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tv   New Day  CNN  September 2, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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hours ago as a hurricane. that happens south of tallahassee, florida. 100,000 people are still without power this morning. >> this is the first hurricane to hit florida in more than a decade. that was just the beginning. 23 million people along the east coast are now under watches and warnings. we're going to begin our coverage in st. marks, florida. >> reporter: john, you have the storm surge and also high tide. those two things coupled together. they really did bring a significant amount of water into this community here, in to the city of st. marks, florida, which is one of the most closely populated areas to where hermine made landfall overnight. but you look over my shoulder, you can actually see how fast the water has actually receded. about a whole block in the last hour or so. so this is giving people an opportunity to actually go out and see what, if any, damage was
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left behind. i can tell you after speaking to many s some of the folks here, there is high hopes there is minimal damage. yes, water made it in to some of the homes, but in this part of the panhandle a lot of homes are on stilts or mobile homes and were actually removed before the storm came through. people are getting on bikes, golf carts and trucks beginning to see firsthand what that first storm in about 11 years actually left behind which, according to the conversation i had with one resident in his own words, it could have been worse. i think what people are now taking a closer look at what happened here. but it is important to look at what we witnessed here like downed trees and power lines because that will give you a quick preview or indication of what could be in store for some of the other regions of the southeast. >> we're talking about a big swath of the southeast. 23 million people under watches right now. polo, thank you so much. want to take a look at somewhere else the storm had an impact. cnn's boris sanchez in
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apalachicola, florida. boris. >> reporter: good morning, john. people here in apalachicola are waking up to good news. it appears that the damage here was minimal. this is really a case study in how unpredictable hurricanes can be. we were told that the storm was going to directly hit this area at about 1:00 a.m. yesterday. but at about 1:30 it hit several miles southeast of here, closer to where polo was. fortunately, though, there are several thousand people without power right now. in this area, it appears that the loss of electricity was minimal. there is some debris in the street but no trees or power lines appear to be down at this time. i actually spoke to a police officer this morning who was out on patrols and he said this was as smooth as you can get when it comes to dealing with a hurricane. i also just spoke with the mayor of apalachicola and he told me they were very fortunate to not get much damage. what is a welcome sign though is that people were prepared. we saw people boarding up their businesses and setting up sandbags.
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obviously with heavy wind and the potential for flooding, there's always concern. but it had been, as you said, about 10, almost 11 years since florida got a hurricane. so for governor rick scott there was concern over potential for complacency, that people had forgotten how strong a category 1 storm could be. all in although, again, damage appears to be minimal. it is a good sign that people were ready for this storm because hurricane season is far from over. and this is a good sign, also, for people to be ready -- rather, a good indicator that people should be ready in georgia and the carolinas where the storm is heading now. >> absolutely. good reminder, thanks so much. more than 23 million people are under watches and warnings for this tropical storm. we just got the 8:00 advisory from the national hurricane center. cnn meteorologist chat meyers,
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what is it telling you? >> down to 60 miles per hour now. a tropical storm. that's what we would expect. storms get bigger when they are over warm water, they die when they are over land. although we have now saturated this ground with a lot of rain overnight, we have 60-mile-per-hour winds still blowing those trees with saturated roots down. the rain is going to continue into south carolina, into north carolina and then eventually the storm re-emerges offshore, back into warm water of the atlantic ocean. this is ridiculously warm water here for this time of year. three to five degrees above normal. that's the anomaly right now. when that low gets here east of north carolina, it is going to encounter high pressure to the north. that is going to stop it from going any farther to the north and it is going to sit there, and it is going to sit there for days. maybe until wednesday. there's your winds as we talk about monday. maybe 50-mile-per-hour for hatteras. then the storm doesn't move. this is the european model. this is the european model of what's going to happen.
