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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 8, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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legacy. want first lady said she would call the director and say please let it be open before we leave. >> it is the october issue, hits newsstands next friday lauren williams with essence, thank you so much. thank you for being with me, can "the lead" starts now. did either candidate pass the commander in chief test last night? what do you think? >> chief concerns. hillary clinton today calling donald trump unpatriotic and scary after they tangled over who is the better potential commander in chief. did clinton break the cardinal political rule of "never say never." also an exclusive on mike pence of indiana standing firm today with the guy on the top of the ticket when it comes to the russian president versus the american president.
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and a presidential nominee stuns morning shows by saying what is aleppo. welcome to "the lead," i'm jake tapper. last night felt like a debate donald trump and hillary clinton went one after another. the dualing narratives were enlightning. some foreign policy experts would say how detached from the facts on the ground they were. sarah murray is in cleveland. it is hard to argue that anyone had a particularly good night last night, so hillary clinton this first thing going on the offensive. it seems that trump was set on making sure clinton did not get
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the last word. >> you're right, donald trump was in in cleveland at a charter school he could not help rehash some of the topics that came up last night. he went into a lengthy defense saying that he was an early opposer of going into war in iraq excite the evidence to the contrary and he went after hillary clinton one more time on her e-mails. >> last night was yet another test, and donald trump failed yet again. >> hillary clinton and donald trump waging political warfare today on who is more qualified to serve as commander in chief. >> everybody saw how unfit she was at the town hall last night. >> i think i would have a very very good relationship with putin. he has been a leader for more than our president has been a
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leader. >> hillary clinton took to the tarmac saying preference for putin over obama is bizarre. >> that is not just unpatriotic and insulting to the people of our country as well as to our commander in chief, it is scary. it suggests he will let putin do whatever putin wants to do. and then make excuses for him. >> she tried to make up for her horrible performance last night. it was a horrible performance. she went on the tarmac and told more lies. >> clinton taking trump to task for offering few details in wednesday night's national security forum. >> he says his plan is still a secret and not only does he not have one, but it is dangerous and disqualifying. >> i have a substantial chance of winning. if i win, i done want to broadcast to the enemy what my
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plan is. >> the g.o.p. nominee saying he will rely on the input of generals to craft his anti-terrorism agenda. i think under the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton, the generals have been reduced to rubble. it is to a point where it is embarrassing for our country. >> hillary clinton seized on the move to lash out on his temperament. >> we saw more evidence that he is unfit and unqualified to be commander in chief. he trash talked american generals. >> trump also standing by this tweet about sexual assaults in the military. >> in 2013 on this subject, you tweeted this "26,000 unreported actual assaults in the military only 238 convictions. what did these geniuses expect when they put men and women
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together"? >> it is a correct tweet. >> both candidates now receiving classified briefings. trump says he thinks the administration is not leads with the trump campaign. >> i think what he said was totally inappropriate and undisciplined. i would never comment on any aspect of an intelligence briefing that i received. >> now donald trump did eventually make it back around to education policy for his appearance in cleveland here today, but it was awkward to see him at a charter school rows of school children, talking about the threat that the country faces and calling hillary clinton a liar for her e-mails. joining me now is senator bob corker. mr. chairman thank you for
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being here as always. >> always good to be with you, thank you. >> senator you criticized vladimir putin. you said he must pay a heavy price until he changes course. take a listen to donald trump talking about putin last night. >> if he says great things about me i will say great things about him. he is a leader. you can say isn't that a terrible thing, the man has very strong control over a country. that is a very different system i don't happen to like the system, but certainly in that system he has been a leader far more than our president has been a leader. >> do you have any concerns at all. trump's apparent affinity for vladimir putin. >> i think one has to be careful to let flattery affect one's junction. ly leave i will leave it at that. we have interests, we should be
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able to work with russia no question. the terrorism threatens them like it does us. on the other hand over the last several years, president putin has operated in ways that very much have been against our interests. and i think we have to recognize that is just a fact. and has done so in many ways in a ruthless manner. i don't condone that. i think we have to recognize that there are significant differences in just the way our countries are set up. but also significant differences in what our national interests are. so while there are a few areas where we ought to be like minded there are multiple areas right now, syria, ukraine, crimea where the differences are pretty profound. >> do you think that the president of russia is a stronger or better leader than
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the president of the united states? i don't want to get into -- that was political season and comments are being made. i have a job to do here jake, as you know to deal with just the current issues we're dealing with around the world, i don't want to referee personality issues and i don't even want to weigh in on a comment like that. >> trump said there are things he has learned in the classified intelligence briefings that surprised him, and he could tell from body languagers that -- language that it was not what the leaders -- >> i have not been involved in the briefings and i, again, i you're putting me in a personality referee position
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which is not a position that i should be in. or want to be in and i'm more of a public policy person as you know. typically i will say they attempt not to try too give you a direction. they try to keep it to the facts of the intelligence gathering. >> i know you only want to talk about the here and now. listen to gary johnson spauktalking to mike barnical this morning. >> what is aleppo? >> you're kidding. >> no. >> i didn't see the interview. i have never met governor johnson, i just -- again it doesn't move me to comment.
