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tv   New Day  CNN  September 12, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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them are good people. >> i think his ignorance about putin are dangerous. >> i don't know the gentleman. he's been nice to me. >> this is just more of his loose talk that really doesn't have any substance to it. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alysin camerota. this video clinton being helped into a van as she left the 9/11 memorial service early. clinton is off the campaign trail canceling a two-day trip to california. was it her health specifically, yes. but why don't we know the health situation of both candidates? don't know the voters deserve to know? donald trump has been surprisingly reserved about clinton's health cascare. we have 57 days until the
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election and the two candidates will face off in their first debate two weeks from tonight. so, we have it all covered for you. let's begin with senior washington correspondent near clinton's home in chappaqua, new york. what is the latest, jeff? >> good morning, alysin. hillary clinton was set to begin a three-day west coast swing today. but she is at home resting under doctor's orders now for dehydration and pneumonia. these questions about her health have gone from conspiracy theory to now a genuine campaign issue. >> hillary clinton off the campaign trail this morning as she recovers from pneumonia. canceling a two-day trip to california. her health thrust am to the spotlight after aides said she became overheated and dehydrated while attending the 9/11 ceremony at ground zero. this video shows clinton leaving early and as she tries getting
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into her van she stumbles and slumps. two law enforcement sources telling cnn she appeared to faint. clinton then taken to her daughter chelsea's apartment three miles away. more than an hour later, clinton emerged, smiling. >> it's a beautiful day in new york. >> reporter: even taking a picture with a young girl before climbing into her motorcade and heading home. her campaign says she was even playing with her two grandkids inside. yet more than five hours later the doctor revealing that the 68-year-old was diagnosed with pneumonia two days after earlier after an evaluation for her prolonged cough. >> every time i think about trump, i get allergic. >> reporter: despite the diagnosis on friday she continued a grueling schedule. two fund-raisers in new york city and press conference along with an interview with our own chris cuomo and other media outlets. donald trump just feet away from
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his rival at ground zero unusually quiet over her diagnosis after speculate about her health for months. >> i think she doesn't have the stamina. hillary clinton does not have the stamina. i watched hillary, who doesn't have the strength or the stamina -- >> reporter: republicans close to the trump campaign telling cnn they want to be respectful of the health issue. staff and campaign surrogates instructing supporters not to post anything on social media. now, we'll see how long donald trump and his aides stick with that, but the reality is here, alysin, we know less about the health of donald trump and hillary clinton than most recent presidential nominees. she is 68 years old and he is 70 years old. she released a bit more than him and that's why this is a central issue and why it matters in this campaign. we are two weeks before the biggest moment that first debate which happens here in new york two weeks from tonight. >> important to remind voters
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that we don't know enough about their health histories. jeff, thank you very much. so, moments ago the trump campaign seizing on clinton's other stumble this weekend, a verbal stumble. releasing a new attack ad based on clinton's "basket of deplorables" comment which she now says she regrets. jason carroll with the latest. good morning to you. >> the trump campaign not wasting any time going after hillary clinton for her comments. they already have that brand-new attack ad out just this morning she made the basket of deplorables comments which she made friday night at a fund-raiser in new york. >> speaking to wealthy donors, hillary clinton called tens of millions of americans deplorable. >> you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. the racist, sexist, homophobic,
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isl islamaphobic. you know what's deplorable? hillary clinton viciously. >> i'm donald trump and i approve this message. >> clinton also said there should be empathy for a number of trump supporters who feel let down by the government and the economy. she said the basket of deplorables was in reference to people who support trump and also have racist and xenophobic leanings. clinton released a statement clarifying her remarks saying, last night i was grossly generalistic and that's never a good idea. i regret saying half, that was wrong, but let's be clear, what is really deplorable is that donald trump hired a major advocate for the so-called alt-right movement to run his campaign and that david duke and other white supremacists see him as a champion of their values. it should be noted that trump also has said that he regrets some of the comments he has made out on the campaign trail. he wasn't specific about which
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ones, but last night he admitted during a speech sometimes he said what he has said, he has called the wrong thing. chris? >> all right, jason, thank you very much. let's discuss with our cnn political commentators, former trump campaign manager still receiving severance from the trump campaign and a clinton supporter and former south carolina state rep. let's start with the deplorables. cory, you made a campaign out of it and you think it's a bad deal. why do you believe this is so important? >> let me read a quote. let me read a quote. we need a president who is fighting for all americans, not one that nearly writes off half the country. you know who said that? barack obama. barack obama said that and now what we have is hillary clinton who is taking 14 million people who supported donald trump in the primary and then tens of millions of people who are supporting his campaign, the general election, and putting them into a basket and generalizing and saying they're deplorable people. that's iraq war veterans. that's families who have been victims of illegal aliens.
