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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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companies -- cleveland is a great example. but your companies are being ripped out of your community and your people are being left jobless. and your government's being left with no taxes. we have a nearly $800 billion -- think of that. $800 billion annual trade deficit with the world. we trade with the world. we have a trade deficit of $800 billion. who is negotiating these deals? who's doing it? >> hillary clinton. >> that's actually very good. hillary clinton is absolutely a very good answer. hillary clinton and people like hillary clinton that haven't got a clue and a clue they do have goes to their donors and the special interests. believe me. that's money coming straight out of the states like ohio and pennsylvania and michigan and maine and so many others. i've seen so many. it is so bad. when i campaigned during the primaries, i saw everything. and it was so sad to see communities that have just been
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left jobless where the companies have moved to other countries, mexico in particular, but other countries. by ending foreign currency manipulation, product dumping and other predatory trading practices are, we will be able to open thousands of new plants and factories across america. in driving over today, i passed so many places, factories. 20, 30 years ago they were thriving. and they're just dead. worthless. a real estate person, you wouldn't pay anything. worthless. we'll put them back into action again. the future is filled with limitless possibilities for our nation. and exciting opportunities for our wonderful children. we all have to do and we just have to work. we all have to work. but we all have to cut our ties with the failed politics of the past. you have to cut your ties.
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have to cut your ties. these are the people that put us in this situation. they're not going to take us out. they're not going to take us out. that includes in wars. hillary clinton created a lot of the problems and now she's saying how she's going to take us out. she doesn't have a clue. not even a little clue. we've had such a failed foreign policy with the people we have now. a failed education policy. a totally failed economic policy. and underneath it all a failed political system that rewards politicians for how many donors they have or how many journalists they know, not how many americans they help to live better and more prosperous lives. that's how they get rewarded.
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they'll talk to you and talk to you. they'll come in to cleveland. she'll be saying what a wonderful job she's going to do. she'll get your vote. then she'll say see you in four years. she might even say see you in four years, suckers. because that's what it is. see ya in four years, suckers. but the failures of the past are about to end. that ending begins on a very special date for this country. november 8th. get out and vote. we will have one american nation. we will be one american people. we're fighting to give every child in every forgotten stretch of this country the chance to live out their dreams in safety and in peace. that means a safe neighborhood,
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a quality education, and a secure high-paying and exciting job. we only have bad jobs. we don't have good jobs anymore. many of our good jobs have left. they're gone. this is how we will rebuild our future. this is how we will make america great again for everyone. god bless you, thank you very much. thank you. thank you very much. appreciate it, people. thank you. all right, here he was, donald trump speaking in the all-important state of ohio. he is back in cleveland addressing a room -- actually couple rows of school kids in there. address was billed as an education speech, but let's point out that basically the first 15 to 20 minutes he really hammered hillary clinton on that private e-mail server that keeps dogging her, the drip, drip, drip, also, and on the clinton foundation before he then
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pivoted and talked about his stance on the war in iraq, about isis, about how he stands by how he says he would have taken out osama bin laden years before he was ever found there in that hideout in pakistan. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we got some great voices to bring in here to talk about trump, clinton and everything else. mike pence, this interview that -- e cluesive interview that dana bash just scored there in the reagan library. a.b. stoddard is here, associate editor at real clear politics. gloria borger, cnn chief political analyst is still with us. ladies, let's just begin with a.b. since we haven't heard from you yet just on this speech, and most notably he didn't lead with education. he led with, to sort of quote him, why hillary clinton is a liar. >> right. well, i think he's looking -- and his team is looking at the fact that her numbers have deteriorated so rapidly in the last few weeks.