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i'll let you and those that give editorial comments room to discuss those things. i don't want to be -- i am chairman of the foreign relations committee, the last place i pwant to be is a referee about who is qualified or not. >> let's talk about syria right now, john kerry is meeting in geneva to try to negotiate a cease fire. what more can the u.s. do to help the syrian people being slaughtered. >> there is not a great deal question do because of the complexities that have arisen. there is nothing that russia knows while this force is in place. the next president is willing to work on a way of causing the
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people who are being bombed poisoned and tortured some way for them to have some safe zones to move into until this conflict ends. it is really, i think a blight on our own nation realtive to how we handled this. and it is, it is hard breakeartbreaking to see what people with the same aspirations that i have you have and others have to see them being treated in this disastrous manner. >> senator bob corker thank you so much. we appreciate your time. >> thank you. hillary clinton says everything is a game to donald trump like she in his own reality tv program. she is also trying to do clean up about a comment she made about troops in iraq and syria. that story, next. this week 50% off all backpacks. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great.
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what if we invented a paint... ...that lets you breathe as deeply as this... ...or even this? not guilty. if it doesn't upset your allergies like paint... it still paint? natura from benjamin moore. paint like no other. we're back with breaking news. who has gotten downer and dirtier in this race? 53% of registered voters say
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trump, while just 43% saying it has been fair. 62% most voters believe how clinton handled her e-mails is an important indicator of her charter while president. what do voters think? a narrow majority of voters agree. 51% as opposed to 48%. they think they will shake things up in washington in a good way. hillary clinton at a campaign rally in north carolina this afternoon. brianna, clinton is hitting trump even as she had to do some clean up of her own comments as well. >> last right, and she is still unable to put the you shall to bed and taking questions about
1:17 pm
why she took the use of conventional forces against isis off of the able to before she, if she does win, steps foot into the white house. >> hillary clinton made a promise to voters last night. >> we're not putting ground troops into iraq ever again and we're not putting ground troops into syria. special forces are already in combat in iraq and syria, and if she is restricting her options for defeating isis. >> i think putting a big contingent on the ground in iraq and syria is not in the best interest of the fight against isis and other terrorist groups. i support the year campaign.
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>> she is criticizing donald trump for a lack of command for national security conditions. >> it is like she in his own celebrity reality tv program. you know what donald? this is real reality. this is real people and real decisions that have to be made. >> i don't think the guy is qualified to be president of the united states. and every time he speaks that opinion is confirmed. >> clinton is agree tangled up in her e-mail controversy. she did, the fbi said but clinton offered this defense. >> there was no header there was no statement, secret top secret or confidential.
