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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 5, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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convention. she said she could barely hold back tears when she walked on to the stage. it is incredible to see that personal relationship, mother and daughter. >> we will be watching starting at 8:00 tonight, 8:00. and 10:00 eastern here on cnn. essential hillary clinton, essential donald trump. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. the lead starts now. >> thank you, brooke. did donald trump hedge on giving legal status to undocumented immigrants? "the lead" starts now. breaking news, donald trump breaking with an immigration plo posal he laid out just last week and today he suggested we will have to wait until after the election to find out. cyber invasion, u.s. investigating russian hackers in a plan to mess with the presidential elections. president obama talks about stopping a wild west cyber war. plus, president obama met with a vulgar insult from a fellow head of state. an ally as he heads to southeast
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asia. that now changed the itinerary of his historic trip. welcome to "the lead." spending the labor day holiday laboring, donald trump might have just created a lot more work for his campaign. the trump outfit struggling to explain what his position on illegal immigration is as recently as yesterday. and if you listen to the trump surrogate rudy giuliani and trump transition team chris christie and trump campaign manager kelley ann conway, it is entirely possible you walked away thinking donald trump thought three different things on immigration. now today, only hours ago, on his plane, donald trump said this. >> can you rule out that one possibility in that determination is -- >> i'm not ruling out anything. >> not ruling out anything. or in other words, a firm maybe. listen to what the republican presidential nominee told anderson cooper on august 25th.
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>> if they haven't committed a crime, is there -- i'm talking about citizenship. >> no. there is no path to legalization. >> talking about -- >> unless people leave the country -- well when they come back in, if they come back in, then they can start paying taxes. but there is no path to legalization unless they leave the country and come back. >> so to be clear here, in the span of ten days, no path to legalization suddenly became not ruling out anything. that's seamingly fundamental change one both republicans and democrats will want trump to complain. as we said, a big day on the campaign trail today, both nominees and their vice presidential picks are out there. all converging on cleveland, ohio. clinton's and trump's charter planes even sharing the same tarmac hours ago. trump is doing gripping, grinning and maybe corn dog eating at the fair today. hillary clinton may finally take some questions directly from the press. and when you look beyond the
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buckeye state, the candidates are spending the day hard at work in other battle ground they will need to win in november. our team is all over the map covering the campaigns like only cnn can. want to get right to jim acosta. he is in can field, ohio. jim, hours ago donald trump answered a very key question. if he will agree to all three presidential debates. what did he say? >> he says he's going to do those debates, jim. and one of the key questions that will come up during those debates is his immigration policy. as just stated, jim, donald trump has carved out what seams to be a new position or lack thereof. when it comes to the legal status of the undocumented. he said to reporters earlier today he is not going to rule it out when it comes to a pathway to legalization for undocumented people in this country. he did say earlier today that people who want a pathway to citizenship would have to leave the country, return to their country of origin and then come back. but as you said, we are sort of in a muddle once again when it comes to figuring out donald trump's position on immigration.
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but seeing him here at this county fair here in ohio earlier today perfectly captures the state of the race at the moment. it may all come down to ohio. >> in a sign the finish line is finally on the horizon for this carnival after campaign, donald trump hit a county fair in ohio. racing to make up lost ground in the polls, trump and his running mate, mike pence, got a reminder that labor day is traditional kick off to the fall election season, as in the image of hillary clinton's campaign plane parked in cleveland within view of trump force 1. and not to bring her traveling press aboard, trump invite smald pool of reporters to join him on his plane as well to talk about the economy. but as he reached out to blue collar workers in cleveland, trump had his eye on one other plane -- >> they are having a fight on