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while his haven't grown remarkably, this is really taking a toll on her when you have a bunch of editorial boards around the country like "the new york times" saying it is an ethical imperative that the foundation be neutralized and folded into another group. it stopped taking donations immediately, and perhaps even that it should be closed. you even have democratic lawmakers who support hillary clinton like former governor of pennsylvania, ed rendell, coming out and saying, yes, it needs to be shut down. we're see this in the polls and i think it also scares off republicans who are opposed to donald trump who are never going to vote for him and are choosing between voting for hillary clinton, staying home, or voting for one of the third party candidates. and this kind of talk about her lying and her making these reckless decisions depresses her vote. that's what the goal of the trump campaign is now. >> we just got new numbers on quinnipiac polls. we'll get to them in a second. spoiler alert, it is a close
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race. gloria, let me remind everyone, in case you missed hillary clinton standing outside of her new 737 this morning, here she was behind the podium, formally addressing the press corps. here's a look back at what she said. >> it's hard to forget what trump did last night. it was a test, and he failed it. he trash-talked about america's generals saying that they've been "reduced to rubble." even i was shock by this, and i didn't know much could shock me coming out of his mouth anymore. he praised russia's strong man, vladimir putin. even taking the astonishing step of suggesting he prefers the russian president to our american president. that is not just unpatriotic.
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it is not just insulting to the office and the man who holds the office. it is scary! it is dangerous. it actually suggests he will let putin do what putin wants, and even make excuses for him. what would ronald reagan say? that this is a time to put country over party. i would be saying that even if i were not running against him. we have never been threatened as much by a single candidate running for president as we have been in this election. >> so that was actually after the press conference outside the plane. it was just fresher sound essentially saying the same thing. she was speaking earlier today in charlotte. what's she up to with all of this, gloria? >> look, i think she's playing to the base that she needs to motivate to get out there. i think donald trump gave her an awful lot of opportunity last night.
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and not only seeming to say, okay, putin's better than president obama -- i kept thinking, by the way, what if democratic candidate obama or democratic candidate kerry had done that same thing and said, you know, putin's a stronger leader than the current president of the united states, i wonder how people would react in this country to that. and i think that she came out on that tarmac and just said he's scary, he's dangerous, which plays in to her whole notion that it's a risk to elect him president of the united states. and i think you're going to hear more and more of that. what trump is doing is saying don't trust hillary's judgment because she voted for the war in iraq and he says he didn't support the war in iraq, although we know that he did as of september 2002. and that was a month before there was a war vote in the congress. so they're going to keep talking past each other this way because they have to get their voters
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out to vote. and that's what we're going to see for the in ex60 days. >> we know that they were both in two key states, north carolina and in ohio today. we have new polls, dana bash. let me bring you in here. as we are looking on the screen at the numbers, i said a moment ago, tight race. i mean tight race. >> incredibly tight. pennsylvania is the one state in these new polls that are coming up from quinnipiac in some of these battleground states. pennsylvania is the one state where clinton has a real lead over donald trump. maybe not that surprising since pennsylvania has gone democratic for quite some time. north carolina, she's slightly ahead. but not by much. it is still very much neck and neck. ohio and florida, dead heats between the two of these candidates. i think what a.b. was talking about before with regard to
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concern some of the drip, drip, drip on clinton's e-mails and the foundation that would suppress her base, guess what, brooke? these polls democrats are looking at and saying it seems counterintuitive to think that the democrats are happy betight rac races but these polls are wake-up calls to democrats who really can't fathom the idea of donald trump as president, a wake-up call to activate, to get their friends active and to energize a base that really needs energizing based on not just these polls but our national poll that we had out earlier this week that donald trump supporters are much more energized than hillary clinton's. >> >> since we talk about polls, gary johnson, in the neighborhood of 10%. i know you all know where i am going. just tell all of you watching, gary johnson, libertarian nominee for president. he made some news today but not
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in the best way for him and his campaign. here he was initially on morning joe, then following it up on "the view." roll it. >> what would you do if you were elected about aleppo? >> about aleppo. and what is aleppo? >> you're kidding. >> no. >> aleppo is in syria. it's the epicenter of the refugee crisis. >> okay. got it. got it. >> no excuse. i was thinking in terms of acronym, aleppo. that's no excuse whatsoever. but the dynamics in play in syria are -- >> i think it is a disqualifying statement, frankly. >> fair enough. fair enough. >> so will he get out of the race now? >> no. >> i mean you watched that. i was just kind of like -- ooh. >> i think it is disqualifying.
