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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 12, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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guys can't paddle straight lines. on the last days when they're paddling class 3 whitewater, we start to see beautiful transformations. >> watch the story on thanks for being with me. is there a doctor in the house? "the lead" starts right now. two weeks before the presidential debate, new questions about hillary clinton's health after the candidate apparently collapses and is forced to cancel a trip. could more transparency be what the doctor ordered? he allegedly used 20 grand from his own charity to buy a 6-foot-tall painting of himself. new allegations in a stunning new investigative report about how donald trump used his own foundation. plus, one of the biggest stars in the world using his sway to expose corruption so extreme it's killing thousands. my sit-down with george clooney
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about war crimes for profit, coming up. good afternoon, everyone, welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. not a particularly good weekend for the clinton campaign, trying to staunch the proverbial bleeding announcing it will release new medical records this week after clinton was asked about her health after she was seen appearing to collapse yesterday. hours later her campaign announced that on friday clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia. now, the concern stems from the fact that almost four years ago, clinton collapsed and suffered a concussion after which a blood clot between her skull examine h -- and her brain was discovered. since then clinton has provided a report from her doctor that releases some details. it provides about the same things that john mccain provided, still, donald trump has provided less than clinton has, opting instead for a
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four-paragraph letter that was, to say the least, unusual. we're joined live by joe johnson in new york. did clinton keep a lot of democrats on edge after what happened sunday? >> reporter: i think that's right, jake, and what we know is she was supposed to do a fundrai fundraiser tonight in san francisco with the musician kd lang. instead we're told she's staying here. she's recuperating. she will call into that event and perhaps be doing a little bit of debate prep. tonight hillary clinton's campaign is dealing with the aftermath of her weekend health scare. clinton is off the trail today after leaving a 9/11 memorial service in new york city early. she was caught on camera stumbling while being helped into a van. after her abrupt departure, clinton visited her daughter chelsea's apartment and then went to her home in chappaqua.
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>> how are you feeling? >> great! it's a beautiful day. >> reporter: her campaign released a statement from her doctor saying she had been diagnosed with pneumonia two days earlier and was put on antibiotics and advised to rest and modify her schedule. she is preparing for her first debate with donald trump, the faceoff coming in just two weeks. clinton had planned to go to california today for big ticket fundraisers and a rally, but that trip has been canceled. instead, the campaign said, she would call into the fundraiser. >> if she had her druthers, she already would be on a plane for california today. in retrospect, i think we should have provided more information more quickly. >> reporter: the clinton campaign says it will release more information about her health this week. neither hillary clinton or donald trump have released comprehensive medical records. >> we are going to take the step to get additional material together and release further information in light of yesterday's incident. >> reporter: in the midst of a
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rough week -- >> every time i think about trump i get allergic. >> reporter: several of clinton's top aides have been sick with respiratory illness, too. she is asking for health scrutiny to be directed at donald trump. trump had been critical of clinton's health on the trail. >> she doesn't have the strength or the stamina to make america great again, believe me. >> reporter: but in an interview today, he wished her well. >> something is going on, but i just hope she gets well and gets back on the trail, and we'll be seeing her at the debate. >> reporter: and vowed to release his medical records later in the week. >> this last week i took a physical, and i'll be releasing, when the numbers come in. hopefully they're going to be good, i think they're going to be good, i feel great. but when the numbers come in, i'll be releasing very, very specific numbers. >> reporter: and a couple key democrats weighing in on all of
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this. tim kaine, her running mate, saying she has a strong work ethic. that's what's going on here. vice president biden appearing in charlotte saying hillary clinton's health is good and advising if the doctor tells her to take three days off, she ought to take six days off. back to you. joining me now, hillary clinton's campaign manager robbie moore. thank you for being with us today. >> my pleasure. >> how is hillary clinton feeling today? how is her health? >> she's doing well. i talked to her this morning. she's been working all day. we've been going back and forth about a lot of things, but she's definitely getting the rest that she needs and looking forward to being back out on the trail very soon. >> so we're told the campaign is working with her doctor on releasing some more medical records, more medical information later this week. what will that information be? >> well, as you know, jake, last year secretary clinton released a letter from her doctor that not only talked about her current medical condition but
