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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  September 14, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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charlable -- charitable giving. the candidate is with holding tax returns containing information about his personal donations wlachlt willhat will new investigation reveal? . now accusing president obama of rrussophobia. the pentagon may send more troops to iraq and syria iraqi forces are warning millions of major offenses. will it force the terrorists out of iraq's seconds largest city? we want to welcome our viewers.
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i'm wolf blitzer here in "the situation room". hillary clinton's campaign released new details including her bout with pneumonia. donald trump shared new medical information and gave a summary to dr. oz, also breaking this hour. brand new cnn polls that showed trump making gains in two critical battleground states. he has a slight lead over clinton in florida and ohio. a new cyber attack this time targeting collin powell. i'm quoting now, a national
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disgrace and international. and new tonight, cnn learned the pentagon may send more special operations forces. they would be advising to take key cities from isis. they are worning of mozul. we'll covering that and much more including the chairman of the house homeland security committee and our correspondents and expert analysts are also standing by. there is new details about her general health! there is. hillary clinton's released this two-page letter reporting she
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was treated not only this past friday diagnosed to pneumonia but also prior to that for that low grade fever and persistent cough. her doctor said she is recovering well on the eve of her return to the campaign trail. tonight hillary clinton shedding more light on her health. trying to put her pneumonia diagnosis in perspective. she heads back to the campaign trail on thursday a new letter from her physician. she says she chexamined clinton and she continues to improve. after falling ill sunday at ground zero. the doctor said she is recovering well with antibiotics and rest. she remains healthy and fit to serve as president of the united states. health and transparency suddenly
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front and center. the clinton campaign knowledged not being fully forthcoming about her i'llness. her doctor said she had pneumon pneumonia. she has been at home ever since, as a cast of clintons campaign on her behalf. >> people think there's something unusual. an aid, clinton is heading back to north carolina on thursday, the last battleground state she visited last week. >> i have been looking forward to joining all of you mehere in charlotte. >> she is returning to a far more competitive one. the race rocked by another wave of hacked e-mails. this time from colin powell.
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he saved his sharpest words for trump calling him a national disgrace. she received flower deliveries throughout the day she continued preparing for her first debate with trump. zbli promise if i wanted it i would have gotten it. >> secretary clinton has been following all of the political developments including the latest poll numbers. she is eager to get back on the road to make up for lost time. in that letter her doctor also said this. mrs. clinton has remained healthy and not developed new medical conditions other than a sinus infection and ear infection. wolf, one senior adviser told me today the top priority was recovery of that first debate
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only 12 days away. >> thank you. let's get some more on hillary clinton's health. thank you very much for joining us. what stands out to you? >> she got a ct scan of her chest in order make that diagnosis. it tells us more where it is located and how she is being treated. we also know over the last year if it comes to the heart, lungs and the brains, for example, she has had a coronary calcium score. it came back zero. her risk of heart disease is low. she also had a brain scan done. it was done at the same time she
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was having sinus problems. they did a brain scan as well. the brain scan also looked normal. we are looking at this letter of the reports as opposed to any of the scans themselves or any of the read-outs of the scans themselves. these are not the medical records. it is not a release of medical records. it's a summary as was given out last year. it is more of an updated letter from one year to the next. >> a physician specializes in pneumonia, he said especially someone over 64. it could take as long as two or three weeks to fully recover. is that your understanding as well? >> yeah. it could take some time. there's no question. there is certain pneumonias and even worse pneumonias, onces that can land you in intensive care units and ones that are
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more walking pneumonias. this was diagnosed on ct scan. there was an abnormality in the right middle of her lung. it could take some time. she is on a ten-day course of antibiotics. she is probably four or five days into that course of antibiotics. you know, you can be up and about probably but she might still be tired, might take a little bit of a toll on her. >> what else would you like to know? we received the summary. what else would you like to know about her health? >> it is an interesting question. you try to answer the question as put at the bottom of that letter. is there any limitations on someone's ability to be the commander in chief? i think they are certainly cognitive function. they make mention that her mental status is good. when it comes to the heart, lungs and brains, this here within the last several months,
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all of those have been looked at. she had the lung ct scan looking for this pneumonia. they found that but found no other abnormalities. there were concerns after her injury back in 2012 when she hit her head that she had some sort of persistent problems or persistent brain injury. it doesn't seem to be any evidence of that by cognitive testing. she is on a blood thinner. they talk about the fact that she gets the levels monitored regularly. these are the sort of questions that need to be answered and there's, again, a summary in the letter that's been provided. the reason the medical records are important is because some times you don't know what you don't know. is there something else in there? i don't have any reason to suspect they would be. that's why you release the medical records.
