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tv   New Day  CNN  September 2, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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and first responders make their way into the region to get a better picture of how wide spread and how significant the damage is. i spoken to some of the folks who were the first to leave the area. they say they tell me there are some pockets in that small city that could be under three to four feet of water. we are prepared to get a closer look ourselves, but it's port to point out that authorities are still recommending people simply stay indoors. state offices are closed. schools are closed in the region as well. that's authorities trying to make sure people simply stay at home because the main priority will be to get some of these crews in so they can clear out the debris and get some of those power companies back in to get people back online. there are still at least 70,000 folks in the area waking up in the dark this morning. john? >> it is only when the sun comes up after a storm like this that you get a true sense of the damage that was caused. that will happen over the next several minutes and hours. thank you very much. want to the move west now to
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apalachicola. that's where cnn's boris sanchez is. boris, what are you seeing? >> reporter: hey, good morning, john. good news here in apalachicola is that the storm mostly veered east, so the damage here is minimal. i actually spoke to a police officer a few moments ago who said this is about as smooth as you get when you deal with a hurricane. very, very fortunate that not only was this not a direct hit but also it didn't seem to pack the punch that people were expected here. we saw a lot of businesses that were boarded up. they did not seem to sustain any damage, but the danger is still present exactly because of the reason you mentioned. it's still dark out. there could be dangers lurking in places many people may not expect. that's why officials are asking folks to stay home until they can scan for the ek tent of the damage. one obvious danger are puddles where power lines may have gone down and may still be live. people start walking around their home, trying to scan things to see the extent of the damage, and it could be
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potentially very dangerous. as you mentioned, there are about 70,000 people without power right now. crews are working to get that back online. the big news obviously is that the streak is over. the last time florida had a direct hit, landfall from a hurricane, was october 24th, 2005. hurricane hermine obviously breaking that record. now moving northwesterly as it causes more damage for georgia and the carolinas. alisyn? >> okay. thanks so much for that update. there are more than 23 million people under watches and warnings for this tropical storm at this hour. let's get the latest on the storm's track. we want to bring in cnn meteorologist chad myers. how's it moving? >> moving into georgia now, just west of valdosta. we have the chance of tornadoes today as this storm continues to roll across georgia into the carolinas. it's getting the groungd very wet. that wet ground with the wind going to knock trees down all the way up and down the east coast as we work our way into
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the weekend. the water is still high in many spots, although i will tell you right now there is not a less populated area in florida, at least the florida coast, that it could hit. there's nothing here that could have been such a miss. back over here, panama city, that would have been a direct hit to millions of more people. it's still going to move up the east coast. we're going to get significant power outages through the carolinas, through south georgia, and then where does it go. we have watches all the way up and down the east coast, almost to new york city, because this storm is going to head out to the ocean. somewhere around north carolina it's going to get back into the gulf stream. that's warm water. this thing could redevelop in the gulf stream and sit offshore for many, many days. this is one of our computer models, the american model. it has this storm over cape hatteras in 72 hours. that's not far from where we are now. and the storm, as it gets into the ocean,ing get much stronger. the spaghetti models very consistent until you get to
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here. then spaghetti turns into angel hair pasta. models absolutely confused. does it go left like sandy did? it won't be the power of sandy. or does it go to right? right now we don't know. >> chad, we have some live pictures to show you and our viewers of tampa. this is what it looks like there at this hour. you can see that it's pouring and obviously very gray. quite windy. what are you seeing the conditions there in tampa at this moment? >> this is one of the outer bands affecting tampa right now. that outer band has been over tampa for many, many days now. some spots around tampa have picked up 24 inches of rainfall since this thing got into the gulf of mexico. there's that band. a lot of lightning. when you get this type of lightning coming onshore, these storms already very spin because they're part of a hurricane, now a tropical storm. some could put down waterspouts. tampa, you're in for many hours
