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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  September 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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airs tonight at 9:00. thank you so much as always for joining us and you can watch oet outfront" any time, anywhere as always on cnn go. "ac 360" begins right now. good evening. thanks for joining us, the first hurricane to hit florida in nearly 11 years is a few hour away from making landfall. hurricane and flood warnings are up along the state's panhandle region. emergency preparations in effect in florida, george a the carolinas and the water is already riding. cnn's jennifer gray joins us from an an latcha cola where hermine. >> we are dry at the moment, but i just looked at the radar and the bottom will fall out in any moment and the rain will kick in here in apalachicola and as you
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know with the tropical systems we get the off and on rain. this is the apalachicola river. you can see the water rushing in in the opposite direction. it was actually rushing in up river and that's what we talk about when we talk about storm surge. this area of florida is extremely vulnerable from apalachicola from the big bend to tampa bay because there are so many bays and so many lagoons and intercoastal waterways and all of the water and the energy from these storms gets pushed up in there and we could see storm surge anywhere from five to nine feet. this is going to go on throughout the night. we are also going to see that tornado risk remain very high winds and even as far inland as tallahassee and into georgia and we will see possible down trees and widespread power outages expected and we've already seen a lot of power outages here in the florida panhandle, anderson. >> it's expected to hit florida, but you're saying it could be felt all of the way up to new jersey, is that right? >> reporter: oh, you're exactly right.
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tropical storm watches are already in place for the jersey coast and we are going to see the effects of this anywhere from georgia all of the way up to places like d.c., new york is even going to get some rain over the weekend and philly, you will not have intense weather and you will definitely have the rain and wind and we'll have rough seas up and down the east coast. a holiday weekend and people want to head to the beaches and it will be a rough weather weekend all up and down the east coast, anderson. >> jennifer, we will keep you updated throughout the hour. breaking news surrounding donald trump over his meeting with mexico's president in his immigration speech last night and it has to do with the centerpiece of his outreach to african-american voters and a black church in detroit. he was not actually speaking to the congregation. members will be seeing a pre-recorded interview with bishop wayne t. jackson and tonight the new york times is
5:03 pm
it's being scripted and complete with questions that the bishop asks and the answers he's going to give. they got a hold of the eight-page draft script. but first the mexico trip. >> tonight, donald trump facing high-profile hispanic defections from his campaign after his fiery immigration speech. texas pastor ramiro pena, a member of the national hispanic advisory council in an e-mail from trump staff obtained by politico saying it was, quote, difficult to imagine how i can continue to associate with the trump campaign and that the national hispanic advisory council seems to be simply for optics. i do not have the time or the energy for a scam. al fons alfonso aguilar defende
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trump. >> i was slightly mislemisled be the campaign gave the impression until yesterday morning that he was going to deal with the undo you meaned in a compassionate way. >> trump's 70-minute address in arizona was cheered by his most ardent supporters, a pivot, this most certainly was not, but republicans tonight are weighing whether a hardline stance will damage his campaign. trump himself in a radio interview said he's actually softening. >> oh, they're softening. look, we do it in a very humane way and we will see with the people that are in the country, obviously i want to get the gang members out and the peddlers out. trump referring to the decision to not immediately deport all 11 million-plus undocumented immigrants should he win the white house and trump's tough stance in arizona was repeated thursday in ohio and the state trump desperately needs to win. >> don't worry. we're going to build that wall and that wall will go up. >> a departure from the
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candidate that stood next to mexican president enrique pena nieto just 24 hours earlier. >> the bond between our two countries is deep and sincere. >> a different tone, a different message and a showing that advisers say proved he can straddle the lines of diplomacy and policy. trump and mexico said the issue of whether mexico would pay for the border wall wasn't discussed. >> we didn't discuss payment of the wall and that would be for a later date. after trump's departure, pena said he made his decision clear to the gop nominee. >> i can say with all clarity and in public and the candidate trump knows that i was emphatic to affirm that mexico wouldn't pay by any means for the wall. >> trump in arizona made equally clear there was no shift in his stance. >> mexico will pay for the wall.