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>> that's what john mccain did in 2008. >> thank you very much. donald trump putting out new medical information. he gave dr. oz a summary of the physical exam he underwent last week. sarah, this is only a summary that trump shared. there are a lot of other details missing. >> that's right. he shared it with dr. oz but he hasn't shared it with the public yet. it's not a full and complete medical history even when we do see the summary there aren't issues donald trump may have had in the past. it could cause complications if he were president. >> why not share your records? >> revealing the results from his recent flt. not to the public but to dr. oz. >> those were all of the --
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>> there were no surprises except again that donald trump said they are a statin lowering drug. >> past nominees provided to demonstrate their physical capacity to serve as president. kellyanne conway doesn't see the point of such broad disclosure. >> i don't know why we need such extensive medical reporting when we all have the right to privacy. >> this is hardly the only area where tlufrp rump is less than transparent. he refuses to release his tax returns because they are under audit. >> it means voters know little about trump's business dealings abroad and whether they will create conflicts of interest if he wins the presidency.
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trump's daughter insisting the family would self police to avoid conflicts. >> we could make decisions that are not -- we can say you know what? we are not going to do that deal even though it's a fine deal, economically reasonable because it could create a conflict of interest. >> it also makes it difficult to prove he has given millions to charity. >> i give a lot of money to charity. >> now the new york attorney general is investigating trump's charitable foundation. >> didn't make a big deal out of it but we have been looking to make sure it is complaint with the laws that govern charities in new york. >> the trump campaign quickly slammed releasing a statement saying he is a partisan hack who
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turned a blind eye to the clinton foundation for years. based on the limited there's no reason to suspect neither are dealing with major health issues. what is striking how much they are putting forward particularly given they are some of the oldest in history. >> sarah, thank you. let's get more on all of this. the chairman of the house homeland committee is joining us. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, wolf. >> hillary clinton just released detail of her health including her current medications, lab tests, vitals. should donald trump release at a minimum what she has released? >> i think so. this is not without precedent in presidential campaigns. i think the health history is important and the american people have the right to know the health of these candidates. i think it should apply to both
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sides. >> hillary clinton's campaign manager just put out a statement. let me read it to you. donald trump is the hands down least transparent nominee in memory. he continues to hide his taxes and business dealings behind fake excuses and it begs the question, what is he trying to hide? those are serious charges. i want you to react as someone who has supported donald trump. >> i don't know the health condition of either candidate that well. i'll tell you, when it comes to transparency i can't take mer that serious when she hid the whole e-mail controversy, consistently holding back information from the congress, from the media and the american people. so i don't think she speaks with a very credible voice on that
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topic. >> do you think she is lying about her health? is that what i'm hearing? >> i done know the status of that. in terms of being transparent, you know, she has very little credibility after everything she did with respect to her e-mails but also the way she handled the benghazi fiasco as well which now threatens the homeland directly through external onlationo operations. >> do you believe russia is suspected in the hack of colin powell? >> they are very disturbing. a foreign adversary attempting to mess with our elections and
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they told us it was to undermine the electoral process, these facts and allegations are very disturbing. the fbi has an ongoing investigation to see whether, in fact, this comes from. so far i find it to be very disturbing. >> these come in the same week more dnc documents, the key suspect in that cyber attack as well. is russia trying to influence a u.s. election in order to get donald trump elected? >> are they try to go influence or undermie the electoral process? they are trying to undermine the electoral process. they have hacked into the dnc but also into the rnc. they are not discriminating one party against the others.
