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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 12, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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long-awaited details on his own health. >> this week, i took, this last week i took a physical and i'll be releasing when the numbers come in, hopefully they are going to be good. i think they're going to be good. i feel great. but when the numbers come in, i'll be releasing very, very specific numbers. >> trump underscoring new questions about clinton's health after she abruptly left a 9/11 memorial service, appeared wobbly as she was led into a van. last night, her doctor revealed she was diagnosed with pneumonia two full days earlier but the public was never told. this is at a pivotal point in the campaign, the election looming just 57 days away. a mere 11 days until the first states open early voting. let's begin coverage this morning with jeff zeleny live near the clinton home in chappaqua, new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. donald trump has been talking
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about hillary clinton's health for months now. he says in interviews she does not have stamina. he says it at campaign rallies, she's not feeling well. but this morning, uncharacteristically of donald trump, he is not seizing on this health episode of the clinton campaign at all. in fact, much the opposite. let's listen to what he said a short time ago on cnbc. >> it was interesting because they say pneumonia on friday but she was coughing very very badly a week ago and even before that, if you remember. this wasn't the first time. so it's very interesting to see what is going on. i want her to get better. i want her to get out there. i look forward to seeing her in the debate. >> reporter: now, some people inside the clinton campaign may be wondering where this sort of kindness from donald trump is coming from. but they have enough of their own challenges to work through today. let's just take a step back here and walk through really what's happened over the last couple days or so. we put together a bit of a timeline here. on friday, she was diagnosed
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with pneumonia and dehydration. it was a diagnosis from her doctor in the afternoon but we did not know about that until yesterday evening. but after her diagnosis, she went through several events on friday. she had two fund-raisers over the weekend. she had that big national security briefing, the bipartisan meeting of democrats and republicans in new york. she held a press conference, made a statement, she gave an interview to cnn and other media outlets. she also then on sunday of course went to the 9/11 memorial. that's where she felt faint, fell ill and was taken away. we did not know the extent of that until we saw that video that the onlooker posted on social media. then some five hours later, the clinton campaign released that statement from the doctor saying she had pneumonia. a lot of democrats i'm talking to this morning, some very supportive of the clinton campaign, are sort of shaking their heads wondering why the clinton campaign reacted to this. in fact, there has been an
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interesting back and forth going on this morning between david axelrod, our long-time adviser to barack obama and our cnn analyst here, and jennifer palmieri, communications director of the clinton campaign. she acknowledged just a short time ago on twitter that yes, they could have done better yesterday and i think that's an understatement here in terms of explaining what happened here in terms of transparency. but going forward, hillary clinton right now at this hour i'm told is at her home in chappaqua preparing for her debate which is in two weeks from now. she also is off the road canceling that west coast fund-raising swing. she will be doing something else tonight for donors in san francisco. take a look at this e-mail her campaign sent out to donors. she said as you may have heard today, secretary clinton was diagnosed with pneumonia and her doctor has advised her to rest. as a result, she won't be able to join us in person but she will be participating via teleconference. so she will basically be doing as much campaigning as she normally does, she will just be
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doing it remotely, i'm told. she will talk to advisers and aides, doing some debate prep as well. the reason this is a big deal, it's two weeks from tonight that first debate between clinton and trump. arguably the most important moment of the campaign up until now. they want her to be healthy, rested and fully hydrated for that big moment that comes two weeks from tonight. >> i bet they do. jeff zeleny live from chappaqua, new york. clinton's health scare clearly putting the spotlight on both candidates' medical records. let's talk about that. i want to bring in cnn's chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta. you heard what jeff just said, her camp wants her to be fully ready for the debate two weeks from now. but she's conducting this teleconference from bed in her chappaqua home. is that the best avenue to take? >> i don't know if she will be in bed while doing this teleconference. i think the idea that she's not going to travel. this notion that she was told to get rest and sort of recover because she has this diagnosis of pneumonia, that advice was