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the tarmac. >> pointing to the diplomatic dustup when air force 1 was not greeted with a stair case. forcing obama to use a back exit, proof trump said that mr. obama gets to respect on the world stage. >> they won't even give him proper stairs to get off the airplane. you see that? there are pictures of other leaders going there and coming down with a beautiful red carpet. and obama's coming down a metal stair case. it is a sign of disrespect. >> trump then tied the president's trip to clinton predicting more unfair trade deals for ohio. >> the equivalent of nafta. >> the trump campaign is continuing to hammer clinton over the recently released fbi report on the use of a private e-mail server. pointing to investigators findings of scores of e-mails deleted. deputy campaign manager david bossy said in statement, the cover-up is always worse than
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the crime and voters have a right to know if these records were illegally destroyed and what role clinton's aides may have played. >> hillary clinton is the most dishonest delegate for president in history. >> they start later on this month, jim. donald trump said he is do something prep work but he is not doing too much prep work. he says sometimes that can trip up candidates before the debates. he doesn't at this point have someone playing hillary clinton, you recall, in previous presidential debate prep courses. they would have someone standing in for the opponent. that happened in previous cycles. and when it comes to when would donald trump not do one of these debates, he said perhaps in the event after natural disaster or hurricane so jim it sounds like he is coming to those debates. jim? >> we'll be watching. jim acosta, thanks very much. in the last half of august we barely saw hillary clinton. she was on a monster fund-raising swing meant to power her campaign through election day. well, with just two months until voters head to polls, that is
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about to change as clinton becomes a lot more visible maybe even more accessible to the media. something we got a hint of today. cnn senior political correspondent brie correspondent, brianna keilar. >> fancy that w, that is right, jim as she faces criticism of donald trump for not holding a full-on press conference since last december, looks like hillary clinton may hold at least an informal gag el on board the plane she is sharing with the media as she campaigns in ohio and illinois today. >> i'll come back and talk to you more formally but i wanted to welcome on you to the plane. >> reporter: hillary clinton's last two months on the campaign trail will be filled with a room full of reporters. after more than 16 months traveling separately from the press corps that follows her every move. clinton is targeting the key state of ohio.
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appearing at a labor day festival with her running mate tim kaine, in cleveland. >> we need to make sure we have an election that validates the kind of positive future that will make life better for the people of ohio. and empty promises and races to tax won't do that. >> tim kaine in pittsburgh earlier with help from pennsylvania-born joe biden as he accuse he trump of being out of touch with the middle class. >> there are so many people like trump who look at us like we're not their equal. i'm sick of it! i've had it up to here! >> clinton is consistently leading polls in pennsylvania but her campaign's still focussing on the keystone state seeing it as a must-win for trump. clinton and big name surrogates are blanketing strong holds. bill clinton at a parade in detroit. bernie sanders in new hampshire where he crushed clinton in the
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democratic primary. now urging liberal democrats and young supporters to choose one-time adversary or trump. >> life for donald trump is not just that he is a pathological liar. that's a problem. it is not just that he changes his views virtually everyday. the media tries to keep up with him and it is very difficult what he has chosen to do. is make the corner stone of his campaign bigotry. >> the controversy over e-mails has boil offered yet again. fbi releasing notes of the interview with clinton that she claims 39 times she did not recall or did not remember key details about her use of a private server for official business. clinton getting backup from her vice presidential pick. >> there were e-mails that contain classified information that had been improperly marked.
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so when she received the e-mail, the material that was classified, which is supposed to be flagged and identified as classified in many instances was improperly labelled. >> tim kaine also defended clinton for not holding a press conference for more than 270 days. he didn't promise a formal press conference but said that he and she would be very access toiblt press between now and november 8, jim. >> more now about the questions of trust that won't go away for hillary clinton. vice president joe biden acknowledged as much as he campaigned with clinton's running mate, tim kaine, today in pittsburgh. i want to bring in jeff zeleny. jeff, you had the opportunity to interview both biden and kaine in pittsburgh. how did they address that problem? >> biden is on his last campaign of a very long political career here. he is all in for this race. that was clear by watching him on stage there in pittsburgh.
