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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  September 14, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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with michigan. it was just announced that ford is moving all small car production -- all of it, 100% -- to mexico. over the next two to three years. this just happened. we shouldn't allow it to happen. shouldn't allow it to happen. they'll make their cars. they'll employ thousands and thousands of people not from this country. and they'll sell the cars right through a very weak border. no tax, no nothing. and we'll have nothing but more unemployment in flint and in michigan. it's horrible. when we send our jobs to other nations we're also sending our tax base that supports our infrastructure, including, by the way, our pipes that we get our water from. i just met the most beautiful family, and they are devastated by what's happened with the water. and it's had a huge impact on them mentally and physically.
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incredible to see what's going on. but the infrastructure and all of this is going to other nations. our jobs are going to other nations. our money is going to other nations. we get nothing. we get no tax. we get unemployment. that's about it. closed factories. i see them all over. hillary clinton supported nafta, supported china's entry into the world trade center. by the way, nafta is probably the worst trade deal ever made in the history of our country, probably in the history of the world. in the history of the world. signed by bill clinton. allowed china to run up a $1 trillion in cumulative deficits, trade deficits with the united states. china now, if you look at what is going on, a trade deficit of $500 billion. hillary failed on the economy. just like she has failed on
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foreign policy. everything she touched didn't work out. nothing. now hillary clinton -- >> mr. trump, i invited you here to thank us for -- >> oh, okay. >> not to give a political speech. >> that's good. i'm going to go back on to flint. okay. okay. flint's -- flint's pain is a result of so many different failures, and i must say that -- that -- no, i never. never would. never would. never would. and frankly "time" magazine, as you know, they reported this year that the federal government, they've got a long way to go to bring flint back. and i look at the damage done and the damage -- and the damage can be taken care of. [ inaudible speaker ] >> thank you. thank you. thank you, pastor. and the damage can be corrected and it can be corrected by people that know what they're
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doing. unfortunately, the people that caused this tremendous problem had no clue. they had absolutely no clue. so, it's an honor to be with you. pastor, it's an honor to be with you, appreciate it. armstrong. i can only say in the strongest of terms that we can fix this problem. it's going to take time. it's amazing the damage that's been done. but we'll get it fixed. and it will be fixed quickly, am i am elected. but it will be fixed quarterbacki quickly and effectively and flint will come back. most importantly we'll bring jobs back to flint. without the jobs -- without the jobs, so important. thank you very much. >> welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. you just saw donald trump speaking to a historically black church in flint, michigan. bethel united methodist church. there was some disruption there.
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the pastor first going on stage while mr. trump began a political speech and said that that was not the reason that she had invited him there, not to give a political speech. then there was somebody in the audience -- i don't know if it was heckling or shouting out questions, and the pastor said to be polite to mr. trump. and his remarks were cut a bit short, i believe. flint, of course, the town ensnared in the massive water crisis that you have seen earlier this year. more on that story later of mr. trump's visit to michigan. but right now brand-new battle ground polls breaking right here, right now in our politics lead. two swing states just swung towards donald trump. let's bring in cnn political director david chalian. david, these are polls of florida voters and ohio voters who now support a plurality of them, mr. trump. this is a difference from a month ago. >> it's mirroring what we've seen nationally. in the last few weeks a tightening of the race.
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momentum on mr. trump's side in some cases. jake, these are two critical battleground. trump 47%. hillary clinton 44%. johnson 6% and stein, 1%. that's in florida. ohio. donald trump, 5 points ahead here. 46% to 41%. gary johnson at 8. that's likely voters in ohio. among the broader universe of registered voters in both states, we see that donald trump doesn't get quite as big of a lead as he does when we screen for likely voters, the most enthusiastic voters. take a look at independent voters. critical group. donald trump winning by ten points among independent voters in florida. take a look at independent voters in ohio. donald trump also in ohio, doing much better than hillary clinton by eight points here among independent voters. this is part of why he is leading in these critical
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battleground states. take a look at the non-white versus the white voter split. just a whole story that we've been seeing throughout the whole election cycle. in florida you see donald trump has a 29-point lead among whites and you see that hillary clinton is beating him among non-whites 69% to 26%. it's more dramatic in ohio. take a look at the non-white vote split in ohio. hillary clinton is beating donald trump 80 -- you don't see it yet. here you go. 80% to 10%. a 70-point lead among non-whites in ohio. he, of course, doing quite well among white voters in ohio. >> the polls also show, david, that some of the obama coalition, they're really not there for hillary clinton right now. tell us where the problem is mainly. obviously, non-white voters are with her. >> jake, we take a look at one key component of the obama coalition that you are speaking of. young voters. under the age of 45. hillary clinton has a six-point lead in florida.