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100%. they don't know it yet, but they're going to pay for the wall. >> reporter: all an issue hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine seized on thursday. >> that was a choke, and i think it shows that diplomacy is not for amateurs. donald trump is an amateur. >> phil mattingly, cnn, wilmington, ohio. >> let's bring in our panel and paul begala, kirsten powers also joins us and trump supporter, kayleigh mcnany and also trump supporter and south carolina lieutenant governor. let's start with you. last night's speech really seems like it was appealing to the base, and yet, this is a time it would seem that he really needs to reach out to independent voters, others who might be on the fence. >> which is what it seemed like what he was doing in the morning, right? that was really what you needed to do if you wanted to appeal to people who were a little
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uncomfortable with you in particular about how you talk about hispanics and i don't just mean hispanic people and also moderate white voters who are not onboard with what is an extreme position on immigration and even in the republican party. what you saw in the morning is what would have been helpful to him and by evening we saw the old donald trump back giving a speech that was so alarming that he lost some of his own hispanic supporters today who were on the trump train and said we can't do this anymore. >> kayla is a trump supporter. did you see two different donald trumps yesterday? and these defections by people on his own hispanic council? >> i didn't see two different trumps. i saw someone engaging in diplomacy on one hand with the mexican president and someone speaking to a crowd, to a rally and a group of supporters who support him in the idea of building a wall and i think donald trump accomplished a lot and not only did he look like a diplomat and get the mexican president to concede, yes, i'll
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reallow a barrier to go up and he reaffirmed his base that the top ten steps are security-oriented and he put a face on security. when those parents stood up there and said i lost a child to an illegal immigrant and if donald trump were my president my child would be alive and he humanized an issue that is not humanizing to many people. >> clearly, though, to a lot of hispanic people on his own advisory council it wasn't humanizing, it was demonizing and they left. >> we certainly hope they'll come around and the end of his speech was an important part because only after we accomplish the steps will we have the disposition of those who remain. what we've seen under the obama administration and raiding people's homes. >> isn't part of the objective that he needs to reach out to hispanic voters in this country if he can't even keep the people who are on his own hispanic advisory council? what does that say about his potential to outreach? >> sometimes the closest are the hardest to keep happy. i would go back in reference reagan when he met with
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gorbachev, he didn't say we'll tear down this wall. diplomacy wears different hats and so does trump. you know, i think he demonstrated and he clearly has the ability to be presidential. he did it yesterday and when he's back on his home turf and talking to a crowd of voters he explained clearly why would you get into a debate with the president of mexico right now as a candidate? it's not the time or the place and it was more showing diplomacy and we have places we can find common ground and two countries where it can be mutually beneficial and unilaterally we can agree on. >> here's the thing and it will sound counter intuitive and it's a lesson we learned through the gop primaries. trump wins by flailing on this issue. his immigration position is not difficult to figure out. it's secure the border, fix the system, pass state law and stop sanctuary cities and he's being cagey about the details about deportation, whether i give citizenship or legal status. he's being vague on that, but he
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likes this issue. he's talked about this issue throughout the whole camp exaig can, and he will do anything he can to keep focused on this issue. he effectively painted her as purely and pro-am in they. this is the only issue he can win on so he wins by keeping it on this issue, i don't mean win the election and that's all he cares about. >> should hillary clinton be more out front right now? she did give a speech to veterans group, but she's been basically fund-raising. >> she did, and that will stand once we get past labor day on monday. no, there is an old napoleonic, never interrupt your opponent when he's destroying himself and hillary's been following that. frankly, trump had it exactly backward in mexico. back before i was a hack i worked in the white house. i was a top adviser to the president of the united states and this is how diplomacy is supposed to work and trump did it precisely backward. alone in the room is when you talk about the toughest things in private.