1:19 pm
i communicated as classified material on a wholly separate system. i took it very seriously. >> just as she took the military issues forum, too seriously according to the rnc reince prebus saying hillary clinton was angry and defensive the entire time. no smile and uncomfortable. up set she was caught wrongly sending our secrets. >> i don't take thing that comes from the are, nc seriously. now the thing that trump said that probably upset the clinton campaign the most is when he said i was totally against the war in iraq. donald trump was for the iraq war and it was untrue what he said and this is the fund raising e-mail they sent out. matt lauer where they name check him failing to fact check, they
1:20 pm
say, this claim and that many other outlets lack the where with all to call him out. they said we need to fact check him, that costs money, please donate. >> our brand new interview with governor mike pence, does he agree with trump that vladimir putin is a better leader thank president -- than president obama. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate
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welcome back to "the lead." another new poll rolled out this afternoon showing a close race
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in key battleground states. first from florida, hillary clinton and donald trump tied at 43%. this is in a four-way race with gary johnson and jill stein factored in. in north carolina clinton is just four points ahead of trump there with 42%. in pennsylvania clinton leads by five points. trump narrowly leading in ohio he is 41% compared to clinton's 37%. mike pence agreed with the assertion that the leader of russia is a better leader than the president of the united states. he also said this. >> i think under the leadership
1:26 pm
of barack obama and hillary clinton the generals have been reduced to rubble. >> dana did governor pence seem reluctant at all to repeat the assertion about the president of russia being stronger than the president of the united states? >> he actually didn't. i asked him about that statement, vladimir putin, and donald trump, in the context of why mike pence was here at the reagan library to give a speech comparing ronald to donald trump in terms of thorrers eras and the men and their leadership. ronald reagan called the soviet union the evil empire and does it compare. >> do you share that view?
1:27 pm
>> i think there is a great analogy between the time that ronald reagan was willing to name what was the greatest threat to the people of the united states which was the communist soviet union. he called it an even empire. donald trump like president and hillary clinton was able to name what is the greatest threat to the people of the united states today which is radical islamic terrorism. both men identified the signature threat of the time. they named it challenged it and developed a strategy -- >> but donald trump said vladimir putin has been a leader far more than thethan the president of the justice. >> can you just answer the question about that -- >> it was ronald reagan that met
1:28 pm
with gorbachov. >> do you personally think he is a stronger leader than the current president? >> i think it is inarguable that vladimir putin has been a stronger leader in his country than barack obama has been of his country. >> i don't need to tell you because you were in congress. barack obama has a true democracy with checks and balances and vladimir putin doesn't have that. >> and trump said he doesn't particularly like the system. >> i have to ask you you mentioned last night that mr. trump said that the generals "have been reduced to rubble under president obama and hillary clinton." do you agree with that? and is that how a commander and chief should peek about the military brass? >> i think the american people
1:29 pm
are deeply troubled at a foreign policy and military policy of barack obama and hillary clinton that caused the wider middle east to literally spin out of control. we have seen civil war in libya -- but he is talking about the generals who have been reduced to rubble. >> i think -- i think that in all due respect, i think he was talking about the commander in chief reducing the influence of generals to rubble. i think the truth is that the leadership that we have had at the top, and you heard trump talk about that last night. >> let me ask you about that mr. trump said that he has a secret plan to defeat isis that he doesn't want to broadcast to the enemy. you are his running mate has he shared his secret plan to defeat isis to you.
1:30 pm
>> i'll keep our private conversations private. >> you don't have to tell me what the plans are -- >> what he laid out yesterday and in youngstown ohio is to bring in military commanders and in 30 days have their recommendations added to his thoughts and ideas. >> as i said i'm going to keep our private conversations private. what i will say to you is that what you're hearing donald trump say is that we're going to have leadership that is focused and determined. >> do you think they will come up with a new plan to defeat isis that they have not come up with under president obama. it suggests a diralect of duty
1:31 pm
by the military. >> i am confident that our military manders can bring forward the idea. and dana we have to do it. the truth is that -- >> that could mean troops on the ground if you really want to go for it you know what it takes, are you and mr. trump willing to go that aggressively in a way in a mr. obama just isn't? >> donald trump as commander and chief will not signal to the enemy what we will or will not do. >> to anyone in the military who saw that and thought he was being critical of the military not so much or in addition to the current president, what would you say? >> i don't think they would take it that way, i really don't. as i campaign around the country with and for trumpdonald trump, and i see the tremendous important
1:32 pm
around the military personnel. >> you took it upon yourself to reach out to a lot of republicans who you have really good relationships with, people who donald trump doesn't have a relationship with are you the trump whisperer at this point? >> you try to translate what trump really meant to the people who are skeptical? >> i am incredibly honored to be standing shoulder to shoulder with donald trump and i have the privilege of not only knowing the policies but getting to know the man and the family. >> do you find when you have private conversations with skeptics that because you have talked to him on a daily basis that you have success in explaining what he is really trying to say or do? >> well i had a number of very warm conversations with leaders around the country and more and
1:33 pm
more republican leaders, independents and democrats are being drawn to the campaign. >> now pence also told me he will release his tax returns by the end of the week. jake that means tomorrow. and i asked him about his own debate prep donald trump said he is not doing a traditional prep and mike pence says he is. he is someone he is doing mock debates with. would not tell bhoe it is but he says he is taking it very seriously because he says he feels it is important to do right by trump at this debate. >> thank you, i want to bring in our panel, senior writer for the federalist and kirstin powers you heard pence agreeing with trump. i'm going to ask you for your thoughts after this quick break.
