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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 6, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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she's got a rally that she's going to be addressing momentarily down in florida. donald trump is got a town hall on national security in virginia. lots more live coverage coming up right here on cnn. that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. the news continues right now on cnn. here we go, top of the hour. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. breaking news here, we have now some tape showing hillary clinton on board her plane slamming trump for saying no one cares that he's not releasing his tax returns. this happened on board her brand-new 737. the one that now also transported her own press pool. let's go straight to joe johns first up here, standing by in tampa, florida where secretary clinton is set to start her campaign moment there any minute from now. let's backtrack to this gaggle. that's what we call it. on board this plane. she had a lot to say beginning
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with those tax returns, those el elusive tax returns from trump. >> reporter: she just had a lot to say period. she talked about scams, frauds, questionable relationships. i think a lot of this is about the language. but, frankly, brooke, when you look at this, this is an attempt by hillary clinton and her campaign once again to start flipping the narrative on the issue of honesty and trustworthiness which has been a problem for her since before the campaign. now we're seeing polling numbers that suggest some voters see trump as more honest, more trustworthy than hillary clinton. so really digging down on some of the issues where they see vulnerabilities with donald trump. >> he said that the american people don't care about his tax returns. and in fact he's also said that it's none of our business.
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i just think he's dead wrong. i mean the reason that presidential candidates going back decades have released their tax returns is because the american people want to know. he clearly has something to hide. he woodon't know exactly what i is, but we are getting better guesses about what it probably is. and if he's going to pursue this campaign, he owes it to the american people to come clean and release those tax returns. the fbi resolved all of this. their report answered all the questions. the findings included debunking his latest conspiracy theories. i believe i have created so many jobs in the sort of conspiracy theory machine factory. >> reporter: reference there also to hillary clinton's e-mail controversy that's been going on for so long. she also talked about the recent reports that the trump foundation has been fined for
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illegal activity when it made a political contribution to the attorney general of florida. that is the state we're in right now at the university of south florida where she's expected to come out and address the crowd in just a little while. brooke? >> we'll be talking to him about that fine. we'll talk to someone from a tampa newspaper about the $2,500 "the washington post" is reporting penalty because the trump foundation couldn't be giving money to her re-election campaign. but let's stay on this conversation, joe. thank you on this press gaggle on gourd hillary clinton's plane. let me bring in someone who's been covering her for a long while, jeff zeleny, our senior washington correspondent, here with me in morning. david chalian our cnn political director will join us here momentarily. that's like the third time i've been writing notes down and lines that i've heard before, hillary clinton, something to hide, reality tv star. again answering to the e-mails. flipping the narrative. is that what she's doing here? >> sure. absolutely. there's been so much criticism for her not taking questions.
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her campaign sort of allowed the fact that she was not taking questions for the whole month of august and longer to kind of get away from it here. but she is using this opportunity to turn it back on donald trump. there's no one who can draw attention to the race as the principals can themselves. they can have their spokes people out there all day long. but when a candidate gets out there to speak we listen. she clearly said he has something to side in those tax returns. we don't know what. but she sees the same poll numbers that we see. they may not agree with all the specific numbers but they know this race is tighter than they hoped. >> a new cnn poll coming out today. >> exactly. our own m.j. lee was on the plane. she said she asked if trump's personal life is fair game. and secretary clinton said she intends to focus on things that make a difference as president. "i'm going to concentrate on what will affect the american people if he were ever to get anywhere near the white house." he has raised many questions
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about the clintons overall. so in these questions we get some nuance and some new information. that's the whole point. >> david chalian, jeff zeleny is exactly right in the sense that hearing from the candidates themselves, they have the power to steer the narrative a different way. when you think about the last one or two weeks, yes, we've been talking a lot about trump and immigration but we've also been talking a lot about the clinton foundation and the notes from the fbi and the hammers that were used. and she obviously wants to turn the page. >> without a doubt. one way to do it is to get in front of cameras and start steering the conversation as she's clearly trying to do. remember, it's also -- we shouldn't lose sight of the voters here. not that voters care that much about press having access, because we rate lower in the polls than most politicians do. but what they do care is about getting as much information about these two candidates running for president as possible, and this is one clear way of doing that. when we have access and are able to poke and prod them, even let them have their opportunity to
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sort of steer the conversation where they want to steer. that's information for the voters to help unpack with nine weeks left to go where this election is going and how they feel about these candidates. >> i want both of you two to stand by. more to talk about polls and also biden -- you talked to joe biden, jeff zeleny, and his vigs to hillary clinton about opening her heart is fascinating. we'll go there. but on donald trump, he, too, is about to start a campaign event any moment now. let's go to jason carroll following the campaign for us today in virginia beach, virginia. we know trump plans to talk about veterans affairs at the event but he has just added to the ongoing confusion about his immigration reforms, jason. tell me about that. >> reporter: well, look. let me just first say that the trump campaign will tell you that donald trump has always been consistent and clear on one point. he has always said, no path to citizenship. no amnesty of course in reference to these millions upon
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millions undocumented people in the united states, many of them convicted of a crime, many of them have families. . trump campaign will say he's always been consistent on that end. his critics will say he's flip-flopped on this issue, been vague or at the very least, unclear about it. well, donald trump was asked about it again yesterday, and, brooke, once again his critics saying he's left the door open in terms of what happens to some of these undocumented people who have once again not been convicted of crimes, living in the u.s. what would happen to them. trump weighed in on this issue again yesterday. take a listen. >> can you allow that one possibility in that -- >> i'm not ruling out anything. i'm not going to rule out -- >> including ruling out illegal status. >> no. >> reporter: rudy giuliani also weighed in on this particular issue, brooke, as you know, basically saying it would be very, very difficult to "toss out" some of these families of
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undocumented people living in the united states. some of them have been paying taxes and who may have children. once again the question is was giuliani also leaving the door open as well. so again, critics have been saying all along that he's been unclear about this issue. one issue though that they say he has been clear about, that's veterans issues. he will be speaking about that when he takes the stage here in just a few moments from now. even his supporters will tell you that this is one one of his strong suits. trump campaign releasing names of 88 retired generals and admirals who have come out endorsing donald trump in terms of being the better candidate to handle veterans affairs. we expect him to once again take the stage just a few moments from now. again the focus here today in virginia will be veterans affairs, national security. brooke? >> we are post labor day. the dash to the finish is on. nine weeks. the zigzag continues.
