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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. 63 days to go until election day. donald trump and hillary clinton now locked in a statistical dead heat. a new poll shows trump ahead of clinton by two points among likely voters. among registered voters, clinton leads by three. keep in mind all of this is within the margin of error. let's bring in jeff zeleny. good morning. >> now, campaigns are run state by state. battleground state polls are important. but what this national poll is showing is really how tight this
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race is. likely versus registered voters, donald trump is leading ever so slightly among likely voters. that is the universe of voters who we expect to turn out. 45-43%. as you said, that is within the margin of error. look at the enthusiasm. this is something that concerns democrats, concerns the clinton campaign and gives the trump effort some positive news here. 58% of trump voters say they are unth enthusiastic to vote for him. only 46% of clinton voters are enthusiastic. this is a turnout issue. that is why we are seeing democrats across the board get out on the campaign trail, from obama to biden, trying to fire up democrats. there's also the gender gap.
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among women, donald trump is massively behind, some 15 points behind hillary clinton. but it is nearly reversed on men. trump versus hillary clinton, 22 point there is. that is key going forward. also white versus non-white voters. take a look at these numbers. trump, 55% of white voters, clinton 34%. a 22-point gap there. non-white voters, a significant gap. again f you look at the state by state battleground polls, hillary clinton has an edge in most of those, but they know the race is tightening. that convention bounce that they had a month or so ago has bounced away and this race is tighter than they would have liked. >> we're going to dig deeper into a little later. some critics think the race is tightened because clinton was
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asleep at the wheel in august. donald trump was everywhere. clinton was meeting with big money donors. that is about to change. >> if you live in a swing state, congratulations, you're about to see a candidate or a surrogate or somebody related to candidates or surrogates. we are now in the sprint, the home stretch, the post-labor day period which is crucial to both candidates as they try and get themselves into position to win in november. >> welcome to our big plane. >> hillary clinton, donald trump, inviting the press to travel with them for the first time on their campaign planes. >> it's nice everyone's here. >> both planes just a few hundred feet apart on the same tarmac in cleveland. inside trump's boeing 757, the billionaire modeling his stance on immigration again. >> we're going to make that decision in the future. >> the gop nominee now saying he'll decide later on whether
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undocumented immigrants could apply for legal status under his administration. >> i'm not ruling out anything. to become a citizen, you're going to have to go out and come back in. >> a question ruled out less than a week ago. >> for those here illegally today who are seeking legal status, they will have one route and one route only. >> trump spending labor day looking and acting more like a traditional politician. glad-handing at ohio's largest county fair and courting voters at a diner with his running mate. hillary clinton barn storming ohio with her top supporters and deploying her former rival to new hampshire. the former secretary of state battling a coughing fit at a rally. >> every time i think about trump i get allergic. >> and answering questions from reporters about her health after months of criticism for avoiding the press. >> i'm not concerned about the conspiracy theories.
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there are so many of them i've lost track of them. >> slamming trump for cozying up to vladimir putin. >> i think it's quite intriguing that this activity has happened around the time trump became the nominee. >> as investigations continue into whether russia hacked the democratic national committee. >> he very early on allied himself with putin's policies. >> while trump is dismissing allegations of impropriety about the donation three years ago. >> i never spoke to her about it. >> in 2013 florida attorney general pam bondi was considering opening a fraud investigation against trump university. around the same time the irs says the trump foundation improperly donated $25,000 to a group supporting her reelection. trump insisting he never discussed the investigation with bondi. >> i never spoke to her. she is beyond reproach. she's a fine person. never spoke to her about it at
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all. >> bondi ultimately deciding not to proceed with the investigation. >> there are so many things that are questionable about that and the irs certainly thought so and said it was illegal. >> and that battle ground blitz continues today. hillary clinton in florida where you can expect to hear more about that issue between donald trump and the state's attorney general pam bondi. donald trump in north carolina and virginia. north carolina is a state when you look at donald trump's narrow pathway to victory in november, donald trump has to hold onto it. in virginia, a state where donald trump has seen polls move away from him in a large way over the last couple of weeks, you're seeing increasing effort in those battleground states. let's talk some more about this now. with me now jason johnson and david paleologos.
