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tv   New Day  CNN  September 7, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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and just 19 days until trump and clin to be face off in their first debate. new developments, we have them covered. let's get to sara murray life in greenville, north carolina. sarah. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump is trailing hillary clinton on who is best to be commander in chief in our latest poll, but he is trying to turn the numbers around and trying to do that by going after hillary clinton not just on her foreign policy approach, but also on her use of a private e-mail server. >> she never talks about policy. >> reporter: donald trump and hillary clinton, clashing over who is ready to be commander in chief. >> he has no clue about what he is talking about. >> reporter: trump, unveiling endorsements from nearly 90 u.s. military leaders, and rere-veelg his plan to take down isis. >> going to convene my top generals and go i have them a simple instruction. they will have 30 days to submit to the oval office a plan for
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soundly and quickly defeating isis. >> he says he has a secret plan to defeat isis, but the is he crea -- secret is, he has no plan. when it comes to fighting isis, he has been all over the map. would you have to literally map it out. he has talked about letting syria become a free zone for isis. look at the map, donald. he has talked about sending in american ground troops, not on my watch. >> reporter: the democratic nominee capitalizing on trump's own words on veterans. >> john mccain, a war hero. >> he is not a war hero. he is a war hero because he was captured. i like people who weren't captured. >> reporter: as she touts her own military supporters. >> they know they cannot count on donald trump. they view him as a danger and a risk. >> reporter: but trump continues to argue clinton is the risky one. >> hillary clinton favors what has been called military
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adventurism. rushing invade countries, displacing millions of families, and then inviting the refugees into our country, creating power vacuums, filled by terrorist groups like isis. >> reporter: as the rivals trade barbs. >> she likes to play tough with russia. >> russia doesn't like isis any better than we do. we could knock them out together. >> work with the allies, not insult them. stand up to the adversaries, not co cozy up to them. >> reporter: highlighting the fbi's revelation that one of her aids destroyed old phones with a hammer. >> shady activity. >> reporter: and seizing on the fbi interview that there were some details that she just couldn't recall. >> if she really can't remember, she can't be president. she doesn't remember anything.
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were you instructed on how to use -- i can't remember. >> reporter: you can expect donald trump to keep up his criticism of hillary clinton today, talking about the hill tempora adventurement, and the plans to bolster the -- >> hillary clinton for her part is pounding on the fact that trump was caught by the irs for concealing a foundation oh donation for $25,000 to the campaign of florida's attorney general. at the same time that she was considering investigating fraud claims against trump university. we're now learning this is not trump's only violation of political donation limits. not evenly close. cnn senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny has that story for us. it isn't new, but new in focus. >> donald trump has often railed against what he calls a rigged political system.
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but this morning, there is a fresh reminder he has been part of the system for a very long time. it's that $25,000 donation from his foundation to the florida attorney general that is receiving fresh scrutiny. because it came just as her office was set to review allegations of fraud at trump university. foundations of course are not allowed to make political contributions. so he was slapped with a $2,500 fine by the irs. the clinton campaign back on offense with hillary clinton and bill clinton raising all of this and trump's unwillingness to release his own tax returns. >> truly, the list goes on and on. the scams, the frauds, the questionable relationships, the business activities that have stiffed workers, refused to pay small businesses. so clearly, his tax returns tell a story that the american people deserve and need to know. >> i got tickled the other day
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when mr. trump called my foundation a criminal enterprise. he made a political contribution to the attorney general of florida who at the time had her office investigating trump university. and mysteriously, the investigation vanished. >> now trump says he never discussed this case with florida attorney general pam bondi but has held fund-raisers for her and is a big supporter. a comment he made last summer about contributions he's made to politicians, he said when you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do. that's his reference for more than three decades, which includes a laundry list. >> "the new york times" took this into the past and lined up all the different times he has been caught, not using the system, but abuse be the system, break the rules, right? >> it is a long list, mainly
