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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  September 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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union rudy giuliani tried to make clear that trump does not support mass deportations. >> what he said in the speech is after we secure the border and after we remove the criminal illegal immigrants to a large extent, you'll never get to 100%. then and only then can we look at this in a very rational way in which we can be open to all of the options. >> and he doesn't want to separate families? >> i would say it is one of the things that would be pretty clear. it would depend on the person. some of these people could be on welfare for the last 30 years or taking benefits or cheating. maybe some of them have to be thrown out. that's the point he was making in the speech. >> all right. cnn white house producer joins us now from washington. >> there certainly is a lot of
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ambiguity, specialically the issue of mass deportation. campaign officials not offering much, if any, clarity on what his stance is on these mass deportations. what we do know is donald trump said that any undocumented immigrant with a criminal record will be deported immediately. so we have that. any undocumented immigrant seeking citizenship should leave and reapply to recenter and gain that citizenship. where does it leave the hundreds of undocumented immigrants that trump has said in the past should be deported? what happens to them? we have taken a step back. the question today remained, no one seemed to offer a solid answer to that. we had the vice presidential candidate asked over and over again will there be mass deportations? what will happen to these
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millions of undocumented immigrants? no answer there. we heard him kick the can down the road. as we heard donald trump say we'll work with congress. we'll see who is left of all of these enforcements have taken place. you know, so not quite answering the question. again, in a separate interview campaign manager asked the same question, will there be mass deportations? what will happen? again, not directly answering saying we'll see you down the road after all of this has taken place. now, of course we did hear from mayor giuliani telling him, as we heard just now that trump was not for mass deportation however just following that interview jake talked to senator flake of arizona, a republican who has been a critic of donald trump and he said he heard a different message on wednesday. let's take a listen.
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>> if it was there it was pretty deep. a lot of those are children who are brought across the border when they were two years old. what they are saying is they would all have to go back or this is what i heard and they would perhaps be able to come back here in the future but if there aren't visa categories to accept those they wouldn't be able to come back. it was some vague talk of a commission would create a category for them to come back. >> of course there are a lot of questions here, what does this mean? the clinton campaign hassish shuded a stateme -- has issued a statement. we have seen top campaign
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officials attempt to mislead voters about their mass deportation policy to describe harsh tactics. we had heard saying he was softening saying many taking away saying they didn't see a softer side on the immigration policy. we will be continuing to reach out to the campaign trying to get more answers on what exactly will happen. >> all right. thank you so much. appreciate that. so kellyanne conway and mike pence were also out this morning try to go clarify exactly what trump's immigration plan is. this is what they had to say. >> he has been completely consistent on this point. >> he had a deportation force -- >> but he has not been consistent what to do of the 11 to 15 million.
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>> but there are people in different circumstances in that c category. i think people who are here, who their first act in the country was violation of the law but have gone onto criminal act tufty in america, we want them out and we want them out quickly. >> he said there will be no amnesty, all immigrants here illegally will be subject to deportation. will they be subject to deportation and removal or will they have to go? >> if they are criminals they going immediately. we hear everything from 1 to 2 million. of course he has also said this being the most generous country to immigrants in the world if you want to come to america and immigrate -- >> and if they are not criminals, that has been very clear. if they aren't criminals do they have to go? >> he has said that you should stand? line and immigrate legally.
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so you mean they have to go? >> what i'm saying is he said the other night -- and everybody can read the ten-point plan out there. at least we have it out there -- >> but it doesn't clear it up. do they have to go? >> no but he also said once you get rid of the criminals and triple the number of ice agents and secure them to the southern border, once you turn after the jobs magnet then we'll see where we are. >> all right. let's talk more about this. good to see both of you! good to see you. >> all right. so you first, who or what do you blame for all of this confusion on messaging within the trump campaign? >> well, i don't see confusion from the trump campaign in terms of his messaging.
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>> it didn't demonstrate inconsistencies? >> i think the media is try to go create the controversy. >> you neen media by hosting the comments on those speaking on behalf of donald trump? >> i think if you look at his plan it is clear what his illegal immigration policy is going to be. it is very clear that he wants to do this in a humane and respectful manner. the bigger issue is this is a very complicated issue. if it was so simple president obama would have done it. secretary clinton would have been able to fix it. >> we have like a string of his bites cued up. >> right. >> and you had -- >> i think at the end of the day what we need to go by is what he put in his ten point plan and what he says from his own mouth.