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the storm refuses to move. now here we go. sunday, monday, tuesday. if there are relentless rains along the coast or even a little bit inland, there could be significant flooding just because the storm refuses to move. certainly the angry seas will be everywhere from basically massachusetts all the way down to the carolinas. you don't want to be in that. plus, if you're in the rainfall, there could be significant flooding still. >> all good reminders and warnings for us. chad, we want to bring in national hurricane center director dr. rick knabb. winds have decrease dodd 60 miles an hour which is still great but is there a possibility of the storm regaining strength? >> yes. we've just issued the public advisory, maximum sustained winds are at 60 miles per hour but i don't want folks to take the weakening of the winds to take it that the hazards have gone away. we are seeing a huge area of
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very heavy rainfall primarily in southern and central portions of georgia. that's heading into the carolinas today and into saturday. inland flooding is the most frequent cause of loss of life in landfalling tropical systems. it is not just a coastal event or wind event. once this gets back over the atlantic waters after passing through north carolina, there is the potential for some restrengthening and it could be a very large system. we are pretty confident that it is going to slow down once it gets off the main atlantic and northeast coast here. and that means potential for a prolonged period of strong winds, heavy rainfall and the potential for a storm surge situation that could be dangerous in some spots. we're taking a close look at that this morning to see if we need to issue our proep type storm surge watch for this part of the country in the mid-atlantic like we did for the big bend of florida. >> dr. knabb, chad here. those waves that will be under that storm could be 10 to 15,
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especially swells in the middle of the ocean. that will be a coastal erosion issue as well. but going back to the rainfall you talked about, when that rainfall is on the piedmont -- talking about topography here -- that's where you really see the potential loss of life today, isn't it, where that heavy inland fresh water flooding. >> yes. got to make the distinction between the saltwater flooding and coastal areas that is the storm surge and the inland flooding that can happen days after landfall occurs and can happen hundreds of miles from where that landfall occurred and far inland from the coast. because of the size of the system, it is potentially going to drop some heavy rainfall in the complex terrain that you just mentioned. but anywhere where it rains five to ten inches or more, if it exceeds a foot of rain and are you on a road that's covered by water, you could be in a life threatening situation. you got to turn around, don't drown. we use that cliche all the time but it works to get across the message. the most frequent cause of loss
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of life is the inland flooding due to heavy rainfall and that can happen in flat areas, that can happen in mountainous areas, especially roads. people in their cars getting into trouble. >> absolutely. look out for all that standing water. that's a good warning for everyone. dr. knabb, chad's shown us these models where the storm can park itself outside of the northeast just off the coast of new york and new jersey for a couple of days. then what? is it possible that the rain would be so bad up here that it would remind us of some of the really sort of catastrophic storms we've seen here, like sandy? >> i hope it only spends a couple of days. because it could spend more than two days sitting in this general area off the mid-atlantic and northeast coast. we're pretty confident in it's slowing down after it leaves north carolina. all other factors considered equal, a system that is not moving can be big trouble because that means whatever rainfall is occurring could happen for not only hours, but
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days in some spots. and persist tent onshore flow in to this shaped coastline here could mean a pretty significant coastal flooding or storm surge event. we're taking a look this morning carefully about where those areas are the hotspots that we are most concerned about. we'll talk to emergency managers about that as the days unfold. >> doctor, we always think about storm surge coming in with the eye or with the center. you are talking about storm surge just because of relentless wind from the same direction over 72 hours just continuing to push that water onshore. correct? >> yes. excellent point. the center of circulation isn't always the center of action. even if the center stays offshore, you could have persistent onshore flow that causes the winds to push the ocean in to the land areas and, again, the shape of the coastline up here in the mid-atlantic and northeast enables the ocean to pile up and get captured in certain areas.
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you've got a complex coastline with bays and there are particular locations that we're going to look at carefully today to see which areas have the potential. again, we have the ability for the first time this year to issue a prototype storm surge watch which we would do about 48 hours in advance of when this could occur to highlight areas that could have the potential for life threatening storm surge. we'll be looking real carefully at that. persistent onshore flow -- stronger winds over longer distance for longer period of time. that's where the water could really pile up in areas where it is normally dry ground. >> okay, dr. knabb, chad, thank you very much for watching all of this for us. obviously keep us posted throughout the rest of the morning. we will have the latest for you on this tropical storm throughout the morning because it is not going away, as you heard. in fact, it may be parking itself. up next, the hefty price of donald trump's immigration plan. his plan will reportedly cost tens of billions of dollars.
