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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 14, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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get between you and life's dobeautiful moments.llergens flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪ and good morning. i'm carol costello. a big day ahead for donald trump. in just about an hour mr. trump will sit down with tv personality dr. oz. he'll talk about his health regimen amid growing calls to release his medical records. and then mr. trump will head to flint, michigan, where he will reportedly tour that city's water treatment plant.
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all of this as the trump foundation becomes the focus of an investigation by the new york attorney general. trump's campaign calling it quote another left wing hit job by a partisan hack and that's not all. newly leaked e-mails from colin powell show the former secretary of state ripping trump as, in his own words, quote, a national disgrace, and an international pariah. but powell doesn't just take aim at trump he also jabs at hillary clinton saying quote everything hrc touches she kind of screws up with hubris. cnn's phil mattingly is following all of the developments in the trump campaign. he's live in flint michigan. hi, fill. >> good morning, carol. people tend to be a little bit more forthcoming in private e-mails than in public. and that's certainly the case with colin powell. now people for a number of months now have wondered where does he stand on donald trump? obviously a bush administration secretary of state, a four-star general, but also somebody who endorsed and voted for president obama in 2008 and 2012. for the most part, colin powell has demurred. but as you noted, in e-mails, he
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not only hits hillary clinton but saves his harshest critiques for donald trump. and one of the issues he attacks on is birtherism. the idea that donald trump pushed for a long time and hasn't publicly backed off of that president obama was not born in the united states. obviously that's untrue. and colin powell in an e-mail to a former state department aide that was leaked saying the whole birther movement was racist. that was what the -- that is what 99% believe. when trump couldn't keep that up he also said he wanted to see if the certificate noted that he was a muslim. now of course noting carol, these e-mails were first obtained by buzz feed news and hacked by a group called d.c. leaks. this is a group that u.s. officials believe has ties to the russian government. nonetheless, colin powell laying out some personal thoughts here not just on donald trump but also on hillary clinton and benghazi. the libyan outpost where four americans were killed back in 2012 stating that he quote benghazi is a stupid quote stupid witch-hunt basic fault
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falls on a courageous ambassador who thought libyans now live me and i'm okay in this very vulnerable place. powell referring to ambassador christopher stevens who was killed. this e-mail exchange happening with another former secretary of state condoleezza rice but powell went on to continue blame also rests on his leaders and the support back in the united states. that included, according to powell, hillary clinton. condoleezza rice replayed, completely agreed. so obviously these e-mails something colin powell never wanted to come out. but a spokesperson confirming that these are accurate e-mails. these are colin powell's actual e-mails declining to comment further. but as you can see, very strong opinions on donald trump, carol, but also some harsh words for hillary clinton as well. >> all right phil mattingly reporting live from flint, michigan, this morning. with me now to discuss all of this senior adviser fordom sarah huckabee sanders, the former south regional director for obama's 2012 campaign, also a
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hillary clinton supporter. political editor of the and political science professor jason johnson and finally cnn political analyst jackie kucinich also the washington bureau chief at the bailey beast. welcome to all of you. i'd like to ask you these questions one at a time. because i think these issues are so important that i don't want a big argument or a debate. i just want to ask specific questions to specific people so bear with me. air is a sarah i'd like to start with you. mr. trump has not apologized for being a birther. colin powell said in these e-mails the birther moment was racist and when trump couldn't keep that up he wanted to find out whether he was a muslim. of course, not true that obama's a muslim so why doesn't mr. trump address the birther issue once and for all? >> look i think he has -- let's not forget. this is a fight that hillary clinton herself started. she was the original -- >> i don't want to go there. i want to just focus on what colin powell said in these e-mails. as you know, mr. trump was quite vocal about his birtherism. he forced president obama to
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produce his birth certificate. so i don't want to play games this morning. i just want to address what colin powell said in these e-mails. so, why doesn't mr. trump address this birther issue once and for all and put it to bed? >> i think it has been put to bed. i think the moment that barack obama put his birth certificate out that issue was put to bed. and i know you don't want to play games but i don't think that we can forget the origin of where that started. everybody wants to attack donald trump for it but it started with hillary clinton -- >> it did not come from the candidate hillary clinton like it came from the candidate donald trump. i just want to stick on facts. why doesn't mr. trump come out and say you know what that birtherism thing, i was completely wrong and i apologize to the president of the united states, because obviously he was born in hawaii, and, um, and he's christian just like he's always said he was. >> i think we've acknowledged the fact that he was certainly born in hawaii. he produced his birth certificate. i believe that issue has been put to bed so i think that has been addressed.
