u.s. economy. mexico is the second destination for our exports so it is a big part of our industrial backbone as well. for mexico and pena nieto i think the biggest question is you have 1 of the 2 candidates that for the first time ever they don't really know. they've always known hot presidential candidates are. they've always had channels with them. this is the first time there's someone who seems to have made mexico a really big part of his campaign and they don't know him. i think the biggest part of the invitation was wanting to get to know this person and begin to have a dialogue.
12:13 pm
whether this works or not, as you said, pena nieto is not popular. most mexicans have not taken this well. they see this as a weak president giving donald trump a platform to take a photo-op. they don't like it. but i think for pena nieto's perspective it is a chance to open up a dialogue with 1 of the 2 major contenders in the presidential race. >> andrew, do you think it is possible the president extended these two invitations -- remember, hillary clinton was invited as well, this happened last week. and donald trump just surprised him and said, okay, i'm coming. tomorrow. >> i think that's almost certainly the case. i think no one expected it to happen this soon. i think the big question is why did they then agree to it so quickly without preparations ahead of time. that seems a little unusual. but on the other hand i think they are afternoon visit to get to know a candidate they don't know. they know hillary clinton very well. she was secretary of state. she's been to mexico. she was a senator. i think they jumped at the opportunity to get to know a candidate that makes them a little bit nervous and that they are afraid that a lot of the trade between the two countries
12:14 pm
could be disrupted in an administration with someone that they don't have good contact with. >> then the media angle which is also fascinating. brian stelter, normally we'd be showing live pictures, we'd have crews waiting at the airport. watching the travel, the car or chopper. we saw a quick shot of it. what's the deal? >> i think if you are a trump skem tic skeptic, you look at this and say this was a rash decision. it was just confirmed in the last hours. that might make you uncomfortable in talking about trump's leadership skills. on the other hand, this is straight out of "the art of the deal." page 345 of "the art of the deal." he is a master negotiator. but as hard as i push at the end of the day, i'm practical. he's been pushing for a year, criticizing mexico and now he is being practical. now he is going to the mexican leader's office, sitting down for a meeting that's happening as we speak. it is classic donald trump. but at the same time it is
12:15 pm
frustrating journalists were not along for the ride. there is a pack of journalists who follow trump everywhere he goes. sitting in phoenix right now. they have a plane, they were ready to go with him but the trump campaign did not make the necessary arrangements. >> quickly, steve. >> a quick point on negotiation. trump has sold himself from the very beginning as a master negotiator. america comes out short on negotiations globally, whether with iran over nukes, china over trade, mexico over immigration. he is going to negotiate from the position of strength. we should as a country like america. >> these two leaders meeting right now behind closed doors at the presidential palace there at constitution plaza in mexico city. we will then any moment now hear live from donald trump himself. everyone, don't move. we'll be right back. you both have a perfect driving record.