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of still rough weather, even though you are 200 miles from the eye. >> wow. that's incredible. chad, thanks for explaining all that. we'll check back in with you throughout the program. joining us now on the phone is the mayor of florida's capital, tallahassee, where more than 100,000 people at this hour are without power. mr. mayor, what's the situation there in tallahassee at this hour? >> translator: yes, good morning, alisyn. i'll tell you, it's been already a long day. we've been up here at the emergency response center since yesterday afternoon but making preparations over the past several days for this storm. while florida hasn't had a hurricane in about 11 years almost, it's been, you know, three decades since the city of tallahassee has had a hit this close. you can imagine we're really exercising that many years of experience in this storm. our crews are right now
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surveying the damage as best we can at this hour. a number of downed trees, as you can imagine, all over the community. power lines snapped and disconnected. 100,000 customers through our entire service area that are right now waking up to no electricity. i will say i think the good news is that we know that a number of these outages are related to a couple of downed substations. once we're able to get to those and start to get those back up and operating, those are thousands of customers that can come back online in a short period of time. but it was a harrowing evening for a number of us here as we watched the winds and rain come through. we're tree capital usa, which we take pride in, but you can see is a downside when a storm like this comes through. but we're confident in our ability to recover. >> it is just incredible that a hurricane has not made landfall in florida for 11 years. that just sort of defies, you
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know, intuition where we think that florida is always the target. what is your biggest concern there this morning? >> we are obviously concerned about the downed trees, which have impacted electricity, that cover roadways. they've brought down power lines. i was listening to a number of the emergency calls as they were coming in overnight. a number of people obviously concerned about trees having collapsed on their homes, on their property, downed power lines as i mentioned before. we want folks to, as best they can, stay off our roadways. give our crews can time to get out there, begin to clear some of the debris and some of the trees. let our emergency vehicles be able to move and to respond without interruption of regular traffic. if you don't have to be out, don't go out. obviously, with downed power lines, never, ever, ever physically touch, try to cross over in a vehicle or personally
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downed power lines. those things are extremely dangerous. we certainly don't need to any loss of life to the loss of property we're already experiencing. also, be patient. 100,000 customers trying to get back up on the grid is not an easy feat. our folks are working extremely hard. we're asking our citizens for a little bit of patience as they work through it. >> those are all good reminders, mayor. with 100,000 people without power, how are you getting your message to them? >> yeah, so one of the things that we've exhausted are all social media platforms, which our citizens have been very responsive. in fact, we collected the overwhelming majority of our reports of outages through social media. folks went to our website. they used our application. as you know in this very technologically savvy world we live in, people are connected and powered by their phones and
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devices. they have a way of getting in touch and following information. we're using those platforms to communicate to citizens. obviously radio and television for those who have access, but also the various social media platform. we're asking people to stay connected to those in the coming hours. >> that makes perfect sense. what a great use of that tool. mayor, thank you very much. we know you have your hands full. thanks for making time for us. >> thank you very much. keep us in your prayers. >> of course. in the past 11 years since they had a hurricane make landfall there, social media has changed the equation. >> the mayor just saying 30 years since tallahassee has seen anything like this. and they don't really any what they have yet over the next hour they're going to get a sense of just how bad this storm was and how much damage was done. we'll have much more coverage on tropical storm hermine later on. we're tracking its path. it's moving through georgia at the moment. next for us, donald trump's stance on immigration. it's a moving target still.
