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tv   Wolf  CNN  September 12, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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proud citizens of our country as subjects for her rule. she views it as her rule. her comments displayed the same sense of arrogance and entitlement that led to violation of federal law as secretary of state, hide and delete her e-mails. nobody's ever done anything like that before, put classified information in the reach of our enemies, lied to congress and sells government favors and access through her foundation. it's the same attitude that explains why hillary clinton refuses to take accountability for the deadly disaster she helped to create in iraq, in syria and in libya. to this day she won't take accountability for her role in unleashing -- and that's what happened --
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unleashing isis across the middle east, or for putting iran on a path to nuclear weapons. and as far as isis is concerned, probably unleashing isis here. we better be very, very smart, tough and vigilant, or we're going to have big problems. hillary clinton believes she's above the law, that she is above accountability, and that she is above each and every one of you. our campaign is about giving voice to the voiceless. it's about representing the forgotten men and women of this country, and they have been forgotten. i'm here to represent everyone, but especially those who are struggling against injustice and unfairness. i am running so that the
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powerful can no longer beat up on the powerless. i'm running to take on the special interests, the big donors, and the corrupt political insiders, and, of course, never forget the special interests. i am running to be your voice. hillary clinton is a voice for wall street, for hedge fund managers, for top -- really, the top ten percent, and, really, the top 1% and even less than that. just look at the people funding hillary clinton's campaign, and paying for her speeches tremendous amounts of money, and you know who she will be representing if she ever won which i don't believe is going to happen. in fact, if you look at the
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recent polls, the ones over the last few days, we're doing very well. that i can tell you. the disdain that hillary clinton expressed towards millions of decent americans disqualifies her from public service. you cannot run for president if you have such contempt in your heart for the american voter. and she does. you can't lead this nation if you have such a low opinion for its citizens. hillary clinton still hasn't apologized to those she slanders. in fact, she hasn't backed down at all. she's doubled down on her campaign conspiracy and contempt. if hillary clinton will not retract her comments in full, i don't see how she can credibly
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campaign any further. let's be clear. these were not off-hand comments from hillary clinton. these were grave remarks not at all, they were given also in an interview and probably a number of interviews. these were lengthy, planned and prepared remarks. it was perhaps the most explicit attack on the american voter ever spoken by a major party presidential nominee. total disrespect. for the people of our country. clinton was using a very deliberate page from the democratic playbook. smearing someone with one of the names. you know, those names. in order to -- really, in order to scare, and i mean try and
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seriously scare them out of voting for change. and we're bringing change. she can't bring change. she's been doing this for 35 years. she now talks about change. there's no change. it's going to be more of the same. only worse. it's going to be four more years of barack obama, only worse. she just took it to a whole new level by applying it to tens of millions of people. she used these vile words in order to bully and intimidate honest citizens out of seeking government reform. and there will be reform. there has to be reform. people who want their immigration laws enforced, and we have no choice. we have to do that. and their borders secured are not racists. they are patriotic americans of all backgrounds who want their jobs and families protected.
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people who warn about radical islamic terrorism are not islamophobs. they're not. they're decent american citizens who want to uphold our tolerant values and keep our country safe. people who support police and who want crime reduced and stopped are not prejudice and are not bad people. they are concerned and loves citizens whose hearts break every time an innocent child is lost, and often times killed, to preventible violence, and it is preventible. hillary clinton doesn't have to
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worry about sanction uary cities or jobs overseas where so many are moving. she's protected from her own policies. the policies of hillary clinton have produced failing schools, shrinking incomes, and the tragic poverty and joblessness in our inner cities. our inner cities are a disaster. our campaign is dedicated to changing these policies, to make life better for all americans. question are the campaign of school choice. we are the campaign dedicated to improving economic conditions for every african-american and hispanic worker.
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and we are doing amazingly well with african-american and hispanic workers. you've been seeing that over the last week. we are the campaign that will deliver a government of, by and for the people. this change agenda includes a new foreign and new military policy. we are going to put the failed policy of the past -- and there are many -- behind us. ideally, way behind us. we will empower or jegenerals t do the job they were hired to do, and that begins with defeating and destroying isis. thank you. instead of endless wars, we want a real plan for victory.