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but athletic at the 2012 exit polls from florida. look at barack obama versus mitt romney. under 45 in florida. he had an 18-point lead. so she has got a third of that. six-point lead. same story in ohio. look at had your new poll. under 45. hillary clinton only has a two-point lead among younger voters under the age of 45 in our new poll. compare that to 2012. barack obama versus mitt romney in the exit polls. he had a 15-point lead in ohio in that group. you can see that hillary clinton is underperforming in one key part of the obama coalition, not only did barack obama have bigger leads over mitt romney, but when we screened for likely voters, younger voters are some of the first to drop out. they're not as enthusiastic about voting in this election. >> she has seven weeks and six days to get the younger voters on her side. david, there is another battleground state being discussed today. monmouth university has a poll of nevada where trump is up two points. how does this change the
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electoral map? >> it's a critical question. we're seeing a lot of state polls with donald trump with slight leads in the battleground states. yet he still has a tough path to 270. we talked about florida and ohio. you just mentioned nevada all with trump leads or basic ties but numerical leads. he could win all the remaining battleground states here and everything else that's leaning democratic or leaning republican, he still wouldn't get to 270. so this is his critical problem. as much as it's good news for him that he sees poll numbers in florida, north carolina, nevada, ohio, going his way, he has to start digging into some democratic-leaning territory like pennsylvania or michigan or wisconsin. states that are slightly leaning blue. he has to start digging in and winning some of those if he'll get over 270. >> one of the maxims will polling is it's not really about where the numbers are, it's where are the numbers going. what's the trajectory.
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we have a new quinnipiac poll out of likely voters nationally which basically shows the race a dead heat. hillary clinton had something like a ten-point lead a few weeks ago and now it's gone. >> we have now been seeing this for a week. our poll came out right after labor day showing a two-point donald trump lead. this has a two-point hillary clinton lead among likely voters. 41% to 39% nationally. this is part of that narrowing of this race, the tightening of the race to what is basically now a coin toss of national race. >> big news. david chalian. thank you so much. the new cnn politics app is out at the app store. great app for all the data driving the race to the white house. donald trump, of course, today had a very showy display. he went to dr. oz to talk about his health. he said he wants to lose 15 pounds and he's effectively used medication to control his cholesterol. that's some of the information he revealed to dr. oz today. the campaign has not released any sort of documentation from
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trump's recent physical exam. while it's been lost recently amid the health of the democratic nominee, there right now remain questions about the general health of the republican nominee. he loves fast food, he doesn't engage in regular exercise and would be the oldest person ever elected president. sara murray is live outside trump tower right now. he has been all over the place on how much medical information he is planning to disclose. what did we get today? >> reporter: we shouldn't be surprised to see a reality television star show up on daytime tv with his test results in hand and sort of surprise everyone by saying he was prepared to release the results of his physical. they have not been made public except for the audience there at the dr. oz taping. it falls short of some of the medical histories we've seen past nominees make available. all this is raising new questions about what is really a lack of transparency on the part of donald trump's campaign, jake.