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also outlined her medical history. this next set of information will be an update on that so that voters can see everything. i will note, and you noted this in the earlier segment, donald trump still has yet to release any credible, serious information about his health whatsoever. so we are certainly calling on him to release not just some information but the same amount and information that's really serious. that last letter he released is really regarded as a joke, and voters deserve to get this same information from him. >> right, he said he was going to release more information. i guess we'll see when he does that. secretary clinton, of course, was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. we did not find out about that until sunday night after she was seen appearing to collapse. why not tell the american people on friday that she had pneumonia? >> well, jake, she met with her doctor. she made a decision to just
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power through this. as your opening segment mentioned, a lot of people on the campaign have been sick the last few weeks, and we've decided to power through sometimes to our own detriment. obviously when she became overheated at the event, it was clear that she needed some down time and she's taking that right now. but a lot of people work through pneumonia. we all know secretary clinton's work ethic, the millions of miles she traveled around the world as secretary of state. if it was up to her, she would be out there right now continuing to campaign, but we definitely think it's the right thing for her to have some down time, get over this and get back out there. >> i want you to listen to something that ohio candidate ted strickland, the democrat, said while talking to tim kaine. >> i've known senator kaine for
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some time. he is a wonderfully prepared person to be invitvice presiden president if that was necessary. >> kind of a strange thing to say, especially in regard to hillary clinton's health. wouldn't you agree? >> i think it's too far to read anything into that. what's important here is hillary clinton a year ago fully disclosed her medical condition, not just her current condition, but her past medical history. she's going to do more this week. we've still seen absolutely nothing serious from donald trump. and i think as much time as we're spending focusing on this, we've got to focus on the complete and utter lack of disclosure from donald trump. it's not just his medical records, it's his taxes, it's his foundation. we know more about hillary clinton than any presidential candidate in history. i don't think anybody would dispute that. we know almost nothing about donald trump, and he's got to come forward. >> your points about mr. trump's
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lack of disclosure are well taken, but i think one of the issues going on here is that the campaign, your campaign, did not disclose what happened on friday, thus on sunday, when hillary clinton and your staff left that event, didn't tell the campaign reporters traveling with secretary clinton that she had left, she was seeming to collapse in front of cameras. i think people wonder how much are you willing to disclose unless you're forced to? in fact, former obama senior adviser david axelrod tweeted this about your campaign's response to the episode. quote, antibiotics can take care of pneumonia. what's the cure for an unhealthy pension for privacy that repeatedly creates unnecessary problems? that's from david axelrod. what's your response? >> first of all, i said on friday she made a decision with
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her doctors just to power through this. >> but why wouldn't you tell the voters? do you think the voters don't have a right to know? >> well, i think, look, obviously pneumonia is more serious than a cold or flu, but people often go into work and continue to power through when they have pneumonia, when they have a flu, when they have a cold. that was the decision she made. she didn't want this to impact anything. but on sunday it was clear that she had become overheated. the doctor said she was dehydrated and she needed some down time. and as soon as that became clear, we announced that. i would have liked, if we could have announced this more quickly, you mentioned it took us 90 minutes to release that information. i wish we had done that in a shorter amount of time. that's on us, that's on the staff. we were trying to make sure she could see her doctor, getting her to chelsea's apartment, making sure she was okay -- >> was the doctor at chelsea's apartment? >> no, she saw the doctor in
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chappaqua. again, i just want to make sure we have a fair playing field here. it took us 90 minutes to get this information out on sunday. i totally get that, that's on us. i wish we could have done that for quickly. donald trump has released nothing for 500 or more days. let's be fair here. there's a lot of information out about hillary. yes, she developed pneumonia. she, she tried to power through it. let's hold donald trump's feet to the fire to disclose anything whatsoever that's serious about his own health. >> it took 90 minutes before you disclosed she had gone to chelsea clinton's apartment and was overheated, it took hours before you disclosed the pneumonia diagnosis from friday. but let me ask you, can you explain what exactly it is that we see from behind. did she lose consciousness? >> she was overheated, she wasn't feeling well. i wasn't physically there, so --
