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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  September 15, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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i'm so glad you could join us this evening. thanks for watching. i'll be back here tomorrow. this is cnn newsroom, live from los angeles, ahead this hour. >> a birther no more, donald trump's campaign now says the republican nominee believes president obama was born in the usa. >> hillary clinton back on the campaign trail and taking the stage to the james brown song i feel good. >> epic fail. >> great to have you with us. welcome the viewers in the united states and around the world. >> newsroom l.a. starts right now.
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donald trump refused to answer that he thought president was a natural-born citizen his campaign released a statement saying that yes he now believes president obama wars borp to the united states. years after donald trump was leading figure in the so-called birther movement. >> hillary clinton jumped on the controversy as she returned to the campaign trail after three days off to recovery pneumonia but while off sick trump tighten the gap. in washington thursday clinton said trump was and remains divisive. >> everywhere i go people tell me how concerned they are by the extreme policies and divisive rhetoric they heard from my
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opponent. and the racist lie about mexican immigrants that launched his presidential campaign to his racist attacks on a federal judge. and every time he think he's hit rock bottom, he sinks even lower. >> you better make sure i win on november 8th because i'm going to have wasted a hell of a lot of time, energy and money. you know when they tell me, mr. trump, it doesn't matter what you've accomplished, first of all i've accomplished nothing, you've kmishd, i'm the messager. but what you've accomplished is so incredible. else in we win accomplished nothing. we have to win on november 8th, get there and get everybody. >> joining is democratic strategist and republican consultant. just when you thought donald trump was on a roll and everything looking good, a blast from the past.
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interview with the washington post post, refusing to answer if president obama born in the united states. i'll answer it, just don't want to talk about. reason i don't is everyone will be talking about it as opposed to jobs, military, security. that's the nonanswer. then a short time after. read in part. having successfully obtained barack obama's birth certificate when others have not, believes president obama was born in the united states. >> but it's not coming from donald trump. and told over and over again only mr. trump speaks for mr. trump so when will he say those words? >> perhaps in a sitdown interview he might but the campaign does speak for a candidate. a statement on the behalf of the candidate. this is as close to admission
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that obama is a citizen and put to bed as ever get. fact is he doesn't want it to be a story. the last couple of days he's been disciplined and on message. giving speeches on economy and women and child care. he wants to be focused. he gets this is a distraction. >> so let me ask you this so answer is in this context, obviously trying to put it to bed but how much potency does this still have from democrat's point of view. >> i think it's fresh evidence that donald trump understands he's hit his ceiling. seeing the polls come out, narrowed the gap and hovering but hasn't broken the ceiling. he understands if going to win this thing, get closer to 50%, appeal to persuadable voters, moderate women suburban voters who he has not broken through to. has to come off as not as racist
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or bigot and one of the ways is saying i believe the president was born in america. trouble is not saying, that's the issue. campaign surrogates doing it but he's not. >> the problem is donald trump has backed into a corner. he doesn't apologize, he's not that person and thinks america needs a strong leader. doesn't do it before and won't do it now. >> i guess he's also saying he doesn't care about the african-american vote because this issue is potent in that demographic. >> i think he -- >> i love the shrug. >> he obviously cares about the vote, going to churches and talking to the african-american community. >> after three days home sick secretary clinton is back on the campaign trail. she jumped on this. listen. >> again today, he did it again.
