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tv   New Day  CNN  September 16, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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there is so much at stake. early voting is one week away. ten days until the debate. let's start with senior correspondent brianna keilar live in washington. >> this seems to be the latest chapter, but what we're hearing from the trump campaign is nothing new, really. just last week donald trump's campaign manager, kellyanne conway asserts that president obama was born in america. the candidate has yet to go on the record about that. in a statement, donald trump's campaign saying he now believes president obama was born in the united states. after encouraging false rumors for years. >> why doesn't he show his birth certificate? you know what, i wish he would. i think it's terrible it's hanging over him. >> reporter: the "washington post" hosting an interview with trump where he refuses to
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denounce the conspiracy theory. i'll answer that question at the right time, i don't want to answer it yet. the reason i will talk about it everybody will be talking about it instead of jobs, the military, the vets and security. falsely blaming hillary clinton for starting the birther speculation and credding trump with forcing the president to release proof of where he was born. mr. trump did a great service to the president and the country by bringing closure to the issue that hillary clinton and her team first raised. inarguably johnled j. trump is a closer. having successfully obtained president obama's birth certificate when others could not, mr. trump believes that president obama was born in the united states. . hillary clinton denouncing trump. >> ask one more time, where was president obama born?
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and he still wouldn't say hawaii. he still wouldn't say america. this man wants to be our next president. when will he stop this ugliness, this bigotry? we need to stand up and repudiate this divisive rhetoric. >> reporter: once again overshaller shove overshadowing policy. laying out an ambitious economic plan on thursday that promises to create 25 million jobs and increase economic growth by 4% annually. >> hello. >> reporter: meantime, clinton back on the trail after days battling pneumonia. hitting trump over releasing a doctor's note about his health on a talk show. >> i'll never be the showman my opponent is and that's okay with me. >> reporter: trump gaining momentum in the polls during her absence this week. clinton only has a two-point
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advantage in cnn's poll of polls, which is an average of the last five national polls. while trump is opening up a lead in several key swing states, but clinton says the race isn't over yet. >> i've been called a lot of things. i've never been called a quitter. >> reporter: this birther conversation coming to the spotlight as donald trump is making a play for african-american voters or many people see it, making a play for voters with uncomfortable and key democratic voting bloc. clinton has been very quick to seize on trump's missteps with this constituency. the birther comments particular particularly. >> thanks for starting us off on this friday. is this a wind no to who donald trump really is? let's discuss with political anchor of time warner cable news errol lewis, cnn politics
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executive editor mark preston and dana bash. great interview with kasich, by the way. thanks for bringing it to us. you say you have reporting, what do you know? >> we have donald trump's campaign right now trying to ensure that he doesn't step on his message. what has he done? he's stepped on his message. yesterday he releases his most detailed plan yet on the economy. right. we have hillary clinton sliding in every battleground state poll right now. what does donald trump do? he goes out and steps on his message and brings up the birther issue and refuses to say. >> he refuses to ask about it. >> he was asked about it and could have cleared it up very quickly. but his campaign manager and one of his top surrogates, rudy giuliani said that he believed that barack obama was born in the united states. yet, when asked by "washington post" he chooses not to say that. and leaves, leaves a little bit of road for us to interpret what
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he means by it. >> he does worse than that. he says i'll answer it at the right time. like an event or something like that. >> right. so, dana, what is going on inside the campaign that we hear kellyanne conway and giuliani, yeah, yeah, he believes president obama was born here, but he won't say it. >> we'll have to see. he is allegedly having a press conference or at least will have a moment with the press later today here in d.c. and that is, obviously, going to be the key question. whether we are going to hear it from donald trump's own lips. and, obviously, what mark just described is dead on. the campaign, which has been trying to turn the trump sort of juggernaut into something more traditional, this is one of their last efforts to change donald trump from the way he was to somebody who is more palatable to not just the main
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stream, but, more importantly, as brianna was talking about, that this made it very difficult to kind of go that extra step. the campaign believes that people who he now is trusting to run his world, that this is something that is really hurting him. and, frankly, i don't think there is any other way to say it. they are trying to box him in. i was told last night that trump doesn't allow his campaign to put out any statements under his ledderhead, unless he's approved it. we'll have to hear it from him. >> here's what the campaign is putting out. in 2011 mr. trump was finally able to bring this ugly incident to its conclusion. what their spin is, he actually ended this. he did the country a favor. >> he brought closure. >> he is the ultimate closer.
