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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  September 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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abiding by the cease fire agreement. wolf. >> barbara star at the bent gonna forus. that's it for me. i'm bofl blitzer in fact the situation room. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. next the breaking news new poll showing hillary clinton's lead over donald trump disappearing. this as the trump campaign unveils it's economic plan. does it add up? and ivanka trump shutting down an interview after tough questions about her father? is trump's best surrogate feeling the heat? and access to one of the most dangerous city onts earth, inside i aleppo tonight. let's go "outfront." good evening. "outfront" tonight the breaking news, neck and neck, a new cnn poll of polls showing donald trump gaining major ground. clinton leading national by just two points. her lead from two weeks ago
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slashed in half as clinton returns to the trail after staying home six for three days. clinton flying to the key battleground state of north carolina. the candidate taking the unusual step of holding a brief press conference fielding multiple questions about her health and admitting she could have been more forthcoming about it. >> i thought i was going to be fine. and i thought that there wasn't really any reason to make a big fuss about it. so i should have taken time off earlier. i didn't. now i have. and i'm back on the campaign trail. >> trump today trying to seize on his momentum with a major address on the economy. >> over the next ten years our economic team estimates that under our plan the economy will average 3.5% growth and create a total of 25 million new jobs. >> do his numbers add up?
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i'm going to be speaking to his rung maning mate mike pence. but tonight what to we expect to hear from hillary clinton? >> reporter: as you know hibbert is spe -- hillary clinton is speaking before the congressional hispanic caucus tonight at this gala dinner. so she's going to be tailoring her message to voters and she's been underperforming with some key constituencies. so that is a place where she's going make headway. i think we're expecting perhaps to hear something she debuted a little today, which was as she came back on the road after
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three days of rest, trying to recover from pneumonia, she talked about how it had given her some perspective on the campaign. something that is tough to do when you are on the campaign trail. and it seemed to be that while she certainly had criticism for donald trump, she was also putting forth a rationale for what voters should vote for her. not just trying to disqualify donald trump. perhaps not surprising as she's making a course correction as she's starting to see a tightening in the polls, in national polls as well as the battleground states. >> brianna, thank you very much. and, you know, as brianna is there with hillary clinton, trump today was out giving a speech, a big speech on his economic plan. phil mattingly is out front. >> reporter: donald trump pledging a major boost in economic growth as he seeks to tie together his disparate academic ploroposals. >> my economic plan rejects the cynicism that says our labor
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force will keep declining. that our jobs will keep leaving and that our economy can never grow as it did once before. >> trump's speech in new york light on new details but heavy on laying out trump's vision and guarantees. >> under our plan the economy will average 3.5% growth and create a total of 25 million new jobs. >> but a major hole in trump's promise, that the plan will be deficit neutral. >> you can visit our website. just look at the math. it works. >> reporter: but it remains unclear that it actually does. trump pledging not to raise taxes. and not even addressing the growth of entitle programs in his remarks. two of the most common targets are for raising revenue. trump instead rely okay regulatory, tax and energy reforms and his promise i reall
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release those. i'll leave to it him when to do it. >> and paul ryan is likely going waiting a long time if he sees them every. and the reality is this.
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they say the upside of releasing them and they don't feel like they are being punished for not doing
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>> all over the world and i think his record, whatever -- many years ago may have been. the truth is that he's got a heart for women and the workplace and demonstrated that by advancing women executives in his organization. and that is the way he's going to advance policies and that is the way we'll operate this administration. >> and of course he said those things over several years. he said those things many times. you yourself this week on capitol hill remaining with other republican leaders and one of them said to you what do i say to my daughter when she says donald trump doesn't like women. what do you say? >> i told that congressman, just give her a hug for me and tell her it is just not true.
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it is one of the -- it is one of the characters of this good man that couldn't be farther from the truth. when you look at the record that donald trump has built in business and the opportunities, the equal opportunities he's extended to women in the workplace i think it really speaks for itself. and the proposal for child care that he brought forward today. with that extraordinary execute who ive who happens to be his daughter ivanka trump, accomplished businesswoman in her own right i think gives you a great great look at o who this man really is. >> you think he's changed, right? let's just be honest as a woman when i hear i think putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing, it is a pretty nasty awful thing to say. >> well i don't know when he said that. and i don't know the context that he said it in. >> he was talking about his wife at the time ivanka trump. >> well what i can tell you is this is a man who has a real heart for advancing the
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interests of women and men in this country. and frankly as i campaign with him and campaign for him, erin, the women and men who come out to these rallies whether it is a huge donald trump rally or maybe a thousand people like i saw in scranton, pennsylvania yesterday. i think they are coming out and you are seeing the tremendous momentum in this campaign. because people hear in that message to make america great again. they hear in those policies of getting this economy moving again, about having a safer and stronger america at home and abroad. exactly the policies that women and men want to see a president advance. >> today donald trump was critical of the fact he's been fed. you have also been critical of the fed's unprecedented efforts to try to help the economy out of the great recession. he's taken the criticism farther than he doesn't like what the fed is doing to saying that the head of the federal reserve janet yellen is actually doing things specifically at the behest of barack obama.
