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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  September 3, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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gear up for school. gear up for great. hi, everyone. it is 3:00 eastern, noon pacific. i'm poppy harlow. donald trump makes a hard sell for african-american voters at a predominantly black church in detroit. his efforts though met with protests from some. >> no trump! no trump! no trump! no trump! no trump! >> at one point today several of the protestors tried to rush the church gate. but while this played out outside, take a look at what happened inside.
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there you see trump dancing a little be the alongside "apprentice" star amarosa. his message much more subdued than what we typically hear from this candidate, really sticking to script. >> you do right every day by your community and your families. you raise children in the light of god and i will always support your church always and defend your right to worship. so important. our nation is too divided. we talk past each other, not to each other and those who seek office do not do enough to step into the community and learn what is going on. they don't know, they have no clue. i'm here today to learn so that we can together remedy in justice in any form. >> he also called for a civil
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rights agenda of our time, talked about how he would help the city of detroit. before this service he sat down for an interview with the church's pastor, bishop wayne jackson. that interview raised questions because of a document obtained this week of questions given to trump before time but his team scripted answers. to that bishop jackson said he changed questions coming up with new ones after "the new york times" report came out. he told reporters today that trump's answers were not scripted. >> reporter: were his answers scripted? >> no. it wasn't scripted, i can guarantee you that. he just sat down like a normal guy asking questions. >> he said trump was not scripted. we'll talk about this and go to our cnn reporter nia-malika
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henderson, paris is here and worked under former president george bush, and cnn political commentator and hillary clinton supporter, bacari sims. thank you for being here. nia, i want to go to you first, he visited this church and took a tour of the city with dr. ben carson, he saw his childhood home, this as the poll numbers reflect he has not made up a lot of ground. he's at 2% among african-american voters. hillary clinton is at 87%. that's even behind the third-party candidates, joe stein and gary johnson. how much can he improve those numbers? what is the strategy here when you have about two months to go until election day, nia? >> i don't think he can do much at this point. one of the things you have seen going on, really since the 1930s, is the massive shift of african-american voters to voting for democratic candidates at the presidential level and there are all sorts of reasons why that is the southern strategy, which of course you saw happen in 2005 with the
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republican national chairman. he went to the naacp and apologized to african-americans because republicans had played really politics around race. so that is one of the reasons you see african-americans really being loyal to the democratic party. and you have, i think, a candidate in donald trump who is really doing the standard issue, things that any presidential candidate would do. you saw george bush and newt gingrich doing this in 2012, visiting a black church, but he comes in with all this baggage. even 30% of republicans think that donald trump appeals to bigotry with some of the remarks he made to latinos somewhere around 70%. so just a mere church service in a sort of brief tour of ben carson's home i don't think is going to reverse any of that. ben carson himself didn't do really well with african-american voters. so i think he has sort of the trappings of what we would see any standard republican do in terms of reaching out to
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african-american voters. but he has heavy baggage. >> right, but the argument has been made that this isn't solely about getting african-americans on board because you can't tip the polls that much. but about convincing other white voters he's not a racist. >> i think that is right. i think i have said this is him "i'm not a bigot" tour. and he used those words in philadelphia talking to a select group of african-americans there. so it is both, it's a dual appeal, the direct appeal to african-americans and we have to take the campaign at their word they are doing it and then the indirect appeal to republicans who, again, are uncomfortable with the idea that they would cast their ballot who again paul ryan has said that donald trump has made racist statements. you have a lot of republicans black and white uncomfortable of him as a candidate. >> let's dissect what we heard
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this morning from detroit with the recent comments speaking about african-american voters. >> what do you have to lose? you're living in poverty, you're schools are no good, you have no jobs, we'll get rid of the crime and you'll be able to walk down the street without getting shot. i have so many african-american friends, they doing great. they are making good money and living the good life. >> what is appealing to -- you can't call african-american voters a prolific group. but what do you think about the very somber tone says i'm with you, the black church is the conscious of this country, i alone am the one who can help detroit and african-americans struggling. what works better? >> to your point, the black group is showing diversity within the community.
