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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 2, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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public eye if so long and having all of that star tissue. >> my dvr is set for both of these. 8:00 p.m., the essential hillary clinton, and then donald trump. there you have it. 8:00 and 10:00. thank you for being with me, "the lead" starts now. the fbi report says hillary clinton told the fbi "i do not recall" 39 times. could we find out why the feds decided her actions were careless but not criminal? so much for let trump be trump. donald trump now flipping the script after the script of what to say to the black community was leaked. plus a collision course of
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flooding, wind, waves, hermine is the first to hit florida in 11 years, and now she is the ghaes won't leave and will wreck your holiday weekend. welcome to "the lead." we're going to begin with the breaking news this afternoon. the fbi released the report on the hillary clinton e-mail investigation along with the notes of those who interviewed her. james comey explained her as being extremely careless. evan harris is joining me. what did the fbi have to say about how forthcoming she was. >> 39 is how many times hillary clinton said "she could not recall" in respond to questions from the fbi in her interview over the fourth of july holiday.
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clinton "could not recall any briefing or training by the state related to the retention of federal records or the handling of classified information." and she assumed people that sent her information to her private server were aware of the limitatio limitations. >> the classified information that was mishandled, and some of if is redacted. do we have any idea what it was about? >> the cia drone program, that was the biggest trouble. you're not allowed to talk about it on government e-mail that was not secure. we flow source that's clinton and others at the state department were using coded language to discuss a drone
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strike. she told the fbi she didn't have any concern talking about drones on e-mail because that was part of the routine deliberation process, and there was no way established to talk about things like that during the holidays. >> that is stunning. the fear, of course, hacking. an enemy country getting access to the information. is there anything in the report about how aware she was? >> her and her staff were aware of the hacking attempts. she got a pornography link from a private e-mail address from someone at the state department. she tells her top aide huma abedin that she was worried someone was trying to hack her e-mail. she didn't click the link, but if she had, it could have launched software that would have sent information to russia. >> and director comey said her
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handling of the information was careless. not just because of the private server, but also her devices. >> the fbi could not figure out or examine all of the different devices she used. there was 13 mobile phones she used welcome and five ipads. they could only examine two of them. they just got a statement from the clinton campaign, we have a piece of the statement here that says we're pleased that the fbi released the materials from hillary clinton's interview as we requested. while her request of a single e-mail account was a mistake, she had taken responsibility for it and the materials are clear why the justice department did not believe there was a basis for charges. barbara boxer, a strong supporter of hillary clinton is here. the fbi report says that
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clinton's aides say she replaced her blackberry quite a lot, and where theabouts of the old devices were unknown. that sounds careless, does it not? >> i'm not going to talk about who is careless with their devices. i have to tell you there has not been one other secretary of state before her that was able to release even one e-mail. she went through the ringer on this. there is no criminal activity in any way. that's not my opinion, that's the opinion of the fbi. so all of this was maybe careless, she said she made a mistake, and i think we need to move on here. the country is facing a presidential election with two candidates who have the most visions of america that i have ever seen. and i have been around a long time. >> i want you to listen to
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secretary clinton last october when i asked her if she should have known better than to use a private server because of the potential for classified information getting into the wrong hands. >> i dealt with classified information very carefully. i would meet with people, i had hard copies, i had a tent so there was no prying eyes. >> she says she is very clear with how it should be treating, and this report says she told the fbi she didn't pay attention to the level of classification and she thought when there was a c marking on e-mails, which stood for classified, she thought that was a way to put paragraphs in alphabetical
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order, that doesn't sound like someone who knows how to great classified information with great care. >> i remember director comey said it's reasonable to say that if you saw a c next to the paragraph, you wouldn't know. and donald trump will not release even one year of his tax returning. he lied when he came out of that visit with the mexican president and said nobody ever raised who would pay for the wall. when the mexican president said he emphatically said he would never pay for the wall. and we talk about something that has been scrutinized over and over. there was an fbi investigation, it's been made public, the fact is there was no criminal
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activity here, let's move on. i'll talk about it all of the time you want, that's fine but i come back to the same thing. nobody else has revealed any e-mails. senators, you ask a senator, they all use their personal and their official on the same server. listen, it goes on, it's wrong, we should figure it out, but let's move ahead here. >> you want to move on, but let me ask you wouldn't it it be a good idea. >> i think you should move on, but you're the guy asking the questions. >> let me just ask, don't you think if secretary clinton and her supporters like you want to move on, change the subject. shouldn't she have a press conference and take questions on it? it has been 270 days since she had a press conference. why not answer the questions, and then maybe the press will move on. >> that is not true, last month