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i mean i truly do. and when you look at the polling in pennsylvania, he's got 9%. in north carolina, he has 15% of the vote. so people are clearly looking for something else in those states. he's doing pretty well. i think in ohio, maybe 14%. so people are looking for some -- for something else and somebody else to support. but then he didn't know anything about where aleppo is or in fact what it was? i think people are going to start asking themselves whether that's somebody they would want in the oval office. >> hillary clinton, let me just pivot to this. she was asked today by a reporter whether she thinks there is a double standard in the media as far as coverage, trump versus clinton. this is her response. >> i have been somewhat heartened by the number of articles recently pointing out the quite disparate treatment of
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trump and his campaign compared to ours. i don't understand the reasons for it. i find it frustrating, but it is just part of the landscape that we live in and we just keep forging ahead. >> a.b., what do you think? >> well, i think that if -- she's lied so many times about this e-mail server and it really has been very flagrant and it's been revealed both by the fbi, but also even more damningly by the internal ag report from the state department that much of her sort of statements that were supposed to exonerate her have been proven to be lies. but when you look, brooke, at the truth trackers like politifact, donald trump lies much more than hillary clinton so she's feeling frustrated that he's held to a different standard. if he shows up as has a teleprompter speech and doesn't
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have a self-imposed implosion, that he could get a bounce back in the polls. she gets in traps where she says things that are not true and she lies. but donald trump goes out and says things that say take the oil, which is inexplicable. compliments putin last night. insults generals. and said something very inappropriate about his intelligence briefing that most experts today say could not have possibly been true and he gets away with it because he's sort of held to this donald trump standard that he's not held to and that frustrates her campaign. >> brooke -- >> mike pence, donald trump's running mate -- dana, jumping to you at the reagan library on mike pence. are you there for this exclusive interview. tell me about your conversation. >> is well, i just have to say though that you hear a.b. talking about who lies more. you wonder why people are looking for somebody, even if he doesn't know where aleppo is in syria. but moving on from that, yes, we are at this beautiful place at
12:16 pm
simi valley, california. reagan library. because mike pence gave a speech here just a short while ago and the whole speech was about comparing ronald reagan to donald trump, both in terms of the eras, then and now, as well as the men. this is part of our conversation. i spoke to him exclusively. >> you talk about him being humble. i know on campaign trail you talk about that as well and you do it as you compare him to donald trump. i think even donald trump would say that there are a lot of thinks that you can say about him, humble is probably not one of them. >> well, i would say both men were very broad shouldered leaders. >> yes. >> both men had been successful not only -- >> but humble? the guy who has his name on every building -- >> but also in entertainment. well, ronald reagan had his name on a lot of marquees. but i think at the very core, both men are the kind of leaders
12:17 pm
that have a core of humility. >> and, brooke, we did sit down formally and talked about all of the hot topics, especially out of last night's forum, including when hillary clinton mentioned in her remarks today about the fact that ronald reagan went after the evil empire and here you have donald trump praise region vladimir putin saying that he is even a better leader than our current president of the united states. we'll have more of that on "the lead" later on. >> we will will see you on "the lead." dana, thank you. a.b., gloria, thank you so much. coming up, donald trump revealed what shoblgd hcked him the classified briefings he's getting.