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that's what they're saying. errol, what we can say full throatedly, that's a lot of bunk. he started this to bring attention. it was always malintended. never intended to do something good for barack obama. fair point? >> of course. it was not something that he did as a service to the country at all. something he did as a service to donald trump. it got him the prominence that he sought and it continues to give him prominence in certain segments. this is where the whole deplorables comment comes out. many people, i would put myself in this category who don't really care about what comes out of his mouth on this particular issue. i think he made it clear over a number of years exactly how he feels about it. what is more important, the followers who actually believe this stuff. it is picked up in the polls, so it's widely believed enough this conspiracy theory that it actually has some meaning. so, what i would like to hear. what i think would actually sort of move the issue in an important way is for him to say not just what he believes, but
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what he wants the country to believe. what he want his followers to do and believe and he wants them to put it behind us so we can talk about in the final weeks of the campaign to talk about what everyone is talking about. >> he's taken a different narrative. let's remind our viewers what donald trump has said about president obama's birth place. >> why doesn't he show his birth certificate? you know what, i wish he would. i think it's a terrible pail that's hanging over him. perhaps it's going to say hawaii. perhaps it's going to say scken. last week somebody came out with a very strong statement saying that he stated himself that he was born in kenya and raised in indonesia. now, i didn't make that statement. that was made by, i assume, either the publisher or the president himself and that's a statement. that's a pretty hard statement
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to refute. do you know who questioned his birth certificate? one of the first. hillary clinton. >> not true. hillary clinton is not the person who ever questioned president obama's birth certificate. some of her supporters in an e-mail said things and it was never linked to hillary clinton and she did not say it. >> let me stay this from a strategicical standpoint. whether you like his politics or not, he's well respected. okay. you have the campaign measure for donald trump come out and say donald trump doesn't believe in the birther. then you have donald trump release or rather tell "the washington post" basically cuts the feet out, the knees out from his campaign manager and says she can say whatever she wants. but, basically, leaving oout the idea that he doesn't believe in himself. then the campaign has to put a statement out themselves under the letterhead he no longer believes it and voters all across the nation still can't believe where donald trump is on
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that. where do we look at donald trump and say if you can't listen to your top advisors and if you can't be on the same page as your advisors, where are you? this isn't the economy. this isn't a major foreign policy issue. this is a moral issue. >> just to be clear with this with hillary clinton. it is a little bit messy. it said there were supporters of hers. you can go to and they have it all laid out what is true, what isn't. hillary clinton did not start the birther movement. it was never connected to her. it was never connected to her campaign. did one of her advisors put out a memo about it how this aspect of obama could be played to advantage? yes. it was dismissed by the campaign and put them on the outs with them. trump picked up this ball and ran like someone was chasing him to the promise land with this and it didn't pan out. and you can look at politifact and
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>> if you did not originate with hillary clinton. >> nothing else is a meaningful suggestion on it. it helps donald trump muddy the water. the bigger question is, why do we care? the president was born in the united states, he has a birth certificate. v voters could say this is trump being trump. except it is a window intahow he will deal with situations that may be bad for him and in the best interest of everybody else, he has to come clean. we know in the room, in his office, the campaign people, his family are saying to him, you've got to own this. and do it the right way and he's kicking his family out of the office and he's saying, i'm not going to do it. how big a deal is this? >> not only are they saying you've got to own it, you've got to separate yourself from it. you have to move on from it. you have to say this is not who you are. but i think you really hit the nail on the head there, chris. why do we care?