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he was asked one more time, where was president obama born? and he still wouldn't say hawaii. he still wouldn't say america. this man wants to be our next president? when will he stop this ugliness, this bigotry? >> so dave, for the last week or so trump has had the wind at his back if you like. so even if you heard the statement from the campaign saying he believes this was born in the united states but still a welcome home gift from donald trump to hillary clinton. >> precisely. here's the problem with donald trump, when you take the duct tape off, diarrhea of the mouth comes out. when scripted and disciplined, with the teleprompters, we see
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closing of the gap. but problem is with wind at his back thinks he can say whatever is on his mind and that's the challenge. >> we've seen slips in the message sflin. >> yeah he's not professional candidate. hillary clinton has 40 plus year experience. this is his first time. he hasn't just closed gaps but ahead in many of the important states. whatever he's doing seems to be working a little bit better than hillary clinton. >> president obama at event at congressional hispanic event. he talked about the tone. >> the talk around these issues cut deeper than in years past. it's a little more personal, it's a little meaner, a little uglier, and folks are betting
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that if they can drive us far enough apart, and if they can put down enough of us because of where we come from or what we look like or what religion we practice, then that may pay off at the polls. but i'm telling you that's a bet they're going to lose. >> clearly reference to donald trump there and struggle with hispanic and latino voters. >> and also reference hillary clinton calling 7 1/2 million americans deplorables. that could be it. not a positive tone. president obama running was yes we can, change election. but percentages of americans think we're off track because of that giechlt we need a dose of reality, back on track to change the country. hope and change didn't it. i think that's where barack obama is coming from. >> i think elections are about
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choices and at certain level it's incumbent for a candidate to serve as public service announcement and here are the choices. but at certain level you want hope and forward-looking optimistic view of the future. at the same time don't discount the importance of defining your opponent and laying out the stakes of the election. but i do think the president is right we need more uplifting rhetoric. >> going to on trump release the tax returns. speaker of the house said? >> i'll defer to donald trump when he thinks appropriate time to release the returns. he's under an audit. refer to him on that. >> do you think it's good idea? >> i think it's fine we should. >> according to donald junior it's no the the audit. >> he's got a 12,000 page tax return, create probably 300
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million independent financial auditors in the country asking questions that would distract from main message. >> so the problem with releasing the tax returns according to donald jr. is everybody gets to stheem. that's kind of the point isn't it. >> that's a draks and we have to take donald trump at his word he's under audit. >> why? >> he says it. >> we're not in the business. he's been asked to supply a letter. >> if he's under audit he needs to prove. it i agree with you. >> i'm always taken aback when people say take him at his word. we're journalists and that's not what we do. dave that question of releasing tax returns and distraction or not. with hillary clinton, as she's
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come back with what is effectively a reset, should she continue attacking trump or providing the hope the change message? what should the strategy be for her now she's back? >> i think it's balancing act. want to be hopeful and optimistic and given the likability factor, needs a positive message. got a lot of great policies, put out a book earlier this week with the ideas she has to move the country forward but at the same time needs to drive a wedge between persuadable voters and donald trump and can't give up on the negativity. the recent speeches in reno, nevada, and others in the past, make him look unhinged, too radical and extreme. needs to be key part of the strategy but needs a positive message to complement that. and now, something
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completely different. >> go ahead. my hair. >> donald trump everybody. >> transparency, i think we found out a few things. >> at least shows he's a good sport. >> and it's real. >> sort of. >> might be -- >> wondering if it's a squirrel? >> wondering how much mousse he put on. >> bobby pins went flying. >> gentlemen, always a pleasure. >> okay. now all of this controversy over president obama, born in the u.s. or not, donald trump agree to that or not, overshadowing trump's policy speech on the economy which outlined major changes to original plan. >> scaled back tax cuts and
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promised more benefits for lower income families. >> in the next four years under our plan the economy will average 3.5% growth and create a total of 25 million new jobs. >> let's talk trumponomics with ran that. we just heard promising economic growth and 25 million new jobs and would be impressive given the u.s. economy never reached that many jobs. >> and 4% is double what the economy is growing right now. to be honest, a lot of this is magical thinking. i got to say. these numbers, 3.5 to 4% growth are predicated on the idea that trump's plan of tax cuts would actually create that growth momentum and unfortunately for
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the last 20 years not been the case. not bipartisan thing, you can look at tax cuts under george bush in 2001 and 2003, big sustained cuts that didn't create a big jump in growth and before the financial crisis more bush cuts in 2008 and everything obama did afterwards in trimming taxes post the financial crisis didn't create growth. you have 20 years of evident that trickle-down theory is not working. makes the numbers hard to figure. >> did you say 3.5% economic growth? he's promising can grow even faster. listen to the republican nominee. >> it's time to start thinking big once again. that's why i believe it's time to establish a national goal of reaching 4% economic growth.
