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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  September 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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"tunnel to towers" is rt pa of the part of the nationally recognized steven sillers foundation and has raised more than $70 million. >> the whole day is just a great celebration of everybody's life that was lost that day. >> steven would be turning 50 in november? >> november 15th he would have been turning 50. yes. >> what kind of 50-year-old do you think steven would have made? >> i think he would have been a very young 50-year-old. loved being a firefighter so he'd still definitely be a firefighter. he would have had over 20 years already. he would have been able to retire. but he -- there is no way he would have retired. he loved the challenge of being able to save people. knowing steven, he probably liked the fear factor involved. he had guts! he loved that brotherhood. >> if you could talk to steven one more time, what would you tell him? >> i'm proud of you. all your siblings are. your kids are. your wife is. the whole community is. you really did something special, steve. >> reporter: john berman, cnn,
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new york. >> with that family next hour, you will hear more from ten incredible young people all of whom lost their fathers on that day 15 years ago. we continue on this friday. you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. in just a couple of minutes we will see major developments in the race for the presidency here. soon donald trump will be speaking to what's called the values voters summit. rnc chair reince priebus speaking there now in the wake of a major outcry over his appearance on russian tv. we will explain that in a moment. hillary clinton is gathering top national bipartisan minds to tackle isis this afternoon. let's get straight to our senior white house correspondent jim acosta who is following trump at that event in washington. but first to our senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny in new york at the historical society covering this national security meeting with secretary clinton, i understand
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we just got some video from inside. you want to tell me what's going on. >> we did indeed, brooke. we are seeing pictures here as you can see. secretary clinton taking her seat with a bipartisan group of national security experts. interestingly when you look at this roll call of people on the list, some names that are very familiar in this arena. david petraeus. of course who was the architect of the iraq surge back in 2007. the former homeland security chief during the bush administration, michael chertoff. also around that table. democrats as well. but the clinton campaign is trying to make the case here that she would be a commander in chief. she would be someone who works across the aisle, reaches across the aisle. it's been the theme of the week here, and it really is an argument again she's trying to make against donald trump that she is the candidate with experience and judgment here to deal in these times of crisis and moments of crisis. presidential campaigns particularly in this phase of
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them with 60 days to go, today, brooke, also become a real-life moment to react to what's happening in the news and of course today, north korea is first and foremost on everyone's mind. we have just gotten a statement from the clinton campaign and it says this. let's look. north korea's decision to conduct another nuclear test is outrageous and unacceptable, hillary clinton says. she says, "this is another reminder that america must elect a president who can confront the threats we face with steadiness and strength." so, brooke, certainly the events of 9/11 also will be discussed in that room, the current threats facing the country here as we near the 15th anniversary on sunday, as well as more recent threats from that nuclear test overnight in north korea. brooke? >> jeff, thank you. i'm sure, jim acosta, i'm sure donald trump, a new yorker, may address the 15th anniversary of 9/11 as well. but do we anticipate him also
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addressing his comments on the most recent tv appearance? >> well, anything is possible when donald trump takes the stage, brooke, as you know that. donald trump was in cleveland yesterday. it was supposed to be an event on school choice. ended up relitigating whether or not he supported the iraq war. jeff mentioned north korea. the trump campaign did put out a statement on north korea just in the last hour saying that this latest nuclear test conducted by north korea is just the latest example of the catastrophic failures of the clinton -- or the clinton tenure as secretary of state during the obama administration. so it is possible we'll hear donald trump talk about that. national security issues have been top of mind all week. you mentioned this appearance donald trump had on rtv. that happened last night when he appeared on that program with former cnn host larry king. that's something that the donald trump campaign is saying donald trump had no idea this was going