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we're staying on top of breaking news for you. hermine making landfall as a hurricane just a few hours ago. the storm has weakened slightly to a tropical storm. more than 23 million people along the east coast are under watches and warnings this morning. the center of hermine is now over georgia. it is packing 70-mile-per-hour winds. tens of thousands of people, maybe even hundreds of thousands, are without power. we'll keep you posted on the storm throughout the morning. you got to get out and vote on november 8th. we're going to take our country back, folks. this is a movement. we're going to take our country back. >> i will be a president for democrats, republicans, independents, for people who vote for me, for people who don't, for all americans. >> so we're on labor day weekend eve right now. traditionally, labor day is the
3:15 am
kickoff, the traditional kickoff of the campaign season. everything that's happened until the this point is just spring training. >> give me my year back. >> it doesn't matter at all. it's now going to get important. but we're going to talk about who has won this last week. a lot has happened. joining us to discuss, cnn politics editor, mark preston, and washington bureau chief for the daily beast, jackie kucinich. let's start with donald trump. he's been on the campaign trail a heck of a lot more than hillary clinton has. look at some of the things that have happened here. wins and losses, don't pay so much attention to what we're calling wins and losses. let's talk about the events. the trip to mexico city. he excited his base with the immigration speech. he has made up some ground in the national polls. you could look at the speech on immigration the other night in a different way. >> the trip to mexico city, i thought, was a huge win. he would have won the day, the week, i think. he gives this speech which
3:16 am
alienates the folks he was trying to get, the independents, to come to his side. he did excite his base. that was a win in the sense that his base was excited, that he pivoted back to being a hard line on immigration. having said that, i think it was not a good week for him. >> he also lost several of his hispanic advisers as a result of that speech, who dropped off yesterday, saying they felt like they were scammed and like it was misrepresented to them what he was going to say. so that also sort of piles on to the fact that this wasn't -- that sort of undermined all the work he did in mexico city. >> let's look at some of the missteps. it's amazing it's just been one week. it was a long week for everyone, i think. dwyane wade tweet about his cousin being killed that people found insensitive. the trump surrogate tweeting clinton in black face that he had to apologize for. the david duke robocall that trump disavowed.
3:17 am
and trump's personal doctor admitting he wrote the letter about trump's amazing, phenomenal, fantastic health in less than five minutes under duress. how did those rate for you? >> a lot of those seem like a little bit of the circus. the storm surrounds donald trump that he's created for himself. still, he has to answer for it. it seems like though are more temporary. they might be indicative of a larger problem as a campaign. for instance, his problem with african-american voters. but i think those might fall away as we go forward. less so than the immigration speech. >> it's worth noting that some of that he can control and some of that he can't control, right. like he can control not sending out an insensitive tweet. he controls that. but he can't control someone like david duke, you know, saying that i'm supportive of donald trump. >> definitely. >> he can control his response to it, though, which has been a lot, you know, more rapid than it was earlier in this campaign. now david duke says something and the campaign responds right away. >> they did a great job of it last night here on cnn when
3:18 am
general flynn immediately shot it down. >> i want to the get back to immigration in a moment. i think there's a really interesting dynamic with that speech going on. first, let's talk about hillary clinton. her week, not out in public a lot, raising a lot of money. we have listed there as a win a wide lead in battleground polls. one of the losses is an overall tightening in the polls. i think both campaigns will acknowledge things are tighter now than they were a few weeks ago. also big news overnight, the state department telling associated press it will provide hillary clinton's schedules as secretary of state before election day. >> right. so a couple thing. i think the hillary clinton e-mail controversy is something they didn't expect would last certainly now into september. just a couple months before election day. it's like a nagging injury that potentially could become something that could take her out of the race. the trump campaign is looking at hillary clinton as somebody that is hopefully going to implode and then that's when they could win. having said that, there's been a lot of talk about how hillary
3:19 am
clinton being off campaign trail is really going to hurt her. i would go to those fundraising numbers where she's raised so much money, it's going to blanket the air waves in the five or six states that are really going to determine the outcome of this election. >> so therefore, given the wins and the losses, and the losses are that the e-mail stuff keep coming out, there's more content, the fbi is going to release its notes on the interview. was this week a win or loss, jackie? >> i feel like it's a draw for both of them in a lot of ways. mark is absolutely right. she can't get away from this. it keeps on nagging. i think there's a feeling among her supporters saying, why can't you get out ahead of this buygu? i wonder how that frustration is going to manifest itself down the line, be it people stay home because they're so disgusted with both candidates at this point, or it motivates them to get out. >> i want to go back to immigration. it's a fascinating thing. jackie, you brought up the fact that some of donald trump's hispanic advisers have quit.