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i can tell you just according to my inbox the people in his campaign are insisting we are the only ones that care and democrats. but i frankly don't buy that and when i say we, i mean the media. i don't buy that because for people who are not sure who they're going to vote for yet and they're trying to figure out if they don't really love either of these two major candidates and they don't know who they're going to pull the lever for and they are reminded that donald trump pushed a false narrative, as you said, running with the ball like he was being chased, that might make them think twice. that's what democrats are banking on. that it is a core fundamental question of who is this guy and why was it so important for him when he was a private citizen to make such a big deal out of questioning where the first black president was born. that is what the campaign fundamentally understands and they're trying to move on from. we'll see if he says it. >> because it's beyond
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african-american voters. it's all voters wanting to know if they'll have a conspiracy the theirrist in the white house. is it limited to african-american voters? >> where african-american voters relate to trump has been a question that goes beyond just the black electorate. so, we've been talking for weeks now about how he makes these gestures. he goes to detroit and acts as if he's talking to black voters and he's talking past or talking about black voters in order to get a certain segment about white voters, especially younger ones who don't like the idea of being associated with this. the birther is just a metaphor for a bigotry, a notion that we couldn't have really elected the first black president and there must have been a trick and must have conspiracy. >> when you're president of the united states, you're going to make mistakes and you're going to own them. that is usually the only way forward. dana will be back in a few minutes because as i said earlier on, she did this great
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interview with ohio governor john kasich. what does he think about the state of play? who is going tawin ho win and w is going to vote for? nancy pelosi is going to join us in the next hour. at 8:00 a.m., the man himself. senator bernie sanders joins us live. >> quite a show. donald trump vowing to create 25 million jobs over the next decade, if he is elected president. he's promising tax cuts, as well. does his plan add up? we'll break down the numbers and decide who has the best plan. get between you and life's dobeautiful moments.llergens flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪
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wiback like it could used to? neutrogena hydro boost water gel. with hyaluronic acid it plumps skin cells with intense hydration and locks it in. for supple, hydrated skin. hydro boost. from neutrogena donald trump laying out what he calls a bold, economic plan yesterday. it is promising 4.$4 trillion in tax cuts and 4% annual groethd to the economy and create 25 million jobs over the next ten years. this as "the new york times a" poll trust trump and favor
3:19 am
clinton on terrorism and immigration. dedo trump's economic promises add up? let's discuss it with our experts. cnn global analyst and rona and christine romans. ladies, great to have you here. >> hi. >> let's talk about jobs. donald trump is promising 25 million new jobs under his plan. president obama created 9.7 million. christine? >> bill clinton did create about 25 million jobs, 24 million jobs. he wants to do what bill clinton did and create 24 million jobs. this gives you some perspective. we lost 7 million in the recession and slowly brought those back. from the very bottom to the top, 14 million jobs created in the past eight years. you know, donald trump, if he wants to build a wall, he wants to potentially have a trade war with china. if he wants to start slapping tariffs on goods coming in from mexico, he'll have a hard time creating a whole bunch of jobs
3:20 am
because so many of his other policies are so disruptive. >> it is a doable number. >> it happened before. >> let's talk about the growth that is happening. promises gdp under him. let's look at the context. >> you can see back in the '90s much higher. around 4%. donald trump is saying that we can get back there. but the growth rate has been much lower in recent years. about 2%. to double the growth rate at a time when he's talking about also cutting taxes, not telling us how he's going to cut spending, the math really doesn't add up. if you think about, his growth plan is a dynamic growth plan. he's saying that tax cuts will help create some of that growth, but under bill clinton you had taxes going up. there's not a lot of evidence in the last 20 years that tax cuts actually create growth. >> let's talk about his plan to cut taxes. here's what he suggested, christine. he wants to cut taxes, as well as grow the military and make the deficit neutral. >> how can he do that?