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>> did she just lose consciousness? >> she did not lose consciousness. she was phoning members of the team here from the road, so we were talking to her while she was in the car on the way to chelsea's apartment. she was playing with her grandkids at the apartment, and obviously members of the media were informed of where she was, so they were able to see her when she left the apartment. so that's what we know and we got her to her doctor as quickly as we could to get to the bottom of what was happening, and she said she got overheated and was dehydrated which is something that can happen as a result of these antibiotics. >> let's remove hillary clinton from the equation. there is something going on here that i'm not sure the campaign is fully cognizant of, or at least you're not behaving as if you are. there is a long, rich history of presidential nominees or candidates or presidents lying about their health problems. woodrow wilson, fdr, ike, on and
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on. voters have a right to know if there is anything about a candidate's health that could affect his or her ability to be president. is there anything we need to know about secretary clinton's health that we do not. she's going to release her medical report out, she's getting a full physical so all that information can be out there. i guess i just reject the premise of your question. she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. she decided to power through it, she was on antibiotics. she overheated and was did he hydrated yesterday. she left the event early. her doctor checked her out and said she had been dehydrated and overheated. she's resting today. we know absolutely nothing about donald trump's health. that letter he released is not
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serious. so you're making some presumption that there's information that has not been shared. you know what we know and we're releasing more this week. >> it's not just a pneumonia. she had this blood clot, she had an incident. it's in that context. >> and jake, all that information was in that letter that he released last year and that letter is to be released. and i hope that you would be applying the same level of inquiry and asking him about his medical records as well. >> i'm just asking is there anything we don't know that we should know? >> absolutely not. she'll be releasing a full report later this week, more information later this week. we'll get that out as soon as we have it. let's be fair here.
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donald trump has released essentially nothing, and i hope you would apply the same level of scrutiny to him as well. >> his letter is not sufficient, and he has released no tax returns where you have released 32 years or something like that. absolutely you have a point. david axelrod taking issue with what he called hillary clinton's penchant for privacy. he'll join dr. sanjay gupta. stay with us. so many things can go wrong. it's my worst nightmare. every second that power is out, my city's at risk. siemens digital grid manages and reroutes power, so service can be restored within seconds. priority number one is keeping those lights on. it takes ingenuity to defeat the monsters that live in the dark.
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welcome back. even hillary clinton's campaign admits they could have done better about being transparent about her condition this weekend, not telling voters that she was diagnosed with pneumo a pneumonia. how is her health? her doctor and dr. sanjay gupta join us now. david, you just heard her campaign manager saying we know more about her health than anybody in history, pushing back. >> it's his job.
1:20 pm
>> it's his job, as is mine, but what do you think about them being critical of how they handled this? >> they acknowledged they didn't handle it well, and they didn't handle it well. i think once a candidate needs to change their schedule and you have an occasion like you did yesterday, then you just need to fess up as to what was going on. what happened is there is a consideration of there's been some controlling of hillary clinton by rudy giuliani about her health and by trump himself, and they didn't want to add fuel to the fire. but once this happened, they simply should have acknowledged that she was, in fact, being treated for pneumonia and that she wanted to come despite the fact her doctor told her not to, to the ceremony, and it just got too hot, you know, for her. and they didn't want to do that. and that delay was more of a political problem, i think, than the health issue itself. i know hillary clinton, jake. i ran a campaign against her, i worked with her, and she is an
1:21 pm
indefatigable person. the one question i've never had is about her stamina and ability to do her job, and now they want records to stauubstantiate ther not a big problem. it's not a record of stealth that is the problem she has to deal with, and by allowing that six-hour gap, there is a sense they tried to put one over on people, and that is not helpful to her candidacy. >> sanjay, i was reading on social media you are an actual doctor. when you look at the video, the collapse we were watching, is it plausible that it was a result of overheating and that she had pneumonia to you? >> the short answer is yes, but looking at the video, it's startling to look at. she's clearly, clearly affected by this. she has lost herbal. you can't see her face,
1:22 pm