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to happen. kellyanne conway said this morning on cnn's "new day this morning" that laydonald trump w doing a podcast and that play pd on larry king's program which airs on rtv. they are saying this was not a decision made by donald trump. of course the clinton campaign, democrats, are saying this is just the latest example of this odd bromance that donald trump has with vladimir putin. but i will tell you just listening to reince priebus right now at this values voters summit right here in washington. it does seem that donald trump is going to be trying to tend that conservative flock here. he is going to be hitting on some of the things we heard from reince priebus a few moments ago. reince priebus acknowledging that there may be some christian conservatives who are nervous about donald trump, saying that there are two words this crowd needs to keep into mind heading into the polling places in november, that is the supreme court. think we'll hear donald trump make that same case as well. he's made the case that christian conservatives
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throughout this election cycle. >> we'll listen for him and take it live. jim and jeff, thank you both so much. back to putin and this rtv appearance. but straight to this breaking news we are just getting on the hacks in to several democratic party organizations and election operations. cnn has just learned that there is renewed confidence that russia is in fact behind these cyber break-ins and sources say several republican lawmakers now believe it. to evan perez we go, our justice correspondent. what changed? >> you know, i think these lawmaker came back from their very long summer vacation and came in for briefings from law enforcement, from intelligence officials this past week. i know that several of them have been sitting in these briefings, getting the latest information from the fbi, from homeland security and the intelligence community. the picture that they are getting is that there is near certainty that russian intelligence was behind the fact -- the hacks a against the
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democratic party organization, including the dnc. you know there's been a lot of activity, including against some think tanks and even against reporters for "the new york times." all of this tied in to russian intelligence activity. in addition, what they heard from the briefers is that those hacks that we've been reporting on against the election registration websites in illinois and arizona and some other states, they now firmly believe, the fbi, investigators that are doing this, believe that this is also the work of russian hackers. i think for a lot of lawmakers who were perhaps a little skeptical about whether or not this was the clinton campaign and the democrats who were pushing this line about russian involvement, i think this changed the picture. >> they're now believing it. >> right. now we are talking about russians trying to mess with the u.s. election system. we are a just a couple months away from that, now weeks away from the first ballots being cast in early voting in some of the states. i think that's what changes the
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concern here. now behind the scenes there is also a big debate inside the obama administration. what to do about this. right? because the fbi and the justice department believe that they've done the investigation. they believe they know firmly that we should be able to say that the russians are behind this. i think they are getting some pushback. i know they are getting some pushback from some folks in the intelligence community, from the state department. there is other concerns going on there. you see secretary kerry is trying to negotiate a deal with the russians over syria. the intelligence community is concerned about perhaps exposing some of our own programs. after all, our spies are doing some of the similar things against russian websites and so on. so that's part of the picture. then the white house. the white house is very concerned about appearing to be meddling in the election. they don't want to come out and say it's russia, then appearing to be tipping the scales towards hillary clinton. and also, frankly, they also want to make sure that the fbi
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does not work to show the connection between the russian government hackers and wikileaks which is the organization that publish some of those dnc files. a lot of activity going on behind the scenes, brooke. we're going to hear a lot more about this in the 60 days that are left before this election. >> i'm sure from the nominees themselves as well. evan, thank you, for all of that here as we are talking about putin, talking about russia and in light of the news there, the latest outcry over donald trump may even get louder. the republican nominee is under fire for praising russian president vladimir putin. listen, he has done it before but this time the nominee seemed t to align, at least on some issues, with putin. his representatives said if they had known the trump appearance on rtv would be seen as the kremlin-backed network, he would not have done the interview. here is what trump said about whether he believes russia launched a covert operation to disrupt the 2016 u.s. election.
