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tv   CNN Tonight With Don Lemon  CNN  August 31, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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the construction of a great wall which we will have built in record time and at a reasonable cost, which you never hear from the government, and the establishment of our new lawful immigration system, then and only then will we be in a position to consider the appropriate disposition of those individuals who remain. that discussion can take place only in an atmosphere in which illegal immigration is a memory of the past, no longer with us, allowing us to weigh the different options available based on the new circumstances at the time. right now, however, we're in the
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middle of a jobs crisis, a border crisis and a terrorism crisis like never before. all energies of the federal government and the legislative process must now be focused on immigration security. that is the only conversation we should be having at this time. immigration security, cut it off. whether it's dangerous materials being something ymuggled across border, terrorists coming or americans losing their jobs to foreign workers. these are the problems we need to focus on fixing. and the media needs to begin demanding to hear hillary clinton's answer on how her policies will affect americans and their security. these are matters of life and
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death for our country, and its people, and we deserve answers from hillary clinton. and you notice, she doesn't answer. she didn't go to louisiana, she didn't go to mexico, she was invited, she doesn't have the strength or the stamina to make america great again. believe me. what we do know, despite the lack of media curiosity, is that hillary clinton promises a radical amnesty combined with a radical reduction in immigration enforcement. just ask the border patrol about hillary clinton. you won't like what you're hearing. the result will be millions more illegal immigrants, thousands of
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more violent horrible crimes, and total chaos and lawlessness. that's what's going to happen, as sure as you're standing there. this is election, and i believe this, is our last chance to secure the border, stop illegal immigration, and reform our laws to make your life better. i really believe this is it. this is our last time. november 8th, november 8th, you've got to get out and vote on november 8th, it's our last chance. it's our last chance. and that includes supreme court justices and second amendment. remember that. so i want to remind everyone what we're fighting for and who we are fighting for. i am going to ask -- these are
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really special people that i've gotten to know -- i'm going to ask all of the angel moms to come join me on the stage. right now. these are amazing women. these are amazing people.
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i've become friends with so many but jimmy o'shah, incredible guy. lost his son so violently. say a few words. >> my son was murdered in 2002 by illegal alien who had been previously deported. what makes me outrageous is we came here legally. thank you mr. trump. i totally support you. you have my vote. >> you know what, name your child and come right by. >> laura wilkerson, murdered by illegal in 2010 and i personally support mr. trump for our next press. >> my name is ruth johnston martin. husband shot by illegal alien,
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fought the good fight but took last breath in 2002, and i support this man who is going to change this country for the better. god bless you. >> my name is maury mel owny and son dragged a quarter of a mile to his death by illegal alien by horrified witnesses were begging on the truck, trying to stop him. >> our son matthew, if donald trump were president in 2011, my son matthew denise and other americans would be alive today. >> my name is kathy woods. my son steve, a high school
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senior, 17 years old, went to the beach after high school football game. gang came along, nine members, were like war in beirut and all i can say is they murdered him and all i can say is if mr. trump had been in office then, the border would be secure and our children would not be dead today. >> hi brenda sparks and son is named eric z. he was raised by a legal immigrant from honduras, only to be murdered by illegal in 2011. his murderer never did a second in handcuffs or jail. got away with killing an american. so i'm voting for trump. and by the way, so is my mother.
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>> my name is dion, cousin becky was murdered january the first in 1989 in north little rock arkansas. if you don't vote trump, we won't have a country. trump all the way. >> i'm shannon eftes, my daughter shaily was 22 years old, murdered here in phoenix last july 24th by a russian who overstayed his visa. and vote trump. >> i'm mary ann mendoza, mother
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of brendan who was killed in head-on collision may 12th, 2014 in mesa. i'm supporting the man who is the only man going to save our country and what we are going to be leaving our children. >> i'm steve, father of grant, 21 years old. killed january 22nd, 2015 by illegal immigrant who shot him in the face. i truly believe that mr. trump is going to change things, fight for my family and fight for america. >> these are amazing people. and i am not asking for their endorsement, believe me that, but i've gotten to know so many
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of them and many more from our group. they are incredible people and what they're going through is incredible and there's just no reason for it. so let's give them a really tremendous hand. that's tough stuff, i will tell you, that is tough stuff.
