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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  September 16, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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meet their grandpa pa. >> thank you sboet very much. >> thank you for having us. >> thank you. they tell us the fbi tells them their father is alive in iran right now. you can hear the full interview including their trip to iran to look for their dad on saturday. good evening. john berman here in for anderson. greating news. donald trump calls an hillary clinton's secret service details to disarm and seems to raise the possibility of violence against her. not making it up. that just happened and while we're on the subject of making it up too often our politics could be vulnerable with any line of bull and the stones to pedal it. for five years donald trump did just that questioning whether or not president obama was born in this country.
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he was. to suggest that is in doubt is simply not true. it is a lie. today without a hint of an apology or the faintest whiff of humility donald trump cast off that falsehood while spreading others. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. i finished it. you know what i mean. president barack obama was born in the united states, period. now we all want to get back to making america strong and great again. thank you. thank you very much. >> so there is no evidence that hillary clinton started this. likewise it is untrue that donald trump ended it. plenty to get to tonight from donald trump's non apology retraction to his vailed
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reference to violence against his opponent. let's start with that. and phil mattingly outside of trump tower, the comments from donald trump about secretary clinton's secret service detail, what exactly did he say? >> it's worth noting some context here. donald trump often goes on a riff on the campaign trail talk about the second amendment and making a point that most politicians, including hillary clinton have body guards that carry guns for safety. he started down that path tonight and then took a somewhat dark turn. take a listen. >> i think that her body guards should drop all weapons. they should disarm. right? i think they should disarm. immediately. what do you think? yes? yeah. yeah. take their guns away. she doesn't want guns. take their -- let's see what happens to her. take their guns away. it will be very dangerous. >> it is the let's see what
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happens to her that is new and got a lot of republicans that were hearing these comments scratching their heads, no question about it. and a lot of echoes to the second amendment folks comment he made a few weeks back that they would handle these issues, a veiled threat of violence. no question about it, john. >> indeed. let's see what happens to her. those are words that stick out. and meanwhile what a tops topsy-turvy 24 hours. and today donald trump finally admitted he thinks president obama was born in the united states. how did we get here? >> on this campaign trail over the course of the last 16 months there were a lot of days that leave you surprised, shocked. this might have been peek. and it all goes back really it. it's been percolating with advisors talking about this. but it really gained momentum last night. a washington post interview with donald trump that posted donald trump refused to say that he
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believed the president of the united states was born in the u.s. obviously an issue he's talked about repeatedly over the last five or six years. sort lly the campaign put out a statement from an advisor not tributed to donald trump saying that trump believed that in 2011 he compelled the president to release his birth certificate, thus putting this issue to rest. taking a lot of credit for this no longer being an issue and blaming hillary clinton for starting this issue. now you heard that is something that donald trump echoed today. couple of things here. first and foremost this issue wasn't put to rest because donald trump continued to bring this up repeat lid over the lastfy years. but also on the issue of hillary clinton starting this there is no legitimacy to the idea that her 2008 campaign started this issue at all. it is something the trump campaign continues to push. hillary clinton and her campaign john, they were not behind this at all. >> and i understand the president did weigh in on this
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today. what did he say, phil? >> reporter: well he's kind of taken this issue equal parts confusion, a little perplexed and kind of scornful over the last couple of the months and we got a little of that. take a listen to what he had to say. >> i was pretty confident about where i was born. i think most people were as well. and my hope would be that the presidential election reflects more serious issues than that. >> john, here is an important point here. that was a comment made in the oval office and anyone covered the white house can tell you the president doesn't answer shouted questions in the oval office at a photo on unless he wants to make a point. i first off they said he's in disbelief, all of them are that this is an issue on the campaign trail, one that is dominating and one that donald trump is addressing up front like this. but the other is the president sees an opportunity here. an opportunity to fire up his base. an opportunity to help hillary
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clinton who obviously has seen polls tighten in the last couple of days. that is why he's weighing in on this. and that is why you are going to see the clinton campaign and president obama when he's on the campaign trail likely bring this up in the days and weeks ahead, john. >> phil, thanks so much. so much to talk about tonight. with us clinton supporters jonathan and van, and maggie haberman and errol lewis. and trump supporter scotty nell hughes and jeffrey lord. scotty, starting with you after what we just heard from trump at this rally in florida. suggesting hooints secret service detail give up their guns but then the words let's see what happens to her. and this is not the first time. some people would say he's walking up to the line or walking past it. >> well i think it is a step over the line. and those of us who have covered