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>> i think it's probably unlikely. i think maybe -- maybe the democrats are putting that out. who knows. but i think that it's pretty unlikely. but, you know, who knows? i hope that if they are doing something, i hope that somebody's going to be able to find out so they can -- they can end it. because that would not be appropriate at all. >> trump has also said that he had "absolutely no opinion" on the fbi investigating whether russians hacked -- i can hear you in my ear, if you don't mind getting out. thank you. -- into democratic party e-mails though. as we just told you, more and more officials in washington are now ready to say that is exactly what happened. with me now, cnn political commentator michael smerconish hosting "smerconish" on cnn saturday mornings. before we get to putin, you heard he have been's reporting. some republicans are now buying
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into, you know, it might be russia meddling. >> well, i heard jeff's report and i heard evan's report. and it's hard not to put it all together and see it as causally connected. meaning that donald trump extends himself to a broad cast network that's controlled by the russians, says kind things about vladimir putin, so as to give him encouragement with regard to evan's story about russian involvement in the hacks. you remember, brooke, at the outset of the democratic national convention, the whole debbie wasserman schultz fiasco that cost her her job. and so is it really a leap of faith for donald trump to be hoping that they've got -- meaning the russians -- something drawn from one of those 13 private devices that were dependent upon hillary clinton's private e-mail servers, and hoping that there will be a real october surprise in this election where there's a russian leak of something embarrassing that was on that
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server, that should not have been. i see it all potentially as fitting together. >> this is -- just when we thought it couldn't get more interesting. right? it has. >> right. >> and then you have these -- manu raju, he's a tough working reporter. he is our correspondent on capitol hill. he was chasing down these, congressmen and women to get their opinions on donald trump's sort of proverbial embrace of putin. one point the door is kind of closing on john mccain's elevator but he says, essentially, he's a murderous thug, being putin. what do you think of being republicans having this sort of answer for donald trump? >> first of all, i thought that was great reporting. funny you bring that up, because my day began by my watching manu skirt all of them. it was tremendous. behind closed doors and such. to me, it is almost like the equivalent of a domestic situation where two people are not getting along, but there is
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an outsider to the family and if the outsider is all of a sudden an interloper, well, you train your guns on that person. that's how i feel, regardless of how you feel about trump or about clinton, the fact that vladimir putin would want to screw with our election? doesn't that cause us all to say, whoa, wait a minute. this is entirely inappropriate! and yet i'm not hearing that from one side of the aisle, and i think that is a problem. >> let me throw another voice into this conversation. bill clinton. he is out on the trail today and just made some comments about donald trump. take a listen. >> comfortable in the moderator the other night? >> well even with that, she did just fine. the only thing that bothered me was that i thought there should have been more discussion about that mexican trip because he said his trip was a success because the finance minister got
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fired. finance minister lost his job because, if you're going to be president, you -- [ sin a [ inaudible ] it is very important. i always favored the toughest language face to face person in private. and then try to avoid embarrassing people but by all means tell the same story at home and abroad. if not, it gets you in trouble. >> are you offering any advice? >> for hillary? >> no. i just go and listen. if i think i can make a point better, i'll say it. but the thing is she just knows so much. the thing when you know a lot and have time constraints, practice to know the most important things to say about each question. it's pretty easy prep. you just have to do it over and
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over again. but you can never forget you don't have five minutes. you have 30, 60, or 90 seconds depending on the format. >> thank you, mr. president. >> we just wanted to quickly turn that around. as i am looking at president clinton, let's throw the pictures -- michael, don't know if you've seen these photos. these were all out because of a foia request. a freedom of information request. donald trump, bill clinton -- >> who's the playboy bunny. >> -- stand by. yeah, the bunny. who do you think ha is more to lose by these pictures being out? >> well, i think it comports already with our perception of trump. right? to see him in this kind of an environment. there's nothing shocking to me. what it's a reminder of is the one time clubbiness, chummy relationship between all of them. and the fact that when he was married for the third time, the clintons were there. i think that she said, meaning
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hillary clinton, i think she said, well, she thought it would be entertaining. how unbelievable that not too many years later, now they're the combatants and saying the most ugly of things about one another. >> politics. that's my answer for you. michael smerconish -- >> this year's politics. >> we watch you on saturdays here on cnn, 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern. thank you so much. >> thank you. we are moments away from donald trump and hillary clinton both speaking live on the campaign trail today. we will be right back.