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incredible people. so now is the time for these voices to be heard. now is the time for the media to begin asking questions on their behalf. now is the time for all of us, as one country, democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, to band together to deliver justice and safety and security for all americans. let's fix this horrible, horrible problem. it can be fixed quickly. let's secure our border. let's stop the drugs and the crime from pouring into our country. let's protect our social security and medicare.
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let's get unemployed americans off the welfare and back to work in their own country. this has been an incredible evening, we're going to remember this evening, november 8th we have to get everybody -- this is such an important -- november 8th we have to get everybody to go out and vote. we're going to bring -- thank you. thank you. we're going to take our country back, folks, this is a movement. we're going to take our country back. thank you. thank you. this is an incredible movement, the world is talking about it.
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the world is talking about it. and by the way, if you haven't been looking at what's been happening at the polls over the last three or four days, i think you should start looking. we should start looking. together we can save american lives, american jobs, and american futures. together we can save america itself. join me in this mission, we're going to make america great again. thank you. i love you. thank you, god bless you everybody. god bless you. and there you've heard it, our breaking news this evening,
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heard donald trump speaking in phoenix, arizona, in what may be the most important day of his campaign. i'm don lemon, candidate laying out ten-point plan on immigration on the same day he met with the mexican president enrique pena nieto. we're going to discuss all of this about the wall tonight. with chief political analyst. david axelrod, michael smerconish. and cnn political commentator and executive editor. big panel here. start with gloria.
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was it effective? >> i thought it was a very tough speech and i think during this whole campaign people have been waiting for a different trump to show up. he's had different people running his campaign as you know korey. and people keep saying trump is going to change, be different, so-called pivot, which i think that ought to be put in a lock box that word, because trump was tough tonight. we were talking about whether he's going to soften on immigration, what his policy would be en masse deportation. there's a little bit of confusion to me here and we can talk about it later, by do think and made it clear, those here illegally, seeking legal status, one and only one route to return home and try for re-entre-entry.
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a little bit of confusion later in the speech we can talk about. it was tough, build the wall, mexico is paying for it. no softening that i could see. >> little wiggle room we'll discuss. david, you next. what are your impressions? >> i think if the goal was to expand his base, no i don't think it was effective. i think any hispanic voters listening was probably not wooed by this speech. i don't think those suburban college-educated voters who have been fleeing him would be wooed by this speech because it was not just tough in substance but in tone. in the very way that makes people uncomfortable. or at least the people who haven't come to trump. i think it probably thrilled his base but i don't think it did
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much to expand it. and as we've discussed before, i don't think his base is large enough to win an election. so, you said at the beginning, don, this may be most important day of donald trump's campaign, but it wasn't necessarily a day in which he advanced his election. >> michael smerconish, could you agree? >> i agree with david. on one to ten, i give this speech a ten for the base he already has. but for the base he needs to expand to reach to win a general election, it's probably a 1.5 or a two. it's just so clear to me now, 75 or so days out -- and frankly that's miss gnomer. early voting is going to begin at end of september. it's game on right now. trump strategy is one of the squeezing every last white vote left in the country. but the demographics have
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shifted and can't win the white house on that model alone. by the way, if this is a policy speech, imagine what the state of the union looks like. >> korey lewin do youski, i think you believe it's effective but how do you respond to rest of the panel, not expand the base but strengthen the core. do you agree? >> i think donald trump's message tonight is one he started with. america first. that's what he believes and what he's playing to. and he has about a 18-point lead in the demographic of white males voting in the election. they have high propensity for voting. geerd at those individuals to make sure they're there, locked in for the election and he'll have to expand. no question about it. but america first speech is something has got him to this point and doubled down tonight.
