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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 13, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," hillary clinton takes on the political frenzy over her health. >> i didn't think it was going to be that big a deal. >> cue the heavy hitters. president's barack obama and bill clinton on the trail. and donald trump on the attack. >> hillary clinton has been running a hate-filled and negative campaign. >> will this one stick? plus, he started this protest and colin kaepernick isn't backing down. kicking off his nfl season by taking a knee. let's talk live in the "cnn newsroom." and good morning, i'm carol costello, thank you so much for joining me. the presidential election is drawing closer if not clearer. we're just 56 days out from the election now and just ten days before the first days begin early voting. both campaigns pushing back against accusations they're not being transparent enough.
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in a cnn exclusive, hillary clinton downplaying sunday's health scare and not disclosing the pneumonia diagnosis that came two days earlier. >> well, i just didn't think it was going to be that big a deal. if we weren't fast enough, you know, i've talkeded to my staff. we, you know, take responsibility for that. but the information is out there. you can't say the same thing about donald trump. >> cnn's jeff zeleny is here to break it down for us. >> hillary clinton is acknowledging she and her staff could have been more forthcoming about her pneumonia diagnosis. few people on her campaign staff even knew about it which made it far more difficult for them to react after she became ill at that 9/11 ceremony. the campaign was trying to walk a fine line i'm told between avoiding feeding conspiracy theories about her health while actually sharing critical information that most voters may surely understand. but now secretary clinton is pushing back. she's telling anderson cooper that she's been more transparent than donald trump.
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>> hear everything you know about me with my opponent, think it's time he met the say level of disclosure i have for years. you know, uf gyou've got a medi report on me that meets the same standard as mitt romney and barack obama. donald trump's doctor said he'd be the healthiest president in history. that's just not even serious. >> former president bill clinton filling in for her today in fund-raisers in california said this has happened before. he sat down with charlie rose and explained. >> rarely but on more than one occasion over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing's happened to her when she just got severely dehydrated. >> now, hillary clinton told anderson she has, in fact, been dehydrated before. she said it's something that has occurred a few types over the course of her life. she said i'm aware of it and i usually can avoid it.
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now, that simply may add more questions here. the clinton campaign says they will release additional medical reports here. the only information they have released was a letter from her doctor more than a year ago. but that of course is more than donald trump has released so far, carol. >> all right, jeff zeleny, thank you so much. in the meantime, donald trump goes on the offensive. at least one of his supporters goes on the attack. pictures from his rally last night, asheville, north carolina. a trump supporter cox his fist, grabs a protester. then shoves the woman in her face who was with that other protester. that he grabbed by the hair. the protesters are led out. the violent trump supporter is allowed to stay at the rally. all of this unfolding as trump accuses hillary clinton of running a hate-filled campaign. trump blasting clinton for calling half his supporters an basket of deplorables. >> she calls these americans every name in the book, racist,
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sexist, xenaphobic, islamaphobic. she said they were not even american. right? >> cnn's sunlin serfaty. >> the trump campaign saying they will keep up the attacks on clinton. trump last night elevated this one step further as well at his rally. he called up a group of supporters to give testimonials as to why they are not deplorable. but even as a trump campaign tries to stay on the offensive on this, trump's running mate mike pence, he's getting some heat for his interview on cnn, when he was asked about some of the support their campaign has attracted from white nationalists, including from david duke, who of course is a former kkk leader. pence disavowed his support.
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importantly, he refused to use the word "deplorable." here's what he told wolf blitzer. >> i'm not really sure why the media keeps dropping david duke's name. donald trump has announdenounced duke repeatedly. >> you called him a deplorable. >> no, i'm not in the name calling business, wolf, you know me better than that. >> in the clinton campaign, they pounced right back on that, tweeting out, quote, if you won't say the kkk is deplore be a, you have no business running the country. the clinton campaign here sensing some small opening to try to reclaim some of the narrative around this word deplorable, carol. >> all right, sunlen serfaty, thank you. clinton swears she will be more transparent. donald trump said he will attempt transparency on the dr. oz show on thursday where he may or may not talk about himself and give the details of the physical he took.
