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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  September 10, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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the voter summit in walk. >> we get the news this morning revealing as it is hillary clinton in remarks that were made in new york city just last night bear repeating. and let me see where someone put them here. take your time hillary clinton said last night, at a big fund raiser in new york city, that the american people, the millions of americans that are supporting my running mate were described in the most deplorable of terms. it's extraordinary to think of it. she referred to those people as
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irredeemable. well, i will tell you right now, i campaign on a regular basis with donald trump. i campaign all across this country for donald trump. hillary clinton's low opinion of the people that support this campaign should be denounced in the strongest possible terms. the truth of the matter is, the men and women who support donald trump's campaign are hard working americans, farmers coal miners, teachers, veterans, members of our law enforcement community. members of -- members of every class of this opportunity who know that we can make america great again. so let me just say from the bottom of my heart, hillary, they are not a basket of anything. they are americans and they
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deserve your respect. >> all right. so in case you mixed it, here are clinton's remarks from the fund raiser last nit. take a listen. >> to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. right? the races, sexes, homonobodyic, xenophobic, islamophobic. unfortunately, there are people like that. and he has lifted them up. >> this obviously has a lot of people talking and let's continue the conversation and to help me, i have a whole group of guests beginning with cnn political reporter manu raju the director for politics of
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virginia and jane newton small, the washington correspondent for "time" imagination. manu, let's start with you. give me some context of checkpoint's half of his supporters. she is attacking people instead of a candidate here. it really does not pan out well for her. >> she is painting donald trump as someone out of the main stream that plays on the fears of african-americans and is backed on the fringe of the american electorate. she painted a large segment of trump supporters a broad brush in infamtory terms. it's never safe to attack a group of voters like barack obama did or mitt romney dismissed 47% of voters. now mike pence is seizing on clinton remarks. the clinton campaign is trying to downplay this controversy.
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the clinton spokesman tweeting she was referring to trump supporters at rallies, not necessarily voters who go to the polls. some believe the distinction is without a difference. clearly a lot of ammo with the donald trump campaign going forward. >> i am wondering this, i am sure the trump supporters are outraged. those who support hillary clinton are saying, yeah, bring it. but the independents, what are they supposed to make of it? is she hoping that branding people who support trump as being members of this despicable bunch? the new independents don't want to go that way, do you? >> absolutely. i think she is clearly trying to drive a wedge here between what she says are two groups of trump voters. i think she's basically saying, independents, are you going to be like these racists, uneducated horrible essentially people or are you going to take a stand against this and not vote for trump. she is trying to shame them saying are you in two baskets.
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this is the basket of the two other people, do you want to associate yourself with those other people? i this i this comes almost as a response to donald trump's outreach in the last week to african marines. this is all about getting white suburban women voters. he was reaching out to african-americans. he wasn't trying to win the vote. it's improbable right now. what he was trying to do is make himself more palatable. in this case, hillary clinton is basically saying to those suburban white women, like all of these other supporters of donald trump are racists. you will be a racist, too, if you vote for him. >> larry, trump had his own attack lines with florida. here, listen. then we'll talk. >> because she is being so protected. she could walk into this arena right now and shoot somebody with 20,000 people watching right smack in the middle of the
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heart and she wouldn't be prosecuted. okay. >> no, of course, donald trump has used that own speech about himself, actually, his popularity in the primary season. now he is talking about mrs.:he's insinuating conspiracy, that she's protected. would you agree? >> well, of course, it's not true. the most important thing is he shouldn't have said that either. i don't believe hillary clinton should have said what she did about trump supporters. maybe both of them shoumtd agree to walk back those statements. the sooner, the better. i doubt that trump ever walks it back. clinton may decide to double down when he is challenged on any statement. >> i can't imagine either candidate is going to walk back what they said. it's turned in a way a lot of people didn't expect. jay, i want to get your thoughts