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jason, thank you. david chalian and jeff zeleny, what's also so fascinating and perhaps also leads to maybe more transparency or more discussions with the press from these candidates, you now have these fascinating cnn poll numbers, david chalian, showing -- walk us through all of them. bottom line, looking at these numbers, it is a tight race. >> without a doubt. we are in a margin of error race, brooke. as you said, we've turned past that labor day moment. now we look at likely voters. you see in the four-way horse race that donald trump's got this two-point edge, 45%-43% against clinton. then johnson and stein far lower down. but what is key here is that if you look among registered voters, a broader universe of voters, hillary clinton has a three-point edge. the take-away is this is a margin of error race. it has tightened, it is close. post convention bounce for hillary clinton is gone. the spiraling controversies in early august for donald trump are gone and this race is now
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stabilizing in a new place. i think if you look underneath the hood of the horse race you see where the problems are for each candidate. you see that hillary clinton has work to do among independents. she's losing them by 20 points to donald trump. you see donald trump has significant work to do with women, with white college-educated voters which has traditionally been a republican leaning electorate. this time hillary clinton is winning white college educated voters by double digits. i think their tasks are clear for the next nine weeks of where they need to go and find the votes that they need. they also need to turn up the enthusiasm, especially on the hillary clinton side. >> thank you for my segue. on that, you have the question in the poll about who is more honest and trustworthy. trump at 50%, clinton at 35%. jeff zeleny, you had quite the chat with the vice president, joe biden, as he has said, essentially -- i'm paraphrasing,
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and we'll get to the sound bite -- she needs to hope her heart more. here he was. >> why do people have this suspicion about her though? she's been in public life so long. is it that she hasn't opened up or is it because of some of her own doing? >> look, i have a bad habit of saying what i believe and sometimes saying all that i mean here. the truth is, hillary knows it's a problem. and she's trying to figure out how to remedy it. and my advice to her the best way to remedy it is talk about what you care about. talk about it with some passion. and people will see through it. and but this is going to be -- you know it better than i do, jeff -- this is going to be the most negative campaign in the history of modern politics, i think. my question is, is anybody going to be able to break through what is just sort of a notion of pox on both your houses. that's why you hear her talking
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more about explicitly what it is she is going to do, how she's going to change things. >> this is beyond fascinating to me to have the vice president, a good friend of hillary clinton's, telling her to open her heart more. >> offering a little bit of blunt advice, i would say. i was a little struck when he said that. he said, look, she knows it is a problem. he's right, she does. i mean she he a -- >> not a new problem when you look at '08. >> she studies these poll numbers, if they're good or they're bad. i think what he was saying there in the plain-spoken joe biden way is that, show a little bit more of yourself. don't be so bottled up and locked up. i think we are seeing that this week. since that interview happened, really just about 24 hours ago, she's had two press conferences in the air. she is talking more. but i think that joe biden, the vice president, hit the nail on the head there. he said voters don't like what they're hearing from either side. a pox on both of their houses. and it is a nasty, negative election here. can things break through. we don't know if things can break through or if either of their image will improve by
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november. >> just quickly i think a piece of the trustworthiness that everyone keeps banging on about with hillary clinton and the -- i was watching her documentary. i watched the two-hour documentary on hillary clinton. i kept hearing the word humanize. even referencing her in 2008, and it is still dogging her in 2016. from what i understand, when you see her in person, it is almost like a different person. >> it is. she's very funny. she's engaging, outgoing. but she's very restrictive around the glare. she doesn't like this introspection here. but it is a challenge. but she does not need to have high favorable approval ratings to win the election. another president clinton won re-election in '96 and voters -- more than half the voters thought he was not honest either. so not a criteria. but once whoever wins, how do they run the government. that's another question here. but we have 63 days. >> thank you jeff zeleny and
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it's been really, really badly handled. one of the things i've done, we allow when that wait is so long and so horrible -- sometimes, by the way, a simple procedure or simple prescription, just a very simple thing can make a person's life wonderful health wise. and they can't see the doctor. they can't get to see the doctor. and we have a plan where if you have a wait, you're going to leave, you're going to go across the street or down the road or a few miles away, you're going to see a doctor, a really good doctor. you're going to get taken care of. 100%. or you're going to go and you're going to go to a local hospital, whether it's public or private. you're going to get taken care of and your government is going to pay your bill and you're going to be all set. it's going to be very good. very simple. >> that's a promise. that's great. should have been done a long time ago. and along that line specifically -- because you've talked about this with female veterans. i think this is just -- very, very important because of the size -- scale of the number of