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welcome back to "the lead." we have a triegt get to, let's go -- a lot to get to. my two favorite undecided voters in the world. let's talk about trump saying that putin is a stronger leader than president obama, mike pence just backed that up. here is what paul ryan had to say about it this morning? . >> vladimir putin is violating the sovereignty of neighboring
1:39 pm
countries. he is participating in cyber attacks on our country. >> and "if in '08 senator barack obama had praised putin as a better president than the american, republicans would have demanded he quit the race." >> that is true. pence is saying he is a better advocate for his country on a world stage than our country. but you need to stipulate he kills journalists to be a better advocate for his country. he has a tendency to be authoritarian for ideas on how he wants to lead the country. so you don't want to become putin, you want to stay away from that. >> i think the most concerning issue is the authoritarian vent
1:40 pm
and the fact that he praises authoritarianism. we talk about his great poll numbers like there are real poll numbers in russia and that there are low crime rates in totalitarian countries. there is a reason he likes them and that is because he goes outside of the normal ways of dealing with power. i think if i was matt lauer, i would have said -- are you going to be an authoritarian type leader. for conservative leaders, they accused obama about being a -- that is exactly what trump seems to be expressing here. >> i want to bring up something that hillary clinton is saying, she has been getting criticism. she would never bring ground troops into syria. there are troops special ops in
1:41 pm
syria and many in iraq and a lot of people think it is not wise to take anything off of the table. >> i think that is why and i suspect she misspoke. when you look at the audience she was speaking to in particular to not acknowledge people on the ground and not acknowledge the sacrifices they're making right now, it seems like a gaffe to me not like something she intended to say. >> i want to ask you, clinton analyzed an article about isis wanting trump to win. >> they say please make trump president of america. so i'm not interest in giving aide and comfort, i want to defeat them and end their rain of terror.
1:42 pm
>> there are people in counter-terrorism they think is true. >> i think that was a micro aggression i think you're right to say she made a very definitive statement about never having having troops in iraq but that is where isis is. you have people who sacrificed in iraq. gold star families it seems like a real misstep, so when they're pointing out, rightly, the lack of detail they should look at their own plan. >> she is overcompensating for the fact that she voted for the iraq war. >> my two favorite undecided voters thank you so much. a question that tripped up a presidential candidate this morning.