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we will abandon the policy of reckless regime change favored by my opponent, and we will instead work with our allies to advance the core national security interests of the united states. america first. remember that. america first. my plan calls for a major rebuilding of the entire military, and the elimination of the -- and we have to do this so quickly. it's a disaster -- of the defense sequester. it is a disaster. we have no choice.
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it is a disaster. it's called depletion. we have been depleted as military. we can't let that happen. the greatest men and women on earth, but we have been depleted by what's taken place. in this rebuilding we will provide our national guard with the best modern state-of-the-art equipment in the world. bar none. the national guard is auv tofte first and the last line of defense for our people. you are there when the hurricanes and floods and tornadoes strike. always amazes me. the courage, the care, the love that you give, amazing. and the danger is beyond belief. you are there to protect civilians in times of unrest. you are there to respond to
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every natural disaster. you deserve a government that recognizes and honors your contribution, and then ensures you have the resources you need to get the job done and to get the job done right. right? in a trump administration, the national guard will always have a direct line to the oval office. and i mean direct. you will have an administration that never loses sight of the vital contribution you make each and every day. you will have a president who
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supports, promotes and speaks up for the national guard at every single turn. the incredible members of the national guard have sacrificed life and limb for our freedom, our safety and our country. we will never forget our heroes, their families and the ones they've left behind. our gratitude is and will be ever-lasting. we will protect those who protect us, and we will follow your example of unity, working in common purpose and for a common cause. we will be one people under one god saluting one american flag.
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>> we will rebuild our military and our country. we will make america strong again. we will make america safe again, and we together will make america great again. thank you very much, everybody. god bless you. thank you. thank you. [ applause ] thank you, everybody. donald trump wrapping up the
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annual meeting in baltimore right now. using the event to go after hillary clinton about the comment about a basket of deplorables. later she expressed regret saying she did not mean to say half although she went ton say a lot of his supporters have done really bad things and expressed critical, horrible views, if you will, on various issue as. let's get some analysis on what we just heard. our political analyst gloria goshor is with us and political analyst kirsten powers. gloria, immensed no words saying that hillary clinton spoke about these americans, these supporters with hatred and derision. she mocked and demeaned hard-working americans? >> that is exactly what we would expect him to be saying. i mean, she handed him an opportunity here. although she has apologized for saying half of his supporters.
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she still is taking after the rest of his supporters, and he's taking advantage of it, because i think the last thing do you in a campaign is criticize voters. and that is exactly what hillary clinton did. that's exactly what now president obama did, you know, when he was talking about people clinging to their guns and their religion or mitt romney when he talked about the 47%. so she made a mistake. he's clearly taking advantage of it. what he didn't talk of course right now is her health issues. being magnanimous about that, taking the high road because that's also a smart political move right now. >> although he did two television interviews this morning in wish he expressed hopes she would come through, recover quickly. >> get well. >> and looking forward to the debates with hillary clinton. >> yes, but the campaign clearly wants to stay focused on the basket of deplorables. a new ad up on this topic.
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and look no further than hillary clinton's quick attempt at cleaning up on saturday to say she clearly made a mistake. there's no doubt about that. what is interesting and i think perhaps different than the 47% or the obama example you gave, those were closed door fund-raisers, and those were -- a whole sort of secret audio hear what they're saying, that they don't intend you to hear. here, cameras came in to shoot other head-on because a part of this message, you saw that in her half cleaning it up on saturday, that she thinks works to bring her base alive in this election as well. >> but stated it so badly. >> without a doubt. >> and exploit it all the way through november. >> trump made the point it wasn't an offhand comment by hillary clinton. she not only said it in that one public event but in an interview with channel 2 on israel. >> she said basket of
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deplorables obviously something you don't come up with on a dfl. a planned speech, knew she was being taped and something she didn't say the 50% the first time, which i think honestly just 10%, something probably a candidate should stay away from. what trump is doing is effective in the speech here. saying to people basically she's laughing at you, with her rich friends and looking down on you. you're the people who make america run. you're the hard-working people scraping by, and it's turning this very much into her 47% comment very much like mitt romneys, which is, i have disdain for the little people. >> right. and confirm as narrative about her, she hangs out with the rich, been in southampton. earned. s and millions of dollars after the presidency, and she's -- >> dead broke when she left the white house. remember that? >> yes, and trump, i might point out is a billionaire, is really able to take advantage to this. i think what we're -- you know what we're going to see now from
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the clinton campaign on the health issue is, you had brian fallon on, talking about releasing more of her medical records and then she's going to force donald trump to do more, they believe, than just, you know, a physical with his doctor, and it's going to be -- you have these two candidates out there who are not trusted very much. who are attacking each other, you know, right and left, and yet they are the most secretive candidates that we've had. he hasn't released his taxes. it's a situation where if you're a voter you're sitting there going, scratching your head, i want to go to baltimore. sara murray is our correspondent on the scene for us at this national guard association event. donald trump, he was basically saying to these members of the national guard, you are the ones that hillary clinton is attacking right now, slandering, because you are among my supporters. he refers to the military, police officers, and he claims that hillary clinton is simply attacking them.