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and my great economists don't want me to say this but i think we can do better than that. >> and again the question here is, you can put this out there, say whatever you want but looking at economy policies which the trump campaign is putting forward is there any explanation how the economy can go better than 4%? >> there really isn't john, in fact you have a lot of economists very worried that some of these policies, protectionism around trade, tax cuts without spending cuts which by the way was the reagan formula. he cut taxes but never cut the budget so at end of his tenure national debt 3 times what it was before. oxford economics a u.k.-based firm believes if all the things
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put in place, including immigration. demographics are part. would shave a trillion dollars off the u.s. economy. >> that's interesting with the immigration policy. seems to be where economic policy slams head on to immigration policy. would love to deport workers in the united states. but to achieve the jobs growth he outlined some experts say you have to double immigration intake. how does that work? >> absolutely. think about economic growth, it's basically the number of people working and how productive they are. as i said before, one of our great advantages in the united states compared in particular to europe is we have more immigrants, slightly higher birth rate. you cut those things you're cutting economic growth. >> donald trump did revise his tax plan.
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before costing around $10 trillion over 10 years, now it's $4.4 trillion and included is a big corporate bonus. listen to this. >> one of our greatest job creation measures is going to be our 15% business tax rate down from the current 35% rate, a reduction of more than 40%. i know that's what you people have been waiting for. >> okay so look at that tax cut, the child care tax rebate he announced the other day. boost in spending on defense and infrastructure, all paid for by stronger economic growth. is there a provision in the plan if the economic growth doesn't materialize? >> not that we've heard and again cutting taxes and not cutting spending is a recipe for more debt. it is not a recipe for growth. and by the way, we're also
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entering a new period in the global economy. it's a period when monetary policy is probably going to start slowly tightening, not going to have same 40 years of easy i money you've had in the past. this is no the time to add unproductive debt to the u.s. economy. >> also, finally, it does seem like the world is in this model or formula of low economic growth anyway. seems unlikely that, you know the heady days of the '90s, nobody is returning to those days. >> and in the 1990s, that was beginning of the tech boom, internet coming online. lot of connectivity, people getting computers. that period is over and tapped out. a lot of economists think most of the benefits from that big computing boom are finished now. we're not going to see that again unless there's something major on the horizon, a new
9:19 pm
invention, major shift in global demographics it's really hard to imagine 4% growth in the ut right now. >> the '90s, those were the days. good to have you with us. more than a little depressing. >> happy days ahead. take a break and come back to new allegations that russia is behind a high profile computer hack. tell you how the united states is responding to the cyberthreat coming from moscow. >> and rapper jay-z spent years selling drugs and now railing against the u.s. war on drugs. kplooer exxonmobil is a leader in carbon capture. our team is working to make this technology better,
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just going 23 minutes past 9:00 on the west coast. joined growing list of those blaming russian hackers for a series of attacks. >> with increasing concerns about security, stepping up against moscow. jim sciutto explains. >> reporter: tonight u.s. intelligence focused on vladimir
9:24 pm
putin and russia, countering u.s. security interests around the globe. now includes unprecedented effort to undermine confidence in the upcoming presidential election as mike mccall detailed on cnn. >> idea of a foreign power like russia, adversary attempting to mess with elections and director koemy i told us the idea with a undermine the integrity of the american electoral process. these facts and allegations very disturbing. >> reporter: sources tell cnn that expanding resources aimed at moscow to match the evolving threat. include human intelligence, electronic surveillance and cyber ability.
9:25 pm
tells cnn putin has taken russia in much more hostile aggressive and adversarial position. cyberthreat is a particular concern. deputy director of the nsa told us that russia today has alarming capabilities not just to hack places bick democratic committee but harm the u.s. homeland. >> you're saying it foreign actors have the ability to shut down key infrastructure via cyberattack. >> yeah. >> russia? >> yeah. >> reporter: say it's too lay late and allowed advantage. >> it's coming home to roost right now. because of that failure on our part we're playing catch-up in a large way.