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given on friday as we all know now. we didn't hear about it until yesterday. but i think the idea of flying across the country won't necessarily make the pneumonia worse but could make the symptoms worse. obviously that's what i think they are trying to avoid for her health and for her going forward. >> how serious is this? does pneumonia affect things like your mental capacity -- >> i don't think pneumonia would affect mental capacity. i do want to point out, as much as we now know, we still don't know a lot. we don't know, for example, what is the specific cause of the pneumonia. we don't know exactly how it was diagnosed, did she have a chest extra or ct scan. we don't know what antibiotic she was on or how much of her lung was involved. these may sound like inside baseball sort of questions but the point is unless you know the answers to some of these questions, you really can't make any sort of idea how long it's going to take to recover, exactly what kind of shape she's going to be in over time. usually typically, it's about a week to recover from something like this. not bed rest but really not
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having an active schedule either. >> you heard what jeff zeleny reported, that jennifer palmieri tweeted out she responded to david axelrod's criticism saying we could have done better yesterday as far as telling people that hillary clinton actually had pneumonia and they knew last friday, but she goes on to say but it is a fact that the public knows more about hrc than any nominee in history. now, they have released some medical records for hillary clinton. i want to put that graphic up again if we have it. it seems detailed but is it? >> essentially this is a timeline of what came from a two-page letter. it is more detailed than i think from what we saw from mr. trump, for example. but i will tell you it's not the most detailed of any nominee in history as i think that tweet just said. i myself was a reporter who covered senator mccain back in 2008 and at that time, he gave access to all of his medical records. they were significant, dating
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back to vietnam, even. we had full access for a period of time. they didn't want us photographing them, putting them on social media, but they gave us access. i wouldn't say we have more access or more knowledge, if she's referring to medical stuff, than any other candidate in history. >> let's talk about donald trump. he says he's undergone this physical and will release the details very, very soon and he hopes the numbers are great. so what does a physical entail? >> physical exam typically, you are obviously doing a physical exam at the time, listen to the heart and lungs, typically an ekg, some basic blood work as well. but you also look at the past medical history. you need to look at all the medical history ahead of time to try and put a picture together of what -- >> but a physical wouldn't cover that. unless he chooses to release that. >> when he's talking about the fact he will release lab results and maybe some of the particulars of the examination, that's a snapshot in time. which can be an important snapshot. but what we are really trying to figure out what is is the status of someone's health overall. a single sort of day of
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examination may not tell you much in that regard. that's what's really important. i should point out as well that former president clinton addressed this issue himself at some point even when he was a candidate saying he thought there was a public's right to know about the health of the candidates and certainly the health of the president. again, i don't think we know more about hillary clinton than any other nominee in history, by any means. not sure where that tweet came from. there's data on this. but the public's right to know has been discussed even by former president clinton. >> thanks so much. i appreciate it. clinton is following doctors' orders, resting at home and she will conduct that teleconference, we know now. while donald trump is revealing he did have a physical last week and is planning to release the results when quote, the numbers come in. let's talk about that some more. cnn chief political analyst gloria borger is here, cnn chief national correspondent john king joins me and senior political correspondent brianna keilar is also with me. welcome to all of you. so john, donald trump says he had a physical, he's going to
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release the numbers. will that settle questions about his health? >> i don't think so. in the conversation you just had should be instructive for anybody watching at home. the good doctor just laid out the case here that as he said, a physical great, let's have more records, mr. trump released only a four paragraph letter from his doctor that really has nothing except adjectives saying he's amazing and awesome, will be the most fit president in history. it says nothing. as jeff said, take a step back. either candidate will be older than ronald reagan on the day they took office. reagan was the oldest elected president in united states history. there is a public right to know. it's good that donald trump says he's going to release things. he also said back in 2011 if the president released his birth certificate he would release his taxes. he plays this game, it's great that he's now on the record saying he will release some of this, but why don't both campaigns invite dr. gupta in to see their doctor, invite other medical experts in to see their doctor? do you this publicly, you know what happens. the stunt dummies show up and ask crazy questions. >> would he be willing to do that?
