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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 7, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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angle, one with telephoto so you can get further in on your zooming. >> okay the zoom that is huge. >> okay -- >> and, and, adjustive focus. thank you, out of time "the lead" starts now. >> thanks brook, so was donald trump's plan all along to ask for a plan? think about it? "the lead" starts now. mr. trump says he knows more than the generals do but now he is going to ask them for a new plan to destroy isis. and is the solution as dangerous as the problem. what about the spraying to stop the mosquitos spreading it. plus apple's tradition of making stuff you already paid for immediately obsolete.
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iphone 7 is here headphone jack is out, what else is in? good afternoon, everyone. we're going to begin today with our politics lead. "peace through strength." that is how donald trump started a majoruation national security speech. immediately after taking office, the g.o.p. says they will have 30 days to quickly defeat isis. those of you paying attention know that the claim is at odd odds with previous trump pronouncements. he says he knows about isis than the generals do and a "foolproof" plan to destroy the terrorist group. in june trump said the generals don't know much and now the generals have to come up with a
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new plan. did mr. trump elaborate at all on how, under a trump administration he would destroy isis? >> not with too much specificity other than the call for generals to come up with a new plan within 30 days of him taking over. he say it's will require cyber, financial, and side -- ideological efforts. >> she is trigger happy and unstable. whether we like it it or not. >> trump also saying if he is elected, he will give military leaders a month to give him a plan to defeat isis. >> i will ask my generals for a
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plan within 30 days to defeat and destroy isis. it will require cyber warfare, financial warfare. >> i have a great plan it will be great. >> the new 30 day request is drawing scrutiny. >> it shows a lack of the understanding of the threat and the ways to fight it. the elements of national security policy. >> trump also said he would push lawmakers to get rid of the military sequester. >> as soon as i take office i will ask them to fully fund the
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military it is so depleted. >> he suggested the spending cuts didn't go far enough. >> it is exaggerated, a lot of things are not going to happen. >> this has trump's taxes remain in the spotlight. with running mate mike pence, deciding to release hixs tax returns next week. >> she has 33,000 e-mails she deleted deleted. when will she release her e-mails? let he release them and i will release my tax churns immediately. he is adding his usual caveat that he will not release them while under audit. >> that reason seems to apply only to trump's return since 2009 as a letter from his tax count notes from 2002 to 2008
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has been closed administratively with the u.s. zhp and mike pence will release his taxes in the next 24 to 48 hours and keep the issue front and center for him. >> let's dive in more to what trump said today. he called for an active army a marine core with 36 battalions. i guess the basic question do they think this slis doable and do they think it is necessary? >> let's start with the necessary. that is really the crux of all of this military planning starts with what is the threat? what do you need to deal with that threat? how did you even know what you
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need until you know what the threat is or have some intelligence analyss that takes you to that point. i think there will be a lot of questions about how he came up with the numbers beyond some of the ones he quoted that came from very well known republican think tanks, if you will here in the nation's capital. certainly these kinds of analysts push certain numbers all of the time. but the hard core analysis of what you need is a very different question. the pentagon while many generals say they need more they're not as far along as he is. and they know the big problem is how are you going to pay for it all? and trump says he wants congress to stop sequestration. clinton also called for an end to sequestration with democrats and republicans supporting it. at least the presidential
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nominees why is it still in place? >> the pent gone wants it over too so it can have more flexibility in it's spending. the federal budget is out of control right now. the mandatory cuts are having a serious impact on the military but you to get the democrats and the republicans to lift it and the only thing more complicated than presidential politics is budget politics. joining me now is jeff sessions thank you for being here. >> i'm confused take a listen to mr. trump last year. >> there is a method to defeat them quickly and effectively, but it is a foolproof way of winning the war with isis. >> so that was mr. trump in 2015 talking about his foolproof man that he said would be secret.