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that's hard-working men and women who had their job shipped overseas. this is a gross generalation and it's really sad that she put all these people in one giant basket and saying they're deplorable for supporting someone who wants to put americans first. >> that's not true at all. i think he just completely took this out of context. what is deplorable and what i have no respect for the bigots in this country. hillary clinton was talking directly to those people. people have tried talump this comment in with the comment mitt romney said about 47%. hillary clinton is showing animus towards the races. no, she's not talking about the hard-working men and women every day in the steel mills and mills throughout the country, no, she's not talking about iraq war veterans. but, she is talking about racists. if you are bagt or you are a racist and supporting donald trump, she's talking about you. look, all donald trump
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supporters are not racists and bigots by any means. cory, you're a friend of mine, i don't put you in that category at all. you do have to be comfortable dealing -- >> we agree on one thing. not everybody follows their candidate and have all the views that that candidate has. what i do think tens of millions of people who are supporting donald trump and take exception to the fact that they've been lumped into a category by a party's nominee of putting them into a bucket, a basket, if you will, calling them names that aren't applicable. >> so, that's the ad. now, let's talk about the other big headline this morning which is clinton's health. you guys have been uncharact uncharacteristically quiet what could be seen as a weakness. donald trump said this morning that something is going on and he doesn't know what and he just hopes that the secretary gets well. what do you think this means, the bout of pneumonia. what do you think it means to you? >> i'm not a doctor and neathser
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donald trump. i think it's up to hillary clinton to disclose if she has health issues and release all her medical records. both she and donald trump should release their medical records so the people of the country can make the determination on who is fit from a physical perspective to be the president of the united states. if there's no issues there, release both of their records in their entirety. >> trump said he's going taput them out this week. what if he doesn't? what if clinton doesn't respond? how important do you think this is? both of them have not released the kind of information that we have gotten from candidates in the past. both of them. the letter from trump was a joke by that doctor. now we see with clinton it took a while to get the disclosure out. do you think this should be mandatory and what should be in those records? >> i do think it should be mandatory. john mccain released his records and talked about his battles with cancer. what i think we should have donald trump who is 70 years old and hillary clinton turns 69 next month, release their medical records. let the american people see if there are any issues
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cholesterol, blood pressure, stroke, health issues. whatever it may be, let the american people see that so they can make a determination who is physically healthy enough and if they're both physically healthy, then, great, you go back to the issues. if there is a major health concern, i'm not saying there is. if there is a concern in those medical records, the american people should be made aware of it before they vote in november. >> what do you think about the fact that neither of the candidates have put it up yet. >> i do agree that both candidates should give more information than they have about their medical records and you would see that. john mccain who would have been the sitting president if he would have beaten barack obama in 2008 released the last eight years of his medical records. i think both of these candidates have to do a better job of putting their medical records out or giving us more information about their health history and i think that will happen. we also have to make sure we're being as transparent as possible because we're still doing things like waiting on the prototypical tax returns from donald trump and having the discussion about
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press pools and whose press is able to travel on planes and questions about protective press pools and we'll see more and more of this as the campaign nears its end. we haven't had the robust discussions and transparent discussions so far. >> why shouldn't it be mandatory? why are the taxes and the health in the same conversation? i get why people say they're apples and oranges. the suggestion why they're not apples and oranges, what are you buying and what are you getting as a voter? you can't see this guy's taxes, why? he gives you 100 reasons why, but at the end of the day, the answer is no. why should that be an acceptable answer? why should we have to wait on him to put out some medical letter or for her to tell us what she wants when she wants. don't you think the voters deserve to know? >> of course. but someone's taxes are a snapshot of how much money they earned in a particular year. it doesn't tell you about their health or their ability to serve four or eight years. >> tells you where money comes