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upgrade your phone system and learn how you could save we are all in for our customers. at in just a couple minutes, donald trump will take the podium at the values voters
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summit there in washington, d.c. former mayor of new york, rudy giuliani, good friend, advisor to mr. trump, speaking right now. also speaking in support of trump at that very summit, former pennsylvania senator and former republican presidential candidate rick santorum. senator, always a pleasure to have you on. welcome. >> thank you, brooke. great to be back on your show. >> before break we were talking about trump and his assertions that you the russian president, vladimir putin, is a better leader than obama. he said that the other night at that forum. it was something that his running mate has echoed. will et me play you sound from secretary clinton's running mate, tim kaine. >> what is it about running your economy into the ground as putin has in russia that's leadership? what is it about invading other nations that's leadership? what is it about persecuting lgbt russians or persecuting the journalists that's leadership? what is it about a state-run doping program that gets your olympians, even your paralympians banned for the olympics that's leadership? when mike pence said that, i
12:22 pm
just had to reflect that if you don't know the difference between leadership and dictatorship, then where do i start with you? >> senator santorum, do you agree with tim kaine or do you agree with trump that putin is a strong leader? >> well, let me just say, i am no fan of it vladimir putin. don't know too many people who are fans of vladimir putin. but that doesn't mean -- >> but donald trump is. >> -- he hasn't had his successes on the international stage at the expense of the united states. i think that's the point donald trump is making. whether it is in syria or whether it is in eastern europe. we're seen fecklessness on part of the clinton and obama white houses. they've allowed him, this weak leader that tim kaine aptly described, actually get the upper hand on our president. that tells you maybe how weak our president is. >> wait, you're putting -- hold on, hold on. so you're putting putin's patheticness on our president?
12:23 pm
>> the point is, tim kaine makes the point that putin is a pathetic leader on a variety of different fronts and i'm not going to disagree with limhim. the fact of the matter is when it comes to dealing with the united states he has the upper hand with the united states geopolitically and has strengthened his position in the world at the expense of the united states. i think that's the point donald trump is making. >> so then why is trump embracing him? i mean john mccain called him a murderous thug. >> look, i would not be embracing vladimir putin. but i think, again, the point that i think mike pence is making, i think ultimately donald trump is making is that he is making america look bad and is making it difficult for our allies to depend on us when he continues -- putin continues to push the americans around. >> let's pivot to north korea. you saw the news today. what would a president trump do differently than a president obama on -- we saw obama calling
12:24 pm
north korea a grave threat given what happened. >> yeah, they say they'd pay nor orsome language like that. when have they paid for anything? fact of the matter is this is another example of a rogue tyrant, dictator, pushing the united states around and the president offering tough language and doing absolutely nothing. >> how would trump make him pay, senator? >> well, i mean, look at -- let's look at the scandal that's brewing that you talked about earlier in the show. i've been watching with the attacks. the cyber attacks. this is coming from the russians. this is no surprise. the russian business network in the dark web is gathering information not just from our political sources, our governmental entities, from every business in america. they're hacking away. the chinese is doing the same. >> but trump has said he would let china take care of north korea. i want to ask you, what do you think he should do? what do you think how would he make them pay? >> my point is there are ways to make folks pay everything from
12:25 pm
what we do in the cyber world, what we can do economically. what we can do geopolitically. but the idea that this president just continues to say we're going to make them pay or we'll be tough or stop proliferati proliferation -- >> i hear you, senator, putting you on president obama. but i haven't heard anything specifically from a potential president trump. >> i can't speak to exactly what trump is going to say in response to this particular nuclear test. but what i can say is there is a lot of avenues available to a president that are known and unknown to the public to make it very, very difficult. using the chinese as leverage is a big part of that. >> okay. on the economy, senator, we just got these new numbers today. cnn poll that americans are more positive about the nation's economy than they have been -- here's the number -- in the last nine years. more than half of americans say economic conditions are good. so when you have republicans and
12:26 pm
donald trump sort of dumping on the obama administration and the failed economics, doesn't this very number prove them wrong? >> well, i don't know. polls prove wrong or right. all i would say is that when you have 1.2% growth and continuingly slow growth, you've had 0% rates forever and you have an economy burdened down by obamacare and taxes and regulation and that trump is proposing something that actually is going to help working americans and he's -- >> senator santorum, you point to all of that. but i know someone who likes to point to polls. >> well, no. donald trump points to polls. i agree. >> i thought i would point to a poll. >> i appreciate that. that number is not a great number for donald trump. but i think there is an underlying concern in america that is not going away. i think you saw it in the uk with the brexit vote. i think trump is going beyond just the mere gdp numbers. he's talking about issues that
12:27 pm
really hit home to working americans and that's immigration and that's trade. and manufacturing policy and other policies that really have an impact on those who have been struggling in america today. i think that contrast is going to serve him very well in some of the key states from pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, wisconsin and iowa. >> we are looking at some of those key states just yesterday. >> you should be. that's where this election is going to be won or lost. >> on to the debates. we're less than three weeks away from the first presidential debate. couple of days ago trump said he hasn't really practiced. may or may not hold a mock debate. do you think that's wise? >> well, you are talking to someone who's never done a mock debate and never did any practices. >> no kidding. >> i'm probably the wrong person -- never. and the reason i didn't, brooke, is because i always thought the most important thing to do in a debate is to try to be yourself, not to be scripted. if you are scripted, it shows.