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>> i agree with corey. i think it hit the nail on the ned. this speech was nationalism on steroids. it's fair to say it had some willie horton type feel along the beginning especially. one of the things that stuck out most and most disturbing thing and while you'll see most effective thing we have in the democratic party is donald trump. because of policy number five, talking about deporting dreamers, talking about people, this is the only country they know. hope we can talk about that as the show progresses but even they have to leave. grown up, gone to college, graduated, productive systems, and many young people staying with dreamers, that to me was gut punch. it's just not the america i believe in. but it is the america that donald trump started with 14 months ago.
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>> mark preston, is it fair to say this is speech of fear to many people but may be effective in that some people have concerns that donald trump talked about in that speech. >> go back eight or nine hours are donald trump seemed to be delivering a different message in mexico with the mexican president and then where we are now, delivers basically the same speech he had been delivering through the republican primary throughout beginning of the summer. from a stagecraft standpoint, offered a ten-point plan, lot of them overlapped. i don't think he had to offer ten specific points. could have been folded into one another. and also think would have been smarter done, had he had the families, mothers and fathers of those who had lost children, family members, on stage. i think would have been more effective at that moment as opposed to coming up at end to say their piece.
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but to michael's point, donald trump said at beginning won't be rally speech, but detailed policy address. wasn't really that detailed, broad and lot of promises put forth. but he didn't explain how things were actually going to happen. when you say going to offer detailed policy address, you expect mechanisms how you put the actions into play. >> david axelrod, did you get anything out of that like preston said? >> there was policy in there. seems like defund most of the largest cities in america, come under the category of the sanctuary cities he was talking about. almost entire list of the largest cities in america would be defunded. repeated ideological test for people wanting to come into the country. these are meaty proposals that are going to be wildly controversial and debated hotly, but i really think don we ought
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to just step back for one second and say that the image that donald trump presented tonight of undocumented workers, of these folks who are here illegally, is not -- it doesn't comport with the reality. the vast majority of them are law-abiding people. and the fact is that they're doing jobs. they're staples in communities around the country, some of them may even be working in mr. trump's ports, i don't know. but they're doing work, productive, raising families here, as mentioned, lot of these young people, some serve in the military. it is a disservice to those people to create this sort of dystopian nightmarish caricature
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of them based on a few. and i think that's one of the reasons why not only are minority voters going to be turned off, i think a lot of other voters are going to be turned off by that as well. in that sense it wasn't really a serious speech, it was a -- an effort to rally once again the base. and cory is right, this is the base that got him the nomination and deserves credit for being part of the campaign. problem is that was 13 million voters who voted for donald trump and now he needs 65 million. and had a we saw tonight is not the politics of addition. >> does this seem like criminalization of immigrants in this country? although speaking of illegals, did it come off that way? >> don i listened to speech and followed transcript as he was
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speaking and perhaps someone will correct me but i think he left completely undefined, the 11 million, if that's the number, who are here, not committing criminal acts. there was no discussion of a deportation force. i mean i want to know what's the plan with the 11 million? if he articulated it, i'm still in the dark. >> he said under my administration anyone illegally crossed border will be detained until removed out of the country and sound bite we'll get to if you came here illegally what will happen. >> but don, don, wait a minute. it's totally impractical to think that 11 million people will listen to this, it's time for me to leave and come back. it's impractical. is that the plan, it's not a good plan. >> or the plan is have people live in the shadows.
