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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 9, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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common core, we're going to end it. we'll bring in education. ly fight for every child in this country. who deserve better futures. the african-american community heard my message that i am going to make the inner city safe again and i'm going to bring back jobs and i'm going to bring back a great education. we have been given a lot of suppor supports. if on november 8th, if i get more african-american and hispanic boats than anyone thought about a month ago, you see what is going on. people are starting to hear about this and they're saying wow. if it can't get worse, it gets
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better, but only if i do it. what they have done is incredible. it is more rigid and it will never change. it is not going to change, it's not going to happen. let's talk about another issue to define the future of this country for generations to come. the united states supreme court. earlier this year, we lost the great justice antonin scalia. the next president has to not only fill this seat, but as many as four others. it could even be, we could end up with a total of five judges by one president. it would be record setting. it will probably be three, could be four, could even be five.
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and you pick the wrong people, you have a country that is no longer your country. it will be a disaster. one of the most important issues, other than maybe defense, build up the military, it is so depleted. build up our vets, protect your second amendment, so many things. one of the most important, some people think the most important, the filling of the seats in the united states supreme court. you see how bad it is, we will pick great judges. i made a list of 11. highly recommended. uniform great reviews on the 11 people, and we're going to put truly great people -- maybe we use judge scalia as the ultimate example of what we're looking
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for, okay? this will determine whether or not we remain a constitutional republic. i want to protect your religious liberty and apply the law as written. we rejekt judges that rewrite the constitution to impose their own personal views on 300 million plus americans. i made public a list of judges that will guide my selection process. hillary clinton refused to provide such a list. we brought it up, if you saw the list, you would walk out of here not feeling very well. she knows the extremist judges
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she would pick would be rejected by the overwhelming public. her picks would allow here to attack over american health care, the american economy, and the religious liberties. not to mention your second amendment which is on very thin ice right now as you know. because of the fact that we're 4-4. if they even pick one judge who is wrong, they could probably, as you know it, kiss the second amendment goodbye, and we don't want to see that. another issue is the issue of national security. north korea performanced their fourth nuclear test since sixty
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became secretary of state. one more massive failure from a failed secretary of state. her hopolicies also put iran in- they were dieing three years ago. the angsts were choking them, they would have fallen, but obama didn't support people who would have taken other. i think they would have taken over the right way. they got no support. but look at what has happened to iran in such a short period of time. but remember the ransom payments, $400 million two weeks ago. this is cash.
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remember they said they paid cash because they could not open a bank account. there was no way to send it to a account, just like obama care was a big lie. lose your plan, lose your doctor, 27 times, right? your doctor, your plan, turned out to be a lie. all a big lie. a rigged system and a lie. i'll tell you what, the 400 million reading the papers in the last few days -- >> i said they don't need it for terror, that is in addition to the $150 billion. they said they don't need it, they're not going to use it for terror. $1.7 billion in cash. massive big vats of cash.
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never seen anything like it. i have seen a lot of cash, never saw anything like this. $1.7 billion. can you imagine these guys? planes stop, they would not give back the hostages even the hostages say they kept us waiting for a certain play to come in, just another lie. these people sitting there and they see $1.7 billion in cash. they think we're stupid. they think we're stupid. they won't be thinking it for long.
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at the same time, isis is hunting down and exterminating what it calls the nation of the cross. we cannot let this evil continue. isis must be destroyed. have to, no choice. you must use military warfare, psychological warfare. it is a different world today. we must also establish a bipartisan goal in the united states, and an international goal with defeating radical
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islamic terrorism. words that our president will not use, just like we won the cold war buy identifying our enemy, building a consensus to guide a long term strategy. by the way, president obama has allowed syrian refugees to pour into our country at unbelievable rates. and hillary clinton wants to allow 550% more but it is almost impossible to get a christian in from syria. they take others, but they don't
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take christians. very rare, very rare. so i said that we need to make safe zones in the region. we want to take care of people, but we cannot allow this potential tremendous threat to continue. and we have to stop this. this is going to be potentially a catastrophe for our countries. it could be the all-time great trojan horse. it could be it. have you ever noticed on the migration trail, cell phones. and they have the isis flag printed on them. some have things worse than that. so it was the failed policies, you have to remember, of hillary clinton and obama that unleashed isis in the first place.