12:28 pm
the one-liners that people throw out there. i know it is like pavlov's dogs to reporters. they love the one-liners. but the fact of the matter is i think people are looking for authenticity, and particularly given the phoniness of hillary clinton and the problems that she's had in honesty an integrity, i think trump, if he tries to do so much schooling and too much preparing, could lose some of that authenticity which has made him i think as popular as he is. >> do you think, had you made it farther, and perhaps you were in trump's shoes, that you would rethink that no practice, no mock debate policy? >> here's what i would say. i did town hall meetings many, many times a day. there's just no better venue to practice for a debate than to do those town halls, to talk to reporters. i mean i know hillary clinton has to practice for debates because she doesn't take questions of any real toughness. >> at least she took some
12:29 pm
questions this week. let's give her a little credit. >> whoa. okay. wow. >> we're thrilled about that. >> yeah, that's exciting. if i were here, she needs a lot of practice. i don't think trump does as much. he's used to interviews. he's used to taking hard balls. i think he had do just fine in the debates. >> senator santorum, appreciate your time. any moment now we expect to hear from both donald trump and hillary clinton. as we mentioned, donald trump will be speaking at this event. huge crowd of social conservatives in washington, d.c. and hillary clinton is expected to make some comments after leaving that round table of bipartisan national security experts. we are standing by and watching both of those events live for you on this friday. (man) honey, what's a word for "large blaze"? (wife] fire. [man] thirteen letters. [wife] fire. [man] thirteen letters. [wife] really big fire! [burke] conflagration.seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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i know more about isis then the apprgenerals do. age. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
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who would best serve as commander in chief, you are about to hear from a group of young people who says this election is especially important to them. these are the children left behind after the deadliest terror attack on american soil. i spoke with ten members of tuesday's children, an organization formed after 9/11 to serving youth and families impacted by terrorism. here are these extraordinary young people. >> this was 15 years ago and this unthinkable thing happened. then flash floored to 2016. war on terror. what is it like when you see these attacks today? >> i know personally over the past few months, there's been a
12:35 pm
sickening amount of terrorist attacks all over the world, and you see the news coverage of it. but once another one happens, the coverage of the past one kind of stops and a i don't stop thinking about all of them because there are families behind that coverage that are now in the same exact situation that we were 15 years ago. that will continue to struggle every day for the rest of their lives without the people that they just lost. and even 15 years later, this is something that still affects all of us every single day of our lives. >> presidential election. are you all paying little closer attention than, say, your peers? yes, you're nodding? >> oh, yeah. >> you're paying attention? >> i'm voting for him for president. >> i'm voting for him for president, too, by the way. all right, 14-year-old.
12:36 pm
talk to me. what does our nation need in a leader? >> someone who can actually lead. definitely someone we can depend on. trustworthy. i definitely like one more than the other. we need to trust the person that we choose. >> i think the people say i'm not very political or very stupid because that means you aren't paying attention to the people that are going to be affecting your lives in massive ways over the next um can of years. possibly for much longer than that. it's extremely important who is in the oval office and with the wrong person, you could -- there could be horrible things that go wrong. >> there was something very special about the months after 9/11 and the year following 9/11 about the united states. >> you want that again. >> yeah. we need it. look at this election. look, we need to figure out what we're doing. >> i want to hear your story though about boston. >> 2013. ran the marathon. finished. met up with everyone. we went up to like a rooftop bar to celebrate.