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here in new york. and here are some of the highlights here of really what is a laundry list. in 1985, evaded donation limits using 18 subsidiary companies. that means he gave more than he should have by using those companies. in the '90s, exceeding donation limits by nearly $50,000. in 2000, fined $250,000 by failing to disclose lobbying activities, and looking into trump university here. so again, these are not allegations, these are places he was fined. he agreed to pay the fine, all part of it sounds to me like the rigged system he has talked so much about. >> jeff zeleny thank you very much. alisyn. let's discuss this with republican congressman, chris collins of new york. co-chair of the trump campaign's house leadership committee. weighs t he was the first member of congress to support donald trump. you heard all these different
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examples dating back to the 1980s of not only skirting the law, but breaking the law in terms of campaign contributions, and donations. how is that not him rigging the system? >> well, donald has always said it is a rigged system. i pointed out to all the viewers one big difference. donald trump has been a donor. hillary clinton has been someone with his hand out as she puts her family first and continues to do so. she has been on the receiving end of donations. i don't think america cares too much on an individual giving his money as much as they do about somebody who has got their hands out shaking down donors and then being subject to the, you know, demands of those same donors. i think it is very different. i also think it is a distraction today, frankly. from the biggest issues which are jobs and economy, immigration issues and isis. >> congressman --
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>> we're going to see a lot of mud slinging for the next 62 days. >> don't you think the american public cares about breaking the law? >> these are technicalities in many cases as he pointed out on the recent bondi one. he was solicited for donation, he told his clerk to do it. she wrote it out of the wrong checking account. they self-reported it. there was a fine that went along with that self-reporting. and he cleared it up. those things do happen. but i'll go back to again the difference is donald trump has been donating money. he has always said he has donated money. hillary clinton has always been on the receiving end. >> let's look at the list again. because it is more than just donations. it is illegal. the one to pam bondi, that one warranted a fine. let's look back. in 1985, evaded donation limits by using 18 subsidiaries. the next one, fined for
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exceeding donation limits by nearly $50,000. in 2000, fined $250,000 by failing to disclose the extent of lobbying activities, paying them for something he wanted. now, of course, he donated to more than just pam bondi, four attorneys general who were looking into trump university. isn't this the very definition of paola, the practice of bribing someone to promote your interest? how does this differ? >> well, as i've said, donald trump has been on the donating side. you make donations to get the ear of somebody that you would like to speak with that's part of what goes on in politics. it is the dirty side of politics. clinton has been on the receiving end. >> but not illegal. >> it is a big difference, congressman. but nothing illegal.
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>> many of these are technicalities. i'm not going to defend it, but they are technicalities when it comes down, especially in new york. there is nothing worst, and i live in new york, i know how to goes with llcs and other vehicles that people use donating to statewide candidates and credible sums of money. new york has the worst system in the entire united states. certainly at the state level. but again, the public is hearing this, but what they really care about are the bigger issues of jobs and the economy. >> congressman, let me tell you some breaking news this morning. that is that the dallas morning news, obviously huge paper, influential papener texr in tex endorsing a democratic, hillary clinton this morning. here is what they write. trump's values are hostile. he plays on fear, exploiting base extincts of xenophobia.
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his improulse control. a red state, how big of a blow is this endorsement? >> oh, these kind of endorsements, al siisyn are toty meaningless. the "buffalo news" said i was uniquely unqualified out of 330 million americans, i was uniquely unqualified. i won. so when i read newspaper endorsements, i just chuckle and think back to my own, where i didn't get many newspaper endorsements. i don't think they mean a thing. i'm proof positive. >> you seem to be taking that in stride, congressman. >> here i sit. >> i see that. voters don't always listen to newspapers. >> i don't believe they do.