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that means there are republicans like myself and many others who support the message of donald trump. and believe he is the candidate that is going to turn this country around and has the capabilities of turning many urban communities in black america. it doesn't matter what type of tactic he uses. what matters more to me is the unifying message he says to our community, which is he's going to bring jobs back to our nation, our community as well as focus in on school choice. being a champion of those issues, whether he's talking to a large audience or speaking at a black church, the message is the same. he's the candidate for the black community. >> let me bring in bakari, he did not get into specifics about what he would do. >> i was looking for specifics
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here so you know the pain there certainly. >> it's tremendous. >> look, bakari, detroit has had democratic mayors since 1962. and there is no questions that the city is struggling. when you hear donald trump say what do you have to lose? when you hear him say i have solutions for detroit as a republican and you look at the city that on the watch after democrat after democrat fell into bankruptcy and continues to struggle, does he have a point? >> well, he doesn't have a point. i think you hear the republican operatives and donald trump and other elected officials go around to say they are neglecting the fact that michigan now has a governor and legislation scene failing on their watch. when you look at the poverty levels in this country, the highest levels are found in the deep south amongst african-americans where you have the ironclad republican governors and legislatures. one of the things that stuck out
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to me today is i was speaking with family members earlier today and were talking about this visit. it can only be characterized as a hot mess, poppy. >> why? >> one of the things that stuck out is because donald trump today energized the city of detroit by bringing out so many people who do not stand for that rhetoric and bigotry, but if you want to continue to pander to the african-american community, the challenge is to provide substance. at least answer the questions of how. if you want to talk about bringing jobs back in the african-american communities, you can't say, oh, my god, we do need to know the answers into h
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how. >> a statement was made by the detroit free press editorial page editor, what do you think of that piece? >> we saw mr. trump speak before a predominantly black audience. he did what he was going to do, he attended an event at a church service at the invitation. and we have to be careful how we characterize what this was. this is not going to be the first black event that mr. trump was doing. this is a continued engagement effort and this was the first time he went to a black church at the invitation of the pastor. but to bakari's point, listen, it's a good thing the republican nominee is talking about the black community, the issues in our community and how he wants to fix it. when it comes to specifics, he said he would have them in the upcome weeks as he continues
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this engagement effort. >> paris, you'll be back next block. nia-malika henderson, thank you for being with us. coming up, what we are learning about hillary clinton's private e-mail and what she could not remember 39 times and why republicans are already pouncing. and this monday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on labor day, don't miss two cnn reports. an in-depth look at the life and times of the two major candidates for president. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis,
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i do not recall. that's the answer hillary clinton gave or a form of it 29 -- 39 times during an interview with the fbi. we also know that fbi didn't know those e-mails marked with "c" were confidential. donald trump quick to pounce. >> when you look at what they've done in response to the fbi notes where she didn't know what the letter "c" was, that's a lie. unless she's not an intelligent person. that's a total lie. >> joe johns has more on what the fbi documents tell us. >> wow. >> the fbi's formally classified report on its investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server reveals there was a lot she said she could not remember when being questioned by agents. the report indicates 39 different times mrs. clinton said there were things she did
12:17 pm
not recall on remember according to the fbi's notes on her interview. the documents providing insight into why the fbi did not recommend charging clinton. >> although we did not find clear evidence that secretary clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely care less in their handling of very sensitive highly classified information. >> reporter: in her more than three-hour interview with the fbi, clinton could not recall any training or briefing from the state relating to the handling of classified information. clinton relied on her aides to use their judgment when e-mailing her and could not recall anyone raising concerns about information sent to her private account. she also said she did not know that a "c" marking meant that it was classified and even asked interviewing agents for clarification. some of the classified e-mails that caused the most trouble for clinton discussed the cia's covert drone program which
12:18 pm
should never be discussed on any unclassified e-mail systems. the report says clinton stated deliberation over a future drone strike did not give her cause for concern regarding classification. >> welcome to all of you. >> reporter: but one of the things mrs. clinton seemed conclusive about was her motivation. she told the fbi she used her personal server for convenience and not to convey laws. attorney general loretta lynch eventually admitted that hillary clinton using a private e-mail server was a mistake. >> i will certainly not do that again. that was something that certainly at the time as director comey said seemed like a convenience but it was the wrong choice. >> reporter: donald trump wasted no time seegz on the release saying, quote, hillary clinton's answers to the fbi about her private e-mail server defy belief. i was absolutely shocked to see that her answers to the fbi stood in direct contradiction to
12:19 pm
what she told the american people. >> joe johns, thank you for that. back with me clinton supporter bakari sellers. bakari, hillary clinton has been secretary of state and she said she didn't know what the "c" meant on the e-mails. some of her e-mails contained discussions on the potential drone targets from the administration program. i know you're a clinton supporter, but is that enough to sway voters' concerns that someone who is a self-described policy wonk wouldn't know that a "c" meant something, classified confidential and to look into it? >> i think you have to give more details than you're giving. we know the "c" was a small "c" buried down within the e-mail. nothing was labeled confidential at the top of the e-mails. and, in fact, director comey said they were improperly marked. we know that to be a fact. look, hillary clinton was wrong for using a private server.