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and to help barack obama. here is how he put hit the. >> he's political and doing what obama wants her to do. i think she's very political and to a certain extent i think she should be ashamed of herself. >> that would be corruption at an unprecedented level if she's actually doing what wrack obama told her to do. the fed being independent makes this country the top business destination in the world. do you think she's doing what barack obama tells her? that she's holding rates low to help hillary clinton get elected, to help him? >> i just think it is hard to understand why the fed continues to advance policies that really work for hedge fund managers on wall street here in new york city and really aren't working for working families y s oies o street. they really work for these big investors and banks that can essentially borrow almost free
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money and invest it in the stock market and make big returns. i think donald trump is saying that it is time that we -- that we brought forward the kind of economic policies that will allow interest rates to return to a rational point. and when you get this economy growing again i promise you that will happen under a trump administration. >> on a personal level though, do you think janet yellen is doing what she's doing to help barack obama? >> i just think it is very curious to see the federal reserve continue to resist efforts to respond in the marketplace in a way that puts the interest of middle class families first. and whatever the motivation, that all is going change in the trump administration win. but growth comes first, erin. that is the most important thing what. donald trump laid out is a bold plan to get this economy moving again. and policies he's advancing we truly believe will create 25 million new jobs over the next
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ten years. we're going work with newly reelected majorities in the house and senate to advance those policies right out of the gate in this administration and this economy is going to come roaring back and then our monetary policy will be more rational and it will reflect a growing economy. >> your friend paul ryan says donald trump should release his tax returns. that is a significant person to come out and say it. the last --. right now the top republican, elected republican in the country. is he wrong? >> well i think donald trump has every intention of releasing his tax returns. once a routine audit is completed and i was happy to a at his encouragement and with his full support release my tax returns. and it was a pretty short read. a whole lot of zeros that separate the two of us. but what your viewers augment ought to know is that we've all filed the full financial disclosure that federal law requires. and people that want to learn about donald trump's financial
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interests can read over a hundred pages of disclosure online right now at the federal election commission. and i encourage people that are curious to do that. those tax returns will be coming when that routine audit is done. >> as pointed out you have 202 through 2007 not under audit. it might be awkward to put out those years and not the others but they are not under audit. why not just put those out zl. >> well i would refer you to donald trump and to his campaign for the specific answer to that. but i think it is because when he puts that information out he wants the totality of the information. i think members of the media and frankly the public are interested in that kind of information and so i think there is a desire to be transparent.
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and he presented health records earlier today to the american public. pleased the other american candidates have done that. i think my health records will be out for the next couple hours is up. but i think the american people are focused more on the issues facing this country. with all due respect erin, as i'm campaigning i don't hear a lot of people talking about hactax returns. i hear high taxes, obamacare, the weight of regulation, trade deals that have cost american jobs. the war on coal. i think that is why more and more people each and every day, as is evidenced in a lot of those polls that you referenced. more and more people every day are being drawn to the leadership that donald trump will provide to this nation once he's elected president. >> the majority of people do want those tax returns. and as you know you put your
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out. everyone else involved has put theirs out. he's the only one who hasn't. reed hoffman, i spoke to him, billionaire found over linkedin. he put out a challenge that he'll donate money to veterans if donald trump reveals his tax returns. he said something interesting. the tax returns will reveal part of his character. certainly things we'll need to know. like what business he's doing overseas that could be very relevant. and also about charity. campaigns he gives away tens of millions of collars a year. why not come out and show us where. why should such a thing be a secret? >> well again, i think he's been very forthcoming about saying that he'll reveal those tax returns when a routine audit is done. audits sometimes result in a dispute between the internal revenue service and the tax filer and sometimes that dispute is resolved in favor of the
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internal revenue skpervervice a new file has to be done or an amended return. and the character of this man is something i see every day. lights on and off. and donald trump is someone who's woucht the most gracious and generous people i've ever met in my life. i saw him privately make a pledge of a hundred thousand to help families that were recoverying from the. the american people will have the details in the days to come. >> but maybe not before the election. >> well we'll see. but i would tell you. i don't doubt that the if people are asked an up or down question on a poll would you like to see
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tax returns yes or no, most americans say sure. but when i'm chaining with donald trump and for donald trump when i'm walking through diners and visiting with hard working americans each day, they are talking about the struggles this country is facing at home and abroad. it is security, prosperity and the supreme court. and upholding the highest standards of ethics and the highest office in the land and i truly do believe that is why stloz much momentum behind this campaign and why i like our chances on november 8th. >> you have been dispatched to capitol hill to try to garner support. senator reid came out today and said some pretty strong things about donald trump. on the senate floor. let me play for you in case you didn't hear. >> let's be clear about donald trump. he's a spoiled rat, raised in plenty. who inherited a fortune, used his money to make more money. trump is a human leech lo w.h.o.