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welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. jason, the big news for mr. trump does not stop with these cnn polls. the campaign just announced the support of some 88 retired military officials. some of the names on that list raise eyebrows. the "new york times" reports that one filed court documents accusing president obama of not being born in the united states and challenging his ability to be president. another labeled the fight of extremists between a christian nature and an idol of islam. >> there are thousands of people who have served in the armed forces. and when they endorse is not necessarily an and cindicator o will be the best commander in chief. trump has started to put together something resembling a
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presidential campaign. the problem is he's still really behind on the ground game. he still doesn't have a lot of people in florida or ohio. but at least he's making an attempt, which is something that should make republicans happy. >> i want to delve deeper into this poll. there are so many contradictions in this poll. for example, terror and foreign policy. so mr. donald trump has a six-point lead on clinton when it comes to who would better handle terrorism. on the other hand, mrs. clinton has a 16-point lead on the topic of foreign policy. so how do you reconcile that? >> well, you have donald trump who's been talking about isis pretty much in every speech and with the kind of terminology of drawing a line in the sand and we're going to wipe out isis. so the people who are independents in this race are looking to that and that's what you're seeing in your poll. in the suffolk poll we saw kind
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of the same thing. you know, we see in terms of national security hillary clinton was leading in that number also. so voters are differentiating between the two. >> so foreign policy is different than fighting isis. >> you know, i mean he's taken a more aggressive combative viewpoint. and foreign policy is very detailed. it's very technical. people don't see donald trump as detailed or technical right now. they see him as drawing a line in the sand and being strong against isis. but the devil is in the details. >> here's another contradiction. when asked who was the stronger leader, registered voters picked trump 50-42%. clinton comes out on top by a five-point margin when asked who was better able to handle the responsibilities as commander in chief. so why is that? >> i think, carol, because the split that we're seeing in the
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poll is the split that americans are sort of experiencing really for the last 15 or 20 years. i remember polls in 2004 that would ask the question, you know, do you believe in the war in iraq or do you believe in the war on terror? if you think those two things are connected, that's completely different than if you thought attacking iraq had nothing to do with what happened on 9/11. that's what we're seeing here. those americans who want a strong bombastic leader, they think donald trump is the better option. those americans who want a leader who makes sense and seems capable and secure and confident in what they're doing, they want hillary clinton. i've always felt like this election is going to be very very close in the popular vote. i don't think it's going to be that close in the electoral college. >> i was just going to say in our poll we watched the number of people who don't trust both or who are unfavorable to both. according to our poll, one in six likely voters who will go to
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the polls today with an unfavorable opinion of both. now, that slightly favors trump right now at least in that subset of voters because the trustworthiness issue seems to be more deep rooted than the temperament issue. again it will be the independents who decide. >> among independents, clinton seems to be in trouble with independents. according to the cnn poll, mr. trump does better the independents, 49-29%. >> i think that's what you're seeing in the cnn poll, yes. >> okay. so just a final question because i do want to put this poll into perspective. so clinton -- it seems to me clinton did not lose support to donald trump. trump gained support. so what does that tell us? >> what it tells us is that number one you had a lot of people who didn't want to support trump, but now the republicans are finally coming
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around. the good news for republicans is many of those never trump people are coming around and supporting him. independents are coming around and saying he's an okay idea. independents also, young ones happen to be going to gary johnson. the good news for clinton is she hasn't really lost that much. overall everybody has to be cautious about this kind of poll. you've got way too many people saying they're still undecided. and undecided tend to break for the incumbent party. >> stick around because i'm going to ask you about the trust question some more in the next block of newsroom. also still to come, donald trump says hillary clinton doesn't look presidential. and her running mate goes on the attack, even calling his comments idiotic.