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now he said the generals will get 60 day30 days to come up with a plan. >> this can be done. he is saying clearly, une gively and consistently we're going to target isis first. we're not going to get involved in long prolonged nation building matters that create instability in the long run. so it's in our interest to attack the isis and defeat them and he has a clear side about that and i don't think there is any doubt that he ever would be talking with the generals on how to achieve it. >> he said he has a full proof plan and now he is saying the generals that he said don't know
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much will come up with a better plan. >> the statements he made some months ago, a year ago, are not controlling. he will always work toward that end. he has requireties degreefeat your direct threat. he wants to reduce conflict and me hearing aid it clear in these remarks. >> so he didn't have a. >> plan. >> you're having fun with this argument and the american people
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are concerns about about what we're going to do. she going to work with our military generals to firm that up and move forward and i believe question be successful and i believe we will be successful. >> i'm not having fun with it. he said something and now he is saying something that seems to contradict it. >> you can say seems to contradict. i don't think is a fundamental contradiction at all. >> you saying we're going to defeat isis what is president trump going to do that the military is not already trying to do. >> first and foremost, shehe is going to get with the military and the support and the leadership to move in this direction. we have not moved decisively enough to defeat isis. >> can you give me an example of -- >> i'm not going to lay out the
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details, ask hillary clinton what is her plan to defeat isis? should we continue the same way we're doing now and creating more instability in the region. this is a dangerous situation that any president is getting in january. we should never be in such a dangerous position. >> it is dangerous. a time when president obama or the generals or the admirals or the fighting men and women. when they did not do something that a president trump would have wanted them to do. >> there are a lot of things that are policy decisions that you reach based on the priorities that you have. and i believe that we have
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unleashed the military and giving them more ability to function and they could have been more effective in defeating isis already. donald trump made it clear for months he has been consistent on it. >> and it appears you don't care when i bring up things that mr. trump said before. >> i think what is important, really is what are we going to do in the future? what did donald trump say today. he is going to give priority to defeating isis. he will work with our allies around the region to try to create stability and peace and not be involved -- >> but i have not heard one example of one thing that would be done definitely. >> trump criticized hillary clinton, he said she was unstable and reckless. trump is on the record sporting
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the invasion of iraq and the invasion of libya. >> one time he said well maybe. he opposed iraq and he opposed libya and that was hillary clinton's deal. hillary clinton got president obama to attack in libya, and now we have something that never should have happened. it wasn't just one plane sent to iran with cash two other cash payments were made after american hostages were released. how will hillary clinton respond to the news? that is next. alth
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additional cash payments totally $1.3 billion were made as first reported by this wall street journal. by sending the signal that hostages are a legitimate means of securing concessions from our government the balm administration put countless lives at risk. the administration says the money belonged to iraq it was from the u.s. not delivering fighter jets that were already paid for. deputy secretary of state acknowledges that no one can guarantee that none of it will go towards funding terrorist groups. >> we can't say every single dollar but we can say all of it
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so far is going to the economy not and terrorism. >> the state department denies and officials argue that it was leverage to make sure the hostages were returns. they said it had to be made in cash because sanctions have been made so effective. they blocked the administration from making any future payments until iran returns the money and pays the victims of iranian backed terrorism. as secretary clinton commented? >> no but she is off of the campaign trail today. she addressed this in the past
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not the new revelations, but the payment, it shows you how she walks a fine line here. she, her campaign will stress that she was long gone from the state department when the initial payment and now this interest payment that we know happened in february happened. and she pivots back that that is where they opened up talks with iran in secret. she will say that lead to this agreement which is to make sure that iran doesn't get a nuclear weapon. >> so she takes the credit but refuses any of the blame. an interesting part of the fine line she has to walk where she talks about the foreign policy she wants while not distancing herself from even the parts of obama's foreign policy with which she disagrees. >> that's right because she has embraces president obama and she doesn't really have a choice he was her boss. she is walking a fine line
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there are times there are liabilities, the rise of isis libya, and you may think back to the summer of 2014. she said the failure to arm syrian rebels something that she wanted that she did not get, led to the rise of isis essentially blaming president obama. there was so much uproar from the obama camp, she had to hug it out with president obama at a birthday party in martha's vineyard. but from the positives come the negatives. the keystone was the tpp trade pact that she now disavowed. >> clinton not on the campaign trail today, but her campaign talking about an unexpected endorsement she got from a texas newspaper. >> that's right the "dallas morning news" endorsed hillary
1:22 pm
clinton, and no one thinks that texas will be on hillary clinton's side but the paper, the editorial board is endorsing the democrat and not the republican. resumé versus resumé judgment versus judgment. they say they were quick to criticize her on her foundation, e-mails, and honesty, they said her e-mails are not on the same level as trump. trump says he will release his tax returning when hillary clinton releases the 33,000 e-mails. and the new iphone, are the new features really must haves?
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welcome back to "the lead." governor mike pence of indiana could release his tax returns as soon as tomorrow. it could serve to highlight that the guy at the top of the ticket has no interest in doing so. trump says his tax returns are under audit, but there is nothing to prevent him from releasing the ones that are under audit, or to release previous years not covered by audit. according to a poll 78% of voters say he should release his tax returns.