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listen, this is what you're doing wrong and this is what i'm set about with your country and in public you don't want to knock the stuffings with the guy. he had it precisely backward and he'll never be governing so i don't worry about that, from a political point of view, his key constituency and hillary's is college-educated white people. president obama got reelected comfortable y losing them and hillary is winning them. he has to get them back. they can't count on a politician who they believe is racist or is being accused of racism. so these defections today i thought the speech was off the chain as the kids say, but it doesn't matter what i think. the defections today probably hurt worse than the speech. college-educated white people watching the broadcast saying wait, these are people that declared for trump and now they've pulled back because they don't like his tone. i think it was an enormous political disaster. >> one of his top hispanic advisers saying i can't be
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involved in a scam. >> yeah. look, you also have to look at a usa today poll that was out today and this would not have captured tonight, and they're voting for hillary clinton and then you look at his so-called african-american outreach that he did in the last week and in this poll, 90% believe that he's racist. not that they're not going to vote for him, but that they think he's racist. he is allegedly made these, you know, overtures to people who have alienated them. >> i do think we've seen his numbers improve and then itn't up to 8% in his support with the african-american community. >> which poll fsz that? >> it was one of the latest, the economist that was out 8%. that's a very good number that's outpacing mccain and romney at this point. i think this is going to be tremendous for him this weekend and going to detroit and touring the inner city and hillary
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clinton was in the hamptons all month essentially and in california. >> does the week that he's not actually talking to a congregation that he's doing a one-on-one interview with the pastor that all of the questions are asked in advanced and all of his answers according to "the new york times" someone from the campaign has suggested what his answers should be. >> i have no doubts that he will probably speak to a congregation in the future and he wants to reach a mass audience and we know donald trump is not scripted. he's not someone avoiding the press. hillary clinton is 270 days out without a press conference. if he's not a scripted candidate. >> we will pick up the conversation shortly and talk about a new state by state polling numbers and what they say about donald trump's electoral road to the white house. coming up next, univision's jorge ramos on what he saw yesterday in the summit as well as what he thinks latino voters took away from it and plus we'll bring you updates on hurricane hermine as it gets closer to florida.
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donald trump's visit to mexico might have come as a surprise, but the backlash inside the country did not nor did latino reaction here to his speech last night. when we last spoke to fusion and univision anchor, he said he didn't think it would matter to most hispanic voters. so what's his assessment tonight? jorge ramos joins us. >> george, last night in donald trump's speech he said those undocumented immigrants that
5:18 pm
would be targeted for immediate removal were those that would have committed crimes and overstayed visas. that comes to 6 million people. is that at all a realistic goal, even the mass deportations under eisenhower, the estimates vary greatly and at a max, they could have only deported a million people. >> exactly. we are talking about the largest mass deportations in u.s. history. before he wanted to deport 11 million, correct? so that means about 15,000 every month. now he wants to deport about 6 million. that would be about 7,000, 8,000, every single day and how is he going to do that? i don't know if you had the opportunity, as a reporter i've done it a few times if you've seen a raid, how inhumane it is, how violent it is when police officers and in this case immigration agents go to a house and separate parents from their kids. so is that going to be the policy of donald trump?