12:37 pm
then all of a sudden you hear this big noise and everyone kind of looks at each other and, again, you don't fear the worst, so everyone kind of just keeps carrying on. casually go to check my phone. i don't have service. then you start to wonder, if deja vu, something's not right. >> you're with your best friend who was in your ninth grade class when the speakers went off. >> yeah. i didn't know him at the time but he was with me. felt like we were deja vu but the days that followed -- it either brings out the best or worst in people. think collectively it -- that felt good to me how everyone kind of rallied around boston. >> rodney, how did you meet kevin? >> my mom suggested that we like go to tuesday's children, which i didn't really know anything about it. so she had to explain it to me. i said -- i was kind of like, i didn't really want to do it at first. >> how come? >> because it kind of would bring back like memories of how i didn't have a dad and it was
12:38 pm
just kind of upsetting for me. and then i was willing to try it out later on. we got to pick a buddy. and, you know -- >> he was your buddy? >> yeah. >> how has he helped you? >> he's just been the father figure in my life since i never did meet my dad. >> father figure. did you know that? >> it means a lot hearing that. yeah. i have to always say i think i get more out of the relationship than he does. but i'll take his word for it. >> tuesday's children. incredible. you talk about -- you meet other young people who have lost parents but to all have this common bond which is that, how has that helped you all? >> with people that have gone through what you've gone through, it is an unspoken thing. like you're instantly friends he feel like because you went through the same horrible thing together. i have a lot of close friends who i met through counseling or
12:39 pm
tuesday's children. some of them that i just met today. you don't really need to say much but you can relate on so many levels. >> people say like i'm so worry, like i get it. like you don't really get it. like these people, they get it. they're the ones who have lived through what you lived through, and then some. like they get what it is like to grow up without a father or lose someone like that in the way that we did out of nowhere. >> i'm also wondering like if you're in school, and if you're in a history class, and someone starts talking about terror attacks, has that ever happened to any of you where you've had to get up and leave the room? yes? >> yeah. actually, the past year i -- there was a moment of silence and i was sitting in my math class. i asked is the lady for the moment of silence on 9/11 if i could leave the room. she didn't know the a the time. i'm not really like verbal about it. she looked at me like no, this isn't a good time. during the -- it was like a five-minute moment of silence. i started hysterical crying and
12:40 pm
i had to leave the room. >> there were a lot of caring teachers, then there were some insensitive ones. i remember a random bio teacher saying look, you can see the devil's face in the smoke of the twin towers burning as a sophomore in high school. i got up with be took the paper, threw it out and i left. >> we all know it is fake but it is still very insensitive of some people. click on this link and you'll see like the planes never actually hit the twin towers. i kind of just want to look at them and be then like where did my father go? >> how do you all honor your dads? how do you spend that day? >> we would walk down to ground zero and lay flowers. but i think it was really important that it was mainly -- that most of the family made like a strong effort to come together because i think that's what made it a lot easier to cope and move forward. don't just honor him on this one day, but we also take time like
12:41 pm
throughout the entire year just to pretty much honor him and make sure we're always constantly thinking of him and -- probably sounds corny, but that we're never forgetting him. >> that's not corny. sat with them for about an hour and a half. they were absolutely incredible. would love for you to hear more from them. just go to and find the children in the age of terror interactive for extended interviews. you can also find ways to get involved with organizations that support 9/11 victims. go to and a programming note for all of you. the documentary "9/11, 15 years later" airs this sunday night at 8:00 eastern. let's take you to washington now. donald trump on the stage. >> i'm going to make it up to you, too. you watch. there are no more decent, devoted or selfless people than our christian brothers and sisters here in the united states. true. so true. i witnessed that incredible
12:42 pm
generosity all across this land. gotten to know so many people. i saw it during my trip to louisiana where christian volunteers raced to help their fellow citizens in need. franklin graham is an example. he brought the most incredible people and equipment to louisiana. and he didn't want anything for it. he's a great plan. it's that spirit of giving that we will need to rebuild louisiana and to rebuild this country which is in serious, serious trouble. yet, our media culture often mocks and demeans people of faith. and you understand that. all the time i hear from concerned parents how much harder it is for a christian
12:43 pm
family to raise their children in today's media environment. that is right, isn't it. that is right. not even close. your values of love, charity an faith built this nation. so how can it be that our media treats people of faith so poorly? one of the reasons is that our politicians have really abandoned you to large extent. and hillary clinton, you can forget about her. so let me state this right up front. a trump administration, our christian heritage, will be cherished, protected, defended, like you've never seen before.