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the independents. we have already talked about them. think are going to make or break either candidate. what are we to think? i get they don't want to be labeled at racist. many were thinking of donald trump. >> that's why this strategy as blunt as it is and potentially really insults and off putting a huge group of americans, it does seek to appeal to essentially moderate republicans certainly college-educated republicans and almost shames them, says, look, do you really want to vote? do you want to be a part of this group of people that are despicable and do not represent american values? or do you want to be a part of everyone else, with this date inclusive, big 10s, not racist and everything else, it's an interesting strategy, certainly a bold one and a blunt one. i never seen anything like nit a presidential campaign. i think it's because sheb has been stalling with particular
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swing state voters in ohio and pennsylvania. in ohio and florida and she's really now making this bold play for independents and this is how she's doing it. >> it will either be branded after the election as brilliant or oh, that was the moment it went against her. manu, mike pence just released ten years of his tax returns. does that put more pressure on trump, which he has not done? >> absolutely. he released this friday night about 6:00 p.m., with i is typically the time are you trying to bury bad news. there was no smoking gun in mike pence' tax returns that showed he had an upper class upper middle income life. he had some financial strain with his family. taking out a college loan for his kids and earn less than $200,000 a year over the last ten years. it was not about mike pence. it was about donald trump. that's why they released this last night so the discussion
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would not focus on why hasn't donald trump release the tax returns? >> why not release them at all? >> i don't know donald trump will release his tax returns. mike pence realized he doesn't have that argument that donald trump is making he is under irs audit. that's why he is not releasing his. if you are donald trump, why not release them now? it could lead to a score of stories even more unflattering than the fact that he's decided to withhold them, which, of course, very, very uncommon. >> the irs i am told does naat say you can't release even if you are under some sort of audit. thank you all for joining me. >> thanks, martin. . coming up, russia and the u.s., they agree on something, a cease-fire in syria. where is syria in all of this? it's a big step forward in an effort to promote peace in that war-torn nation. we'll take you overseas for the details next. 73% of americans try...
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hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ready for a new chapter? talk to your rheumatologist. this is humira at work. >> the syrian government announces its support to a cease-fire deal brokered by u.s. and russia. u.s. secretary of state john kerry announcing the agreement
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in geneva. >> the united states and russia are announcing a plan which we hope will reduce violence, ease suffering, and resume movement towards negotiated peace at a political transition in syria. >> the deal is, which calls for cease-fire to take effect across syria at sundown on monday is aimed at putting the peace process back on track. it's being graded with cautious enthusiasm around the world. it might be a bit strong. at least people are cautious. let's listen. let's talk about this with our diplomatic cnn editor, nic robertson in geneva and senior editor for the "daily beast." nikal weiss. nic, about this deem, what's in it? >> well, one of the things that's in it is the occupation
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and russia if the first seven days are successful will form a combined military operation that will target isis and al nusra. they have now rebranded themselves. they have the former al qaeda affiliate inside syria. the u.s. and russia will target them. there are large parts of the country put off limits for assad's air force. this is to sab civilian casualties from barrel bombs to fighter jets. there will be humanitarian access in the city of aleppo and elsewhere in the country. there were some very specific terms and agreements on paper at least on how the cease-fire in aleppo and other places will go into effect. but we are talking here about this broad exception to the deal that can be had right now, if you will. but we have just heard now from al nusra, the former al qaeda affiliate. they are branding this whole agreement as the united states
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and russia teaming up to fight the opposition. this is how they radical hard-liner islamists in syria will sell it to syria. of course, some of the more moderate rebel groups on the front lines because they needed to militarily have been fighting side-by-side with nusra. one of the key points of the agreement is these moderates separate out from the front lean so they can be targeted. >> that is one of the things that will be difficult, perhaps, to put into effect. >> right. it is. because, actually in the middle of a war, there are a number of other little washes taking place. michael the u.n. issue statement. let me read it to you. it creates a real window of opportunity which allows you us to put the crisis, let me go back and say it. it creates a real window of opportunity which all relevant actors in the region and beyond should seize to put the syria on a different