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>> okay so we'll move on to the mike question. mike pence refused to call david duke deplorable two days ago and also yesterday. some of his fellow republicans are kind of upset about that. said that yes mike pence should have called david duke deplorable because he was the former grand wizard of the kkk. powell wrote this in an e-mail trump appeals to the worst angels of the gop nature and poor white folks. so, doesn't powell's comments in this e-mail vindicate what republicans are saying about mike pence? and are saying about some of donald trump's followers, that mike pence should come out and say, look, those followers who are racist, we don't want them? and -- >> he did. >> and david duke is deplorable. >> he absolutely did that. he said we disavow david duke, we don't want his support and we don't want people who think like him. i don't know what he could do any more aggressively -- >> he could say david duke is deplorable. david duke is abhorrent. david duke is a terrible person. he could say all of those things
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if he doesn't want to use the word deplorable because he wants to hang that on hillary clinton? >> look, i think he's been extremely clear in the fact that he does not want to be associated with david duke in any way. he doesn't want his support. we don't want people that think like david duke's support. i guess i don't understand how much more clear you can be on this issue to say we don't want you. and i think that's far more strong and aggressive than name calling, and certainly far more important. >> what do you think that colin powell means when he says donald trump appeals to the worst angels of the gop nature? >> you know, i think that colin powell is making a big mistake. he's attacking tens of millions of americans and i'm sorry that i just can't buy into the fact that you can be the leader of our country when you think that tense of millions of americans, moms, teachers, veterans, police officers, that are deplorable people are the worst parts of our country.
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i'm sorry but i think that is just horrible rhetoric, and it certainly has no place in politics, and certainly no place in this room. >> i'm going to move on to you, sarah now because mr. powell did not spare your candidate either. he writes hillary's maria keeps trying to suck me into the e-mail controversy. it sounds like the clinton camp desperately wanted powell's help on this which it which it wasn't willing to give so so why drag colin powell into this when he didn't want to be dragged into it? >> well you know colin powell is a well respected person in our country i mean he was a great secretary of state. and listen, i think that there were conversations between them. but as hillary clinton has said herself, this process around the e-mails was a mistake. how the campaign handled it, they would have done it -- >> she did invoke colin powell's name. he did not want his name invoked why did she do that? why did the campaign pressure colin powell to do something he didn't want to? >> that's a question hillary clinton will answer and will continue to have to answer as
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this campaign goes on. but the fact of the matter is is that there were conversations that happened between them. she did seek his counsel to make sure that what she was doing or as colin powell said what she was already doing was right, and i think that the controversy over what he said and what she thought he said you know, that definitely played out of the media -- >> but here's the thing because powell followed up on that in another e-mail. he said hubris foils clinton every time. hubris means excessive pride or arrogance. is that why she hasn't been as transparent as some voters think she ought to be? >> i think that was a little bit of a overstatement on secretary powell's point. listen i've met hillary clinton many times obviously i support her. arrogance is something that she does not display. she's very genuine. she cares deeply about this country. i think what he was basically saying is that listen when you're in the heat of the campaign there are mistakes that are going to be made. i mean the clinton campaign has made mistakes -- >> but he's saying the reason
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the clinton camp continues to make mistakes is because of hubris. >> yeah -- >> because they won't listen to others. when they give advice, as in how to handle something. >> no i think that, again, i think that's a misstatement on the secretary's part. listen, i have interacted with members on the campaign. worked with president obama. this is a campaign that's inclusive, it's very open to criticism, and open to advice from many, many people. so i don't think that was the case here, carol. >> really? the campaign's open to criticism from many people? >> they are. >> because i see sarah over here laughing. >> i think she showed her hubris, if i can steal a word from colin powell in her deplorable dment. she showed the absolute disdain she has for tens of millions of americans. i think she put full on exactly and gave the best example of exactly what colin powell is talking about when she called those people deplorable. and i think that is a disqualifying -- >> -- plenty of things to call people himself. so i want to go to my