4:23 pm
will bleed the country and sit at his golf resort laughing at the money he's made even though many people have been hurt in the process. >> whats your sprons? >> i think those remarks are beneath the dignity of the united states senate but nothing new from harry reed. we heard the same stuff about mitt romney four years ago and he did it on the senate floor. look, i am -- and to be honest i'm starting to get a whiff of desperation from the other side. it seems like the attacks are getting a little more intense. and i think that is because they sense what i sense all over this country. more and more americans every day are responding to donald trump's broad shoulder, confident vision to get this economy moving again, to rebuild our military. to make sure we have a supreme court that respect ours constitution and i truly do believe that wore on our way to a great victory in november.
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>> and one final thing to get your reaction to that is getting discussion today. donald trump jr. getting flak for comments he made while he was explaining the treatment he says his father gets from the press compared to the treatment hillary clinton gets. let me play his full answer and how he described it. >> the media has built her up. they have let her slide on every indiscrepancy, on every lie. on every dnc game trying to get bernie sanders out of the thing. if republicans were doing that, they would be warming up the gas chamber right now. >> the anti-defamation lead have said tri-valleyization of holocaust and gas chambers is never okay. do you think he just used the wrong words? >> clearly he was talking about capital punishment and not making a reference to that -- that -- that awful period of history we know to be the holocaust.
4:25 pm
but look his point -- his point is well made. beyond whatever rhetoric he chose to use. to be honest with you. since i joined the campaign a couple of months ago it's felt like two on one every day of the week. present company accepted. i have great respect for the job you do but it seems like each and every day many of the national media have been doing clinton's work for her. but the most amazing thing is donald trump is still winning hearts and minds each and every day. and because he's got the right message, a message focusing on security. a message focusing on growth. he's laid out today in new york at the economic club the kind of plan that will create millions of jobs in this country and lit make america great again. and i justit will make america great again. and i just -- i'm confident that message will carry all the way forward. we're going to elect this good man and he's going to be a great president. >> thank you very much. i appreciate your time tonight. >> and next we're standing by
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for donald trump. he's about to appear live at a big rally in new hampshire. hillary clinton today out on the trail admitting this. >> i have well aware that i still have work to do. >> and ivanka trump's tense interview with a magazine (announcer) enter courtyard's super bowl sleepover contest at for your chance to win. no... they feel good? you wouldn't put up with part of a pair of glasses. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with part of a day? these are not useful. live whole. not part. aleve. safety doesn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support.
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we use the microsoft cloud's advanced analytics tools to track down cybercriminals. this cloud helps transform business. this is the microsoft cloud. . breaking news. donald trump and hillary clinton both about to speak. clinton in washington, and trump in new hampshire which is a crucial swing state. clinton leading trump by just two percentage points. national that was five points about two week ago. brianna keeler is out front. >> welcome back to stronger together. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. thank you so much. >> campaigning in north carolina. ♪ i feel good
4:30 pm
♪ >> and trying to put questions of her health to rest. >> i'm not great at taking it easy even under ordinary circumstances. but with just two months to go until election day? >> sits at home was pretty much the last place i wanted to be. >> after nearly collapsing as she left the 9/11 commemoration early on sunday. following the clinton campaign releasing more information about her yesterday in a letter from her doctor, clinton criticized donald trump for revealing the results of a recent physical on a television show. >> i'll never be the showman my opponent is. and that is okay with me. just look at -- look at the show he put on with dr. oz today. >> trump has made a habit of questioning clinton's stamina. and she seemed to answer it. >> people use me of all kind of things. you've probably seen that.