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she had a press conference and i saw the questions myself. she sat down, according to npr, sitdown interviews, more than 350 this year alone. so yeah, i mean you would prefer probably a different type of news conference, but she has been answering questions continu continually on every subject. >> she took a few questions at a forum, but that was not a press conference. i take your point on the interviews. senator barbara boxer, thank you, i appreciate your time. >> 30 million people from georgia to connecticut under a tropical storm watch or warning. brian todd is live in charleston, south carolina where conditions are deteriorating, brian? >> this city has had round after round of high winds. the we're going to show you how
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welcome back to "the lead. minutes, likt they wrote is applying for a job, and the notes from her fbi interview -- a report in the near time suggest that trump's campaign has gone to a lot of trouble preparing a script. sarah murray is live right no out of trump tower. but tomorrow is different. >> tomorrow he is going to be at a church in droif, but that
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doesn't necessarily fight back against all of the criticism. some people think this is an authentic pitch. and the fact that it is overly scripted is not selling them either. >> his timely scripted approach at a round table in philadelphia. he is already facing criticism for his next campaign stop, an african-americanture nch detroit. after the "new york times" unearthed a transcript of prewritten replies for questions from a pastor. now the pastor is tweaking his questions and he hopes it will be more expansive. >> he wants to meet and talk to the people. it is to make sure that he is talking to people, he is being
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criticized. he has been talking to african-americans from a background of white people. >> you have tremendous numbers of african-americans that have had a hard time, and they live terribly. what do you have to lose? i will fix it. >> after the backlash this week, the speech that cost him support of some of his own advisors, he says his plan was misunderstood. now he says his plan is not set. >> i want to see, before we do anything further, how it shapes up when we have strong, i use the word impenetrable borders. >> all of this saying his meeting with the mexican president inspired him to
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toughen his immigration speech. after the mexican president revealed, via twitter, he told trump he would not pay for the border wall. with the campaign entering the final sprint, trump is taking on other tasks. iring a new deputy campaign manager. the president of conservative advocacy group citizens united. >> today the clinton campaign is launching a new attack, turning the tables on him and accusing him of pay to play. that is after they say he was storsed to pay for an improper political donation that went to a group connected to florida attorney pam bondy.
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she has been a supporter of donald trump on the campaign trail this year. >> i'm joined now by michael steel. president of the sen for progress, and deana bask. let's start with the donation and the fine reported by the orlando sentinel. he is deciding whether or not to investigate trump university and she didn't, that kind of stinks. >> there may have been evidence of the organization that the trump campaign has or the trump organization has. they reported the gift to a similar sounding group. while it looks and sounds bad, i'm not sure it is a smoking gun. >> doesn't it play into the same thing that mr. trump accuses the
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clintons of. if you give money you get access and decisions this. >> first, and thank you for having me. as it relaces tes to this issue we're doing this fit for tat, when you look at the clinton foundation, charity navigator is not reviewing them because of a-typical practices. i think this pales in comparison to all of the bad things. >> i could not disagree more. charity-and-a-half gat charity navigator gave it an a rating and charity watch -- >> maybe in the last week, but charity navigator has consistently had on their website they refuse to review
1:20 pm
them because of the a typical practices. they do not understand the model of governing. >> that has changed, they now gave it an a rating. they dived into it, they gave it an a rating. i think that shows and it's a great point you're making. it shows the criticisms are false. i think this is a situation that is night and day. the trump foundation, people with very little information on what it does. it's not transparent where the clinton foundation has been. here is an example of the trump foundation paying what looks like a political bribe to a political actor that makes a decision in his favor. it is pay to play. i just want to say i hope we have as much concern for republicans -- >> i want to come to you, deana,
1:21 pm
your former boss, dr. carson said the african-american community should do more to listen. what do you want to see happen tomorrow? >> first, i'm excited he decided to go into the african-american community. i think it's fair for him to get the tough questions. the african-americans, the apea, the way he has, you know, used, in some cases harsh language about the light of the african-american community, but i think it is very, very fair for those questions to be asked. in cities like chicago. baltimore, where democrats have pretty much had the reign, we see, we don't see success in the black community in the way we hope to.
1:22 pm
i would like candid questions and answers. i think it's unfair to criticize him for doing what we asked, for him to go into the african-american community. >> i think it is important for republicans to have these conversations, and i hope that it goes very well. i hope everyone is respectful and it's a great dialogue. >> i agree it is great he is reaching out. and the problem with the scripted questions and answers is it feels like he is not prepared for a open and free dialogue. when you a presidential candidate who in some swing state polls has 0% of support from african-americans, that should not just be a concern to african-americans, but also to the whole country. >> i could not agree more, donald trump is polling behind
1:23 pm
george wallace in terms of percentage of the african-american vote. it's long past time he tries to do better with that. and i don't think having staff prehair suggested answers to question. i think secretary clinton does the same thing. >> some of the papers indicated that when her staff prepped her, they gave her words to use and not use. i worked on the hill, and on political campaign. when you staff your bosses to make sure they're prepared for the questions, and i don't think there is anything wrong with that. i think it is whether or not. but this idea that he has scripted questions is not at all -- >> i think the issue is that it seemed like the situation was staged. i hope it will be a free discussion.