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>> absolutely. he did it before in 2008. >> we went through this in 2008 because of john mccain, because of his age and because of his treatment in vietnam. there were questions. john mccain did the right thing. he said here they are. ask the question. this is not hard. you don't have to do a full-blown public news conference where the stunt dummies show up and ask stupid questions. you can get the medical correspondents who speak the language, have the doctor there, show them the records. some of the conversations might have to be off the record to respect the candidates' privacy. so what? >> here's the other thing. here's the other thing. these candidates are 68 years old and 70 years old. they are going to have problems because when you arrive at that age, you got problems. it's just natural. why not just release this stuff? >> i agree. here's where i think we fell down on the job, actually. we in the media. barack obama, who was obviously vigorous and healthy and a jogger, he didn't release
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complete medical records. that was fine. mitt romney, by the way, did not either, okay? so there has been a period of time where it kind of -- it kind of fell by the wayside. now as you are all pointing out, we have candidates who are older and in hillary clinton's case, serious pre-existing health issues. we don't know anything about donald trump's health. i think that disclosure is really warranted here. i also believe that disclosure is warranted in the same way on your tax returns and i think that these are questions that the public needs to know the answers to. we let it go by the boards for a little bit and that was wrong as well. >> the thing is, brianna, i think, i don't know, perhaps hillary clinton would feel more pressure in releasing her medical records because she's sick now with pneumonia, right? donald trump can say yeah, had a physical, hope the numbers will
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be good, but does he really have that need as much as hillary clinton does to release his medical records? >> i think they definitely both have their need but because hillary clinton is in the middle of this basically what's become this campaign crisis for her over her health, because she was not forthcoming when she found out on friday that she had pneumonia, and also, i think there's going to have to be something that she does or the campaign does to try to be more transparent and to try to repair some of that trust. she spent all last week having reporters on her plane, talking to them every day, trying to put out this sense of being more connected, more accessible, and then this happens. friday she's diagnosed with pneumonia and it doesn't come out until sunday when basically they had no choice but to explain what had happened because of this video. you hear the campaign saying, you hear jen palmieri saying we
7:13 am
could have done a better job. what's also clear is that there are many people in the campaign who did not know that she was ill. they can only do their job with the facts. so it's unclear even with some of the people who would be most equipped to handle a situation like this if they even knew the specifics of where hillary clinton was with her health. that's sort of the bigger issue here for her and her campaign. >> here's what leaves me scratching my head, though. if you know you have a problem and there are all these kinds of conspiracy theories out there, about your health, and you discover that finally, she has pneumonia which is -- explains everything, right, the coughing and everything else, then why wouldn't you disclose that as a way to shut down all of that speculation that you really don't want, either from your competitor or from out there in the ether? >> couldn't you look at it the other way, too, that if your opponent calls you lacking in stamina and you can't take the campaign trail and you can't
7:14 am
take the presidency, doesn't it work the other way, too, that you wouldn't want to tell people that you got tired on the campaign trail and came down with pneumonia? >> i think people catch pneumonia all the time on the campaign trail. >> there are many reporters, i will tell you, just people who have been keeping pace on the campaign trail who have been catching pneumonia. it has been happening. i think that -- i think that she was dealt a set of cards which was she had pneumonia so how do you deal with that, and had she leaned in towards being more transparent, i think that is something that would have worked out obviously much better for her than what we are seeing now. could they have foreseen what happened yesterday, no, but by trying to manage it themselves and being forthcoming about it on friday, at least they maintain some control of the situation which they completely lost yesterday. >> carol, can i give you two examples? on the issue of taxes, that noted champion of open and transparent government, richard nixon, is the one who set the standard. richard nixon set the standard. do you want to be judged and
7:15 am
hillary clinton in that regard has put her taxes out there. donald trump should be held accountable to that standard. the american people, especially, we live in the internet age, the transparent age. if you have to call in tax experts, financial reporters to talk to his people if he's really being audited and they have to talk about some of that, bring people in and explain it to them in a private secure setting and have the major news organizations say we couldn't learn about some of this because they proved to us it's sensitive, whatever. call them in. richard nixon on taxes. pretty good precedent's been set for a long time. this is a copy of the letter ronald reagan released to the american people in november 1994. he was a former president at the time. when he was diagnosed with alzheimer's, he said upon learning the news, nancy and i had to decide whether as private citizens we would keep this as a private matter or whether we would make this news known in a public way. in the past, nancy suffered from breast cancer and i had cancer surgeries. we found through our open disclosures we were able to raise public awareness. we were happy that as a result, many more people underwent testing. that's called leading by
7:16 am
example. why can't we have it? be transparent. >> we'll see if the candidates become more transparent. as they say, only time will tell. i have to leave it there. gloria, john, brianna, thanks to you. hillary clinton feeling the heat after calling some of donald trump's supporters deplorable. we hear donald trump will use that line when he speaks to national guardsmen in baltimore today. that's next. ♪ at northrop grumman, we've been developing new ways to execute the mission. what once was seen, now stays undetected. where alarms were once raised, now there's silence. with our full-spectrum cyber capabilities, our military can eliminate enemy threats, at the push of a button.