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it's unclear aside from a couple million criminals and visa overstays, what would you do with the rest of everyone? and that's where i got a little confused. at one point in the speech he said in several years, then and only then will we be in a position to consider the appropriate disposition of those who remain. it's confusing. >> several years, when we have accomplished all of our enforcement goals and truly ended illegalim gregation, including the construction of the great wall. then and only then will we be in position to consider the appropriate disposition of those who remain. >> that was deliberately vague i think. and other things confusing me, aside from comments about donald trump playing to his base which i think he's doing here. he's continuing to make the election really about him, when in fact why wouldn't donald
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trump make the election about hillary clinton? given her unpopularity, he's just as unpopular but this speech refocuses again the election -- he had a week talking about hillary clinton's e-mails and the rest, he had a week. he could shift it to hillary clinton and it's back on -- this election is about donald trump. and those -- i don't know that he changed anyone's mind tonight. >> but he did mention hillary clinton and president. he said president barack obama and hillary clinton have dereliction of duty. >> but donald trump's immigration policy is rooted in a lot of falsehoods. first net migration from mexico is is zero, we know that. and also know the president has deported 2.8 million people. year ago started process of strengthening and deporting many
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criminals but donald trump's thesis tonight, lot of the things he said, just have to be the common notion of america. one line, we want to develop immigration systems to choose immigrants based on skill, merit and efficiency. what about the people who come over and don't have all the different attributes, may be coming to learn how to start a small business and find a job and do all of these things. >> extreme vetting. >> that's not american. >> it's extreme vegt, and also if you look at who this plays to, recent polls in wisconsin are hillary clinton had a large lead, and today's poll had her three or five points, depending how you look at it. national polls, race tightened. and exclude florida, places like pennsylvania.
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this speech is people living in ohio, thought the country not the way it is, want it to be the way they thought it was. >> because it's browner. >> and donald trump talking about specifically. working class individuals who want to go back to what they recall the country was when they were growing up. very different now. >> but i need to respond to this as democrat of the panel i need to -- a viewer e-mailed me and said is he talking about choosing people based on merit? none of my poor irish laborer ancestors would have made it. >> it's absurd and common decenty and what it means to be american. i understand that some people, you can characterize that as whoever, some people want america to go back to where it wasn't as brown. >> stand by.
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i'm here with panel, we're continuing our conversation, donald trump just delivering speech on immigration in arizona, you have the floor. >> i know mark is trying to chime in but there are not enough white men in the united states for donald trump to be president. >> putting people back in work in detroit, baltimore, predominantly white cities. >> nothing about this speech today would empower those people, create those concrete proposals to put people back to work. what this did was bastardize an entire group of people. some illem legal immigrants but another group that deserve a chance. >> here's what donald trump said moments ago. >> for those here illegally
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today, seeking legal status, they will have one route and one route only, to return home and apply for re-entry like everybody else under the rules of the new legal immigration system that i have outlined above. those who have left to seek entry -- thank you. thank you. thank you. those who have left to seek entry under this new system, and it will be an efficient system, will not be awarded surplus visas, but will have to apply for entry under the immigration caps or limits that will be established in the future. we will break the cycle of amnesty and illegal immigration,
11:31 pm
we will break the cycle. there will be no amnesty. our message to the world will be this. you cannot obtain legal status or become a citizen of the united states by illegally entering our country. can't do it. this declaration alone will help stop the crisis of illegal crossings, and illegal overstays, very importantly. people will know that you can't just smuggle in, hunker down, and wait to be legalized. not going to work that way. those days are over.