4:31 pm
but nobody ever accuses me of quitting. and i will never give up. i'll never walk away. >> dead locked or uncomfortably close with donald trump in polls, clinton is trying to rally the coalition of support ers that propelled president obama to two terms in the white house. young people, hispanics who she'll address tonight in washington and african americans. >> i am well aware that i still have work to do. and i'm very committed to continuing to travel across the country. to talk about and hear from young african americans about the struggles they face daily. >> we are awaiting hillary clinton speaking here in washington d.c. at the congressional hispanic caucus institute gala dinner gathering this evening. president obama also going speak
4:32 pm
here. earlier she took questions from reporters and weighed in on something donald trump said about the pastor of a black church in flint, michigan where he spoke yesterday. the pastor briefly interrupted him yesterday to say that she would hope he would keep his comments apolitical. this morning donald trump called her a nervous mess. we heard hillary clinton say that was insulting and dead wrong and that she deserves better. so hillary clinton weighing in on the issue as donald trump tries to make inroads with the key democratic constituency of african american voters. >> brianna thank you. and we're going to talk more about that in a moment. our panel here. the new polls that came out today were not promising for hillary clinton. things have changed from just a few weeks ago. trump leading in ohio, iowa.
4:33 pm
too close in michigan. you heard mike pence say he smells what he said was a whiff of desperation. >> i don't sound desperate and the campaign is not desperate. it has said all locke. we have said all along. after the convention everybody get theirs pounce bounce these polls are going to tighten and that is what we're seeing right now. and operationally as we get closer and i think you will start to see this fairly soon, you will start to see the campaign actually deploy supporters, surrogates, operations which was already started in states across the country. certainly in florida, pennsylvania, so on that kind of operation, that kind of infrastructure we do not see donald trump have or have the ability to desploi. so i'm not concerned. i think we still need to play this out. and quite frankly in just over a week we'll have the first debate and i actually think you will start to see a little separation after that. >> yeah, i'm looking forward to debate too. i think the whole country is
4:34 pm
looking forward to the debate. look when you go out to these donald trump rallies, i've been to two of them now. the impression you really come away with is the thusm of people. these people are revved up. this is a changed election and that is why think she's having some problems and they understand they are having the problems. >> there is some nervousness about that within the clinton campaign that the idea that donald trump after two months of hillary clinton trying to use her convention, allies like president obama, policy roll outs, our vice presidential pick to try to win back, win other voters to deal with the honesty and trust worthiness issue that he's still as close as he is. and the concern is that he is
4:35 pm
still quite a bit ahead of her as voters believe the guy could really bring real change to washington ahead of her. the concern is in the clinton camp still is if this is a changed election and not a referendum on donald trump's character and judgment, she could have a very hard time with that. >> when it comes to honest and trurs worthiness we see him ahead in the polls and people say they want the tax returns as an example. he's not putting them out. clinton campaign says they are going to hammer this and hammer this. will it matter when mike pence comes on the show and answered questions in recent days he's not have an answer to this question. >> he did have an answer and he stumbled as well. i think the issue of transparency has been dogging hillary clinton as it should be so far. but in the closing days, i do think these taxes are going to become a bigger issue. two things have happened in the last 24 hours. we've seen donald trump's son come out and basically say why would we want to release this?