9:26 pm
>> u.s. intelligence officials tell me they never took their eyes off russia but grant it's difficult to judge intentions, in particular about putin. he has insular decision-making circle and he can make decisions in foreign policy realm they describe as impulsive. jim sciutto, cnn, washington. >> joining us, former deputy assistant attorney general with the justice department. thanks for coming in. why does it appear that obama administration is reluctant to directly respond to the cyberattacks if it's true they believe it's directed by the kremlin. >> i think it's multi factors here, diplomatic reasons and second may be don't want to poke the bear, so to speak.
9:27 pm
there's concerns about that. want to probably ascertain specifically is it coming from state-sponsored hacking or just hobyist hackers, you have a lot of that, particularly in russia. they've got very talented coders who have specific financial motivations because, you know, not a whole lot of wages over there. can you make more in one day of hacking somebody's credit cards. you can make more than that, that you would otherwise make in a month coding for a private company. they need to ascertain is it stas-sponsored, from the government and motivation behind it. >> how do you see it, if it's state-directed hangicking what the end goal? >> there's multiple reasons. nations engage in hacking for national security reasons, all nations probably do it. >> but the timing that its
9:28 pm
happening now in concerted way with the u.s. election on the horizon. >> i don't know if there's a specific motivation. been innuendos particularly from secretary clinton today and in the past trying to influence the u.s. elections. i don't think there's any evidence of that at the moment and certainly everybody condemns that type of hacking but they have hacked -- folks have hacked the world antidoping association today, perhaps to try to embarrass the u.s. athletes as retaliation for the agency's banning the russian athletes. >> doesn't seem to be any consistent framework here with state-sponsored hacking. couple of years ago north korea hacked a movie studio and hit with sanctions and now accusations that russians are hacking and all hands off. >> i think the u.s. feels it's easier diplomatically to attack
9:29 pm
a nation like north korea and perhaps in the past a nation like iran. but russia is a little bit more sensitive diplomatically, and until they have specific information, i think they wouldn't feel comfortable attacking them. >> and just quickly, is there anything the u.s. could do to stop the hacking or are they stuck in a defensive position? >> no, first of all there's a number of reasons why some of the hacking -- they're able to penetrate. one is we don't have a government-wide policy for cybersecurity. the dod has very strong policies and technology to prevent that but other agencies of the government and dnc and private organizations don't have the resources. the u.s. small business administration doesn't have in its budget the ability to block like the department of defense.
9:30 pm
next president, one of the things we should be doing is looking as policies to implement a government-wide program for procurement of those types of technologies and updating native protection of the cybersecurity. >> whoever wins, one of the things on the list. appreciate you coming in. break. when we come back, fragile cease-fire is holding but city of aleppo is in ruins. go there in a moment.
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welcome back everybody. hillary clinton, back at work, back on the campaign trail, trying to reassure voters about
9:34 pm
her health. >> in the first appearance since the first infamous fainting spell, walked out to the james browning on ", i feel good." >> tried to power through pneumonia but the rest did her good and launched into one of her sew called stronger together speeches. >> i have this old-fashioned noel nose that if you're running for president, you should say what you plan to do, how to get it ton and how you're going to pay for it. >> donald trump meantime at campaign rally in new hampshire complained about loss of manufacturing jobs to mexico and china.
9:35 pm
>> economic agenda can be summed up in three words, jobs, jobs, jobs. >> trump's daugt ivanka is defending the maternity leave and child care benefits. >> trying to defend comments that trump made years ago that women are inconvenience to business owners. >> cost of health care so on rus and crushing and needs to be a fix. >> leading the charge for new plan and taking heat. brought up old quote about pregnancy. >> fact is it is an inconvenience for a person running a business. she shot back. you have a lot of negativity and i don't know it's useful to spend time with you. called it unfair characteration
9:36 pm
of his track record and support of professional women. indeed the trump campaign insisted that his company gives eight weeks of leave to parents. after verifying, admitted can vary. nonetheless the campaign is ripping away at hillary clinton's claim shetz the lone champion for women in the race. >> if fighting for child care and paid family leave is playing the woman card, deal me in. >> how do their plans compare? among the main points clintons want new parents 12 weeks of paid family or medical leave. >> trump says leave alone should be six weeks. >> clinton wants free prek for all 4-year-olds and trump wants
9:37 pm
to give families deductions for child care savings accounts to spend as they like. >> we need working mothers to be fairly compensated for their work and have access to affordable quality child care for their kids. >> the clinton campaign says trump's tax breaks would help the well-off more than the working class and won't offer similar help for new dads, leaving guy parents out. and trump's words from the past don't help, describing child care as wife's work. >> i'll supply the funds and she'll take care of the kids. i won't be walking them down central park. >> still team trump is taking the criticism and pushing on. ivanka took the magazine to task. your readers do and should care about issues impacting women and children. keep the focus where it belongs.