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they have hack into both parties at the national level and that gives us all concern about what their motivations are. >> i haven't heard about any russian hacking of the republican national committee. i heard a lot about the democratic national committee. you're giving us new information. you're telling us they have hacked other documents? >> yes. they have hacked into the republican national committee. so this is, again, they are not picking sides here i don't think. they are hacking into both political parties. what they intend to do with that nfl information i don't know. it is interesting to watt putin to talk about how russia had nothing to do but how it was good for it to come out publicly. i don't trust mr. putin. i think russia is not our friend here either. next to the united states are
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the greatest challenge we have in sicyber. >> the rnc fact, if it occurred, we haven't seen what they hacked. in other words the e-mails have not been released. we did see a lot of e-mails released that resulted in the resignation of the chair. what you're saying is based ton information you had they hack into the rnc but haven't released any of those documents, is that right? >> that's correct. they have infiltrated both parties at the national level. they have hacked into both parties. they have information from both parties. why they released some documents and not others, we don't know those intentions and that is an ongoing investigation purpose right now and really quite frankly i think the administration needs to come out hard for having any role to undermine our election system and come out hard condemning the
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actions and taking a full response to russia. >> just curious, if they hacked the rnc and they haven't released anything. how do we know they hacked the rnc? how do you know that? squl ba >> well, based ton briefing -- on the briefings i have, other than to tell you they have hacked into both parties at the national level. >> it's curious they released democratic party information but not republican party information. it's curious to me. i assume it is to you as well. >> yes. they could release the republican documents at a later date and time. again, i take the fbi director's word when he says it's not so much the influence but under to undermine if t influence in our
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way of life. that's what the russians are trying to do here is undermine democracy and the united states as a whole, not just republican or democrat. >> we know that he said in july that there has been no hack of the rnc. when did this occur ? >> i don't have the exact time frame but both parties have been hack into. >> and the republicans were informed? >> my understanding is they would have been, yes! was with it an attempted hack or successful hack? >> we don't know the extent of damage done and what they were able to retrieve out of the rnc itself. again, that's subject to an fbi investigation as i speak to determine what information they got out of republican national committee headquarters. >> i assume the rnc has taken
3:21 pm
steps to deal with this. you have been informed i assume they have been informed. do you know they have taken active measures to count they are hack? >> of course. they have as well as the dnc as well. they have taken very proactive measures to protect their systems from this kind of attack but the russians are being very aggressive in this endeavor. it think it's to attack our way of life and our democracy and our system of elections. you know, this is nothing new to russia. they have done this before in the past to european countries. >> it's really new information. you're providing us the national security agency. he says he is concerned about possible u.s. election hacks to try to influence the upcoming presidential elections as well.
3:22 pm
in this election coming up in a few weeks in november. >> it's possible. that's our big concern here. >> everythingthe other thing i interesting is the staltes they would be hacking into would be the key battleground states. that's not what we are seeing here. we are seeing an attempt to infuse chaos coming up in november and i think try to go wreak havoc on american democracy. >> you have spoken to donald trump. you urged him to be more cautious when. no words in describes putin.
3:23 pm
why do you think trump keeps praising putin? >> mr. trump is a strong personality and strong individual. i think he respects putin because he is a strong national leader and very popular in his country and not afraid to build up his military and show force. i think the administration has currently shown weakness and putedness inhas shown aggress n aggression. look, if russia is willing to go after isis with their strikes, which they haven't done for the most part. they are against the rebel forces and to protect the regime 5% against isis but if they are willing to go more after isis that's a positive step. i think that's what secretary kerry is trying to accomplish.
3:24 pm
i would caution anybody running for president that he has his best interest in the region. to only thing we have in common is disdain for islamic terrorists. if he can help us take down isis, great. he is there to be align with power game, if you will. >> one final political question before i let you go. are there reports of challenging ted cruz for the senate seat in 2018? >> i know there have been stories about this. i will tell you i'm focusing every ounce of energy i am on unifying my party and making sure hillary clinton is not the next president of the united states. >> are you considering that option of running for that senate seat? >> at this point and time i am not focused on that.
3:25 pm
as you mentioned, i was at the 9/11 memorial service with giuliani and my goal is to make sure hillary clinton is not in the white house. >> thank you for joining us and revealing new information to our viewers. appreciate it very much. >> thanks, wolf. much more on the breaking news coming in. we'll take a quick break and we'll be right back.
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but you no, i what they always leave out? following breaking news now. first of all we are getting new details about hillary clinton's bout with pneumonia as well as her overall health. they released this hours after donald trump share add summary of a physical exam with dr. oz. we are also getting breaking news from the chairman of the homeland security committee. he has released and revealed now
3:29 pm
for the firs tit time that the democratic national committee was hacked and the republican national committee has been hacked as well even though that has not been released yet. it was hacked by the same hackers who engaged in the hack of the democratic national committee. let's get analysis from gloria. she is with us. when you heard that, what did you think? this is new information. >> yeah. it was stunning to me to learn that presumably, as he said, it's the russians doing it and they are equal opportunity offenders. what we have not seen is the republican national committee talking about it for have we seen any leaked e-mails like we saw from the democratic national committee. it seems to me that serious questions have to be raised on
3:30 pm
the intelligence committee. i think that's what we were talking about, about the potenti potential for a foreign government to be trying to influence an american election on both sides of the aisle. we know spying goes on. i think that this takes it to quite a different level. >> david, we learned in july that the democratic national committee had been hacked by the resignation of the chair by debbie wasserman schultz, has the rnc been hacked? they said no. now we are learning they have been hacked. we don't know when. >> right. >> we don't know the timing of this but it's curious both major political parties in the united states according to the chairman have been hacked. >> you would sit back and think what will it take in washington to actually get bipartisan action? this is it.