1:28 pm
thank you to my guests for being here. i want you to listen to something that donald trump said about the timing of when he might release his tax returns. >> i have no problem with it. in the meantime nobody would recommend that. in the mine team she has 33,000 e-mails she delated. >> let her release her e-mails, i will release my tax returns. it also seems to be like the reason that his ongoing audit is not the reason he is not releasing them. >> he is willing to say that the
1:29 pm
e-mails the public is entired to see. the e-mail that's she is required to keep and safeguard, instead she took sledge hammers to blackberries to bury documents she was entitled to release. we know he is paying within the bounds of the law. he is paying in the bounds of the law, hillary clinton ignoring the law and her aids are taking sledge hammers to documents we're entitled to see. >> she has released like 32 years of tax returns, but for the e-mail issue, she is not madame transparency. >> the fbi reviewed 30 e-mails previously undisclosed. one that hasn't was a
1:30 pm
congratlatory know from a dignitary. what trump is not being forth coming about, depending on the day you ask him, what he will do with his tax returns. he said he will release them after the audit is done. and in the same conversation he says he will release them immediately if one other statute has been hit. there is no consistency with their tax returns. his son said earlier that he should never release them. there is no consistency. >> what do you make of all of this. >> hillary clinton's aids destroying blackberries hiding tax returns, what a presidential race. >> so you think that -- obviously we talked about the hillary clinton thing before but you think he is hiding
1:31 pm
something? >> yeah maybe he is not as generous god knows how much tax he has actually paid. >> what do you think -- >> what do you think hillary clinton is hiding? >> she said i just deleted the personal e-mails? you could not have just turned them over? and some of the personal e-mails are not permsonal. >> but the fbi reviewed them and found there was nothing -- >> 15,000. >> right, but 30,000 were delated. kayleigh if mr. trump released his tax returns, he would be mr. transparency as opposed to hillary clinton. >> democrats tend to go with republican nominees for
1:32 pm
releasing their tax returns, and we found out that harry reed was wrong, they followed the laws. they were allowed to have it and they used the tax returns to berate him. i don't think he should release his tax returns. if he is doing everything legally, which he is democrats will use them against him. >> it is a bipartisan tradition since 1980. every nominee, every mayor party nominee decided -- is it is not like a demonic democratic plot the people the public have a right to know where you made your money, where your investments are, you don't think
1:33 pm
the american supreme a rightpeople have a right? >> we need to know that he paid his taxes, but mitt romney was a successful businessman, harry reid lied. did not know that mitt romney was not paying taxes, goaded him to release his tax returns. mitt romney was doing everything correctly and they're trying to do the same to trump. sometimes you take risks and because of that you get certain tax breaks. that is fair it incentivizes businessmen. >> you should let the american people make that judgement. you should make that same exact argument and let the american people take a look at it. >> it is worth pointing out that one of the reasons there are negative stories about hillary clinton and the clinton foundation is they have released this information and people started diving in.
1:34 pm
it is true that reporters use stuff like this against them but that worked against hillary clinton in this election bill. >> i think he should release his tax returns. i think this is not effective. watching the back and forth, the e-mail thing, her behavior as secretary of state, and she now admits it is something very foolish. a totally unforced error for her high position in the government. trump is a businessman that has been involved in a million deals. i think people make his own judgments about his ethics as a businessman. i am instruct by how much -- i'm not pro trump, but he has been on the defensive, she has been on the defensive, and i think
1:35 pm
they are gaining. still driving, on the air, on the radio, we should be strong in the military. so worried about defending president obama, i really am struck and even on domestic policy. he has some simple minded things. what is she for? she is playing difference. i think she is really just playing difference -- >> as an outsider -- >> someone that doesn't like either candidate. thank you so much. appreciate it. in our health lead controversy over florida's outbreak of the zika outbreak. is one solution causing more problems? that story, next. this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation
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let's turn now to our health lead the zika virus is spreading further here in the u.s. congress wept on a seven week recess without passing a build to fund the fight against zika. they failed to pass a bill and now a spray that is used to kill mosquitos could be doing more harm than good. we have dr. sanjay gupta joining us. >> steve: >> is a compromise at all possible here. they are having discussions about possibly moving a zika
1:41 pm
funding package, tieing into a larger bill that would keep the government open until december 9th. to get there they have to work through a number of very thorny issues that both sides disagree on including the zika funding for planned parenthood facilities. they have blocked the bill three times. earlier today i had a chance to talk to the house speaker paul ryan and a ask, specifically whether or not he would agree to move a bill that did not have those restrictions. here is what he had to say. >> why not just accept a clean bill that does not have the restrictions on planned parenthood? >> give me a break on this. we passed the $1.1 billion bill for zika which was the level agreed to in the senate. we did the responsible thing before the july 4th recess. i think they're being unpartisan
1:42 pm