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>> reporter: that's right, wolf. it was interesting to see donald trump framing this today saying it's cops, soldiers, welders, middle-class families supporting him and saying hillary clinton was directing her comments at all of them, casting this as a disqualifying remark in the run for the presidency. essentially saying she needs to apologize, retract and disavow these it comments if she even wants to continue campaigning. would ever, of course, the irony is not lost on you. all coming out of the mouth of a candidate who has attacked john mccain for being a p.o.w. attacked gold-star families who once mocked a disabled reporter and never once apologized for any of those instances, but it's clear the trump campaign sees this as an opportunity to hammer hillary clinton over this remark. now, of course, we also know that donald trump does have supporters, and we've seen them on twitter and seen them beyond on social media who do hold
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islamophobic and racist views but traump is trying to cast a broader view saying when hillary clinton talks about 50% of my is a supporters she's talking about hard working-class people like you guys. a quick break. when we come back, hear directly from the hillary clinton campaign. press secretary brian fallon is standing by and he'll answer my questions, what we just heard from donald trump and the latest on hillary clinton's health scare over the weekend. brian fallon, standing by. we'll discuss with him, right after this. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. perfect driving record. until one of you clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you
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i'm wolf blitzer in washington. once again we welcome viewers in
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the united states and around the world. donald trump only moments ago, you heard it live here on cnn. he went on the attack against hillary clinton defending his supporters. some of whom she has called deplorabl deplorable. >> we have the support of cops and soldiers, carpenters and welders, the young and the old, and millions of working-class family whose just want a better future and a good job. these were the people hillary clinton so viciously demonized. these were among the countless americans that hillary clinton called deplorable, irredeemable and un-american. nobody's heard anything like this. she called these patriotic men and women every vile name in
10:26 am
book. >> all right. joining us now from the hillary clinton campaign in brooklyn is the clinton press secretary brian fallon. brine, thanks very much for joining us. >> hi, wolf. thank for having me. >> i want you to respond to what donald trump just said before this national guard association, specifically he said, hillary clinton must retract her comments in full, otherwise, he said, i don't see how she can continue in this race for the white house. your reaction? >> well, wolf, hillary clinton was actually very quick on saturday morning to express regret for one aspect of what she said on friday night, which was to cite half of donald trump's supporters as expressing these types of sentiments, but the larger point of what she said on friday remains true, and it is something we do not apologize for and will continue to talk about for the remaining two months of this campaign. and that point is this -- that donald trump continues to not just condone but welcome, promote and lift up divisive, hate-filled elements in this country that he is giving a
10:27 am
platform with his campaign. david duke has come out and said donald trump campaign represents a growth opportunity for the white nationalist movement. you've seen him elevate steve bannon to the top echelons of his campaign. it is steve bannon's news website breitbart that gives a platform for this element that continues to engage in hate-filled rhetoric. no, we are not backing down and having this conversation over the next two moss and if donald trump wants to continue to talk about this we'd be happy to. hillary clinton has given a whole speech on this. we'll be happy to talk about this for the remaining two months of the campaign. >> she saeaid it price. this basket of deplorables. how should she have said it? why did she make that kind of mistake, if you will, and say half of donald trump supporters engaged in these kinds of views? >> the mistake i think, wolf, was trying to quantify it.