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here's what the campaign manager told cnn about that issue this morning. >> allison this is what the -- this is what i expect from the clinton campaign, i really don't expect it from journalists. we're talking about hillary clinton and her pneumonia and what happened on 9/11, which we all saw with our own two eyes. it takes us about ten words to get to donald trump. so he had a physical last week. he said he'll release them probably this week or whenever the doctor has the report prepared. >> as for trump's tax return, well, that ain't going to happen. let's talk about transparency and whether there is a double standard. with me, larry sabato, director of the university virginia center for politics. ryan liza, cnn political commentator and washington correspondent for the new yorker. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. so larry, is interethere a doub standard when it comes to transparency? >> well, it is certainly true, as the clinton campaign asserts, that they have been more transparent than the trump
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campaign. just look at not just the health records but i think the much more important one is the tax returns. trump is absolutely refusing to release even one year of tax returns, including the years where he's not under audit. it's become very obvious that he's hiding something. either a very low rate of paying taxes or very low charitable deductions or something. and we really need to see those. he's the first candidate since the 1970s not to release his tax returns. but i also have to say that it's a pretty low standard to call yourself transparent compared to donald trump. the clintons have a long history of not being transparent and of telling this, the absolute minimum we need to know until they're forced to tell us more. this was a disaster over the weekend. it was stupid, carol. >> larry caught me on that last
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remark. i'm sure many people agree that it was stupid just to keep this under wraps. ryan, wine not just come out and say i'm not feeling well, i'm going to skip this event. they were fund-raisers. it's not like a political rally. on friday i mean. >> i agree with just about everything larry said. there's this old line about the united states the way it operates in the world that they always do the right thing after trying everything else. something like that. the clintons would transparency, they eventually do the right thing after trying everything else. hillary clinton is correct, that, you know, she's been in the public eye for so long that we do know more about her than just about anyone at this level of politipolitics. but it usually takes lots of scrutiny, lots of questions and some kind of, you know, forcing mechanism to get the information. think it is a little unique to hillary clinton but that's with most politicians unless we're asking the questions, putting
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pressure on them. they don't natural want to reveal things. i think this pneumonia issue is a classic example of that. she had the diagnosis. they made the decision among a small group of aides that it didn't need to be public, it's not something that that's serious, why shot publuld the p know. that was the wrong answer, i'm sure most people agree now. there's two other aspects of this. hillary clinton does not have what we in the journalism business call a protective pool around her. by this time in the campaign, both candidates should have that. now, clinton is also right that she, you know, is the least transparent candidate running -- except for donald trump. and we do know more about her medical history than trump. we do know more about her tax returns than trump. i think it's absolutely fair, you know, to have the conversation about both candidates. so it's very hard for the trump campaign to take advantage of this when they are equally
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resistance to some of these basic transparency issues. >> right. but here's the thing, larry. the clintons did release deck days of tax returns and we do know hillary clinton takes medicine for her thyroid. we know she had a concussion. we know she had a problem with blood clotting not too long ago. how are they on the same transparency level, donald trump and hillary clinton, if we do know those things? >> well, they're not on the same level. i think in all of campaign history, the silliest letter ever released by a campaign was the letter from donald trump's doctor. i'm not going to -- >> completely absurd. >> but it's donald trump's doctor. w well, we don't need to get into it. anybody who wants to see it can go online. not only was it not revealing, it was absurd in its assertions that donald trump would be the healthiest president ever to sit in the oval office.
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>> it was almost mocking the idea of transparency and the idea he needed to tell us anything about his health. >> yes, exactly. >> here's the other thing. he's going to go on the dr. oz show on thursday, ryan, and he may or may not release results of this physical that he just under went. we don't know. he will be talking about health. is that the right forum? >> dr. oz? look, i don't want to say anything bad about dr. oz. but, you know, i don't think that's the right forum. i think what we need is his own doctor. not someone who plays one on tv. to compae forward with the -- a the very minimum, the same level that hillary clinton had previously released a year ago. these candidates are not spring chicken, right. most people who run for president are on the older side anyway. these two are on the older edge of presidential candidates. and this is just basic information that the public needs to know to make a decision
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this fall. we don't want to go back to the bad old days where people -- where candidates hid their illnesses. and it is at this point always fair to point out yes clinton had been more transparent about these issues than trump. that is important to note. i don't want to, you know, make a false equivalency here between the two of them. >> and, larry, just one more question. so mr. stump still trump still to release his tax because he says he's under audit. i don't know what he'll release about, you know, his physical. we'll just have to see. we'll just have to take him at his word that he's going to release the information that the public needs to determine if he's a healthy man, right. so -- but he's still -- the polls are really close. the national polls are close. he's not losing by very much. some polls show he's a smidge ahead. so does it really make any difference if donald trump is
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transparent or not? >> well, it ought to make a difference. i thinkincumbent on the press and those of us analysts to focus on these candidates haven't been transparent. just to emphasize what ryan said. this is actually the oldest pair of candidates running for president in american history. we do have a right to the details of their health care, as well as the tax return information. >> so you don't believe 70 is the new 40? >> i'm getting close, carol, and i can tell you. 70 is the new 69. >> got ya. >> but just look what happened, we learned new information from that interview with bill clinton and obviously, you know, from this very public episode with hillary clinton. we didn't know she had a history of dehydration where she faints. is that the most serious thing in the world? doesn't seem like it. that's something we didn't know. it took a public episode, you know, to force it out.