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what he says goes. >> what's a voter to understand and grasp? >> well, governor pence, giuliani, kellyanne conway are being dishonest. donald trump goes out and says very harsh things to rally up the base. they go out and soften up the language to muddy it up and go out to blame the media for not covering them properly. >> sorry to interrupt but -- >> for them they are not trying to court the hispanic vote. what they are try to ing to do deport the soft republican vote. they are looking to court that.
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>> so here are the string of bites i was referring to that we pulled bfr the show. we have heard different message in the course of a year. listen for yourself. >> they're illegal immigrants. they have got to go out. >> how do you do it in a practical way? >> at some point we'll try to bring back the good ones. >> you're going to have a deportation force. >> are you going to be sending in officers -- >> we'll be sending -- >> are you sending in people? >> we have at least 11 million people in this country that came in illegally. they will go out. they will come back, the best will come back through a process. they have to come back legally. >> so paris, does that refresh any thought from you? are you ready rephrase anything? do you think it has been a consistent message or has it
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gotten a little confusing? >> i heard him say repeatedly they will be treated with respect and rue mainly. i heard if you're here ill leely you'll have to go back and get back in line. he has been saying the criminals will be the first to go and he said there will be a process to get them out because they are here illegally and they are hurting our economy. so i think he has been consistent. >> i do. >> i think the american people can see that and that's your earlier point, he has been sincere about his engagement efforts. while he has been doing it for the past two weeks we have seen secretary clinton fundraising. >> okay. so if it is clarity from the point of view of the trump camp then is this a missed opportunity perhaps for hillary clinton? i know there was a written statement earlier today but is it a mistake, missed opportunity
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for her to come out and comment on the observations of donald trump's message? >> i'm sure she is. look, she said it early. she quoted and said that if someone shows you who they are you should believe it. we really should believe donald trump for who he is because as paris said, he has been very consistent. he always talked about mass deportation. the other surrogates are softening up the language. it's no different than puts a bunch of words and asking donald trump to read it. as soon as he starts using his own word we see who donald trump is and we should never ever forget that. >> all right. let's leave it right there. thank you so much for now. see you again soon. >> thanks. all right. so is donald trump's stance on immigration softening? it does depend on who you ask. straight ahead, two very different opinions from within
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...sleep with a cold, medicine. all right. i want to welcome back paris denard. back ba welcome back. >> thanks. >> we'll go to the discussion to african american voters yesterday, a big day for donald trump going to detroit and great faith international ministries church saying he felt it was quite the impact for him saying he wants to reform the system.
12:16 pm
he believes that that's great need for the civil rights agene -- agenda and he said he is there to learn. this was the assessment of yrud giuliani. >> i think donald trump is the first republican since jack kemp and me to go into minority poor communities and say that democrats have failed you for 50 years and you are reflectively giving him your vote and that is going from bad to worse. >> all right. so that was the comment about donald trump's visit to the great fate ministries. so does rudy giuliani have it right? is this a moment that donald trump, you know, has really up staged any other republican presidential candidate?
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>> jack kent will be ashamed of that and so should rudy giuliani. he cam paired it to detroit michigan where it was auto industry left and barack obama lifted up the auto industry from where it was. i'm glad donald trump went there. i think he needs to understand african americans. he never tried to do that before. the fact he is doing it right before the campaign before labor day begins is suspicious. >> so what do cow say to people that say if it was a real interest it was ten weeks away. >> it is important to correct what the major said. i know kemp had an agenda but so did george w. bush and when he was candidate and when he was
12:18 pm
president for two terms. we have to set the facts straight. this is not something that is new. it started long before the general election. it started when he was running in the primary. it was an engagement effort as well as mr. trump meeting in philadelphia, south carolina -- >> but you do agree it was -- >> it was the first time he was at a black church, yes but it is not the first time or a couple weeks out that he has been engaging with our community. that's not true. he has been engaging. it's a good thing for our republican nominee to be engaging with our community and listening to have a better understanding when he becomes president he will be the president of all people especially those who have been left out for so many years and this administration. >> all right. we'll leave it right there. >> go ahead. >> that's a sadder statement and he is holding at 1 or 2%.