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if they did the right thing you would not be talking about isis right now. now she wants to get rid of them. she tells them already there will be no boots on the ground. even if you don't want boots on the ground, don't say it. now they're saying hope she wins. they would dream of having her as president. they dream about it every night. even if you believe, and i can understand that, you don't say it. let them think they're going to go through hell. don't say it. can you imagine the great general douglas mcarthur? the great general george patton, or a great general from today, general flynn, who is here some place. i love general flynn.
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can you imagine these people saying -- they're basically giving out the strategy. there will be no boots on the ground. if you don't want that -- i fully understand that, don't say it. don't say it. can you imagine mcarthur saying "we're going to fight the enemy and move our troops in in about a month. we're going to hit from behind." everything they say turns out to be true. i hate to say this because we have a lot of evangelicals in the world, maybe we should not be so honest for military strategy? hope i didn't lose your vote for saying that. just look at what her policies have left us with in iraq, syria, and libya.
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hillary clinton is trigger happy, she really is, she is trigger happen -- and there will probably turn out to be another disaster. it has brought only war, destruction, and death. she is just too quick to intervene to invade or push for regime change with people we don't even know who they are. they take over and they're far worse. this creates the power vacuums that are filled by terrorists in groups like isis. my administration on the other hand will work. with any country that is willing to partner with us to defeat isis, and halt radical islamic terrorism. and that includes russia and they want to join us by knocking out isis, that is just fine as
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far as i'm concerned. it is a very imperfect world, and you can't always choose your friends. but you can never fail to recognize your enemies. we have some real enemies. unfortunately for our country, our enemies probably hacked into hillary clinton's e-mails. these are the same e-mails she destroyed after receiving a federal subpoena. what's that? using software in order to brea bleach the e-mails so you can never see them. she even mysteriously lost 13 phones before the fbi got them. many were destroyed with a
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hammer. did anyone ever hit a hammer -- maybe two or three people -- but they were just released from friday, those few people. can you believe this? destroyed them with a hammer. the old fashioned way, i guess. the other night, commander in chief forum, did anyone see that? how did i do? good. we have a big debate coming up, who knows what is happening there, but every pole has been winning big league commander and chief. the polls came out and we won big league. now we have a debate coming up. i don't imagine any of you will be watching the debate, right? hillary clinton answered questions on her e-mails
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horribly. that is why she lost and did so poorly. she did terrible. honestly, she was terrible. she keeps talking about the e-mails and every time she talks about them differently. it seems each week, she has a different answer. but there can be no answer e when she deletes 33,000 e-mails, hammers them into total silence, you know what is happening. you fwhee is happening. i always say getting away with that will be the single greatest accomplishment of her career. it's true.
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so her answers were bad. they were bad, and a lot of people said they swore totally disonnest, and you know, she was blaming matt lauer, but the gentleman who said you should be in prison for what you did, to me that was the tough one. that was a tough one. that was a tough question. sort of a question in the form of a statement, right? hillary clinton is unfit to be our president. if many reasons. true.
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[ crowd chanting "lock her up" ] >> she is unfit for many reasons, the biggest of which is her judgment that is so bad. it is time to restore honesty and integrity to our government. we have toe do -- to do it. i also want to discuss the economy today and helping those in need. there is no more charitable group in this country than christians. all of us here today are determined to lift suffering americans out of poverty, and we're going to do with with a lot of other people to help. i will pursue a complete reform of our economy to bring back millions of new jobs into our country. millions of new jobs.