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on trump's health, we really don't know much at all. >> well, we'll see. thursday's coming. he's going to be on dr. oz. we'll see what happened. ryan lizza, larry sabato, thank you. in washington, hillary clinton's handling of her e-mails is once again in focus. the house oversight committee now holding a hearing on the preservation of clinton's e-mails while secretary of state. a key witness, the man who set up clinton's private server, will not be testifying after all, citing his previously evoked fifth amendment right against self-incrimination. this hearing comes as mike pence meets with his former house colleagues for their weekly conference. pence is also expected to meet privately with the house speaker paul ryan. of course we'll take you there live when that happens. still to come in the "newsroom," could the commander in chief be hillary clinton's trump card this election?
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you're looking at the gop leadership. just a short time ago, they met with mike pence. you might recognize him there. that of course is donald trump's running mate. in a private meeting, pence told house republicans that he didn't know donald trump when they first met. but had gotten to know hip well. he cited trump's kindness and things to show he's actually different than what people see on television. pence also told the house leadership that the gop ticket has momentum and when asked about its vulnerable with women voters, pence told the leadership that women voters are going to come out in lauren numbers for the gop. now, we do expect paul ryan to take the microphone very soon and of course i would suspect that mike pence will take the microphone too. but while we wait for them, let's listen to congressman scalice. >> it shows you that people are really responding. as we talk about our message, the agenda we've pushed as house
7:20 am
republicans to show how you can create jobs. how you can rebuild this middle class. how you can strengthen a military that's been depleted. it goes hand-in-hand with the message that donald trump and mike pence have been delivering all around the country. it's why you've got such great enthusiasm. it's why we're going to win this election and be able to turn this country around again. it was great seeing mike before our conference. the members are excited. more importantly, you're seeing people all around the country excited about the optimism their ticket, the trump/pence ticket, is giving to make america great again. >> well, it was highlight of this year actually to have mike pence here today addressing our conference. we are very proud to have him on the ticket. proud of the leadership that he is bringing. as you think about this election, it's been anything but status quo. clearly, this country is hungry for new fresh dynamic
7:21 am
leadership. and what we see being offered by the other side is the defense of the status quo. it's defense of the top-down government knows best approach. what we've been offering as republicans from the beginning of this year has been that bottom up, empowering people, making sure their people's voice is restored in this government. that we have a government that reflects the consent of the governed. because at the end of the day, we need to be about the farmer, the builder, the stay at home parent or the veteran. it should not be one in which a government continues to think it knows best. and that is the choice that faces the country this fall. we were excited about the leadership of donald trump and mike pence that they're bringing to this country to help make america great again. >> well, it's good to see everybody. we had our last political conference today. we were joined by someone who
7:22 am
knees no introduction. for hoosiers, mike pence is their governor. for americans, mike pence is donald trump's running mate, next vice president. for us, mike pence is a friend. mike pence is a former colleague. 7 out of 10 americans believe this country's headed in the wrong direction. he is working with all us to make sure we put this country back on the right track. we are offering an agenda to this country to show how we can get this country back on top. to show this country how we can get jobs. show this country how we can fight poverty, rebuild our military, restore the government and the constitution. that is why we're just honored to have with us today our friend and our colleague who we believe is going to be the next vice president of the united states. mike pence join us today. our members were excited to have him. we feel the wind at our backs. we're excited about getting this agenda. if you want to learn more about it, go to and see what we have in store for solving this country's big problems with our partners.