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welcome back. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. let me take you back to another moment from that commander in chief forum just last evening with hillary clinton and donald trump separately. hillary clinton specifically was talking about troops in the war on terror both obviously in iraq and syria. she said to the host there, matt lauer, that she would never --
12:23 pm
that was the word she used -- that sort of echoed into today. she would never put boots on the ground in those places. here she was. >> we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again and we're not putting ground troops into syria. >> let me bring in jack murphy. he served as a ranger and green beret in the u.s. army. just to be clear, your politics, from what i understand, jack, you don't really like either clinton or trump. is that correct? >> that's correct. >> okay. so, on the sound that we just played, and later today my colleague, jeff zeleny, followed up with hillary clinton and said didn't you sort of box yourself in if you are elected president, and there are generals who say, it might be smart to put boots on the ground, and her answer was essentially that she supports the veins, the reconnaissance, the air war. is that a good enough answer for you? >> well, it's part of a methodolo methodology. it is certainly a white footprint option is best for syria and iraq. >> you would agree. >> i would agree. but i thought it was an absolute statement of fiction for hillary clinton to say that we won't put ground troops in syria or iraq when we already have them there. that's spreading a false perception to the american public. >> we absolutely do and in iraq specifically. so you wish she had said what? >> i think she should have said
12:24 pm
that we're going to go with a special forces option that's going to include air strikes. but she should have been honest with the american public so that the public knows what we're getting into. whether you support the war or you don't support the war, it is important for us as americans to recognize we have soldiers going in to harm's way. you saw with joshua wheeler and charles keating, two special operators who were recently killed. we do have guys in combat and it is important as a country that we have both our eyes wide open to that fact before we commit to any sort of military action, even if it is a special forces type operation. >> what about donald trump? because he, too, was talking about war on terror he said he would be looking to military generals for guidance in how to defeat isis. but then he said this about their leadership. >> i think under the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton the generals have been reduced to rubble. they have been reduced to a point where it is embarrassing for our country. you have a force of 30,000, or
12:25 pm
so, people. nobody really knows, but probably 30,000 people. and i can just see the great, was an example, general george patton spinning in his grave. >> jack, you have served in these places. do you think the generals, our generals, have been reduced to rubble? >> well, think there is some truth to the statement that donald trump was making. our generals are inherently political animals and become more politically correct as they rise up through the ranks. but this isn't something unique to the obama administration or any administration. i think it is a common theme that's been happening at least since the end of world war ii. >> what about gary johnson in his -- we just played the clip a second ago. the libertarian nominee for president, who's polling at like 10% in pennsylvania. when a lot of americans are listening to clinton and trump, they're sort of turning to im i and he says this morning, "what's aleppo?"
12:26 pm
>> that's an unfortunate misstatement. gary johnson admitted he was wrong, which is big of him. but keep in mind we have two presidential candidates, donald trump and hillary clinton, are advocating war against countries who have never attack america. so i am a little bit confused of why we are so fixated on this one gaffe gary johnson made as opposed to focusing on some of the completely insane presidents that these other presidential candidates make on a daily basis. >> okay. that's a fair criticism. what about osama bin laden? he is brought up so often by hillary clinton. she was in the room, in the situation room. she talks about how she was part of the decision making. then you also have donald trump who cited this "esquire" article from 2004, when he said even then he said he would have caught osama bin laden before anyone else did. how do you think this is resonating with american voters? >> i was actually at that event last night and i thought both of
12:27 pm
them were making about bin laden was ridiculous. history has shown us that killing bin laden did not eliminate al qaeda. we still have a very real problem in pakistan and afghanistan and also in syria. i'm not sure where these grand strategic visions are coming from. we need a more holistic counterterrorism policy and i don't think either of these candidates have really vectored in on that. >> will jack murphy, great to have you back on. as always, thank you so much for yours service to this country. coming up next, matt lauer hosted last night. he is getting widely criticized today for how he handled both hillary clinton and donald trump. and now we are hearing from an nbc executive telling cnn even lauer's own network thought it was a "disaster."
12:28 pm
we'll talk about that and how that might change the first debate. folks, we are less than three weeks away.