12:16 pm
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all right, back to our breaking news. we know that right now, according to the trump campaign, mr. trump and the president of mexico, enrique pena nieto are meeting right now behind closed doors at the presidential palace there in mexico city. let's get the perspective of christine murray, the mexico correspondent for reuters who's lived there for about two and a half years. christine, thank you so much for joining me. let me just first begin with the mexican reaction to mr. trump being there. how are most folks feeling? >> reporter: well, i've been out this morning talking to a lot of different people. obviously on social media, on twitter, there is a lot of anger about the visit and confusion about why pena nieto would accept the meeting. but i mean, talking to normal people out on the street, there's a really mixed view. there is of course almost universal dislike for mr. trump, and particularly his policy about the wall and some of the comments he's made about
12:21 pm
mexicans. but also they're angry about the demonization of mexicans who have gone to the u.s. to work who have been portrayed in a negative light by mr. trump. >> to be fair, it was the mexican president who extended mr. trump the invitation. he just simply said yes, i'll come. he also extended the invitation to hillary clinton last week. but here is the other piece that hasn't really been discussed yet, is the security aspect of all of this. it is essentially a blackout. no one's seen pictures of donald trump arriving. no one's seen him walking in the presidential palace which is so sort of untrump. and my question is, do you have any intel from secret service or security, anyone, saying don't go? >> reporter: i know there was a report out of the u.s. yesterday there was secret service concerns about the trip. but we haven't heard much from this end about whether it would be dangerous for mr. trump. i mean again, talking to people on the street, i have heard people wonder about that. but i know that there was a
12:22 pm
protest this morning where there was, for some people, a disappointing turnout. i'm not sure. i haven't heard much about specific security threats. we kind of suspected that he would arrive and get straight in a helicopter, if you know about mexico city traffic. he probably wouldn't come in a taxi given his short visit. >> i spent a number of months in mexico city, went to school there. i know exactly where he is. i've seen many, many protests also in that plaza around the presidential palace. we are also watching for those protest pictures. so just so i'm clear, because i understand there have been threats made against mr. trump, drug cartels, bounties. you've heard nothing about that in the last 12 hours. >> reporter: i haven't seen much reporting of that at all. you're right, in the past, since trump has started speaking out and saying -- making negative remarks about mexicans, you are
12:23 pm
right, there have been people who have come out on twitter who claim to be making threats against him. but as far as i know, none of that has been brought up since the visit was announced. >> so you've talked about how mexicans feel about mr. trump being there. but what about how mexicans feel about their own president, you know, hosting mr. trump. because what i understand, his approval ratings are the lowest they've been in the last quarter century. what's the benefit for enrique pena nieto? >> reporter: well, that's a very good question. and i think a lot of the confusion on the ground here about this stems from that very question. perhaps some people have suggested that perhaps as a distraction factor from some of the domestic issues that the president's been having. as you said, his approval ratings are at -- definitely at lows of his presidency, according to some polls, the lowest for a long time.
12:24 pm
and perhaps he thinks that there's some kind of -- this provides a distraction from issues around the economy, around security and around political corruption. >> christine murray, mexico correspondent for reuters, thank you so much for the mexican pripri perspective. i appreciate that. we know these two are meeting at the presidential palace. any moment now we will see donald trump speaking about this live as he steps out from that meeting. also ahead, hillary clinton slams donald trump's visit to mexico as nothing more than a photo-op. we are live on the campaign trail to see how she is responding to all of this. we'll be right back.
12:25 pm
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we are just about at the bottom of the hour. you are watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. back to the breaking story here any moment now. donald trump is expected to walk out of this closed-door meeting with the president of mexico and speak. not just if questions will be able to be asked or not. there is some conflicting details on that. but, by the way, hillary clinton is definitely criticizing his visit there to mexico city today. her campaign says, "what ultimately matters is what donald trump says to voters in arizona, not mexico, and whether he remains committed to the splitting up of families and deportations of millions." hillary clinton has also hit trump, though she barely mentioned his name, while speaking to veterans in
12:30 pm
cincinnati today. >> you don't build a coalition by insulting our friends or acting like a loose cannon. and it certainly takes more than trying to make up for a year of insults and insinuations by dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours and then flying home again. that is not how it works. >> our cnn senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny is there in cincinnati where we just saw hillary clinton speaking. tell me more about what she said and also i think let's point out the rolling list of tweets that the clinton campaign of everything trump has tweeted about mexico since he's jumped out and wanted to run. are. >> reporter: brooke, that is a pretty long list, as we know. this has been a long and unruly presidential campaign and certainly it has been in many ways marked by twitter, by what donald trump has tweeted from morning to noon, often to late
12:31 pm
at night. clinton campaign is reminding folks of everything he has said about mexico and the wall and immigrants and immigration in twitter. they're reprising these. i was looking through them, you almost forget about some of these. one example from june 30, 2015. i lot of mexican people but mexico is not our friend. they're killing us at the border and they're killing us on jobs and trade. fight! so we wonder if that is the type of tone of donald trump's conversation when he is in that meeting today. perhaps we won't get a clear readout because that is a closed meeting. but here in cincinnati it was more of a commander in chief test-like speech. this is a non-political crowd. of course, democrats and republicans, independents making up the military veterans here in the american legion. hillary clinton using it as an opportunity to talk about diplomacy, to talk about the type of leader that will come out of this election. talking about the stakes of this election here.