7:23 am
with that i'd like to introduce mike pence. >> thank you, mr. speaker. thank you so much to this whole leadership team. it is a great privilege for me to be back among so many men and women who are -- live out every day a dedication to this nation. it's inspiring. it was, for me, an emotional return to a group of men and women that i served with for 12 years and have so admired. i know donald trump and i are so grateful for the support that we're receiving from this -- not just this leadership team but members all across this country who are rallying to the cause to make america great again. and to be -- to be at the house republican conference today was a great privilege. particularly want to express my
7:24 am
appreciation to paul ryan. his development of the better way agenda. so aligns with donald trump's vision to make america great again. the american people should be confident that 56 days from now, we can elect a president and re-elect majorities in the house and senate that will be ready on day one to restore american strength at home and abroad. the house's commitment to and plans to rebuild our military, reduce taxes, end the war on american energy, roll back job killing regulations, repeal obamacare and support the kinds of policies that will result in a stronger more prosperous america. represents an extraordinary start on the important work we have to do as a country. 7 1/2 years of the leadership of barack obama and hillary clinton during her years as secretary of state have weakened america's
7:25 am
place in the world and stifled america's economy. with the strong leadership donald trump will bring to the white house with our strong partners in the house and the senate, leaders, members of which i'll be meeting with later today. we're very confident we can bring real change in real time to the american people. i leave here today with a grateful heart to be among my friends and those men and women that i hope and pray we have the opportunity to work together to make this country great again. questions. >> sir, you're an -- >> hey, hey, we don't do it that way. we don't do it that way. go ahead. [ inaudible question ] >> let me say first and foremost
7:26 am
i think millions of americans were shocked and saddened to see hillary clinton refer to people across this country as a basket of deplorables in a prepared speech before wealthy donors in new york city on friday night. she said that at the time half of the people supporting donald trump and i were irredeemable, were not american and, frankly, i've never heard a major party candidate in the united states speak about the american people with such contempt. i'm out on the campaign trail every day. i'm campaigning with donald trump and for donald trump. and what hillary clinton apparently doesn't know is the people supporting this campaign are hard-working americans who come out to our rallies, stop us in diners, visit with us at
7:27 am
meetings at factories. they're people that work with their hands. they're people who run businesses. they're veterans. law enforcement officers. moms and dads and formers. for hillary clinton to express such disdain for millions of americans i think is one more reason that disqualified her to serve in the highest office of the land. anyone who has that low an opinion of the american people should never serve as presidnt of the united states of america. as i said this weekend, i'll say again, donald trump supporters are not a basket of anything. they are americans and they deserve the respect of the democrat nominee for president of the united states. donald trump i said his ambition is to be president of all the people of the united states of america. as he said this weekend, we believe from our heart, even though who did not support us, even those who are critical of
7:28 am
us or have strongly different views have our respect because they are americans and we respect their right to their views and it would be the highest honor of our life to serve them. now, with regard to your question, i will tell you, a question i continue to -- for all the world, i have no idea why this man keeps coming up. i mean, donald trump and i have denounced david duke repeatedly. we have said that we do not want his support. and we do not want the support of people who think like him. and yesterday i was -- i was asked a question about that. i repeated that again. and the simple fact is i'm not in the name calling business. my colleagues know i believe civility is essential.