3:20 am
we picked up over the last day, and there are articles about it this morning, how over the course of the 24 hours leading up to the speech, it changed. it got harder than night than it intended to be. last night on fox news, donald trump essentially wanted to clean up and say, you know what, people may have gotten wrong idea because of the loud cheering and the screaming in the hall. i actually really was softening. this is how he explained it last night. okay. we don't have any of that right now. >> we do it in a very humane way. we're going to see with the people that are in the country, obviously i want to get the gang members. out, the drug peddlers out. i want to get the drug dealers out. we got a lot of people in this country that you can't have. those people will get out. then we're going to make a decision at a later date, once everything is stabilized. i think you're going to see there's really quite a bit of softening. >> that was on the radio yesterday. said a similar thing to fox news. he made the point, no, really, really, i am softening here.
3:21 am
you missed it. >> but that is softening, right. he's not saying 11 million anymore. that is softening. >> if you watched the speech, which i did and then had a talk about it afterwards, in realtime, absolutely confused about what he was trying to do. again, a self-inflicted wound upon himself, creating a situation where there's chaos and confusion at a time when you need to tighten up your message and quite frankly he did ten bullet points the other night where he said this is my policy prescriptions. it could have been shrunk down to five bullet points. he could have been more focused. he could have told the crowd to quiet down. in fact, he began that speech saying, this is not going to be a rally, this is going to be a policy discussion. it was a rally. >> it definitely was a rally. we talked about this before. i think donald trump loves the crowd. he gets carried away by it a little bit. but he has muddied the waters. he's been -- this is one place in his immigration platform he's kind of been all over the place. i think that's because there hasn't been a poll id policy prescription on either side for what to do with the 11 million people in this country
3:22 am
illegally. >> jackie, mark, thank you very much. we do want to get back to our storm update because tropical storm hermine hammering the east coast now with heavy rains, wind, and flooding. how will the storm impact your weekend plans? we have a live report and an updated forecast for you next. hmmmmmm..... hmmmmm... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. named one of car and driver's 10best, 10 years in a row.
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the southeast getting pounded by tropical storm hermine. at this hour, the storm making landfall as a hurricane. the first hurricane to hit the state of florida in nearly 11 years, if you can believe that. millions of people are under storm watches and warnings. more than 100,000 people are without power in tallahassee alone. cnn's boris sanchez is live in florida with more. where are you, boris, and what are you seeing? >> reporter: hey, good morning, alisyn. we're actually in the city of apalachicola. it's about an hour and a half south-southwest of tallahassee. the good news is that the brunt of the storm came just east of here. in the neighborhood that we're in right now, the lights are still on and the damage at least right now appears to be minimal. i talked to a police officer who was roaming the streets along with many other crews that are
3:27 am
checking on damage. he says this is as smooth as it gets when is it comes to dealing with a hurricane. there were a lot of concerns. not only the high winds when the storm hit at about 1:30 a.m. it hit with winds of 80 miles an hour. but also the storm surge. three to five feet across most areas. up to eight feet in some parts. here in apalachicola, obviously a coastal city, several hurricanes ago a marina overflowed and boats came into the neighborhood. fortunately that didn't happen this time. it hit, the hurricane, as low tide was coming in, so the water didn't go into neighborhoods. still, the damage is very prevalent. it's still possible to find yourself in trouble. officials are asking everyone to stay home, specifically because there are a lot of puddles out there. if power lines went down, it could pose significant danger if those power lines are still live. as you mentioned, more than 100,000 people without power.