12:32 pm
not mentioning donald trump by name, only a couple times. but mainly talking about what she says he's been trading insults and other things, talking about the alliances in this country and the world, talking about american exceptionalism. interestingly, tomorrow donald trump will address this exact same crowd. the veterans i talked to today, many of them, frankly, were not pleased with either choice here. so donald trump surely will have a tough audience here, just like she did today. it was respectful but far from enthusiastic. the live shot is up. back to mexico. jim acosta is in the room in mexico city. there are two podiums? set the scene. >> reporter: that's right. i'm not used to doing it like this but the mexican officials are asking me to sit down for this live shot. that is what we will do. you see the two podiums behind me. interesting to note just the mexican flag. no american flag. we are not traveling with the
12:33 pm
president of the united states. we're traveling with the man who wants to be president of the united states, donald trump, who is now meeting behind closed doors with mexican president pena nieto. this is obviously a private meeting. we are hoping for some kind of read-out from these two leaders and their staffs. after it is all over we do know from talking to mexican officials and campaign officials that they will both be making some statements out here. the question is whether or not they will take questions. i talked to a campaign manager, kellyanne conway, she said they are deferring to the mexican officials on this and that is i think a sign of some diplomacy here. we've seen signs of donald trump showing restraint in the past where we've expected him perhaps to take some questions and he didn't take questions or at the convention where we expected him perhaps to speak every night of the convention, he didn't do that every night of the convention. so perhaps it won't be conventional wisdom here and that donald trump won't be able to help himself and take questions. of course if he takes questions we'll be right here in the front row to do that. obviously as jeff was just
12:34 pm
mentioning, there is a lot of ground to cover between these two leaders. there has been a diplomatic war of words between donald trump and just about every leader in mexico over the last year. donald trump referring to mexican immigrants as rapists is one point. pena nieto referring to donald trump earlier this year, describing him as many similar to hitler and mussolini, although at a press conference earlier this um summer with president obama, pena nieto walked that back, saying he was just worried how the u.s. was going down a road of isolationism and destruction. so there's obviously a lot to talk about between these two leaders. what we do know from campaign officials is that donald trump is going to emphasize his seriousness when it comes to building this wall on the u.s./mexico border. when we talked to campaign officials about this trip and his speech later on tonight, they are emphasizing that donald trump is determined to build not a virtual wall but an actual wall on the u.s./mexico border. obviously down here in mexico,
12:35 pm
they have choice words for that proposal and for many of donald trump's other proposals. but that is where this begins. and that is why you are hearing people like mike pence, donald trump's running mate, saying this is the beginning of a conversation, this is the beginning perhaps of negotiations between these two leaders if donald trump is elected president. one final thing on the flip side of this, we should point out. enrique p enrique pena nieto's poll numbers are not so great in mexico so there's something politically in this for peen yo net t pena nieto if he can show donald trump he's not going to tolerate some remarks he's made in the past, if he doesn't show the warmth he does with president obama, that we can read into the body language that pena nieto perhaps extended this invitation in the hopes that donald trump would accept the invitation so he could sort of show donald trump up down here in mexico city. we aren't sure if any of that is going to happen but that is why all of this is going to be very
12:36 pm
fascinating to wrach heatch her just a few moments. >> amazing scene, jim acosta. let's stay on that live picture, if we can. gloria borger, just looking at the picture and jim acosta teed it up perfectly. the appearance -- the. body language. the names thrown around the last couple of months. thoughts? ruminations? >> what's going to be fascinating to watch here is whether they're going to take any questions. kelly a kelly anne conway just threw th ball right into the mexican president's court. "it's up to them." and if they do take questions, would donald trump criticize mexico on mexican soil? would he do that as a potential president of the united states? >> let's ask steve. steve, would he? >> well, first of all, none of us know. you know this -- trump is nothing, if not unpredictable.