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>> i want to ask you about donald trump's plan. he said he'll give his top generals 30 days to give him a plan for fighting isis. we have a whole bunch of generals that we use here at cnn who have said basically yoo who, what do you think we've been doing. what will donald trump that is new? >> i think it comes back to the weakness of president obama and secretary clinton in what i believe is putting handcuffs on those same generals saying give me a plan, but. here is something i won't do. i don't want to offend the radical islamic terrorists. we're not going to call them that. we don't want to offend those in the middle east. woulder a going to cozy up to the ayatollah, strike a bad deal with iran, no red line in syria. so i believe the obama administration, along with hillary clinton, have put handcuffs on these very generals who i believe if they're told we're going to defeat isis,
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think about no handcuffs, what are we going to do to get it done, i think then the plan will evolve from that. i do believe obama has consistently put handcuffs on his generals, and is clearly not followed their lead or we wouldn't have the catastrophes that we've had both in syria, iraq, pulling out. no way the generals recommended we pull out of iraq without a plan to fill the void. so i think it starts with a type of leader donald trump will be at the top, compared to frankly no leadership by president obama. >> congressman chris collins, thank you for being on "new day." >> good to be with you. all right, one time democratic rival, bernie sanders now stumping solo for hillary clinton. what is his message? is it effective. we'll speak with his former campaign manager, next. people get anxious and my office gets flooded with calls.
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by the way, if she really can't remember, she can't be president. she doesn't remember anything. she doesn't even remember whether or not she was instructed on how to use e-mails. were you in instructed on how to use -- i can't remember. >> the character contest, as much as everybody says they want it about policy, who is the better person seems to be a predominant theme of both
5:18 am
campaigns, or who is a less bad person based on all the things that keep coming out. we looked at donald trump and the controversies that are surrounding him. now let's do the same with hillary clinton. on your screen, obviously the e-mail issue. there was her role in benghazi. let's bring in charles blow, and kaleigh. let's make the case, wh en it comes to character, why is hillary clinton not the right choice and donald trump is? >> the biggest problem with washington is that laid out by bernie sanders. when you are in government, you're servant of the people, not of yourself and own interest. part of that means being transparent, foia requests, preserving those records. hillary clinton didn't do that.
5:19 am
she sledgehammered her devices. she used bleach to erase records under subpoena to preserve. sheer a remarkable lack of transparency. we need to get back to the idea of public servants, not leaving dead broke in her own words. >> she didn't do the hammering and things like that, but it goes to the nature of what was going on around her. does that disqualify hillary clinton, and if not why? >> i don't think it does. there is no criminal activity there. people have looked into this thing, which i do believe is a mistake on her part. you know, it is a real thing, this e-mail issue. but it is not a criminal issue. and the idea that it should be about transparency coming from donald trump, a person who just refuses to even produce his tax returns is -- it just doesn't ring well, i think in most
5:20 am
viewers' minds this idea that you would be the person to come forward and say, you're not being transparent and you're not doing something that every presidential candidate in modern american history has done. so i just don't think that it holds water. if she is in fact, you know, that criminal, who has been investigated for 25 years, she is the best criminal ever. right? because none of this -- >> is the illegally the bar for the leader or just wrong, shady, evasive, but not illegal, but still not okay? >> i think there is a part of the clintons that is very defensive. apart of that is because they've been fighting for a very long time. part of that is their own fault. and that is a thing that they have to deal with. i think that she has made it very clear that was a mistake to do that, to sets up the personal
5:21 am
