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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  September 9, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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progressive party more nervous. make sure you join me tomorrow for a special september 11th edition. that's it for "the lead." wolf blitzer will bring you hillary clinton's comments live. happening now, breaking news, nuclear fallout. new details are emerging about the shocking test today. pushing for a quick development. will they target the u.s.? american impact, condemning the nuclear destination as unlawful presidential candidates donald trump and hillary clinton also denouncing the impact it will have on the campaign. >> putin network, russian network television airs an interview saying the russian president is probably not
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interfering in the u.s. presidential race. the trump campaign says it was blind sided, never knew the interview would air on russian tv. will trump stand by his parade -- praise of putin. the fbi and the justice department now think there is enough evidence to name russia responsible for the cyber attacks on the united states. why are they reluctant to call out the kremlin? this is cnn breaking news. >> we're following the breaking news, the nuclear threat from north korea surging with the testing of they're largest to date. it is said to be double the strength of the last bomb tested
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by north korea. they say it indicates that he is pushing the nuclear program very rapidly and the capability is troubling. also breaking this hour telling nn that officials believe there is enough evidence to publicly blame russia for cyber attacks on u.s. troops including the democratic party, but they're also saying that some officials are reluctant to calling out russia we're covering all of that and more this hour with our guests including former congressman. first, we're in new york, covering hillary clinton, she is expected to speak momentarily. what are you hearing about what is taking place there? she conducted a national
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security briefing. >> she has indeed. it was a bipartisan meeting of about 16 advisories or so. others meeting for about 90 minutes with hillary clinton. she listened to a range of perspectives here. david petraeus, of course the architect of the iraq war surge, but secretary clinton trying to make a bipartisan show here that she is ready to be commander in chief and reach across the aisle drawing a contrast to donald trump. she took questions and listened to all of these points of views and perspectives. this comes at the end of a long audition week, if you will, for commander and chief. this was a very presidential style optically. she will be speaking here at the
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new york historical society building and she wants to draw the distinction and the differences here she believes in terms of judgment with donald trump. a different faze of the campaign now as we're 60 days out. she wants to make the argument that trump is not acceptable to have his finger on the nuclear codes. >> do we know what happened in that briefing? >> it was behind closed doors, but she talked, we're told, about the fight against isis, specific proposals and donald trump's proposals. there was going through them, point by point, why they are not the right policies in her view, and it is important to point out that all of these participants are not necessarily supporters of her, david petraeus was
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joining by video conference. he has not endorsed anyone in this contest. we're told these people are advisors to her campaign. >> a what you're saying is those national security experts who were briefing and participating in the meeting not necessarily all of them have formally, publicly endorsed her for reelection? >> indeed, a group of bipartisan policy advisors, david petraeus certainly one person who has not endorsed ore peopther people on list, and that is her point, trying to make the case that she is a leader who will reach out to both sides. she is running an add that she will work with democrats and republicans. trying to draw a distinction in leadership styles and approaches here.
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and many people around the table that she has disagreed with. showing that she will go move and beyond to present herself as really a president in waiting. now the we here, we saw donald trump's speech earlier in washington, hammering her hard on e-mails and other things. that is the challenge, can they get beyond the controversies and win over skeptical voters. this is what they're designed to do. she may not be their first choice, but she is trying to make people realize that she is the best prepared for meetings like this. >> and we see that door right there, are we anticipating that she will be making a statement, and that she will take questions
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from reporters? >> i do. i do expect she may take a few questions, and that is a marked change this week. that is the change and certainly a different moment in the campaign, wanting to really stay on offense with donald trump, also presidential campaigns are a reflection of what is happening in realtime. in north korea, the nuclear test overnight is also an issue in this campaign. that is something that she issued a statement on earlier. she said it was outrageous, and she also said it is an camp of why america, the united states, needs to elect a steady leader. at every turn here, wolf, trying to draw a distinction between her leadership style and donald trump's leadership style. it will be playing out in the next 60 days, and as we know, this race is tighter than many
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of her supporters would have expected, but it is still a moment in her campaign where she wants to draw a distinction. we're on the cusp of a 15 year anniversary on sunday here. it really heightens the moment here of terrorism around the world and the role she played as a senator. >> i want you to stand by momentarily. they will go up to the microphone and salespeople and presumably answering questions from reporters. as we await the arrival of the democratic nominee at that mn. the teenage craft is pretty interesting. it looks almost presidential. >> it looks like the white house. it is the new york historical site. they were trying to create a presidential iman with the meeting itself, and with the
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flag display and the columns. there is no doubt that this is a bern you can envision being commander and chief. >> they put her in front of the flags and the columns -- >> i think she is coming out right now, walking up to the podium. here she comes. there she almost is, let's listen in to hillary clinton. good afternoon, i just finished meeting with a distinguished group of national security experts. some served under a republican president, some under a democrat, some both, some in uniform. they don't agree on everything, but together they represent a great deal of expertise, experiences, and lessons
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learned. i asked them to join me for a candid conversation about some of the most challenging issues facing our country because i believe that america's national security must be the top priority for our next president. to do that job, you need to constantly seek new information and new perspectives, test your assumptions, ask and answer hard questions. that is what today was about. and i'm kbratful to these men and women for sharing their insights with me. i hope and intend that our conversations will continue. as i said many times i believe in a bipartisan foreign policy. we won't always see eye to eye, but when it comes to questions of war, piece, and the safety of our country, we can't let party affiliation stand between us.