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you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. critics today, everyone from journalists, social media, just
12:33 pm
folks who were watching, blasting nbc "today" show host matt lauer for how he handled the commander in chief forum with both hillary clinton and donald trump. you can take a look at the headlines today. lauer cowers from huffington post. "new york times," matt lauer fueled storm of criticism over clinton/trump forum. and t"the washington post," trup repeated false claim he was totally against the war in iraq, matt lauer didn't press him. what did trump actually say? here he go. >> i happened to hear hillary clinton say that i was not against the war in iraq. i was totally against the war in iraq. you can look at esquire magazine from '04. you can look at before that. and i was against the war in iraq. >> joining me now, a columnist with the "new york "magazine. douglas brinkley and brian
12:34 pm
stelter. gentlemen, welcome. stealth brian stelter, to you first. you went straight to nbc to get their response. what did an executive or executives tell you? >> the ratings just came in about 15 million viewers last night which shows there is a lot of interest in hearing from these candidates. some people at nbc think there is a pile-on going on, there is too much criticism. but the reality is most folks there have told me they agree with the critics. they know this event did not go very well. they feel like lauer came across as unprepared. one executive even said to me this was a disaster, brooke. >> jonathan, you wrote your column calling the interview pathetic and the scariest thing you have seen in this campaign. why so scary? >> because a lot of low-information voters are not following the race as closely as a professional journalist would or a lot of people who really cl pay close attention to politics. if the matt lauers of the world are giving them the sense of the race, what they're learning is
12:35 pm
these are two relatively particular candidates with relatively similar levels of prowess. lauer didn't point out any of the bizarre or completely false things that trump said while treating the e-mail issue as a complete disqualification for office on clinton's end. >> insofar as as when i read your piece i kept thinking, okay, if you're -- i think the way you put it is a low-information voter. if you're coming in from mars and watched that last night, what do you think the veer take-away would have been? >> the viewer take-away would have been why isn't this woman in prison for these e-mails which is what they've sort of been chantingality the republican convention and which is what a lot of voters seem to be getting out of this story. tump claimed, as brian stelter said, he claimed to have been against the iraq war which is so easily verifiable, so easy to falsify, because he said he opolesed the war initially, then he pointed to something in 2004 when the war started in 2003.
12:36 pm
that should have been such an obvious lie and response from lauer and there was nothing. >> tough questioning of clinton is a tough thing. we need more tough questioning, not less. but compared to clinton, it felt like trump was getting some soft balls. this all goes to a broader sense that journalists are having a struggle challenging and handling drurl. is he a donald trump. he's a unique challenge. >> doug brinkley, looking ahead to these debates, some moderators saying i'm not live fact checking. you have when you think of nbc, lester holt is moderating. what's the lesson for him after this forum? >> that he's going to have to be a lot tougher in questioning both. and donald trump seems to be able to get away with putting his finger up and saying, wait, wait, wait, and people seem to back off. it's something he has learned. it is a great acting ploy. but i think people that are going to have to drill down on
12:37 pm
what donald trump says are going to have to do more preparation than matt lauer did. matt's had an incredible career of interviewing people. he was really off his game last night. you don't want the story to be today how awful the questioner was. he was much harder on hillary clinton than on donald trump. so let's call it a dress rehearsal. last night. a bad one. incidentally, i don't think anyone came out of it very well last evening. let's hope there is a little more courage on lester holt's part than we saw with matt lauer on going after donald trump's sea of fools hoalsehoods. >> looking ahead to the first presidential debate, september 26th, if they're not going to fact check the candidates, then is it the candidates' job to jump in and stop or fact check one another? >> it is. that is the job. i would argue the moderator also has to be forceful. these are really unusual times. donald trump, love him or hate him, he is an unusual candidate. he needs to be held accountable for the things out of his mouth,
12:38 pm
the same way clinton does. we know trump has a tendency to need more fact checking. look at politifact. all of the pants on fire lies trump has said. it requires an unusually forceful behavior from a journalist. >> doug, same question to you. >> i think donald trump's art is that he goes for the jugular, he seems in control over the situation, but he's throwing out a lot of falsehoods and really sloppy language, to be honest. but he very well may be able to win the today. hours later there are all these pinocchios but the news cycle's moved on because there is a new problem. so it is going to be very interesting to see how they're drilled down on in the coming debate which is going to have historic record numbers of people watching. >> september 26. we will all be watching. doug, jonathan, brian, thank you so much. next here, donald trump defends a controversial tweet that he made about two years ago
12:39 pm
on sexual assault in the military. he was asked about that at that forum. we'll talk to a veteran and trump supporter who was in the room. let's see what she thought of his answer. you both have a perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. i know more about isis then the apprgenerals do. age. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured.