12:20 pm
>> bakari, taking that, you have 113 e-mails with classified information, only three of them had classified marks. >> three. >> you're talking about a drone program. should anyone who is secretary of state even think that that wouldn't be something that should be sent on an unsecured server? >> well, i think the answer to the question is that she was wrong for having an unsecured server. she admits that and shouldn't have done it out of convenience. but we're talking about three e-mails improperly marked. i mean, that is the fact. and should she have sent them unknowingly? no, she should not have. but there was no intent. we're back here on the e-mails, we have hashed this out month after month after month. and poppy, it boils down to three e-mails, poppy, three. >> i got to get to harris, when you talk about the intent, that's one thing, but there are individuals and journalists, other former state employees who have been prosecuted for -- >> that's not true, poppy. you can't name one circumstance,
12:21 pm
you cannot name one circumstance over one individual with the same facts as hillary clinton that was prosecuted. these cases are not the same. this is not a petraeus case. >> i want to let paris response, is there a parallel? >> at the end of the day, the american people can see through all of this and they will come to the same conclusion that secretary clinton cannot be trusted. there's an issue that clouds her judgment. there's one issue that is at stake here, it's about her judgment. and as secretary of state, if we're supposed to judge her on what she would do as president, we can look as to how she operated as secretary of state. we saw that she swiped or wiped clean her server after "the new york times" post came out. we saw that she also botched this whole thing with benghazi. and we look at -- so there's not one thing you can say is an accomplishment at her time as secretary of state. >> to that question of honest and trustworthy, those numbers for hillary clinton have been
12:22 pm
hurting for some time in the polls. yet she's still ahead of donald trump in every single poll if you look at national polling, if you look at the swing states, so you know, we've had hours and hours of congressional testimony, you have these new fbi documents released, there's no smoking gun. i guess my question to you is, how is this a net positive for donald trump? >> i view -- look, you can take that previous post that john did and mike and mark paid for by the republican national committee or paid for by president and run that across the country. and because it's that damning, the important thing to note is this is the opportunity for mr. trump. her unfavorables are high and her polling is where it is. it is not moving the needle, but there's an opportunity i believe for mr. trump to come in and say, listen, i am a proven leader. i am a businessman who knows how to get things done and can be trusted. i'm honest and direct and will shoot straight with you and make america great again. so the opportunity for mr. trump more so than an opportunity for
12:23 pm
secretary clinton. because we have seen her record, we know her. for 30 years yet people still are not moving in a positive direction towards her. >> bakari, final thought for you on the 39 times she told the fbi she could not recall when they were asked, when asked those questions. does that concern you? >> no. i mean, she simply said i do not recall. donald trump, for example, in his deposition while going out on the campaign trail says his memory was great. it was the greatest memory of all time. donald trump time after time after time in his deposition stated i do not recall in his lawsuit just recently here in washington, d.c., in relationship to being sued because of his words and shows backing out. so does her "i do not recall" concern me? no. i'm tired of giving people credence at the height of sexism. >> bakari, we are not going down the road of that. there are zero questions about her health. thank you very much. coming up, tropical storm
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a state of emergency now declared for the coastal counties of new jersey ahead of the tropical storm grinding up the eastern seaboard. this is what remains of hurricane hermine pounding north carolina's barrier islands, pushing over trees, flooding the streets there. right now people as far as new york city are getting ready for the storm's arrival. sherisse phan is near kill devil hills. clearly the brunt of the storm there as we just saw, but this is not dying down, right? they are expecting hurricane-force winds tomorrow? >> that's right. this is not going to die down. for people out there who have experienced what north carolina is going to experience, what we saw earlier this morning was a relatively calm morning, very little rain, very little wind. people were out on the beach. but guess what? those 50-mile-per-hour to 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts promised to us have arrived.