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hillary clinton is now everywhere. she was on good morning america this morning. she talked with reporters on board her brand new campaign plane. and she's holding a rally in tampa later today. clinton was not everywhere in august. perhaps that's why clinton and trump are now in a statistical tie in our latest poll. let's talk about that. with me now is missouri congressman. welcome, sir. >> good to be with you. >> nice to have you here. was it a mistake that mrs. clinton did not campaign hard in august? even trump's campaign manager said why in the world didn't hillary clinton's campaign totally put us away in those two weeks back when trump was stumbling in august? >> two things.
6:18 am
one, campaigns need money at the presidential level. actually they need funding now at every level. and hillary clinton is far ahead of mr. trump in terms of fund-raising. if she's going to have a 50-state strategy, then she needs to have the funds to do the strategy. so she built up the coffers and now you're going to see the benefit of it because now you'll see ads all over the country. that's going to create some separation from the two. >> donald trump absolutely controlled the news cycle, right? he went to mexico, he campaigned. he was on cnn and other networks constantly. and mrs. clinton was not. >> but keep in mind those were not positive experiences. controversy has dogged donald trump after his -- >> his poll numbers went up. >> -- trip to mexico.
6:19 am
well, i'm not sure and i don't think any of us is sure exactly why they went up. there may be some influence on those numbers by the e-mail situation, by the foundation situation. and i think all of that's going to have to wash before we know exactly what's going on. i think with donald trump, the information out about the $25,000 donation to the attorney general of florida, i think that's going to probably be factored in as people are measuring character. >> right. just to clarify what you're talking about, the cnn poll was taken at the very same time the fbi released information on hillary clinton's private e-mail server. that may or may not have affected the polls. i also want to ask you about this. mr. trump's campaign says secretary clinton ought to go to mexico. mrs. clinton says she is not going to mexico.
6:20 am
he says she does not look presidential. >> i just don't think she has a presidential look. you need a presidential look. you have to get the job done. i think if she went to mexico she would have had a total failure. we had a big success. >> are you talking about aesthetics here? >> by the way, she says things about me that are horrible. as an example, the single greatest asset i have according to those who know me is my temperament. but she came up with this madison avenue line, oh, let's talk about his temperament. it's the single greatest asset i have is my temperament. >> that's an idiotic comment from donald trump. i got added to this ticket. this great public servant has been on the field for 18 months. it's hard to keep up with her. the day he tweeted out she didn't come to mexico.
6:21 am
she was here in ohio talking to the american legion. >> what do you make of that? what is this really about? >> first of all, donald trump going to mexico no more makes him look presidential than going to bed makes an individual become a quilt. so i think you know going to mexico is something that presidents don't generally do, presidential candidates in an election. you're not trying to win over the mexican vote. you're trying to win over the people here in the country. so most presidential candidates don't do it. they make a trip to europe or israel, but going south of the border was more of a publicity stunt than anything else. i don't think that's going to have any impact. if anything, negative, because number one most of the legislators don't want him to come back to mexico. the president is in deeper trouble than he was before
6:22 am
donald trump came. and latinos in the united states are pushing further away from him. that's not positive. >> some of his supporters think it was a good thing mr. trump went to mexico. he stood beside an ineffectual leader and he looked strong. >> he lack elooked taller. if that matters, maybe he did look strong. the president of mexico has poll numbers that would be barely ahead of satan. so i don't think that in any way helped donald trump. i mean, and he got nothing out of it. it was a misadventure. and the people in this country are letting him know it. he is in deeper trouble now as a result of donald trump coming. so there would be no purpose for hillary clinton to fly down to mexico because trump said she
6:23 am
should do it. >> thank you so much for joining me this morning. still to come in the "newsroom," from trust issues to foundation fallout, vice president joe biden answers clinton's critics. >> look, the one thing hillary understands, she understands the pain of actual folks out there who can't get their kid to school. beyond has a natural grain free pet food committed to truth on the label.