server. that said, trying to make these kind of equal issues that donald trump is a pathological liar. i mean, these mini documentaries last night, i was watching them, one, you see a public servants over a lifetime, which what hillary clinton's was, and donald trump, you saw a pathological liar. like from the moment that that thing started to run, and he was introduced to the public, and everyone of his business dealings was shady from the very beginning. and it is just, it rolled out and i sat there thinking to myself, this is a pathological liar. >> kaleigh is shaking her head. why? >> i disagree entirely. if we want to talk about lying, let's look to hillary clinton. her server was completely okayed by the state department, a myriad of facts that were contradicted by the fbi director, and said it was a
5:22 am
mistake, blamed it on colin powell, blaming it on aids, she said 39 times, i do not recall, i know that's a legal technique, do you recall if you've ever owned an ipad. she can't recall if she owned an ip ipad, despite owning five. i'm sure the american public can recall if they've owned a flip phone. these are remarkable statements i guess either incompetent or deceit. neither are good options. >> if donald trump is in an inappropriate change agent in your opinion, why is hillary clinton better than donald trump when it comes to the issue of character? >> i'm not making the argument of her being better than him. what i'm making the argument is i do see a pathological liar. i do, i genuinely believe he is fundamentally and uniquely unqualified to be president. that there is something really
5:23 am
wrong with the character of that man. now, whether or not you choose to vote for hillary clinton, that's your business. whether you choose a third party, that's your business. but i believe this particular candidate is yuniquely unqualified. >> why the polls so constant -- >> they're both -- >> historically high negatives. nobody candice pute that. he does better, in this cnn poll, 50% of likely voters saying he is more honest than she is. >> which is insane, right? that's part of, i think that's part of our fault. that we have now created this falls equivalency that what she has said, all politicians lie. the "new yorker" is trying to find the truth of donald trump. his relationship to the truth is just a different level of -- >> the problem that you just -- >> a different level of lies. >> this is the problem when you throw out labels that donald trump is a liar, x, y and z,
5:24 am
i'll give you another one. look at b, yes, this had nothin to do with the video and then you have families coming out and they claim that she told them that it was about a video after she told the ee egyptians prime minister, two benghazi families. i've given you a third one just in this segment. >> that's part of what you do, right. you're going to do that. >> i'm sorry, don't do that. don't do that. >> all right, quick last word. >> this is what you do. >> donald trump should never be president of the united states. he is a pathological liar. >> labels. >> no, it is just the truth, right. if you look at the facts, all the things he said, the number of times that they have caught him lying is off the charts, right. the number, the percentage, the
5:25 am
things they've found true is like -- >> last word. >> politifact, they've found -- >> that's the problem with the republican party, then. they need to stop lying like that. >> you can go to split fapoliti check that for yourself. thank you. bernie sanders is hitting the campaign trail for his former rival, hillary clinton. can he convince his supporters to vote for clinton? we speak with sanders former campaign manager, next. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. and i'm michael howard. we left on our honeymoon in january 2012. it actually evolved into a business. from our blog to video editing... our technology has to hang tough with us. when you're going to a place without electricity, you need a long battery life. the touch, combined with the screen resolution...
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a mac doesn't have that. we wanted to help more people get out there and see the world. once you take that leap, that's where the magic happens. i know more about isis then the apprgenerals do. age. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
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the answer is 100% clear. on every issue, hillary clinton is the superior candidate. hands down. >> senator bernie sanders, stumping for hillary clinton, you heard him there at a new hampshire event on labor day. how many of the people who felt the bern are ready to say i'm with her. let's discuss with bernie sanders former campaign manager, jeff weaver. jeff, i have missed you. good to have you back on the show. >> thank you much. great to be here.