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>> right. i think we're in agreement, we hope it is a free exchange of questions and answers for all. he disappeared in china ten years ago, and now he reappeared in north korea. she spent summer binge-watching.
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and we're back. the last trip to the beach, but for presidential politics, it's the starting gun for the end of the race.
1:29 pm
but our chief political analyst glor gloria borgier. should we go to it? i think we have an excerpt here. trump taj mahal in atlantic city. glitz, glamour, but behind the curtain, a serious mess. >> you could not find your way without a guide book. >> and the casino control commission had issues, too. >> they shut down a third of the slots. the slots are the prime revenue producer of the casino.
1:30 pm
to shut down a third was humiliating and financially disastrous. >> it was a melt down of monumental proportions. >> donald's answer was to be little and demand firings and add to the chaos. >> o'donnell was tapped to restore the calm. weeks later he resigned. trump says he was fired. >> she so wrapped up in hyperbole. he would say it's because we had so much business here, not that the systems broke down, not that we don't know what we were
1:31 pm
doing. we had so much business it broke down. >> what about the slot machines. >> they were so hot, nobody has seen people play that hard and that fast. >> no one felt the heat for than trump himself. from his businesses, to the break up to his 12 year marriage to ivana. >> and gloria borger, what surprised you the most? >> in talking to people from all parts of his life, his childhood onward, they're not surprised by anything he has done, and he is the same person they knew from childhood. and skied about the campaign,
1:32 pm
and they say this is donald trump. he comes into a situation, up ends it, and takes control. that is exactly what we saw happen in the presidential primary season and not one of them was surprised and they all said this is the donald trump we knew in business, and this is the donald trump we grew up with. >> make sure you tune in for unfinished business. the essential hillary clinton, a deep dive on her life. followed by the essential trump. brian todd is live in charleston, south carolina where the wind and rain have started, brian? >> the wind and rain presented all sorts of challenges here
1:33 pm
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we're back, and deadly storm hermine is moving up the coast. more than 30 million people under watches and warnings as the system moves north. hermine is to blame for least one death. 56-year-old john mays, a homeless man in florida who was killed when a tree fell on his tent. the system may landfall overnight. it toppled trees, and the waves and wind ripped up a road in
1:38 pm
alligator point. let's start with brian todd in charleston, south carolina. it appears conditions are det deteriorating by the hour. >> yes, we have round after round of heavy rain and wind if will hit us, and then recede a little, and then it will return. you see the white caps behind me. it has been very heavy surf. we're told levels are a foot and a half higher. they get flooding events kently so far. they dodged a bullet so far, but more rain bans and flooding are coming through here. they used to be tidal creeks.
1:39 pm
now they filled in some of those, but that is still very low lying and still flooding is a threat here. we're also told that city o fish officials are saying look, this is an area of high brejs. look at the bridge behind me, the deck of that bridge where the roadway is about 2300 feet above the surf. they're warning people don't drive over it if you don't have to. it's a concern with the high winds. they're not out of the woods yet here in charleston. lots of specific dangers and threats from flooding, tidal washouts along the shoreline here, and high winds along bridges like that. they told peek to hunker down and ride this thing out. hopefully people are getting inside right about now.
1:40 pm
>> any word of evacuations ordered? >> not yet, jake, but officials say they may because they're expecting more to come here. they dodged a bullet with no major flooding wet, but they're expecting possibly more and an area just north of here through the outer banks of north carolina, those areas are under tornado watches. >> tough, brian todd, thank you so much. hermine, no longer a hurricane, but the worst may not be over yet. karen, what is next for hermine. >> it will move across the outer banks, but that is not the end of it. as we look at our enhanced tropical system, higher gusts.
1:41 pm
once it moves off shore, it moves into a ribbon of current nap is a very warm water system that runs parallel to the coast. it will add to the intensity again and increase it to hurricane intensity then if is not officially a hurricane with tropical characteristics. it will have a colder core. it will be post tropical, but sit out here across the mid-atlantic for quite some time. as it does, it reintensifierein and then it lingers. it is not moving very much. in the next three to five days, atlantic city was a city we looked at. every day it mentioned the potential for tropical storm conditions there. that's not the only city. right around long island, some
1:42 pm
of the beautiful sounds there, towards boston, let's go to the florida a floor. it looks impressive on the imagery right now. there is warmer air feeding into this system that makes it look fairly ragged. just about everybody in south carolina now is being impacted. some of the wind gusts around 06 miles per hour. still we're expecting the winds to be on the increase as go into monday. stronger by tuesday. battered with waves and heavy rainfall. we could see the potential for severe flooding across that region as well, jake? >> karen, thank you so much. a missing american man has
1:43 pm
reemerged in north carolina and he is teaching english to a guy you might know with a distinguishable haircut. amore stories, next. what company does all this? exxonmobil, that's who. we're working on all these things to make cars better and use less fuel. helping you save money and reduce emissions. and you thought we just made the gas. energy lives here. mary buys a little lamb. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack.