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females that we now have in our military serving as volunteers. talk a little bit about what you have described as how you would take care of them. >> sure. the female veterans have been like the forgotten people. i think it started because it was obviously a while ago. there were far fewer. and they haven't increased that capacity and now you have tremendous numbers of female vets. and we are going to do procedures that they've never done and we are going to help the female veteran. they have not been helped. they've really been left behind, even more so than our male veterans. they've been left behind. it is just not going to happen. we are going to straighten it out. we are going to give them also the right, if things are not being done right, they're going to have the right to go to a local doctor or physician or a local hospital. and again, whether it is public or private. whichever one is most convenient and whichever one is better, frankly, and they're going to get themselves taken care of, whether it's male or female.
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and that's so important. and the other issue that's so important is mental health. because the mental health problem is such a massive, massive problem in the va. that's something we're going to devote a tremendous amount of time to. it's not just amount of money. the money they're spending is tremendous. it is a huge amount of money that they're currently spending. through there are people that are incompetent in the va. and they have people that are stealing. you've seen that. if you look the a phoenix and what's gone on in phoenix, they can't even fire the people. they found people that are stealing and very dishonest, they can't even get rid of them. all of that is going to change. the va, you are going to be so proud of what you have. we're going to take it and you will be so proud of what you have. believe me. >> yeah. just to highlight, one of the things that you have talked about is accountability of the
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people that are serving our veterans in the veterans administration and the veterans administration system, the whole system. i think that for all of us, accountability is probably something not just in the veterans administration but in government as a whole. so we're going to switch topics a little bit and talk about some of the refugee policies now that we see bubbling under neath us here coming in to this country. some of the challenges that we face. what do you think of hillary clinton's current refugee policies and how do they differ from your own? >> look, she's a disaster in so many different ways, folks. disaster. i don't even really think she believes it herself. she was brought so far left, she was brought so far left by bernie and the group. i think we're going to get a lot of the bernie people because of trade, if you want to know the
11:20 am
truth. a lot of the bernie people are coming with us. because the one thing he was right about is the fact that our country's being ripped off like never before on these trade deals that are disasters. nafta has been a disaster for the united states. it's destroyed our country. and that's one thing he got right and a lot of people liked him because of trade, more so than anything else. but when it comes to immigration, first of all, she thinks that everything is, more or less, fine. she wants to allow 650% increase over and above what obama's allowing to come in from syria and the middle east. 650%. and he's already allowing thousands and thousands of people in. we don't know where they're coming from. you people know because we're military people. we don't know where they're coming from. you see the damage that one person can do. you just have to look anywhere. you see the damage that whether it's orlando or whether it's two people that just got married or
11:21 am
they're married and they're from san bernardino, you see in san bernardino they're getting thrown a party -- a shower party or a baby party, and then a short while ago they go and they kill 14 people in the group. look, we got problems, folks. we have to figure it out. if we don't figure it out, we have to be careful and vigilant and strong. she wants to allow a 550% increase. it was very interesting. i was saying she wants to allow 500% more come in from that region. the press said i was wrong. i said what's the real number? 550%. so that time, it was true. >> you're close. >> you low-balled it. >> as long as they can prove you wrong, they're happy. but 550% increase of people coming from syria and that part of the world. we can't do it. i want to build safe havens. we'll have other people build them, by the way. we'll have other people fund them. we'll lead the charge.
11:22 am
but barack obama has doubled during his fairly short period of years. he's doubled our national debt. doubled it. it's going to be close to $20 trillion when he leaves. $20 trillion. so we have to get rid of at least a good portion of that so we're going to have other people. we're going to have the gulf states pay for this because we're going to build safe havens. we all have big hearts. we just can't allow these people into our country until we find out what's going on. we can't do it. we can't do it. >> i think also, as you have said, they impact our health care system. they impact all the other costs so it is very, very important. >> by the way, you have illegal immigrants -- i hate to say that in this room because we have a lot of vets in the room. you have illegal immigrants that she wants and he wants treated better than veterans. you have these people are treated better than people that are in this room.