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welcome back. this is cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. the at big national security forum, donald trump addressed some comments he has made in the past, controversial comments specifically about sexual assault in thee military. it was a tweet actually from 2013 in which he tweeted 26,000 unreported sexual assaults in the military. only 238 convictions. what did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together? when he was asked last night at
12:44 pm
this forum to clarify, here was his response. >> well, it is a correct tweet. there are many people that think that that's absolutely correct. and we need to have a strength and we -- >> so this is to be expected and the only way to foix it to take women ow of the military? >> no, not it kick them out but something has to happen. right now part of the problem is nobody gets prosecuted. you have reported and the gentlemen can tell you, you have the report of rape and nobody gets prosecuted. >> amber smith served as a helicopter pilot in the u.s. army. she's also the author of "danger close." and she is voting for donald trump in november. also with me, cnn political commentator hilary rosen who is supporting hillary clinton. so, ladies, welcome. amber, thank you, thank you for your service to this great country. >> thank you. >> hilary rosen, to you first. we just played the sound from trump last night. your response to his comments.
12:45 pm
>> i think his tweet was dumb and i don't think he meant it as a moment of empathy with women. on the other hand, i agree with him that it is outrageous the level of convictions and prosecutions that we have in the military for sexual assault, and i know hillary clinton is disturbed by it. and so it is absolutely something that needs to be addressed. and you may know that congress went to start to address it this year and the generals really pushed back and i think congress backed off in a way that they shouldn't have. so if all of a sudden donald trump cares about the issue of sexual assault against women, i'm not going to criticize him for it. >> okay. okay. hillary says that the tweet is dumb. amber, do you take issue with his tweet? >> no, i'm not offenses by his tweet at all and i don't have any issue with it. i think what i interpreted his tweet to mean was that if you
12:46 pm
have 26,000 people coming and reporting some form of unwanted sexual contact and there's less than 300 people being prosecuted, that ratio is off balance. why are more people not getting prosecuted if the numbers are that high in terms of some of those reports. and the reason is because the military has two ways of reporting any form of sexual assault. one is called restricted, and the other is unrestricted. and so in one form, if a victim goes and reports sexual assault, if they do it in a restricted form, that means the command is never to know about it because they don't want -- they basically want the trauma to be offense. they don't want any form of -- anyone to be prosecuted. >> amber, forgive me for jumping in. it is the beat before when trump tweeted what did these geniuses
12:47 pm
expect when they put men with women. do you think men and women should be serving together? >> absolutely. i served -- >> do you agree with the tweet then? >> no, no, no. i don't take offense to the tweet. i think we've all seen donald trump now in the public eye. he says things sort of to get -- get it out there in the media and it works. i served alongside a male dominated environment for over 7 1/2 years. and he even said -- go did they treat you respectfully? >> oh, absolutely. i worked with the most professional men. i was in an aviation unit in the 101st airborne. i was lucky to serve with those guys. they taught me, you know, how to fly the aircraft in combat and how to stay safe and keep the guys safe on the ground. i am grateful for all of the guys that i served with. and women. i served with other female pilots as well.