obviously, so you don't know how -- what she's sort of experiencing in terms of her facial reactions, but it's a pretty significant event. the short answer to your question is yes. if you have pneumonia, fever, that can make you dehydrated. just a lung infection itself can make it more challenging to breathe. it's worsened by conditions. it was hot outside. she's on a thyroid condition which can increase your heat intolerance, these decongestants can be sedating and can dry you out quickly. but it is startling to look at, certainly. i had to look at it a few times to try to piece it all together. >> david, i'm in favor of transparency. i think that the nominee should release all their tax returns, i think they should release as many medical records as exists. but the truth is, presidential
1:23 pm
nominees are not that transparent about their medical records. they are about tax returns until this year with mr. trump not releasing any, but with then-senator barack obama, he just released a letter from his doctor. he didn't release documents at all. what was the thinking there? >> well, first of all, you know, he was young and he was obviously healthy. john mccain released a thousand pages but he did it for a reason. he was several years older and he had had melanoma and there was some question about his ability to handle the physical demands of the job, although he was a guy that endured torture. so, you know, we were under less pressure to produce that kind of voluminous medical information than mccain was. let me just say this, jake. you're right about -- generally about presidential candidates. i do understand robbie mook's
1:24 pm
frustration, because donald trump is the most outspoken and least transparent presidential candidate in my lifetime. where medical records may be something she needs to respond to because of this incident in 2012, these tax returns are very important in terms of understanding donald trump because he's a guy who has a huge amount of debt. we know that from the reporting that's been done. some of it we're told may be through russian businessmen, some through the bank of china. we don't know the answers to any of these questions that seem immaterial whether he's competent to be president. she's right to come forward with more records later this week, particularly after this incident. he needs to be pressed as well, and he blusters through that, and you've tried to pin him down many times. i'm sure the clinton people feel he's gotten away from it, and
1:25 pm
you can hear that frustration, robbie, amongst lawyers. >> thank you very much. donald trump ripping hillary clinton apart after she called half of his supporters, quote, deplorable. plus, digging into trump's charitable foundation. how much of his own money is he donating to worthy causes? that's ahead. beyond has a natural grain free pet food committed to truth on the label. when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy.
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welcome back to "the lead." let's start with politics. a source telling cnn that donald trump's advisers have been opposed to a blackout on any loose talk about hillary clinton's health, other than to
1:30 pm
say they wish her well and hope she gets better soon. but someone forgot to brief the candidate. trump wished her well but not before saying something is going on with her health, saying they're hiding something in her medical records. the entire clinton campaign is trying to let go of her deplorable comments. >> hillary clinton revealed her true thoughts. she revealed herself to be a person who looks down on the proud citizens of our country as subjects for her law. >> the nominee gave a huge chunk of his speech to the lying
1:31 pm
clinton delivered friday, when she talked about trump supporters as a basket of deplorables at a fundraiser in new york. >> just to be grossly realistic, you could put half of trump supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. the racists, sexists, homophobics, genophobics, islamophobics, you name it. >> reporter: the next day she immediately back pedalled, saying, i was wrong. also saying it's deplorable that trump has built his campaign largely on prejudice and paranoia and given a national platform to hateful views and voices. >> you cannot run for president if you have such a hateful contempt for the american voter, and she does. you cannot lead this nation if you have such a low opinion for
1:32 pm
its citizens. >> reporter: the trump campaign is also using the moment to power through more ads in key battleground states. >> do you know what's deplorable in hillary clinton viciously demonizing hard-working people like you. >> reporter: they immediately compared her to obama four years ago, slamming people who don't pay taxes. saying mitt romney is out of touch. >> there are 47% who are with him, who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them. >> but clinton's campaign called trump supporters deplorables, not to mention the gop's own comment on immigrants. >> they're bringing drugs, they're bringing crime, they're
1:33 pm
rapists, and some, i imagine, are good people. >> it wasn't a gaffe. she had said it before. >> of course, donald trump is showing the ability to change the campaign narrative with controversial comments of his own. earlier today he said he wanted debates with a moderator, once again raising the question as to whether he'll actually debate hillary clinton later on this fall. jake, we should point out that four years ago donald trump said that mitt romney did not have to apologize for his comment, now he wants hillary clinton to apologize. jake? coming up live, in-studio interview with governor mike pence who disclosed his taxes last week. will donald trump ever do the same? but first, donald trump has bragged about his donations to charity, but how much money has he actually given? one reporter set out on a year-long search, and he'll join me with his results, next.