3:21 am
how can you cut taxes and grow the military and not touch entitlements? i mean, he's talking about unleashing with his other proposals like regulation and trade deals and unleash all this economic activity that has been held hostage by the obama administration. cutting 1% out of the federal budget every year, he's just talking about this bottom line here. the nondiscretionary spending. so, what you have there is he's attacking part of the budget that is least necessary to attack, essentially. the least bang from your buck comes from cutting there. >> he also revised his numbers a little bit, rana. he said his tax cut plan would cost $3.4 trillion and then he now says it will cost only $2.6 trillion. >> yeah. we have to, it's important to say, you have to kacaveat all these economic projections. they're black box calculations. i wouldn't put too much into the
3:22 am
particulars of what the cuts will add up to be. going from 2% growth to 4% growth without some kind of massive change in the economy, pretty unlikely right now. >> back in the '90s all that growth in the '90s that was the internet. >> exactly. >> personal computer revolution. imagine before then you didn't have e-mail to talk to your colleagues and you couldn't call your colleagues in india or europe and send over information. that was a really remarkable revolution. to get 25 million jobs to get 4% gdp and not explode the deficit, i mean, you would have to have some kind of a revolution like that. he thinks it's the donald trump revolution that will unleash all this activity. >> we need a new baby boom. >> speaking of baby boom, let's talk about child care, which we're representing by a pair of men's briefs or high-cut diaper. however, you know, he talked about his child care plan. go ahead. what do you see here, christine?
3:23 am
>> well, the child care plan is interesting. he wants to give mothers six weeks' paid maternity leave by giving them jobless benefits. instead of requiring companies to pay for maternity leave, he'll tell them that people can get jobless benefits and pay for that by squeezing out fraud in the jobless benefits market. some budget watchers have said, yeah, you'd like to squeeze fraud out of all these federal programs but that might be naive and more difficult to get that out of there. others said they don't want to encourage companies to move off of their own paid maternity leave and move them on to the jobless benefit system. >> congress has passed a number of get tough on fraud and unemployment laws. i'm not sure how much more juice there is to squeeze here. a lot of the benefits of this plan accrue to the top earners. who benefits from these kind of tax deductions, those paying most on their taxes. >> in other words, we discussed this, christine, not necessarily for the working class moms and maybe working two jobs to
3:24 am
support their family, this is for middle class and upper class moms. >> he does say he wants to expand the earned income tax credit and make it through the tax code to get people money back. low-wage workers they need cheap child care every week and they need the money to pay for it every week, not later in their taxes. >> it's a philosophical divide. do you want to get more tax breaks or do you want to say we'll make a public commitment to making child care expensive. >> billions and billions of dollars to give people a low -- hillary clinton wants a universal pre-k. that will cost a lot of money the taxpayers will have to pay for. we're talking about a workforce that needs a revolution and how we're paying for child care and how we're educating our kids and taking care of our kids. >> thanks so much for breaking all of this down for us, christine, rana. a man with a meat cleaver goes on a campaign on a busy new york city street during rush hour. an off-duty police officer gets
3:25 am
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it's almost 6:30 in the east and the five things to know for your new day. number one, donald trump refusing to answer a question about whether president obama was born in the united states. in a new interview with "washington post." trump's campaign releases a statement after the story posted saying he does believe the president was born in america, but trump will refuse to say it. hillary clinton back on the campaign trail, but questions about transparency linger. she declined to talk specifics when asked twice whether her running mate senator tim kaine knew she had pneumonia after she was diagnosed. officials in columbus, ohio, promising a thorough investigation into the deadly police shooting of 13-year-old tyree king. officer os claim king pulled a bb gun while being questioned about a robbery. the boy's family says witnesses dispute that story. the feds officially recalling 1 million samsung 7
3:30 am
galaxy phones. they say the phone catches fire. so, consumers can either get a replacement device, a refund or a new note 7 when it hit stores next wednesday. the justice department reportedly launch a new report to combat heroin and opiod addiction. loretta lynch will direct federal prosecutors to share information about prescription drug abuses and to coordinate enforcement efforts. for more on the five things to know, go to the nymd says a man with a meat cleaver slashed an off-duty police officer in the face at the height of evening rush hour. they then responded pie firing 18 rounds hitting the suspect several times. cnn deb feyerick joins us now. what happened? >> this happened at a very, very busy time of day. rush hour. happened near madison square garden.