5:30 am
>> we know the answer to the question. we do know that somewhere between 70 and 80% of berners, to use that with all respect, have said they would vote for hillary clinton, not donald trump. but what we're seeing in the election is can you get the people who need to be enthusiastic out? our latest poll, she seems weak on that score. can bernie help? >> well, i think he can, chris. this is why. unfortunately, this campaign has deinvolved into a who lies more or who is the worst candidate. i think we have to get back to a discussion of who is the better candidate. i think what you saw when bernie sanders ran in his primary, he was focused on the issues that affect people's lives. that's what enthused people. raising the minimum wage, dealing with the cost of health care, dealing with the cost of high cost of college education. dealing with climate change. dealing with issues of war and peace. if we can get back to a discussion of those issues and which candidate is better on those issues, clearlies that
5:31 am
hillary clinton. i think that we will start to build the enthusiasm that the clinton campaign will need for the fall. >> is bernie sanders compromised at all in making the positive case for clinton because of what he said against clinton, some of which as you know trump is now rerunning and his surrogates parrot about her judgment and whether or not she did things on the up and up? >> well, look, you have a race now where you have two candidates, one of whom will be president. hillary clinton or donald trump. those are your choices. as you know, i supported bernie sanders. i thought he would have been the best, i still do. he is not one of the final contenders. you have hillary clinton and donald trump as the senator just said in the clip you ran, hands down, hillary clinton is a superior candidate on all the issues i just listed, on all the issues that the senator ran on that bernie sanders ran on. cares about. hillary clinton is far better than donald trump. it is not even a close race. so people who supported bernie sanders, if you want to move
5:32 am
forward on these issues, if you want to raise minimum wage, if you want to deal with the high cost of college education, deal with climate change, your choice between those two candidates is clearly hillary clinton. >> but what do you say to those who respond to the trump message that i am more like bernie sanders? i am the outsider, i reject the system as it is. i will make wholesale change, especially where money in politics is involved, hillary clinton can't match that. >> well, look, chris, i -- donald trump is nothing like b bernie sanders. bernie sanders has fought for working people his entire life. sought to fight for progressive change in this election and has created a grassroots movement across the country. donald trump has been a self-interested business person his entire life. he is not interested in the little person. you know, he thinks wages are too high, climate change is a
5:33 am
hoax. he may want change, but it will be in the wrong direction. >> lukewarm. that's the word that the "boston herald" used for clinton. is that fair? >> no, i absolutely reject that. the senator has been very clear that he strongly supports secretary clinton to be the next president of the united states. if you heard his convention speeches in support of hillary clinton, i don't think -- i think that he is a very unfair characterization. they haven't always been a friend of bernie sanders. >> why isn't it maximized, sanders in leadership, that will become part of the clinton administration? any talk about that, about a post for bernie, a cabinet position for bernie? does he want that? >> he is a senior senator, not only are we going to elect hillary clinton in the fall, take back the senate, the democrats will be in control.
5:34 am
he'll be chair of the senate and budget committee, maybe a different committee. he will be in a powerful position to help move the issues he talked about on the campaign trail. as you know, there were discussions between senator sanders and secretary clinton on a number of these issues and they came to agreement on college education, providing free tuition, public colleges and universities under $125,000. he will be able to help move that with the support of the clinton administration. >> jeff weaver, appreciate you making the case from the sanders perspective here on "new day." thanks for having us. >> appreciate it. chris, in just a few days, 15 years since the 9/11 terror attacks. up next, we'll talk to the chairs of the 9/11 commission about whether the u.s. is safer today.