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nba star dwyane wade speaking out for the first time about donald trump's controversial tweet following the shooting death of wade's cousin in chicago on friday. >> i was grateful that he started a conversation, but on the other hand, there's just a
5:15 am
bad taste in my mouth because of what my family is dealing with and what our city of chicago is dealing with and it looks like it's being used as a political game. >> let's bring in a trump senior advisor and runner-up on "the apprentice." joining us this morning from the swing state of iowa. good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> doing well. so has mr. trump had a chance to hear what dwyane wade said, that did he feel as though mr. trump's orange nat tweet was exploiting his family's pain? >> you know, mr. trump's been so busy on the campaign trail that i can't answer if he's heard that or not. but i do know mr. trump so well. i've known him for over a decade and there is nobody that's more sensitive to people that are hurting, families in crisis than donald trump. he would have never, ever wanted the family to feel that way. it was just to simply bring awareness to we are in a serious situation here in america. we need to keep america safe again and this was just a
5:16 am
horrible situation that happened to that family and he didn't use it for political gain. he was just letting people know that we do have a problem and he's the only one that will keep america safe again. >> has mr. trump apologized to the wade family for the fact that they feel as though it was for political gain? >> not to my knowledge. but i haven't spoke to mr. trump about this, as i said. he's been all over, as you know. but he would. he would be the first to say, absolutely, i'm sorry i did not mean that to come across that way but at the end of the day, we are talking about how safe -- or how unsafe our country is and how we do need to stop these criminals and we do need to protect our country. hillary clinton is not talking about that. donald trump is the only one that is saying we need to keep america safe again. he by no means meant any harm by that. i can guarantee you that. >> let's talk about what was announced yesterday in terms of the campaign. it was announced that david bossey is going to become a
5:17 am
deputy campaign manager of the trump campaign. people may know that name. he has been the head of citizens united, the conservative advocacy group for a long time, and he's basically made aof goi and digging up controversy. what will david bossey be bringing to the campaign? >> i'm not specifically sure what he'll be bringing to the campaign. but hillary clinton is not having any trouble bringing new ideas, new scandals are coming out every single day about her. as yesterday we just learned that she was using taxpayers' money to provide this server and to manage this server, maintain it. we're all paying for her to keep us unsafe. what i know about mr. trump is he surrounds himself with people who are talented. we all are talented in our different lanes. david will be talented in what mr. trump sees something in him
5:18 am
that he says, you know, i would like that aboard. we do not have the staff that hillary's team has but he does hire the job that can do the job of three people. >> here's what clinton's campaign manager, john podesta, says about david bossey. "he is so craven and maniacal, in the heyday of the overreaching gingrich-era congress, the top whitewater conspearry theorist in the house had to fire david bossey. what about the feels that donald trump is moving towards a right wing feeling that a lot of people in the middle aren't comfortable with? >> well, i know -- as you mentioned earlier, i am in the battleground state of iowa. lot of people in the middle.
5:19 am
they're very interested in what donald trump is doing. they are voting for donald trump. we're polling great. i think hillary should be concentrating on what she's doing that has been corrupt and what she is doing that has been not secure and such of that nature. so i think her team shouldn't be so worried about what mr. trump and what david has done in his past which we don't know about the specifics of all that but what we do know is hillary has put all of us, all american voters, at a huge risk and she risked or national security. she cannot be trusted and she was extremely careless as we learned from the director comey. >> i want to ask you, let's talk about, donald trump's immigration plan because now it has a price tag. "the washington post" has crunched the numbers. they went to the cbo and to the department of homeland security to see how much mr. trump's plan would cost. here are the numbers. if you add all of -- everything that he has said -- well, actually, just sort of the top
5:20 am
five things of what he has said, it totals more than $50 billion, with a "b." what is the plan to pay for all of that? >> well, the reality is big projects cost big money. what mr. trump is going to do is his primary focus will be making life better for americans. he is going to, as we have learned, he will be quickly removing the people that are here illegally. all of that costs money. securing the border costs money. unlike what hillary clinton wants to do, she wants to have an open border policy. let them all come in. this is a big project. building the wall which he has said from day one. it costs money. he will figure this out. this is a man who has a resume. he is a proven success. this is a man who knows how to have the numbers in his favor. he will get america back. trust me, there's no one else that can do the job that donald trump can do. take a look at his business, his empire. he'll do it.
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>> thanks so much. let's get over to john. back to our top story. tropical storm hermine soaking the southeast. coastal and inland flooding causing huge concerns in several states. more could be on the way. up next, i'm going to talk to the mayor of the hard-hit community. community. stay with us. get back to great. this week 50% off all backpacks. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. this car is traveling over 200 miles per hour. to win, every millisecond matters. both on the track and thousands of miles away.