3:31 pm
both parties have been indica s indicating they will work together. neither believes this is add venn teenage use to have a foreign-state actor. i think you'll see the parties work together on this issue. >> it is a very significant development as revealed moments ago. the rnc e-mails that have been hacked haven't been released yet. >> we haven't seen them yet. i would say it is an area of main concern and it is a problem for the next president, whoever that winds up being. the administration now will have to add some response to this. i think going forward the idea that the russian government could phootentially is worse. >> and it comes as we have now seen hacked e-mails involving
3:32 pm
the former secretary of state colin powell. the fear is growing they could impact the u.s. presidential election by hacking various systems here in the united states. >> yes. and the threat that the election could be rigged is really going to potentially jeopardize the confidence that americans have. already we are seeing republican supporters of donald trump. there was a recent poll that showed only 11% of them are con fi denlt t confident it will be legitimate. i think one important point here is donald trump has not yet knowledged the russians are likely behind all of this hacking. he went on rt american in his interview with larry king and said he thought it was a
3:33 pm
narrative democrats are pushing. >> he did invite the russians to release some of hillary clinton's information, did he not? >> he did. >> i do think now though that the administration knows an awful lot about these hacks and we just discover add new one. they have made the case and said that they believe that it is the russians. i think now that we have this new information from congressman mccall, i think the american public might want to know how extensive this is in so far as we know, and in proof that sit the russians doing this. i think the fact is that you want to know how far the russians are getting in their
3:34 pm
cyber attack. i think that this takes it to a different level where i think that the public might demand some more answers which the administration and intelligence community feels they can actually give it. >> david, we are getting an initial statement reaction from the republican national committee. they have saying there is no known breach of the cyber equipment of the republican national committee, no known breach. those are the words we are getting. you heard the chairman. i pressed and pressed and pressed. he said, yes, the fbi is investiga investigating. people have known that. their reaction is they do not know of any known breach. >> say the language again? >> of the cyber activities. >> so it seems like we may have a language. >> cyber network.
3:35 pm
>> mike couldn't be more certain when he was speaking perhaps in more terms. but clearly there will be more questions. >> and a lot more questions will come up. and there's obviously high interest as we get closer and closer to the u.s. election on november 8th. everyone stay with us. more on the new medical information, will it put concerns over her health to rest? plus how melania trump is answers questions about whether she followed all of the laws when she came to the united states. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is.
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the house homeland security committee telling cnn that cyber attackers have hit the republican national committee as well as the democratic national committee. tweeting he is the smokpokesman saying there is no known breach. another official saying there is no known breach of the rnc's cyber network. david, i don't know if these are
3:41 pm
wrae breached as opposed to hacked or attempted hack. these are words the kmarm used as well as reaction from the rnc. >> right. we'll need to understand the results of that conversation because they have two different points of view. chairman mccall could not have been more clear that he knew this information to be true. he wasn't suspect about it. he was stating it as a fact he was aware of and the rnc using specific language. we'll see how they sort of get on the same page here. step back for a moment on what we are talking about here and how serious of an issue it is. we are talking about the electoral process and a foreign state actor trying deliberately to be involved in it and in a sophisticated way. we don't have proof of kpalexac who is behind it baa lot of folks have said this is a pattern we have seen in
3:42 pm
different russias in europe and applying to the united states and that are the -- >> and the difference between the rnc and the dnc is that the russians presumably leaked the information to the dnc e-mails. so far no leak of rnc e-mails. >> right. there hasn't been which is why we were all so surprised to hear from the congressman that there was a breach because -- >> well, the congressman used the word hacked. >> hacked. >> the republican national committee is using the word breach. >> hack. okay. we were surprised because we didn't know about it. i agree with david. this is hugely important one way or another. if it turns out there was only one committee and not both committees that was hacked, it is still a huge story. i mean i'm old enough to
3:43 pm
remember when a burglary at the water gate was unreal. this is on a different scale and it's intended to a fact the american elections one way or another. so we need to get to the bottom of this now. there is clearly a difference between the congressman and the rnc. we'll have to see how they work it out. it doesn't diminish the size of the story which we have been looking at since we heard of the democratic hack. >> all right. everyone standby. we'll continue our coverage of the breaking news. we have to take a quick break. we'll be right back. i have asthma...