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as hillary clinton takes time off from the campaign trail in the wake of a pneumonia diagnosis, her campaign is facing a new controversy over this. >> you know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of
7:21 am
deplorables. right? the racist, sexist, homophobic, scene xenophobic, islamophobic. but others feel the government has let them down, the economy has let them down, nobody cares about them, nobody worries about what happens to their lives and their futures, and they're just desperate for change. those are people we have to understand and empathize with as well. >> so hillary clinton's being criticized for the first part of what she said that night. in a statement, in a new statement, clinton said she regretted using the word half but doubled down on her vow to call out what she says is donald trump's campaign of quote, prejudice and paranoia. for his part, donald trump has seized on the comments and
7:22 am
released a new ad and some scathing criticism. >> personally, when i heard it, i thought that it was not something that was within the realm of possible that she would have said it, and i said to my people i don't believe she said it, i think you have to check it because there's no way that she said this. and she actually did. she even really doubled up because it was said with such anger and such unbelievable anger, and i think this is the biggest mistake of the political season. i really do. when i saw this in its full form, and i saw the anger with which she said it, the way she spoke, i think it's the single biggest mistake of the political season. >> so let's talk about that. here to discuss, cnn political maria cardona and boris epshteyn, donald trump supporter. maria, calling out donald trump is one thing. calling out his supporters is
7:23 am
quite another. will independents and republicans make clinton pay? >> we will see about that. i think what we have to do is underscore what was at the heart of her comments. i'm really glad you played her whole comments because they have been taken out of context. i'm also glad she walked back the half. but when you look at what she actually said in terms of some of his supporters, it is not incorrect at all. she gave a whole speech not too long ago about how the trump campaign and folks within the trump campaign even represent all of the pieces of what she was talking about were deplorable and what those are, are those who believe in xenophobia, those who support and have actually constituted part of the white supremacist movement, people who are racist, people who have gone to trump and supported him because of the
7:24 am
xenophobic, racist comments he's made from the very beginning from the first day he announced his campaign. i think in that context, she is absolutely correct and what she is focusing on is that we as a country have to lift up american values of inclusiveness, of making sure that we talk about how great our diversity is instead of using it as a wedge issue which is what the trump campaign has done. i think in that context, most americans will agree with her, especially those huge swaths of voters that donald trump has insulted from the very beginning. >> i think, boris, that democrats like maria would probably cite things like this to prove their point. donald trump jr., for example, put this image on his instagram account. it's a meme of pepe and for those of you who don't know, pepe is a white nationalist symbol. david duke, the former kkk leader, tweeted a similar image
7:25 am
but photoshopped his face into the imjaj. this is why hillary clinton supporters say this is fair. >> did you read what he said? he was pointing out that that's what the left is saying about all of us now. maria just said people in the trump campaign are deplorable. i'm a jewish immigrant. i'm sorry you think i'm deplorab deplorable. >> i didn't say all. i didn't say you. >> listen, i let you talk. now let me talk. look at the bottom line here. hillary clinton called farmers, coal miners, military, soldiers, nurses, doctors, she called everyday people out there deplorable and said the other half are desperate. so what's left? she means that all of donald trump's supporters are either deplorable and irredeemable or desperate. that's not how you win an election. maria talked about inclusiveness. yes, that's great but how can you be inclusive when you say half of america, at least half of america is either
7:26 am
irredeemable -- >> she said half -- >> that's not what she said. >> she didn't say half of america. but that said -- hold on, hold on -- that said, hillary clinton did say something that probably was a political mistake and that comment will be replayed and replayed and replayed. you can bet that donald trump is going to use it at his campaign event in baltimore later today. his supporters would say he ought to. >> of course he's going to use this, but he has frankly used every single thing that he can to try to bring down hillary clinton. look, this is the nature of the campaign. but again, what hillary clinton said is that the kind of hate and vitriol that trump and his campaign have trafficked in from the very beginning of this campaign is not something that should be accepted as normal. she was focused on the fact that the trump campaign has normalized this trafficking of