3:31 am
police responding to 911 calls. a man forcibly trying to remove a tire clamp from his tire. the man was living in his vehicle and police started questioning him and that's when he pulled out an 11 inch meat cleaver and started running in the direction of macy's. he refused to drop the weapon a police taser didn't stop him. an nypd detective on his way home subdues him and slashed with the meat cleaver a six inch gash from his temple to his jaw and that's when police fired their weapons. 18 shots described by the police commissioner, as sufficient to deter attacks on my officers. the man is from queens, new york. he does have a history of arrest including hitting a police car repeatedly. he's in critical condition. the detective had surgery last night and there does not appear to be any neterrorism.
3:32 am
very bizarre, very frightening and creating a lot of chaos in that entire area during rush hour last night. >> the aerial shot of all the crowds standing around trying to figure out what happened in this terrifying situation. >> plus, a lot of iphone video coming out of that because it was frightening for a lot of people. >> deb, thank you so much. so, we're hearing from a former republican presidential candidate ohio governor john kasich very important because ohio is up for grabs and this interview is going to be about him and how he feels about the election and president obama. he's meeting with the president today to help him pass the transpacific trade deal. here's a listen to the interview. >> you are governor of a major state sitting down with the democratic president two months before an election. you're not worried about the political backlash from that? >> oh, frankly i welcome it. >> he says he's okay with putting country before party. who is he going to vote for?
3:33 am
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big interview from somebody who matters. former republican presidential candidate ohio governor john kasich says no matter what the political cost, he is determined to help president obama get the tpp, the transpacific trade deal through congress. >> so the ohio governor meets with the president today and he insists he is not worried about any possible backlash for himself. cnn dana bash spoke exclusively with governor kasich. tell us about this. >> when i got the call from one of john kasich's aides saying he is coming to washington with meet with the president to help him pass a trade deal i thought i heard wrong at the beginning until i remember this was john kasich and this was the premise of his entire presidential campaign. even now that he has lost as the governor of a very important state, he is sticking by that idea. >> i think this trade agreement is vital. i mean, if i said this, the two
3:38 am
most veciferous opponents of the trade agreement are one of the most repressive leaders in the history of china that in and of itself should tell you why this agreement is really important. >> you know for a while it's not just vladimir putin that opposes the tpp. it is your party nominee, donald trump and also hillary clinton. >> pretty amazing. >> why do you think you can do something with this president that the two people who want to be president oppose? >> because i'm an optimist and i know that facts matter and i think the political heat that people get from supporting trade and i've never been an ideological supporter of free trade. when i look at it over time, i think it's a good choice for america to be able to make sure that we can move our products around the world. i've been in a republican party all my adult lifetime. we've always been for openness and free trade.
3:39 am
the fact is -- >> that's changing. >> i mean, that's changing maybe with some. but i'm not prepared to walk away from that. it's worth fighting over. >> you are a governor of a major state sitting down with the democratic president two months before an election. you're not worried about the political backlash from that? >> oh, frankly, i welcome it. >> you welcome backlash. >> i welcome that people will criticize me for putting my country ahead of my party. it's time we start doing this in this country. we are not a parliamentary system and we were never taught to hate people because they may be in a different political party. you know, when it comes to the president, he and i have a lot of disagreements, but areas where we can agree. if i can become somebody in the front that leads an effort for people to hear this and say maybe he's right. what would i do? shrink?
3:40 am
go hide somewhere. >> one reason he'll win ohio. that he disagrees with free trade. >> frnkly part of the problem that the clinton campaign has is thought there is literally no enthusiasm for hillary clinton. i don't know if that will change, but that is her challenge. >> you are not endorsing donald trump. you have made that clear. but it's not just that, the kasich machine. the people who have worked for you successfully to get out the vote for your races in ohio, they're not helping donald trump. is there concern that at the end of the day if donald trump loses ohio and loses the presidency, republicans nationwide are going to turn to john kasich and say, thanks a lot. and you're going to get blamed. >> well, look, first of all, this kasich machine, that's not how you win elections. we're going to go help people and get the vote out, obviously. >> for donald trump?