12:29 pm
so people in virginia beach and atlantic city who may be watching this, this is what you have in store for you. you may have the storm come dump a bunch of rain, dump a bunch of wind. then there may be a calm period and it will pick up again. so tropical storm hermine's path through north carolina did a lot of damage overnight. so much damage and wind, in fact, that the sign of our hotel blew off and it left tens of thousands of people without power throughout the entire state. more than 44,000 people were without power at one point. and, you know, people have been out servicing and they have dropped that number down to 27,000 people. but officials are really saying please be on your guard, stay off the roads if you can, and really most importantly, stay out of the ocean. like we understand it is labor day. we have met with a lot of tourists and visitors keen to have their beach vacation, but it is very dangerous surf conditions out there. so please be on the lookout and be safe. back to you, poppy. >> all right, sherisse pham in
12:30 pm
kill devil hills, north carolina. thank you so much. coming up next, a big change in the way hillary clinton deals we mails and the media on the campaign trail. we'll tell you what the change is come monday. also, remember the hit song "where is the love"? we all know that song. there is a new version out with the direct message behind it. the black eyed peas will join me live to talk about their new video aimed at combatting violence around the world. stay with us. ♪ ♪ you got an early-morning-dad side, ♪ ♪ooooks like those braids aren't easy to tie. ♪ nope. ♪ a "how do i retire at 50" side. ♪ hang in there, dan. ♪ "sure, you can keep the kitty" side. ♪ ♪ that's why there's nationwide, ♪ ♪ helping to grow and protect your many sides. ♪
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there's more to know. xarelto. for more than a year now, hillary clinton and donald trump have attacked each other from the campaign trail calling each other out for podiums across the country or on twitter. but in roughly three weeks the two will be face-to-face on the same stage.
12:34 pm
the debate stage. their first debate, september 26th. their styles differ greatly, we know that, but we have also learned their prep style, how they prepare for the debates is very, very different. we'll talk about that, errol lewis is with us as a political commentator. we have learned from people in both camps how they are preparing. those close to clinton say she's devouring the books looking at his weaknesses and past debates and focusing on substance, substance, substance. donald trump, we have learned a little bit from his son on how his father is preparing. let's listen to that. >> well, his major prepping is by speaking to the people. he's not going to do the typical, someone is going to play hillary clinton. that's not his thing. that's now how he's going to do it. >> if you look in total, hillary clinton has 40 debates under her belt over the runs she's made for office. donald trump has almost 12, he took part in most of the primary debates. whose style works better with
12:35 pm
the key undecided voter, the more off-the-cuff or policy, policy, policy, everything from the briefing book? >> i don't know if off-the-cuff ever works in a scenario like this where you're talking 90 minutes of being head-to-head. the debates donald trump was in, there was an army of people, a circus where you only had a couple of lines you could speak and then you would have to wait for four to five minutes before things came around to you again. this is going to be the opposite. i think for undecided voters, if they are just checking in now and have resisted all the great programming that you and others have done over the last year, what it really means is that they are preoccupied with something else and now just want a sharp concise statement or presentation. >> but does that risk sounding too scripted? could he benefit from that? >> it is interesting, one thing you didn't say about her prep also reported is they are looking for sort of pressure points. the kind of things that will set donald trump off. when you make comments about his personal appearance, when you
12:36 pm
question his masculinity and his business, he kind of tends to go off and explodes. if they try to goat him into that, and as reported they are looking for where the pressure points are, it could turn into a pretty rowdy kind of conversation. not necessarily a policy discussion. >> so donald trump has not taken reporters on his plane. and up to this point, hillary clinton hasn't either. that will change on monday as she's going to do that. and that changes press access, that changes sort of what they see. oftentimes you see candidates come back and do a google, gaggle with reporters. does this change in having the press on the plane really do anything, or does she just need to have a press conference? >> she aught to have a press conference. that goes without saying. it's possible she will have something akin to a gaggle. you don't get a press conference, for viewer who is don't get the difference, the press conference is structured and you get question after
12:37 pm