10:28 am
no doubt about it, there's a strand of donald trump's campaign that is inclined to want to engage in this type of hate-filled rhetoric, and donald trump himself promotions it. he on his own twitter account has been lifting up twitter personalities that engage in expressions of white nationalism and he himself is someone who back in the 1970s was sued by the justice department for housing discrimination refusing to rent apartments to african-american in the new york city and in the course of the campaign demeaned a federal judge for being of mexican-american dissent. called up a mexicans rapists, talks about policies and a litmus test against muslim-americans. from one aspect to another donald trump continue to traffic in hate-filled sentiments, continues to give a platform to these elements with his campaign and hillary clinton will not be shy calling that out. we cannot treat donald trump was normal presidential candidate. the idea somebody is running a
10:29 am
campaign engaging in this type of hate-filled demagoguery in 2016 is deplorable. >> so instead of saying half she said half of his supporters were part of this so-called basket of deplorables. what should she have said, 10%? 20%? 5%? what would have been a more accurate number? >> i don't know, wolf. a non-zero number. the reality is, while every donald trump supporter is not necessarily a member of the alt-right, seems the alt-right is fully aligned with donald trump. with the second half of what hillary clinton said in remarks friday night gets little attention but was deliberate in saying that the vast majority of those donald trump supporters are people that are frustrated with the state of the economy, who want change, who want to see more action taken to address the circumstances that they're confronting in their everyday lives. those are the voters we are competing for ourselves and you're seeing a good number of independents and even republicans move away from donald trump and in support of hillary clinton. we've had for several weeks a number of republicans come
10:30 am
forward saying they can't support donald trump and will be with hillary clinton. we'll continue to reach out to those voters. the vast majority of those with donald trump are people we'll continue to compete for and that want to see the economy improve but undeniable there's an element donald trump promotes and continue to condone with a wink and nod. these white nationalist sentiments, these hate-filled elements of his campaign. he should reject them. he refuses to do so. >> let's talk about her health. how is she feeling today? >> she's resting comfortably, wolf. if she had her druthers be own a plane to california today. at her doctor's advice she changed her schedule, taking a couple days to rest and the staff prevailed upon her to do that. i think by the middle of the week out there campaigning as aggressively as ever. this is hillary clinton's style and natural impulse even in the face of diagnosis like she got friday she had pneumonia to
10:31 am
press on, keep her schedule. that changed yesterday leaving the 9/11 ceremony early. up to her, she would have pressed on. that's the hillary clinton that people saw as secretary of state in terms of traveling the country at a break-neck pace representing us abroad. she fits more into it than most americans. >> told friday she had pneumonia, ai saum the doctor said you're over 65 years old, pneumonia could be serious. take a few days off, rest, drink plenty of water, and stop the campaigning, but she went on on freud and she did interviews. she went ahead and did a rally. why did she do that? >> that's just who she is. her natural impulse, wolf. she is always trying to squeeze more into a day. she's very indefaticable in that way. went right from the doctor's office friday and convened a national security summit with leaders from across the ideological spectrum supporter our campaign and believe hillary clinton is the one to make the
10:32 am
most important decisions as commander in chief. so we had individuals like former dhs secretary chertoff and former general david petraeus participate in the summit and answered questions in the media after. participating in an evening event, kept up a full day of work metings non-public on saturday and stood more than an hour at the 9/11 ceremony sunday morning before eventually having to depart. >> would she have been better on friday if she or you or someone from the campaign would have told the american public she has pneumonia? >> well, look, wolf, i think it was her intent to press on. and not less -- >> don't you think the american public, brian had a right to know she had pneumonia? >> well, as soon as yesterday happened, wolf, and her doctor visited her again and confirmed that what caused her to have to leave the event early on sunday was related to the pneumonia and dehydration. at that point we did make the decision to change the schedule,
10:33 am
and we put out a statement in the doctor's name indicating the condition she was in, and was fully disclosing the nature of the pneumonia diagnosed with, but as of friday when she was diagnosed with it again, she was treating it, she had been dealing with allergies several days before that, and had kept up a campaign schedule even as she had been prone to having a couple occasions coughing during speeches. she was pressing on even then. it was her intent friday to treat it the same and continue to press on. on sunday obviously that situation changed and now she's taking a couple days off the trail. >> would it have changed if we hadn't seen that dramatic video of her getting into the van after leaving the 9/11 event early and nearly, you know, falling down? almost completely. i don't know if she fainted's did she faint at that moment? >> no. i think what you saw there was -- fishs of all when at the site she made the decision she was feeling a little hot and
10:34 am