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less than two months legal election day. there are still glaring gaps in the information donald trump has revealed to voters. trump unveiling the results of his recent physical today. not to the public, but rather to a tv personality, dr. oz. >> this is the report from -- >> these are all the tests that were done. >> reporter: leaving audience members to give us their best summaries. >> according to doctors it was all normal. there was no surprise. except donald trump said he is on a statin, cholesterol-lowering drug. >> reporter: even trump's full physical results which the campaign plans to release thursday, fall short of the detailed medical histories past nominees have provided to demonstrate their physical capacity to serve as president. trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway says she doesn't see the point of such broad disclosures. >> i don't know why we need such extensive medical reporting when we all have a right to privacy. >> reporter: this is hardly the only area where trump is less
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than transparent. the billionaire businessman is still refusing to release his tax returns because, he says, they're under audit. the dearth of information means voters know little about trump's business deals abroad and whether they'll create conflicts of interest if he wins the presidency. today trump's daughter ivanka trump insists the family would self-police the investments to avoid conflicts. >> as a private business we can make decisions that are not in our best interests. we're not beholden to anyone, to shareholders. we'll say, we're not going to do that deal. even though it's a fine deal, economically reasonable, because it could create a conconflict of interest. >> reporter: keeping the tax returns under wraps also makes it hard to prove his claim that he's given money to charity. now the new york troeattorney
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generally is investigating his charitable foundation. >> we have been looking into the trump foundation to make sure it's complying with the laws governing charities in new york. >> reporter: on investigation, the trump campaign quickly slammed as politically motivated. releasing a statement saying, attorney general erick schneiderman is a hack who has turned a blind eye to the clinton foundation for years. so far the trump campaign has given no indicaion they'll pony up any of his tax returns, even the ones no longer under audit. it's worth remembering that the trump and clinton campaigns have been under fire for being much less transparent than previous nominees particularly on the issue of health. back to you. >> sara. thank you so much. hillary clinton is at home today still recovering from pneumonia. starting tomorrow she'll be back rallying voters in greens grbog north carolina.
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jeff zeleny is live in new york for us. what's the latest? >> we're told she is resting comfortably and will campaign tomorrow in north carolina. we're also still promised more information about her own medical details as well. we don't know if that is coming today. her aides initially said it would be. she in fact said on cnn earlier that it would be as well. so we're looking for that, jake. but it is -- the clinton campaign is trying to go after donald trump, on the offensive here, raising questions today about his business dealings, raising questions about, you know, all of the transparent issues that he has had in his campaign as well here, be jake. >> jeff zeleny, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thanks. astonishing, shocking, blunt. the jaw-dropping e-mails from colin powell about both presidential candidates, but one in particular. that story next.
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welcome back to "the lead." if you don't know it by now
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nothing is secure. nothing is private. the latest victim of a cyber crime to learn that lesson is colin powell. stolen e-mails from his private account surfaced. in these personal and previously private e-mails he obliterated donald trump, dismissing the republican number knominee as a public disgrace. he complained about clinton potentially turning him into a scapegoat for her e-mail fiasco. he speculated about clinton's health. he said, quote, on hdtv she doesn't look good. in the sex sentennext sentence is working herself to death. it puts 2016 politicians in a tough spot. >> private e-mails, hacked stolen and released today reveal an undiplomatic side of the nation's former top diplomat, secretary of state colin powell. with tough words for hillary clinton. and damning ones for donald
1:19 pm
trump. quote, i would rather not have to vote for her, he writes, although she is a friend i respect. describing her as, quote, greedy, not transformational and adding an off-color insult about the state of her marriage. the powell purge was first made public by dc leaks. an aide to the secretary confirmed to cnn that the e-mails are real. >> i know colin powell pretty well, and i can tell you he is deeply troubled by the course the nation is on. all this must come as sort of like disgusting that he has been violated like this. >> the retired four-star general and former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff called the benghazi investigations a stupid witch hunt. he laid fault at the feet of the courageous ambassador killed in the attack who thought libyans now love me and i am okay in this very vulnerable place. powell added blame also rests on his leaders and supports back here including undersecretary of state pat kennedy, the intelligence community, diplomatic security and, yes, hillary rodham clinton.
1:20 pm
powell had tough words for donald rumsfeld and dick cheney by called donald trump a national disgrace and an international pariah. >> the difference between a diamond and an e-mail. an e-mail is forever. once you write an e-mail you're likely to have it turn up. >> his e-mails are the latest private documents to be released in the recent days. tuesday a cache of information was unloaded from the democratic national committee including a list of big done irs to the dnc and the obama campaign many who landed plum jobs as ambassadors or other positions. donna brazil said the dnc is the victim of a crime by russian state sponsored agents calling it an effort to influence the presidential election. cyber security experts say they suspect both d.c. leaks and
1:21 pm
guccifer 2.0 have ties to russia they the connections have not been definitively confirmed. >> with us kirsten powers and "washington post" columnist david ignatius. did colin powell give voice to how the washington establishment feels about the major party presidential nominees? don't answer yet. we'll take a quick break and we'll be back. .. the lowest prices on our hotels are always at so pay less and get more only at ♪ sweet, sweet st. thomas nice. ♪ so nice, so nice st. croix full of pure vibes.