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nonpartisan people now because i want them to put this conversation that i've just had into perspective. so jason help us do that. >> first of all, and it's interesting that this is happening right after 9/11 which is a point where we you know talked about bringing america together and realizing who our common enemies are. i wish that both political parties that paul ryan, that democrats would get together and say we're sick and tired of leaks. it is disturbing to me that we live in a country where the russians are regularly hacking into people's e-mails like it's an aol account and releasing them to the public and that's dictating how our campaign operates. i think that is a greater national security and news issue and political issue that seems to keep getting missed. now i'll say this very quickly, carol, look, colin powell doesn't want any part of this. he doesn't want to work with hillary clinton. he doesn't like donald trump. i think colin powell, in an amazing way, represents a lot of america right now. he says, donald trump is a poor a yeah, he's totally incompetent and shouldn't have this job and
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hillary clinton is not trustworthy and i wish she'd stop like. colin powell sounds like an independent voter in the united states of america. >> jackie, what's, what's, what's your spin on perspective on this? >> i mean it doesn't sound like -- i think it doesn't sound like colin powell is really going to be endorsing anyone at this point. that said i don't know how much of a splash his endorsement would make. because a lot of colin powell's people have already endorsed hillary clinton. he's endorsed president obama in the past. he also sort of reflects a lot of republicans who really -- they don't really like hillary clinton but they can't get on board the trump train. so, maybe he'll just sit this one out at this point. it certainly looks that way in those e-mails. >> it does, okay. so sarah, jason, jackie, stick around because we have much more to talk about. donald trump's health could steal the spotlight today, as well. the billionaire now gearing up for a one-on-one interview with dr. oz. that interview could happen in the next hour.
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m.j. lee is outside dr. oz's studio in manhattan where that taping is taking place but i also want to bring in brian stelter who has more news on what exactly donald trump will be telling dr. oz but m.j. set the scene for us. >> hey, carol. donald trump is paying a visit to the doctor's office today. but this is not a typical doctor and certainly not a typical appointment. dr. oz has said that he expects to analyze the results of trump's physical last week. all of this is coming as there's been more pressure for both donald trump and hillary clinton to be more upfront about their medical records. all of this happened because hillary clinton had to put a trip to the 9/11 memorial early on sunday when it was revealed that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia. now in terms of what exactly new information we might be hearing from this interview, the bar is pretty low. so far the only thing that we have to go off of is a letter from donald trump's longtime physician, who in very trumpian
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style said in that letter that if elected president, donald trump would be the healthiest individual that has ever been elected president. >> okay. we'll get back to you when donald trump is done taping. brian, you unearthed some new information about what exactly donald trump will be turning over to dr. oz. >> right. that's what's so curious about this carol as m.j. just mentioned dr. oz said this time yesterday that he'd be reviewing the results of donald trump's physical. trump underwent that physical last week. we don't know with what doctor. and we haven't seen the results yet. so the idea this time yesterday as reported by fox and spoken by dr. oz was that he would be receiving the results and reviewing them on this episode of dr. oz. what a trump tv stunt, right? what a classic reality tv stunt. well it turns out new this morning the campaign spokeswoman says no dr. oz will not be reviewing the results of the physical. that was an idea considered but never finalized. all this leads us to wonder when will the physical results be released? they say later this week,
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possibly tomorrow but there's a lot of curiosity about what those results are going to show and what trump will say to dr. oz later today. i can tell you clip will be released later today. the episode airs tomorrow and what we've been saying all week remains true, both trump and clinton owe the public more information about their medical history. >> all right, thanks to both of you. still to come in the "newsroom," the trump foundation under fire and now trump's campaign is firing back. calling a new investigation quote, a left wing hit job. it's a very specific moment, the launch window. we have to be very precise. if we're not ready when the planets are perfectly aligned, that's it. we need really tight temperature controls. engineering, aerodynamics- a split second too long could mean scrapping it all and starting over. propulsion, structural analysis- maple bourbon caramel. that's what we're working on right now. from design through production, siemens technology helps manufacturers meet critical deadlines. i think this'll be our biggest flavor yet. when you only have one shot, you need a whole lot of ingenuity.