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welcome back. let's stay with politics. while the world has been focused upon hillary clinton's stumbles, literally and figuratively, donald trump this morning wins on cnbc and he makes several outrageous statements. he continues to refer to a sitting u.s. senator whose native roots have been questioned as pocahontas with zero evidence. he accuses the fed chair of not being independent and keeping interest rates low to help president obama. and he suggested that the presidential debates would be unfair to him, suggesting there should be a debate with no moderator. mr. trump made that last claim with the concern that moderators would be extra tough on him after criticism for matt lauer
1:39 pm
not fact-checking on him. mr. trump was asked about charitable giving, and he faces a tough task if he will not release his charitable foundations. our reporter has reached out to more than 300 charities to see how much has been donated. david, thank you so much for being here. congratulations on all the hard work. by your calculations, how much of mr. trump's own money has he donated to charity? >> between 2008 and this may, i found one donation out of his own pocket, and that was for less than $10,000 back in 2009. >> one? >> one. >> and you called out to how many charities? >> 360 charities so far. >> and you reached out to the campaign and asked for help? >> a number of times. >> so donald trump has not donated to his own charity since
1:40 pm
2008. from your reporting, what should voters know about the donald j. trump foundation? >> the most important thing is it doesn't contain any of donald trump's money. if the world of philanthropy, if you start a foundation with your name on it, it's expected the money is yours. however, he hasn't given any money to his foundation since 2008. >> and then they give him recommendation for his charitable foundations. >> they give him awards, and his charity in florida is used to rent out. a staff of over 2,000 actually does employ people who do charitable work and questions
1:41 pm
whether hillary clinton donors gave to that foundation. at most, it had $3 million. it only has about a million dollars now. it's trump and one other person basically to exist on paper and pass money through. >> in order for him to get recognition and verent out the mar-a-lago hotel? >> possibly. it's also social to be seen as charitable. he would often say, you, celebrity, i'm going to give you a donation out of my own pocket. it was often other people's money that he used for that. >> a $20,000 portrait of donald trump and a bloroncos helmet autographed by tim tebow. why are you looking for those things? >> they are prohibited to buying things for himself. these are things he used charity
1:42 pm
money to buy things for himself. he bought an autographed tim tebow helmet and he bought a portrait of himself. you're not allowed to put those in your business with charity money, so it will be interesting to see what he does with those. >> you're like indiana jones. david faracol, thank you very much. a shaky cease fire about five hours in. is it holding? can humanitarian aid get to those who desperately need it? he's an actor who spends his free time tracking down corruption in africa. george clooney joins me, ahead. . ...made you beam with pride... it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. let's return to the world lead. we're less than five hours into the cease fire in syria and people are praying it holds. they looked shaky. at least 100 people were killed in bombings since the deal broke erd frid brokered by the u.s. and russia.