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we need to put partisanship aside and work for the good of all of us. i know we can do it. that will be my goal if i'm elected this fall. today, our main conversation was, as you might expect, isis and other terrorist threats. we discussed how isis is finding ways to convince young men around the world and some young women, including in our own country, to get assault weapons or strap on bombs and kill large numbers of people. and we talked about a strategy to protect us from that threat here at home. we went into detail on what it will take to surge our intelligence, to detect and prevent attacks before they happen. we also discussed methods to disrupt online recruitment so they top reaching and radicalizing young people on the
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internet. one of the points that many participants emphasized, which deserves a higher priority, is the role of local governments and community leaders here at home who truly do act as our first line of defense. while we protect the homeland, we need to take the fight to isis. that means smashing their strongholds, denying them safe havens, dismantling the network that arms the terrorists that requires working closely with our allies. it does not mean sending contingents of american combat troops to take and hold territory. it is exactly what isis wants. instead, we have to hit them from the air, and intensify support for local arab and
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curdish partners on the ground. i support more special forces, enablers, and trainers as needed, intelligence gathering and reconnaissance. i also believe it should be a top priority to take the leader of isis al bagdhati off of the field. here today we talked about what we need to do. i would stand you have up a mission team to bring focus and priority to the effort we will devote the assets necessary combined with the capabilities of our allies and partners on the ground and the precise application of military force. we know thousand do this, we have models to draw from, it will be a paramount priority for me as president. and it will send exactly right
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message. history tells us that we need an approach that is comprehensive and deals with multiple overlapping conflicts in the region and along the entire arch of instability from north africa, the middle east, central asia and beyond. as we have been reminded in just the last 24 hours with reports of another nuclear test in north korea, we face threats from many parts of the world. indeed isis and north korea's quest for a nuclear weapon are not entirely unconnected. because the greatest threat of all would be terrorists getting their hands on loose nuclear material. it is vital we bring the world together to stop north korea's dangerous game. in discussions of national security, it can be easy to get mired in the tactics or overly focused on the threats. let's not lose sight of what
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this larger project of american leadership is all about. it is about creating more peace in our world, more prosperity, more human dignity. and that is what we have to also be focused on every day. there was a number of excellent suggests about what we can and should be doing here at home to try to bring our american muslim community much more closely and welcomed into the struggle against radicalization and recru recruitment. i am anxious to follow up on the ideas and some of the model programs that are currently under way. i'm humbled to be supported in this race by a growing number of retired military leaders. 95 retired admirals and generals endorsed me for president.
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in the past 48 hours, another 15 joined them. so have people on both sides of the debates that have defined our foreign policy for many years. they're support is an honor and it is a signal that this election is different. i don't want to rehash everything my opponent has said in this campaign, but no conversation about our national security would be complete unless we acknowledge that the nominee on the other side promises to do things that will make us less safe. national security experts on both sides of the aisle are chilled by what they're hearing from the republican nominee. that may be the number one reason why this election is the most important in our lifetimes. i'm not waiting until november, i'm bringing democrats and
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republicans together now because i'm planning to get down to work on day one. the stakes too high, and the issues too serious for anything less than that level of preparedness. they should be about to rely on their chief to bring rational even keeled leadership in times like these. i'm grateful to the men and women that i met with today, experts with a broad range of understanding and willingness to share their insights, and i look forward to continuing to receive their advice in the days and weeks ahead. we will take just one or two questions.