12:19 pm
>> economist -- >> but -- >> you know -- >> those are the fangcts -- >> it is disputable. there are inconsistencies. >> you use your poll. i'll use mine. >> no november we'll see how many african americans turn out for donald trump. >> all right. we have another ten weeks to talk about it all. >> all right. >> glad to have you back. still ahead, an exclusive interview with president barack obama. he is on his last trip he believes is central to america's future. >> building a strong international order is in our interest and i think over the long term will be in china's interest as well. ♪
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the two are expect today have a side meeting at some point today before president obama headed overseas for what will be his final g20 as president. he spoke about the challenges facing the u.s. including an increasingly powerful china.
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>> china has been run by a communist party that has been much more anti western in the pastment we we past. we went through a period in the 90s and on through the onset of my presidency that because of state sponsored capitalism and export driven model was very successful china was less interested in making waves. but you have over a million people, one of the largest economies now in the world. it is to be expected that they will want a bigger seat add the table when it comes to international affairs.
12:25 pm
we have said we welcome the peaceful rise of china, consistent with international norms. an impoverished and collapsing china and we should want china to take on more responsibilities for its own people but also for a wide range of international problems and conflicts whether it's climate change or disaster release or dealing with things like ebola. but what we had said to the chinese is you have to recognize that with increasing power comes increasing responsibilities. you can't per sue policies that just advantage you now that you are a middle-income country in many ways even though you have a
12:26 pm
lot of poor people. you can't just export problems. you have got to have fair trade and not just free trade. you have to open up your markets if you expect other people to open up their markets. when it comes to issues related to security, if you sign a treaty that calls for ber national arbitration around issues it is not a reason for you to go around and flex your muscles. you have got to abide by international law. part of what i try today communicate is the united states arised its power in part by restraining itself. when we bind ourselves to a bunch of international norms and rules it's because we recognize that over the long term building a long international order is in our interest and i think over
12:27 pm
the long term will be in china's interest as well. where we see it violating international rules and norms as we have seen in the south china sea or in some of their behavior when it comes to economic policy, we have indicated there will be consequences but what we try today emphasize is if you're working within international norms we should be partners. there's no reason we cannot be friendly competitors on the commercial side and important partners when it comes to dealing with many international problems. and up next, more on the diplomatic challenges today at the g20 summit and what he need to do to smooth relations with china. the heirloom tomato. intensely-flavored. colorfully-diverse. beautifully-misshapen.
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all right. welcome back.
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it could be an informal president between president obama and president putin. president obama has other things ahead of him like china. i want to bring in gordon chang. he is a columnist and author on north caroli north korea's nuclear ambitions. the tensions are obvious there. is this china flexing its muscle? what could have within behind all of that? >> yeah. china wants a controversy free g20. they are sort of pushing everyone in the other direction. i think it can be explained within the context of the internal situation. i think he has ftried to createa
12:32 pm
situation. this really isn't about the united states. it's more about the problems inside china right now which include a very difficult economy. kli china has a real problem there. >> they have warned there would be consequences if it doesn't stand down on the expansion to the south china sea. at what point does it have to be backed up? is it something that would come into discussions since you were talking about an economic kind of session? >> we'll find out maybe in a couple of days. the government reported seeing barges which china seized in 2012. those barges are probably a prelude to reclamation which would make aggression. in march he warned there would be serious consequences if china started reclamation. we'll have a real live test of
12:33 pm
u.s. tied perhaps within a week. >> all right. and then this side meeting that could be taking place today, china time between president obama and putin, might it be that the topic of conversation would be about syria? >> well, syria is certainly going to be on the agenagenda. clearly it is something that would involve the united states. it will be across the board in terms of a problematic relationship in the last couple of years. >> okay. and a couple of things president obama could be talking about as it pertains to turkey and president erdogan.
12:34 pm
is that something that -- a topic he might broach with president obama there? would it be appropriate? >> they have talked about that. president obama has been very firm about human rights. as we heard, the president makes a very important point. there shouldn't be a crack down because it was the turkish people. here we have nuclear weapons based in turkey. it is something we have a lot of interest involved in. what happens going forward with dealings with the military? >> all right. the last for this sitting president. thank you so much. appreciate it. good to see you. all right. governor mike pence says he will release his tax returns this week and trump just might too, but when? we'll discuss that next.