4:36 pm
because there might be something in there you are going to find that is going to take off off message while my father's trying to win the white house. we don't want do that. you know, that was the honest answer. that's always been the honest answer. second thing is mike pence, very good surrogate, running mate for donald trump. >> you heard him say ask donald trump or ask the campaign. >> he is the campaign. that is the problem. hillary clinton really bobbled up the idea of the e-mails and she should be held accountedable for that. donald trump should now be held accountable. >> theable for that. donald trump should now be held accountable. >> the taxes, 60% of people say it is necessary. it is necessary for trump to put out these tax returns. >> hillary clinton has owned up to her part in these e-mails what donald trump has not done is talk about his taxes. when you compare that to the
4:37 pm
news week article -- >> -- e-mail discussion right now let me just give you a chance to respond. >> i don't think the tax issue is going to resonate out there. one of the greatest problems people have in this country is the irs, is our own taxes. they think the system is fundamentally unfair. the whole business are louis lerner showed there were really problems. they almost impeached theers mystery the other day. that is a problem here. a lot of people believed themd come after for political reasons. >> we need to know what kind of financial deals donald trump has with other nations -- >> why -- >> it is important. it is. >> the tens of millions of dollar in charity. >> why should that be a secret. thanks to all. and next we're standing by for president obama and hillary clinton the headline speakers at
4:38 pm
this event in washington. and ivanka trump cutting off her interviews after hearing a lot of negligent in the questions. only at ae
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4:42 pm
institute. latest polls showing them in a dead heat. joel, for three days hillary clinton was off the trail with pneumonia. speaking tonight. campaign rally earlier today. she's been out there in full force. how is she feeling? >> i think she's feisty and ready to go. she doesn't like to be held back. she doesn't like to be home sick. that is part of what happened over the weekend. she wanted to plow through that. so i think you are going to see a lot of her and she's ready to go. she wants to be taking -- >> those days gave her time to pause and reflect. you have to find a silver lining somewhere. the policy als have not. they have not been very good the last few days. iowa --. to in july. in nevada, trump up two points. margin of error. but she was up four in the prior poll. michigan, clinton leading trump by three points. it is within the margin of error. it was 11 in august and
4:43 pm
obviously hasn't voted republican since 1988 and trump ahead in ohio, florida. putting clinton's lead in half in pennsylvania. the numbers don't sound good. >> well they sound like what we expected. i said it during the convention, before the conventions and after conventions, that we have close elections in america. we're going to have this. it is going to be a low to mid single digit race. that is what a lot of the polls are showing. every day some other poll comes out. some days they are up. some days he's up. it is going back and forth. no question's it's tightened up and in the range we expected it to be. important for us going forward is that we're playing for 270 electoral votes. we're still playing more offense in states around the country and keeping the trump campaign on defense, particularly on states that are must wins for them like virginia, north carolina. they are not making us play defense anywhere. every stay we're playing in is a stay we'd play in anyway. presidential elections are always close. we expect this to be as well.
4:44 pm
>> senator reid went on the senate floor today talking about donald trump. he said he's a human leech who will gleed the country and sit at his golf resort laughing. i played that for governor pence who was just on. he told me senator reid crossed a line. >> i his those remarks are beneath the dignity of the united states senate. but it is nothing new for harry reed. i'm starting to get a whiff of desperation from the other side. seems like the attacks are getting a little more intense. >> on the issue of what harry reed said, do you agree with harry pence? >> well i watched governor pence's comments and i heard him sit here right in the seat and talk about what a fine man of character donald trump is. and dismissed -- he hasn't denounced any of the hideous things donald trump has said. things like accusing ted cruz's father unjustly more participating in a kennedy camp
4:45 pm
assassination because he read something in the national i inquir inquirer. or calling women bimbos. and all of these things have been written out. he has no problem with donald trump saying that. i'm not going to sit here and talk about harry reed. i'm talk about mike pence and donald trump all night long. >> aren't you doing the same thing and not denouncing harry reed and just pointing the finger at someone else? >> no i'm not. you asked me a question about what mike pence said. you said he said this on the show. i'm responding to governor pence. >> pence said harry reed's comments were beneath the dignity of the united states senate. >> harry reed has been in the senate a long time. he feels strongly about the country. he's dedicated decades of his life to serving in this country. i'll let him speak for himself. i think donald trump's words and actions, the insulting things he says throughout the campaign, disparaging everyone from a judge, an american born judge of
4:46 pm
mexican dissent and muslims and retweeting white nationalists who have a dozen followers to 11 million people. we should be talking about donald trump, hillary clinton, who's been fighting for people their whole lives. that's been hillary clinton. who's been fighting for himself and really stepping all over people throughout his career in business is donald trump. he's repeatedly stepped on working people and small business, bankrupting some of those just by reavesing to pay them for the work they did. >> appreciate your time. and ivanka trump shutting down an interview after she was asked about this.