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welcome back to "the lead." we're staying with the politics. with all the talk about transparency. let's look at what we know and what we don't about the two top candidates to become president of the united states. donald trump would be the oldest
1:26 pm
president. hillary clinton would almost be the oldest president. so far she has released a two-page doctor's letter. donald trump's doctor wrote four paragraphs on one page. neither has provided access to their full and complete medical records as did, say, john mccain in 2008 or bob dole in '96. on tax returns clinton has released 39 years worth of tax returns and donald trump has released zero years' worth of tax returns. bringing back our panel. david ignatius, we are seven weeks, six days out, but who is counting. are you surprising that donald trump has still not really paid any sort of price for not releasing any of his tax returns? >> i think he is paying some price. the thing that struck me today thinking about the hacking of colin powell's e-mails, the mornings news about hacking of olympic drug records, is these records should be released both health and tax because it's the right thing to do. but they should also be released because in this era they will be hacked. and they'll be released in ways
1:27 pm
that the candidates can't control at a timing they can't control. imagine. if you are hillary clinton and you have some health information you have been holding back, you have to assume now that it will be hacked and come out the time that's worst for your campaign. >> hillary clinton has released a more detailed doctor's letter. she says she is facing a double standard. what do you think, kirsten? >> yes. she does seem to be facing a double standard. it's hard to figure out why it is exactly. if you look at the letter she has released, it's much more detailed than what donald trump has released. and we've talked about the absurdity of the letter released by donald trump's doctor. now he's turning that in sort of a circus, going on dr. oz's show. yeah. they should both release their information. the fact remains she's still released a lot more information than he has.
1:28 pm
in terms the taxes he claims he is under audit so he can't release them. he is not under audit for the last 39 years so he could release as much as she has released. for the last two years, if he really is under audit. not show us those. >> there is no reason for him to show 2008. >> exactly. >> david, this campaign is so crazy that, even big stories like basket of deplorables vanish because they're replaced with 15 other outrages. i was thinking today about basket of deplorables. we went to middletown, ohio. there was a woman we spoke with who was wavering on trump versus clinton. i am wondering, if i am that woman and hearing to half of trump supporters as in a basket of deplorables, racist, sexist, i think it may have an effect. >> i think it was a real mistake. she said as much afterwards,
1:29 pm
which was wise. you already see columnists making a point that will be made in trump ads, asking voters, are you one of the deplorables? wounded people will think, is she talking about me? so i think it was very unfortunate language. there is a way to recover and she'll struggle to do that. in the debates maybe she'll make the ground. >> some think it's bad ground for trump because you think, is it half or 10% or 15%? david duke is back in the news. >> the clinton campaign feels like she shouldn't have said the 50% but they're happy to have the debate with him over the fact that he's dredged up these people, whatever percentage you want to put on it of the alt-right that say he is racist and has done racist things. in the cnn poll today she is hag trouble with millennials. this is one of the issues that activates them, the issue of equality. they don't like people who behave the way donald trump does
1:30 pm
towards women or minorities. >> hillary clinton on a tear in a tweet storm this morning talking about a "newsweek" story that called into question donald trump's business ties internationally. one of the questions that she said needed to be asked, if you were willing to work with gadhafi, a known terrorist and da dictator is there anyone you're not willing to work with? >> i think trump's international business dealings are one of the areas that you'll see a lot more reporting in the press, also a lot more focus by the clinton campaign. the places he has done deals, those are environments where it's very hard to operate without, you know, getting into hot water. again, the reporting has to be done, but i think it's an area of potential real vulnerability. >> thank you so much. be sure to tune into cnn tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern for almost president the gagagony of defea. goria borger sits down with the men who have dealt with the most
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welcome back to "the lead." our health lead. congress waited and waited. took a vacation. came back. waited some more and is still waiting to pass a bill to fund the fight against zika. so according to centers for disease control director dr. tom frieden, what happens now is the u.s. is about to see, quote, a bunch of kids born with microcephaly, which is, of course, a debilitating and potentially lethal condition. a lot of those children unfortunately will likely be foreign in florida. joining me now the governor of the sunshine state, rick scott.