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from and who they give to and why. >> it doesn't tell you if they're going to be able to complete their term four or eight years as a president. the bigger concern if you're voting for someone at the top of the ticket you want to make sure their health allows them to serve in their entirety four years. look, if it were me and i found out my candidate was running and had a major health issue, you know, two weeks or six weeks seven weeks before the election, i would be very concerned about that. i think the american people would be as they go to cast their ballot. how much money you made or where you made that money from if your ability to finish out your term. who is that running mate? i would want to be very, very cautious of potentially voting for someone who didn't have the ability to fill out their term. donald trump and hillary clinton should release their full and entire health records so the american people can divide. >> i think everybody agrees on
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that. but fitness is the word i would use because what if somebody gets into office and then that's when you find out they have a compromised business transaction and i have to be arm's length here or i have to find it out and expose it to somebody like you. maybe there is a compromise here. don't the american people deserve takno know what's going. >> both of these candidates have been in the public spotlight for 25 years at different levels. they know a lot about them and they looked very closely at the clinton foundation and the e-mail scandals and we talked about a protected press pool. hillary clinton 9/11 the memorial yesterday and wasn't notified. >> what is your problem with the pool comment? >> we're back at these false equivalencies. for had the grief that hillary clinton has been given about her
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transparency, press have more access to hillary clinton than they do to donald trump. the fact of the matter is, you can make this out to be some big issue, but the way that most americans see this issue is that this woman got diagnosed with pneumonia on friday and she pressed through it. she did what most women do when they get sick in this country. they don't suck their thumb and lay in bed, they get out and do to work. she did two fund-raisers and a sit-down interview with you and a national security conference and went to a 9/11 memorial. if she didn't show up at that memorial imagine what the story would have been. i think it just doesn't sit well. she has actually been more transparent than donald trump throughout this whole race. all you have to do is ask the media that follow both. >> donald trump has done 70 interviews with "new york times." he's done 80 interviews with maimer media outlets. he's done more sunday shows than all the hosts combined when you look at it. hillary clinton hasn't done that. >> he put the press on his plane. >> took her 272 days to do a
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press conference. geared in such a manner where there are 40 seats on it of which a quarter of the seats are taken by the u.s. secret service. a traveling press plane with him for at least three months. >> afford a bigger plane. listen -- >> there are issues with transparency on both sides. that's relevant. just as relevant is what they would do if they were president. a lot of talk about why the other one stings and not so much about what they would actually do. when we sat down with secretary clinton on friday before the deplorable and before the pneumonia, what her experience was on 9/11 and how that that has shaped to how she sees the biggest threats to you and your safety right now. isis,a, north korea. here's what she had to say about the threat to russia and how she sees what needs to be done. since the attempted reset, russia has never been more rogue and openly optional than they
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are right now. your opponent has taken the approach of trying to, he said she's a strong leader. stronger than the president of the united states. the reason he says he does this is where has being confrontational gotten us with russia? what do you make of his strategy about sweet talking putin as a way of opening a channel of communication? >> well, i think his ignorance about russia and putin are dangerous. in an interview that he didn't even know putin had occupied crimia. this is more of his loose talk and his kind of reckless pontificating that really doesn't have any substance to it. i think that if there are ways to do business with russia, we should always be open. that's what the reset accomplished. we got a new nuclear arms reduction deal.