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we lost our jobs like a bunch of babies. they have gone to other countries, mexico and other countries. china is taking massive advantage of us. it is all so easy, believe me. it is all so easy. that includes, we will be doing massive tax cuts for working families and businesses. it includes, very importantly, the elimination of all needless job killing regulations. it includes lifting the restrictions on american energy, which is under siege. i will also renegotiate nafta and if they don't want to
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renegotiable it so it becomes a two-way highway, not just a one-way highway out of the united states for our companies and our jobs, we will terminate nafta, believe me. we'll stand up to china. and we're going to fight for every last job. it will be america first, and it will be the american worker first. crucially i will also fight for the american family and american family values. the family must be at the center of any antipoverty policy agenda. has to be. thank you. our country just lost one of the great champions for the american
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family, phyllis shaftly. a great woman. we send our thoughts and prayers to her loved ones. i will be going to her funeral tomorrow in st. louis. phyllis fought very hard till the very end for a free and prosperous america. the uds that to be truly united as a country, we can't just turn to government or politicians. the bedrock of our unity is the realization that we're all brothers and sisters under the same god. phyllis understood that. and phyllis endorsed me a long time ago when it wasn't necessarily something that was so easy to do. and she was incredible, so
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brave. she endorsed me and that was not the thing to do at the time. people said, trump? she said he is going to win, you don't understand, he knows how to win, they say phyllis, it's not going to be trump, but she endorsed me at a time when it was not the thing to do, even the popular thing to do, and i will never forget that. she was a great, great powerful woman with a tremendous heart and i look forward to being with her family tomorrow, because that is a celebration. she was 92 years old. we are all equal, and we all come from the same creator. and we remember that simple fact, then our future is truly limitless. there is nothing that we as
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americans can't do. there is a biblical verse that i have often read, and i want to repeat it again, i think it is so important to what we have trying to achieve right now for our country. it is from i john chapter four. god lives in us and his love is made complete in us. so true. so true. imagine what we could accomplish if we started working together as one people, under one god, saluting one flag.
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it is time to stop quibbling over the smallest words, and time to start dreaming about the great adventurines that lie ahe for our country. this is my promise to all of you. starting in 2017, we will be one american nation. it is time to break our ties with the bigger failures of the past, and to embrace a new american future. we have to do it. together, we will make america believe again. we will make america united again. and we will make america great again. thank you very much and god bless you, thank you! thank you!
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thank you very much! welcome to the lead, i'm jake tapper, that was donald trump addressing conservative voters and activists. you heard him there promising to defend christian heritage. he also revived his foreign policy take downs of his opponent, hillary clinton calling her trigger happy. we're also waiting for hillary clinton to come out and speak any moment. she in a meeting with national security experts right now. we'll bring you her remarks live later this hour. i want to bring in the cnn political director david challian. david, what struck you most about this appearance before the conservative voters? >> the first thing is that it was not entirely about social conservative issues. he didn't just play to the home crowd. he gave a large portion of his
1:26 pm
typical stump speech going after hillary clinton on military ventures being trigger happy. isis, not that the voters don't care about every issue, they do, but he didn't just play to the social issues. he did do the one thing we see him highlight when he speaks before social conservative groups and that is the johnson amendment and his commitment to what lyndon johnson had put into the law for tax exempt status to not be put into religion and politics. i think that is a very appealing message. >> he also reiterated his choice for school choice and home schooling. he does very well with white evangelicals. there was a poll in july where he had 78% of white evangelical support. it's talking to the home team. he is well supported by them and
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i think this speech was not only directed to them, but a national audience in so far as he broadenned it out to everything you were saying to obama care and foreign policy, and he has been remarkably on message, reading off of a prompter, subdued, i would say. and ad libbing fewer times than we're used to. and when he is on message, it works for him. >> he was once a fierce critic of politicians that use teleprompters, but he has been converted. he is inherent in the church of teleprompters. >> it's working for him. he is getting consistent the same time he changed the campaign structure. that was key. the one thing he did not do was jump on north korea news today like i expected him to. he mentioned it, but i thought he would be going much bigger. >> hillary clinton expected to