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path and ease the violence and suffering being endure by the syrian people. does the require him to step down? because that is what many of these opposition groups have been fighting for since the beginning? >> right. that's what president obama said in 2011. unfortunately this le get mat defacto rejit mates the war regime. they are off limits to the syrian air force and the syrian army and if there is proxy groups. but that means there are some parts of the country in which assad can continue to fight and drop bombs. now if you read the draft text of this agreement, one of the things they said was, look, anywhere that syria faces a quote imminent threat by nusra and presumably by isis and other jihadi factions, it doesn't have to ask a buyer leave from washington or even moscow to start attacking. russia can do the same. the difficulty here from day one basra claimed when he was hiding 14 yeeshld boys delivering water
10:18 am
to peaceful protesters. the entirety of al qaeda consists of al qaeda. it will be a beingy one, indeed. where they pay acute attention in aleppo, two years secretary kerry distinguished, one the costello road, the main artery that provides special humanitarian traffic into the northern province of aleppo. the other is the al nusra gap. secretary kerry called for a demilletarized zone. one is u.s.-backed kurdish militias the people's defense unit. the other is a consortium of islamists in jihadists, the third is the assad regimes thatry supposed to stop fighting each other. they have both fought each other and simply go home and allow a peaceful movement and services through that word. the al nusra gap, what was formally known as the al qaeda franchise is planning a massive counter offensive to break the
10:19 am
siege imposed by russia and iran in revolution, and the peace deal, they summarily objected has been looted. if you remember, how does the united states have leverage at the al nusra gap when they are being led by the al qaeda franchise, itself. this is the problem of coupling the legitimate opposition from the illegitimate ones. there are so many holes in this, you can drive a hum-vee truck through it. i don't have an optimism. i think it's doomed to filar. unfortunately, there are too many actors oak. we have overexaggerated stooit state influence and leverage, whether it's the west and friends of syria coalition or the russians and the iranians the assad regime, itself, no longer exists. it has evolved much like the opposition into a series of gangs, warlords and militias, many now fighting the regime, struggling in weapons and people in oil and selling this stuff to groups like isis and nusra.
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>> i have to zay stop you, only because we are running out of time. i want to say thank you to robertson as well. clearly you are not. we'll be back after this.
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>> larry king speaking out after a cfl interview with donald trump. the republican presidential
10:24 am
nominee defended russian president vladmir putin. in the interview with king that aired on television network owned by the kremlin. here's what trump said to king about accusations the russians hacked democrats. >> i think it's probably unlikely. i think maybe the democrats are putting that out, who knows. but i think that it's pretty unlikely. but you know, who knows? i hope that if they are doing something, i hope that somebody's going to be able to find out so they can end it because that would not appropriate at all. >> now the trump campaign claims it had no idea that interview would air on a russian network. king says that claim stretches it a little. >> we are kabld carried by cable companies all over the world. we are signing a deal with china. i just broadcast like you do. i go in and i broadcast. i don't know what trump knew, he
10:25 am
couldn't have known it was a podcast. he just did my podcast. >> cnn senior media correspondent brian stelter joins me to discuss this. >> hi. >> larry king is essentially saying the trump camp is wrong. they knew this was more than a podcast. how much damage thing this will do? >> i can everything is criticing trump on this point he was on camera, all lined up to do it. in fact, his tv producers have been asking for it for months. he had him on a podcast about a year ago, he has been has been lobbying. it was obviously for king it was an interview. trump said it was only a podcast seems to be criticed what king is saying. i think it was aired on western state television. it shows that there are new rules for this campaign season. this may be example 100,
10:26 am
different standards, different rules this past election season. can you imagine if barack obama or mitt romney showed up on russian tv. there would be a different reaction this week. >> hillary clinton says he has complete independence over what he says and doesn't say and russia is criticized, putin is annihilated. assuming that's the case. what is the real impact of this interview airing, whether it's rt america or anywhere else? >> right. first of all, i believe king on that front. there is no reason do believe he doesn't have independence with his show.l russia carries the program but not all of them t. reason, the interesting thing about the question of trump's ties to russia. his confidence in vladmir putin, the things he said about vladmir putin. there is intrigue for that reason. the impact is what trump said to king in the first place. he says he believes it's unlikely russia is trying to
10:27 am