11:32 pm
>> so to david axelrod, this donald trump is saying all these things, many people running for president make lots of promises, maybe can get it done but you know washington, all depends on the congress. he just can't do it alone. >> yes i know. he rails against executive orders, but he seems to feel like he can accomplish this by fiat. one thing that interested me, both mr. trump and cory now are citing polls, haven't heard a lot the last couple of weeks from trump about polls. more than a week or so ago he said they were rigged or phony, apparently the deficiencies in the polls have been repaired. >> we appreciate them fixing those mistakes. thank you. >> but what is not true is that
11:33 pm
his poll -- any poll numbers that have changed have not changed because of the things he said about immigration over the last ten days because what he said about immigration over the last ten days until tonight was pretty much of a muddle. i think secretary clinton has had difficulties in the last week, more likely to have driven some of the numbers. nothing that i've seen suggests that the race has tightened because of anything that he said about immigration. and those polls wouldn't reflect what he said tonight. >> michael smerconish, i started this analysis saying this was probably most important speech of donald trump's campaign so far, again having to clarify comments that he made about immigration earlier this week and last week. did he do an effective job of clarifying what has been viewed as a flip-flop? >> it gives him the opportunity to tell his supporters that he
11:34 pm
presented a ten-point plan. but i think anyone that takes the time to study that which he actually said will be left with more questions than he answered. one other point if i might. all politics are local. suburbs of pennsylvania and ex-urbs and my measuring stick is listen to speech like this and ask if it plays among my neighbors, largely college-educated and republican. it's a group he's struggling with, and i don't think the tone earned him any favor. frankly the donald trump in mexico city today would play well with my neighbors but not the one tonight. >> watch in the office, watching on the set. compare the two. him with the president of mexico, it is jarring. >> which is why i think people
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anticipated a different donald trump tonight, myself included i must say. and that didn't happen. so as i say, put the word pivot in the lock box, put it away, because this is donald trump. and to michael's good point, mitt romney won those college-educated, white voters by 14 points and he lost the election. donald trump has to do at least as well. i understand cory's point, that he has to appeal to working class whites, but the college-educated voters are something he needs that republicans normally win. maybe could do it without them but i don't think so. i thought this whole shift was to getting those republican suburban women in particular who have concerns about him being
11:36 pm
intemperate candidate. for example getting them into his camp if they're persuade ableme able. i don't see anything in the speech tonight that will. >> going to channel, remember the last time we sat here and kellyanne conway said to me, what about the substance, tone is not important. gloria and michael are both saying tone is important. two different people, if you put them back-to-back, what happened in mexico and arizona, will that play to the people he's trying to get? >> people look at specific subset of the population that donald trump is not doing well with today. two weeks ago with african-american community, what have we done since then? >> nothing. >> he's gone to detroit, pulling
11:37 pm
an 8% and higher than mitt romney and mccain. nobody wants to talk about that. latest poll that's out today, here's the latest subset, this speech didn't talk about that. 69 days left in the election. let's give him the same opportunity we gave him today to clarify his position on immigration. i think he's been clear, there's no more ambiguity on his position on immigration. layed out. >> he said could say he made a ten-point plan. but you say he's polling higher with african-americans than john mccain? >> if you look at nbc poll it's eight. >> that's outlier. i need to clarify about the new african-american outreach he's doing in detroit. not going to speak to community,
11:38 pm
but have a one-on-one interview. >> largest african-american network. >> but not in front of african-american audience. >> largest african-american network in the country. >> that's neither here nor there. one of the things people wanted donald trump to do is go into communities of color and have conversations with them, not speak at them in rally but if you go to church, speak to the congregation that would be outreach. but some of the things didn't get out of the speech. we got to the point of the wall he's going to build, but still don't know, have any clarity ow how it's paid for. talked about increase in ice agency. >> but there are a lot of questions that still come from this. not only talk about the
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immigrants still in the shadows but interesting questions that donald trump left unanswered tonight. we don't know how this wall is going to be paid for. i think it's pretty clear. >> michael smerconish, give you the last word in this segment because you'll be talking to your listeners tomorrow. what do you think you'll hear from them? how do you think the american public is going to respond to this speech or this day from donald trump? >> i don't think that the net -- net net is i don't think the needle was moved. as the day began, probably ended. i come back to one data set. george herbert walker bush -- mit romney got the same share of the white vote and only 206 electoral votes. country has changed and donald trump doesn't seem to recognize
11:40 pm
that. >> take that back. give david axelrod the final word. >> i don't know if the poll that had trump getting 8% of the black vote was right or 0% favorable and 97% unfavorable but p based on the data i've seen, make a friendly wager with you he won't do better than mitt romney in 2012. i don't soo it. but we'll -- someone will be right and wrong. and someone will pay for a dinner. >> 6% in the number? >> exactly. >> doing it in front of a live large audience. witnesses and on tape. >> thank you everyone. some of you will be back, others not but discussing donald trump's speech on immigration
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we're back with breaking news, mexico's president
11:45 pm
contradicting donald trump following their meeting. trump said the two men talked about the wall he wants to build though not about who would pay for it. president said is he ed mexico said would not pay for the wall. let's talk to your panel know. so gloria, let's look at some of what donald trump said tonight. he talked about that big wall that he's going to build and that mexico is going to pay for. here it is. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border.