1:36 pm
thank you so much for coming in today. we appreciate it. dr. frieden warned on friday that the cdc was nearly out of money to fight the virus. how is your state doing on that front? do you have enough resources? >> well, i have put in $26.2 million. we are paying for spraying, we're paying for education and testing. we're testing -- we've offered every pregnant woman in the state a free assessment and test. we have a request from the cdc for zika prevention kits that they're giving out in puerto rico. we asked for those for florida. we need lab support. more women are wanting tests and we're asking for the cdc for more will be support. jake, this is about pregnant women and developing babies. this is not a partisan issue. it's about taking care of developing babies. that's all this is. so it's pretty frustrating when we don't see the president and congress get something done. i have been up here yesterday and today. everybody says they're supportive. one person has said they're not supportive. but we still don't have a bill.
1:37 pm
my senator in florida. senator nelson last week voted against a bill of $1.1 billion of funding. i can't imagine what politically would be more important than zika funding. >> the democrats say the $1.1 billion blocks money from going to clinics, health clinics, that provide contraception. obviously this is a sexually transmitted disease and contraception would be needed. i suppose that -- i know you want money and you want it as soon as possible. would you want funding to be able to get to provide contraception to women so that you don't have an epidemic of zika babies? >> i have had over a thousand bills put on my desk. i actually have a republican house and senate, do you think they ask me and say governor let me give you the perfect bill for you to either sign or veto. no i don't get perfect bills. there are no perfect bills. this is $1.1 billion. we need the federal government to show up and come up with a vaccine. we need more research dollars
1:38 pm
and more support of each of our states. this isn't just a florida issue. this is -- we're the tip of the spear. we have over 60 people now with local or nontravel related zika. this is going to be a national issue. the house and the senate and the president have got to come together and get something done now. >> a lot of people in florida were very alarmed as you know by the spraying of the zika-carrying pesticide naled, which is banned in europe and puerto rico because of the potential people worried about the chemical degrades into something that could cause genetic mutations. what's your response to those people? >> we have had two impacted areas, the first area was wynnewood, one square mile north of downtown miami. after we started having the cases we did aerial spraying there. the cdc recommended this. the state doesn't control. >> were you worried though at all? >> the cdc, you know, has done studies. this is being used. so -- but this is still decided locally.
1:39 pm
the local government gets to decide. either we have the county health departments or a mosquito board and they make the decision what to do. it worked. we haven't had a case now in almost 45 days. in the miami beach area we have a 1.5 square mile area. they've just now done two aerial sprays. one for adult mosquitos and one for larvacide. we're hoping to drive down the number of mosquitos. you chair a super pac supporting donald trump called rebuilding america now. you have a new ad out today which promises the trump administration will bring back steel jobs. can you make that promise? >> the ad is called america soaring. we did a test in youngstown, ohio. this is purely a positive ad about the future of this country, how to build jobs in this country. trump went from two points up to 18 points up. we're running it in key markets in pennsylvania. >> all right. thank you so much. governor rick scott. good luck with the fight against zika. stay in touch. we want to keep the federal
1:40 pm
government accountable for the good people of florida. hacked e-mails from a former secretary of state. cyber attacks on the democratic national committee, what do all these stories have in common? that story next. . ♪ ♪ one, two, - wait, wait. wait - where's tina? doing the hand thing? yep! we are all in for our customers. ally. do it right. we are all in for our customers. ♪ guyhey nicole, happening here? this is my new alert system for whenever anything happens in the market. kid's a natural. but thinkorswim already lets you create custom alerts for all the things that are important to you. shhh. alerts on anything at all?