4:47 pm
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fighting back about her fathers views of the pregnancy and child care. >> the cost has become so onerous and so crushing and there needs to be a solution to this. >> ivanka trump is leading the charge for her father's new plan and taking heat. when cosmo politan brought up this 2004 quote about pregnancy. >> the fact is it is an inconvenience for a person that is running a business. >> she shot back, i think that you have a lot of negativity in these questions. i don't know how useful it is to spend too much time with you. shortly before she ended the interview she called it an unfair characterization of his track record and his support of professional women. indeed the trump team started the week insisting his company gives eight weeks of paid leave to new parents but that turned tricky too after reports found otherwise they admitted the
4:52 pm
policy can vary from one property to the next. nonetheless the campaign keeps ripping away at hillary clinton's claim she's the lone champion for women in this race. >> if fighting for affordable child care and paid family leave is playing the woman card, then deal me in. >> reporter: how to plans kpa r compare? >> trump says maternity leave six weeks. trump wants a tax break. clinton wants free pre k. and trump wants tax deductions for child care savings accounts to spend as they like. >> working mothers to be fairly compensated for their work and have access to affordable quality child care for their kids. >> trump tax breaks would help the well off more than the
4:53 pm
working class. he won't offer similar help for new days leaving gay parents out. and trump's own words from the past don't help very much, describing child care as his wife's work. >> i don't think anything to take care of them. i supply the funds and she'll be taking care of the kids. fatty acid n it is not like i'm going to be walking the kids down central park. >> taking the stage here. let's listen to him speak. hillary clinton will be speaking afterwards. here is the president? it is always great to be here. with one of the most festive, maybe a little wild, caucuses in congress. especially to kick off hispanic
4:54 pm
heritage month. i want to thank michelle for her introduction, for her leadership. and give it up for your outstanding chair, congresswoman linda sanchez. caci's new president and ceo, nominika lynch and all the tremendous public servants we have here tonight especially everybody in the congressional hispanic caucus. amen? that what i heard? amen. now, i've got admit that i'm having trouble accepting that this is my final trip here t as president. but on the bright side, michelle is not having trouble accepting it. i love you too. but it is hard to believe that
4:55 pm
it was eight years ago i came here as a candidate more office. and i had no gray hair. i said that we could create opportunity not just for those at the very top but for everybody who's willing to work hard so they could afford healthcare and college and retirement and give their kids a better life. so sarah palin called that hopy-c hopy-changy stuff. well tonight i'm back here to say thank you. thank you for your support, your tireless efforts to deliver on that promise. applause for all the places that we've fallen short. and for all the work that remains to be done. i am back here tonight more optimistic about the future of
4:56 pm
america than i have ever been. and why not? together we fought our way back from the worst recession in 80 years. we turned around an economic free fall. we helped lift our auto industry to set new records. our businesses created more than 50 million new jobs. together we declared healthcare is not a privilege for a few but a right for everybody. and we have secured health insurance for another 20 million americans including 4 million hispanic americans. our high school graduation rate is an all-time high. more his tapanic students are graduating high school and college than ever before. we strengthened our relationship with mexico and central america. and opened up a new chapter with the people of cuba.
4:57 pm
we brought nearly 200 nations together around a climate agreement that could save our planet. we affirm that love has no limits and marriage equality is now the law of the land. just this week we discovered how much our efforts are starting to pay off in ways that really matter to american families. >> -- >> "thanks obama." [ laughter ] we learned that last year across every race, across every age group in america, incomes rose and poverty fell. the typical household income grew by about 2800 dollars. which is the single biggest one year increase on record. we lifted 3.5 million people out
4:58 pm
of poverty. the largest one year drop since 1968. the number of americans without health insurance continues to fall. and in each of these areas, latino americans maid some of the largest gains. the fastest income growth. the biggest drop in the poverty rate. the greatest gains in insurance coverage. that is why all in all hispanic families are feeling more optimistic about their prospects today than they did eight years ago. by so many measures our country is stronger and more prosperous than it was when we started this journey together. and we couldn't have done it without the congressional hispanic caucus who's been with me every step of the way. now none of this was easy. there were sop tough years in there.
4:59 pm
you had fiscal showdowns and government shut downs and pandemics and oil spills and pirates. y'all remember the pirates? i mean the only thing we haven't had to deal is like the asteroid or, you know, like the aliens. -- that is true, good point. shouldn't have mentioned the aliens. [ laughter ] but we overcame all of that. we overcame all of that. and most of all we proved that change doesn't happen overnight. it doesn't happen in one term. it doesn't happen even over the course of one presidency. but change is possible. progress is possible. and we're here -- si se space se puede.
5:00 pm
you know firsthand the challe e challenges wichallenge we still face. challenges that often effect the latino community harshly. when governments refuse expand medicate that. hits latinos harder than most. when folks lock in krien necessary minimum wage or refuse to expand paid family leave that hurts the pocketbookes of millions of hispanic families so we've got make sure this recovery reaches all americans. we've got to help more students not just get to college but finish college. we've got to reform our criminal justice system. and we've got protect our children from the madness of gun violence. and yes we've got finally make meaningful, effective immigration reform a reality in this country.


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