question. >> live on television. >> question after question carried live. and you take the information as it is. a gaggle, which is what you'll get on an airplane, kind of everybody huddled around and questions peppered here and there but doesn't last very long, it's not very structured. it is usually not carried live and you always have an opportunity to sort of break off. somebody will come in and put a hand in front of the camera or it's time for the plane to land or something like that. so this is distinctive second best. there is no substitute for a press conference. she doesn't like being around the traveling press. they will, in fact, did discern little things, if the press aides look nervous and huddling, you can start to develop a story and start to sort of connect some dots. she's been very weary about it. maybe that will change after labor day. >> you say second best to a press conference with the media. errol, thank you. nice to have you on. coming up, fighting violence with the power of music.
12:38 pm
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♪ in the usa ♪ where is the love where is the love ♪ >> alston sterling was killed by police outside a baton rouge convenience store this year. all the proceeds go to the foundation to help kids who need it most, focusing on education. joining me is will i am, taboo and apple apl de ap. what is your goal once this is all said and done? >> all the proceeds go to education.
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i have an after school program in east los angeles. i started it six years ago with lorain jobs to get kids on track to go to college. and then we surround the program with robotics, computer science, send them to china, learn mandarin and cantonese. and these kids were failing. this year we had the first class that graduated. 100% of our students went off to a four-year college. 70% of the kids are going to school for computer science, with the computer science degree and a robotics degree. so they come from the same neighborhood i come from and are giving them tomorrow's skillsets. we realize that wherever there is a $4,000 per year per student investment for their education, around that area, you see heavy crime, you have civilian and law enforcement clashes. so what we want to do is protect this next generation by giving them tomorrow's skillsets. so all the proceeds of "where's
12:45 pm
the love" are going to give kids in inner cities tomorrow's skill sets to get them off the streets. >> it's incredible to see. and every cent matters for these kids, as you well know. i was struck by how the video starts. let's play the beginning, because it begins with this image of allen kerney, who one year ago today, one year ago today this syrian refugee tried to flee the flighting in syria. why did you decide to start with that image, apl de ap? >> well, there's a lot of that incident that is going on around the world. and we really, just that photo alone, really touched our heart and really prompted us to start this project and ask that question again, where's the love? because so much craziness is going on in the world. and that's why we got back together to spread that message again. >> taboo, to you, the original
12:46 pm
version of "where's the love" 13 years ago now, a lot has changed in the world, you're a father, you have three children, what kind of world do you think they're facing now? and what were you trying to say to them in this song? >> actually, i have four children. >> congratulations. >> and i'm -- thank you, i'm glad that you said that it was one of your favorite songs. when we recorded it in 2003, it was at the hills of 9/11, and so many questions we were asking amongst each other, but one of the main questions was "where's the love"? and 13 years later we joined forces with a lot of great people, not just celebrities, but clergymen, council members, community members, people that lost family members and the whole thing was, how do we give back and show the love that we have for humanity? and i'm really glad that we're able to strike a chord again with this 2016 revision of the song. >> i think your four kids will
12:47 pm
be pretty proud, too. will, to you, you guys partnered with the mapping company and a data company. and what it found absolutely fascinated me in terms of the cities and the parts of cities that are facing the most gun violence. what was the net result of that? >> so -- the net result was really to just make people remember and pay attention to how these cities are configured. like brentwood where i went to elementary school, a kid got $11,000 for their education. the neighborhood that i live in, if i was to stay there, got $4,000 for their education. and just to have these maps so people could just see how much money we spend on education versus incarceration is absurd. because it's those same kids that had the low investment on education that end up incarcerated. if only we had protected them and gave them proper and equal education at an early age, they
12:48 pm
wouldn't have ended up in jail. like the kids in brentwood where i went to school. >> but so we know this. any politician you ask knows that. all of us know that, but it seems like things do not change on a mass scale. apl, to you, what would you say to our next president about what needs to change so the money is going in to help the kids at the outset the most? >> yeah, so all the proceeds are going through 16 charities. and we're just asking everyone to participate and break the cycle and do your part. you know, in spreading the love, in communication, and before striking, it's about really having a dialogue and communicating with the officers and civilians.