11:46 pm
and mexico will pay for the wall. 100%. they don't know it yet, but they're going to pay for the wall. and they're great people, great leaders but going to pay for the wall. on day one we will begin working on an impenetrable physical, tall, powerful, beautiful
11:47 pm
southern border wall. we will use the best technology, including above and below-ground sensors, that's the tunnels. remember that, above and below. above and below-ground sensors. towers, aerial sur valance and manpower to supplement the wall and keep out columbian cartels and mexico will work with us, i absolutely believe it. and especially after meeting with their wonderful, wonderful president today, i really believe they want to solve this problem along with us. >> powers to you first, donald trump says that mexico is going to pay for that wall. he said he had a friendly
11:48 pm
meeting with the president of mexico today, president of mexico tweeting he said he's not going to pay for the wall and told donald trump as much. >> right. i think the way donald trump seems to see this is it's just first meeting and not really a discussion. that he was told this but he didn't respond to it and his nonresponse was basically because at least according to his campaign, would have been inappropriate to raise this in the first meeting, but something he would talk about down the line. >> gloria borger, it's been said since that meeting with the president today, talking about building a wall and even whose going to pay for it is moot because month one believes it's going to happen. at least nobody in power now. >> going to cost a lot of money. >> but now there are mountains, ranches, lots of things. wall is evolving into maybe a virtual wall. seriously. >> i know. and it's great to talk about
11:49 pm
building a wall but you have to pay for it, figure out how to do it. >> said use the best technology including above and below-ground sensors. towers, aerial surveillance and manpower and keep out the cartels and mexico will pay. >> and president of mexico says, we're not going to pay for the wall. i doubt mexico could pay for the wall. and look these are all questions that are out there. is congress going to appropriate the money to pay for the wall? who is going to control the congress? immigration policy is really complicated, building a wall is really complicated, but it is donald trump's signature issue from which he will not ever, ever back away, period. he's just not going back down from that. i keep getting back to this
11:50 pm
point which we were discussing earlier which is how can donald trump expand the number of voters who are going to vote for him? the voters you were talking about earlier, corey, may already be with donald trump. so how does he expand that to win with the suburbanites we have been talking about in states like colorado, florida, for example. maybe even arizona, which he could win, but how does he sort of expand that with a speech like this? this is what i'm trying to figure out. >> i think there's two different things you just touched on. one, i agree with anna navaro tonight. which is a very rare thing. she said the president of mexico had the opportunity to call out donald trump on the carpet and say, you know what? you're going to pay for the wall and he could have stopped right there -- >> fair point. he could have done it at the press conference. >> he didn't do that. >> you mean in public. >> he could have done it at any
11:51 pm
time, he waited until donald trump got on the airplane, took off, and then waited two more hours and then put out a tweet that said, mexico is not paying for the wall. maybe that's what the conversation was, maybe that's not what the conversation was. the president of mexico, if he was so outraged of the notion that donald trump would say mexico is going to pay for the wall, which he's said literally hundreds of times, he could have addressed that, but he chose not to do that. because the topic was not discussed. the second point -- >> do we know that, though? we don't know that. >> that's a very fair point, when he had the audience and people were watching live with donald trump standing there, he had the opportunity to call donald trump out on that issue and instead, he did it in a tweet. [ overlapping speakers ] >> mr. pence said he had a conversation with donald trump on the plane when he got to to phoenix, arizona, and he said that conversation did not take
11:52 pm
place. if we're calling governor pence a liar. he had a one on one conversation -- >> the question still remains. i thought we were going to get some details tonight. on earlier shows we were talking about the fact we were going to get details. i hate to harp on this, but we don't even give mexico enough aid yearly to pay for a small percentage of the wall. nothing about this is practical. you're going to defund sanctuary cities but build new deportation centers, you're also going to increase the number of i.c.e. agents. [ overlapping speakers ] >> when president obama ran for president, he wanted single payer health care. you know what we ended up with? obamacare. >> one at a time. >> the difference is that the president got elected. the president began to listen to stakeholders and working with people under the democratic party where he got a lot of grief.