9:38 pm
cnn washington. >> trump kids in the spotlight. >> channelling their father it would see, at least a little. turning now to syria where air strikes targeting isis have killed 23 civilians. hit housing, families displaced by the war, at least nine women and children. falls outside the area of the cease-fire. it's holding but mistrust is growing between russia and united states. >> russia is flying drones to look for cease-fire violations. more now from government-controlled western alep aleppo. >> >> reporter: more than 5 years of civil war have scarred large parts of aleppo. neighborhoods like this controlled by government in ruins. finally with the cease-fire some
9:39 pm
respite and seemingly little things become special. first time in months abdul and his friends can go out and collect firewood for families. >> need this wood to cook dinner because we have nothing else he says. the neighborhood was on the front line until recently. rebels shelled from a nearby hill laying waste to many of the buildings and government forces used air power to bomb the opposition areas. amid the destruction families continue to live in the ruins. ak med has been here three years and stayed even after the rebels fired makeshift rockets into the flat next door, blowing away the wall separating the two apartments. >> it was dangerous he says, too afraid it go out because spieper covering the street.
9:40 pm
kboent into that living room. now stays with wife and eight children, trying to rest in the badly damaged flat. by all accounts situation is even worse in the rebel-held parts of aleppo. russia and u.s. trying to assure safe passage for u. in aid into the area. >> this road, castello road will be the main entrance for aid. this is the road the u.n. trucks are going to use. cease-fire brought needed calm to residents of this once so beautiful, battered city. they cherish the calm but few convinced it can last. cnn aleppo. >> shocking pictures there. quick break and shocking allegations against the philippine president including claims that former death squad
9:41 pm
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the group human rights watch is calling for the u.n. to investigate the philippine president for his alleged involvement in nonjudicial killing. saying ordered a death squad to kill personal enemies. >> saying that duterte himself killed a government official and says the death squad fed a body to a crocodile. president's office denies the allegations. >> executive director of human rights watch asian division, brad thanks for being with us. allies of president duterte are dismissing the statements of this self-confessed murderer but on the basis of investigations you've done in the past do
9:45 pm
allegations with duterte directly involved in killings himself as mayor seem credible? >> unfortunately they do. we published a report in 2009 saying a death squad was responsible for a lot of extrajudicial killings. lot of people talked to us on the record and off, not many go 0 on the record but described now police and vigilanties working with police engaging in reign of terror in the city and president duterte encouraged this. made public statement after public statement saying that drug dealers need to die, deserve to die and criminals need to be killed. not ancient history in 2009 but said it over and over again in the election campaign that brought him to office on june
9:46 pm
30th. >> indeed said it over and over again. bearing in mind the allegations not entirely new and mr. duterte was elected as president, i mean, do you expect there to be any backlash, any fallout for presidency as result of this testimony? >> i do think it was big day in the philippines, a testimony in the philippines senate under oath by a man who said he was personally involved in 50 killings. heard duterte and saw duterte give orders to kill people, saw him kill people with his own eyes and he came across as credible. it has to be said, these are just allegations but need to be investigated. and i think the philippine people thought he's like trump, just says things, may not mean things, don't know if serious, just flamboyant and colorful. laughing at trump but not
9:47 pm
duterte anymore because dead bodies laying in the streets in many of the cities of the philippines now, many with signs saying drug dealer, pusher, and many cases coming to light, person clearly not involved in drug pushing or use, and even children killed. public sentiment is turning, i think duterte not able to continue this for long and think the united nations should go in to investigate. if a civil war would be a clamor for community to get involved. we think it's time to happen. >> we appreciate you joining us and giving us insight into the philippines. >> still to come, music mogul jay-z taking on the u.s. war on drugs calling it racist and epic failure. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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so we know how to cover almost anything. even mer-mutts.