5:19 pm
is that exactly what he's suggesting? those are politics of fear and that's what he suggested last night in phoenix, arizona. >> i think what struck people was the difference in tone we saw from donald trump in mexico. we saw one donald trump in phoenix, a very different message and i wonder what do you make of that dissidence is the right word and a lot of politicians are different in different settings, but to see it juxtaposed so quickly was interesting. >> and let's start with mexico city. someone is lying. it's either donald trump is lying when he said nothing was discussed on who was going to pay for the wall and the president of mexico enrique pena nieto was lying when he said that he did tell donald trump that mexico wasn't going to pay for the wall. whatever happened in that press conference donald trump was not aggressive at all. he just said that he, of course, wanted to build the wall, but that's about it and then something happened in phoenix, arizona. those that were talking last
5:20 pm
week about a softening or a shifting of the campaign are completely wrong and he's proposing deportations and he wants a wall and he wants to deny citizenship for 4.5 million children who have at least one undocumented parents and we saw two completely different donald trumps and in the end, what he's insisting is on being tough on immigrants. >> you wrote an op ed in "the washington post" about the meeting with the mexican president. trump also showed he's a doer, normally a meeting that would normally take months, was put together with just a few hours and he left without offering an apology to the mexican people and you declared him the winner of the meeting. how so? >> well, i think so. at the end, i don't know if you saw the press conference. at the end it was donald trump as if he was the president controlling the press conference. it was him asking reporters to say who was going to ask him a
5:21 pm
question, and then president pena nieto was silently, patiently waiting for his turn to talk and then at the end it was donald trump who told pena nieto to speak. let me tell you something. mexicans are furious with president pena nieto. they cannot understand how come he was right in front of him and pena nieto didn't tell him that mexico was not going to pay for the wall and mexicans are furious with pena nieto right now. i don't understand what the mexican president thought he was getting out of this and particularly by the way he went about it. it would have been one thing if he would have used the tough language he's used in interviews to describe some of donald trump's policies to donald trump's face, but he didn't do any of that. >> exactly. i think pena nieto and his advisers, they thought that he was going to win, that pena nieto was going to win, but they didn't know donald trump. pena nieto was not ready for donald trump. pena nieto, lately has been accused of plagiarism and corruption, more than 52,000
5:22 pm
people have died in the first three years of his government, so he needed something new to change the narrative of a failing presidency. he failed completely. >> we're hearing of defections from trump's hispanic advisory council and alfonso aguilar and the most prominent latino surrogates, do you buy that? because trump hasn't changed his policy very much and maybe it's not 11 million people, and the washington post as we talked about 6 million. i'm not sure if he misled anyone. since the beginning on june 16 when he said mexicans were traffickers and rapists and they're having a hart time supporting trump and maybe they were hoping for some mir akel and that miracle just didn't happen. after listening to donald trump in phoenix, i think he already lost the hispanic vote and he already gave up on latinos. i don't think his plan has
5:23 pm
anything to do with latinos and his plan and his strategy is to win the white house without latinos. i don't think he can do it. >> jorge ramos, thanks. >> thank you. coming up, see what new polling shows about how donald trump's doing in key battleground states and states that he may not be able to afford to lose and john king breaks it down by the numbers and the hurricane about to make landfall there and millions in its path and we'll get a live update from the panhandle. it's easy to love your laxative... ...when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases, and softens to unblock naturally. so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax.
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there's breaking news tonight about a record breaking month for hillary clinton. she raised $143 million in august for her campaign and the dnc and state parties state it was the best month of the campaign. 37 fund raisers in the month of august with ten weeks to go until the presidential election and the face-off of the like of which this country has never seen ask it shows the race getting closer and battleground state polling shows clinton leading which in short spells trouble for trump unless he can turn things around. john king joins us now to break it down by the numbers. the poll is moving in his direction. >> to a degree, yes. if you look at the national numbers and let's lock at tok a
5:28 pm
average poll of polls and hillary clinton had a 10-point lead and 35-45 and jill stein rounding out the pack. as we prepare to enter labor day into september it's a five-point lead and ten points in the beginning of the month to five points now without a doubt, donald trump is closer and i would just say national polls are helpful. mitt romney was always closer than this in the last 80, 90 days and he was tied several times in the last 90 days so no question trump is closer in the national polls and they're only moderately helpful. >> let's look at the battleground states and that's where hillary clinton, if you're hillary clinton right now you're thinking as we get to labor day, you like the position you're in. here is the beginning of the month and here we are in the battleground states and she was up one in florida and on average she's up four and was up in ohio and on average is up three and north carolina, about the same, close race there and pennsylvania, she was up eight and a very healthy lead in
5:29 pm
virginia and a healthy lead in michigan, close in wisconsin and a very healthy lead in colorado. so if you look at this from the clinton campaign perspective. there are tight ones in tradition battlegrounds, but she's leading in all of the big battle grounds and all of the money you just mentioned and you have paul begala and he's part of the super pac for hillary clinton and you look at this and you have such an advantage, because in all of the battleground states she leads and donald trump doesn't lead in any of them. >> let's look at virginia and pennsylvania and big clinton leads and is there any way for trump to lead in november if those stay in the clinton column? >> in a word, no. yes, i can give you a mathematical scenario, it just doesn't work that way. we also give her colorado, michigan, wisconsin and wisconsin is relatively close, but it leans blue. that's 273 and that's a clinton precedensidency without north carolina, or ohio.