interfere in the election. former defense officials, et cetera, who believe russia is trying to interfere. trump says it's unlikely, it is notable. we will see if he changes his view as he receives more television briefings. >> always good to have you on the program. thanks very much. with less than two months to go, both electorates are scrambling in the key battleground states, a tightening race in those swing states. we'll have more after this. some things are simply impossible to ignore. the strikingly designed lexus nx turbo and hybrid. the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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hello, everybody, thanks for joining me, i'm martin savidge, it's freight to spend the saturday with you. recent national polls show donald trump is closing the gap with hillary clinton. it's also true in some swing states. this quinnipiac poll has clinton ahead in pennsylvania, north carolina, a dead heat in florida and trump ahead in ohio. it's a different story for trump in the battleground states of colorado, new hampshire and virginia. a new report from politico cites gop insiders saying they believe those states are now all but unwinnable for trump. let's bring back my political panel to discuss all of this. larry, i apologize for mispronouncing your name the
10:32 am
last hour the author of "the fierce urgency of now. trump is closing this gap in some battleground state polls, we are showing he faces a shrinking map. in what states are must-wins for trump to close the electoral college count? >> martin, there really are only two credible ways for trump to win. he has to flip, i moo ten last two times they've gone to obama. he has to flip florida, ohio and pennsylvania. pennsylvania is the toughest of the three by far. or he has to carry the entire rust belt mid-west, pennsylvania, ohio, michigan and wisconsin. there really isn't any other way for him to get to 270. that's why so many analysts said hillary clinton is favored. she has seven or ache different credible pathways to 270 which is what you need in the electoral college to win. >> julien, we heard there is a
10:33 am
difficult road ahead for donald trump. but he could still and a hanavi. what does he have to do to pull off a crucial win in the last two months? >> i think even says you have contest in the last few election cycles, where you have battleground states. right now, donald trump would need to win most of them. he's not. so what we're talking ab instead is the promise of his campaign from the start. he will turn blue states into red states. so a state like pennsylvania, ohio, he's become more important where he needs to have a pretty commanding performance. i don't know if that's going to happen. at this point we are waiting for the ground game no appear. he's talking about his potential outreach to moderate voters. all of this still has to happen. he is still playing a game where he is coming from behind. >> and the checkpoint campaign is hoping to turn some states blue, georgia for one.
10:34 am
early voting likely to be a factor. it starts really soon. let's take a listen to john king. he is talking about his impact. we'll come back after that. i will talk to jake. go ahead. >> early voting is a big deal, an increasingly big deal. first the scope of it. let's take a look at it. 37 states and the district of colombia have early voting. you don't have to wait until election day. some starts as early as september 23rd, this month, a couple days before the debate. your mind is made up. can you vote early. back in 2012, a little higher than 30% cast early. that's a big deal. in some states, more than 50% higher than that. so it is a big deal. >> it's a very big deal. jay, i'd like your thought. which candidate stands to benefit the most from early voting? >> well, clearly, hillary clinton stands, from early voting. as julien mentioned, donald
10:35 am
trump hasn't a ground game yet. he hasn't done huge amounts of voter outreach. hillary has twice in the state of ohio than national staffers. so as all of those states, 36 states the district of colombia, begin early voting. she's the only one out there driving people out to vote, to the polls, making sure that people are actually voting and donald trump is releading on the rnc for a lot of this stuff. comparatively, the efforts between hillary clinton's campaign plus the dnc, versus what's going on in the republican side, it's dwarf it. there is such a huge amount of organization t. more the voting happens earlier the better for hillary clinton. >> i would have thought it was the other way around. larry, here's my point. we need to talk about traditional ground games and what must be done and what history has shown us. yet, every time we used traditional, it's gone out the window. i'm wondering, are we putting too much thought into saying
10:36 am
he's got to do this because that's what we learned from previous elections? >> martin, you are certainly right this campaign this election season has set all kind of new precedents. i certainly learned a lot. i have been doing this for decades. but i do think what both jay and julien have said is now in, you have to focus on this. campaigns are partly about mass appeal but they're also about organization they're about organization where it really matters. the clinton campaign and the dnc have been working since before 28 to build a kind of machine they've got in key swing states that really are very close like florida. donald trump is throwing a lot of this together. the rnc can't possibly substitute for what a campaign can do. so i would have to give clinton the edge in this area. that's not to say that if she
10:37 am
continues sinking, she's at 2.7% in the polling averages. if she continues sinking, she will lose that advantage, too. >> i get your logic. we'll find out in about two months who's right and who's wrong on this one. thank you all for joining us. and coming up, the man who tried to assassinate ronald reagan. he is going to be free. i think he is free today. after the break, what itself next for john hinckley, jr., after 35 years in custody.