3:28 am
as the sun starts to come out, we'll get a clearer picture of just how much damage the hurricane did. at least here now in apalachicola t appears it was not nearly as extensive as it might have been in other parts. john? >> all right, boris sanchez for uses in apalachicola right now. hermine made landfall in st. marks, florida, overnight. it brought heavy rain, sent trees toppling down. >> reporter: hey, guys. good morning. the first step in assessing the damage that was left behind hurricane hermine is to get to some of the communities that were perhaps hardest hit. that includes the city of st. marks. it was just a short drive down the road. this is as close as we can take you right now as authorities say they still have not cleared the rest of the roadway. there was a large tree that was blocking people from getting in and out a few moments ago. crews were actually able to cut that tree down and move it out of the way. it's the first step now as authorities troo i to get toward st. marks to assess the damage,
3:29 am
but most importantly to check on some of the individuals who decided to stay behind. i had an opportunitin y to speao people who live in that city yesterday. one woman said she planned to ride out the storm, just as she did about 11 years ago. the main point authorities want people to get right now is to simply stay off the roads. businesses are closed. school is not in session. this is an effort for authorities to encourage people to stay home as emergency responders, cleanup crews, and some of those power companies need to get out there to begin that process of cleaning up and getting people back online. back to you. >> absolutely, polo. that's the message. stay put if you can. there are 23 million people under storm watches and warnings for this tropical storm hermine. so where is the storm headed next? cnn meteorologist chad myers joining us with more. what is the model saying, chad? >> well, you want to talk about the eye or do you want to talk about the effects? because this storm now has gotten so big it's already creating tornado warnings in
3:30 am
south carolina. there's a storm surge in tampa bay at about five feet. and polo is not going to get to st. marks. it's still under water. the storm surge there was nine feet deep, just as the hurricane center said and just as we expected. the story to take away from this weekend is stay out of the water. i know it's labor day, but the waves are going to be five to ten feet. the sea level is going to be one to three feet above where it should be. tropical storm watches and warnings are up and down the east coast. there will be red flags on your beach. just believe them. the rip currents this weekend will be deadly. then we have to deal with where hermine goes after this it stops. it doesn't go anywhere off the east coast. there it is now. there's the low. this is a computer model. i'm going to take you through the end of the weekend. here is the problem. see this high? this high extends all the way back to atlanta, all the way down to bermuda and back here. these lines of high pressure
3:31 am
will stop this low from going anywhere. what we want is for the lines to go away, then all the sudden hermine moves away. for now, that's going to park its over the delmarva, rehoboth bee beach, even into the new york city beaches where you'll have waves at five to ten feet. they'll be amazing to look at, but please don't go in them. it will be a dangerous weekend. i know everyone wants to get out the last weekend of the year, but the rainfall will be heavy. the winds will still be heavy. a million people will be without power at some point in time because of how wet the fwrougros now because of this. you get very wet roots on a tree. the trees are going to fall down. the power lines are going to come down. this is not really a weekend to be playing out there, i'm afraid. >> chad, to be clear, when you're saying the storm is going to stall off the coast, so many of us here in the northeast have memories of sandy four years ago. are there any models that take it back out over or back to us
3:32 am
in new jersey and new york? >> do you really want that answer? because it is yes. there are models, not ones that we always believe, but yes, there are models that take this storm and turn it back. watch this. look at the cone. don't look at the middle. the cone is all the way d.c. to albany and saratoga, back to boston. this is where on wednesday or even tuesday afternoon, in that big circle, that's where the center of hermine could still be. that's how really indefinite because of that block, because of that high pressure, there's no way to know right now where it ends up. >> all right. this is why we have to watch the storm closely over the next few days. chad myers, thanks so much. let's talk about where it's been already. joining us on the phone is major trey morrison with the sheriff's office. give us a sense of what it looks like outside your door right now. >> well, we're probably pushing easily about 200 trees down. most, probably not all, but most
3:33 am
of those have power lines in them. currently right now the power department and public works in this area are gearing up. hopefully by daybreak they'll be moving into the field to start trying to clear the different roadways, arteries throughout the county and start restoring power. it's going to be a pretty, from what i've seen -- i've been out throughout the night. from what i've seen, it's going to be a pretty arduous task. >> from your sense, sheriff, major, was it wind that did the most damage, or are you suffering from that storm surge and some of the flooding? >> we still have some flooding. the city of st. markss is pretty much under water. at least two, three feet. i think honestly, the amount of water that came, the rain, and you add the wind, probably around midnight -- between 10:00 and 11:00 all the power
3:34 am
companies and the fire department, public works all pulled their people out. by midnight, we had pulled the deputies into safe areas because of the wind. we'd had all this rain leading to the months up to this, then this storm comes in and dumps however many inches. i'm sure it's a t-- astronomica. we're still having trees fall right now. y'all helped had us put the message out that we don't need the public out moving around for the next day or so. i'm looking right now at our calls as they're going out. just in the last few minutes had a traffic crash where somebody just drove into a tree that's already been fallen. if it's not an emergency, we don't need these people out. i know the weather's got -- i guarantee by noon today it's nice and sunny. we live in florida. however, we're having to deal with all of this, and people are putting themselves in jeopardy.