12:49 pm
and we just need to really spread love in our daily lives and portray that. >> taboo -- was this -- go ahead. >> to your question as far as the next president, we need to spend just as much money on education as we do war. like, what are we fighting as a nation? who are we competing with? if we are competing in the world that we have the most people in prison, we win. but why is that an american celebration? why are we celebrating that? why is that even a fact? are we winning in education? i think china is winning as far as how they educate their citizens. yes, america may win because we have the most ivy league schools, but people come to our country, they learn, and because we have immigration problems we kick them out. so we really need to get -- >> i have 30 seconds and i want to get his final thought in here as well.
12:50 pm
taboo, your final thought. >> well, my final thought is i just want people to join this movement. it's a great opportunity for people to show that they really care. you know, please go to where you have 16 different charities worldwide. do your part as we're doing. where's the love. >> thank you for being with me. you heard to find places to help through the 16 different charities.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
operators of about 35 disposal wells in the state those wells connected to oil and gas drilling they need to shut down. the state's governor says the directive to shut them down is based on emergency authority. this after oklahoma was jolted by a 5.6 magnitude earthquake earlier today. look at this. thist earthquake woke this man up from sleep. it struck near pawnee, yoke oklahoma. it was felt in cans cans, arkansas, missouri, and nebraska. our meteorologist ellen chinchar
12:55 pm
has more. >> we know it was a 5.6 magnitude earthquake 74 miles north-northeast of oklahoma city, about an hour west of tulsa. a 5.6 has it tied with the strongest earthquake ever for oklahoma's recorded history. but the depth is what's most important with this particular earthquake, because it was only 6.6 kilometers, or about four miles deep. that's incredibly shallow. that allows for some of that structural damage. you can see right here, now, this is from still water oklahoma, this is about 30 miles away from the epicenter of the quake. again, that's due to the fact that it was very shallow. it allows the damage into what we call to be felt to spread very far from the origin n. fact, take a look at this. over 3.7 million people felt some type of light shaking. and about 200,000 people felt moderate shaking away from the epicenter, again, for a total of about seven states. again, incredibly impressive how far this was able to stretch,
12:56 pm
poppy, again it all comes back to the fact that it was very shallow for the depth of this particular earthquake. >> not something they would expect in oklahoma. they have been seeing more and more of them. allison, thank you very much. coming up live in the cnn newsroom, a one on one with donald trump's doctor. >> why did you write that letter? was it a joke? the words you chose, the way you wrote it? >> i was rushed at the tight. i had people to see. start yours with philips sonicare, the no.1 choice of dentists. compared to oral-b 7000, philips sonicare flexcare platinum removes significantly more plaque. this is the sound of sonic technology cleaning deep between teeth. hear the difference? get healthier gums in just 2 weeks vs a manual toothbrush and experience an amazing feel of clean. innovation and you. philips sonicare. save now when you buy philips sonicare.
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1:00 pm
fisler. >> these are barnacles. and they attach with their heads. you can study technology, engineering, mathematics, all through studying the owing. this is a career field that students from very diverse communities don't pursue. and our students are pursuing them at unprecedented rates. >> you can find out more, just go to while you are there, nominate someone you think should be a cnn hero. . top of the hour. 4:00 p.m. eastern. we begin this hour with politics. and donald trump today making an appeal to black voters in detroit, attending a church service there. listen. ♪ >> well, donald trumpan


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