11:23 am
you know it. they are treated better than veterans. let me tell you folks, they've got their priorities mixed up. it's going it change. by the way, mayor rudy giuliani of new york. what a great man. stand up. stand up, rudy. rudy. whoa. do we love -- what he did, he took a city that was a disaster. he took new york city and i made it great. think of it. made it great again. right? made it great again. rudy, great to see you. eric trump's wife, laura, is here. and she's done a fantastic job. laura's been working very hard,
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in particular in north carolina, but helping also with virginia. we have some people in virginia, they have been amazing. hopefully we get everybody registered because we have to win. virginia is a very important state. we have to win virginia. >> so speaking of disasters, the iran nuclear deal. and iran has -- we're talking about putting nukes into the hands of an ayatollah that says death to america, death to israel, and they continue to fire ballistic missiles all the time in violation of this deal. but iran has engaged in growing hostilities, has increasingly shown it continues to have nuclear ambitions, and as president, what are you going to do about iran? >> first of all, if you look at the policies of hillary clinton, and barack obama, they have created what will be a world power. they're talking about a regional power. this can be a world power.
11:25 am
they have become rich. they have become powerful. the deal is one of the worst negotiated deals of any kind that i've ever seen if you look at it. you study it. we give them $150 billion. how about the $400 million in cash that we gave them flown in? obviously for hostages. that was the big lie, also, just like obamacare was a big lie. this was a big lie. 400 -- think of it -- $400 million in cash and they kept the hostages. remember? it had nothing to do with the hostages but the hostages weren't allowed to leave the airport until such time. whoever heard of $400 million in cash -- different denominations, different countries. they want all different money from different countries. who even has the power to authorize something like this? so what we've done is created a monster. we've created in three years,
11:26 am
four years, if you look at -- if you take a look at iran from four, five years ago, they were done, they had the sanctioned, they were being choked to death. they were absolutely dying. they weren't even going to be much of a threat. they didn't have anything going and now they're going to be a power. we've made them a power. one, they're highly threatening to the state of israel. they are so bad for israel. obama has been so bad for israel. but they are a great threat and they are a threat to us. they're going to have nuclear weapons and this path in my opinion is going to be a quicker path to nuclear weapons. the deal is grossly incompetent. then i don't know if you saw the other day, we have the little boats going out and they're making all sorts of horrible gestures. then learn the gestures, i xwes th guess they studied the united states and they gave those kind of gestures to our sailor and our captain on the boats. boy, i bet those guys wanted to blow them out of the water. i'll bet you.
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i'll bet you they wanted to blow them. and so you see these four little boats circle be, circling, going around taunting, taunting, it's like they've been emboldened. we've made such a great deal for them and they now feel power. remember the sailors, the ten sailors, who were a little bit off? they were in the water? so instead of saying, hey, you're on our water, please go over there, they humiliated our country. they humiliated those ten people and this -- the only reason we got them back -- of course you would have gotten them back very fast if i was president, that i can tell you. but the only reason -- the only reason we got them back was the payment the following day was due. a lot of the money the following day was due. and stupid they're not. and they wanted to get that. but just think of what's gn on. here we are, we made this deal. we made them a power.
11:28 am
and we also happen to have given them iraq because iraq -- i always say, iraq and iran were very similar militarily. they fight, fight, fight, then they'd rest. they'd fight, fight, fight, then saddam hussein would do the gas. and somebody else would do something else. and they'd rest. we knocked out the one. a lot of people don't realize that iraq has some of the greatest oil reserves anywhere in the world. and so iran is going to get whatever isis doesn't already have. probably take that, too, by the way. what we've done to create a major, major power through really stupid leaders -- stupidity -- is just shocking. it is one of the dumbest deals i've ever seen. john kerry is a terrible negotiator. but somebody but don't forget, this was a deal that crooked hillary clinton wanted. she wanted this deal. this was a very important deal and she wanted that deal.