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(1940s aqua music) (burke) and we covered it, february third, twenty-sixteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ epic fail. in a video op-ed published in the "new york times" he says the drug war unfairly targets african-americans. >> he rapper has his own drug
9:52 pm
past. jay-z went from being a dealer in new york to one of the most successful people in music. >> rates of drug use are as high as they were when nixon declared the so-called war. 45 years later, it's time to rethink our policies and laws. the war on drugs is an epic fail. >> an entertainment journalist and pop culture columnist for access live is joining us. good to see you back. >> what about me? i'm here all the time. >> focus. this op-ed starts with the reagan era war on drugs. this is the part where jay-z admits his past as a drug dealer. >> drug dealers are monsters so major cities and neighborhoods were failing. no one wanted to talk about the
9:53 pm
reagan nomices. young men like me sold drug addicts lack moral fortitude. >> so this is a guy who's part of the crack cocaine epidemic. he speaks with some authority, not moral authority but some authority. >> it's a brilliant piece. we must separate the messenger from the message. what he says about the safety nets and social programs stripped away, after-school programs where low-income people will fall in to, no pun intended in to cracks in the system and sell drugs when things have been taken away for them to get better jobs. i disagree with him at the depiction of drug dealers being monsters. they were selling drugs often times to their own family members. he has a song where he talks about selling drugs to his own mother. the monster fits the drug dealers. but nino brown said it best in "new jack city" there are no
9:54 pm
poppy fields in new york city. where are the drugs coming from? it was a plight on the poor, black and brown communities but where were the drugs coming from. the war on drugs is an epic fail. >> there's no debate the sentencing -- there was inequity in sentencing when it came to the drug dealing, usage, what does it mean to the black community to have jay-z wading in to the conversation at this time? >> i think it is necessary because he's visible. we again separating the messenger from the message, you are talking about a guy who's come up from the streets to sit next to the president of the united states at his inauguration, to be there with hillary clinton as she is campaigning. we're talking about someone whotds flexing his political and economic muscles and since he has seen this firsthand had people have been addicted to drugs, sold drugs and fallen victim to the punitive system where black and brown people were given stronger sentences
9:55 pm
than their white counterparts. i think he speaks with authority. >> very quickly. makes the point of the hypocrisy in the current drug laws where some states can make billions of dollars selling marijuana. >> if you are entrepreneurial, living in one of the states passing legalized marijuana laws you may face barriers participating in an above ground, former felons can't open a dispensary. a lot of times those felonies with drug charges. now prohibited from participating in one of the fastest growing economies. got it? >> i mean, how cruel and ugly this is where you are serving time for something that someone now is getting rich off of. drugs legalized in states where black and brown people were going to get sentences where they would throw the key away. now people are allowed to get
9:56 pm
rich off the same things we were throwing people and locking them away for extended period of times. it is ridiculous. we have prop 64 here in california about legalizing it, a state that has been forward thinking in its marijuana laws. come on, people. if it is okay in colorado and you can get a medicinal card as easy as catching a cab, come on. >> we have to leave it there. >> free jay-z. >> you are watching cnn newsroom from los angeles. >> i'm john vause back in a moment. rfectly aligned, that's it. we need really tight temperature controls. engineering, aerodynamics- a split second too long could mean scrapping it all and starting over. propulsion, structural analysis- maple bourbon caramel. that's what we're working on right now.
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you are watching cnn newsroom live from los angeles. >> ahead this hour born in the usa. feeling nice like sugar and spice. hillary clinton on the campaign trail. exploding phones and a major recall in the united states. hello. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm isha sesay. >> great to have you with us. i'm john vause. this is the second


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