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tropical storm hermine is weakening as it moves inland. winds right now at 60 miles per hour. but, 23 million people still in the path of this storm with watches and warnings up and down the east coast. you are looking at live pictures from savannah, georgia. the concern in georgia is heavy, heavy rainfall. the national hurricane center told us they are concerned about inland flooding. one place the storm has been already, apalachicola in florida. the city's mayor, van johnson, joins us right now. mr. mayor, how are things where you are? tell you how you fared. >> things are great here. we didn't experience any of the
5:26 am
expected storm surges, damage to property. things are great. the city fared well. >> what went right in terms of planning for you? we had several days of warning about this storm in addition to the storm surge. was that helpful in getting ready? >> yes, it was. plus, our local emergency management activated days earlier. they kept the community abreast of what was going on. so we was pretty much prepared. but this is not our first rodeo. we've been here before. we've seen this type of storm. so we was pretty confident that we would fare pretty good. and we did. >> you have power this morning? do you have services? >> we do, but there are still some that's out of power to the west of town. we did have some tree limbs fall. a little flooding, but nothing major. no structure damage. from my perspective, things are great. the city of apalachicola is
5:27 am
extremely fortunate that we didn't have the major damage that could have happened with this sort of storm. >> is it all right for people to get out and about this morning or you want people to stay home still so the crews and electric crews, can get out and take care of those tree limbs? >> it's actually a beautiful day. i mean people's actually out now bicycling, riding around, enjoying florida, enjoying apalachicola as if it was a normal day. >> now we are looking at pictures from other places. tampa getting hit right now. some live pictures. the tail of the storm is hitting tampa. the center of the storm now moving over georgia. there is a considerable fear about the rainfall there. what's your warning to your friends up and down the east coast who still have this storm coming their way? >> well, they definitely need to listen to the authorities and stay indoors, don't get out, get in the way of the crews.
5:28 am
that could be a may are jo issue. so they need to listen to the authorities in those areas. >> just because it went well for you does not mean it will be the case in other areas. a lot depends on where this storm hits. a lot depends on the wind and the rain and the storm surge. mayor van johnson of apalachicola in florida, we are glad that you had a safe and sound night and this bright morning. so thank you, sir. >> thank you. for a lot of us, labor day weekend means one last chance to play on the beach. but in san diego, one woman uses the beach to introduce kids to careers in science and they're not just any kids. they're from the city's poorest communities, many of whom have never seen the ocean. >> these are barnacles and they attach with their heads. >> you can study mathematics, while studying the ocean. our students are pursuing these careers at unprecedented rates.
5:29 am
>> there is more breaking news this morning. the labor department reliesing the jobs report in about a minute and six seconds. christine romans releases the numbers. she spent summer binge-watching. soon, she'll be binge-studying.
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we do have some more breaking news for you right now. the august jobs report has just been released. there are big numbers. you'll remember in june and july. did the momentum continue? cnn's chief business correspondent christine romans is looking at the numbers. >> i see a month that wasn't quite as robust as the past two months, but it still is a solid 151,000 net new jobs. they always say the trend is what's important to watch here. you can see over the summer taking together some solid job growth. you are talking about 1.45 million jobs added so far this year. unemployment rate went up. we had expected it to go down because of how much hiring we've had. unemployment rate went up. why? when you dig within the numbers it went up for the right reason. more people coming off the sidelines, people who weren't even looking for a job suddenly are seeing these headlines about labor mark getting better, maybe hearing about their friends getting a job. they come off the sidelines, they enter the labor market and that pushes the unemployment rate up. these are numbers that will play
5:34 am
out on the campaign trail. no question. i think team trump will try to find some weaknesses in these numbers, show the number of people who are still working part-time but want to be working full time. that is still a problem in the labor market. but it's been a really interesting trend here. that's what's so important. the trend is what's so important. and jobs have been added consistently now for several years here. about 1.5 million jobs added so far this year. a quick note -- august tends to be the weakest month of the year when it is first reported. something about the statistical nature of how this is done. suddenly the august number is revised up. there is a likelihood you could see more strong, strong numbers in the future. >> thank you so much. president obama heading to asia right now. his last trip to the region while president. among his stops, a meeting with president erdogan of turkey who just obviously stopped that huge coup attempt. cnn's fareed zakaria sat down
5:35 am
with the president ahead of this trip and asked him if he is worried about turkey's stability and its commitment to nato? >> we haven't seen a it diminishing effect on our security relations. turkey continues to be a strong nato ally. they are working with us to defeat isil and are an important partner on a whole range security issues in the region. but no doubt what is true is that they've gone through a political and civil earthquake in their country and they've got to rebuild. how they rebuild is going to be important and what we want to do is indicate to them the degree to which we support the turkish people. but, like any good friend, we want to give them honest