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>> any moment now, i am told, john hinckley, jr., the man that shot president reagan in an assassination tempt will be a free man. he spent 35 years in custody. he tried to kill him in a delusional attempt to impress the object of his obsession, actor jody foster. he fired six shots, one bullet coming within an inch of reagan's heart, also wounded was secret service agent and police officer reagan's press secretary, james brady, who was shot in the head and partially paralyzed. over the last ten years, a federal judge allowed him to take longer breaks away from the
10:42 am
hospital and visit with his mother in williamsburg, virginia. in july, the judge granted him full release, beginning today a. civil rights attorney avery freeman is in the nba championship home of the cleveland cavaliers. he joins me now let's talk seriously. government prosecutors have security concerns. so what was the judge's rationale for letting this guy go? he tried to kill the president. >> you know the bewildering, troubling thing about the case, martin, is that if you look at it without studying the opinions, the most written opinion was 103 pages of analysis. after doing that, you really do understand that hichgly really isn't -- the federal court said he is on convalescence leave. it's kind of like being freed, except there are so many
10:43 am
restrictions that he has to, among other things, do a daily log, get a job, check this with a psychiatrist, can't go on the internet, has to carry a cell phone with him. you know what else, the agency that's overseeing this, is the secret service. so if he screws up, martin, if he makes one false move, believe me, he's going to be back serving gruel at the hospital. this is no walk in the park. >> let me read the statement that his attorney released saying, in part, quote the very careful decision to release mr. hichgly, based on copious information from government and expert witnesses should give great comfort to concerned citizenry that the mental health system worked an worked well. the problem is he can mess up, what if he messes up with a gun. i don't want to labor a person with a lot of medical
10:44 am
assistance, i know the issue of mental health comes into play. but it was an assassination on the president. >> it sure was, it was by a deranged 25-year-old, who is now maybe slightly and hopefully a lot less deranged 61-year-old. i think the only good news about this and remember it's not the federal judge that makes the decision a. jury in 1982 made the decision that john hichg link hinckley was not guilty of a crime, therefore the court has to do something with him and, indeed, got him care. i don't think a federal court, department of justice, the st. elizabeth hospital would come together and participate in this c convalescence release. that's the words of the court,
10:45 am
martin. they intend to monitor him tightly and carefully, because if there is any symptom, any manifestation of inappropriate behavior, bam, he's right in st. else beth. >> all right. avery. i will wish mr. hinckley well on the next chapter in his life and i will hope that all those precautions are enforced. >> thank you very much. >> you too. >> good to see you. >> coming up, a new and very stunning image paints a sobering picture of the heroin epidemic in this country. we get a look at the devastating effect the drug is having on millions of americans next. ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine.