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but i started the conversation with the fact that there are record-high disapproval ratings for both candidates, hillary clinton and donald trump. we started the conversation by saying how he might address them. >> why do people have this suspicion about her, though? she's been in public life so long. is it that she hasn't opened up or is it some of her own doing? >> i have a bad habit of saying what i believe and sometimes saying all i mean here. the truth is, hillary knows it's a problem. she is trying to figure out how to remedy it. my advice to her, the best way to remedy is, is talk about what you care about and talk about it with passion and people will see through it. and but there is going to be, and you know better than i know, jeff, this could be the most negative campaign in the history of modern politics, i think. so my question is, is anybody going to be able to break through what is just, you know,
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sort of a notion of pocks on both your houses. and you hear her talk about what it is what she is going to do, how she will change things. >> that of course is part of joe biden's role right there, trying to help her break through. but by saying she knows she has a problem there, that stating it bluntly. but this is the first joint television interview with tim kaine, the person who is running to be vice president and of course joe biden. we will talk to them more about the advice that one is offering the other and more inside of this campaign. the interview tomorrow morning here on cnn's new day. . >> straight forward to say the least. thank you. now to ma now michelle supporting hillary clinton, michelle, if i can
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begin with you, that's a big acknowledgement about the democratic candidate for president. >> i think there are a few things that are important. if you think about the fact that donald trump is the least favorable kind of favorable numbers that we've seen in history for a candidate -- >> numbers aren't far apart. >> i think there are a few key demographics that are important to point out. for example, women are plus 16. for african-american, plus 88. that does happen unless she is connecting on so many different levels and those particular communities. >> matt, i imagine you have a different point of view? >> wow. hillary clinton has been doing this for 25 years. her negatives are deep set over the course of scandal after scandal after scandal. donald trump, even people who support donald trump don't like everything about donald trump. >> his numbers are not improving over time. >> what you are seeing is that people, this is what is strange about this election, people will tell a polster they find a candidate unfavorable, they will vote for one of these candidates. >> right. the fact is that this 75% of americans, democrats too,
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believe this country is on the wrong track. that is the number one best poll number for donald trump because he is the outside candidate for change and she represents the status quo in washington, d.c. >> all right, folks, stick around. we will have much more after the break. even less clarity on donald trump's immigration plan. when asked whether he could rule out a pathway for legal status for undocumented immigrants, he said, no. we'll talk about that. so onsite teams can count on early warning of approaching weather. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. because safety is ssoon, she'll be binge-studying. now she writes mostly in emoji. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade. today, the only spanish words he knows are burrito and enchilada. soon, he'll take notes en espanol. get back to great with the right gear.
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in canfield, ohio, the hillary clinton campaign today. back with our panel now to talk more about the campaign. i would like to begin with you. and laying it out, ten-point plan very clear on no path and legal status for immigrants and donald trump on his plane this morning saying -- >> if you look at words clearly, and what he says every time he talks about building a wall is the wall has a big door. >> this morning he just said we will decide this at a later date. he didn't say everyone has to go. >> the point is is this.
1:19 pm
he has enforcement provisions. i will tell you as head of the american could be conservative group -- >> and there are 11 million undocumented workers. >> this morning he didn't say -- >> no, don't think that's right. >> and there is a tremendous amount of people. and it'll face congressional action as well and president working with the congress to figure out how you fund it, how you take this, how you take this on. it starts with deportation of the criminal element which he has been very clear about. we have out midwragration to me because the economy is so weak. >> i hear your talking points there. he said words to one affect on wednesday and said words to a different affect today. did you hear the difference? >> personally i don't hear a lot of difference. i hear someone consistently calling for two things. one a deportation force throwing
1:20 pm
12 million people out of the country and in an inhumane way because he has talked about operation wet back in the past. in addition to that he is talking about the wall. the wall we probably don't have as much of an issue with although there are questions about how he thinks he will pay for this. this is someone consistently campaigning on being pro deportation, pro deportation force and this is somebody who now is in the difficult position of coming to grips with what matt knows very well because american conservative union was supportive of the gang of eight, comprehensive bill, and the reality is that the american public and electorate doesn't support what donald trump has been campaigning on. have you his campaign manager who is actually pro comprehensive reform. c kellyanne conway. and now you have the eralt that the american electorate doesn't want what he has been selling
1:21 pm
for over a year now and he is trying to shift the goalpost and talk about it differently but he can't do it consistently because he is not actually for comprehensive immigration reform. >> okay. we got the point. matt, quick response and michelle i want to hear you. >> let me correct the record. previous chairman of the aclu who supported gang of eight. >> that's fine. >> the president i served for, president bush 43 when he ran for reelection, he wanted to do all he could to embrace the idea of immigrants into the economy. . if you're here illegally, go home, fill out the paperwork and come back legally. >> michelle, i wonder -- >> there is nothing wrong with that position. >> there is a lot of talk and liz makes the point. he is trying to play both side of the issue because he want middle of the road voters. is this successful strategy? >> absolutely not. there is no other trump other
1:22 pm
than how do we separate families. i am the granddaughter of immigrants who have brought greatness to this country. if you look at great innovation over the past 20, 50 years, there is an immigrant's story deeply meshed in each of them. . for someone like donald trump to talk about forcible deportations, breaking up families, there is no new donald trump. this is the same donald trump that we've heard every single day. >> all right. liz, matt, michelle, thanks very much on all counts. from dualing campaigns in a battle ground state to talk of cyber war on american politics. how the evidence is stacking up against russia as u.s. investigates recent hacks. plus, inside the isis operation behind the paris terror attacks. intricate planning involving cash, social media apps and travel. a report you will only see here on cnn. but first -- >> i accept your nomination.