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this is cnn breaking news. all right. i want to take you back limp to outside of dr. oz's studios. you see photographers standing by. mr. trump to walk in and tape an episode of dr. oz. we thought that he was going to talk about the results of his physical with doctor oz but it turns out and brian stelter just uncovered this about an hour ago that donald trump will not
6:20 am
disclose the results of his physical on dr. oz's show. instead they'll talk about mr. trump's health regimen, what he eats and stuff like that, and how he exercises. so let's talk about that. back with us now sarah huckabee sanders, sarin johnson, jason johnson and jackie kucinich. sarah why did donald trump change his mind do you think? >> i'm not sure he has. all along he said he was going to release his health records this week. that hasn't changed. he'll do that -- >> -- on brian kylmeade, he said i know this that donald trump will turn over those records right to dr. oz who will analyze them and it will be a surprise to dr. trump what dr. oz is going to say. that's what brian kilmeade said on his show as he was interviewing dr. oz. so it seems like he changed his mind. >> well not necessarily. i mean as far as i know brian kilmeade isn't a spokesperson for the campaign. and i think that the campaign itself has been extremely clear that donald trump will release
6:21 am
his records this week from a physical he took on friday. we're in the middle of the week. it's certainly not over and he still plans to do that. but he is unlike hillary clinton willing to sit down with a doctor in a public forum and have a very open discussion about his health just as he's done on hundreds of other issues, because he's unafraid to sit down with the press. he does it every single day. and he's going to do it to talk about his health as he continues to do it on the campaign trail. >> well -- these days. mostly fox news and cnbc. but i want to bring in brian stelter so i can get the exact reporting right. so brian stelter, was there a change of mind from donald trump? >> that is the indication from the campaign. that this was an idea that was discussed, revealing the physical results on live tv. imagine the drama, by the way, of that. you would show up on -- in the studio with a studio audience and then dr. oz would have the results of the physical. dr. oz would read them to trump, and interpret them in realtime. i don't know about you carol,
6:22 am
i'd be a little nervous to have that done with my health. i don't know about you. that was a discussion. that was an idea but according to the spokesman that was never finalized. apparently what brian kilmeade was saying yesterday on fox news was just an idea the campaign had. people are going to be even more curious about what was found in his physical. and the plan remains the same to release that detail later this week, but not on dr. oz. >> well, well, there, there is like, you know, no i wouldn't want all of what my doctor found out on me to be released. because there's, you know, some things are personal jason so isn't that fair? >> yeah. i mean, i think most of this discussion is kind of strange. i mean, like i said the president of the united states doesn't have to compete on american gladiator. and so the physical needs, yeah the physical needs seem kind of strange. also i think even the environment. he's going to talk to dr. oz. so what, next we have hillary clinton's going to talk to frasier?