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politics for a while and have seen what can happen when reckless words lead to reckless actions. i mean there are, you know, right here in new york city. we have a city council member assassinated by a political rival inside of city hall. these things two do happen. and the notion that you would sort of cavalierly throw it out there, it sounds like the kind of throw away line you might here in the second or third hour of a talk radio show where people kind of say something to be a bad boy broadcaster or something like that. what donald trump has to recognize is that he's now a step away from becoming the president. he's the leader of a great party. he's talking to tens of millions of people at a time. some of whom could be confused. some of whom could be crazy. some of whom could be taking his words maybe in a way he tenaint. it calls for a dialing back of that kind of rhetoric. it is really never acceptable. >> on the one hand i can hear people say so much for donald trump's message discipline. on the other hand i could hear people saying, well, wait a minute here. what he just did was he pulled
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the focus away from this entire birther escapade today. >> if your choice is birther versus hinting at assassination, i don't know those are two great choices. the thing that was very striking about the birther issue today to me is that hillary clinton last week stumbled when she was sort of talking about an issue involving race and racial polarization. and instead it is almost as if trump fixed it for her. he made his own mistake talk together the washington post. he refused to say or was unwilling to say the president was born here. this now has been a day of dealing with this. it is not going to be gone before the debate. i know his campaign was hoping it would be but it wouldn't be just on that one a. statement. in terms of tonight about guns he's said something along those lines before. he also had a line about second amendment peopling taking matters into their own hands at one point. it is what earl said annengoing concern about the language in politics in general. donald trump and his aids have
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repeatedly refused to hear or at least publicly hear why some language can be offense ior civ concerning and can stir people up and at a certain point it does matter. >> jeffrey lord, dave gurgen who's worked for four president, the last time this happened he came on this show and he said you know what, you just don't do this. he worked for gerald ford who got shot at twice. he worked for ronald reagan twice as did you who survived an assassination attempt. you just don't do this. what is your reaction what david gurgen would have to say? >> my reaction is this and i'm not pointing my finger at david in this, just saying in general the reaction to this is elitist. surely everybody can agree whether hillary clinton is the target or some private citizen somewhere in america who is unknown is the target, it is the same problem. it is the same thing. and to somehow say as in essence the argument he's challenging is that other people should have
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their guns taken away from them but the people who advocate this can walk around 24 hours a day protected by in this case secret servicemen with guns is the height of hypocrisy. why aren't we applying the same standards to everybody in america? every private citizen and every gun own ner america that we are applying to hillary clinton. >> i think david's point is there is a constant very real threat on the lives of people in office and running for office. george wallace said they do have to be treated differently. that is his point. hang on a second. we're going take a quick break and talk more about this. but we're going to also talk about the birther issue today. how it came to this falsehood by falsehood. and also ahead the two women with the most at stake. michelle obama and hillary clinton. sharp reaction from both of them. we're going to bring it to you when 360 continues.
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we are talking about donald trump's sudden acceptance of a simple fact. and that is what president obama's birthplace is a simple fact. the rep koufercussions of acknowledging or the controversial claims that clinton started the game and he e7bded may not be so simple. first how we got here. em almost as long as donald trump has been making claims on
5:15 pm
the subject 360 has been putting them to the test keeping them honest. >> it's been a narrative stoked by donald trump for years. hard-baked into the trump lexicon since spring 2011. >> why doesn't he show his birth certificate? >> if he wasn't born in this country, which is a real possibility. i'm not saying it didn't happen. i'm saying the a real possibility. then he's pulled one of the great cons in the history of politics. >> some people say that was not his birth certificate. maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. >> i'm saying i don't know. nobody knows. >> you know, went to hawaii to investigate the same year trump made the claims. >> have you seen barack obama's original birth certificate is this. >> yes. the doctor confirmed emphatically the president's birth certificate and he was born if hawaii. >> as a republican members of the last republican governor of
5:16 pm
hawaii, do you have any doubt that barack obama was born in the united states? >> absolutely not. i have no doubt. >> and when trump released i his birth certificate that april trump had this to say. >> i'm very proud of myself, because i've accomplished something that nobody else has been able to accomplish. >> but it didn't end there. fru trump continued to float the birther idea. he questioned a release and legitimacy of the obama's birth certificate in an interview with irish toov. >> a lot of people don't agree and a lot of people feel it was ant proper certificate. >> the issue came up against this year with cnn's wolf blitzer. >> -- can i tell -- >> is -- >> who knows. who cares right now. we're talking about something else. okay? i mean i have my own theory on obama. someday i'll write a book. i'll do another book. it will do very successfully.