11:29 am
most people don't even get it. most people say, yeah, i understand. we get this -- we get nothing. this was a deal at the highest level of incompetence. the deal with iran. it was at the highest level of incompetence. we'll solve that problem if i get the chance, believe me. and if i get the chance, you'll be very happy. you'll be very happy. >> just to remind people, iran -- just to remind everybody, iran is still designated by the united states state department as the leading state sponsor of terrorism and we've put them on a path to a nuclear weapon. pretty amazing what we've done. staying in the same region because this is something all of us who have served in the armed forces the last 15 years have been a part of. fighting al qaeda in iraq, now fighting isis. isis continues to expand their
11:30 am
operations. they have this caliphate they've established in syria and parts of iraq and they have launched attacks throughout the west. i think the latest count was somewhere between 22 and 25 countries that they have launched attacks, and in the last probably two to three months. that's resulted in somewhere between 7,000 to 10,000 casualties around the world. just a stunning display of capability by isis. what is your response to isis? what do you believe we should be doing? >> first of all, it wouldn't have started if we had proper leadership because what happe d happened, we vunt have beshouldn in iraq but we shouldn't have gotten out of iraq the way we did. literally announcing we are going to leave by a certain date? the enemy couldn't believe it. actually, a lot of people thought it was a little bit of deception because they wouldn't believe anybody would say it. turned out to be true. we should have left a small
11:31 am
force relatively small force as much as i didn't want to be there, we should have left a small force and really isis just evolved out of all of the turmoil, all of the weakness, all of the stupidity of decisions from hillary clinton, from barack obama. and isis started off in a small area. now i read the other day they are in 28 different states or nations. 28. think of it. so they're spreading rapidly. a report came out where they were told within the government that they want to try and minimize isis an minimize. but the fact is they know it's actually gotten very much out of control. we have to do something about -- we can't allow the chopping of o of heads, the drowning of people in steel cages, the viciousness, the violence. we have to knock out isis, we have to knock them out good. we have to get countries that are affected by isis. lot of people say as an example, russia, hillary likes to play tough with russia.
11:32 am
putin looks at her and he laughs. he laughs. putin looks at hillary clinton and he smiles. boy, would he like to see her. that would be easy. just look at her decisions. look how bad her decisions have been. virtually every decision she's made has been a loser. but wouldn't it be nice honestly? because russia -- russia doesn't like isis any better than we do. wouldn't it be nice if we actually got along with russia and you could knock them out together? wouldn't that be a good thing as opposed to tough talk? she tries to do the tough talk. then she leaves. i watched it yesterday on the airplane. talking tough about russia. then she turned around and sat down which wasn't even played on the national media. wasn't even played. we have to get along with people. we have to get along with certain nations. very importantly. because it would be awfully good to have russia and others with
11:33 am
us on major attacks on isis. >> and to stay on isis a little bit, because i think this is an important topic and it is certainly one of the national security threats that our country faces today. you have described at times different components of a strategy. military, cyber, financial and ideological. can you just expand on those four a little bit? >> well, that's it. cyber is becoming so big today. it is becoming something that a number of years ago, short number of years ago wasn't even a word. now the cyber is so big. you look at what they're doing with the internet, how they're taking recruiting people through the internet and part of it is the psychology because so many people think they're winning. there's a whole big thing. even today's psychology, cnn came out with a big poll today that trump is winning. that's good psychology.
11:34 am
good psychology. i know that for a fact because people that didn't call me yesterday are calling me today. that's the why life works. i thank the state of virginia. so many places have been really incredible. so i thank you so much. but cyber has been very, very important and it's becoming more and more important as you look. a lot of it does have to do with ideology and psychology and lots of other things. we're in a different world today than we were in 20 years ago and 30 years ago. one of the biggest problems, one of the reasons we have to knock them out is because the weaponry is so powerful today. in the old days you could have said, they have rifles, we have rifles. they have uniforms, we have uniforms. this is a whole different war. weaponry is so powerful and we have to beat them over there. we're allowing people to come
11:35 am
over here. think of it. you're military people. we are allowing people to come over here. i used to watch the migration and i'd see people with cell phones. i say where do they get cell phones? some of those people had very horrible things on their cell phones including the isis flag. you say what are we doing? what are we doing? we're allowing people to come here and we don't know do they turn on us? are a small percentage of them is bad? because if a small percentage of them is bad, that's not acceptable. that's not acceptable. we can't take the risk. just a small percentage can do such damage so we can't take the risk. so, general, the bottom line is we have to get very tough and we have to get very smart or we're not going to have much of a country left, i can tell you that right now. >> good. so staying in the same region of the world because there's so much going on and it is just unraveling in front of our eyes.
11:36 am
this really has to do with syria. there's been a bunch of different discussion about what to do with assad. do you support regime change in syria? >> look, we have a problem. it's called isis. isis is fighting syria. now we've built up iran to be a big power. iran is on the side of assad, syria. russia is on the side of assad. syria. so we build these people up. we created this strong power in iran which seriously, folks, you know better than anybody, four years ago they were dying, they were gasping for air. all we had to do is let them sit for a little longer, in fact double up your sanctions. you could have really negotiated a deal. how kerry never left that deal was incredible. everybody knew it was bad. they're dancing on the streets all over iran and literally they're all celebrating, shouting "death to america,"
11:37 am
"the dumb americans." what they're saying is incredible. they're saying "death to israel." this is the in middle of a negotiation. if i had a negotiation that, i would say let's check this negotiation. something is not going well. he never left the table once. if he would have left that table and said i'm sorry, you guys, first of all we should have gotten our hostages back before we started the negotiation. okay? 100%. we should have said very nicely, with respect, sorry, folks, until you do it, and then you leave the room -- because they're going to say, no. we're not giving you hostages back. say don't worry about it. you get up, you leave. you get back to your plane, you double up the sanctions. they will call you before you arrive back in washington or wherever you're going, turn the plane around in mid-air, your hostages are coming back. not $400 million in cash that we have to give. believe me.