1:23 pm
>> for the presidency of the united states. >> we are stronger together and charting a course toward the future. >> the essential donald trump. >> i love you. and we will make america great again!
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u.s. intelligence officials increasingly concerned about what could be a russian covert hacking that could interfere in the u.s. presidential election. >> what we cannot do is have a situation in which suddenly this becomes the wild wild west. >> president obama warning russia today about moscow's expanding cyber attacks on the u.s. this is u.s. intelligence agencies are increasingly focused u.s. officials tell cnn.
1:29 pm
on russian influence on the upcoming presidential election. director of national intelligence james clapper told cnn he is concerned the kremlin may be seeking to undermine confidence in the vote. >> is it your vote that russia has the intention of, if not influencing this election, undermining confidence in the u.s. political process? >> they see a u.s. conspiracy behind every bush. they believe that we are trying to influence political developments in russia, their natural response is to retailate. >> multiple agencies are now assessing the scope of the russian intrusion, which includes hacking into voting data and systems. russia's intentions are not clear. but maybe helping one candidate over another and sew sow doubt in final results. >> is this just to stir up trouble or was this ultimately to try to influence an election.
1:30 pm
this is serious proposition. >> so serious that today president obama raised the issue as he and russia president vladimir putin met on the side lines of the g20 summit in china. >> we've had problems with cyber intrusions from russia in the past. from other countries in the past. and look, we're moving into a new area where a number of countries have significant capacities. and frankly, we got more capacity than anybody both offensively and defensively. >> the u.s. intelligence community believes russia is behind the hacks of the democratic national committee. new york times and think tanks in washington. investigators are also looking into who breached voter data basis in the states of illinois and arizona for his part president buttin denied any tampering. >> i don't know anything about it. and on a state level, russia has never done this. >> also in the world lead, we
1:31 pm
have a better idea of how isis infiltrated europe, blended in with the locals and carried out one of the worst coordinated terror attacks in history. the cnn exclusive report is next. farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even mer-mutts. (1940s aqua music) (burke) and we covered it, february third, twenty-sixteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, click to activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. welcome back. new details about isis plans to strike in the west. cnn has obtained nearly a hundred thousand pages of int n internal documents into the investigation into last year's horrific attacks. and a sophisticated web of operatives fanned out across europe with plans to carry out more terror. the document trove includes never before seen photos, interrogations and actual communications between the isis terrorists and their handlers
1:36 pm
back in syria. cnn's senior national correspondent spent months digging into this story and she filed this exclusive report. >> november 13, 10 isis operatives attacks paris. targeting bars, restaurants, concert hall and stadium. shooting as many people as they could before blowing themselves up. by the end of the massacre, the worst terrorist attack in europe in a decade, 130 people were dead. now for the first time, cnn has gained access to thousands of pages of documents and photos from the internal european investigation. which shed new light on the sophisticated network isis uses to coordinate terror attacks across europe. the documents reveal another suspected terrorist never before made public, linked to the cell that carried out the paris attacks.