7:27 am
hate and this kind of violent, violent rhetoric when you talk about punching people at his rallies because they are protesting him. when you talk about calling mexican immigrants rapists and criminals. when you talk about banning a whole religion. when you talk about women as pigs and ugly. that's the kind of rhetoric and those are the kinds of feelings that hillary clinton was talking about we cannot normalize and that the trump campaign has actually lifted up. >> boris? >> that's not what hillary clinton said. >> that's what she said. >> hillary clinton attacked donald trump's supporters. she attacked the voters. something that barack obama in 2012 said shouldn't happen. so it's democrats out there who are saying this is a mistake. some of the other democratic strategists really are in tune enough to say hey, it was a mistake and just move on. for some reason, others try to spin it and say -- actually what she meant was that we should be
7:28 am
inclusive. that's not what she meant. this is actual she actually feels about the american people and it's disgusting. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to both of you. be sure to join wolf blitzer as he interviews mike pence live in "the situation room" today 5:00 p.m. eastern. still to come in the "newsroom" a cease-fire set to take effect in about an hour in war-torn syria. are defiant words from the country's president affecting the truce? you both have a
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me.
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in a little more than an hour from now, a cease-fire supposedly goes into effect in syria. it will be a big test for the u.s./russian led truce to stop the air strikes. over the weekend, bashar al assad announcing he would support the deal but this morning while touring an area reclaimed by rebels, assad vowed to take back all of syria. here with is is cnn international correspondent arwa damon. >> reporter: president assad's comments came from a damascus suburb and this suburb, up until very recently was under siege by regime forces. the population effectively suffocated, cut off from the rest of the world with very little access to food, medicine and basic supplies. the fact that the president went there made this statement, in fact, it was at a mosque in this particular suburb where he
7:34 am
undertook the prayers for the muslim holiday is really the government at this stage putting out a message of strength, especially given that that cease-fire is coming up. this is a government, syrian government, that is very confident in its position that feels as if it has to a certain degree come to this negotiating table with the upper hand because of the solid backing they have of the russians. the opposition for their part are very skeptical about this deal. an alliance of rebel groups that are fighting mostly in the northern part of the country have said that they feel that this arrangement would potentially sway the battlefield in the regime's favor. of course, they are on board when it comes to allowing humanitarian access. everyone is really hoping that that is at the very least what is even if just for a short period of time, accomplished. but there isn't really that overwhelming sense that this particular agreement is going to be that solution that is going
7:35 am
to be more long-term. so there's still a lot of uncertainty at this stage but people inside syria really holding on to the very slim hope that at least they'll have a little bit of time where there won't be any sort of bombardment. >> arwa damon, thank you. still to come in "newsroom" trump goes off-script, vowing to blow iranian war ships out of the water. we will talk about that next.
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does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at . donald trump heads to baltimore this afternoon to speak to national guardsmen, talking about what their role would be under a trump presidency. his speech comes after another foreign policy comment raises
7:40 am
eyebrows. trump said if iranian ships threaten american vessels he would quote, blow them out of the water. >> iran, when they circle our beautiful destroyers with their little boats and they make gestures at our people that they shouldn't be allowed to make, they will be shot out of the water. >> all right. let's talk about this. joining me is lieutenant general mark hertling, cnn military analyst and former army commanding general in europe and mike baker, former cia covert operations officer. welcome to both of you. general, what do you make of those comments about blowing these iranian ships out of the water? >> what i would comment on is that commanders on the scene, either a navy captain on a ship or a ground commander or air commander, has to make these kind of decisions in terms of what is threatening versus what's just harassment.