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how will this plan differ from the one you and president obama -- >> amy, i think it is clear that the increasing threat posed by north korea requires not only a rethinking of the strategy, but an urgent effort to convince the neighbors, most particularly china, that this is not just a u.s. issue. and i think we have an opening here that we have not had for the last several years, that i intend to do everything i can to take advantage of. we're also going to support and equip our allies in the region with the missile defense systems they require to protect themselves. that is not something the north
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koreans, the chinese, are pleased about, what but is the alternative? we are not going to let anyone that is an ally -- that is absolutely a bottom line, and if other countries want to assist us in this effort, we welcome that, and we will engage in intensive discussion. >> you put out a statement earlier today saying you support president obama's call for additional sanctions on north korea, but they have faced sanctions for years and it clearly has not stopped them from moving forward, how will a few more sanctions help and would you consider the kinds of negotiations that you push for with iran? >> the answer of the second
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question is yes. we faced a similar problem in 2009. as a senator i voted for every sanction put before the senate against iran in our effort to try to prevent iran from moving forward on a nuclear program. it didn't stop them. they built covert facilities, they mastered the nuclear fuel cycle. they were able to acquire and put into operation a significant number of centrifuges. so our sanctions were not enough, and always we have international sections against north korea, some of which i helped to negotiate while i was there, they are not enough either and they are not enough for the same reason they was responding to amy about. china has not yet made the
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decision they need to make, that north korea poses a threat to the region and poses a threat to the kind of stable border relationship that china has always valued with north korea, so we will continue to lock at how we tighten sanctions, the regime lives off of goods and material that can be smuggled in to keep their lifestyle and their love of luxury going. i think there is more we can do, and it will be on the top of my list in dealing with china on how we're going to prevent what very well could be a serious conflict with north korea. >> jennifer, you know, you don't talk about leverage until you
2:22 pm
produce level raj. and i believe that we do have leverage with china, and i believe based on my constitutions when i was secretary of state that there is even a conversation starting within china to handle the changes in the north korean regime. china has no interest in seeing the kind of build up that we're going to be doing. ly stress this and under mine it, we will not leave our friends and allies unprotected. and we will do everything we can to put in the most effective missile defense system. chinese are not happy about that. we have a lot of leverage. and we're going to put together the kind of negotiations that i think can lead to a beginning of
2:23 pm
containing and controlling the behavior of the north korean government that has the danger of affecting everyone, including china. thank you all. thank you all. >> secretary clinton, do you have a response to donald trump's appearance -- >> you know every day that goes by, this just becomes more and more of a reality television show. it's not a serious presidential campaign. it is beyond one's imagination to have a candidate for president praising a russian autocrat like vladimir putin, and throwing his lot in with him, and the way he approved of
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his wish list, and not really even understanding what putin has already done like invading an occupied crimea. we're living in challenging times and that was reinforced by the excellent discussion we had today. no one that wants to assume the role of president and commander in chief should be making the kind of reckless and dangerous statements and identifying with a regime that has some aggressive tendencies toward our interests, our friends an allies. can i say i was surprised, i'm not sure anything surprises us any more, but i was certainly disappointed that someone running for president of the united states would continue
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this unseemly identification with and praise of the russian president, including on russian television. >> thank you all. already, there you have it, the democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton could not resist answering that last question. she started to walk away from the microphone, but when asked about donald trump's interview with russian tv, she really went after him. earlier she said this election is different. trump will do things that will make the american people -- make the united states less safe. they were telling gloria borger here, she wanted to show her foreign policy and national security kcredentials, and that is the message she wanted to convey. >> in this campaign there is one person you can see. with the nuclear codes, and one person you cannot, and she did that throughout the whole of taking questions.
2:26 pm
starting in a very sober tone about science terrorist threats being a big part of the discussion. then ending with the contrast saying it is not a serious presidential campaign. she is referring to donald trump and then throwing in the words she has in the past like reckless and dangerous. so she had the sobriety -- >> i think she was dismissive of donald trump on foreign policy. she would rather be talking about this than her e-mails. and she said it is a reality tv show, and she talked about donald trump praising and autocrat, and she reminded us of the invasion of crimea. she was, i would have to say dismissive is the word that i would use. if you want a serious candidate,
2:27 pm
who is willing to test her assumptions on bipartisan foreign policy, i'm the person you want to be voting for. and the appeal she is making is for people who already know why they don't like donald trump, and voters that need a reason to affirmatively vote for her, and they believe this is an area she is make a lot of head way. >> really going off on trump. she called him a strong man yesterday, an autocrat today, we'll see what she calls him tomorrow. congressman, thank you for joining us. >> yes, good to be with you, wolf, thank you. >> what is your reaction to what we just heard from hillary clinton?