5:17 pm
>> and even when recently asked trump has refused to comment. >> you don't talk about it anymore. >> i don't. >> do you regret bringing it up. >> told you i don't talk about it anymore. washington post published an interview where he once again refused to settle the interview saying, i'll answer the question at the right time that sent the campaign into damage control mode quickly releasing a statement last night saying trump believes the president is born in the united states and claiming wrongfully that clinton campaign is blind the conspiracy saying they first raised the issue to smear barack obama in her failed 2008 campaign for president. that was followed up by trump's one sentence declaration today. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> gary tuckman, cnn new york. >> back now with our panel.
5:18 pm
president obama was born in the united states, myriad period. those words today. after five years does that settle it? >> well it doesn't. because well first of all i'm glad. you know, he said i am the most amazing negotiator. i forced obama do this. so i guess the american people now and the media are the best negotiators. we finally forced donald trump to say something that every child in america knows. our president is legitimate president. he's not an illegitimate president. he was bosh here. he should have never been forced to suffer this humiliation all this time in the first place so i'm glad we're making some progress. but the problem we have now is not just the racial aspect of it. it is that you can't live in fantasiland when you live in the white house. your judgment there. i've worked in that building. you have more coming at you in an hour than comes at a normal been person in a year. your judgment, your sobriety. your ability to stick with facts
5:19 pm
you. can't spin what's coming to you in those intelligence briefs. you have to deal with reality. and we have a candidate for president who has shown he's not only incredibly racially insensitive at best but also wants to live in a fantasy land and that is not a good person for the white house. >> this is what i caution you for today. you have to realize back in the time of 2010 when this was all going on there were some very high -- of people that doubte barack obama was actually born. and that was amongst democrats. only 85% of democrats say obama was born in the u.s. quite a percentage of democrats that even had some doubts. you had 57% of republicans and 27 -- 68% of independents. that was it. there was doubt across. >> sorry. this is ridiculous. this notion -- can i answer. >> this notion -- was fantasy. if you said the earth is flat and the sun rotates around the earth. it is fantasy. >> i did not say it was myself. what i said the question was you cannot sit here so quickly and
5:20 pm
insult those people that might have those questions so i'm not so quick to judge. but you asked him and after a week of kellyanne conway saying she believes barack obama is born here. rudy giuliani. after the press release last night. you wanted the statement of donald trump saying barack obama was born in the united states of america. he did that today and wants to move on just like president obama said in his case that he would like us to move on. i think we should. >> how is it that anybody is even thought of as a potential presidential candidate when hay held views that are fantasy? it is like saying that the earth is flat. it is just false. and it goes to what dan say, you can't live in a fantasy world. >> 44% of republicans had doubts -- >> scotty there are a a lot of people who believe sasquatch roams the north west and the moon landing was fake. this guy is running for president. and for five years he didn't address it.
5:21 pm
>> polling back then didn't show it was that big a number. polling went up when trump started talking about it because it was not a mainstream issue before that. >> -- [inaudible]. >> -- but there were a number of conservative whose support trump today like ann koilt coulter who asked him to drop this in 2011 because they consider it to be a plot from the left, essentially as they put it trying to hook them on something. this was an issue that most conservatives had looked at and dismissed because nothing was there. >> everyone if scotty is right, perhaps he was there speaking if for 15% of democrats. i give him that. maybe speaking for 40% of republicans i give him that. but then the president produced documentation in 2011. and he continued and he continued and he continued. and that to me is the problem. listen i think the entire thing was wrong. but once you actually have the documentation from the president from the state of hawaii, to continue it, that is when a lot
5:22 pm
of people say, you know, what? this guy will not face reality because he has an agenda beyond just the agenda. >> part of the question. >> part of the pattern. same person who denies climate change. the same person who denies climate change. same person who lied about his position, about the iraq war. same person who's been a imag e misogynist and racist for a long time. >> whether you like the tenacity, advertise still has american right to question. just like questioning john mccain and questioning others in the past their legality to run for president. that is what donald trump did. he was exercising his right. >> the difference with john mccain t difference with gold water, and romney, is everyone knew where they were born. just like in this case everyone know where is barack obama was
5:23 pm
born. yet he still questions it. so it is a difference there. >> you still have a right to question. there is no disclaimers. there is not ab and c. you have a right to question a person's eligibility to run for office. >> and with have the right to question the judgment of him for doing that. >> you do. >> quite a day. along with everything else there was a political flip-flop that took place with this issue. all candidates do it. hillary clinton has done it though not quite like this. because donald trump is in the spotlight a closer look at the flip fropry, next.