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12:39 pm
accountability if you guys were as transparent him releasing his tax returns. it is -- whatever you want to say about the clintons we know this because the information has either been dragged out of him. we don't have any disclosures. >> donald trump and i are both going to release our tax returns. donald trump will be releasing at the completion of an audit. all right. he says we'll see. let's talk about this with john phillips. all right. good to see you. okay. you first. there are 22 days until the first debate. it will inevitably if trump does not release his returns. should anyone really expect that trump might release his returns?
12:40 pm
>> well, the first thing is i think most people care more about their tax returns. they assume he uses every possible loophole to pay as little as possible. i don't think there are any bomb shells -- >> isn't that part of the trust thing because people are wondering what's he hiding? it just can't be about the audit. >> look, if i were king of the world he would release them. we can't keep the russians out of the dnc server. i think they will be released some way. it might as well be on his terms. >> before the election, before november? >> that's right especially since we have a highly poll lit sized
12:41 pm
irs. i assume if they were up to any funny business it would be the one e-mail hillary wouldn't lose or delete. >> so he said this about releasing his tax returns. this is from february. >> i'm just going to put you people to rest. until my audit is finished, very simple, you're not going to see anything. when you're finished you're going to see it. i'm not going to complicate things. >> should we be reading into he got some news that the audit will be over before the election? >> i have come to believe donald trump when he says something. in this case he is. look, there's no way he is releasing his taxes. if he did i would be grateful because americans would learn how much is he actually giving to charity? there are many charities that he claim says he has give ton that claimed that he hadn't.
12:42 pm
>> it would like to see if health records. it is based on what trump has said whether than what his assessment of trump is. it will be the oldest and we still don't have his health records. >> even though the doctor says he has been donald trump's doctor for decades? >> well, i mean the doctor basically said there was a car waiting -- a limo waiting outside and he had to sign the letter in five minutes. i don't know how much you can put somebody's record together in those five minutes and the l language looked very dubious. >> and take a listen to this. this is how tim kaine, clinton's running mate, this is what he
12:43 pm
believes about trump encouraging russians to hack the dnc's e-mails. >> so contrast the hillary situation where the fbi said there's no need for legal proceedings with an attack that is being encouraged by donald trump on the dnc by russia similar to what lead to the paren of a president 30 years ago. >> whether it is about a doctor's note or tax returns and now it's behind who is behind infiltrating the dnc's records. >> well, that was a joke. tim kaine knows it's a joke. if he did release where he has business dealings with the russians and business deals he has nothing as a businessman to sell them. he does business with them. i do business with them every time i put gas in my car.
12:44 pm
wh what is more troubling is she did have favors she could give in return for some of these moneys. that is more troubling than whatever is in donald trump's tax returns. >> all right. we'll leave it right there. we still have lots to talk about over the course of the next two months. thank you so much. all right. coming up, he had quote so much hope for trump. but after trump's immigration speech a member of his hispanic advisory council had this to say. >> i resigned. i know other people have resigned. it is not a good feeling because i'm unwilling to part of the propaganda. >> we'll talk about that with jacob mati.