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that was a big deal with intrusive inspection, something we had to that extent before. equipping our troops in afghanistan. we were able to do business with russia. now, when putin came back, he came back, i think, with the view that his highest goal had to be to prevent what he considers to be the, his neighborhood in eastern central europe all the way to central asia. falling under european union and american influence. and that has been his goal. and he has tried to disrupt and interfere with democratic elections as he has even, in our country attempted to do with this round of elections. he's pretty transparent that he's looking for ways of elevating russia and himself. i think that we have to continue
4:18 am
to find areas of cooperation. we also have to be very clear that there are some things that we will not be able to tolerate. and we do have an obligation to nato that if he crosses, you know, it would be the end of america's trust in the world, if we were not to respond. what i most worry about with trump is that he is conveying several impressions to people around the world that are quite damaging with respect to russia. putin's romance sends a message that maybe the united states no longer really stands for human rights, for freedom, for human big nu dignity. that is a terrible message because that just further encourages leaders who are like
4:19 am
putin wanting to, you know, do their own version of oppressing their people and reaching out beyond their borders. secondly, his very dangerous talk about muslims, both american muslims and international muslims. makes our job against isis, makes our job against terrorism much harder. and we already know he's done damage. we already know from experienced intelligence and counterterrorism experts that leaders within isis are rooting for his victory. we're going to have to undo the damage that he's already done in the campaign after this election. and make it very clear. the united states stands by our word, we stand by our friends and allies and we're willing to work with anybody, including, of course, putin. i had many conversations with putin. but we're not going to do it by just rolling over and adopting his wish list, which is exactly what donald trump has done. >> what is a little bit different there, corey and what
4:20 am
she said before you're not putting your arm around putin to open and you are embracing what it is that he is which send a message around the world that it's okay and america is, obviously, supposed to be standing in opposition for the kind of things that putin does. you worry about that risk. >> what i'm worried about is the fact that hillary clinton is saying that she wants to work with vladimir putin and what donald trump has said if vladimir putin would destroy isis and the single biggest threat that faces our country today and have a singular focus which is destroying isis so they're not destroying us. >> the man being a good leader superior to the united states. >> for his own country. what he has said is that he is a strong, forceful leader for his people. he said he has been stronger for his people than what obama has been for our people. >> don't you see that as obviously embracing what he has done. for his people, most would say to his people. >> but, chris --
4:21 am
>> hold on a second. >> when you're the leader of your country, you do everything you can for the best of your country. i think vladimir putin has been unapologetic about being a strong advocate for the people of russia and what you see in donald trump someone saying if i were elected president, we would put america first. >> sorry to cut you off. i wanted to finish that. what is your thought? >> i just think that highlights the ignorance of donneaw donald and his love for putin. no wonder that putin has a 82% approval rating. if you speak out against the government you end up dead or in prison. that's why his approval rating is so high. to go even further the largest geoopolitical foe is putin. we can't have someone out ward embracing his own philosophy over the president of the united states and talk about putting americans first.
4:22 am
to say vladimir putin is better leader than barack obama is doing anything but putting first. it's not a question of who's more prepared politically to take on and be the next president of the united states. it's just no question. >> gentlemen, let's leave it there. thank you for the discussion. appreciate it, as always. more details on hillary clinton's health issues ahead. and we have less than two months until election day. the race between hillary clinton and donald trump is tightening in battleground states. the new numbers for you, next. tokyo-style ramen noodles.