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there is much to discuss about donald trump's statement today but finally unapology jetically missing that president obama was born in the united states. he blamed hillary clinton for starting it all which is not true. and claims he put it to rest which really is not true. it is however in a basic way a flip-flop for donald trump. a five yearlong utterly bizarre no basis in reality flip-flop but a flip-flop nonetheless.
5:28 pm
it is not the first. 360 reports. >> reporter: some a flip-flop, others call it a softening. whatever it is donald trump seems to have changed his stabs stance on rounding up millions of illegal immigrants and sending them packing. this is what he told msnbc last year in november. >> you have a deportation force and you do it humanly. >> just last month sounded no longer. >> eleven million people there is beginning to be a path to legalization. >> you can't take eleven million people at one time and say boom you're gone. >> that is not the only time trump has flip flopped. >> on the very day donald trump announced his run for white house he made this bold statement about his objection to the iraq war. >> i said don't hit iraq because you are going to totally destabilize the middle east. >> but it turns out back in 2002 in his first public comments about the war he told hour stern
5:29 pm
he was actually in favor of the war. kind of. >> are you for invading iraq? >> yeah. i guess so up, you know, i wish it was done the first time correctly. >> nuclear proliferation. yet in the same this interview he also said he wouldn't object to south korea and japan getting nuclear weapons for protection against north korea. trump has also done a 180 on aborti abortion. >> i'm very pro choice. i hate the concept of abortion. i hate it. i hate everything it stands for. i cringe when i listen to people debating the subject. but you still i just believe in choice. >> in that same interview trump also said he'd go on to support a women's right to late term abortion. but that was then. in cnn on in recent months trump
5:30 pm
made it clear he's evolved on the issue of abortion. >> i'm pro life. i've been for a long time. >> i'm pro life. everybody knows i'm pro life. >> as you know i'm pro life and i was originally pro choice. >> trump now wants to ban all abortions except in the case of incest or rape or if the mother's life is at risk. trump's even done an about face on hillary clinton. in 2012 he called her a terrific woman saying she works really hard and does a good job. now facing her in the general election. trump is saying something very different. >> lying, crooked, hillary. love to say it. she's liar. she's a bad person. >> as trump wrote in his book the art of the deal he never gets too attached to one deal or one approach. seems that holds true for some of his policy positions too.
5:31 pm
randy kay, cnn new york. >> all right. our thanks to randy. back now with the panel. the clinton campaign is talking about donald trump's statement a lot today. in the flip-flop aspect of it is not necessarily what they are focused on here. how fertile of this is an issue for them now and going forward? >> i don't think they are going to make much more out of it. first of all they have got a target-rich environment. they have got a lot of different things. a lot of different things they want to across between hillary clinton and donald trump. i think their polling would probably suggest something we've all seen which is that people are not rushing to donald trump to the extent that they are because he's so fantastically consistent. that is not what they are looking for. he's pushing other buttons and there is a lot of dispute about which buttons he's pushing and are some of them kind of appeals to the worst in people's nature. but i haven't run into anybody
5:32 pm
on the campaign trail who said i like donald trump because he's consistent. you know where he stands. it all fits together. it is philosophically rigorous. that is not the kind of candidate he is. >> i'm just curious what the clinton campaign or how much they do intend to pressure the birther issue. glen thrush, he noted something very interesting. he said he doesn't believe that white voters supporting donald trump are unaware of these positions. they are unaware of his birther past. so why would his him saying anything different about it or saying anything at all make a difference to the votesers he already has. >> i think he was talking about white voters in jernl general. the question now both clinton a trump are appealing to a certain demographic of white voters. the clinton campaign has tried for a while to press the case that and demonstrate ways where