3:41 am
>> we'll get republicans out to vote, period. but i don't, first of all, control any machine. >> i'm not saying you control a machine. you understand very well how to get people out to vote. >> we want to re-elect senator portman and we want to re-elect people down ticket. frankly, because -- >> you're going to be helping to get republicans to the polls. >> yeah. >> if that means voting for donald trump, so be it. >> i don't tell somebody and i won't get into an argument with somebody about how they're going to vote. >> have you decided what you're going to do when you go into the voting booth? >> i will let everybody know when. i think my actions have spoken very loudly. louder than even my words. >> gary johnson. >> i haven't even gone there yet. it's a long way until election day. >> is it still possible that you could vote for donald trump? >> very unlikely. >> okay. >> too much water under the bridge. >> what if donald trump wins? what if he becomes president? >> we'll see what happens if that happens. >> what will john kasich --
3:42 am
>> i will still be governor for a couple more years and i'll still have my agenda and a very robust agenda in ohio. depends on what they're interested in. >> could you see yourself sitting in the oval office with president trump just like you are with president obama. >> if i can do something in a constructive way and something i agree on, absolutely. >> so, dana, first of all, did you ask kasich if he is ever going to run for president, again. we're interested in that. is he really not worried about any backlash about this? >> he said he's not closing the door to anything regarding a 2020. again, he said actually 2020. so, it's a question of if trump wins whether or not he would actually primary him, but that's a lot of ifs down the road. look, john kasich is going to be out of the governor's mansion in a couple of years. he's term limited and he is working very, very hard for the
3:43 am
down ticket republicans. he talked about senator portman in ohio. he's doing back in new hampshire where he spent most of the primary season helping the senator up for re-election there, kelly ayotte. he is doing a lot of that kind of work. he insists he's not doing it because he's sure he's going to run. but, come on, he is. he is laying the groundwork for a potential run, again. and the answer to your question about backlash, he's doubling down on his brand. and that brand is, he's not the guy who is going to stop everything. he's the guy who, if he wins, will come to washington, roll up his sleeves and get things done. the question is at some point whether there is an appetite for that because there wasn't in the primary season this year. >> we sure hope there is at some point. compromise is not a bad word. dana, thank you very much. really interesting. >> all right. you want some good news? >> yes. >> the jets win. >> you're so happy. >> new york football team right there on the screen looking like the '69 jets in those uniforms.
3:44 am
they made some history here, by the way. your bleacher report is next. let's keep watching this. another teeter from matt forte. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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the jets and the bills squaring off last night in the first ever game broadcast live on twitter. andy sholes has more in this morning's bleacher report. i hope the story about this twitter history isn't overshadowed by the dominance, the aggression and excellence that is the new york jets. >> oh, don't worry, chris. it was pretty cool, right, to be able to open up your phone and pop up twitter and have the game right there to be able to watch. you and along with all the other jet fans happy tweets. nice bounce back and jets runningback matt forte made his fantasy owners very happy last night. he rushed for 100 yards and three touchdowns as the jets with the big win in a high-scoring affair. the reason i only got two
3:49 am
hours of sleep last night, my sixth ranked houston cougars playing at cincinnati. down 16-12 before scoring 28 unanswered to blow out the bear cats. heisman candidate right there ran in two sore scores in the quarter. they went on to win 40-16. an easy schedule the rest of the way. they could easily go undefeated this season. the cubs they may have lost last night, but they got to celebrate their first division title since 2008 thanks to the cardinals losing. the cubs looking for their first world series championship since 1908. >> andy, thank you. that was great but not as good as the color commentary that chris was acting out some of the moves while he was watching the jets. really interesting on the set. >> they say those actual things on the field, oops, can't touch me. you'll enjoy this, as well, for a late-night funny.
3:50 am
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3:54 am
not only did jimmy fallon mock trump's voice he also messed up trump's hair. >> what? >> yes. >> when you first started running you were very high voice. your voice was very high. china. you'd say china. and very high and you'd talk and then you got into a stage where you were just yelling into the microphone at people and you're yelling at everyone. and you don't even need the mike and now you're more of like a smoky, silky. can i mess your hair up? >> the answer is yes, but the people in new hampshire where i will be in about an hour from now i hope they are going to understand. go ahead. yes! donald trump, everybody! >> oh, my gosh. >> i wouldn't have let him do it, by the way. >> yes, you would.