11:38 am
and it's 100%. it's not like 99%. it's 100%. you leave, you say very nicely, i always tell my -- the story of my father who was a very good negotiator. he taught me so much. and he'd say, are you listening to this, ivanka? but he'd say, son, he thought i was too tough with things. right? he'd say, son, take the lumps out. you ever hear this story? take the lumps out. just nice ands, nice and easy. just relax, take the lumps out. in the old days i would have said we're not giving you anything. i would have made the room very angry. now i just say, sorry, we owe $20 trillion. we don't have the money. we can't do it. we can't do it. we don't. by the way, how do we pay them? we keep the $150 billion. but with the hostages you say we have to have it book. look, our people want the hostages.
11:39 am
your people don't care. the people probably didn't even know what they did because they played up the hostages because that's a sign of the big brave iran. so what happens is you say we have to have the hostages back. they will say no. you leave the room and you double up the sanctions. within 48 hours you'll have your hostages back. believe me. but they didn't do that. kerry never walked. only time he walked is when he entered a bicycle rice. can you believe this guy? 73 years old. true. he fell off his bicycle and he broke his leg and he was out of the negotiation for three or four weeks. and they probably did better in the negotiation when he wasn't there. that's the only time that he left. he should have left the negotiation and doubled up the sanctions and get what he wanted. that deal is a disaster for us. it is a shorter road to nuclear weapons and it is an incompetently negotiated deal. so these are the things that we're stuck with, folks. but we will fix them. >> great. and staying in the sort of wider
11:40 am
trans region, this is another important aspect because it is a place where members of isis now come in to europe, they come in to the united states, and this really has to do with libya. so since 2011 with the removal of gadhafi, libya has turned into a safe haven for isis, also a shipment point for some of these refugees leaving and coming in to europe and the united states. what would you do in libya to defeat isis and just talk a little bit about your commander in chief philosophy for how you would deal with this? >> it's more of the same. just another place they've taken over. this was a hillary clinton deal. we could have done a minor attack. he was begging. he wanted to make a deal. he wanted to do whatever. and this was just gadhafi was so strong on wanting to -- because he knew what was going to happen. but she was unyielding. and, frankly, it's a total disaster, libya, right now. you know they have among the
11:41 am
finest quality oils anywhere in the world? their oil is so valuable, so good. and you know who's got a lot of that oil right now? isis. isis has it. so we knock them out and isis now is all over libya and they've taken over the oil. remember, i've been saying this for years, folks. keep the oil. shouldn't have been there. if you get out, keep the oil. and we should have kept the oil. and we didn't. we didn't keep the oil anywhere. we got out. we spent -- i've been saying $2 trillion for years. i know one thing, it's now i'm hearing $4 trillion. you look at what we've spent, $4 trilli trillion to $5 trillion in the middle east and we have less than what we had 15 years ago. it is a total disaster, on top of which you have the migration which is destroying europe. look at what happened to merkel the other day in the election.
11:42 am
i knew that was going to happen. germany is a disaster now. france is a disaster. i have friends, they love the city of lights. right? i said to one of my friends the other day, so, how was paris this summer? he always goes -- he says i don't go there anymore. he said it is not the same place. it is a totally -- that's not paris anymore. we're destroying our planet. we're destroying what's going on. we're destroying ourselves. we're going to pull away from this here. we've been listening to donald trump in a setting, veterans there, virginia beach, virginia. strong city for our u.s. military there being asked questions with regard to national security. you've heard him -- actually we're going to go straight to hillary clinton now. let's listen, she's speaking. >> -- expectations and standards that don't really make sense. i want to make it clean and clear and i particularly want young people with an idea for a small business to feel that they can do it. so i have proposed a moratorium
11:43 am
for three years on student debt so you can actually get a business off the ground, get it started, make your future. i also believe we should raise the national minimum wage. anybody working full time should not be living in poverty. and finally, let's guarantee equal pay for women's work which will raise family incomes. anyone who's willing to work hard should have enough money to raise a family. did any of you watch any of the democratic convention? [ cheers ] i don't know if you saw these two young people, 17 years old from kansas. young man, young woman. went to the same high school. about to be seniors. get a summer job. working in a pizza restaurant in their hometown. they are pretty excited. i remember when i had what i
11:44 am
thought of as my first real job. not baby-sitting. not -- just kind of knocking around -- but a real job where i had to actually show up someplace and get a paycheck. that was pretty exciting. so the young man, young woman, were at our convention. here's the story they told. they were talking together one day after work. they had known each other. and the young woman said, you know, i'm excited because i think i'm actually going to be able to save some money for college making $8 an hour. and her friend, the young man, looked at her and he goes, i'm making $8.15 an hour. and the young woman said, well, you didn't have any experience before this job doing this, did you? he said, no, you know i didn't. she said, well, what do you think happened? oh, must be a mistake. so they together -- i give the young man a lot of credit -- good guy. right? they go to tell the manager that
11:45 am
there's been a mistake. they're doing exactly the same job, he's making 15 cents more an hour. what happens? the manager fired them both. and you know what? that's legal. if you find out about somebody else's salary, even if you're doing exactly the same job, you can be retaliated against, including being fired in most places. so when i say let's have equal pay and some people i see looking quizzical at me, they say well of course you got to have equal pay. well, yeah, if you're in the military and the pay scale is set. or you're in the government and it is set. or you are under a union contract and it is set. but if you're in the vast majority of jobs in america, you have no idea whether you're being paid fairly. so we cannot let that continue. that's wrong in america. if you're doing the job, you deserve to get the pay.