2:28 pm
>> it is a total reset from what we saw from secretary state clinton, a total refeuduation of the clinton and obama foreign policy. she says i recognize that it has not worked, the level of threat as increased. they all became failed states on my watch. and so i need to start over and bring in a bipartisan group of experts. the strategy has not worked. please give me a do over. this is hillary clinton not only breaking with president obama, but breaking with secretary of state clinton and her foreign policy. it is a major reset of the campaign. >> let talk about the man you want to be the next president of the united states, donald trump
2:29 pm
and what he wants to do. he said this week the situation in north korea is china's problem, do you agree? >> it is america's problem, china's problem, the neighbors of north korea are most vulnerable and greatest risk. they are the ones that we need to work with. it is china's problem, south korea's problem, japan's problem. one of the key things that we don't know about the test that happened today, this is the fourth test on the obama watch and the key here is have they developed the capability to miniaturize a nuclear weapon and put it on a ballistic missile. but you know, it is a region wide program, but also an america problem. and we also need to take a look
2:30 pm
at iran. >> donald trump was very specific saying he would lead it to china to get the job done. he said china has leverage, china can do it, i will defer to china. do you agree with that china can do it. >> they have the most leverage with north korea. we gave up any opportunity to influence iran, sbeexercising leverage with iran. we need to work with china and put the pressure on china so they can influence behavior. the response today was hey, we're really going to get tough
2:31 pm
now. the world has heard that president, the former secretary of state make these kinds of threats, and these threats have never been followed through on. people no longer respect the united states of america, so yes we do need to use approximaprox until america reestablishes their influence and credibility around the world, it is china. trump criticized obama, but earlier this year he said he would have no problem speaking with the north koreans, willing to sit down with kim jong un. is it hypocritical of donald trump so say he would sit down with the north korean dictator at a time when he goes after the obama administration for it's negotiations with eastern on --
2:32 pm
iran on the nuclear deal? >> in 2011 i was asked to sit moammar gadhafi and i said i didn't want to, they said no, we think he is flipped sides, that opening that was provided, we moved it forward, talking with these folks, that is okay, but getting into negotiations and signing a bad deal is not okay. >> he says he would be willing to negotiate with kim jong-un, is that a good idea? >> if you're coming from a business world, it is about can we structure an agreement or
2:33 pm
structure a deal or put his business interests first, but the key here again, it's okay to negotiate, but it doesn't mean at the end of the negotiations that you're going to have a deal, sometimes you just stand up and say i'm sorry, there is nothing here to work with it. >> as far as russia is curre concerned, mike pence says it is impossible to know. >> when president obama game into office in the united states, we had strong allies in the region. we were the salespeople that the middle east looked to, today they are negotiating with the
2:34 pm
russians. the middle east is in chaos, people, you know, we use the term -- the president used the term lead from behind. we created and allowed a vacuum to develop in the middle east, and president putin moved into that vacuum. and when president obama came into office, they were blocked out of and now they are again a player in the middle east. >> i just want to confirm, you agree with pence that pew tin is a stronger leader than president obama. >> i believe she a stronger leader, i don't agree with how he leads or what he is trying to accomplish, but he has been than what president obama has been able to do in moving america's
2:35 pm
agenda forward in the world. >> but you're critical of him doing what he is doing in syria right now? under mining democratic rule in russia. you oppose all of those things? >> oh, yeah. i'm opposed to what he is doing, but when you take a look at where he is taking russia's interest in europe, the middle east, he is being very effective. i don't like anything that he is doing, no. we're opposed to that totally, but he is effectively implementing a agenda of expanding their influence. >> so when donald trump speaks nicely of putin, does that bother you? >> no, what he is doing is
2:36 pm
recognizing the leadership skills, he doesn't recognize or appreciate the content, he is just looking at another foreign leader saying he is pretty good at doing what he is supposed to do. i'm opposed to it, but this guy is pretty good at doing what he is doing. >> do you think a president donald trump would try to em plait the leadership qualities of putin? >> yes, he will put america's agenda, as he says we he will put america first around the world. trade or national security, those types of things, the style of putin, no. donald trump i met with him, he will be collaborative, he will bring in experts and demonstrate the centrals that a representative government and
2:37 pm