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welcome baa "the lead," i'm jake tapper. a shocking tale now about a u.s. marine that tried to stop the sexual abuse of children in afghanistan by a high ranking member, but now he is being pursued. the major realized he sent highly sensitive information on
1:48 pm
his personal yahoo account. he was relieved of duty. now his status as a marine reservist is on hold. the department of defense did respond to our request for comment on the story but only to say they could not comment on this pending case. his attorney joins me now. my first question, did his superior officers ever do anything about the alleged child rapist afghan police chief? >> no, they didn't. or anything about the people that knew about him in the american chain of command in a didn't do anything. one of the boys, the sex slaves they bring on the base, ordered three marines within two weeks of his e-mail. the people that allowed that to happen were never investigated, sanctioned, or reprimanded. and the marine corp has spent
1:49 pm
over three years atreatmenting trying to put major breslor out of marine core, and the police chief that was involved is, as i understand it, a police chief again in afghan. >> breslor turned himself in after sending that sensitive e-mail. did he ever think this is how this would all turn out? >> no, no one who is familiar with these types of cases thought this is how it would turn out. no similar case has been dealt with the same way. in fact, he was punished, he was relieved from command. he found another file on his commuters that was basically a file to give to his successor that he had not deleted, he
1:50 pm
turned that in. and eight months later, when the senior marine generals learned from a press report that he was talking to his congressman about the incident, did they, in the course of three days, decide to throw him out of the marine corp, which is illegal. every service member has a attach tire right, to talk to their congressman. he spoke to his congressman, he can't be sanctioned or retaliated against for that. it is illegal. >> and they recommend they uphold their original punishment, but they feared it wrong increase public attention to the case. tr there is obviously another story we covered a few months ago, a similar case, why would
1:51 pm
the u.s. military not want attention devoted to the problem of some afghan authorities rapping children. >> this was a dirty secret for awhile until it was opened up, but our soldiers, sailors, and marines are being told they can't do anything about the practice where afghan leaders keep boys as sex slaves because it would insult them. they're being told that by commanders that just didn't do anything about it and it is just a secret they don't want anyone to know because obviously no american believes that is what our service members are doing. and it is illegal. there is statute that prohibits them from engaging in a human
1:52 pm
rights offense. and senior military members did not put down proper guidelines. some had to look the other way, others, who did something about it, were then retaliated against. they had to keep everything silent. in the final period at the end of the sentence, when the case gets to the secretary of the navy, instead of looking at the merits, their decision is based on well, we don't want this whole finish in the press, so let's just approve it. pretty egregious when your first segment was about secretary and clinton who said despite anything she did, she was stit to serve. >> michael, stay in touch. he has been missing 2 years,
1:53 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." a new jobs report is painting a bleak picture. the economy added 151,000 jobs. that is much less than last month in july. job numbers were up in food service and business, but they lost 14,000 manufacturing jobs. all in all, a mixed report in a tradition traditionally slow summer month. and a bizarre story even by
1:58 pm
north korean standards. a man that went missing in china nearly a decade ago, may have turned up in north korea. north korea has a habit of abducted foreign nationals to train their intelligence operatives. when david snowden went missing in china, and they never found his body, they felt he might have been abducted. they think this bolsters what they were saying all along. >> it doesn't come as a shock. we have done our research. we think she in north korea. >> we realize that an american abducted by north koreans, into north korea, working in a
1:59 pm
situation which trains their intelligence officers, is off script for the state department as well as for those high up in the u.s. government. it would be politically inopportune for such things to make the news, and we're glad this has happened. >> and the state department doesn't really find this report credible. we'll have more with our interview with them next hour on "the situation room." >> before i go, ten years ago tomorrow, this little angel said "i do," making me a very happy man. happy anniversary, honey. rudy giuliani will be joining me on "state of the union on sunday."
2:00 pm
now over to "the situation room." happening now, fbi investigation, the report on the clinton investigation and the agents notes on the questioning of hillary clinton. will it reveal why they decided not to prosecute the secretary of state? >> scripted answers, is donald trump's campaign going too far. >> and a stunning new report saying a young american michigan fair was kidnapped in china a dozen years ago, and is now working in north korea teaching