1:37 pm
he was on the loose in europe for more than six months. other isis operatives are right now believed to be living among ordinary citizens in europe. plotting other strikes directed by senior isis handlers and syria according to multiple sources. within days of the shocking rampage in paris, police learned that two of the three suicide bombers at the stadium entered europe by posing as syrian refugees. these surveillance photos never seen before publicly, showed the bombers as they approach their target. this is the moment they detonate their devices. but according to will documents, two more men were part of the isis cell. they traveled the same refugee route as is you suicide bombers. blending in with thousands of people from war-torn countries. they were eventually arrested and records of their capture and interrogation obtained by cnn show how isis supported the attackers throughout their
1:38 pm
mission. this is their story based mainly on multiple interrogations. early october, six weeks before the paris attacks, the documents show their journey began in raqqa, syria. the capital of the isis declared calipha caliphate. according to the documents, hadadi told investigators he only knew they were going to france for the good of god. the shadowy isis leader in syria was known as abu ahmad. we asked to have the documents reviewed that were obtained by cnn. >> he is key in sending those individuals, the foreigners,
1:39 pm
into the attacks. he is the one who recruited them, who trained them, who provided the training devices to them, telephones. always in contact with them. >> according to the transcripts of interrogations, haddadi traveled from raqqa across the turkish border on to the coastal city of izmir. picking up cash. they received instructions through incrypted apps such as telegram and what's app throughout their journey they are are only given enough money and information to get to the next stop. >> isis is accelerating its international attack planning. it's increasingly sophisticated in the way it does this. it set up an intricate and logistical support system for these terrorist cells throughout europe. >> in the middle of the night the team makes the treacherous crossing to greece in a boat
1:40 pm
filled with dozens of refugees. picked up by the greek navy along wait. the two bombers who would eventually attack the paris stadium make it through and start moving north toward their target. but haddidi and usman's fake passports are discovered. they are arrested and their money taken. they were held for about a month. greek officials would not say why they were released but authorities believe that delay was significant. they would not have the chance to become part of the paris attacks. haddadi tells investigators they contact their isis handler, abu amed, who arranges another 2,000 euros for them. flush with cash, they work their way across the route. the men pass hours doing something strikingly unislamic, looking at porn. documents showing he visited
1:41 pm
almost two dozen porn sites on his phone. the day after the paris attacks, haddadi and usman arrive in austria. they apply for asylum and end up in this refugee center where they are for weeks. it is now believed that haddadi and usman were not only part of the same terror cell as the bombers but also they were planning another attack. the documents show that they were in contact with people in several european countries and were researching travel it france. investigators believe they were waiting for a third man to join them. a mysterious isis operative. he has never been publicly named until now. like usman and haddadi, he travelled from syria along the refugee route carrying a phone number linked to the terror cell of the ringleader of the paris attacks. as well as photo of islamic state fighters standing before their flag. december 10th, nearly a month
1:42 pm
after paris attacks. he finally arrives at refugee center where usman and haddadi are. later the same day, police raid the center. usman and haddadi are arrested. here is what happened next. in the scramble, haddadi tries to get rid of his sim card. he denies knowing him but investigators find this, tabaoni's cell phone charging right beside haddadi's best. haddadi's phone number is saved in it. and a foet yik taken 30 minutes before the raid showing tabaouni right next to where they slept. >> we can assume that tabaouni was also part of the same plot and instructed to carry out an attack. >> from the time he slipped way, tabaouni has been wanted man.
1:43 pm
according to sources who also confirm he was finally arrested in july. documents show this is the facebook page tabaouni had on his phone and in recent months it's pairs he was publicly posting updates from belgium. there are now 1600 pages of data from his phone and sources tell cnn they are moving to extradite him to austria and it tie him to haddadi and usman and the paris attackers. >> are you concerned there may be many others who use the same route who we just -- who you just didn't know about it. >> yes. we have seen that in the recent weeks. several of them, individuals who carry out individual attacks, and inspired attacks. and were coming back from syria using this same route. >> so there's a possibility that there are many more that you just don't know about? >> there is a high possibility. >> the documents show haddadi's
1:44 pm
phone has proven to be a treasure trove for investigators. revealing an isis network that fanned out through southern and northern europe. he had dozens of contacts. some gave advice. some crossing borders and evating the law. one tells haddadi that he was able to sneak into france by hiding in the bathroom after train. december 15th, five days after the raid, isis handler abu amed reaches out to operatives haddadi and usman. how are you, he writes. what's become of you. there's no reply. according to cnn sources, haddadi and usman have been extradited to france. since our story this morning, the media is citing prosecutors has reported that the third suspected isis operative has now been extradited to austria from belgium where he was arrest ed
1:45 pm
but belgium sources say they are part of the network that facilitate the attacks that they know are still at large. jim? >> thank you for the excellent report. also in the world of breaking news, president obama canceles a big meeting with the man who called him a son of a -- insert bleep here. what led to a vulgar exchange such as this. plus an ugly side of new construction. the group fighting back on a major project that could put one day more money in your own pocket. she spent summer binge-watching. soon, she'll be binge-studying. now she writes mostly in emoji. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade. today, the only spanish words he knows are burrito and enchilada.