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>> this last week i took a physical and i'll be releasing when the numbers come in, hopefully they're going to be good. i think they're going to be good. i feel great. donald trump has been making health an issue in the campaign. he says he will release more of his medical records in the coming days. you just heard him say that. this comes as hillary clinton is being treated for pneumonia and taking a couple days off the
4:27 am
campaign trail. here to discuss this and more ron brownstein and senior editor for "atlantic." how big a cause for concern do you think hillary clinton's health is and what we saw over the weekend? >> the real cause of concern is how little we know for two of the oldest candidates tarun for president. more words spoken that we don't have the basic health records, for that matter the tax returns of donald trump. it's extraordinary. i me we're talking more than ever and the information we had for previous candidates, we don't have. it's hard to imagine this is not going to prompt both of them to release a lot more than we've seen so far. >> it's hurting her more than it is hurting him. she is the ones with the suggestions what happened in 2012 and what may have led to her needing to leave the hospital with those glasses on and now this and the nature of its lack of disclosure. >> look, people get sick. in fact, she has pneumonia.
4:28 am
which no reason not to believe her doctor and she takes a couple days off the campaign trail and then she's healthy. can't imagine this is a big deal and the context of all the under lying forces shaping this election. the underlying question of how little we know aboutt the healt situation. >> the stumble caused a lot of concern for people. should they have disclosed it before anybody knew? >> i think so. i think so. the instinct of both these campaigns is they don't disclose unless they're absolutely compelled ta. that would seem to me of something of magnitude that is legitimately of interest to the public. >> how do you fix it? how did we get to this point? questions about clinton's health since she announced her candidacy and they tell you what they want to tell you. trump sent out that ridiculous letter from that doctor with the hair that didn't really tell us much other than how trump seems to feel about his new health. now he is having tests done and
4:29 am
make this a standard. >> that's what i was going to say, what is so extraordinary about this election and this is my ninth election and we're talk and reporting and commenting more than ever and yet the basic information the candidates feel safer in kind of refusing to us because each of them in their own way play off the media. are talking to their supporters and can kind of basically say i'm being mistreated. i don't know what the answer is to force them to do it except for more public pressure to provide the basic information, especially given the age of the candidates. very hard to make a case that we don't need this information. >> battleground polls are tightening. very quickly. new hampshire. clinton now at 39 and trump at -- let's start with nevada. 42-41. that is, obviously, neck and neck. let's try to move on to new hampshire, if we have it. okay, spoiler alert. it's 39 to 37. and we have -- >> there it is. >> there you go.
4:30 am
maybe arizona. >> johnson is big in new hampshire. >> 15% in new hampshire for johnson. if we want to move on to arizona, there trump is ahead in arizona at 40 and 38. if we ever move on. there we go. >> johnson, again, heavy at 12. >> georgia trump is ahead to 42 to 44%. what are you seeing in these states? >> for all the turmoil, enormous consistency in the way the electorate is dividing around the two candidates. and driving the geographic patterns. donald trump's and hillary in a struggling among millennials and minorities and underperforming any republican ever, literally ever among college educated white voters trailing. what that translates to when you look at the rust belt swing states, predominantly white and whether it's iowa, ohio, michigan to some extent, michigan he hopes. he's competitive there and underperforming republicans in
4:31 am
many of the swing belt states. traditional and pretty much off the boards this year. those are states younger, more diverse north carolina heavily in play and then what you see is arizona and georgia, which have not been competitive states coming in because they fit the same profile. georgia tougher. >> what does that mean in terms of rust belt versus sunbelt. which one wins in terms of numbers. >> clinton still has the upper hand in the electoral college. if you take the states the blue wall, 18 states voted and 242 electoral college votes, you are knocking at the door. she could lose ohio and florida and north carolina and still win. >> the inside numbers will be interesting. september 6 to 8, 5 to 8 is when these polls were done. that's before capturing the johnson mistake about not knowing aleppo. before all these health concerns. >> worth noting, chris, the