7:41 am
i saw the films of the harassing patrol boats against the cruiser and in fact, yeah, it was unprofessional behavior on the part of the iranians but it's not something you want to generate world war iii over. you don't shoot boats out of the water when they are in international seas even if they are performing harassing actions. there are other actions that that navy commander can take before he actually pulls the trigger. now, he certainly can do that at any given time if he feels his ship is threatened but in this case it's mostly harassment. truthfully, this goes on all over the world between navies, armies and air forces with different patrols. >> so mike, do you think mr. trump meant that? >> you know, determining what mr. trump means from day to day is way above my pay grade, frankly. the lieutenant general is far, far more experienced and able to talk to the mechanics of this
7:42 am
and response on the high seas or in any theater. but i will say that it's unnecessary as far as the comment goes, it's unrealistic, it's a naive thing to say when you are talking about gestures. as lieutenant general just mentioned, suggesting you would shoot because somebody is simply harassing and not legitimately threatening the safety of your personnel and assets is, you know, borders on ridiculous. it's unfortunate and also i think it points to one thing, i have always felt that presidents that we have, any presidential candidate, it would be nice to think they have some experience with the military in some form because they would understand the seriousness of this. i think what we are seeing from donald trump is yet again, another comment that he's making off the cuff, fine, he's speaking extemporaneously, a lot of people in his camp like that. i think they like the saber rattling and the notion we will be strong out there but you have to be realistic, pragmatic and
7:43 am
understand the real world is different from throwing out a comment like this. >> i think mike brings up a good point. like many of trump's supporters, that kind of language appeals to them because they do think if you let iranian ships harass american ships, that america is showing weakness. why isn't that weak? >> it's not weak, they have actions they can take, carol, that are below the level of blowing them out of the water. that would be actually an act of war. harassment is not an act of war. you pull the trigger first, you are actually generating that war condition. i'm not sure with all the harassment that goes on between forces all over the world that you would be soon in fights against iran, russia, china and a variety of other nations who do these kind of actions. the other thing is, as i just mentioned, the commanders on the scene are better trained. certainly i heard mr. trump's comment and the reaction by those in the crowd.
7:44 am
there is that saber rattling. i would also suggest that the people who were cheering are not part of the less than 1% who were actually on the front lines wearing the uniform that actually have to take the action. it's well and good to rattle sabers until you're the one that has to either execute the mission or suffer the consequences of those kind of missions. i don't think truthfully, having been a commander of a large number of forces, that the u.s. military is disrespected. in fact, the kind of actions this navy captain took to ensure that his ship was safe but at the same time not going overboard in terms of his actions was actually extremely professional and well mannered on his part. that's the kind of operational forces we need in this world. >> so just one more question to you, mike, about vladimir putin this time, because the ex-cia acting director mike morell came out and said trump is playing perfectly into the russian president's hands.
7:45 am
>> i think vladimir putin considers him an unwitting agent. putin played to trump by telling trump what he wanted to hear, which is i'm a great guy, i'm smarter than anybody else, i'm a great person. putin played to that. putin's a trained intelligence officer. he knows how to play to people. what was the result of putin praising donald trump? donald trump in turn praising vladimir putin. >> so mike, is mr. trump being played by vladimir putin? >> well, in this instance, yes. i suppose another way to put it would be that vladimir putin, who is an old school kgb officer and very disciplined, very well-trained from the old days, he's taking advantage of things that donald trump and also now mike pence, because pence backed him up on this, although he tried to walk that talk back recently, he's taking advantage of these comments and again, it's an example of something that's unnecessary. you don't need to be saying
7:46 am
these things as a presidential candidate and there's a certain level of, again, he's speaking extemporaneously, just throwing these things out but there's a naivete there that is worrisome. putin will turn this to his advantage and he will, as he always does. one of the things he always reaches into his kit bag for is the idea of nationalism and you know, it's us against them, and that plays well in russia. it plays well with the population psyche in a sense. being suffering and long-suffering against the world. so putin is absolutely taking advantage of the things that trump has been saying. >> interesting. >> i would add, what's interesting, anyone who has these kind of experiences knows what's said on cnn or fox news or any other major u.s. channel that is free press is quickly played again in countries of the world that don't have a free press. i think that's already occurring in terms of mr. putin's russia
7:47 am
where you are taking sound bites from both of the candidates and saying put that on if that supports the russian view of the world and it's unfortunate, mr. trump continues to say these kind of things which levies more praise toward mr. putin who is not that charismatic in eastern europe or western europe. he is charismatic in his own country. >> i have to leave it there. many thanks. i appreciate you being here with me this morning. the nfl season opens with even more demonstrations during the national anthem. that's next. nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers.