5:36 am
feedback if we think that the steps they're taking are going to be contrary to their long term interests and our partnership. >> fareed zakaria joins us right now. president obama has a lot riding on turkey. turkey, a nation that just survived an attempted coup attempt. turkey a nation with a leader right now who i think there are a lot of folks around the world who have a lot of suspicions of president erdogan right now. it was hard to tell if the president truly seems confident that he has the partner he wants. >> you know, he began -- we didn't show that part of the clip but he began by outlining just how serious the coup was. he actually compared it to washington in the sense he said imagine if we had something like this happen here. you would want to figure out what happened, you would want to go after the perpetrators. so he was indicating support. but then he said, what i worry about is, turkey -- erdogan came in as a reformer, and he implied that maybe he wasn't much of a
5:37 am
democratic reformer anymore. erdogan's foreign policy has been very erratic. remember, we have precious few serious partners in the war against isis in syria who have real traction on the ground. turkey does. it neighbors syria. turkey has the second-most powerful army in nato. it is important that turkey stay a strong nato alley. we have nato weapons in turkey. the president was being careful to express words of support. but if you watch the body language, it wasn't a very enthusiastic vote of confidence. >> i've seen him look a lot more comfortable than he did when talking about turkey. another concern for the president might be his signature trade deal, what he wants to be his signature trade deal. tpp, depending on who you talk to, is dead in the water. donald trump is against it, hillary clinton is against it. a lot of republican partners in
5:38 am
congress who were actively advocating for it have all of a sudden disappeared. president obama seems like the one guy out there still willing to fight for it. >> and he is going -- absolutely right, john. he is going to the g-20 and to asia where a number of those asian signatories to the tpp -- japan, indonesia -- did a lot of heavy lifting politically, fought a lot of political battles to sign up. because remember, those countries are much more closed than the u.s. market is, so they had to make a lot more concessions. they had to open up a lot. and they've done it. they've taken those political risks and they will be wondering, well, can president obama deliver? this is not just a signature trade deal for president obama. this is the signature for his pivot to asia because the whole idea behind the tpp is the united states and its allies will gret to wriet to write the trade and much more in the 21st century and asia, starting with
5:39 am
tpp. if this doesn't work, you can be sure in a few years the chinese are going to come up with their version of tpp. they already have a few of those. and say, no, no, we're going to write the rules for asia in the 21stcentury. >> as the president looks back on his nearly eight years in office, does he think the pivot happened? >> you'll lear it hear it in th interview, there is a lot more to the pivot than tpp. they've opened a base in australia, they've strengthened security cooperation with japan. there has been a kind of shoring up of the alliances, a building of them. the move to -- with india is quite significant. indians have rarely wanted to be seen ganging up against the vin chinese, but now they are. >> without tpp, it is hard to imagine he meets the expectations he set for himself on that subject.
5:40 am
the president has a really interesting meeting with the president of the philippines, a guy who said ridiculously controversial homophobic, racist, other things having directly to do in some cases with the u.s. >> it is a very sad situation because the philippines has been a very strong ally of the united states. the previous president was actually very tough on the chinese. he was very, very pro-american in the way he talked. this guy -- i mean i hate to make comparisons, but there is a kind of donald trump element to him. he's just weird. he says, as you said, these outlandish things. he's totally erratic. you don't know what you're going to get out of him and it is troubling because the philippines is at the front lines of dealing with these recent chinese expansionist moves. so will he suddenly start asking the u.s. to get involved in some controversies of his own making? who knows. all of the reasons why we should be paying a lot of attention to asia, because there are a lot of these great powers jostling
5:41 am
against each other and a small country like philippines says, hey, help us, the united states may be on call. >> and why we need to pay attention to this trip. fareed, you've had a chance to talk to the president over his two terms in office. in general, what's his state of mind right now? about a minute left here. >> he is very confident. i think the president feels as though he made some long-term bets, they're paying off. he is leaving office with one of the highest approval ratings, if not the highest approval rating of any president since eisenhower. there are a fquestion of a few months about clinton regarding impeachment. he still seems bitter about the lack of republican cooperation. >> fareed zakaria, thanks so much. be sure to watch this interview with president obama sunday, 10:00 eastern right here on cnn. we continue to track
5:42 am
tropical stormer is moo er tropical storm hermine. another story we're also watching, san francisco 49ers quarterback continuing his silent protest during the national anthem. this time he was not alone. is his protest getting more support? [brad] weeee! beep. bop. skrizzle. eeeeee. alert!