decided to get out of that crowd of people and try to find a place where she could get cool, find shade and maybe get a drink of water. so she left the ceremony site on her own acard. in the course of walking to the vehicle with some staff, at that point began to feel a bit dizzy and was helped into the vehicle. at that point got into the cool inside of the vehicle and had water and said she was fine right away, and actually placed calls to staff from the car, and when she was able to get to her doctor chelsea's apartment in manhattan, soon after arriving there she was playing with her own grandchildren running around chelsea's apartment and was fine and the public had an opportunity to see that for themselves which she left the apartment. >> here's the question, brian. if we'd have never seen that video, would you have told the american public that she had pneumonia? >> i think wolf, the video was not necessary to providing that information, because as it was, she left the event early. we were already being pressed to explain why she left early. and it took us a bit to get that
10:35 am
information together to release a statement, and in retrospect, we should have provided more information more quickly. yes, regardless, in the aftermass of that event, the decision to rest these next couple days and disclose diagnosed with pneumonia friday. >> did you personally know she is pneumonia friday? >> the senior staff was aware friday and word spread in the campaign after that. but, look it was her decision to want to press on. that is her impulse and that's the type of president she would be working her heart out but after yesterday's incident, everybody agreed she should take a couple days off the trail. >> whose decision friday was it not to tell the american public she was suffering from pneumonia? >> again, wolf, that was a situation where from her standpoint and from the campaign standpoint she felt, or thought she felt well enough to press on and continue to keep her schedule as-is.
10:36 am
it was only on sunday that it was clear that she needed to take time off the trail and rest, get hydrated. that's what she's doing now. >> do you believe the american people deserve a complete medical record of hillary clinton and donald trump for that matter as well, that all of her medical information out there should be made available to the news media? >> i'm glad you raised that, wolf, because the fact of the ma thor is the letter she released over a year ago completely meets the standard set four years ago by mitt romney and president obama in terms of the level of detail provided and the comprehensive portrait of her medical condition provided in that letter signed by her doctor more than a year ago. it is donald trump who has not met that standard based on the four paragraphs released subsequent to our disclosure more than a year ago nap sa. that said, with the disclosure we've already done, based on the letter released a year ago we're taking the added step of
10:37 am
releasing more information, in touch with hillary clinton's physician today getting that together and releasing if not today in the next couple of days and at that point have gone far and beyond having met the standard a year ago, releasing further, and interesting to see what donald trump does. what he actually discloses turns out to be far less. look across the board from health records to e-mails to schedules as secretary to tax returns on issue after issues there's more information out on hillary clinton than any nominee in campaign history. donald trump continues to fail to meet the bear minimum standard. hundreds of deals with foreign entities. who are those partners? who does he owe money to? we don't know the full picture because he refuses to disclose them and taxes continues to shun the precedent shown for decades releasing tax returns. if hillary clinton had not
10:38 am
released her tax returns that would be a subject on cable news every day and probably the front page of every paper until she released the returns. 38 years of returns released. donald trump released zero. the reason, i don't know. the american public deserves to see it. donald trump continues to flout that precedent and it's about time we stop having a conversation dwelling or further things hillary clinton could release and start to have a conversation why donald trump continues to meet the bear minimum standard. >> will you make this available to for example our own dr. gupta to have a conversation about her health in the coming days? >> again, wolf, she has already what she's released, met the standard for previous presidential nominees. we are taking the added step of getting additional material together in light of yesterday's incident. the reality is that the pneumonia is the extent of what she has been diagnosed with. no other undisclosed conditions. there is nothing that happened
10:39 am
yesterday that was caused by or related to what happened in 2012. but we are going to take that added step. at that point it should resolve outstanding questions to the extent questions remain after that we'll be happy to answer them to. we kbont to want to be as transparent at possible on this. at some point people need to ask the same set of questions of donald trump. >> donald trump earlier this morning, he said he did have a physical checkup last week and that later this week he'd be releasing all of the key numbers related to that physical checkup. i assume you want more information, just more than what he's, at least the physical, the numbers of this test results? >> the proof will be in the pudding, wolf. at one point he's promised to release tax returns and famously went back on that commitment. let's see what he actually releases. if you look at the four paragraph excuse of a letter he released and proclaimed himself having met the standard several months back, it fell short in a number of regards. nothing in there about his
10:40 am
family medical history or certain data points, like blood pressure's key things the american public deserves to know of the potential next president of the united states. all of that information is already contained in the letter that hillary clinton released. you can go further. this week. let's see if donald trump matches her about the he of disploesher on his health. >> you have to run. one final quick question. the type of pneumonia, is it contagious? i ask because you have been suffering from symptoms over the past few days, similar. robby mook, the campaign manager suffering from some simp tims. is this a contagious form of pneumonia? >> she is not concontagious, he doctors told her. playing with her grand kids because she's not contagious. what i have is a very mild case of, i don't even think it's pneumonia. i'm just fine and happy to be here at work.