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welcome back to "the lead." we're waiting for thoikt come out of a national security meeting. we'll take that live when it happens. clinton is hoping that high pro file democrats will be able to give her candidacy a boost. today elizabeth warren, a darling of the progressive movement hit the stump in an interview this morning, i asked why senator warren who someone she once called a thin skinned racist, sexist bully is keeping the race so close. >> why do you think the race is so competitive? if he is, as you depict, a
1:33 pm
racist fool, why is hillary clinton -- why is this so tough for her. >> the way i see it is that donald trump tapped into something that is real, there is a lot of apger. it's real, because the game is real. against young people, the game is real. against a lot of people who have done their dead level best, who worked hard and played by the rules and saw any chance at economic skurtt way outsiecurit their reach. donald trump's so called solution just heads in the wrong direction. so what we have now as donald trump says "i get that you're
1:34 pm
angry, let me tell you what is wrong, it's them. the people who don't look like you, don't worship like you. it's mexicans, women, everybody else. donald trump is about turning people against each other and telling america that's the way we're going to build a future." >> and a lot of the trade deals that you have rrns about. >> what is donald trump's solution to that? he is just not offering anything. he is just empty at that end. he has nothing to say, here is a plan, here is how we build a future going forward. what he has is a lot of secret ideas he did you want want to tell the american people about. >> what do you make of his comments about vladimir putin and his desire for a better
1:35 pm
relationship with russia? >> he is out complimenting the guy, calling him a better president than barack obama. saddam hussein had higher approval ratings, too, but donald trump needs to remember that he is not running for kick day sor, he is running to be president of a democraticly elected country. and somebody who has such disdain. for the work that our people have tried to do in this country. he should never get within 100 miles of the white house. >> open secrets going to the presidential candidates, and
1:36 pm
when it goes to the financial industry, hillary clinton's super pac got $47 million from that industry, on $345,000 have gone to donald trump. i know you don't think they're giving out of the goodness of their heart, does that trouble you? >> am i troubled about the influence of fwhauls every election that happens in this country? you bet i am. >> including hillary clinton? >> i want to be clear on this one, i think that one reason they're not giving to donald trump is they look around and say that donald trump is bad for business. a guy who is so unhinged. that guy with the finger on the nuclear trigger is not a guy that can be president of the united states. wall street has been buying his way into washington for decades now, and they're a big part of
1:37 pm
not only how the game is rigged, but how we ended up with a financial crisis in 2008 that was the worst since the great depression. right now money is sloshing through the electoral process and it is making that virtually impossible. hillary clinton said she will work to get money out of politics. she willing to lead the charge. we're 4-4 in the supreme court right now. we get another chance to look at money and politics if we get a justice whose eyes are open and they're willing to consider it. so i regard the whole issue of the influence of wall street as very much lively. something we have to pay attention to, and something that we at least, might, have a fighting chance to beat back over the next few years. but it is where we have to go.
1:38 pm
>> as a progressive, i know i don't need to tell you, there are a lot of progressives out there who are very suspicious of hillary and bill clinton that think that the bill clinton years were bad for the middle class, trade deals were bad for them. these are people who supported bernie sanders, who support you, why should they support hillary clinton who has been part of the bankruptcy bill, somebody who they think might shake up the system? >> look, hillary clinton has laid out a progressive agenda. she laid it out in the primaries and she stuck with it in the general. he said th she said this is what i'm running on. it's the job of progressives to
1:39 pm
get her elected on a progressive agenda, and then work our rear ends off to he'll get that progressive agenda enacting. >> and be a watchdog. >> you bet. >> do you have concerns that hillary clinton is, as donald trump depicted her, too trigger happy? to militaristic and eager to send in troops. we have heard that from progressives and donald trump is repeating it as well. >> hearing that from donald trump, who talked about asking the generals why we don't use our nuclear weapons more? who talked about breaks with n.a.t.o. we have to start with the fact that this is donald trump spinning in any direction he wants, but it is like every other issue we debate in america today. we have to be vigilant on our
1:40 pm
side. democracy is not about elected one person and having that one person dictate the terms of where we go. it is about the rest of us being part of this conversation, too. saying we worry about what is happening around the world and how it is that america can keep us safe and not escalate tensions elsewhere. i see this as -- this is the responsibility of all of us. in a democracy. we need to be with our president as the president makes us safer, and they genuinely and truly pursues peace, not war. >> my interview with senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts. we're just minutes away from hearing hillary clinton speak