11:46 am
and so how are we going to fund this? i'll tell you, we are going where the money is. we're going to the people who have made the money in the last 15 years. we're going to the top 1%, 10%, the millionaires, the billionaires, they're going to have to start paying for support being our military, supporting our education system, supporting our health care system. there could not be a bigger contrast between what i've proposed when it comes to taxes, and what donald trump has proposed. he actually has proposed giving trillions -- and i mean that with a "t" -- trillions in tax cuts to big corporations, millionaires, billionaires, and wall street money managers. that would not only explode our national debt, it would lead to massive cuts in education and health care, and many of his
11:47 am
proposals would really benefit his own family but do nothing for the remaining 99%-plus of americans. and in fact, independent analysts have said this -- they've looked at our plans -- he doesn't have much in the way of plans but they have looked at what he has said -- and they concluded if we did what trump is recommending, we would lose 3 1/2 million jobs in 4 years. if we do what i'm recommending, we stand to gain over 10 million jobs in the next four years. and among the things that i want to do is make sure we have an education system from early childhood through adulthood. and that means i want universal pre-k. i want to help more kids get a better start so when they get to kindergarten, first grade, they're ready to learn.
11:48 am
i want to work with our teachers and educators. i respect teachers and educators and i want to give them the support they need to do the job we ask. and i want to support universities like this one. here's one of the reasons why. 50,000 students, 40% on pell grants. a lot of people would never have gotten an education if it weren't for the federal pel grant program. right? but here's what's most impressive. lot of schools have a lot of pell grants. this university graduates all categories of students at the same rate. if you're a pell grant student, a non-pell grant student, if you're white, african-american, latina, latino, asian, everybody graduates at the same rate. and why that happens is because
11:49 am
this university makes a particular commitment to every student and moves as quickly as possible to help kids who maybe are first generation college students. right? [ cheers ] i got to tell you. when i got to college -- now my father went to college on a football scholarship. i knew i wasn't going to college on a football scholarship. my mother had a really difficult childhood. she never got to go to college. so my dad couldn't really tell me much about going to college because he basically played football for four years and loved it. my mom couldn't tell me. so when i got to college, i felt so out of place. i was so nervous. there used to be something way back in the dark ages called collect phone calls. where you would call collect, which meant that your parents had to pay for it. and you just waited to see whether they'd accept it.
11:50 am
so i called home and i said, i can't -- i can't do this! it's too hard. everybody here is smarter than i am. they're better prepared than i am. i want to come home! and my father who didn't want me to go so far away to school anyway, he said, good, come home! my mother said, no. you have to stick it out. and if you feel the same way at the end of the year, then you can make a different decision. of course my mother was right. i loved it within a month or two. but i know what it feels like to show up and -- >> the two candidates in key states today. we've been listening here in hillary clinton in tampa, florida. before you can see in the smaller box we still have on the screen donald trump being asked questions by big fan of his, general -- retired army general michael flynn. let's begin there on that whole discussion we were listening in to initially on national security. they talked isis, russia, syria, talked about krookt hicrooked
11:51 am
hillary. mike rogers is with us, former house republican chairman of the house intelligence committee and the congressman is a volunteer advisor to the trump transition team. also with us, clinton supporter and democratic strategist brad wood woodhouse, chairman of correct the record. congressman, let me begin with you here in listening to donald trump. also just the setting is fascinating. he is surrounded by veterans. knowing that general flynn is the one asking these questions of him makes me think of the news today on these former military leaders who have written this letter backing donald trump which is a huge, huge deal. then you juxtapose that with just last month and the 50 republican top national security experts who feel exactly the opposite. i'm channeled the voters
11:52 am
watching and thinking who to believe when it comes to national security. why do you think there is such a divide? >> well, it is unfortunate, candidly. i talk to a lot generals. some on the 50 list, some on the 88 list. some are for hillary clinton. this notion of republican generals and democrat generals makes people very nervous. makes me nervous. the military is the last institution that americans respect and believe in. boy, i think this rattled that thought that this was a bipartisan effort or non-partisan effort for military leadership. i think people just feel very passionately in this election. i think the 88 was in response to the thought that they didn't -- those national security officials, military officers, didn't want the public to get the idea that that whole sector of the voting population, retired military officers, was believed the same thing that they did, that donald trump wasn't their candidate.