7:29 am
i'm also not going to validate the language that hillary clinton used to describe the american people. i mean, look, millions of americans know and frankly you all know hillary clinton wasn't talking about that bad man. she was talking about people all across this country. who are coming out in record numbers to stand by donald trump and to stand with him in his vision to make america great again. we'll call on her again. to apologize and retract her comments. the only thing she said so far is she was wrong about the math i guess and she's sorry she said half. the truth of the matter is her remarks were deeply insulting to sincere people all across this country who know we can do better who know we can be stronger, and we call on hillary clinton and her campaign once again to fully retract those offense itch statements and apologize to the american people
7:30 am
as she should. >> governor, do you have any concerns that -- whether it's david duke or others who hold views that are considered racist or misogynist or any of those things, that they are attracted to your campaign and want to attach themselves to you? again today david duke talked about you specifically. are you concerned that there's something about the trump/pence candidacy in these political times and the rhetoric that's been used that draws them to you? >> look, we live in a free country and people of ill motives can associate themselves with politics. i would draw no more conclusion of that man's ex-expressions of support than i would the fact that the father of a terrorist who killed 49 americans was seen at a hillary clinton rally cheering her on and said he was there because she was if on national security. i mean, look, folks, there are two people on the ballot here. hillary clinton and donald trump. one of them is going to be
7:31 am
president of the united states of america. and i would submit to you this is all a distraction. i get it. i understand why hillary clinton and her campaign want to change the subject after that speech on friday night. we all have recognized. you in the media have vrecognizd this was a catastrophic insult to the american people. and it's so important that people around the country know this was a prepared speech. this is not the first time she called millions of americans a basket of deplorables. i just -- as i said, i think anyone that's got that low of an opinion of the american people should never serve in the highest office of the land. juan. [ inaudible ] >> it's kind of nice for a change. go ahead. >> -- on the ncaa decision to
7:32 am
ban some of its championship series out of north carolina over ways perceived as an anti-lgbt law? the nba has done something similar with the all-star game. >> i just heard about that this morning and wouldn't have the details to comment other than to say the ncaa is based in indianapolis. we have a great relationship with the ncaa it and donald trump and i simply believe that these decisions are best made at the state level by the people and where disputes arise they should be resolved in the courts. >> last question. >> governor pence -- >> this guy right here. he was patient and he wasn't screaming shouting out so -- >> thank you. governor pence, speaker ryan has -- >> okay, somebody else. thanks, man.
7:33 am
yeah, yeah. >> -- more difficult -- >> i'm sorry, i didn't hear the question. >> i didn't hear the question either. i can tell where you're going. >> speaker ryan has repeatedly and at times forcefully rebuked donald trump for some of his remarks. i'm wondering if that made it difficult for you as you reach out to republicans on the fence and if that's been hurtful to the campaign. >> my and donald trump's respect and appreciation for speaker paul ryan is boundless. look, you're going to have -- in a majority party, you're going to have difference of opinions but your goals are identical. meeting i had with this speaker is how much consistency there is between donald trump's vision to rebuild our military, revive the american economy, uphold the rule of law. and the agent ta that house republicans have put forward in the better way. i really do believe we have an
7:34 am
historic opportunity before us today with the enormous talent here in the house of representatives led by speaker paul ryan with the energy and the vision of a president donald trump and re-elected republican senate to turn this country around. and to turn it around very quickly. i mean, i said to the conference today, this is the most dramatic choice in an election in my lifetime. this is not a choice between one candidate who will grow america this much and another candidate who will grow america this much. this literally say choice between whether we're going to continue to go downhill to a weaker america at home and abroad. whether we're going to continue to walk away from the constitutional liberties enshrined in the interpretation of those by our supreme court. whether we're going to walk away from the highest standards of integrity of the highest office of the land. whether we're going to plant our feet and start to march backup hill towards greater strength
7:35 am
and greater prosperity. house republicans, senate republicans are deeply committed to marching up that hill. when we elect donald trump as the next president of the united states of america, they will have a team and a partner in the white house to march back up to a stronger and greater america. all right. so let's talk about what was said at this gop leadership presser. we'll hear from manu raju who was in that room in a moment. why was mike pence there? >> first and foremost, really wants to make this conservatives feel this race is not slipping away from them. make house republicans feel despite what they may see in the press or hear from the constituents that the top of the ticket is fine and with them. donald trump is simply not one of them.