with the endless filibusters. the house did it's job, and the senate has been blatently political. >> boris, the situation getting worse with the number of zika cases climbing, and some pea are saying they want the insectcide to stop. >> yeah, they were successful for at least one day, they're restarting tomorrow it got pushed back to friday because of the outrage. there was a protest out of a meeting of the miami beach city commissioners today where it was just an informational session, but several hundred people
1:43 pm
showed up yelling and angry about the use of this insecticide. it has been approved by the fda and it has been used across florida. they're trying to say this is what the cdc prescribed to fight zika. >> i can assure you i would not allow the spraying of a chemical that would have a toxic impact on residents and visitors. >> not true! >> the other big problem here is apparently communication. he said he found out about the way the state would approach the problem through bless releases. clearly a lot of out rage and
1:44 pm
anger and communication problems. the u.s. may be running out of money to fight zika, the proposed $1.1 billion where will it go and how it. >> leigh: it assist the fight against zika. >> some of it will go towards trying to curb the mosquitos. some of that requires money. also making sure there is testing available to, you know right now if you want to be tested sometimes there is not a cliner or testing facility in your area. a big chunk of it towards vaccines. we talk about it in the context of various infectious decides, it may have to be halted in terms of that testing by the beginning of the year is a real possibility now because of the concern that possibly the money will run out. these things take money. i want to get a quick just remember this jake from h 1 n
1:45 pm
1. we don't talk about it now. people have access to the vaccine now. that is how much we have an v an impact if you have the funding to get the vaccines. >> and the most vulnerable are pregnant women who, if the babies babies get microcephaly it is horrible. >> yes, the vast majority of people who get a zika infection won't have symptoms right? they'll have no or very mild symptoms. the problem is that you could be harboring the virus in your body and not know it. they have found evidence of
1:46 pm
virus particles up to 180 days after someone was exposed to the virus. that doesn't mean that it is the virus itself but what they're now saying if you're planning to start a family you've been to an area where zika is circulating, you should wait six months before planning a pregnancy. so it is a conservative estimate they don't think you can transmit the virus for that long but six months for men and women alike now. if you travelled to that place in florida, if you travelled to many countries around the world, it is now the guidance from the w.h.o. >> that need for contraception is why the planned parenthood issue came up. thank you all so much coming up, children struggling to breathe, wearing oxygen masks. were they poisoned and by whom?
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welcome back the unworldly
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horror in syria. you may find some of these images disturbing. the white helmets released this video of the aftermath of suspected chlorine gas attacks. within 24 hours of that attack. reports of air strikes hitting the same part of aleppo. arwa do we know who is responsible for these attacks? >> well, according to the various medical organizations on the ground they say it was the syrian regime, and they say it was chlorine gas, and they said they have been through this before. here is the other great difficulty that people in syria
1:52 pm
face when trying to deal with these kinds of atks they don't have proper medical facilities to take the wounded to. these are under ground clinics by and charge because when they were aboveground they were bombed deliberately by the russians and the syrian regime. they're forced into underground clinics. they don't have electricity. they have to rely on generators that are powered by diesel fuel that is in very very short supply. you don't get to breathe a sigh of relief if you survive one attack because the next day brings more violence. as you said the same neighborhood was hit with multiple air strikes and this is every day in syria for nearly the last 5 1/2 years. >> just as the attacks happened today, syrian's leaders were
1:53 pm
holding peace talks in london did anything come of that meeting? >> the peace talks were being held to try and put together what is being pushed forward and touted as a blueprint, but it is meant to be a flexible document and it outlines something very similar to what we heard being outlined well over six months ago. of course none of it has yet to be implemented. they're holding it with their allies. they don't have the syrian regime at the table and the russians and unless you can get all of the key players in a room you can't even begin to tie to put forward a pelaton for police. what is different with the new iphone 7? should you up grade? next. he was 34% eastern european.
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>> we're back with the money lead. one of the worst kept secrets on the planet is no longer speculation. could the new iphone features transform technology are are they are huge flop? samuel burke, i have the iphone 6 s, why should i upgrade? >> the days of steve jobs walking on stage and announcing something that no one else has is gone. the phone is now water resistant. the iphone 7 plus has dual lens
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camera. to me the real nice is not what it has, but what it doesn't have. this is the first major device we have seen without an audio port. that dates back to the walkman and before. now you plug it into the charging port. or you can get an adapter, or the air pods those are $159 and not included. >> make sure you follow me on facebook and twitter. that's it for "the lead." i now turn you over to wolf blitzer in "the situation room."
2:00 pm
happening now, trump plans, what he will do as commander in chief and calling hillary clinton unfit for the post. he can. >> steve: calling on generals to come up with a new plan within 30 days of taking office. saying his own plan is secret. born in the usa, donald trump's running mate says he believes president obama was born in hawaii something trump still refuses to acknowledge. and pence releasing his tax returns also at odds with trump's stance. is the vice presidential nominee going rogue? and a russian fight


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