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welcome back. the national lead now. the man who police say plowed down three officers on purpose outside a convenience store in phoenix will remain behind bars. a surveillance camera captured the dramatic and alarming encounter from early yesterday morning. the officers standing in the parking lot when police say mark payne drove up and ran into them and into the building. in court today he was charged with several counts including attempted first degree murder. that's him leaned over a podium despite the judge asking him to stand up. payne told the judge he watched the officers for four minutes
1:45 pm
bfr driving into them. he was denied bond and thankfully all three officers are expected to recover. breaking news now. we welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. the presidential campaign of hillary clinton just this minute released more medical information about the health of the democratic presidential nominee. the clinton campaign did this largely because secretary clinton, we have to say, was caught on video sunday seeming to collapse. it happened after clinton kept the press in the dark about leaving a 9/11 memorial service. we have since clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia two days before the health scare and chose not to disclose her health condition. i'm joined by dr. sanjay gupta and jeff zeleny and brianna keilar. what do we know now that we didn't know before? >> there is not a tremendous difference, to be honest. we know about a medication that it says she is on for a total of ten days.
1:46 pm
l levaquin. >> for the pneumonia. >> yes. we know she is on a antihistamines. looking at her cholesterol. her triglycerides appear to have jumped. her bad cholesterol is down as well as her good cholesterol from the last information we got but her triglycerides went from 69 to 159. i am not a doctor. so i want sanjay to weigh in. >> tell us what this means, sanjay and what more data you see in the documents that you find interesting and important. >> i agree with how brianna assessed that. we are looking at something that's pretty similar to what her doctor released in july of last year. the triglycerides jumped. 69 before. it's 159. i don't want to speculate on
1:47 pm
what that means. sometimes it could be as simple as if it was a fasting blood taken versus non-fasting blood taken. it's a question i would ask them. and there is a little bit more of a description of what happened with regard to this pneumonia and the diagnosis she ended up having a ct scan, we know, on friday to try and make this diagnosis. that ct scan of her chest is what revealed this pneumonia and she is on an antibiotic typically taken for ten days. levaquin. it sounds from the doctor's note that she is responding and doing well. this is certainly not a release of medical records by any means. this is similar in some ways to what we got in july of last year. there may be more coming but it's sort of unclear. those are sort of the highlights, jake. >> can the medicine you mentioned levaquin cause
1:48 pm
dizziness? >> not typically cause dizziness. there are some side effects of this medication. one of the ones it can cause is it can cause you to have pain in certain joints and tendons. not typically dizziness. as jake, you and i talked about the pneumonia itself could potentially cause dizziness, cause someone to be dehydrated. one of the medications for the hypothyroidism is make someone heat intolerant meaning they don't tolerate heat as well. and the medications, the antihistamines that brianna was mentioning can cause someone to be more dehydrated as well. the combination of things perhaps. the levaquin has some side effects but not that one so much. >> jeff zeleny, why is the campaign releasing the documents now? >> it's been knocked off course this week with the diagnosis of this. the medical issues aside, from a political transparency point of view, clinton advisors will tell
1:49 pm
you they've lost some ground here and they're trying to put this behind them as she flies to north carolina to return to the campaign trail after spending the last three days at home. they want everything to be finished in the words of one aide. so they're putting it out now to try be more transparent and get beyond this. the question is, as always, will this be enough. the age of these candidates. 68 for secretary clinton. she turns 69 next month and 70 for her rival, donald trump, are quite old in terms of other recent presidential candidates. will they release more going forward? we don't know. this, this afternoon, politically speaking, is an effort to get beyond this and get back to the race. jake, the race is suddenly a tighter ones when she returns to the campaign trail tomorrow. >> the clinton campaign eager to point out they've released much more information when it comes to her health than donald trump has. what do we know about her recovery from pneumonia?