7:36 am
these house republicans who are worried about their own majority want some comfort. mike pence served in that body for 12 years. he's something like xanax i think for these conservatives who are jittery, worried about what donald trump may do to the top of the ticket. he's there to reassure people, sort of give them some marching orders here on what they should be going after and that is hillary clinton's deplorable line. >> mike pence held a private meeting with the gop leadership and he told many, many personal stories about donald trump. said he just wished the house leadership could know donald trump as mike pence does because he's such a warm human being. why tell personal stories like that? >> i think as jeff was saying, he definitely has some cloud with house republicans there. i think it makes them as a ticket certainly more relatable. he had relationships point blank on capitol hill that trump does not have. him becoming something of a
7:37 am
character witness for donald trump is an important role that he will play not only the campaign trail. we've started to see him do that all around this country. but especially on capitol hill where there are some republicans who are still unsure of donald trump and unsure of them as a ticket. so mike pence certainly playing his role here as his running mate. >> i know -- i'm sure the word "unity" came up many times in that closed door meeting too. of course reporters asked mike pence about david duke. when pence was on wolf's show yesterday, he did not denounce -- we, he denounced david duke but he didn't say he was deplorable. let's listen to what mike pence said today. >> david duke repeatedly we have said that we do not want his support and we do not want the support of people who -- >> we had a technical problem there, but mike pence again said
7:38 am
he's into civility, larry, he doesn't like to call people names. he said donald trump and himself denounced david duke many times. was it a fair question? >> oh, absolutely. because, again, just to refresh people's minds, some months ago, donald trump did not immediately denounce david duke. he tended to have a problem with his ear piece, his ifb, and claimed he didn't hear the name david duke. the fact of the matter is, and whether vice presidential nominee mike pence admits it or not, there are a lot of these white nationalists who have seized upon the trump candidacy and used it in their own ways to promote their agenda. they're all over twitter. so it is a problem. i think frankly trump and pence would do well to denounce these
7:39 am
people in the strongest natural terms. maybe they're not deplorable. i would say deplorable is too nice a term for them. >> he could have come up with another adjective. let's check in with manu raju. he was listening as that press conference was going on. pence clearly knew he was going to be asked that question. he was ready, manu. >> yeah, he was. actually in this meeting that happened right beforehand, i was told this really did not come up. this is an hour-long meeting he had with house republicans after he met with speaker paul ryan. in that meeting, actually, carol, it was more of a pep rally more than anything else. they talk about unity, talking about how the party is doing better. pence trying to make the case actually to his colleagues that they have momentum behind the top of the ticket. even house republicans, i'm told, the leader of the house republican effort to keep the house majority said -- presented polling showing that mike pence and donald trump at the top of the ticket actually are not hurting down ticket candidates, actually may be helping in some
7:40 am
areas. when mike pence came here and addressed the press, of course he expected that question. he really didn't deviate from what he said yesterday. trying to make clear he denounces david duke. he may not use the same terminology as hillary clinton. says he's not a name caller. but really views it as a distinction without a difference. trying to denounce him. what he views as the strong et possible terms. what will be interesting to hear is whether or not paul ryan would also agree with that. he would call david duke deplorable. they did not take many questions. we weren't able to get that question to him. but clearly this was an effort by mike pence to show that the party is united behind the ticket. he was asked specifically also whether or not paul ryan's criticism of donald trump has hurt the top of the ticket. mike pence making clear that's fine. there are disagreements all the time within a party. and expressing his appreciation for paul ryan. a much different mood here in
7:41 am
september than it was in july when donald trump came to meet with house republicans and one reason why, carol, poll numbers improving, helping those battleground states. republicans a little more confident of keeping the majority in congress and also donald trump's chances in november. >> of course during this press conference, the republican leadership also brought up the state of the economy. they said the economy was going nowhere. but the census data came out and showned the median household income rose to $56,516 a year. that's up 5.2% over the last year. so median incomes are rising. the unemployment rate is 4.9%. so, jeff, can they really make the case that the economy continues to sink? oh, by the way, president obama's approval rating in an abc/"washington post" poll is now at 58%. >> it gets harder for them to make the argument that things are terrible here in the country. certainly this does not trickle
7:42 am
down to every voter. there are still people out there working two jobs who would prefer one job and there's underemployment. without question, across the board, every metric you look at, republicans and democrats alike will tell you if they're being truthful. the economy has gotten incredibly -- you know, much better than it was four years ago and certainly better than it was eight years ago. that's one of the reasons president obama will be campaigning today in pennsylvania. we don't see sitting presidents often have the stature and the approval rating to be campaigning for their would-be successor. he's going out there specifically because of metrics like this. everyone does not like him of course. but the numbers in many respects look better for them thanp people thought they would even a year ago. >> all right, i have to leave it there. thanks to all of you. a quick break. remember here at ally, nothing stops us from doing right by our customers. who's with me? i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. i'm in. ♪ ♪
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all right, a quick check of the markets. you see the stock markets down just about 176 points. we're keeping an eye on that. we're also keeping an eye on much more interesting numbers today. the census report is out. christine romans. she has the numbers. she has the data. hot off the presses. tell us about it.