3:35 am
that can also put the work crews in jeopardy as well. 60% of the county has their power out. the message you want to send is stay home. in addition to that one call you were just telling us about, any more calls overnight, anyone in trouble, any injuries to tell us about? >> we had a tree down on a house. fire rescue and some of the deputies ended up getting a mother and three children out of the home. they were unharmed, thank goodness. we've had one or two other elderly folks that have called and needed to be evacuated. we had one lady we couldn't get to for a while. neighbors ended up helping get her out later on when waters receded. so we're trying to keep track of all these things as they happen so we can go back and see if we missed anything.
3:36 am
so far, other than this traffic crash, i don't have word on it yet, but we haven't had any injuries that we know of. hopefully we can keep it that way. like i said, it's probably going to be a day or two at least before they get most of the power up. we're just trying to limit what traffic we can. >> sure. major, thanks so much for being with us. again, you stay safe, keep your people safe. not out of danger yet. trees still falling in your county. we appreciate you being with us. >> all good reminders. everybody needs to be very careful this morning. we'll have much more coverage of tropical storm hermine ahead. but first, authorities are releasing new 911 calls from the pulse nightclub terror attack. the desperate calls for help next. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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3:40 am
all right. the breaking news this morning, hermine made landfall in florida overnight as a hush. the storm has weakened slightly to a tropical storm, but the sustain winds are still at about 70 miles an hour. the storm a big, big rainmaker. more than 20 inches falling in
3:41 am
one florida county. we have 23 million people under watches and warnings along the east coast. that's a lot of people, a lot of uncertainty about the track of the storm. the center of hermine is now over georgia. we're going to keep you posted on this storm throughout the morning. we're following more breaking news. samsung announcing a massive global recall of millions of brand new smartphones after reports of the batteries catching fire. cnn's chief business correspondent christine romans joins us with more. yeah, that's a design flaw. >> not a good thing. this is one of the most popular smartphones on the market and being recalled. samsung halting sales of its new galaxy note 7 and issuing a global recall of all of the note 7s it's already sold. it was released just a month ago. this is a big, important new product. the issue here, the device can catch fire while charging. samsung says that's happened at least 35 times. it has been alerted to 35 cases around the world of these phones igniting.