6:23 am
she's going to go talk to dr. phil in order to determine why she lies all of the time? all of this is a continual demonstration of how donald trump doesn't seem to be taking certain elements of this campaign seriously. look if you want to release your medical records, do it. if you want to speak to a black church do it. but i don't think this respects the process. there's plenty of things he can do. this is not one of them. >> both of these candidates really released more about their medical history. the bottom line, both hillary clinton and donald trump have not released hillary clinton said she's going to release more, donald trump is going to release this physical but we really all we have is that his goofy doctor's letter that was released earlier this year so i mean there needs to be more transparency on both sides at this point that you know it matters of -- >> okay -- >> what the commander in chief -- what their health is. >> let's talk about the other side, so, when might hillary clinton release more medical records? >> i think we've got to first say that she has released way more documents, and way more of her medical history than donald trump. >> yeah but still she did it a
6:24 am
long time ago. but the challenge is this for donald trump. he has for weeks been sort of making these claims -- >> what about hillary clinton's medical records that she's going to turn over. when might she do that? >> i think she's going to do it very soon. i mean listen one thing you can't question hillary clinton about is when she's going to release her tax returns and medical records. she's already done that. i think at a time that campaign made a very, very smart decision to take her down for a couple days. i think there's nothing in her health documents or her records that would show that she's not in perfect health so i think she'll do that very soon. but the problem is donald trump again flip-flopped. he said that he was going to release these medical records on the dr. oz show and i don't know what happened. when he gets there today he now decides he's not going to release the medical records or findings and not talk about it. again this is the whole issue with donald trump and his campaign around transparency -- >> there is difficult not to think that donald trump flip-flopped. this is what he said earlier this week. let's listen. >> this week i took -- this last
6:25 am
week i took a physical. and i'll be releasing when the numbers come in, hopefully they're going to be good. i think they're going to be good. i feel great. but, when the numbers come in, i'll be releasing very soon -- very, very specific numbers. >> so we all expected again sarah that that would be this week because when you take a physical it really doesn't take all that long to get the results in, right? i mean usually people know within a couple of days. so, do you see why voters might appear to be confused about why donald trump he's going on dr. oz so why doesn't he release them there and be done with it? >> i don't think voters would be confused. even my 4-year-old daughter knows that there's seven days in a week and we're only on wednesday. if he says he's going to release the results this week, he's still got a couple of days to do that. he certainly hasn't flip-flopped. i know he has every intention of doing that by the end of this week. again, this goes back to what the difference is between donald trump and hillary clinton. donald trump is sitting down in a public forum, taking questions
6:26 am
about his health while hillary clinton has spent the best part. the last year hiding from the press on hundreds of issues. she refuses to -- >> hillary clinton -- >> -- [ everyone talking at once ] >> as he used to be earlier in the year. we will see what he says to dr. oz. it is a great opportunity for him to talk about his child care policy and other health issues. we know ivanka is going with him and he'll start taping in about half an hour. donald trump is not as accessible to the media as he was six months ago. i think we should be honest about that. >> and dr. oz isn't a journalist. he's a tv host and he already said he's not going to ask him difficult questions. this is a problem for both campaigns. it's clear he did flip flon. he did lie. he said the same thing about going to a black church, first he was going to speak. then he wasn't going to speak. this is a problem. donald trump lies, hillary clinton isn't transparent. >> the only candidate in this race who has lied is hillary clinton. >> that is completely -- >> -- national security -- >> here's your problem again to
6:27 am
jason's point, again the campaign is putting donald trump in very safe and skrimted environment. why not go ahead and have a conversation with american people i mean he's been pounding hillary clinton about her health and basically making these sort of insinuations that she's resting all the time what's wrong with her. so now basically now he has a time to basically come out and say look, what my doctor put in this four-page document that we questioned is true he won't do it. with 55 days left to go you cannot continue to be in a scripted environment. donald trump needs to be basically in front of the american people and have an open, honest conversation. >> here's something else that i'm wondering about, and it might be nitpicking and you request tell me if you think it's nitpicking but ivanka is going on dr. oz with donald trump to talk about his health and his dietary -- in my mind, that should be melania trump. why isn't his wife going to appear with him? >> you know that's a question i can't answer specifically why ivanka's there. but i do know she spends an incredibly large amount of time with her dad.