1:41 pm
after a national security briefing. she released a statement before the meeting about the north korean nuclear test. she said that donald trump is unfit to hand this crisis. >> she did say that and that north korea's decision to do another test is outrageous and unacceptable. and she just wrapped up a meeting that went for a little over 90 minutes or so, jake, and the roster of advisors she is meeting with is bipartisan, some familiar names from the bush administration. chief among them david petraeus. the architect of the 2007 surge in iraq, a former bush administration homeland security secretary as well. what secretary clinton is trying to do is show that she is a bipartisan leader, she can lead in a time of crisis, and the
1:42 pm
clinton campaign is trying to convince any more skeptical republicans out there that a., hillary clinton even though she may not be their first choice, is acceptable and donald trump is not. i'm told this is more of a listening session and some of the attendees were listening via video conference. david petraeus, janet napolitano, and this was a moment for secretary clinton to listen to their concerns. and this comes on the 15 year anniversary of 9/11 coming up on sunday which heightens the awareness and the fears in this country of terrorism and the threats abroad. >> and while we wait, let me bring in david and gloria. she is hoping her words and presence of the men and women
1:43 pm
behind her will convey -- look at that, it is not quite the portico, but it is white house-esque. >> definitely, and the meeting itself earlier also was very well stage managed in that way. that kind of presidential stage craft. it is interesting to hear, jeff, when he referenced petraeus, that was a surge that hillary clinton opposed, that robert gates said she did so for political reasons. i wonder as donald trump on this day is going after hillary clinton for being trigger happy, for military venturism, to surround herself with folk that's bolster that image rather than break away from it. >> especially david petraeus. he was at the cia at the time. and for david petraeus to now come out, he has not endorsed,
1:44 pm
we should say that, but participating in this meeting is a public showing of the fact that you can engage in a foreign policy discussion publicly with hillary clinton, you're willing to do it. so it's not an endorsement, but it's just short of it. i think it is kind of important for them to have him there. also michael churnoff. bush's former head of homeland security. fighting terror, keeping america safe, he is an important person to have participate in this. >> i think it's a good point, jeff zeleny, let me bring you back, clinton going for a presidential image. trying to say i'm stable, my opponent is not. this is the kind of meeting you have, announcement you have after a crisis during a hillary clinton presidency, but as david points out, a lot of the people that are going to be standing there, presuming they come out,
1:45 pm
are people that have been associated with military venturism in the recent past. >> no doubt about that, jake. this is about optics and you mentioned the flags before, just before, not long ago, they were ironing the flags, that level of detail here. this is a different moment in the campaign. we have seen all week long a running audition to be commander in chief. donald trump on one side, hillary clinton on the other side. this is another example and this all happened before the north korea nuclear exercise overnight. but the campaigns and they're final stretches often have a roll of reacting to things in realtime, real things as they come up in deed, here. by convening this meeting and i'm told it is the first for a series of meetings and secretary clinton will be having bipartisan meetings like this and there are still republicans out there, skeptical of donald
1:46 pm
trump, and that is what this is aimed at as well. trying to convince them she would flaed a bipartisan way. they're on the air with similar ads saying she would work across the divide here. certainly not to all republicans. this is a moment for her in this campaign to try and distinguish herself. >> we were talking earlier about pennsylvania, where elizabeth warn was and bill clinton as well campaigning for hillary clinton. i think it is fair to say to say this event is aimed more at the moms and dads in montgomery county, pennsylvania, outside of philadelphia, than it is the bernie or bust students at the university of pennsylvania or temple. >> that is bheem already know why they're skeptical, but they need an affirmative reason to vote for hillary clinton. so those voters, having a bipartisan session like this on
1:47 pm
foreign policy, they're hoping and the campaign that they will give them something to hang on and say look, she is not as liberal, she would be willing to work with david petraeus, and it will give them something they hope to hang their hat on, suburban women who are concerned about national security. i think these kinds of pictures are very good for her. >>. >> she beating him by some 16 points or something, but on terrorism as a specific topic, she is behind him. she is closer, and i think you see the campaign wanting to make sure as terrorism is discussed, that she can bolster that. >> david, gloria, jeff, stay with us, we'll sneak in a quick break while we wait for former secretary of state hillary clinton to come out.