freedom -- he will move america's agenda forward using america's values and strength that's are very, very different from the values and levers that putin uses to move russia forward. we're all about collaboration and providing respect and listening to the people that we want to work with rather than intimidating them and using fear to move their agenda forward. >> congressman, thank you for joining us. >> good, thank you, wolf. >> we have a lot more information coming into as breaking news. stay with us, we will resume our special coverage after this. i'm in. ♪ ♪
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we're following breaking news. north korea is testing a nuclear bomb twice the strength of the last one. the latest nuclear test is raising a lot of concern. >> much concern all over the world tonight, wolf. this is the fifth nuclear test. a usual official telling nn tonight that kim jong-un is working on a twhaep can threaten the u.s. that is the explosive power of kim jong-un's latest nuclear bomb test. >> the detonation is similar in size to the bomb detonated over
2:43 pm
hiroshima. tonight in washington, seoul, and tokyo, officials are calling this a new level of threat from kim. one u.s. official telling kim that the capability is very troubling. >> this is inherently dangerous. the white house is talking about -- meaning if they launch against us, we will launch against them. >> a key question tonight, who is under the most eminent threat. >> north korea has a distance that could hit japan and south korea. >> weapons experts say they can likely fit a warhead into an intercontinental ballistic missile that could hit the u.s.
2:44 pm
so it is not clear if they would work. the fear of one analyst, that kim's regime will do a live test of a nuclear weapon on one of their missiles. the u.s. and it's allies may not know it is a test and it could trigger a war. >> is that a possibility? >> they could use it as a way to fire a warning shot if they felt they would be endangers. they're on their way to having 50 or more. with this threat, another frightening assessment by the men who has the weapons at his disposal. >> he may have a weak grip on power. there has been a high level of defections and a restarting of the excuses of se-- executions
2:45 pm
senior officials. >> sanctions have had no effect on kim's behavior, a cyber attack, possibly. but north korea is not well connected to the internet and many warriors are in china. >> we're following the breaking news, north korea facing international condemnation for the strongest nuclear, weapon so far. >> that is right, wolf, and donald trump seized on that issue here. he did talk about the latest nuclear test, and described it as the latest failure for
2:46 pm
hillary clinton. >> looking to expand his flock, he energized the crowd with more fierce attacks on hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton is unfit to be our president for many reasons. the biggest of which is her judgment. it is just so bad. >> the clinton campaign argues that the values for potential commander and chief should raise questions pointing to his appearance of russian tv on a program hosted by larry king, he said he doubted that vladimir a putin is getting involved. >> i think it's probably unlikely. that would not be appropriate at all. >> democrats say it is another example of his odd bromance with
2:47 pm
putin. >> what about invading other countries, what about running their economy into the ground is leadership? >> kelly ann kaconway says he h no idea it was for a kremlin propaganda outlet. >> larry king has a pod cast, and mr. trump went on his podcast, and no one said it would be on russian tv. >> they pointed to north korea's latest nuclear test. >> it was announced that they performed their fourth nuclear test since hillary clinton became secretary of state. one more massive failure from a failed secretary of state. >> still, it was trump that once marvelled over kim jong un's strong armed tactics. >> if you look at north korea,
2:48 pm
this guy is a maniac, takes over the tough generals, he takes over, he is the boss, it is incredible. he wiped out the uncle. this one, that one. he doesn't play games. >> that is not the only remark haunting trump. he has yet to disavoi that president obama is not a u.s. citizen. >> i don't talk about it any more. >> kahn ray maintains that trump changed his mind. >> he believes that president obama was born here, but he has not been a particularly successful president. to prove the president's citizenship once and for all. >> my gut tells me a couple things. number one, it took a long time to produce the certificate, and many people say it is not real, it's a forgery.
2:49 pm
>> and donald trump is not take the opportunity to talk about the birth certificate issue here, and he did not talk about the interview that aired on russian television. larry king did put out a statement saying his program is owned by ora tv, owned by a mexican billionaire, not owned by a russian. >> jim acosta, thank you. let's talk about north korea first, trump says it is china's problem right now, does he have a point? >> he has a point that hillary clinton also kind of said it was china's problem. she said we don't discuss the leverage we have until we use the leverage we have. she was referring to china. she said in her time as secretary of state, she haerz discussions in china and threats of a build up.