4:32 am
biggest fallout are millennials. they don't like daonald trump. high, high unfavorables. she's polling only about 45%, 50% among millennials. >> that's who johnson is grabbing. >> that may be the easiest piece for her to move back in her direction. look, until trump solves his problem with college-educated white voters. trailing 46li-40 in "washington post." almost 60% say he's racially bias, until he solves that, hard to get am to the low 40s or mid-to high 40s and truly threaten her. you know what could help both candidates? talking about one of the risks to our health that no one is doing enough about. heroin epidemic. exposed in a way that people are criticizing. who are these parents passed out in front of their kid in the back seat from a heroin
4:33 am
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this is a shocking picture. you're about to see two adults passed out from a heroin overdose in the front seat of their car. what might be most shocking about thismage is the small child that you see behind them defenseless strapped into his car seat, 4 years old. officials in the small city of east liverpool, ohio, one the cities facing a heroin epidemic released this picture to show what they deal with every day. we're joined by two of the people who decided to release this image. we have east liverpool, gentlemen, thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> guys, when i saw this picture, i mean, mission accomplished. i stopped what i was doing on friday night when i saw this and just tried to read everything i could about the scenario behind this picture because it is so haunting. i didn't know if the woman is
4:38 am
dead. they are discolored. it looks like something out of a horror movie. wheef, w chief, why did you decide to release this tathe public? >> we need to raise awareness to it. people do not understand what this drug is doing and how it affects families overall and kids who get caught up in this. we do everything to try to raise the awareness. >> mr. allen, it did grab people's attention and grabs everybody who sees this haunting photo. we now know there is a heroin epidemic. what is the call to action here? >> i think the call for action is for the communities to get involved. the nondrug using public to actually get involved and help their neighbor, help people out. we need some help from the state, at the state and federal level. kind of forgot about us little guys in the big picture. and we need some help. >> chief, what was the internal debate that you two had about
4:39 am
whether or not to release this photo, particularly since this is a family and there's a little boy in the back seat. >> well, you're, obviously, you have concerns for the child, but after we sat and we thought about it and debated over it, it would be in the best interest and get him the help that he needs. get him out of that environment and get him to where he needs to be in a safe environment and a loving environment. >> mr. allen, could you tell us the back story of this photo and how it came to happen? why did officers know to pull over this car? >> the car was driving erratically behind a school bus, believe it or not, of all things. when the school bus stopped the officer was on his way into work and he stopped behind the vehicle when the school bus pulled out, the vehicle continued on very slowly, but then came to a stop. so the officer immediately exited his vehicle, approached
4:40 am
the car and he actually put the car in park and shut the car off. >> and then he decided -- >> it was on a steep hill. >> it was on a steep hill and driving erratically and saw the child in the back and then what compelled him to take these pictures? >> that officer didn't take these pictures. he immediately attended to both of the victims in the front seat, radios for additional help and called for an ambulance to the scene. this was our third officer who responded to the scene who actually took these photographs. >> what happened to this couple? >> the driver of the vehicle has pled guilty and received a sentence of 360 days in jail. the passenger pled not guilty and has a hearing this week. >> i mean, had they not been pulled over, would they have od'd? would this couple had died if the officer had not intervened here? >> almost definitely.