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the nfl season kicks off with patriotism and protests as the national anthem played. some players kneeled, others raised their fists or locked arms to highlight the problems of racial injustice and police brutality. tonight, all eyes are on the player who started it all, 49ers quarterback, backup quarterback, colin kaepernick takes the field against the new l.a. rams. christine brennan joins us to talk about this. good morning. thanks for being here. so i think probably the strongest protest was the new
7:52 am
england players raising their fists, right? >> reporter: yeah, you could say that although you had the four miami dolphins who were kneeling opposite the sideline where the seahawks were all linking arms so maybe that game might have had the most action in it. but yes, there were protests and pockets of protests, if you want to say that, or unusual different kind of displays as opposed to just standing at attention for the national anthem throughout the day yesterday. of course, still a vast minority of the players in the nfl but on 9/11 of all days which of course i think created all the interest we are discussing right now, of course. >> it happened on 9/11, a place where we really want to pause to remember america, you know, because it drew together after 9/11, its finest moments and of course, our first responders. do you think these protests will eventually go away or is this just here to stay throughout the season? >> reporter: you know, i think we are going to see it for
7:53 am
awhile. my sense is that what happened yesterday was a bit of a pause, because as you were just alluding to, this was of course september 11th and people even if you wanted to protest maybe this is where we will link arms, we won't take a knee and that's what happened with seattle. we have seen it in soccer with megan rapinoe, we have seen it in high schools and colleges just a little bit. i think we will see more. whatever you think, whatever your opinion is personally, for it, against it, obviously the nfl has said it best. they are threading the needle right now by saying we ask our players to stand and we encourage that, the nfl has also said we completely respect their right to freedom of expression and to do what they want. let's see how that plays out over the next month or two if this continues. >> i know matt lauer asked roger goodell what he thought about colin kaepernick's initial actions. here's what he said. >> are you proud of colin kaepernick for taking this stand? >> listen, i support our players
7:54 am
speaking out on issues that they think need to be changed in our society. we don't live in a perfect society, matt. our players have strong views about things. so i support our players speaking out against that. but that's what the focus should be on. the changes he wants to see in our society. >> so roger goodell seems kind of conflicted there, doesn't he? >> reporter: he voted to play both sides kind of against the middle. i think we will see a lot in the next few weeks these athletes who are taking a knee, people will start asking them questions about what they are doing in the community, what kind of donations they are giving. that's also a very valuable part of this conversation. >> what do you think's going to happen tonight when the 49ers take the field? >> i think kaepernick will probably be taking a knee. i don't know for a fact. my guess is that's the case. of course, it's not 9/11, it's the day after so that might be a positive in that sense. i think he's going to be consistent and continue to do something as in taking a knee or sitting. >> christine, thanks for being with me this morning. still to come in the
7:55 am
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checking some top stories for you at 59 minutes past. florida investigators say an arsonist started a fire at the mosque once attended by the pulse nightclub shooter. the fire broke out early this morning. police say they have a video taken from inside the mosque that may show how the fire was started. the orlando shooter killed 49 people at that nightclub in june. he attended the mosque since 2003. three people are dead after a plane crash at a reno airport in nevada. officials say the small plane experienced an unknown issue after takeoff and crashed into a parking lot. all three passengers aboard were killed. no one on the ground was hurt. of course, an investigation is under way. as the first nine nfl games kicked off, espn's fantasy sports app fumbled, putting its
8:00 am
seven million users in a time-out. according to its twitter account, the fantasy app and website were partially working by 4:00 p.m. eastern when the second round of games kicked off and fully restored by 6:30 on sunday. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. clinton being helped into a van as she left the 9/11 memorial. >> stumbling and unsteady. >> it appears clinton fainted. >> she is home in chappaqua this morning on doctor's orders. >> i hope she gets well soon. something's going on. >> you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> they are americans and they deserve your respect. >> the racist, sexist, homophob homophobic, xenophobic. >> said with such anger. such unbelievable anger. i think this


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