10:41 am
>> happy you're okay. how robby mook? >> better too. downstairs hard at work on our battleground strategy and even when he was very sick, he was in here every day. he was probably contagious at a couple points but the rest of us just have to deal with that. he's the boss. >> thanks very much for joining us and for the time. press secretary for the hillary for america campaign. appreciate it thanks, wolf. we have a lot to assess. a quick break. much more right after this. atoi, and you're talking to your doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira has been clinically studied for over 18 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened,
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lots to assess right now. join ug, chief political analyst gloria bore sher and david chalian and cnn political analyst kirsten powers as well. dr. sanjay gupta is with us. that's not him but sanjay is with us. your analysis. you're our chief medical correspondent and a neurosurgeon. your reaction to what we just heard about hillary clinton's health from her press secretary brian fallon? >> brian fallon painting a picture of hillary clinton as someone who gets this diagnosis on friday of pneumonia, sort of wants to power through things. not clear how sick they thought that she was, how serious this
10:46 am
pneumonia was but wanted to sort of get through it, and by sunday when we all saw this video of just the impact that the pneumonia, probably in combination with other things like the weather outside, maybe medications taking, when it all came to a head, then it was all of a sudden a wake-up call that this was pretty serious for her. having an impact on her. to be fair, she seems to -- it was short-lived, this episode. within an hour to two and a half hours back outside smiling, talking to reporters. interesting, we still don't know a lot of things. pneumonia is a serious diagnosis, more serious, as you said in the interview in someone over the age of 65. we don't know what's causing the pneumonia,teria is causing this. we don't know if she got a chest x-ray for this, if so, how much of her lungs are involved in this? they may sound like specific
10:47 am
questions but speak to how long will it take for her to recover? how serious is this? some people need to be hospitalized, take weeks and weeks to recover. some people have more of the colloquial walking pneumonia and don't take that long. maybe that's what she has, but we just don't know. there's still -- information that was slow to come and still a lack of it, wolf. >> at least we know it's not the contagious form of pneumonia, because i read a lot about pneumonia last night and the con tamps form can be spread if you're coughing a lot. we did see in the last week a couple of really significant moments when she was coughing a lot during public presentations. >> well, you know, and that's a good question and a good point you raised. here's what typically is the story around contagious pneumonia. it's that pneumonia can be contagious, bacterial can be contagious as is viral. the point brian was making, after you are treated with antibiotics, with a day or so
10:48 am
you're not as contagious, maybe a little, not a lot. and prior to starting medications it's a good chance she was contagious. may have gotten it from somebody in the office, given it to somebody in the office. you brought up the point some people in the office were sick. one person pretty sick. spread around. the source, we don't know. but probably contagious, at least at one point. >> remind our viewers, sanjay, you're an experienced journalist in addition to being a neurosurgeon. eight years ago when john mccain was running for president, also at the time i think around 70 years old, he released an enormous amount of information and you were invited to go speak to his physicians and really press and get a lot more information. so far neither of these two candidates this time around has been willing to do that. >> yeah. absolutely, wolf. in 2008, senator mccain was much more forthcoming at that point.