12:37 pm
right? but my guess is he's going to be very statesman like. as ardent as i am a supporter of donald trump's, i will concede to you as a hispanic and a supporter of his, i didn't like some of the language he used very early in this campaign. but i think he has gone far past that now and he is very intentionally and deliberately reaching out to people of color, to hispanics and african-americans in the united states. i think this trip to mexico is part and parcel of that strategy. so from that perspective i think what we have is a serious and very presidential leader. my guess is that's how he is going to act. it is on both sides. as the reporter mentioned, donald trump was compared by president pena nieto to dictators, to nazis and fascists. they need to dial down the rhetoric as well. mexico and the united states, we have a very bright future together as neighbors and friends. often part of being a very good neighbor is having a good fence. i think that makes sense in this case. >> i think we need to add some context to this conversation. contrary to what mike pence says, this is not the beginning
12:38 pm
of a conversation at all. in fact, it began when donald trump came down the escalator around accused of the mexican government of sending over their worse o', their rapists and their criminals. it went to his outreach on twitter with the taco bowl in trump tower. it went to his criticism which paul ryan, the speaker of the house, said was the definition of racism in his criticism of judge yocuriel. his deportation force which mimics that of president i eisenhow eisenhower, praeoperation wetba. >> look. we know donald trump is behind hillary clinton by 42 points with hispanics. hugely behind with african-americans. he's in single digits with african-americans. this is a larger play and he is looking at the states, florida, colorado, nevada, maybe even arizona. >> maybe arizona. >> maybe, but let's say florida, colorado, nevada. he is looking at those states. what he is trying to do is say
12:39 pm
to the college educated white voters in those states, the suburban women, suburban republican women. suburban republican women, independent voters, saying, you know what? i am not the person maybe you saw coming down that escalator, that some of those people may decide, look, i'm on the line here and i don't want to vote for somebody whom i believe is intolerant. so what he is doing is making a political play here which he is allowed to do in a presidential campaign but this is what he is doing. make no mistake about it, to broaden that base. does he anger then ann coulter? does he anger the people who supported him because of that position on mass deportation? the words we have not heard him use lately, by the way. does he anger that base? yes. is that a risk? yes. but i think they understand because they're smart people. and kellyanne conway is a pollster who has studied
12:40 pm
immigration very closely. and she knows what he's got to do if he's going to have a chance in some of these key swing states. nd a that is to reach out. >> it is unfair to accuse him of duplicity in this endeavor because it doesn't have to be either/or. it doesn't have to be binaer. binary. >> i'm not saying that. >> i think what he's doing -- this is wonderful that -- it is a shame that the party of lincoln has for decades, not just donald trump, for decades earned almost no support from the african-american community. we need to reverse that. donald trump i think is taking brave steps toward that aim of telling hispanic-americans and african-americans that we have answers to many of the problems that face your communities. because people of color are not participating in this economic recovery right now. hispanics, for example, have one-tenth the household wealth that white americans do. so the policies -- >> you understand, steve, that the criticism is of those of
12:41 pm
course not those who support trump but those who are looking at him saying, hang on a second, you may be going to a black church on saturday in detroit and speaking to this reverend, or you may be going to mexico and trying to improve relations with hispanics, but really it's to send the subliminal college educated moms -- >> i understand that. i understand that. but i'm saying why can't it be both? it doesn't have to be binary. i think he is absolutely appealing out of his heart to hispanic and to african-americans and he happens to win over some hearts and minds from white soccer moms, all the better. if we can do good and do well, why not? that's great politics then. >> one of the things you have to point out is donald trump has a negative 67% approval rating with spanish speaking hispanic voters. hillary clinton has a plus 57% approval rating. he is down a full 124 points with spanish speaking voters in this country.