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and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. in a matter of hours democratic vice president nominee tim kaine will deliver a major national security address in north carolina. his speech today coming on the heels of a rust belt tour where
6:28 am
clinton's campaign unleashed its working class weapon, joe biden. jeff zeleny spoke with biden and tim kaine. >> we've seen him over the years. he loves to campaign. but he also was trying to teach tim kaine a thing or two about what they can do to try to win over some of those white working class voters. we started by asking him what advice he would have for hillary clinton. let's take a listen. >> i think it's an incredibly confusing year, number one. i think a lot of the criticism of her has been veiled and unspecific. i think what you're going to see now as we focus on what each of the candidates are going to do, think you're going to see that changing. i feel it. look, the one thing hillary understands, she understands the pain these people are in.
6:29 am
she understands the pain of actual folks out there that can't get their kid to school. he has no notion of it. and my advice to hillary always is, just open up, let them see your heart a little more. she has the heart. >> does she need to do more explaining on some of these controversies like e-mail and other things, or should she stop explaining? >> well, i think she's -- my understanding is she is going to make a final judgment about what they're going to do with the foundation and just lay it all out and this is what's going to happen from the point on, this is who i am, this is what i'm going to do. >> has she not been clear enough? >> well, it's been a moving target. look, the whole notion of how foundations function is now all of a sudden being put in play like it never was before. so i'm absolutely confident she is doing it by the book and i
6:30 am
think she is going to figure out what she's going to say crystal clear to the american people about what the relationship between the family and the foundation will be from this point forward. >> one of the things that's interesting is she made a commitment about the foundation activities before the election, the foundation will stop taking donations from certain groups. and then after the election a commitment about president clinton stepping back. they used charitable money in the trump foundation to make an illegal campaign contribution to a florida attorney general who was considering whether to sue trump u. or not. after the $25,000 went to the attorney general, she didn't pursue the lawsuit. >> there ywe see tim kaine realy stepping into his role as attack dog. so interesting seeing what they hope is a passing of the torch
6:31 am
moment here between joe biden and tim kaine. but of course they have to win the election first november. but seeing joe biden regardless of your politics, get a little w wistful. >> he has been quite entertaining. going back to the attorney general in florida, what exactly is tim kaine talking about? >> he's talking about the trump foundation was fined by the irs for giving money to her. and the whole question here is -- and it was not listed correctly in their bookkeeping. so a trump spokeswoman this morning said it was a clerical error. of course you cannot give a political contribution if you're a non-profit foundation here. the irs had a fine of $2500 to
6:32 am
this trump foundation. all the talk of pay for play, this is the only example so far of someone who's been fined and penalized here. a little bit confusing. trump said he knew nothing about it here. at issue was the florida attorney general was looking into trump university, which is of course a controversy. >> and the charitable foundation donated $25,000 to pam bondi. >> to a political group supporting her. that is the controversy here. the "washington post" had a good report on that and our drew griffin is looking into it as well. let's talk about trust, because hillary clinton is the one with the trust issue. when asked who was more honest and trustworthy, voters told cnn orc pollsters, mr. trump. keep in mind this poll was taken during the time the fbi released its findings on clinton's e-mail server. that may or may not have played a part in how people answered.
6:33 am
but hillary clinton clearly has a trust problem. welcome back. thanks for sticking around. jason, joe biden says clinton's lack of trust is because we've had an incredibly confusing year. what exactly does joe biden mean by that? >> well, i think joe biden means that we've had a confusing year because we've got a politician versus an outsider. i've always said this about american voters. americans love rich people. we love rich people, whether you're papa john's or running facebook, we always seem to think that business people are great. what's interesting about this trust issue is, if you look at the controversy surrounding hillary clinton wlrks , whether the clinton foundation or e-mail scandals, they really pale in
6:34 am
comparison to the trump foundation. >> david, do you agree with that? >> i do. she needs to make that case. the voters aren't saying that in the polls, that her untrustworthy number is more potent than trump's. and they both, by the way, are well over 50% on the trust number. over 50% on the unfavorable number. but she has to make the case. she hasn't been as active and as visible. trump was only getting 4% of the vote. but one in five, over 20% of african-american voters said that hillary clinton was not honest and trustworthy. they're sticking by her, but the trustworthy number goes all the way across all demographics, hispanics, whites.