7:47 am
>> we hear how the middle class hasn't had a raise in years. that ens today. we now have the numbers from the year 2015. the american middle class got a 5.2% raise. this is the first raise since 2007. now you have income, carol, back to prerecession levels here. you can see what it looks like right there. the poverty rate, also the census bureau releasing, it fell, you can see. the number of people in poverty still way too high, 43 million, especially single parent heads of house hold. still very high. but that is down 3.5 million. so that's a number too high but moving in the right direction. the threshold for poverty in america right now, 24,000,for a family of four. that's the threshold where government benefits and the safety net programs kick in for a single parent head of house hold, it's more like 19,000. what this tells you, after several years now of a job market improving, carol, for working americans, you're
7:48 am
starting to see that in the paychecks. you have 1.4 million more men working last year than the year before. 1.4 million more. 1 million more women working full time year round than the year before. so, again, that's improving in the jobs market, showing up as improvement in the paychecks. >> i got to know about the pay gap. >> women still make 80 cents to a man's dollar. has not changed through all the of recession, at all, carol. >> christine romans, thank you. the glass half full, that's a good thing. for lower back pain sufferers,
7:49 am
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signs of protests and unity along the sidelines during last night's nfl game. colin kaepernick continues his national anthem protest, kneeling before his team's season opening game last night. he was joined by a fellow
7:53 am
teammate and own opponents on the other side of the field as rams players raised their fists. coy wire. >> kaepernick's protests are such a divisive topic and whether or not he should be using america's national anthem to protest will be debated for quite some time. he says he's going to continue to protest until he sees, quote, significant change in regards to racial inequality and police brutality in america. the monday night football game, they showed him a lot of support for their backup quarterback. he talked to fans. they wanted to get photos with him and his autographs during his pregame warm-ups. one broadcaster said you would have thought this guy was the team's starter. some fans were yelling stand up, kaepernick, as he kneeled during the national anthem. he had teammate eric reid nailinail i kneeling alongside him. two teammates holding up their fists on the right of your screen. also on the other sideline rams players robert quinn and kenny britt holding up their fist
7:54 am
during the anthem too. quite a few of his teammates showing love for him with some hugs and handshakes supporting him. a lot of people thought this would be a device if thing for this organization but maybe not. also supporting him, 49ers head coach chip kelly. he talked about this issue just moments after the game. >> i think, again, like we've said since day one, we recognize their right to do it. our president said the same thing. that's part of what it's like to be an american. you have the right to choose. and that's what he's choosing to do. >> all right, so we've seen more and more information players be an teams joining kaepernick in his protest. we've seen u.s. soccer star megan repeno kneel during the anthem last week. why the silence there? baltimore orioles outfielder adam jones had an interesting take on the subject. he told "usa today" quote, we already have two strikes against
7:55 am
us, so you might as well not kick yourself out of the game. in football, you can't kick them out. in baseball, they don't need us, baseball is say wood ma white m. compare to the 68% in the nfl and 74% in the nba. >> so adam jones, i mean, it's unusual for him to speak out on controversial topics. so i know baseball has been trying to attract more minority players. so what he said, that's pretty harsh. >> it really is. strong statement for him. it's something to think about. in the nfl, you have african-americans, 68% of the league. look at the guys who stood last night in the game. i think there's a veteran aspect. most of those guys, the average was six years in the league so
7:56 am
these guys are more comfortable where they stand. >> we'll see what transspishs the rest of the football season because i'm sure it's not going to be over, right? coy wire, thank you so much. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour" after a break. when this busy family... a cracked windshield... ...their dad went to the new safelite-dot-com... ...and scheduled a replacement... just a few clicks. with safelite you don't have to miss a thing. y'all did wonderful! thank you. (girls sing) safelite repair, safelite replace. and you're talking to youro doctor about your medication... this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain and protect my joints from further damage. this is humira helping me go further. humira works for many adults. it targets and helps to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to ra symptoms. humira has been clinically studied for over 18 years. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened,
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i just didn't think it was going to be that big a deal. >> she just got severely dehydrated. >> i think really only twice that i recall. >> this last week i took a physical. i'll be releasing when the numbers come in. >> donald trump's doctor said he'd be the healthiest president in history. that's just not even serious. >> donald trump hasn't given any


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