5:30 pm
let's assume trump wins florida and north carolina and ohio. the clinton campaign and the super pac allies will spend a lot of money hoping that doesn't happen. even if you won those three it wouldn't be enough. what has to happen? iowa was close and he could win iowa. say donald trump wins nevada. anyone watching who knows nevada will argue with me on the whole immigration debate and for the sake of argument give it to them. that's still not enough and the question for donald trump is by the first debate, can we change the dynamic and we said it was going to be decided in the rust belt and donald trump, pennsylvania would be be the biggest prize. the biggest prize, anderson, the time between now and the first debate is critical to change this map which at the moment was tilted in a significant way in secretary clinton's favor. >> john king, thanks. kelly, do you agree with those numbers and do you agree that's the way to do it to change the map in the states. >> john king looking at the poll
5:31 pm
of polls and that's a big indicator and since polls are a snapshot in time it's important to look at what came out today, yesterday and as we see donald trump with the tailwind behind him in the poll and look at the poll in arizona and that was a bit ago, but he was up by four and ohio, the emerson poll, it's a tie and show him leading by one, by contrast you have the mason dixon poll showing hillary up by two and those are good numbers in ohio, florida, and arizona, a state romney didn't win and when john king circled the rust belt states, he's right. that will make or break donald trump. republicans haven't won since the '80s and the poll shows it's a statistical tie. >> he had eric trump into a meeting in d.c. and basically showed him some very tough numbers for the trump campaign unless there is some sort of major shift. >> where you're seeing is a major shift and trump always said after labor day.
5:32 pm
he hasn't spent the money and quite frankly, i know we talked about how much money she's raised, but she's got a product that everybody already knows. i don't know how she brings more into the fold no matter how much she spins, after a while there is a law diminishing returns where trump's been dark in a lot of these states and hasn't been on tv. i think you will continue to see a tighter and tighter race as we get to the election time and he's doing things. people said he wasn't presidential and he clearly demonstrated yesterday he's presidential. >> do you think he's reaching out to new people? did that speech last night reach out to new people? >> this is ugly for donald trump right now. u-g-l-y, you cannot spin it the other way. here's how to keep him competitive in this race. both he and hillary clinton's favorable rating is not high. this could be like celebrity death match going into this season. people may want to see who can kill each other the worst and whoever proves best at that may have an edge. that is donald trump's best case
5:33 pm
scenario. >> kisten, do you hear that? >> i think if you're a republican and you have to win wisconsin and michigan, you're not in a very good place and so the truth is in the real clear politics average she's winning every state and she's even up in arizona which really is a republican state. so i would say looking at that, i would rather be hillary clinton than donald trump. a lot of the polls are also close. so it's possible that he could move people in ohio. it's possible he could move people in iowa in states that have large white population, but to your point about labor day, that's typically true, but we've had a campaign that people have been actually really engaged in and the usa today poll today i think 10% were undecided. so it's not the way it usually is where people are just tuning in and starting to make decisions. people are starting to make decisions. >> paul, you look at these numbers and you're a super pac. are you happy? >> no. i'm not going to be happy until i see her sworn in. they pay me to worry.