4:41 am
and, quite possibly could have injured quite a few more children who had just stepped off that school bus. >> oh, my gosh. chief, what do you need to fight the heroin epidemic? beyond awareness and this really brings it home, this picture that you released. but what more can you do? >> we need the resources to battle this. we need to be in the schools where we can educate students from kindergarten all the way through high school. we have a place to put when we get a hold of somebody like this. a treatment facility whether it be in a hospital or even in the jails. like this guy got sentenced to 360 days. he needs to be treated for this and break free from this addiction. just needs to have the resources to fix the problem. put a band aid on something as bad as a bullet hole will not fix the problem. we need to help these people follow them all the way through so they can completely get away from this addiction. >> have this man and woman
4:42 am
talked about knowing that you saved their lives? >> no. >> fascinating to know how they feel today and we will be very interested in following their course and hopefully their recovery. chief lane, mr. allen, thank you for sharing what is going on in your town with us. >> thank you. >> love to know what you think about that. you can find me on twitter. let's get to chris. >> people like them all over this country. every community no matter where you are is dealing with that same problem. if you check and see, you will be disappointed. a big revelation from hillary clinton's doctor. the democratic nominee is being treated for pneumonia. coming up, what we know about her diagnosis, more importantly, what we don't know. health is now a focus in this campaign. we have two of the oldest candidates ever hoping to be president. let's bring back dr. sanjay
4:43 am
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things, perhaps. >> but let's be honest about why it raises the question, specifically, with clinton. it's not, oh, this is very interesting what pneumonia can do. this is, oh, she is slight on her feet, again. this reminds us of the blood clot in 2012. look at your screen right now, sanjay helped us work this out. '98 blood clot right leg. 2012 concussion and 2012 blood clot head. you raised an interesting question. you said at the time of 2012 she was on blood thinners and that was interesting to you, you explained to me, because usually that would keep you from getting a blood clot. >> it's an interesting point. i don't want to make more out of
4:48 am
it than we should because i don't know what it means. if you're on blood thinners one of the biggest concerns is if you fall and hit your head, you'll have a bleed in the brain. it's a huge concern. any time doctors put someone on a blood thinner, we have to counsel them. from what we heard, she did not have a bleed in her head, she developed a clot. why she would do that even on blood thinners is still an unknown. i don't know if we can read anything into it. she had testing of both her brain and the clot and by her doctor's account, they both were fine. the blood clot resolved and she had no lingering effects from for concussion and the brain injury. >> she had the double vision and had to wear the classes for a longer time than we knew how long these symptoms were. >> the follow up testing was done a year later. at the year later point she seemed to be fine.
4:49 am
the prison glasses means someone had double visions or damage to one of the nerves that controls the eyes. that's why you wear those types of glasses. she seems to have recovered, but it wasn't an insignificant injury, just like pneumonia is an insignificant, a lot of people get it, certainly in this age group, but it is a serious diagnosis. >> sanjay was trying to raise this issue in fairness to him when we got the trump silly letter about his health. you know, you were, you know, we know you, you were trying to be reasonable about it, but it bothered you that something as important as the health of two of the oldest candidates we had for president was being joked off by this medical letter. you believe that the time has come that the voters know what they're when it comes to these people. >> people are entitled to some degree of privacy, but anything
4:50 am
that performs s that performsance of the job, i think that whether it's releasing the medical records to an independent panel of doctors who are not doctors but are also your friends. i think that does make the relationship a little more challenging. >> as we've seen from donald trump's doctor who says he's in spectacular health. >> astonishing. >> just this morning in the past hour, donald trump has said that he just had a checkup. >> yep. >> and he's going to release the results of that. is that enough from one checkup? will that be satisfactory? >> you know, i think that -- it depends how the doctor sort of summarizes that. as part of the checkup what the doctor will typically do is look at all the medical records and be able to really develop some conclusions. i still think the medical records are better and here's why. we doctors like journalists want to have more information certainly. but there are things that you can sort of conclude from looking at medical records.