3:42 am
it has now identified a problem with the phone's battery. it's an embarrassing setback for the world's largest smartphone maker. samsung owns 22% of the global sales. it's bigger than apple. apple is second with nearly 13%. china's huawei is third with less than 9%. samsung phones run on android systems. this is a big, major, important product being recall for fires, guys. >> yeah, you don't want your phone to catch on fire. that's one of the things when you're buying a phone you don't want. >> good point. >> all right. we are for the first time hearing some more now from the calls from the pulse nightclub the night of that terror attack there. police releasing some more of these 911 calls. nine of the calls made by people trapped inside the club with the gunman, as well as family and friends desperate for
3:43 am
information. >> we've heard so much, and it doesn't get easier. we've heard from survivors and family members who lost loved ones in the aftermath of that shooting. now the moments of panic and confusion as that lone gunman went on a rampage in the pulse nightclub. people desperately trying to get answers from the 911 dispatchers. >> i told him just to be quiet and hide in the corner. >> reporter: heartbreaking 911 calls released to family and friend, distraught as the pulse nightclub attack unfolded, knowing their loved ones were trapped inside. >> do you know if she's been hurt? >> she's freaking out right now. she's like, yes, tell the cops, please, tell the cops. >> reporter: siblings getting frantic calls and texts from their brothers and sisters as the first shots rang out. >> i'm calling -- my brother called me about ten minutes ago. he was at a nightclub called pulse. he said somebody came in there and shot up the place. >> i had an officer stop me. he told me to call 911 and text
3:44 am
my sister. she's inside. >> where is she in the club? >> from what she's told me briefly, she's in -- near some trash or garbage. i've never been there. >> reporter: operators trying to get information and keep their loved ones safe. >> i don't know. the phone is ringing. >> no, don't call her. >> reporter: for one desperate father whose daughter was shot twice -- >> she called. she's been shot in the leg. and she's been shot, i think, in the arm. all she told us was she was hiding in the bathroom. >> reporter: the operator could not provide what every frantic family member wanted to hear. >> i'd like to get a call to find out if she's okay. >> all i can say is to try to take a deep breath and hopefully she'll call you really soon, okay. >> and we're just hearing these now because they've been released by the orlando police because they're not part of the criminal investigation. >> these are wrenching. obviously we put all of our
3:45 am
faith and hope in the police, but there's only so much they can do in a tragedy like this. everybody just waiting for answers. >> they turn to comforting those people. >> now you can learn. the important thing, once you hear these, this so try to learn for the next time. >> brin, thank you very much. a series of spectacular explosions on the launch pad at cape canaveral. look at what happened here. this was a spacex rocket. it was carrying a facebook satellite. it ignited before it was scheduled to launch. spacex ceo elon musk tweeted the explosion happened while the rocket was being refueled. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg said he was deeply disappointed. the satellites were supposed to provide internet access to s
3:46 am
subsaharan africa. shocking there, but we continue to have more breaking news. >> a lot going on this morning. we're going to track hermine, now a tropical storm. 70-mile-an-hour winds, 23 million people under watches and warnings at this moment. first, 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick takes a knee, continuing his national anthem protest. we have reaction in the bleacher report next. when heartburn comes creeping up on you. fight back with relief so smooth and fast. tums smoothies starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums smoothies, only from tums. soon, she'll be binge-studying..
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$p did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? i got your nose! i got your nose right here. i know that's your thumb, grandpa. talent! learn about it! september 2nd. it smells like football. the university of tennessee's football season almost ruin before labor day. coy wire now with more in this morning's bleacher report. hey, coy. >> good morning, john. a lot of hype for those tennessee volunteers heading into this season. ninth ranked team in the nation, picked to win the s.e.c. east, but the small but mighty appalachian state almost shocked the world again. you may remember they already
3:51 am
own one of the greatest subsets in college football history when they beat michigan some years ago. this game went into overtime. tennessee quarterback josh dobbs reaching, trying to stretch over the goal line. fumbles but somehow it's recovered. volunteers survive 20-13. oh, my. n now, last night's 49ers/chargers game in san diego, colin kaepernick promises he would continue to protest what he's calling racial injustice in the u.s. by continuing to sit during the national an them. he said it was never his intention to disrespect the military, but that didn't matter to a lot of people when he ran on to the field last night. listen. [ booing [ booing ] mostly boos you hear coming from the crowd in san diego on a night when they were honoring military members. now, once the anthem played, though, instead of sitting off on a water cooler by himself as he has the past three games, kaepernick kneels on a knee surrounded by teammates.