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hour right now. the storm haspled some trees and power lines. this is tampa which actually just got a dumping of rain and some serious winds and a very, very tail end of this storm. you can see the seas churning there. center of hermine is now over georgia. more than 23 million people along the east coast now under watches and warnings. the path of this storm, as we look out over the course of the week, pretty unpredictable so stay tuned for more updates. meantime, nfl star colin kaepernick speaking to reporters after being booed by the crowd in san diego. this was the 49ers' final preseason game on military night in san diego, no less. >> once again, as you are about to see, kaepernick did not stand for the national anthem. he also did not sit. he knelt with a teammate. it is also been revealed that the quarterback has been wearing socks at training camp showing police officers as pigs.
5:47 am
for more on all of this, let's bring in cnn sports correspondent and former atlanta falcons and buffalo bills player coy wire. the crowd booed him when he came out. what are his teammates feeling at this point about whether or not this is a distraction? >> well, you had the crowd booing as he came out on to the field. he also boo they also booed every time he touched the ball on a 16-play drive. his teammates were standing beside him when he chose to kneel during the national anthem. one teammate, eric green, got down on a teammate beside him. an army green beret stood right next to him with his hand on his chest showing support for kaepernick. they had an hour and a half conversation before the game after kaepernick read an op-ed
5:48 am
piece boyer are written. seeing now how divisive a topic this is you have the boos but you also have overwhelming support for colin kaepernick. >> there is also now this issue over the socks that colin kaepernick had been wearing, socks that have pigs on them right there. pigs with officer's hats on. that is a derogatory -- a slur. he said i wore these socks in the past because the rogue cops allowed to hole roles in police departments not only put the community in danger but also the cops have the right intention of danger by creating an environment of danger and mistrust. these socks were worn before i took a public stance on my issues. i wanted to address this issue immediately. a lot of people look at this and say maybe he has the right -- or he does have the right not to stand for the national anthem. that is your free speech right.
5:49 am
but those socks, those socks perhaps offensive, chris? >> i think the socks kind of take away from his message because he's kind of making the same mistake that a lot of other people make in lumping all members of one group into one profile and i don't think that something like that necessarily helps a whole lot. but his underlying issue, he absolutely does have a point, that the police forces of the united states of america are not being held accountable when they mess up. that's something that absolutely needs to start happening. >> chris, you agree with what he's doing. you're comfortable with him using the platform that he has as an athlete at games to make this stance. >> oh, yes, absolutely. because what people seem to forget is that football players, we don't just live in a bubble. we are members of the society that we all live in. we're human beings. we go home. we talk to our family, our friends. we're on social media. so we're affected by issues like this just as much as everyone else. but all you see us in are the
5:50 am
jerseys and the helmets. so it is kind of naive to think that, oh, you should just shut up and play the game because -- well, no, we have to go loam and live in this world at the end of the day. >> you are in this bubble, coy wire. you were a professional football player, too. you are surrounded in many cases when you are on the field by a lot of law enforcement. there are cops in and around the stadium. will this create an uncomfortable situation for colin kaepernick and the 49ers throughout the season with in some cases their own security? >> i think it is typical because, as chris alluded to, this was a blanket indictment seemingly of all police officers. but he did mention -- he said i have family members and friends who are police officers and he has representative for those who do things the right way. but i agree that that was -- he's going about this in a very harsh way. right? he's essentially, by sitting during the national anthem, you might as well take the american flag and throw it on the ground. these are very drastic measures. people see that and they think disrespect to the military, no gratitude for lives lost for your freedoms. you see those socks and you
5:51 am
think that colin kaepernick is throwing a blanket indictment on the men and women who are police officers in this country who serve in a very valiant and noble manner. i think that's where he's really pushing some buttons. you've seen other athletes stand up. you've seen lebron james where an "i can't breathe" t-shirt in support of eric gardner after he lost his life in a police brutality incident. i think the way in which colin kaepernick is doing this is very blunt, very brazen and i think that's why a lot of people are having their feathers ruffled. >> chris, what do you think colin's future is? do you think he is going to be cut by the team? >> i think he will be cut by the team. it is unfortunate. because he still has plenty of skills left. he's still pretty young. the more unfortunate part is that i don't think he's going to get a chance to catch on with other teams because he should have had at least a back-up role for another four to five years. we are talking about a guy a pass away from winning a super bowl not that far ago.