12:44 pm
believe me. i believe it and you believe it and you know it. you know it. and that includes religious are liberty. remember. remember. i recently had a chance to visit a church in detroit. great faith ministries international. stand up, if you're a member. that's good. that was a great -- that was an amazing experience. and the bishop, what a great guy. in my remarks, i spoke about how african-american church -- and this is all across the country -- for centuries have been the conscience of our nation. their unbreakable faith and spirit overcame some of the most
12:45 pm
difficult periods in our history leading us all to a better future. very true. amazing. this was such an amazing experience. this is the power of faith. it's the power to heal. it's the power to unite. it's the power to make all of us live better lives. all of us. our nation today is divided. nobody likes to say it, but we're living in a very, very divided nation. it will be our faith in god, in his teachings, in etch oach oth that will lead us back to unity.
12:46 pm
each of us here today has a role to play in bringing our country together, united in common purpose and in common values. so let's talk today about some of the things -- these are great things -- that we can do together to create the american future for everybody. not just a certain group of people, but for everybody. the first thing we have to do is give our churches their voice back. it's been taken away. the johnson amendment has blocked our pastors and ministers and others from speaking their minds from their own pulpits. if they want to talk about christianity, if they want to preach, if they want to talk about politics, they are unable to do so. if they want to do it, they take a tremendous risk that they lose
12:47 pm
their tax exempt status. all religious leaders should be able to freely express their thoughts and feelings on religious matters. and i will repeal the johnson amendment if i am elected your president. i promise. so important. thank you. so important. and i must tell you from the heart, this started a building of mine in manhattan. i had 50 pastors in a big conference room. and we actually had 50 pastors, two rabbis, couple of priests, we were all talking and we were there for two hours. and at the end it was a love fest. we all agreed. it was like a love fest.
12:48 pm
and i said to them, we were high up in that building on 5th avenue. and i said to them, i'd love your support. and i know when i can get support. i'm quite sophisticated. and i know they wanted to give me their total support. 100%. just like i had in the primaries. and i said, i really would like your support. and they didn't really know what i was talking about. and i said, what's going on here? they said, well, sir, we can't do that because we would be violating the laws. and i said what's the punishment? well, we could lose our tax exempt status, which of course is a massive penalty. i said tell me about this. and we sat down, they talked about it. when did it happen? 1954, or so. lyndon johnson was having problems. powerful guy. i actual ly, you have to give hm
12:49 pm
respect for what he was able to do. this man single-handedly was having problems with clurnlghur. there was a church in houston that was giving him a hard time. maybe for very good reason. and he put in an amendment that basically stopped our great pastors and ministers and others from talking under the penalty of losing their tax exempt status. so we were looking down on to the sidewalk and there were people walking on the sidewalk. i said, so, folks, what you're telling me is those people walking way, way down there on the sidewalk have really more power than you do because they're allowed to express their feelings and thoughts openly and without penalty. and one of the pastors who i knew very well -- these are powerful people. these are strong people with magnificent voices and magnificent hearts, much more importantly. they looked at me and they said,
12:50 pm
that's actually right. they have more power than we do. we're not allowed to express. that's what i said. we have to start thinking about this. i thought about it. then we had a large group of pastors. again i said i have thought about it. if i become president we are going to knock out the johnson amendment. we are going to do that. it is not going to be hard. it is not going to be hard. say men are 50%, and i believe that is one of the reasons why you have not seen christianity and other religions in the united states going like a rocket ship like our polls have been going in the last four weeks, a rocket ship, right? because you're great people. the people you are lie on
12:51 pm
sunday, and all day during the week, they have been stopped from talking and speaking by a law. and we're going to get rid of that law so fast. and i'm so proud to say, honestly, i don't want to take credit, but you have 50 people in that first meeting, many more in the senate, to say "that was my idea. i figure it's the only way i'm getting to heaven. so this -- the only way. so we're going to get rid of it. we're going to let people speak and see something very, very good. that means you have to get out and vote on november 8th. you didn't vote four years ago. you didn't vote. you didn't -- well, you did, a few of you did. i know, i look at the stats.