6:28 am
and can certainly speak to, you know, his regiment, the things he eats, his health. i've spent time with donald trump on the campaign trail and i can tell you that you cannot survive the rigors of the campaign -- >> yeah, i get that but going back to my original point, where has melania trump been? >> good question. >> let's not forget she's a mom, folks. she has a 10-year-old son that she is taking care of, and raising, and i think -- >> i'm sure she has help -- >> -- and spending time with her child. and to question her for that -- >> she's going to -- >> she's not appearing. yes, she does have other responsibilities. very important ones. but so have other campaign 13 s spouses in the past. it is highly unusual that she has not made public appearances this summer and into the fall. it's a question we should keep asking the campaign. >> all right i have to leave it there. brian stelter, thanks to all of you. still to come in the "newsroom"
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good morning, i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. some of america's top athletes the target of cyber criminals. the world anti-doping agency says confidential medical files from several u.s. olympic stars, including simone biles, were stolen and leaked by russian hackers. those hackers now threatening to make even more personal information public. deborah feyerick is following this for us. >> good morning, russian hackers did break into the world anti-doping agency stealing private medical records and confidential drug testing reports. these are files of america's top
6:34 am
olympic athletes, including simone biles, tennis player venus williams and star basketball player dunn. she tweeted quote i'd like to thank the hackers for making the world aware that i legally take a prescription for a condition i've been diagnosed with which the world anti-doping agency granted me an exemption far. star gymnast simone biles saying having adhd and taking medicine for it is nothing to be ashamed of. nothing that i'm afraid to let people know. and u.s. officials say the athletes followed procedures, they requested permission and they were given exemptions by a team of independent doctors. owe sabres say there were no violations. now russia, who is allegedly responsible for his hack, a spokesperson for the government denied that the government or secret service had anything to do with it. but experts say this is part of a widespread pattern of propaganda, misinformation, and manipulation, if not outright intimidation, possible russian motives include retaliation after more than 100 athletes
6:35 am
from russia's track and field team were banned from the olympics after officials discovered a state-run doping scheme. the intent of the hack trying to embarrass the anti-doping agency and also tainting u.s. athletes and their successes at the olympics. this is all coming on the he's of an fbi investigation of what appears to be russia's widespread hacking specifically it's attempt to influence u.s. elections, after two russian agencies intelligence agencies were identified as having hacked into the dnc those files were stolen as we know they're being released slowly. the russian group identifies itself as fancy bear which is the u.s. code name given to russia's military intelligence even though russia still denies it was 1r0involved and how did happen. they hacked into the account, the russian athlete who helped expose the extent of russia's doping scandal. carol? >> deborah feyerick reporting live for us. thanks so much. coming up in the "newsroom," he likes to tout the real estate
6:36 am
empire he's built but what of the people who helped donald trump build that empire have to say? we talk to them. >> he put so many good contractors out of business. >> i don't care if he's donald trump, or donald duck. right is right, wrong is wrong, and i have to stand up for myself. eps) ♪ (crickets chirping) ♪ (jet engine) ♪ (heart beat) ♪ (water splashing) (rain drops) (engine revving) (tires on wet road) ♪
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- i was diagnosed with parin early 2013.lly it took awhile to sink in. we had to think a little more seriously about saving money for the future and for the kids. - the income of airbnb really helped to mitigate the stress. - but we have that flexibility of knowing that if you know things get worse, we have this to help keep us afloat. - so that's very, very important for us. donald trump says he'll make america great again by creating jobs. he often gives himself credit for investing in atlantic city, new jersey. >> i had the good sense, and i've gotten a lot of credit in the financial pages, seven years ago i left atlantic city before
6:41 am
it totally cratered. i made a lot of money in atlantic city, i'm very proud of it. i want to tell you that, very, very proud of it. >> but some small business owners aren't so proud of the deals they made with mr. trump calling him vindictive and claiming he banned them from working in atlantic city. cnn correspondent jessica schneider spoke with the businesses who worked for trump and she joins us now to tell us what they said. >> you know, carol, she's people all had very high hopes when they landed their business contracts with donald trump. but in the end, they say they were shorted huge sums of money. they contend that trump's tactics go beyond cutthroat and are more like high-powered bullying. >> he put so many good contractors out of business. >> i don't care if he's donald trump or donald duck. right is right. wrong is wrong. i have to stand up for myself. >> donald trump had basically decided what subcontractors would work in atlantic city, and which ones would not. >> they are the voices skeptical