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all right. donald trump has been under heavy scrutiny. now hillary clinton is being scrutinized for her husband's involvement in another for-profit college. they describe itself as the leading global network. it's just not any unfortunately system. bill clinton was its honorary
12:49 pm
chancellor. he has close ties to the clinton global initiative. what does all of this mean with hillary clinton raining for president? here is drew griffin. >> it's being called hillary east university problem. it's actually the run and own by a good friend of the clintons. it's private and for profit laureate mostly operates in latin america. >> it all started with a powerful mission. the mission of making quality higher education accessible. >> and ceo doug beker made $2.4 million last year alone. >> it has grown to more than 70 educational institutions across 29 countries. >> it is not without its own
12:50 pm
problems. it has faced investigations in brazil over whether students were getting their money's worth and in three of the five schools on laureate operates in the united states is heightened cash monitoring because of potential problems with its financial responsibility. the school told cnn it disagrees with the government's methodology. it would seem like the exact type of business hillary clinton might have a problem with. >> there are students who take out loans to make for an expensive degree from a for-profit institution, only to find little support once they actually enroll. or they graduate and discover that when it comes to getting the job they were promised, their degree is not worth what they thought. >> but you won't find hillary
12:51 pm
clinton saying one word about laureate university. while she was traveling the world as secretary of state, her husband was traveling the world and being paid a fortune as the honorary chancellor of laureate international universities. >> i traveled to 14 laureate universities in a dozen countries. >> bill clinton was paid $17.6 million by laureate from 2010 to 2015 when his contract was up and he stepped down. several weeks after secretary clinton announced h ed her bid n for president. >> such an honor, but what most people don't know is that that actually started because of cgi. >> laureate with doug becker at the helm not only paid bill clinton $17.6 million, it has donated between 1 million and 5 million to the clinton foundation and has partnered with the clinton global
12:52 pm
initiative since 2008. all along the way, becker has contributed to democratic campaign funds, including hillary clinton's. so what did doug becker and his laureate international universities get out of these 17.6 million it paid to bill clinton? got a big name u.s. president as a spokesperson. it got worldwide recognition by partnering with the clinton global initiative. but so far, a presidential candidate who rails against the problems of for-profit universities has not mentioned laureate international's name. fred, the clinton campaign sent us a statement about this story that said hillary clinton has made it clear all for-profit institutions should be held to the same standards. that statement went on to say that she is going to crack down on law-breaking for profits by expanding support for federal regulators to enforce laws against deceptive marketing fraud and other illegal practices. >> thank you so much. so in a new cnn special airing monday night, we will look at
12:53 pm
both candidates' personal lives. in one part, gloria borger talks with donald trump's children. here's what eric trump had to say about his dad. >> so, you grow up with donald trump as your father. what was that like? >> exciting. surreal. it was fun. energetic. he's a man who's incredibly warm. he's also a man who taught us a lot of discipline and manners and respect and work ethic. >> for an in-depth look at the presidential candidates, be sure to watch both of the essentials tomorrow, starting at 8:00 eastern right here on cnn. (vo) maybe it was here, when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was the day your baby came home.
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a special day for catholics around the world. pope francis is officially declaring mother teresa a saint. tens of thousands of people filled st. peters square this morning, known as the saint of the gutters, mother teresa devoted her life to helping the poor and sick in india. cnn's vatican correspondent delia gallagher was there. >> reporter: hi, fred.
12:58 pm
what a celebration it has been here today under a sweltering roman sun. some 120,000 people came down here to st. peters square. they came from all over. we saw flags from india, from albania, from all countries in between to celebrate the life of this saint and to hear pope francis say the declaration in latin that officially makes her saint teresa of calcutta, and i can tell you, fred, a big cheer went up when he said those words. he called mother teresa a model of holiness and he said that she was an eloquent witness to god's closeness to the poor. and in the pope's own gesture of closeness to the poor, we know that that is a priority for pope francis. after this very solemn ceremony, he said he was offering a pizza party to 1,500 poor and homeless in the vatican. fred? >> all right, thank you so much, delia gallagher in rome. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts right now.
12:59 pm
hello, again. and thank you so much for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. the donald trump campaign continues to try to clarify exactly what the republican candidate's position is on illegal immigration. this morning, former new york mayor rudy giuliani tried to make one thing clear -- donald trump does not support mass deportations. he told cnn's jake tapper on "state of the union" that trump would, quote, find it very difficult to throw out a family who have been here for 15 years with three children, two of whom are citizens. that is not the kind of america he wants, end quote. giuliani also addressed trump's attempt to appeal to black voters when he visited detroit yesterday, including his tour of ben carson's childhood home, and a predominantly african-american church. >> mr. mayor, thanks for joining us. >> hi, jake, how are you? >> good. thank you so much. donald trump making an effort yesterday to reach out to
1:00 pm
african-americ african-americans. it seems to have been welcomed by those inside the church. i have to say, in interviews, many african-americans say they are still troubled by mr. trump having suggested over and over falsely that the first african-american president was born in africa, and thus ineligible to be president. >> the interesting thing is, the first one that made that claim was hillary clinton. >> well, not her herself. people around her. >> her campaign did. they were the first ones that brought it up. and finally, it was resolved after donald trump raised it. they may have a faulty memory there as to where that issue first came from. >> you say it was -- that's fair enough to say that people around the clinton campaign brought that up. but as you say, it was resolved in 2011 when he released his birth certificate. donald trump talking about this as recently as february of last year at cpac saying that he thinks the birth certificate is false. should he


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