5:34 pm
>> you would rather be your candidate rather than donald trump? >> yes. would it rather be us than them. >> but andre is right and it will tighten up and i think we'll probably before it's oversee polls where they're neck and neck. king is right to start looking at states more and that's certainly what i'm doing and hillary has lots of paths to 270. lots. she could win the eastern seaboard from new hampshire all of the way down to florida and not georgia and not even north carolina. >> there is a whole other way which is through the rust belt states where trump is likely to run stronger and then there's the sunbelt through colorado and through nevada, even arizona. kirsten is right to mention arizona. it's gone democratic once in 60 years, my boss bill clinton in 1996, brag on my boss and the fact that arizona is in place was nuts. >> to amanda's point, clinton does have record on favorability
5:35 pm
ratings. >> she does and that's why the greatest political strategist was not me or karl rove or henny youngman. how is your wife? he said compared to what? ask hillary, compared to what? that's what i would put on a hat. compared to what? i'm sorry, it will be a very ugly campaign. >> do you think people's minds are pretty much made up that people know who the two candidates are? >> the debates will be huge and this is more baked in than usual and before labor day to have this much undecided, i think the debates will be the most watched thing in human history, more than the moon landing and the world cup. >> do you agree with that? >> oh, absolutely. >> people want to see them tear each other apart. everyone is rooting for the other one to go down. someone wants to see a loser. the stakes are this high. no one wants either one to win unless you're a heavily invested republican or democrat and if you're in the middle you want to see them fight and draw blood. >> i want to quickly point out
5:36 pm
one thing and the campaign are secretary of stating like the tightening polls are coming out of the conventions and we're nearly a month out of the convention and we've seen an e-mail news break every day and more evidence of the potential quid pro quo and with that the unfavorability as amanda mentions are being highlighted on a daily basis as the e-mails are coming out and it will only continue and the state department is releasing the schedule. >> the state department can release the schedule. >> and benghazi, mails are coming out, too. >> i'm sure it will win the race for trump, but the truth is, i said this during the convention when she was ten points up. it will go back to the status quo ante and that's what campaigns do especially for a democrat. you don't win three in a row in this business. the only time it happened in my life time was reagan to push and that required mike dukakis to blow a 17-point lead. >> yeah. he had an unfortunate campaign, but it is really, really difficult what she is setting out to do to win a third term
5:37 pm
with record wrong direction and thank god the president's numbers are up and that gives her some tailwind, but what she's setting out to do is really difficult. she has history against her, but she's running a better campaign and trump is self-destructing every single day. >> kirsten, what changes from now -- are we going to see out on the road a lot more, any michelle obama out on the road and joe biden out on the road? >> if you look at biden's speech today if you could replicate that every day that's a wonderful speech for her. we'll definitely see more of the surrogates getting out there and making the case for her and we'll have the debates. >> and the ground game. >> and the ground game. >> want to thank everybody on the panel. how does trump's immigration speech play with republican latino voters? we'll fiend out from a group tht watched it together. just how bad will the hurricane be? hurricane hermine and it could be life-threatening. we'll have an update when we continue.