6:35 am
and that's a problem. >> it's interesting because trump has allowed reporters to look at very little domation in -- documentation into his business practices. he's not released his tax documents and he's not going to. >> i'm releasing my tax returns. donald trump will release his tax returns. i'll give mine to y'all this week and he's going to provide his after a routine audit is concerned. >> as far as my taxes, the only one who is care are the press. it's not a big deal. people don't care. >> is he right? people just don't care? >> i think that people's expectations of donald trump are so low at this point that it doesn't matter. this is the thing that i think is important. whenever we talk about trust, it's not really about who you trust more. it's who you trust to do the job. because if you ask your average
6:36 am
person, would you trust donald trump to do your taxes? no, i wouldn't trust trump to negotiate my purchase at starbucks. would you trust hillary clinton to do your taxes? i wouldn't trust her to do that either. but most people would say they trust hillary clinton to run the country better. you don't have to be tryst worthy universally. you just have to be more trustworthy than the other person. >> mike pence says i'm going to release my taxes no problem. but i'd say voters are not really interested in mike pence's taxes but they are interested in his running mate's taxes. it's a strange juxtaposition. >> four in five likely voters said donald trump should follow the precedent from prior presidential candidates and file the taxes even if it were taxes he's not being audited by. if you look across demographics, gender, age, race, area,
6:37 am
whatever, it was in the high 70s across the board that people want him to release his tax returns. and even among registered republicans, 62% said he should release his tax returns. i wouldn't say people don't care. people do care and they want him to release them. >> i don't think he's going to. >> no. >> thank you so much for sticking around. a conservative icon has died. phyllis shafly passed away in her home. during the '60s and '70s she was outspoken against liberalism. her believes helped to form what is now known as the modern religious right. her anti--feminist movement was featured in the cnn series the '70s. >> i would like to thank my
6:38 am
husband fred for letting me come today. i love to say that because it irritates the women's libbers. >> you've got a good deal, women. you are put on a pedestal, protected by men, provided for by men. >> she remained in the political arena throughout her life. most recently she made the case for donald trump. trump did release a statement about her death saying, quote, i was honored to spend time with her during this campaign as she waged one more great battle for national sovereignty. ♪ sweet, sweet st. thomas nice. ♪ so nice, so nice st. croix full of pure vibes. ♪ so nice, so nice. ♪ st. john a real paradise.
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it is in the eight figures. tens of millions of dollars. that's how much money former anchor gretchen carlson is
6:43 am
reportedly collecting from fox news. according to vanity fair the settlement is coming just two months after she sues roger ailes and the network for sexual harassment. in addition to that settlement, an apology could also be coming from fox. wow. >> no one expected this lawsuit two months ago and no one expected this settlement today. vanity fair reporting this is a $20 million settlement over gretchen carlson's allegations of harassment and retaliation by former fox chief roger ailes. in this statement, it is again unlike something we've really seen before in corporate america. it says 21st century fox is pleased to announce that it has settled gretchen carlson's lawsuit. during her tenure, she developed a loyal audience and was a daily source of information for many americans.
6:44 am
we sincerely regret and apologize that gretchen was not treated with the respect and dignity that she and all of her colleagues deserve. roger ailes has continued to deny the allegations leveled against him, but the company is acknowledging that she was wronged in some fashion and is apologizing publicly for it. >> this is just so big in my mind. i don't remember any other victim of sexual harassment settling for such a huge amount of money. >> this is beyond fox news, this is beyond television news. this is about corporate america more broadly and what it means when a woman who has been fired from her job comes forward and says there was a pattern of harassment and retaliation against her. i think this settlement may suggest yes she did have recordings, yes she did have damaging evidence against ailes and fox. >> otherwise it would boil down
6:45 am
to a he-said/she-said. she must have had some pretty powerful stuff against roger ailes to make this settlement possible. >> the two other well have also settled in the situation. carlson only sued ailes individually. she chose not to sue fox news as a whole. yet 21st century fox was on the hook backing up ailes because of the contract he had at the new york. he is no longer with fox news. he is said to be giving donald trump informal advice about trump's campaign. we haven't heard from ailes about this, though. we don't know how much of the $20 million he will be paying out of his own pocket. >> there is more news coming out of fox news that's surprising that you just told me as you sat down. >> another big announcement but one of the highest profile women at the network greta van susteren leaving today.