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this sunday marks 15 years since the september 11th attacks that killed nearly 3,000 people. what happened in the fight against terror in those 15 years, and are we safer today than we were then. joining us now, former new jersey governor tom kane, a full
5:39 am
report on this attack back in 2004. gentlemen, thank you for being here. governor, let me start with you. without question, are we safer today than we were 15 years ago? >> well, we're safer in the homeland. we've done -- we've spent millions of dollars, done a lot of improvements, intelligence agencies are talking to each other. we haven't had a large scale attack, certainly in the size of 9/11. so we're safer from that point of view. but we've had smaller attacks. we've had many more attacks around the world, and we had even 15 years ago. so we're still worried. we're not winning the fight yet. we're simply holding our own. >> congressman, is that your conclusion as well? after things like san bernardino, orlando, fort hood, many americans don't feel safer than they did 15 years ago. what is your assessment? >> 9/11 was a very traumatic day
5:40 am
in the history of america. we lost more people than at any other day in the history of the country. 3,000 people. we haven't, as tom suggested, had anything like that. so we have made progress in protecting the homeland. although we've had some serious glitches in the boston marathon case, and other cases. so we have to keep our guard up. the threat is serious. it is urgent. it is real. and we have to get better at everything we're now doing. we're doing a lot. the threat has evolved. >> yes. >> we think less likelihood of a massive attack, like 9/11. more likely the kinds of things that happened in orlando and california. >> yes. >> those are very, very difficult to guard against. >> and that's the fear, i mean,
5:41 am
that's what obviously send ace shiver down the spine of intelligence officials. what's the answer that we've seen in those cases? >> we think we've basically only done half the job. by that, i mean we've protected the homeland well, we've created a hard shell around us, the attacks have gotten through. there will be more that get through with these small self-generated attacks, people who ideologically convinced of al qaeda's case. we haven't done the other side of it. around the world, the terrorism threat has metastasized. >> that's scary to hear. >> yeah. >> where have we fallen down. >> i believe, and i think lee believes, we've only done half. we haven't attacked the
5:42 am
ideology. we've done a very good job with the military, good job with the internal security. but we haven't really used all our efforts, economic efforts, ideological efforts, cultural to go back to the ideology. >> we've heard that many times. you can't bomb an ideology, and that persists and continues to be so dangerous. what's the answer? what's the solution to tackling the ideology? >> well, part of is to go on the offense. we've got a wonderful story to tell. we treat people decently, liberty and freedom and we have to get that message out to erode the attractiveness of the violent deaths like ideology that isis and others represent. so we have to state our own case forcefully. secondly, we have to get much
5:43 am
better at dealing with this threat. it begins with a citizen. in many respects, the first line of defense is if you see something, say something. it begins with encouraging the muslim community in this country and around the world to cooperate. it begins with a much sharper intelligence than we now have. we've made a lot of progress here. we have a national counterterrorism that has awesome capabilities that are getting better at identifying the targets, and the people. they cannot yet identify when the attacks will occur. so in better intelligence is part of it. >> and -- >> look, there are a lot of things we are doing we need to do better. >> governor, what is your plan to do better? >> well, we're going to get a group together intelligence experts out of the bipartisan center in washington.
5:44 am
lee and i are going to chair it and the various things we should be doing and have to do, if we're going to beat this threat ideologically, and we're going to kill this ideology once and for all. until we do that, we're not going to be safe and we're not going to be successful. >> governor keen, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. we have a quick programming note. join us 8:00 p.m., 9/11, 15 years later, an updated look with the only known footage from inside the twin towers. >> still so hard to watch for so many. this convention, no matter how you look at it, it is unconventional. is it going to come down to just the swing states, but maybe just one state. maybe just florida, like it did back in 2000. we'll take a look. first, a woman struggling
5:45 am
with bulemia, until a shelter dog saved her life. dr. sanjay gupta has more on this. i remember it was one night where my father was missing and my mother and sister were having an argument at the table, and i just started eating and eating and eating. and could not stop. just wanted to kind of shut doup the emotions, and went upstairs for the first time and threw up. i'm shannon co approximatpp. my child issuhood was a bit cha. my father was an alcoholic. it started before my 17th birthday. i didn't realize within eight years, i would be hospitalized. i couldn't think straight. it hurt to swallow. as i started battling suicidal