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an update now on hurricane hermine expected to hit the gulf coast in a few hours. the governor rick scott suggested the storm surge alone
5:42 pm
could be deadly. meteorologist jennifer gray is live. >> the rain has started to pick up even since we talked to you last time. we are starting to get some of those inner bands here around apalachicola and that's where you will get the strongest wind and heavier rain, as well. we are definitely seeing that. however, this is just the beginning and we will still get several hours of this sustained winds and of the very heavy rain and that storm surge is still going to be a threat along apalachicola in the big bend of florida into the wee hours of the morning up to possibly nine feet. so it could definitely be deadly and that's why they called for those coastal evacuations in a lot of areas and so hopefully the majority of the people got out. we do know some people decided to stay back and hopefully they have found higher ground because five to seven feet can
5:43 pm
definitely cause a lot of problems. we're going to see a tornado threat throughout the overnight hours, as well, and that wind threat as we go through the storm travels to the northeast, through tallahassee and southern georgia. we are going to see a lot of trees down and there are a lot of trees in this area and we will see widespread power outages and i do know some people have already lost power and as i mentioned before in the earlier half hour, anderson, this will affect all up ask dndn the east coast. this is a holiday weekend and we will see heavy rain, possibly flooding rain into virginia and the tropical storm watches in effect all of the way up through the jersey shore. so it is going to be a rough weekend ahead. it is not over once it makes landfall. this storm has a long way to go, anderson. >> jennifer gray, be kafrl. >> donald trump's immigration policy is seeing a number of changes, you might say in recent weeks or talk about changes and the candidate himself spoke of a softening and his speech was full of harsh rhetoric including
5:44 pm
no amnesty, a deportation task force and no path to citizenship for those who have come illegally and gary tuchman watched that speech with a group of latino republican voters and here's what he found. >> eight new york city latinos. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. >> build the wall. >> all republicans, all declaring they would never vote for hillary clinton. >> and mexico will pay for the wall. >> oh [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> but only the four people on the right say they love donald trump. the four on the left have a more complicated relationship with him. ruben estrada is one of those four. >> to me, as a latino he's got to come off a little lighter on it's just latinos and it's just mexicans coming over the border and causing crimes and everything else. you have more vicious gangs in
5:45 pm
brooklyn that are russian. >> so you think he's demonized latinos. >> oh, absolutely. no question. >> he will vote for trump which is also a vote against clinton. >> maybe they'll be able to deport her. >> oh [ bleep ]. >> he slipped that one in there, too. >> get back to square, donald. >> our focus group doesn't include mexican-americans and one is dominican and the other, puerto ricans. a group that doesn't face immigration restrictions favor hillary clinton slightly more than mexican-americans despite all of trump's talk about mexico and mexicans, but not hilda perez. >> who are you supporting for president? >> donald trump. >> is there anything he says about latinos or women for that matter bother you through this campaign? >> absolutely. >> so how come you are comfortable supporting him? >> i need -- i think he's better than hillary. >> florinda, doesn't --
5:46 pm
>> innocent americans are dying from legal citizen, too. most crimes are from people who are americans. >> right, but that doesn't mean that we can't -- that we have to discount the crimes from people who are not citizens here. >> and then there are the unequivocal trump supporters in our group. anthony malay feels trump gets a bad rap about being unfair to latinos. >> the most endangered minority in america today is an individual. >> omar is an army veteran who is also all trump. >> do you think he believes he will get mexico to pay for the wall? >> i think semantically, economically, he can write it up that way. >> is he bothered that he did not tell the mexican president. >> i don't know if it was a lack of courage. i do doubt that he has a lack of courage. >> thank you. god bless you, everybody. god bless you. >> and this is elector garsed, another proud puerto rican who is proud of fellow new yorker donald trump.