5:52 am
i don't think that's going to happen based on my own personal experiences and what i've seen of how the nfl operates. yeah. just hope it turns out differently. >> when you say your experience and how the nfl operates, you think they don't want controversy and they'll get rid of him? >> yeah. they don't want anyone speaking out on anything that's not football. it doesn't matter what it is. the prime counterexample is tim tebow. right? obviously tim tebow had his struggles as a quarterback. the thing is that teams don't want players speaking out on anything at all. it is a very corporate environment. >> it is interesting, right? the political stance may not matter but the fact that you are taking a stance doing something other than football often gets you in trouble with these teams that they just want to focus on the game itself. coy, what pressure do you think is on other african-american players throughout the league right now? because some people, if they remain silent, may judge them on that? >> that's true. i think we all go about our own ways of supporting our causes. i love that we have chris kluwe
5:53 am
because he was champion for lgbt and marriage equality. i reached out to a super bowl example with the ravens, also a chan for marriage equality. he said something very interesting to me. he said kaepernick is up against a tough situation here because when you have players, athletes and celebrities even, who stand up for causes that everyone loves -- battling cancer, fighting childhood obesity, supporting the underprivileged -- it's all love and we can do it, more, more, more. but as soon as it is a touchy subject, topic like racial injustice, like marriage equality, then all of a sudden it is, be quiet, you're an athlete, not your place, stand down. >> thank you both for being with us. we want to know your take. tweet us @newday or post your comment on day. an incredible rescue. a boat capsizes.
5:54 am
a mother makes a desperate call to 911 saying her 2-year-old is still in the water. then two officers jump in. did they really save the day? >> i really hope so. ♪ for a limited time, get some of our best offers of the year at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. get up to $5,000 customer cash on select 2016 models. ends september 5th. see your lexus dealer. and i'm michael howard. we left on our honeymoon in january 2012. it actually evolved into a business. from our blog to video editing... our technology has to hang tough with us. when you're going to a place without electricity, you need a long battery life. the touch, combined with the screen resolution... a mac doesn't have that. we wanted to help more people get out there and see the world. once you take that leap, that's where the magic happens.
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a florida couple's boat capsizes, their nearly 2-year-old daughter nowhere in sight. two officers rush to the scene and go beyond the call of duty to save her. >> reporter: it is friday night near cocoa beach, florida. brian and his wife are in trouble. >> can anybody advise eta on the dive team. >> reporter: infrared radio showed parents standing on their capsized boat. minutes before they accidentally hit a guide wire in had the water causing their boat to flip. the 7-month-old baby shab lot is safe in mom's arms but 2-year-old kennedy is nowhere in sight. >> lucky for them, these three cocoa police department officers got the call. >> coming on. hold on. >> reporter: matthew rush is the first one on the scene.
5:59 am
>> first thing comes to your mind is, it's not going to be good. >> reporter: he strips his uniform, jumps from a pier into the water and heads to find the missing baby. he's joined by corporal allen worthy and sergeant michael dilator in the department's boat. >> we're looking, we're not finding anything. finding debris. >> reporter: officers make multiple dives. nearly an hour. >> i'm not expecting an outcome. >> reporter: just when hope begins to fade -- >> i head right up to the boat, i listen for a second and i heard her make a noise. it was more of like a whimper or soft cry. at that point i said she's under the boat. we've got lher. i see this child exploding up out of the water. >> reporter: baby kennedy survives floating in an air pocket under the boat for 45 minutes. she escapes with only minor cuts and bruises. her parents call it a miracle. >> it is our world. these girls are our world.
6:00 am
and we -- without one of them, we just didn't know what we would do. you know? we can't thank them enough. >> it's what we do. another day in the cocoa pd. >> what a sight. >> oh, wow. i'm going to start crying. that is a miracle! thank god for those angels, too. all right, on that night, have a night weekend. time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. happening now in t "newsroom" -- a furious mix of rain, wind and waves. hurricane hermine hits florida. >> we have substantial flooding down on the coast. also the rape case that gripped the nation. an ex-stanford swimmer convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman and sentenced to just months in jail. today he's walking out and back in to the national


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