4:51 am
john mccain, senator mccain in 2008 released all of his medical records to a few reporters, and led us into a room and just look at them for several hours and there were things about those medical records that had never been reported. never been told. they weren't part of any kind of summary. >> sanjay, thank you. >> got it, thank you. >> well 15 years after the september 11th attacks the threat of terror obviously very real. are we safer? let's discuss that next. prepare for challenges specific to your business by working with trusted advisors who help turn obstacles into opportunities. experience the power of being understood. rsm. audit, tax and consulting for the middle market. across new york state, from long island to buffalo,
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it has been 15 years, of course, since the september 11th attacks. so are we any safer today than we were then? here's the homeland security secretary jeh johnson says keeps him up at night. >> there's this new phenomenon now of the terrorist inspired attack, the lone wolf, and that's the thing that presents the challenge most directly for our homeland, it's frankly the thing that keeps me up at night, and it requires a whole of government response. >> joining us now is house homeland security chairman mike mccall just taking his seat. wow, we are cutting it close, congressman. thank you very much for being here. he's a republican from texas who has endorsed and advised donald trump. great to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks for rushing in. >> sure. >> are we safer today than we were 15 years ago? >> well, i think we're in the highest threat environment since
4:56 am
9/11 but the threat has changed. prior to 9/11, been laden, spectacular events. we have a new generation of terrorists that are very savvy on the internet. they know how to recruit, train and radicalize from within so they recruit 40,000 foreign fighters from 120 different countries, and they radicalize people, you know, from within the united states over the internet. that's the greatest challenge i think that federal law enforcement has today versus pre9/11. having said that we've created a lot of apparatus, both on aviation security, intelligence sharing, that has made us much safer. >> are you comforted by that? or are you anxious at night? >> i'm always worried, because i get the briefings, and i hear about the numbers of plots going up against the west. the number of individuals arrested in the united states over 100 now. isis followers, and we have 1,000 investigations in all 50
4:57 am
states. it's a global phenomenon over the internet and that's what worries me the most. >> hillary clinton sat down with chris como this weekend to talk about what she thinks the biggest threat is and what she thinks the honest conversation that needs to happen with the american public is. i want to play you a portion of that. >> i think that if there are ways to do business with russia we should always be open. that's what the reset accomplished. we stand by our friends and allies. we're willing to work with anybody, including of course putin. i've had many conversations with putin. but we're not going to do it by just rolling over and adopting his wish list which is exactly what donald trump has done. >> all right that is not the sound bite that i was hoping for. i wanted to tell you what she was saying about isis. let me quickly redo that. she said it's time for a candid, honest conversation about what we face because it's not just isis. i think it's intense feiging our efforts against isis could lead to their defeat. it's violent jihadism.
4:58 am
it's time to say we're not going to be able to wipe out isis overnight. it's not going to be a bombing campaign that works? >> i don't think it's mutually exclusive. we need a military strategy. we haven't had one in four years, to deal with isis at its core and that's the islamic state. but i think i agree with her in a sense that the political diplomatic solution is important but the counternarrative to the ideology. this is a long-term generational struggle, not unlike what we had with communism. we are going against an ideology when we had communism raging, president kennedy called it a long, twilight struggle. that's what we're facing today. i think the american people need to understand that. it's not going to go away tomorrow. it is going to be a generational fight, and it's one that's over ideas that drone strikes alone cannot kill. >> okay. now let's talk about vladimir putin, you had a conversation with donald trump recently, maybe even a couple days ago, about vladimir putin. what did he say? >> well, i was with him at the
4:59 am
9/11 memorial service, very moving ceremony, both presidential candidates were there. i think we all advised caution with mr. putin. mr. putin is not our friend. doesn't always have our best interests at -- >> what do you think about donald trump being complimentary of him and saying that he's a strong leader, stronger than our president? >> i think what he's expressing in his way is that he has respect for the man. because of his strength. i think mr. trump this he has strength as well, and is in the best position to sit down in the room, and stare him down, if you will, peace through strength is important here. i think as secretary clinton mentioned we can't just lay down and let him get what he wants. his interest in the region are very different from our interests. the one thing we share in common is our fight against isis. >> but are you comfortable with the somewhat flattering tone of strength for a dictator. >> look, that's his style. take personalities off the table, our military is the weakest it's been since world war ii. and i think he will strengthen our military. i do think that if we can work
5:00 am
with russia to take out isis in the region, that's great but i would urge caution with the man. again, he's not our friend, he has not been our friend in the past, and you look at what they're doing in the cybersecurity world, as well, in addition to what they're looking at doing with our election. >> congressman mike mccall, thanks so much for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> we're poll he loing a lot of news. let's get right to it. >> hillary clinton's pneumonia diagnosis raises a big question. >> i hope she gets well and gets back on the trail. >> it's a serious diagnosis. it's clear she tried to hide this and this is going to hurt her. >> you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> it was said with such anger. i think this is the biggest mistake of the political season. >> we will not allow north korea to have a nuclear weapon. >> north korea, like so many he


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