5:47 pm
>> you cannot be such a successful person as donald trump has been and is by being a schmuck. he's no schmuck. if he can build the companies that he has built he knows what's good for our country. >> so you think all wealthy, successful people know what they're doing and are smart, good people? >> i didn't say that. >> why donald trump? >> because he's donald trump. he knows what he's doing. >> gary tuchman, cnn, new york. >> programming note. on monday, labor day tune in for a cnn special report on each of the presidential candidates an in-depth look from the people that know them best. i want to show you a preview. >> i accept your nomination -- >> -- for the presidency of the united states. >> the essential hillary clinton. >> we are stronger together in charting a course toward the future. >> the essential donald trump. >> i love you, and we will make america great again! >> all on one blockbuster night. clinton has been called the most
5:48 pm
famous person no one knows. >> i never understand that. it is so clear to me who my mother is. she never forgets who she's fighting for, and she's fighting first and foremost for children and for families. >> trump has a passion for business, and the spotlight. >> no one's going to out work him. no one has more energy than him. >> he always said find what it is that you're passionate about and pursue it with your full heart. >> their stories from the people who know them best, cnn's special report, hillary clinton at 8:00. donald trump at 10:00, cnn labor day. [ crowd noise ]
5:49 pm
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it comes with a pen so you keys can write as you please this mac doesn't have any of that it's less useful like a hat for your cat surface has touch and a beautiful screen you can see things like they've never been seen this mac doesn't quite compare it's slower, heavy, and a bit square fold it in half, hello when you start lighter than air, you can doodle a heart yes it's plain to see the surface pro 4 is made for me
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coming up at the top of the hour, riveting look inside a new age style spiritual group some former members consider a cult. the cnn film "holy hell" documents the journey of will allen, who joined the group in the 1980s, stayed for 22 years. all the while filming the experience and the speedo-wearing guru he worshipped. here's a preview. >> he was contemporary. he wasn't some little old man with a gray beard sitting in a doughnut. he was wearing speedos and ray-bans and he was dancing and he was doing contemporary music. >> he spoke four or five languages. he was amazingly humorous,
5:53 pm
witty. >> very playful like a child. he could do something like oh, my god, i can't believe you just did that. he could dance. he was artistic. he was all those things we wanted to be. >> he was unlike anyone i ever met before. he encouraged me to drop all the ideas of what i was supposed to be. >> i finally felt like i was on the right path. i attended every meeting, every group outing we would take and even went to michel's weekly individual hypnotherapy sessions called cleansings. i really felt like something important was happening in my life. >> eventually bliss gave way to scandals and allegations of brainwashing and worse. will allen left the group, made the film as a sort of cautionary tale. he joins me. this film is so fascinating. the fact that you were able to document this entire experience and i urge anybody who is watching who hasn't seen it to watch this.
5:54 pm
when did you realize you were in a sect, a cult, some would call it? when did you realize you were in over your head? >> i realized i was over my head about four years into it. >> four. >> yeah. we used to laugh that we weren't a cult. we used to read things like all the characteristics and say well, we have all those but we're not that. we kind of outsmarted ourselves, i would say. >> initially, what was it about the master as he liked to be called that drew you? clearly in the film, he starts to seem creepier and creepier as time goes by and cosmetic surgery goes by. what initially was the appeal? >> i came in earlier when he was younger. he wasn't so odd looking then. he was entertaining, he was smart. he really seemed like he was coming from truth. like there was a knowledge that he had that i wanted, that i didn't learn in school. that nobody taught me. >> i don't want to give away too
5:55 pm
much of sort of what happens later on in the film, but it took you how long to finally -- >> extricate? jts yes. >> it wasn't until the end. >> we are talking 22 years? >> 22 years. half my life at the time. >> and for people -- you had dedicated your life for 22 years to this man. >> i lived with them for 18 years. that's a long time. i was with him every day except those days i got to visit my parents every year or two. >> i'm not going to give too much away because it is sort of the fascinating development of this film. but he's still out there. >> yeah. >> and there are people still following this man. >> there are. they are like we were back then. they only believe what he says. just like we weren't bad, they're not bad. it's just they're following this man who is lying to them and corrupt and has no integrity. i can say that safely.
5:56 pm
and he makes up his own rules. and they follow them and kind of serve and protect him. that's the dangerous thing. they protect him. >> it's incredibly eye-opening. i hope everybody watches it. thanks so much. >> thank you, anderson. >> we'll be right back. to discover what we learnty... on the track, doesn't stay on the track. [engine revving] it just finds more street-legal form. for a limited time get some of the best offers of the year on our complete line of f sport performance vehicles. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get up to $5,000 customer cash on select 2016 models. ends september 5th. see your lexus dealer.
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we are keeping an eye on hurricane hermine. the category 1 storm is expect
6:00 pm
tod hit florida's panhandle. the governor of florida warning the storm surge alone is life threatening. we will keep watching as the storm progresses. that does it for us. thanks for watching. "holy hell" starts now. okay. i am rolling. >> my name is will. i always wanted to know why am i here. what is the point. how do i live a meaningful life. i wanted to know everything.


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