12:42 pm
so when you think about it, that just echoes the fact of what gloria was saying. this is not the target audience. to do things like this, then to come around, you have to come back to the speech tonight. if he is still talking about breaking up families, ending birth rights citizenship, deporting -- >> that is the question. >> you can't simply say that, oh, my god, i said i lover the hispanics, i love blacks, then in your policy prescriptions don't add up to you loving either one of those groups, they're not going to fall for that. >> i think the question tonight really is, what is he going to do with the 11 million or so undocumented immigrants living in this country who are not criminals in any way, shape or form. does he still want to deport them and when? and how different is that from the position he was taking very clearly at the beginning of this campaign and accused his colleagues, his rivals, of being
12:43 pm
for amnesty if they wanted to do it in a multi-step process. >> my eyes are on those two podiums. brian stelter, i understand you have some scoop on this meeting between trump and the president. >> just an update from my campaign aide who is with trump in mexico city saying the meeting is still going on. the reason that's interesting is because this was going to wrap up by now. we thought by 3:45 eastern time we would see these two men come to the podiums. they could still walk up at any minute but i am curious about what they're talking about in the room and why it is going on a little longer than originally anticipated. trump touched down more than an hour ago, flew right away to the presidential palace. we don't know exactly how many people are in the room for this conversation. it will be really interesting to see if we hear two different versions of events from the two sides. for now, as of a couple minutes ago, the meeting is still going on. >> andrew, let me ask you as this meeting is going on and he is meeting with the president of mexico, tell me more about enrique pena nieto and just even his personality and how he would
12:44 pm
get on with someone like donald trump in a closed-door meeting, you think. >> they might actually get along quite well. i have a feeling that they are both people who are good show people. they are good at the message in their own way. pena nieto has hit some rough patches but at least as a campaigner, he did very well on messaging. some would say he is a better messager than a substance guy. so i could see them actually getting along well. although i think a lot of people in mexico are concerned that trump may outshine pena nieto. i think it is actually extraordinary that here we are in the middle of the general election campaign, less than three months out from the national election in the united states, and we actually have one of the major candidates in mexico city. this tells us i think that mexico is increasingly a domestic issue in the united states. we increasingly are seeing issues that have to do with our neighbors, questions of trade, kwels of immigrati questions of immigration,
12:45 pm
questions of how we work together on issues, becoming part of the american campaign. think we will see the same thing in a couple of years when mexico has their election. i think we will see united states is part of mexico he a domestic politics as well. we've become incredibly close and intertwined. that means increasingly as we get into leaks, we've got to deal with each other in ways no one would have thought of a few years ago. >> andrew, thank you. everyone, please stand by. quick break. donald trump meeting with president of mexico right now. we're live in mexico city as they are speaking. also ahead, the former director of hispanic outreach for the rnc joins us live with her take on this visit and this speech tonight on immigration in arizona. tars pitch you investment opportunities. i've got a fantastic deal for you- gold! with the right pool of investors, there's a lot of money to be made. but first, investors must ask the right questions and use the smartcheck challenge to make the right decisions. you're not even registered; i'm done with you! i can...i can...
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okay, as we are waiting, mexico city, two podiums, donald trump and the mexican president are still meeting. they will step out and they will speak there from behind the podiums any minute now. will they take questions? we don't know. before we talk about this election, and i should tell everyone you don't really love either candidate. are you watching all of this coverage here? trump in mexico? especially given everything he said about mexicans and undocumented immigrants? >> i, like many people, are watching this closely. i have made concerns about trump pretty clear. trump has made me uncomfortable, and it's not reflective of what i believe is the principals of
12:51 pm
the republican party. that being said, i am not voting for hillary clinton, but i think focusing on the issue at hand, i think this is a great opportunity for donald trump to tamp down some of the issues that people have with his temper me temperment. to show that he can be presidential. so i'm looking forward to see what is happening next. and what happens tonight as he tries to explain his immigration positions. >> as someone that has worked so closely with the party, i'm curious what the biggest reason is for you to not quite be there yet with donald trump, what is the biggest reason you don't like him as an ex-commander and chief. >> i think the tone and his rhetoric has made me
12:52 pm
uncomfortable. i wrote a piece for refinery 29, and i hope his campaign knows that words matter. what he says matters, a woman, a mom, a daughter of a cuban resident, some of the words he has said make me uncomfortable. i need him to do a few things moving forward. one is stop insulting people he needs to win over. and start to really focus on positive policies that are focused on exactly telling us how he will make america great again. we have seen some of that, i hope to see more of that moving forward. two, i think this needs to be more referendum on hillary clinton. right now everyone is talking about trump and not enough about hillary's many, many -- talking plenty about those, we spent much of last week talking about the criticisms of the clinton
12:53 pm
foundation and the e-mail issue that has been going on for months and months and months, i promise you both sides are covered. i have to go so we can get back to mexico. i appreciate your voice, your candor, and the fact that you admitted you're uncomfortable. again, a quick break, back to mexico in a moment. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake.