6:42 am
of donald trump and his promises of prosperity. >> if you went against him, he simply put a list out, and said these are bad guys, and everybody else is a good guy. >> and you guys were on that list? >> we were on the list. >> and did you ever get work in atlantic city again? >> never. >> but donald trump has framed much of his campaign on his stellar record as a businessman. >> i'm running to give back to this country, which has been so very good to me. jobs, jobs, jobs. >> the three small business owners we just heard from say their contracts with trump initially looked promising but in the end the deals turned disastro disastrous. >> it was one of those things. what could go on? >> steven jenkins and his sister are second generation owners of a business built by their father. when taj mahal began construction they won the bid to
6:43 am
install every toilet in the casino's bathrooms. it was the largest contract their family business had ever landed. >> we bill $100,000 a month. that's a really good month for us. this was almost $300,000 in one contract. everyone was, you know, it was a big job. it was great. >> but as triad's workers wrapped up the project, talk started swirling that contractors weren't getting paid when the taj mahal filed for bankruptcy in 1991, triad was left with this $231,000 claim in court. they say they ended up with a payout of just $70,000. >> it's hard for me to talk about it. but, he put all four of us to work. >> jenkins gets emotional when he remembers how their father struggled to keep the business standing. >> it was distraught. it was -- you know, he's watching something that he built his whole life start to slip through his fingers. >> a generous loan they say saved the pennsylvania company. >> he didn't go to a bank for
6:44 am
the loan. he borrowed it off of a friend. i respect a lot about him. i think he has the capacity to take the very complicated and simplify it. which i think is one of the hallmarks of a good ceo. so i think he has that ability. on the other hand. i also think that he is vindictive, nasty, and think that his words or actions have no repercussions. >> matt spent years in light gags with trump. he respects trump's shrewd business tactics but harbors resentment of what it cost his start-up costume jewelry business. letters show trump tried to cut short his kiosk lease blaming the poor quality of the merchandise. he sued trump amaid various lease disputes and says the real estate mogul's team buried him in legal paperwork and fees for years. >> he was hoping that simply by sending me a letter and the force of being donald trump that a 20-something-year-old would roll over and say go ahead, i'm
6:45 am
not going to fight you, you're donald trump. he was wrong. i think i spent over $1 million in litigation with him. the bottom line i was i would have been much happier if he would have left me alone and simply left me to do my business. to him it was sport. and to me it was my life. >> we will make it very, very good for our companies, for our small businesses, and for people that want to survive and do well in our country. >> paul freeh scoffs at trump's words. the company founded by his grandfather was forced to file for bankruptcy he contends because of trump's tactics. >> we had already worked for three gcs and every single one of them lived up to the word until donald trump came to atlantic city. he was the first one that told a bunch of small contractors, i don't think i'm going to pay you any more money. and if you don't like it, you can sue me. >> friel says his father did try to recoup the $84,000 trump load
6:46 am
the company for the slot machines and the registration desks and bars. the elder friel eventually gave up but trump seemed to hold a grudge. friel says he believes his father's company was blocked from working on any future atlantic city casino projects. >> i think it surprised him the most that donald trump had blackballed it. even though we had a excellent name in atlantic city. we had already worked in four of the first four casinos. that he had the ability to tell people you don't want to work did you don't want this company to work for you. >> reporter: now friel says he's speaking out to honor his dead father. >> he would say, paul, do this, for us. because i was -- i was the one son involved in the business. >> reporter: donald trump did not respond to our requests for comment about these small business owners but he promised big, if not vague things, in cleveland. >> i have made billions of dollars in business making
6:47 am
deals, now i'm going to make our country rich again. >> he would say, paul, do this. let the country know what kind of man this is. >> reporter: and you're doing that? >> and i'm doing it. >> now, for paul friel and the brother and the sister who run triad the distaste for donald trump runs deep. in fact, beth rosser once demanded that her son return a trump tie he had picked up for a school dance and all three say they will vote for hillary clinton. now the jewelry store owner matt hyman says he hasn't fully decided about his vote yet. he says he does respect donald trump's business savvy to a agree but in the end he says it would be hard to actually cast his ballot for donald trump. so some conflicted thoughts there, and they've been through a lot with donald trump all these years. >> jessica schneider, thanks so much. still to come at the "newsroom" three days of big swings. how will the markets fare today? we'll take you live to the new york stock exchange next. i have asthma...