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this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. >> police in a small town in ohio releasing a suning photograph to drive home the danger of heroin. it shows a man and a woman passed out in the front seats of a car. there in the back is a child. the photograph was taken at a traffic stop, according to authorities, it was posted on facebook with a graphic warning. so let's bring in cnn to give us the back story. pictures sometimes do tell a remarkable story. >> a remarkable one, a
10:50 am
disturbing one, it seems to be the case, it seems to be the story of a police officer possibly in the right place at the right time. we will take you to east liverpeople, ohio, an off duty the driver switches to halt. the officer approaches the vehicle, looks inside that suv and is met with the scene we showed a few moments ago. it's a very disturbing sight. police officers made contact with james cord. his head was bobbing back and forth. he was still conscious at the time. he had pinpoint pupils. he wasn't making sense except for the fact he was taking his passenger, the woman you see there, to the hospital. he tried shifting the suv back into gear to continue with his drive and that's when he then passed out. paramedics arrived and
10:51 am
administered narcan. it causes the victims of overdoses to regain consciousness. they were placed into handcuffs. as you see that picture there, the most disturbing, heartbre heartbreaking part of the image is a 4-year-old little boy. we're told that's her 4-year-old son in the back conscious this whole time. he's in the care of child protective services. we do know that she was charged and pled no contest to child endangerment and driving under the influence. >> it is a heartbreaking picture. i get upset watching it now. what's been the backlash or has there been any against the police department. they did post it and initially the child's face was seen. >> it's the city that posted the image. the police department was investigating the case. going through the social media
10:52 am
and some of these facebook posts there's mixed reaction. there are individual who is say it's a good thing that the city is see thanksgiving as an opportunity to shed more light on this massive issue, this heroin cases that we continue to see. thousands of people dying from overdoses but there's also criticism about the city of east liverpool now blurring the child's face. i want to read you a quick portion that they posted on facebook saying the poison known as heroin is taken a strong grip on many communities, not just ours. the difference is we're willing to fight this problem until it's gone. if that means with offend a few people along the way, we are prepared to deal with that. that's the city of east liverpool saying they want to put a face on the issue. it's not just the people under the influence but also the innocent people, including a 4-year-old little boy. >> thank you very much.
10:53 am
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this car is traveling over 200 miles per hour. to win, every millisecond matters. both on the track and thousands of miles away.
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with the help of at&t, red bull racing can share critical information about every inch of the car from virtually anywhere. brakes are getting warm. confirmed, daniel you need to cool your brakes. understood, brake bias back 2 clicks. giving them the agility to have speed & precision. because no one knows & like at&t. it costs $481 on average for a family of four to go to an nfl game. it's a lot less expensive to watch a game at home and even the experience is tough to beat. technology offers easy access to insignificant replays and you
10:57 am
can switch between big games. stadiums are taking notice. last season attendance slipped. >> is the game just not enough anymore? >> i think the game still is enough, but modern audiences want to be as immersed in the game and have as much access to the game and information about the game as they possibly can. >> metlife is one of dozens of stadiums and arenas investing in technology. everything from bluetooth to mobile apps and technology to help fans better connect and get them back in the seats be. >> now we have a tremendous wi-fi network in the stadium. you can use our app to stay connected to all the scores and stats and everything from that game. you can have your tickets on the app. >> ideally once you get the people in the stadium, you do want them to spend money to be here. >> more people have a chance to purchase something, all the better. we find that certain groups of
10:58 am
people aren't trying certain types of protects. now we can target just those people and deliver a timely message to them. >> according to a study, almost half of season ticketholders would pay more for a better in-person experience. >> we have a stable business model. we know how to generate revenue. the great thing in the sports business is we serve the fans right, we will make a fair return on our investment. >> for more watch the full special "agility in action." that will be at 2:30. we have much more in the news room and it all starts right now. you're watching the cnn newsroom. we're following two major stories.
10:59 am
donald trump's running mate firing back at hillary clinton after she insulted some trump supporters claiming that half of them fall into the basket of deplorables. here is how mike pence responded speaking today. >> at a big fund-raiser in new york city that the american people, the millions of americans that are supporting my running mate were described in the most deplorable of terms. it's extraordinary to think about it. she referred to those of people as irredeemable. i'll tell you right now, i campaign on a regular basis with donald trump. i campaign all across this country for donald trump. hillary clinton's low opinion of the people that support this campaign should be denounced in the strongest possible terms.
11:00 am
the truth of the matter is that the men and women who support donald trump's campaign are hard working americans. farmers, cole miners, teachers, veterans, members of our law enforcement community, members of every class of this country who know that we can make america great again. let me say from the bottom of my heart, hillary, they are not a basket of anything. they are americans and they deserve your respect. >> in case you missed it, let's go to what everyone is talking about. that is mr. -raiser last night. here they are. >> to be grossly generalistic, you could put half of trump


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