5:33 pm
they would argue that trump has shown bigoted statements or bigoted behavior and so forth. to try to express -- you know, to work on concerns that suburban voters and moderates have about voting for somebody who's been labeled a racist. the concern for democrats, or the thing that is frustrating for democrats is that ha has not really taken hold despite the number of instances the democrats have pointed to. and i think that is what glen was talking about. it is not really so much the die hard trump supporters. he's had a basis of support with him the whole time. it is how does she peel off certain voters and what is it going to take? >> it's also the democrats need to keep the numbers of voters of color nailed to hillary clinton. and a lot of these polls especially early on she was getting 0% of the black vote. 1%. >> -- mobilizing in that case? >> it is hard to know. there is a lot of shaft right now in the polling so it is hard
5:34 pm
to now. part of the democratic party strategy has to be to keep voters of color not bolted to hillary clinton but also passionate about coming out and to the extent there are voters who are not passionate about hillary herself. saying listen the alternative is someone who's trafficked this bigotry is an important point. so a big part is saying hey listen. don't let this guy off the mat when it comes to voters of color. >> jeffrey lord, disembodied jeffrey lord. not with us in studio but in spirit. >> this is poshlt. because this is not been mentioned today. late today, media i put up on the front page of their site tweets from james asher former bureau chief of the mcclachchy news service. in two tweets. sid blumenthal long time buddy told me in person obama born in
5:35 pm
kenya. in the second tweet he says blumenthal asked mcclachy to investigate this. if that is correct what we've got here today is a massive fraud. >> let me tell you what we know about this so far. cnn reached out to sidney blumenthal. he said this is false. cnn is also trying to reach -- hang on. let me finish. i'm just being transplaarent abt where we are with the story. since you brought it up. cnn also reached out to asher. and to clinton campaign staffers to their knowledge at that time sidney blumenthal didn't work for the campaign. >> oh -- >> let me finish. telling you what we know here. he did not work for the campaign but yes he is a friend of hillary clinton. at this point we're looking into this further but that is where that all is. and i want to put this to maggie right now. the qualitative difference.
5:36 pm
even if you take this all -- even if sidney blumenthal did this do this. and at this point we don't know. he denied it to cnn. is there equivalence between that and donald trump for five years talking about this? >> there is not. if sidney blumenthal that did that that is something i suspect hillary clinton will be asked about. but it is not the same as a candidate saying frontally on stage this is the big question. this is the issue. it is not at all and hillary clinton herself never said it. that would be the equivalent. >> also weird they keep saying well she did it first so i can do it too. like no, you are a grown man. this is not kindergarten. you can't just point to the other kid and say they said it too. if it is wrong, if it shows bad judgment it shows bad judgment and points to a friend of a friend is not a good excuse. >> a political hack. it is not a --. the most important point.
5:37 pm
>> hang on we have a lot more coming up. hillary clinton not the only one weighing in on the trump birther escapade today. first lady michelle obama did her first solo campaign rally for hillary clinton. we'll have that next. if you're searching other travel sites to find a better price... ...stop clicking around... the lowest prices on our hotels are always at so pay less and get more only at ♪usic: suspenseful if your heartburn medication's not doing its job... the food you eat during the day... music: loud mariachi band can also haunt you at night. so try nexium 24hr. just one pill each day... shuts down your stomach's active... acid pumps to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? ♪ banish the burn with nexium 24hr.