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we are following breaking news. mike telling us moments ago in the situation room that cyber attackers hit the republican national committee as well as the democratic national committee. the republican national committee pushing back saying there is no known breach of the cyber network. we are working this story and we'll get much more on this story. gloria is still with us. you have been talking to presidential candidates who have lost the election. it is called almost president, the agony will air at 9:00 p.m. eastern. i want to show our viewers a clip. watch this.
3:49 pm
chapter 1, pick a vice president. he knew exactly what he wanted. >> no. not her, him. >> john mccain, our next great president. >> mccain's first love was joe lieberman of connecticut. >> he lives his religion. >> so you did want him? >> of course but it would cause a problem because lieberman was p pro-choice. >> so it was no to joe. >> quick, find someone fresh, someone new. >> they didn't manage that process well. the clock ran out.
3:50 pm
it was the very deaf negs of a hail mary pass. >> sarah palin of the great state of alaska. >> and so sarah palin met america. >> did many of the candidates, did that have big. >> john mccain says he has no regrets about splin and surprisingly they didn't have regrets about the big decisions they made, wolf. they had regrets about their mistakes. mitt romney regretted the 37% remarks. michael dukakis regretted the way he answered the question about what if your wife were raped at presidential debate.
3:51 pm
so they had regrets about mistakes, which by the way they blame on themselves asks they never stop thinking about it, wolf. it is something they just never forget. >> you have done an excellent job and we're all looking forward to the documentary tonight gloria. gloria's special report later tonight "almost president:the agony of defeat" 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific only on cnn. and ahead. much more. if you're searching other travel sites to find a better price... ...stop clicking around... the lowest prices on our hotels are always at so pay less and get more only at what's going on here? i'm val, the orange money retirement squirrel from voya. we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person? more of a spokes metaphor. get organized at
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we just received a statement from mike mccall. i misspoke by asserting the republican national committee was hacked. what i intended to say was that in addition to the democratic national committee hack republican political operatives have also been hacked. a clarification from the chairman of the holmes committee. now he says he. in the meantime other news.
3:57 pm
donald trump's wife melania is trying to settle questions about whether she was living and working in the united states illegally when she first arrived in the united states 1990s. this dates back to whoen melania trump was working as a model. >> the controversy boils down to a rather controversial photo shoot melania trump took part in here in new york and whether or not she was legally in the country with the ability to work when that shoot took place. earlier reporting by the new york post says the shoot took place in 1995 and therefore melania would not have had a work visa. she always said she came to the united states in 1996, not 95. two events took place today which seemed to prove melania was telling the truth. she tweeted out a letter from an immigration attorney hired by trump. the attorney writes that following a review of irrelevant immigration parmwork i can
3:58 pm
unequivocablely state these allegations are not supported by the record and completely without merit. the letters go to say melania arrived in the u.s. for the first time in august 1996 and got a visa that year which allowed thoer work as the model. if she arrived in august 1996 it would be impossible to be photographed in new york a year earlier. so there you go. >> did the new york post, everybody else reporting on this, did they simply get it wrong? >> i mean, that is what it appears. the new york post is not advertising a retraction. but on its original story it's now added an explanation, that the photo shoot in question actually did take place in 1996 and that the magazine in question came out in 1997. the post was essentially a year off on both counts. in the updated article the new
3:59 pm
york post says it relied on the memory of a french photographer to the dates in question. i actually chalted with that photographer yesterday from paris and while he still can't remember when the shoot took place, he now says he's certain it wasn't in 1995. a public relations representative for the new york post sent a statement basically claiming this entire mix up on that photographer's memory. the post saying it learned just today that the photographer misspoem and online the story has been corrected to reflect that. >> bottom line in all this is melania trump was absolutely, positively here legally when she was modelling, when she was working. there was no -- there were no games that were going on. >> to be absolutely clear, wolf, that is what her attorney has said. we of course have asked for actual documents, the visas to prove it. they say the letter will stand. >> drew griffin with his excellent reporting as usual. and be sure to watch gloria
4:00 pm
borger's special report later tonight "almost president: thing a fli of defeat." here on cnn. i'm wolf blitzer in the situation room. erin burnett starts right now. hillary clinton revealing new medical details. is she healthy enough to be president? and this on the same day donald trump turns to dr. oz. and what personal e-mails. and the billionaire pledging five million dollars to vets if trump releases his tax returns. let's go "outfront." ♪ . >> hillary clinton releasing


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