10:49 am
i'm sure if it was because of some of the pressure about releasing medical records. what he did was, the campaign did was an interesting tactic. they brought a few reporters. i think four or five of us. we flew to arizona. we were taken to this area that was a private sort of room within a hotel and then in that room there were a few stacks of medical records. they were big stacks of medical records. he was very 24thorough in what s released. a foot tall probably. they said we'll give you a few hours to look through the medical records. couldn't take in cameras or recording devices just a book and make your notes to the extent you wanted to go through it. that's what we did several hours, came out and was able to report on it. it wasn't enough time, frankly, to go through that many medicals records but an opportunity too look how that physical health, mental health, history of
10:50 am
melanoma. all in there. a transparent release. could have used more time but a fairly transparent release of medical records at the time. >> all of us would like a similar opportunity this time around. i'd love for you, for example to speak with the physicians bore phoning of these presidential candidates. we spot about the basket of deplorables? >> he had a bit of a tough time answering questions what happened friday and whether they would have disclosed the fact that hillary clinton had pneumonia, had she not had to leave the 9/11 service or had she not
10:51 am
she wanted to soldier on, discount the pneumonia and continue with her, you know, with her travels and her, you know -- schedule. and i think when you have a candidate who has been, you know, whose health has been an issue, not only harer previous health, donald trump made it an issue. we found what was going on. pneumonia, why she's coughing. taking a day off the trail and will be back and it could have put all the conspiracy theories to rest. for whatever reason they did not do that until they absolutely had to. >> why i think what you were, having the conversation with sanjay about is so important about looking at the full medical records and able to assess. i'm not sure there's a standard for every presidential candidate to inform the press and public if they have pneumonia or noti don't know that -- but the reason that this now has been raised to a different level is
10:52 am
because neither candidate has been open with us about their medical history. two of the oldest nominees in our history. and if we had a full understanding of their medical histories and their current assessment from their physicians, then i don't think we would be expecting to hear every, you know -- every ailment they might have on a given day, but because they haven't been open in that way and granted we have a little bit more information from hillary clinton than we do from donald trump i think it puts an extra burden on them. >> two of the least trusted candidates. if you put that together with the fact that they've been secretive about their health issues and already a disposition among many voters not to trust them, you put that together and it's toxic. rated a question.
10:53 am
why wasn't that disclosed. why did they not say when they gave their first statement we gave them 90 minutes. why did they not at that point note we have pneumonia. i'm not saying it's not true but they're holding information until they have to give it out, right? >> i would say trump has a huge transparency issue. >> no, no he has a problem but in terms of the voters. >> he does, too, with the voters because he hasn't released his tax returns. we have this letter from one of his physicians saying his lab work would be astonishing and now he's -- >> i don't know that's an issue with voters in terms of looking at him. >> he said he had a physical last week. he'll release the results later
10:54 am
this week. we'll see how many of those results he releases, actually. would we have known she had pneumonia if we had never seen that dramatic video of her getting into the van? >> no. and i think that this is part of what she's saying, is that what is astonishing to me is that a presidential candidate left an event early, does not take the press room, and then we have radio silence, no answers, despite the fact that clearly in your conversation with brian fallon, senior staff was aware of the diagnosis on friday. then was aware she decided to soldier on. yet, radio silence when we were asking, what happened? clearly some of them had some information and they were not sharing. i don't think it's just the video because she was -- whether or not the video ee mernlgsmergg from his daughter's apartment. i think we would have gotten this story eventually but it made matters from a public
10:55 am
relations point of view much more urgent. >> they knew they had to say something because they left. the video made it that much more compelling and they had to tell you what was going on. i think this sort of penchant for secrecy, thaw were talkitha talking about is a problem. the problem with the e-mails is a problem. >> pre-existing to the '90s. >> donald trump they'll say he needs to be less secretive as well. i would argue the mccain standard, as we now call it, which is for older candidates or people who do have medical conditions may apply to boat of these candidates. >> i think even younger candidates. if you want to be president of the united states, this is the information the american public deserves to have, whether it's on your taxes or your health. this is the most important job in the world. we have the right to know what is going on. >> we left barack obama off the hook with that because he was
10:56 am
young. we let mitt romney off the hook -- >> stand by. we have a lot more coming up. that's it for me. right now for our international viewers, amanpour is coming up. next up, "newsroom" with brooke baldwin starts right after this you know your heart loves megared omega-3s...
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. here we go, top of the hour. you're watching cnn on this monday. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. count them, 57 days to go until the presidential election. donald trump today seizing on one hillary clinton controversy, but not the other. secretary clinton is at home recovering from pneumonia. we have more on her diagnosis here in just a moment, but just moments ago, trump not focusing on her health, but instead her comment that, quote, half of all of trump voters fall into a, quote, basket of deplorables.


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