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we're back with breaking news. president obama in louse at this hour where he is expected to meet with world leaders, though one less than originally planned. president obama won't hold a bilateral meeting with the president of the philippines. this after president dueterte hurled a vulgar insult at mr. obama. extremely unusual onslaught among public allies. barbara starr, walk us through what happened here. >> we do want to start by warning everyone the language by
1:50 pm
the philippine leader is graphic. he issued a direct challenge to president obama and president obama not taking kindly to any of it. >> who is he? >> philippine president amping up his vulgar language, urging president obama to not bring up the alleged killed suspect during planned meeting of southeast asian leaders in louse. >> i'm a president after sovereign state. and we have long ceased to be a colony. >> dueterte warning anyone who asked him about the killings some 2,000 since may. >> you must be respectful. >> switching to native language to make his position even more clear. >> translator: son of a bitch,
1:51 pm
i'll curse you in front of everybody. >> now, the white house says president obama will not meet with dueterte, but if it were to happen, he plans to push for due process. >> if and when we have a meeting, this is something that will be brought up. >> duterte's hard line ward on drugs was part of his campaign earlier this year. his comments about president obama just the latest u.s. concern. in another course verbal assault, duertete called phillip a homophobic slur.
1:52 pm
>> i was angry she was raped. yes, that was one thing. but she was so beautiful. i think the mayor should have been first. >> statements by anyone anywhere that either degrade women or trivialize issues so serious as rape for murder are not ones that we condone. >> now there still may be something that duertee want from the suites. china is militarizing the south china sea off of coast of the philippines and he may have the need, experts will tell you, to turn to the u.s. for support if rolling china back. >> we will see what the answer is then. thank you very much. big barking dogs, men on horses. could be the beginning of protests a of this land dispute. what's at the heart of this? right after this. ♪
1:53 pm
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we're back with our bury he lead. native american protesters are clashing with the company building the 1100 mile pipeline. proponent say the pipeline would provide jobs and domestically produced crude oil while protesters from mostly native american tribes stay would violate sacred native american sites. protest took a violent turn. >> protesters accusing security guards with the construction site of using dogs and pepper spray as you saw there against them while the security guards
1:58 pm
claim protesters are armed with knives and that they were violent. local sheriff saying quote the aggression and violence displayed here today is unlawful and should not be repeated. what is fuelling so much anger over this pipeline's construction? our jake tapper spoke to the head of the standing rock sioux native american tribe. here is some of their conversation. >> short of canceling the project, what might satisfy your tribe? >> that's the only thing that we're asking is that the project don't come through our indigenous territory. >> the group behind the pipeline says it will help enhance energy independence for the united states and bring $150 million in taxes to state and local governments and add up to 12,000 construction jobs. ultimately, won't some of that help your tribe in some ways? >> we're not opposed to energy independence.
1:59 pm
we're not opposed to economic development. the problem we have, and this is a long history of problems that evolved over time where the federal government or corporations take advantage of indigenous land and indigenous rights. these unjusts that we're experiencing have been happening over and over and over again what we're opposed to is paying for all of the benefits that this country receives. paying the costs. whenever there is a benefit, whether energy independence, economic development, tribes pay the cost. and what we see now are tribes from all over sharing the same concern that we have, saying it's enough now. stop doing this to indigenous people. stop doing this to our indigenous lands. >> this programming note tonight, cnn special report,
2:00 pm
unfinished business. essential hillary clinton followed by all business, the essential donald trump. all starts at 8:00 eastern right here on cnn. that's it for "the lead." i'm jim sciutto. jake tapper returns tomorrow. i turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening ow, russiato blame? disturbing new reports says russia is actively trying to interfear with the u.s. presidential election through cyber attacks. the stakes are so high president obama just raised the issue at a meeting with vladimir putin. is mr. obama threatening to launch an on-line offensive. the race for the white house kicks into higher gear. were the trump and clinton campaigns aggressively targeting each either? both candidates talk to reporters on their planees. is is trump


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