11:53 am
i think that's why it came out. i think it was probably a pretty good boost for donald trump. i think this setting is pretty good for donald trump that he has a military general asking him national security questions which is i think better than just donald trump talking. i think this is well played on their behalf. >> brad, also this is in anticipation of tim tim kaikain speaking next hour on national security. listening to him pivot, he was pivoting back and forth between russia, libya, talking about gadhafi, back to syria and isis. how did he sound to you? >> well, look. first of all, let's remember who's asking the questions. this is, as you said, a former army general, michael flynn, who's been on the payroll of the kremlin, who's pal around with vladimir putin and who has steered donald trump in the direction of favoring russia's priorities over americans' traditional priorities as it relates to nato, the crimea,
11:54 am
ukraine. so i think people should be justifiably alarmed at the direction that the donald trump campaign and donald trump has gone with respect to russia and vladimir putin. i agree that the setting is probably good for donald trump, but i think if you listen to the content of the answers, it is just over and over again. this is a disaster, that is a disaster. what it is devoid of are any solutions to these problems. he says he will deal with isis more forcefully but i doesn't says how. he says he would deal with iran more forcibly but doesn't say how. he just declares everything that's preceded this campaign or preceded his interest in any of this as a disaster without any solutions that ever come behind it. >> to counter all of this -- congressman, i want you to respond -- we'll get the counter perspective from hillary clinton's running mate, from tim kaine next hour, speaking on national security. we have excerpts.
11:55 am
he's going to point to in his speech about the conservative radio host hugh hewitt who had a conversation with donald trump into the to long on the radio and how as tim kaine will point out donald trump didn't quite understand the difference between qods and kurds, didn't quite -- couldn't tell the difference between hezbollah and hamas. then he also will remind everyone has said the trump hillary clinton has joined in, that he knows more than the generals know. this notion from the democrats and critics of donald trump saying, great's he's evolved on things. that's one thing as a businessman. but when you have your finger on the nuclear codes, that's frightening. >> well, it's all about who you put around you. any national security team is very influential on those decisions. they're the mechanism to try to push out what is u.s. national security abroad. some notion that the hillary clinton foreign policy hasnyes
11:56 am
been pretty rough on the united states. most people can turn on tv and see that that's the case. i don't think donald trump needs to make the case what they were doing and how they were going on about it with the iran deal, veterans affairs issues. veterans affairs know that they've got huge problems. waiting lists got bad and worse. the fact that the iran deal is spreading trouble across the middle east and has empowered the leading state sponsor of terror. now they are firing missiles in violation of other u.n. sanctions -- or resolutions. all of that people can see. so there is a track record there. i don't think donald trump has to come out and sound like general patton or general ice hour f iceeisenhower for that matter. what he needs to do is community with national security professionals in a way that allows him to implement good policy to keep america safe and identify his principals on how we do it. i think he did that a little bit with the iran deal when he was talking about how he might have handled the hostage deal. i think he's trying to do that.
11:57 am
i think he's correcting on national security and i think this a good start to that, at least from that little bit that i heard today. >> also on who is more honest and trustworthy, not necessarily related to the specifics on national security, but overall it was a question cnn posed. in the new poll numbers that came out today it is trump at 50% over clinton's 35%. brad, that brings me to you. we saw hillary clinton today on her plane talking to our traveling press. she quickly mentioned the e-mails which if you have any candidate worth a drip, drip, drip of facts, it's her. she said the e-mails's resolved all of this, answered all of this. but to me when i look at those poll numbers, is it everything answered? people are having again these trust issues, questions about her judgment. what do you think? >> well, first of all, i don't think that this one measure is going to determine the outcome of the election.
11:58 am
i think a previous panelist mentioned that, that the question -- everybody focused on this one result. let's take a look at the aggregate policy across the country on huff post on our real clear politics. she has a strong and durable lead in this race, she has a strong and durable lead in the battleground states. so i think we keep obsessing about this one issue. you want me to say why i think we're dealing with this issue. look, we just had a year-and-a-half of benghazi investigation that threw out all types of charges against her, none of which were ever proved but those things are now taken by some as fact. she's faced critical stories that are later debunked, headlines revised, paragraphs changed, on the foundation, but no one ever realizes the correctionses th that are made debunking of those stories. so she has -- you know, and donald trump has not faced the same scrutiny. say for example on the trump
11:59 am
foundation. his contributions to an attorney general in florida who then dropped an investigation -- >> we're talking about that next hour. trust me. >> good! thank you. appreciate that. >> you got it. let me leave it here, gentlemen. appreciate both of you. we are continuing our coverage here on these dueling rallies both in two separate states that are very important come nine weeks from now.
12:00 pm
top of the hour here. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. let's go to hillary clinton speaking specifically here about isis. >> -- the attack of 9/11. i was a senator from new york. i knew people who were killed. i worked with families and the few survivors. i worked to get the health care needed by our first respond rs and emergency workers


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