12:52 pm
but this time you really have -- this is jr. last chance. we will never have this opportunity again. get your family and your friends and get out. that's not even going to be a close election. if you don't, it could be a very unhappy november 8th. we're also going to repeal and replace disastrous obama care that gives the government the control over the lives of everyday citizens and the numbers are horrendous. premiums going up, the deductible so high you never get to use it unless you have a long
12:53 pm
and complexion period. it is a disaster and it will die of it's own weight anyway. we will get rid of it and replace it with great alternatives. great hkt at a hour price. . hillary clinton wants government run health care which would be a disaster for the liberties and freedoms of americans. you see how bad this is. but one of the big issues in this case is the issue of school choice. and i can't possibly emphasize this enough. millions of poor and disadvantaged students are
12:54 pm
strapped in failing schools. none more so than the african-american community. none, the democratic party has run the inner cities of america for 50, 60, 70 years. in some cases, the politics. people like hillary clinton have produced only poverty, when she was running for the senate. she said she would produce jobs, jobs, jobs in upstate new york. going to produce jobs. a big thing, a catastrophe. tens of thousands of jobs, and never did a thing. all talk no action.
12:55 pm
all talk, nothing bad will happen, only good will happen. she won because of them. and she produced absolutely nothing. jobs left. it is today, one of the worst, one of the most depressing places in this country. just remember that when you hear her talking about jobs. i know jobs, she doesn't know jobs, that i can tell you. i have outlined a new civil rights agenda for our time. the right to a safe community, a great education, and a secure job. and i say to african-american parents, i say to hispan hispanic-american parents. i say it with great respect. our inner cities are a disaster. crime, no jobs, education is the
12:56 pm
worth in many cases almost worldwide ban. in many cases actually a worldwide ban. i say with great respect, what do you have to lose. it can't get any worse. you choose donald trump i will fix the problem. you will have safety, good education, jobs. we will bring our jobs back. mexico is taking our jobs, so many other places are taking our jobs, what china is doing to us is horrible. i'm going to fix it. i'm going to fix it. school choice at the center of the civil rights agenda. i want to provide every single inner city child in america trapped in an inner city school to attend the school of their choice. competition, the schools will
12:57 pm
get better and better and better. and that means a private school, a religious school, charter school, a magnet school. it also means that parents can homeschool their children. hillary clinton opposes school choice because she is controlled, totally, totally, like a puppet by special interests, she will force african-american and hispanic children to remain stuck in failed government schools leading to higher unemployment and more poverty. something nobody will believe. my plan will break the monopoly and make schools to compete to
12:58 pm
provide the best services for our children including every african-american and hispanic child in this country. every single one of them. this proposal begins with a $20 billion block grant for states to pursue school choice programs. however, that is good, right? however, just because 90% of education spending -- sponsor every disadvantaged student in america. what a difference this will
12:59 pm
make, it will follow the student to the public, private, or religious school best for them and their family. my administration will partner with the leadership of any inner city willing to run a pilot program, and there will be a lot of them, to provide school choice to every child in that community. in baltimore, for instance, that means more than $15,000 available in funds for students. as your president, i will be the biggest cheerleader for school choice you have ever seen. this means a lot to me, i know it can turn things around.
1:00 pm
common core, we're going to end it. we'll bring in education. ly fight for every child in this country. who deserve better futures. the african-american community heard my message that i am going to make the inner city safe again and i'm going to bring back jobs and i'm going to bring back a great education. we have been given a lot of suppor supports. if on november 8th, if i get more african-american and hispanic boats than anyone thought about a month ago, you see what is going on. people are starting to hear about this and they're saying wow.