6:46 am
another sign of dramatic developments behind the scenes of fox news. she came out initially like most of the biggest stars at fox and said she didn't know about harassment, she had never been harassed and she wasn't aware it was allegedly happening with carlson. according to numerous media reports, about 20 women did eventually come forward, past and present fox employees, who told investigates about hara harassment by ailes. ailes has denied the allegations against him through a number of lawyers he has. last week he sent a threatening legal letter to a reporter for new york magazine. all that's happening. in the meantime, fox news is in rebuilding modes. this announcement by greta van
6:47 am
susteren just the latest signs of a shakeup in the conservative media world. >> it's fascinating. thanks for some great reporting. still to come in the "newsroom," president obama making his first presidential visit to laos. but his trip was overshadowed by a meeting he will no longer be holding.
6:48 am
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the president of the philippines now says he regrets cursing president obama, yes. that world leader called the american president a son of a
6:52 am
bitch or son of a whore. it canceled talks with the filipino president. president obama is in laos for a summit of southeast asian leaders. michelle kosinski has more on the diplomatic spat. >> is an unprecedented, extremely bizarre, extremely unfortunate situation, especially in thisst setting. what world leader does not want to try to put the best face forward before meeting like this. here you have the new president of the philippines who is known as this controversial fire brand on what would have been the eve of his first ever meeting with president obama, a treaty ally, calling the president the son of a whore to reporters and threateni threatening. listen to first what he said and
6:53 am
how president obama responded later in a press conference. >> who is he? i am a president of a sovereign state, and we have long ceased to be a colony. i do not have any against the filipino people. nobody but nobody. >> i just heard about some of this. i have seen some of those colorful statements in the past. clearly he's a colorful guy. >> reporter: shortly after those comments were made, the white house canceled this meeting. they told me this morning they couldn't really see how this would be constructive at all and furthermore, it would have been a disservice to the filipino people to have this meeting under these circumstances. now today the filipino president has apologized saying he regrets his comments could have been seen as an attack on president obama, tough to see how how they
6:54 am
could have been construed. he still wants to have the meeting. speaking of constructive lips, today while the president is in laos, he wants to focus on building that cooperation starting with a big equipment to try to move as many as possible of some 80 million unexploded bombs here. that's of the more than 270 million clufter bombs that the u.s. dropped on laos during nine years of the vietnam war. to this day those bombs do explode causing casualties. tomorrow president obama is going to meet with some of the victims. still to come in the "newsroom," a twist in the bill cosby case. he's back in court where his lawyers may ask a judge to throw out two key pieces of evidence.
6:55 am
hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one.
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checking top stories at 58 minutes past. one person dead and six others wounded after a car bomb explodes outside a non-profit facility in afghanistan. the non-profit group specialized in women's and girls' rights. through suicide bombers carried out the attack. at least one of them entered the compound and was killed by afghan forces. so far no claim of responsibility. bill cosby back in court today. his lawyers may ask a judge to throw out two key piecetion of evidence in his sexual assault case. first the deposition cosby gave in a 2005 lawsuit against him by accuser andrea constant where he described the encounter with you. the second piece of evidence, a phone call with her mother where cosby offers to pay for her education. she says cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in 2004. cosby is charged with three
7:00 am
counts of felony aggravated indecent assault. many people going back to work this morning and that includes congress. lawmakers return to capitol hill. first up, the senate will vote at 5:30 eastern on a bill to fight sooerk ka. democrats have blocked it once because it contains restrictions for funding for planned parenthood. the next hour of cnn newsroom starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. donald trump and hillary clinton now in the final sprint to election day, and with 62 days to go, the candidates are neck and neck. a new cnn-orc poll shows clinton ahead of trump by 2%. among registered voters clinton leads by three. keep in mind all of this is within the margin. let's bring in cnn national corresen


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