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the opening bell of the new york stock exchange rang about 15 minutes ago. the dow down just about 18 points but how today actually fares is anyone's guess after big swings the past three days. allison cosack joins us to talk about it. >> we are seeing a flat start but what whiplash over the past three sessions. we have seen the dow make three triple digit moves, two down, one up. what's happening is investors are unsure when the federal reserve will make its move to raise interest rates so that is causing some bit of volatility. meantime, investors not too happy with wells fargo after learning employees opened millions of fake accounts. we watched shares of wells fargo fall 3% yesterday.
6:53 am
they are down more than 6% since the scandal broke. but then last night, the bank's ceo john stumpf saying i'm sorry for the fake account scandal but i'm not stepping down. here he is. >> i want to tell you, your audience and our customers that we are sorry. we deeply regret any situation where a customer got a product they did not request. i think the best thing i can do right now is lead this company and lead this company forward. >> now, there is an executive leaving the bank but the way she's leaving, it's only escalating criticism of the bank. you see, the executive in charge of the unit involved in the scandal is retiring with a $124 million pay package. meantime, 5300 bankers have been fired for opening the bank accounts, including fake debit cards customers never, ever opened. the bank is also ending the structure of sales goals that fueled the scandal with employees boosting their own pay by hitting those sales targets.
6:54 am
wonder what the next stop is for the ceo? capitol hill. next week he will testify in front of massachusetts senator elizabeth warren and the senate banking committee. you can bet he's going to get a grilling. >> i would assume so. thank you. checking other top stories for you at 54 minutes past, heart-stopping video out of phoenix. oh, my goodness. i'm sorry, i didn't get the chance to warn you. that is disturbing video. a car plows into three officers, hits a police cruiser, then crashes through the front of a convenience store. two of the officers were taken to the hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries. we are told the third officer was hurt during a struggle with the driver. investigators say they believe the man crashed into those officers on purpose. luckily, all of them survived. the gazebo where tamir rice was fatally shot by cleveland police is being taken down this morning. an attorney for rice's mother says she asked for it to be dismantled.
6:55 am
it had become a makeshift memorial for tamir since his death in november 2014. it will eventually become part of an exhibit at a chicago museum. the white house has announced plans to allow 110,000 refugees into the united states over the next ten years. that's 10,000 more than the original goal for 2017 and a 57% increase from just last year. the country's refugee policy, a top campaign issue in this election, donald trump making waves with his call for a temporary ban on muslims entering the united states while hillary clinton favors a six-fold increase at accepting syrian refugees. california has become the first state to ban breeding killer whales and holding them in captivity. the governor signed the bill into law. it takes effect in 2017 and allows for orcas already in captivity to remain in the state but only for educational purposes. sea world, which has a park in san diego, already announced it will phase out its shamu shows. next hour of "cnn newsroom"
6:56 am
after a break.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. any day now, supposedly, we could learn the results from donald trump's recent physical. the trump camp now telling reporters some medical information is expected to be released this week, but not during that highly anticipated interview with dr. oz. let me take you out to the upper west side of new york live. these are pictures outside of dr. oz's studios, where trump could arrive any minute now for his sit-down with dr. oz. that interview which airs tomorrow will now focus on trump's overall health, exercise and the trump family. we are covering all of this with our team of political reporters. let's begin with cnn senior media correspondent and host of "reliable


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