12:54 pm
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i wanted to know where i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪ it is the corner stone of donald trump's campaign. build a wall on the southern
12:56 pm
border and force mexico to foot the bill. that is perhaps part of the conversation he is still having with the mexican president at the presidential palace. how he hopes to accomplish that has many mexican nationals and families worried. he says if they will not agree, he will halt the wiring of funds between the countries which could stop billions of dollars a year. >> we want to follow and check the impact of the money transfers. who it affects. we interviewed an undocumented immigrant here in chicago. he sends money to parents in mexico. when we arrived in mexico, we realized that not only do his parents rely on the money transfers for basic things like
12:57 pm
food, electricity, water, but the entire town relied on these money transfers. that is why $25 billion was transferred to mexico last year. the entire town also relies on the moneys from some undocumented, some documented immigrants in the united states for things like roads, parks, community colleges, and the mexican government gives these towns incentives, they call it three for one, $1 gets you $3 for public projects in mexico. so it really gave us an idea of what people use this money for, and what is the impact in the towns. and to tell you the truth, once you realize there are many towns like the one we profiled in
12:58 pm
mexico, it gives you a sense of the impact. >> rosa, thank you. i think that is something we have not been talking enough about. and on the note about the wall, we know that is going to be one central piece of trump's speech tonight in phoenix. you will be hearing that and the practicality of that and who pays for that. so in my remaining two minutes, steve quickly, how do you think mr. trump would say to the mexican president, i'm building a wall, and you're paying for it. >> listen, it is a difficult sell, but i think we have to realize that america negotiates from a position of strength, not weakness. iran and nukes, china and trade, mexico and immigration, and we have been getting abused by a lot of the world. and immigration, i point out that we don't have to go all of the way to garnishing those remittances. illegal aliens who did it
12:59 pm
illegally, it is offensive to legal immigrants that people can cheat the system and hop in the labor line ahead of them. so there is an issue of fairness here that is very important, fairness to americans and hispanic americans that did it legally and the right way. >> in my last minute, i know we have not had time to go through all of hillary clinton's stance on immigration. i'm sure we'll make the time tomorrow, what do you have in the last 40 seconds. >> we have to take note that this is the clearest difference between the two candidates. trump wants to deport 11 million. many are not criminals and contribute so much to the country that come to pursue the american dream. the corner stone of hillary clinton's immigration policy is making sure they have a path to citizenship. donald trump has eight or nine
1:00 pm
policy proposals on his website, it's hard to know what to do. this immigration debate, you can choose one side or the other. >> we have more going on on cnn. we're here all night. i appreciate all of you for being here. all of you of course as well. this is "the lead" starting right now with jake tapper. this is cnn breaking news. hello and welcome to "the lead." we're starting with breaking news, a very surprising turn of events in the presidential race. on the same day that donald trump is set to lay out and attempt to clarify lingering questions and concerns about his stance on immigration, specifically whether he will continue to push for deportation force to remove 11 million undocumented immigrants from the u.s., mr. trump, this same day, is currently visiting mexico meeting with the country's president