12:48 pm
you know? you learn to do your job the best that you can. the guys are going to respect you for that. >> trump clearly meant in the tweet he was digging at the military for being as integrated as it is with men and women. >> that's what i'm getting at. >> last night he backtracked. more tower to him for ba-- powe. but he never acknowledges that at the backtracks. that's maddens. >> amber, does that irk you? does that worry you? as someone who's support him and he needs more votes to win? >> no. look, the way that i look at it as someone who has served, i learned to develop thick skin a long time ago. if that's donald trump's opinion and he thinks that -- you know, i just think it was something to make the tweet more controversial. like honestly, i think that's what it was. look at us now, we are talking
12:49 pm
about it now. but i think it sort of re-brought up sexual assault conversation into the public eye again because just as hillary mentioned, it sort of dropped out of the media in recent time. and so i think it is actually good that we're talking about it again because it is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. >> amber smith, thank you. hilary rosen, thank you. very much. ladies, appreciate it. coming up next, the obamas. have you seen this cover of "essence," talking about their legacy, what's next, what it means for african-american youth all across this country who have now seen their very first black president. we'll talk to an "essence" editor who was in the room for the interview with the first family. natural gas. my job? my job at exxonmobil? turning algae into biofuels. reducing energy poverty
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. breaking news out of afghanistan. cnn confirmed it was a mission
12:54 pm
by u.s. special forces to rescue the two professors that were at an american university in kabul. barbara starr, how did the mission go? >> they did not succeed in getting them back. it happened after the two men were kidnapped from the university last month. u.s. special operations, seal team 6, went on this mission. we have had the information for several days and withheld it on request of the pentagon. today the pentagon put out a public statement about all of this says "unfortunately the hostages were not at the location we expected." by the time seal team 6 got there the men had never been there or they were moved, you
12:55 pm
can expect to hear a lot of chatter about where did they move them. we are told by several sources that the navy seal team moved in very, very quickly. they developed all of the intelligence they could possible by. this is the location they went to thinking the men were there and they were not. a fire fight ensued. u.s. navy seals killing seven expected insurgents. no u.s. personnel wounded or killed. hostage rescue is some of the toughest most dangerous jobs. they go to the locations, the intelligence is never perfect and they do the best they can. people get moved around, this time they have not gotten them back. we want to add in that we are told the fbi kept the families
12:56 pm
informed of all of the efforts. >>. >> referee: thank you. many in the last couple minutes here i really wanted to get to this story. only a couple months left in the white house, they give essence magazine an exclusive interview giving their memories from the white house and their plans, it's a cover story for the october issue focusing on the legacy. this is the seventh time one, both, or all members of the family have graced the cover of "essence." lauren joins me now from "essence." before we get to the meat of the interview, you were there for the photo shoot, what was that like? >> it was amazing. the emergency was so great.
12:57 pm
the first lady requested beyonce and rhianna. i think everyone was happy to culminate their eight years. the last time we photographed them together was september 2008. so it was a great way to round out their presidency. >> in reading it, she said to you all that i think when it comes to black kids, it means something for them to see a black family in the white house, it matters. you talked to folks from across the country, you have the leadership, what are they saying to you for why it matters? >> what we don't realize is there is six, seven, eight, and 10-year-olds. it is one thing to be told the
12:58 pm
sky is the -- it is possible. >> when they were being interviewed, i know they talked about favorite memories of the last eight years, can you give me some of those? >> one of my favorites is when the first lady was talking about their first international trip as a family, they went to the kremlin, and sasha was seven or eight years old, and she had a little trench coat, and they remember her walking around looking like a little agent, like you're literally just playing around. having prom there, their girls really spent their childhoods there and those are some of
12:59 pm
their fondest memories. >> did you get any sense of them being wistful, or are they ready to roll? >> i think it is a little bit of both. she said i'm really looking forward to date night without 100 people in tow. a sniper, a balance, and a press pool. >> that's not fun? >> so they're really looking forward to the things that we take for granted as ordinary citizens, but still definitely looking forward to pushing "let girls learn." and they're looking forward to some down time. >> 20 seconds, the african-american museum, tell me about that. >> the african-american museum is opening on the 24th. they will be there an open with our tenure. and it is just a boom for their
1:00 pm
legacy. want first lady said she would call the director and say please let it be open before we leave. >> it is the october issue, hits newsstands next friday, lauren williams with essence, thank you so much. thank you for being with me, can "the lead" starts now. did either candidate pass the commander in chief test last night? what do you think? >> chief concerns. hillary clinton today calling donald trump unpatriotic and scary after they tangled over who is the better potential commander in chief. did clinton break the cardinal political rule of "never say never." also an exclusive on mike pence of indiana standing firm today with the guy on the top of the ticket when it comes to the russian president versus the american president.


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