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our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. 62 days until election day. many are pointing to the possibility that the 2016 race could come down to the historic crucial swing state of florida again. joining us to discuss, long time miami herald, predicted some of the themes in this real life election. carl, great to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> what themes did you predict? >> chaos. no, i mean, there is an element of the novel that has a sort of a reality tv star in it, who attracts a certain strident
5:51 am
right wing white support system. >> that seems like a jackpot of a theme that you hit on here. >> when i wrote it, i had no idea. i had no idea, a real duck dynasty would be addressing the rnc. tom wolf couldn't have dreamed that up. >> bonfire of the vanities. so what the hell is going on here? what's going on in the country? what's the dynamic that you see? >> i think it is both complicated and simple. you have a great performer, terrific performer, stand up guy in donald trump. i think you have a lot of people that really there is going to be a wall built, which won't happen. he tap news that, we can do this sort of thing, and i do think there is discontent, anger, and so some extent, this candidacy has given hate a home. which is a little terrifying. but i mean, you all see him as a new yorker and we see him ace
5:52 am
floridian at his mansion down there. i think he'll carry as many votes, he'll get his butt kicked where he lives. >> why? >> florida is tough for him. florida is tough. it is diverse, for one thing. in one way he could win is if they change the election day and don't tell african-americans, hispanics or women. >> keep it a secret. he has a shot but if those groups show up, he is in trouble. >> when you -- the magic you're able to capture, reconciling with parrotty, you're trying to do that with columns. how do you think we got here? >> i don't know. i don't think many people predicted it. >> i'm talking to you as carl, understanding the culture. >> well. >> i think you've got another thing going on. i think you've got two unpopular candidates happening. so it's not a question of
5:53 am
numbers going up. certain numbers going down. secondly, i think you have a guy who came to life for america on reality tv, which is a relatively new cultural thing. you know, when you're writing satire, you're looking for targets. when you're looking for targets you can actually improve on in satire. now we've got targets that are truly larger than you could have invented in fiction. to that point, i don't know how we got there. it makes my job a hell of a lot tougher, though. you're trying to be funny and crank it up and it is already cranked up. >> truth stranger than fiction. >> especially in florida, where everything is bizarre. you always expect the worst and you're never disappointed. >> what are floridians saying about their role in this upcoming election and whether or not all eyes will be there? >> every four years we live in dredge we'll have some responsibility for what happens. ever since 2000, we would rather not be involved. we're lucky we're still allowed
5:54 am
to vote after what happened in 2000, and every year, we pray it will be ohio or pennsylvania, another swing state. but the idea that the whole future of the republic could come down to what happens in november terrifies all of us. we're worried about it. >> why do you love "razor girl?" >> i love the lead character, a scammer, brilliant, smart, again, sort of pulled out of the headlines. i like to poach the headlines for stories. >> who is this person modelled on? >> a highly unusual traffic accident in the keys a few years ago involving a woman who crashed into a bunch of tourists and the woman driver was doing some personal grooming at the time of the accident, not texting while driving. and i just thought that is a scene that belongs in a novel. i mean, so i just put it in a file and i couldn't figure out where to put it in the novel. i said i'll start it and see
5:55 am
what happens. it is just me saying that's sick enough to go in the book. >> that's great. prediction of what's going to happen? our producer wants to you make a prediction of what's going to happen. go ahead. >> what's going to happen is if trump wins, i think real estate values in canada and bahamas will go up significantly. there will be emigration going on. but i don't know. i worry about the hacking thing that's come up, the russian hacking. florida, you're going to hack any place, if you're looking at a map of florida, where the goofy place, you start in florida. i'm worried about that. i do worry about that. >> for real? >> yeah, yeah, it could happen. a six-year-old kid could do it. forget putin. i'm worried about an elementary school doing it.
5:56 am
>> let's hope your prediction is just fictitious. the book is "razor girl." we have the good stuff, next. get back to great. this week 50% off all backpacks. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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good stuff, one man's life led to a truly extraordinary gift in death. listen to this. >> people are super excited. >> it was a large donation and came as a total surprise. >> what was it? robert moore was a university alum news, worked at the library for 50 years and saved his money. >> why. >> how much money you ask? $4 million. >> huh? >> he gave it all back to the school that he loved and worked for. >> we need to get jobs as librarians. >> you need to save. >> thank you very much. time for "newsroom" with carol costello. hey, carol. >> have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. donald trump and hillary clinton clash on national security, and the


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