3:55 am
>> the dignity. the man is running for president. i wouldn't let him mess up my hair. >> i really can't believe, i can't believe that he actually did let him do it. i am shocked by that. it looked very uncomfortable. i'm almost two -- >> the cnn correspondent who does not have this problem. "reliable sources" ryan writer and star of chris git. what do you think of that moment? >> it did make me miss david letterman a lot. >> why? >> don't you feel like letterman had permission to look someone in the eye and say it's a bad idea for you to be president. don't you feel like letterman would have crashed and burned it on purpose just to say some divisive things? >> letterman is the one who
3:56 am
introduced the notion to the american people that trump's products weren't made in the united states. trump did not handle that well. we did see him handle this well. i'm being half serious. the guy is running for president of the united states and i would think twice of letting somebody mess up his hair but he thought it was important for what reason? >> this is the donald trump hillary clinton needs to be studying. this is the donald trump not the cha chairicture and the nasty guy in the attack ads. this is the personable, human, warm and fuzzy donald trump. at least to the extent that any candidate can be. this is the candidate that clinton needs to study. i saw it on dr. oz yesterday and on fallon last night. >> do you think he looked wildly uncomfortable? >> i think that was part of the joke, part of the fun. i thought that was part of what made him so appealing. >> you then have the idea of how he perceives himself, right, which is something we like to watch. but how that plays out on the larger stage. that's what this birther situation is about.
3:57 am
what will trump do when tested and he doesn't like the outcome, but he has to do it anyway. so, you get to the idea of apologizing, which is part joke, part not. take a listen. >> you said on our show before that you never really apologized unless you really feel the need to apologize. >> i don't love apologizing. i'm not, i'm not thrilled about apologizing, but i'll apologize if i'm wrong about something. >> have you ever played the board game, sorry. >> no, i sort of like monopoly better than sorry. >> good answer. >> great, great answer. but, here's the problem, chris. he won't apologize. again, often things come up in politics that are a metaphor or a test. we don't need anyone to weigh in or not. president obama was born in the country, period. but his ability to apologize, if i'm wrong, i'll apologize.
3:58 am
no he won't. what is the message that becomes beyond the joke? >> i think he does a good job here of making it seem likable, but also so funny to me that he, it's like he will say that the media goes after him about stuff like that and then the shows he goes on to explain himself are dr. oz and jimmy fallon, a show for known being very playful and goofy. it's so funny when he wants to explain his controversial opinions, he goes on shows that aren't known for controversy and/or asking the hardest questions. it's kind of a convenient way to handle your relationship with the negative things in your campaign. >> right. >> turn it into a softball. >> he's not seeking journalistic outlets right now. on dr. oz the message was i have nothing to hide about my health. i have nothing to hide. how about "shark tank" next and the tax returns. he hands over the tax returns in primetime. >> especially with mark cuban there it is not going to happen.
3:59 am
>> his use of reality tv. by the way clinton on "the tonight show" on monday. compare and contrast these two candidates with fallon. interesting to see how clinton handles fallon and how he treats her compared to trump. >> guys, thank you very much. nice to have a little levity here. >> if i get "shark tank" info i'll come back and let you know. >> it's a great suggestion. we're following a lot of news this morning. donald trump a birther no more. we'll wait until we hear him say it. let's get to it. >> our jobs have been taken away from us. they've gone to mexico. >> my opponent has america all wrong. >> it's time to take care of our people and our workers. >> he did it, again. where was president obama born? he still wouldn't say hawaii. >> we're just not talking about that issue. >> when will he stop this ugliness, this bigotry? >> 911, what is your emergency?
4:00 am
>> a woman stranded in an abandoned house in ohio. >> does he have a weapon? this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alyison camerota. welcome to your "new day." refusing to say that president obama was born in the united states. trump's campaign has said he now believes president obama was born in the united states, but trump won't say it. >> hillary clinton condemning trump and accusing him of bigotry. trump needs to say it himself. on camera owning the situation, admitting he was wrong. is donald trump a birther or not? simple question seems to be very difficult to answer. the timing could not be more important. 53 days until the election. early voting just a week from now. ten days until the moment of this race, the first debate. we have it all covered for you. let's


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