3:52 am
one player, eric reed, joined him on a knee. and veteran nate boyer on the right in the black t-shirt stood next to kaepernick to show support. kaepernick had invieded boyer to the game after reading an open letter boyer had written. they had an hour and a half conversation before the game. they connected and bonded. after the game, kaepernick stood by his reasoning for protesting in the first place. >> the media painted this as anti-american, anti-men and women of the military. that's not the case at all. this is really something about human rights. it's about the people. this isn't about anything other than that. some people aren't given the same rights, aren't given the same opportunities as others. >> you had one of kaepernick's teammates join him on a knee. also up north, seahawks jeremy lane showing his support to kaepernick, john, sitting during the national anthem before the seahawks played the raiders in
3:53 am
their final preseason game. lane saying he wanted to show support for what kaepernick was doing and stand behind. >> all right. coy wire, thanks so much. we want your take. tweet us @newday, or post your comment on well, tropical storm hermine slamming the southeast. more than 100,000 people without power. we'll bring you the latest when "new day" returns. and as the election gets closer, cnn is bringing you an in-depth look at each candidate. we learn more about their personal lives and what led them up to this point. here's a little preview. >> i accept your nomination. >> for the presidency of the united states. >> the essential hillary clinton. >> we are stronger together in charting a course toward the future. >> the essential donald trump. >> i love you, and we will make america great again. >> all on one blockbuster night.
3:54 am
clinton has been called the most famous person no one knows. >> i never understand that. it's so clear to me who my mother is. she never forgets who she's fighting for, and she's fighting first and foremost for children and for families. >> trump has a passion for business and the spotlight. >> no one is going to outwork him. no one's got more energy than him. >> he always said to us, find what it is you're passionate about and pursue it with your full heart. >> their stories from the people who know them best. cnn's special report, hillary clinton at 8:00, donald trump at 10:00. cnn, labor day.
3:55 am
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♪share the spice of life. ♪♪ good morning, everyone. welcome back to your "new day." chris cuomo is off. john berman joins us on a soggy day. hermine making landfall as a hurricane along florida's gulf coast. this is, believe it or not, the first hurricane to hit the sunshine state in nearly 11 years. >> the storm has now been down gra graded to a tropical storm, but still extremely dangerous. 23 million people under watches and warnings along the east coast. it is unpredictable. more than a thousand people without power already. we are covering every angle of this story. want to begin with cnn's polo sandoval, who's in st. marks, florida, where the storm made landfall overnight. polo? >> reporter: and john, some of those power outages actually intentional. before the storm began to sweep
3:59 am
through the region, officials actually cut off power to several communities, including one here in st. marks, florida, to try to prevent any injuries or possible further damage. i should mention, it's impressive, when we first finally got into the community a few moments ago when they cleared the roadways, the water almost went up to where we're standing right now. you can see it has receded considerably in the last 30 minutes or so. part of that is because we're so close to at least two rivers. this town itself, city itself, sits sort of on a peninsula. that's one of the reasons why we saw a significant amount of floodi inin ining during the ov hours. at the same time, that's also helping the water begin to recede. the main point that officials want people to know is these barricades are in place for a reason. officials want people to stay home, and. they're on the road, to simply stay away from areas that are blocked off. the main priority for officials will be to get into these regions, assess the damage, especially once the sun comes up, and then most importantly
4:00 am
try to restore power because, yes, people decided to ride out the storm in some of these communities, some of these coastal, low-lying communities. some of them rode out a storm about 11 years ago. they said they weren't about it leave their home for this either. from the looks of it, no injuries. from some of the reports, the early reports we've gotten from officials here on the ground, it does seem much of the damage would be because of flooding, not necessarily because of the high winds. >> polo, how loud are those tree frogs near you? they're the sound track to your live shot there. >> reporter: it's incredible. it really is incredible and kind of eerie too. you had these howling winds we experienced a few hours ago. now replaced with the sound of these tree flogs that have been essentially flushed out on to the roadways. and occasionally, the sound of a chainsaw. we tried for about 2 1/2 hours to reach this community during the early


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