1:50 pm
>> her doctor says hillary clinton is recovering well with antibiotics and rest and continues to remain healthy and fit to serve as president of the united states. this is also what she adds here, though, overall for her health picture. the remainder of her complete physical exam was normal and she is in excellent mental condition. that's a really interesting, you know -- you've heard sanjay talk about how important -- there is a number of certainly of things that are important to look at. he said cognitive function is one. so you see that her doctor there is speaking to that as well. in terms of the pneumonia and how she is recovering she is saying she is doing well. she has been on antibiotics we presume since friday which was when she was given the diagnosis. jeff reported that there was a consideration of hillary clinton just taking two days of rest. in the end she ended up taking three and we are expecting that she'll be back on the trail tomorrow. >> thanks, everyone. a terrifying warning about
1:51 pm
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we're back with the world lead now. today the kremlin accused president obama of russia-phobia after the president said vladimir putin was trump's role model and reminded voters that putin, quote, invades smaller countries, jails his opponents, controls the press and drives his economy into a long recession. the president and clinton campaign have suggested that hacks of the democratic party e-mails were done by russia possibly to influence the election in trump's favor. personal e-mails were exposed written by colin powell and the dnc. the dnc blames russia, though it's not provided evidence to back up that charge. secretary of state john kerry has been working with russia, meanwhile, on a ceasefire in syria. i want to bring in adam kins
1:56 pm
inger of illinois who served in the air force in iraq and afghanistan. he is not supporting donald trump or hillary clinton this november. let me ask you, congressman, do you suspect russia may be behind the most recent hacks as well? >> i am not saying that from any special proof. i want to make that clear. it's pretty obvious they have an interest in this. they have tried to, whether through the dnc or through maybe with colin powell now, tried to have an impact on the election. we know they have very good offensive cyber capability. we do also. but it's definitely worrisome. and i understand from a media's perspective having to report it. i kind of wish we could get to a point where if somebody's e-mails is hacked it's not considered news. we want people to be able to have private conversations. >> i agree. it's something we wrestle it. >> once it's out, it's out. >> no, it's tough. what's the motive, do you think, of russia trying to interfere in the election if you buy that that's what they're doing? >> if they are trying to interfere, i think, you know,
1:57 pm
donald trump has said some nice things about vladimir putin before. i think he likes that. i think he likes to be -- i think he likes to have his -- to be flattered. you have seen that. you have seen donald trump saying we have to work with the russians in some of the toughest places in the world where frankly russia, like in syria, has responsibility for killing almost half a million people. they're tearing apart ukraine and georgia. this is what we have seen by vladimir putin in other countries. he tries to intervene in their elections. so whether or not he is doing it, it's a big accusation to level but there is a lot of reason to suspect it. >> talking about syria. right now secretary of state john kerry, we're into the third day of a ceasefire and kerry has been trying to work with the russians. it is a plan that has met with much opposition in the pentagon. the generals there don't trust russia. >> that's right. >> kerry's answer is i don't trust them either, but 450,000 people have been slaughtered. i am trying to do something.
1:58 pm
what do you think? >> look. i don't trust russia. every time they come to the table to negotiate it's not because they have a humanitarian sense. the russians have been bombing m medical facilities with the assad regime. now that the ceasefire is in place, hope we can get some medical aid and humanitarian aid in. let's hope it lasts. if you get into the nuance of what's happening, this stops at a time when western-backed rebels were on the offensive and sort of freezes their momentum. you see now the regime will rearm and the russians will reposition. i won't be surprised if a week, two weeks or a month you see the ceasefire broken in a way that benefits the regime and russia. >> i hope you're wrong. >> as do i. >> i know you're not supporting either major party nominee for president but donald trump represents your party. >> right. >> are you surprised at how
1:59 pm
untranspare untransparent he is being when it comes to his medical records and the fact that he is breaking with decades of tradition and not releasing any tax returns? >> not a lot of things with mr. trump surprise me anymore. i think, as a lot of his surrogates have said, he should release his medical records in full and he should release his taxes in full. the american people deserve to know that. at the same time we have questions about hillary clinton's health. she should release that information too. so i think, you know, look, when you are electing the most powerful position in the world, i think the american people have a right to that transparency and to see what you're made of. >> congressman adam kissinger. thank you. is north korea on the fast track to a nuclear weapons cache? a shocking report from groups watching korea every move says kim jong un is on his way to exactly that. experts say by the ends of the year they'll have enough material on hand to build 20 nuclear bombs. this comes after north korea
2:00 pm
conducted its fifth and likely most powerful nuclear test last week. it felt like a 5.3 earthquake. that's it for "the lead." i am jake tapper. i turn you over to wolf blitzer who is next door in "the situation room." thanks for watching. happening now, breaking news. hillary clinton's health records, forced off the campaign trail by a case of pneumonia that was kept under wraps, clinton releases a detailed doctor's statement as she recovers from her illness. will this move help her recover from a serious campaign setback? the first videos released from donald trump's appearance on "the dr. oz show," where he releases some of his results from his latest medical exam. is trump doing enough to answer calls for transparency? >> colin's scowl. former republican secretary of state calls donald trump and i am quoting a national disgrace and an international pariah. he also says hillary con


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