1:47 pm
syria has been decimated by five years of war. today the russian ministry worries that opposition groups will not put down weapons enough for humanitarian aid to be ushered in. jim, what will it take to be the cease fire to hold? >> i think the magic phrase here is managed expectations. they're starting with just 48 hours as a test to see if this cease fire will work, then they'll go to seven days. that's the real next test, and this is all that has to happen for that to continue. first of all, russia has to get bashar al-assad to stop bombing. that's a challenge, russia says it has a commitment. the next piece, the u.s. has to get the rebel groups on board. the trouble is the rebel groups have been very skeptical. haif been getting bombed by russia repeatedly, and that's despite past promises to stop doing that. then the focus becomes the terrorist groups. specifically isis, but theal
1:48 pm
koo -- al qaeda group consisting of russia, syria and the u.s. if you believe all three of them, then this deal can work. >> a cease fire brokered by the u.s. and russia. but in the final hours before the deadline, airstrikes by the syrian air force rained down on northwestern syria, killing at least 90 people, a rights group said. syria's president, bashar al-assad, vowing to, finally, take every piece of land from the terrorist. not in trust. >> it will be the actions that will define whether or not this will be able to come together. >> the cease fire is limited, first to allow much needed humanitarian aid to reach the
1:49 pm
cities in need, such as aleppo. only if the cease fire lasts a full seven days will they begin to talk about. in addition, under russian pressure, syria has agreed to about these arrangements and it is ready to fulfill thoem. sdp sdplz. including rebels of the free syrian army, skepticism still reins. >> if it's a cease fire like the previous ones, then we. >> one of the reasons of the pentagon to this deal is. >> let's hope that it holds. thank you so much. stunning fraud uncovered in
1:50 pm
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we're back with our buried lead today as people of our newest nation are suffering through a civil war. top leaders there are suffering financially and politically. actor george clooney alleges a link between atrocities and the vast accumulation of wealth in south sudan. this investigation found that while 2 million are displaced
1:55 pm
and more than half the country is without food, the president and top jegenerals, those ultimately responsible for atrocities live in mansions, drive luxury cars, all with the help of american facilitators, bankers, lawyers. george clooney revealed the human rights group behind the shocking report. >> this is a very deep, deep, long -- it's a two-year investigation. i think what's so explosive about it is that we have these guys nailed. we realize you really can't chain the bad guys. what you can do is follow the money and perhaps shame the people who are hiding it, which are much easier to shame. >> what does this report show? >> it shows that at the very top of the government of south suh
1:56 pm
d -- sudan, the top government, have suctioned that country dry. they have stolen the resources of the country which are plentiful. this is an oil-driven economy with billions and billions of dollars going into the coffers, and they have been able to use that to fund private wars. >> we are meeting with the treasury secretary later today. we have a lot of asks that we're going to do and we're hoping to have the political will to do it. you know, that's the trick in all of this, as you know. >> you have a relationship with president obama. what do you want him to do? >> well, there's a lot of things that can be done. mostly what we're looking for is, obviously, targeted sanctions. it's a very tricky slope we're walking up. we don't want this to pick on
1:57 pm
somalia, we want people to be able to function. clearly american dollars are working within the national community. >> obviously, it's uncomfortable to admit but we're covering it because of george. what does it mean in washington and the doors open? >> i thought it was me. >> we love you very much. >> i saw a study about two months ago in which a competent ngo, non-governmental organization, found the stolen assets of a particular country and the leaders and how they ferreted this money out of the system and no one covered it. with don cheadle and george clooney being part of our work, not just showing up the day of, but being part of it throughout, not only do we get attention, we also get access to bring policy expertise and say, here's a different way of doing things.
1:58 pm
>> i want to turn to just a few other issues. one is and you your wife relatively recently met with syrian refugees and i wondered what that experience meant to you. >> i spent a good portion of the last 15 years dealing with refugees in camps and raising money and trying to bring attention to it. this is the worst we've seen since world war ii. we're all going to have a responsibility to step up along the way. i believe that there is a huge portion of this that doesn't have to be governmental. particularly in terms of educating people stuck in a refugee camp. who knows what happens years from now with that group. if they're not afforded an education, it just fosters all kinds of other problems. >> it must frustrate you. >> as someone who focuses on issues such as refugees, it doesn't have to be that way.
1:59 pm
the common denominator in all these places suffering greatly, you have authoritarian, dictatorial leaders who shut out voices from the government and use extreme violence to stay in power and siphon off the resources of the state dealing with this core issue of the corruption of the center is actually, fundamentally a national security issue. >>. big surprise. but the reality is south sudan is a failed state, we've seen what influences take over in a failed state, and it's never good. and that's something that we'll have to deal with for generations if we don't deal with it now. now it's easy. it will be a lot harder in the years to come.
2:00 pm
why are we giving so much aid already to south sudan? it's because of that. >> thanks pho george clooney. i turn you over to wolf blitzer who is joined by mike pence in the situation room. thanks for watching. happening now, breaking news. transparency questions. hillary clinton has a case of pneumonia, keeping off the campaign trail and raising questions about why this wasn't disclosed until well after. . apparently she said half of his supporters fall into a basket


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