11:53 pm
what we eye -- we are seeing now donald trump doesn't even have a way to pay for his own plan. >> there's no way to pay for single payer health care -- >> answer the question about the wall. >> i'm getting to the point. when barack obama ran for president, he said single payer health care. he got into office and he said this is not feasible, so he changed to a system which is now known as obamacare, which is very different. donald trump is saying we're building a wall. any way you slice it, we're building a wall. [ overlapping speakers ] once he's elected president, he will continue to work with dong set the priorities for this country. >> it sounds to me what you're saying is maybe the wall could become a fence -- >> he's been very clear. it's a wall. >> he's willing to negotiate down. >> i'm not saying that at all. you still have to fund the wall and funding starts at congress by the constitution. that's where it begins. but the president has his budget. he gets to put priorities what the budget is and what congress is to consider. this is the priority of this campaign.
11:54 pm
>> kirsten powers, has this wall thing backed him into a corner and how he's going to pay for it and exactly how he's going to do it? >> no, i don't think so. i think there's a little too much focus on this, frankly. if he became president and he wants to negotiate with mexico and he thinks he can get them to pay for the wall, i don't think he can do it, but i don't think it's actually just the only problem with his policy. i mean, if we look at what he talked about tonight, we focus on the wall a lot. but this speech really was a budget demagoguery. >> that's the signature of his campaign. that was the first thing he mentioned. the first point in his plan. >> it is, but there are a lot of other things that he talks about that are very troubling. first of all, the fact that he basically presented us this distopian vision of our country in terms of illegal immigrants as if we're living and cowering
11:55 pm
of illegal immigrants killing our family and children when they commit less crime. so it was heartbreaking to see these parents, but what he's doing is really despicable, presenting it as if illegal immigrants are inherently criminal, violent criminals. and i think other things he's talking about, he said he was going to -- if he was president any illegal immigrant who was arrested would be deported immediately. he didn't even say convicted, just arresting people, you're going to deport them? we're going to create more deportation centers? or a special group under i.c.e. to deport people? i.c.e. already deports people. we don't need another special force in i.c.e. to be deporting people. the supreme court has criticized them for already deporting people that shouldn't be deported. so there's so many troubling things that he talks about, and so many misrepresentations, such as claiming we have some some cycled amnesty that we don't have. we can get lost focusing on the wall too much.
11:56 pm
>> mark, demagoguery, do you think? >> these are campaign promises not rooted in reality. we often see campaign promises made, and by the time they win, they have to deal with the legislative branch, it just doesn't work. to corey's point, though you'll never hear this from donald trump, we'll have to cut a deal when we get to congress. there's no way republicans in congress, let alone democrats, are going to go with infrastructure spending that the united states will have to put forward to build this wall. >> we'll be right back right after this. ♪ there's no one road out there. no one surface... no one speed... no one way of driving on each and every road. but there is one car that can conquer them all. the mercedes-benz c-class. five driving modes let you customize the steering, shift points, and suspension to fit the mood you're in...
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discussing donald trump's immigration plan and his speech and his meeting with the mexican president today. my entire panel is back. and joining me is a member of the congressional hispanic caucus. congressman, thank you for staying up late and for joining us this evening. you heard our panel here talking, mark preston brought up a point saying there's no way congress will appropriate that much money to build a wall, especially when we're $22


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