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you can make it gr-r-reat! ♪ kellogg's frosted flakes gives you the sweet spark to go all in and let your great out. they're gr-r-reat! welcome back, hillary clinton moments away from coming out and speaking to reporters after her national security meeting with a host of barp national security stars, for
1:52 pm
want of a better term. we'll bring you her remarks. you have julian cayenne with you. a former official in oklahohome security. she informs this meeting with former secretary clinton. >> she was, indeed. let me bring you in here, what was the tone like here? it was a brarp meetinipartisan . >> that was the most interesting part, being in a room with people discussing across the ideology. she was focuses on homeland, isis and how to combat it, and the generational issues that we're confronting around the world. i only met her once before, she
1:53 pm
took lots of notes, and ask about what can be done, can we get the europeans more engaged. >> and there are people around the table who have not supporteder, and have supported positions she has not be in favor of, what was that like? >> i have to say, it was very -- how do i put this nicely? the vast majority of people in my space agree on fundamental things. i think that is one of the issues related to donald trump campaign. the extent that some of his opinions are outliars. everyone with a history in this world knows that antagonizing our muslim neighbors is wrong and it is not effective. there is more commonalities than distinctions about what kind of
1:54 pm
force, or use of force. >> was there a conversation about donald trump's policys in there, quickly? >> yes, i think the extent to which if and when she becomes president, the extent to which some of the conversations they have to be addressed. in particular, our muslim neighbors. and also europeans, to the extent that they are less than willing. that is an important piece of the pie. >> thank you very much. >> jake, back to you. >> we're going to continue here with politics and my conversation with elizabeth warren who talked about a shocking breach of trust from wells far go. they admit 5300 employees were
1:55 pm
tied up. the independent agency is the brain child of senator warren. i asked her about it and here is what she had to say. >> this is a staggering fraud, and it is staggering both for how big it is, and also for what it says about wells fargo. they turned around and said hey, we're firing all of the workers who were doing this. but not the management team. my view on this is one of two things is true. either they knew, come on, this went on for years and they didn't smell anything in the air about fake accounts and generating these fees off customers? they knew, or they didn't know, in which case how can you run a giant multinational bank, it's a bank, right?
1:56 pm
they're supposed to keep track of money, safety, security, and not know that more than 5,000 employees are doing. if they really didn't know, that tells ne is a bank thme this is is too big to manage. >> this is the classic. i only know what i have seen in the papers. it's not like you need a new mall, or they had some creative fraud, this was illegal, wrong, flatly wrong what they were doing. it's not that we need more laws, we need aggressive enforcement of the laws, it's the reminder that the cfpb is -- it is someone on the side of all of those people and customers that
1:57 pm
had checking accounts to try and level the playing feel. but there is a question about the management of wells fargo. this is something that the bank regulators, the people who were trying to supervise over the too big to fail banks. >> we're stale waill waiting fo hillary clinton to come out. i can't help but think as i listen to elizabeth warren talk about wells fargo, but i have not heard hillary clinton talk about it. this is one of the reasons why she said she feels like she will need to be a watchdog.
1:58 pm
>> remember joe biden once said these are not issues that come easily to hillary clinton because she has not spent her lifetime with the issues. elizabeth warren has, and i expect if there was a role in the nat, this is what she would be keeping the add min straight on. and they were issues that berne any sanders really cared about. >> and it was interesting for senator warren to say a, she understands why it is so competitive because the anger is real and legitimate, and b, when i said you are something of a watchdog, she said "you bet." >> if she is successful, i'm
1:59 pm
certain she will have to look over her shoulder regularly because we know how warren feels about the issues. especially them teaming up together, they will try to keep the pressure on constantly. >> and sanders and warren, that is part of their message. >> and that is where the democratic party is in a lot of ways right now. so i think hillary clinton would not pay attention to them at her own political peril. >> it is a very sincere argument, she is not saying this is the second coming of janis joplin, she is saying it is a progressive agenda, she ran on it, she will win. >> that is why when she talks about reaching across the isle, it gets some of the more liberal
2:00 pm
progressive party more nervous. make sure you join me tomorrow for a special september 11th edition. that's it for "the lead." wolf blitzer will bring you hillary clinton's comments live. happening now, breaking news, nuclear fallout. new details are emerging about the shocking test today. pushing for a quick development. will they target the u.s.? american impact, condemning the nuclear destination as unlawful presidential candidates donald trump and hillary clinton also denouncing the impact it will have on the campaign. >> putin network, russian network television airs an interviewin