1:43 pm
what would you codo if you were elected about aleppo? >> and what is aleppo. families of september 11 victims want to sue saudi arabia over the terrorist attacks, but president obama standing in their way, why? now she writes mostly in emoji. soon, she'll type the best essays in the entire 8th grade. get back to great. all computers on sale like this dell laptop. office depot officemax. gear up for school. gear up for great. this one's got detachable keys it comes with a pen so you can write as you please this mac doesn't have any of that it's less useful like a hat for your cat surface has touch and a beautiful screen you can see things like they've never been seen this mac doesn't quite compare
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welcome back to "the lead." when governor gary johnson was talking about getting more traction with the main stream media, he probably was not talking about doing it this way. >> what would you do if you were elected, about aleppo? >> about -- >> aleppo. >> and what is aleppo. >> aleppo is in syria, the epi-center of the syrian crisis. >> so given that there are children in aleppo who have
1:48 pm
known nothing about war in their entire lives, maybe a presidential nominee should know something about the epi-center of the biggest humanitarian crisis right now. aleppo is syria's largest city. it has been under constant bombardment by most of a decade. this is what it looked like before 2012 before the 5-year-old war. it was a cultural destination. this is what it looks like now. it is, as our own clarrissa ward calls it a living hell. more than 4500 children under the age of 18 have been killed in the area since the war began. here is a resident of aleppo governor johnson, he is a little boy who survived a bombing and
1:49 pm
became a symbol of the suffering there. his brother was killed. this show brought you their story three weeks ago. if you went online you could not miss his image. yesterday we brought you the images of a shocking chemical weapon's attack from the people of aleppo. allegedly dropping barrels of chlorine gas on innocent civilians there. last month as we told you then 15 of the last remaining physicians in aleppo wrote an open let tore president obama pleading for humanitarian aide and asking for help saying we have not seen any effort from the united states to lift the siege. let us also contemplate the words of greg gutfelt. what is worse, not knowing about
1:50 pm
aleppo or knowing all along and not acting on it. >> families wanting to pass a new bill to sue saudi arabia. why is president obama against the bill? those new glasses? they are. do i look smarter? yeah, a little. you're making money now, are you investing? well, i've been doing some research. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know. okay. uh, do you get your fees back if you're not happy? (dad laughs) wow, you're laughing. that's not the way the world works. well, the world's changing. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab. ♪
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we're back with our national lead. this sunday marks 15 years. today the families of the almost 3,000 victims may be one step clother to achieving a measure of accountability. tomorrow the house of representatives is expected to vote on a bill that would allow
1:55 pm
families too sue saudi arabia. the senate passed the bill in may. even if it passes the house, president obama brejed to veto the bill over concerns it would set a precedent. the supporters are trying to get enough support to override the veto. let's bring in the national chair for 9/11 families and survivors for justice. her husband was a father of three, including a newborn baby that day. he was on the 104th floor of the north tower, that horrible horrible morning. thank you for being here more importantly, how are you doing, how are the three kids? >> i'm okay jake thank you,
1:56 pm
and i kids are well. my oldest is a senior in college, my daughter started her freshman year, and my other son just turned 15 yesterday. >> we're glad you're doing well. >> you and the other victims have been pushing for the justice against sponsors do you think you will be able to get the two-thirds majority? >> i got a phone call from kevin mccarthy's office the house majority leader and it was exciting and thrilling. do i think we will get it? i absolutely do. we have very strong support in the house right now. >> what does it mean for the other countries suing the united states. >> there is nothing to that. we're holding people accountable
1:57 pm
for funding terrorist acts on u.s. soil that killing american citizens. as long as we're not out killing people in other countries and terrorism, we have nothing to worry about. >> have you heard from the white house at all? >> no they're pretty silent with us. saudi arabia said if it became a law, they would retaliate economically. what do you think of that? >> i think it is an empty threat. the white house said it would hurt their economy more than ours. >> that what do you think when you hear them saying there was no evidence that the government
1:58 pm
had anything to do with the attacks. >> if you're not afraid with nothing to hide you should not be lobbying on the hill as strongly as you are spending millions against the bill. there is evidence and i know that's why they fighting the bill. >> for the last 15 years, a lot people say never forget, do you think the american people are honoring that? do you think as a nation we're putting the right reverence on what happened that day? >> i do think that e we're more united and i think there is more unity. thank you, turning now to the sports lead the price of a law that turned into a
1:59 pm
international hubbub. ryan lock teehte has been suspended from swimming competitions for ten months. the joint decision by the united states olympic committee and u.s. swimming means the medalist cannot participate in next year's world championship. the next world championship he can compete in is 2019. he will be 35. all for allegedly making up that dramatic story about being robbed at gunpoint. he is charged with falsely reporting. also ironically representing a crime prevention device maker that is it for "the lead."
2:00 pm
i turn you over now to wolf blitzer in "the situation room." happening now, spinning out of control, donald trump is declaring a victory over hillary clinton and is offering a spin on comments from overnight. they have been saying u.s. generals are reduced to rubble. tonight, new questions from critics about his readiness to be commander in chief. >> not smiling now, hillary clinton lays into trump calling him unfit to be president. critics say she should have smiling more