2:50 pm
so she didn't sound radically different on that issue, but she envisions china and the u.s. -- he was more outsourcing. >> the whole point of how would he deal? >> we don't know. the ruthlessness of it. donald trump's basic argument from the out party says i will be tougher than the current president and the rest of the world will respond. bill clinton said that in 1992. it is the perpetual argument that you become president and you see the world is a lot more complex. i thought the argument is an election in a box. hillary clinton you're on the hook for everything that happens in the world. on the other hand, your argument that i am the steadier presence backed up by these 50 republican
2:51 pm
national security officials who says donald trump is not fit to be president. >> he says he has plans to deal with north korea and deal with isis. he doesn't want to tip off the enemy and really spell out that plan. is that going to sell out there as we go forward in these final weeks? >> i don't think so. i think we need specifics. right now donald trump in all areas of his campaign lacks specifics. he said i'll tell you later. you'll find out my plan once i get in office. i don't think that will fly. we've seen it on immigration and foreign policy. i don't think that will encourage voters on the fence. >> he keeps saying that putin is a stronger leader than president obama. how is that playing with republicans up there? >> not well. i spent the day yesterday talking to a wide range of members and virtually all of them were critical of vladmir putin. not were critical were donald trump, including the house speaker who went after putin and
2:52 pm
said he's an adversary to this country. he said i don't want to talk about donald trump. i'm going to leave it at my criticism of vladmir putin. shows the fine line that the party continues to walk as they try to distance themselves from things that trump is saying but also not directly criticize their nominee. >> when donald trump finds himself on an island from the rest of the republican party, those are the moments that he tends to falter more. if he finds himself as the only republican speaking this way, he should beware of that. not all his controversial comments hurt him but if it divides the republican party, it's a bit of a troublesome. >> it's a reminder of how tumultuous this could be if he wins. if he tried to govern on the principles and specifics he's laid out, how much of the republican party and congress would be uneasy with the idea of a much warmer relationship with
2:53 pm
putin, with drawing from nafta. it's extraordinary to think about what the republicans in congress could survive a donald trump term without dividing into a pro and anti-trump faction. >> this is just modest and will escalate? >> it's going to escalate. it's interesting she's taking a very measured tone when she speaks publicly lately. she did it during her alt-right speech. she's speaking more quietly than usual. i think she will take a presidential tact when she does it. >> how is all this playing on capitol hill? >> i think republicans are feeling a little bit better the way his message has been more disciplined. his speeches have been more focused. polls are showing things looking better for him not just in the
2:54 pm
battlegrounds but nationally. they believe that rising tide helps all ships. the senate republicans who are down ticket could do better with donald trump doing nationally. that's one thing that republicans are saying. >> the senate polls that came out today were better for them. >> you saw the editorial suggesting all this uproar over hillary clinton's e-mails, it's out of control right now. move on. here's the question. are we going to move on from all of this or will this continue to dog her going into the debates? >> we know we're going to see some more appointments and e-mails related to that coming out. every time there's a new release, there will be a new moment of this. the question is is hillary clinton done talking about this because she's not done getting questions about it. she will continue to get questions about it. how she frames her answer. if she's trying to explain it
2:55 pm
away, i think there's one fall out with that. there are no excuses and leaves it at that. i think she might find herself with more political success. >> we're going to continue this. we're following new detail offense that powerful nuclear test of north korea and kim jong-un's rapid push more missile ready bombs. we'll have the latest. the lubricants that improved fuel economy. even technology to make engines more efficient. what company does all this? exxonmobil, that's who. we're working on all these things to make cars better and use less fuel. helping you save money and reduce emissions. and you thought we just made the gas. energy lives here. ♪
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breaking news, seismic blast. north korea launches its fifth neek here test and may be the most powerful one yet. we're getting information about how quickly kim jong-un is developing new weapons that could strike the united states. outrageous threat. hillary clinton and donald trump are responding to north korea's defiance. they are drawing clear connection to their battle to the white house. key trump allies claim the republican nominee has now abandoned a long time line of attack against the president. will donald trump ever publicly say that barack obama was born in the united states? putin's cwar games. he puts out a huge show of military might. is putin trying to provoke the u.s. and nato at a time when


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