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snoom hillary clinton says there is no erasing donald trump's birther history. she spoke at the black woman's agenda forum in washington today. said for five years trump led the movement to delegitimize our first black president and he owes the president and the american people an apology. secretary clinton is getting major help on the trail this week. first president obama campaigning for her and today first lady michelle obama did the same. >> the next 53 days will shape the next 53 years. >> hillary clinton delivering a call to democrats about the election's steep consequences and a warning not to buy the shape shifting of donald trump. >> there is no new donald trump. there never will be. >> tonight clinton and democrats are rising up in fury at trump
5:42 pm
after he tried distinguishing his long-running effectually incorrect question about president obama's citizenship. member of the congressional black caucus came out in full force. calling voters to action. >> don't walk to the polls. don't jog to the polls. run to the polls. to make sure this hater is not elected as the next president of the united states of america. >> first lady of the united states michelle obama. >> in virginia today michelle obama confronting trump at her first solo campaign appearance for clinton. >> there were those who questioned and continue to question for the past eight years up through this very day whether my husband was even born in this country. >> the first lady, one of the most popular figures in politics helping a former first lady and
5:43 pm
making it clear she's personally invested in keeping the white house this democratic hands. >> no one in our lifetime has ever had as much experience and exposure to the presidency. not barack. not bill. as he would say nobody. and yes, she happens to be a woman. >> she's one of many democratic stars hitting the campaign trail. a highlight reel from the party's convention last moont now fanning out across the country. too fire up liberals and young voters warren and sanders heading to ohio this weekend. sanders offering sharp words to any of his followers who are still cool on clinton. >> please, anybody who supports me, do not think that donald trump in any way, shape or form reflects the point of view that i have. >> clinton is trying regain her footing after weathering one of the rockiest weeks of her campaign. even making political hay with her setback from pneumonia. >> the good news is my pneumonia finally got only republicans interested in women's health.
5:44 pm
>> back on the campaign trail clinton told black leaders they could play a large role in helping stop trump's candidacy. she noted african american women vote in higher percentage than any other group. >> this year once again, you have your hands on the wheel of history and you can write the next chapter of the american story. >> the pointed reaction from michelle obama, members of the congressional black caucus and so many other black leaders suggest how personal this is. and now how politically its become. and this is all happening on a weekend when the congressional black caucus is holding a dinner with african americans from across the country tomorrow night in washington. president obama and secretary clinton will be onhand to give speeches. the idea was for the president to energize this old coalition that swept him to the white house and transfer that secretary clinton. now trump may have unwittingly fired up that old obama coalition more than clinton could herself.
5:45 pm
>> jeff zeleny. thanks so much. back now with the panel. errol louis, starting with you. michelle obama out on the campaign trail today. how much can she do? and i suppose where does she want to go is this she could have gone a lot harder on the birther issue with donald trump today. but she chose to make one reference to it and then move on. >> part of how she's crafted her public image has been someone not necessarily above politics but a little outside of the fray. not someone who wants to get in and mud wrestle and trade insults and so fort. even when melania trump plagiarized her speech and so forth she didn't get into the back and forth related. she had multiple opportunities. she has all the great speech writers at her beck can call. but her brand is somebody who is a stalwart person. somebody who goes high when others go low. she uses that phrase a lot. used it today. yeah and as the very effective line. so she is aspirational.
5:46 pm
and even more so in some ways than her husband can. be he's got to be a political warrior. she's not. i think that is why her numbers are so high. and why as a surrogate she's going to be devastatingly effective. she really is. >> she is secret weapon. i mean, she's the neutron bomb. when she talks, i don't care if you -- if you think obama, you know, the president is, you know, a part of isis or whatever. this woman just connects. i mean, she is a connection machine. really you got to find almost like an oprah winfrey type of person to connect --. -- coming out top campaign trail. just like obama has do a finger wag at the kid and the kid shuts up. she can finger wag trump. get all those headlines she just got and then still give a beautiful speech. she is a sting secret weapon. >> finger wagging trump, is that a concern to the trump campaign?
5:47 pm
>> i'll tell you and it has nothing do with mrs. obama personally. i think she's a tliegtful person. the role of first ladies, i think of barbara bush who was extraordinarily popular in 1992. it didn't help her husband at all. laura bush, very popular. didn't help john mccain at all. the role of first ladies in this is always challenging. i think frankly it is a miserable position. because you are always dammed if you do and dammed if you don't. i saw that with nancy reaganen and with msz obama. but when we get to this as all about hillary clinton and all about donald trump and that's it. >> one of the things the campaign is trying to do is to reach out to millennial voters. michelle obama during her speech said, you know, if you are younger than 34, i'm talking to you. they are reaching out. michelle obama on the stump. elizabeth warren, bernie sanders talking about this. they know they have work to do. real work do. and in some cases it is not just competing against donald trump.
5:48 pm
it is competing against gary johnson and jill stein. >> i think what you just said is the huge concern in terms of i millennial vote skers the third party candidates who you are seeing siphon off a lot of younger voters and that is where democrats are worried. i think jeffrey is right generally speaking the appeal not just first ladies but a unique situation. this is not michelle obama campaigning for her husk husband. she's campaigning for a different woman. and this is an unusual circumstance. some of which she's aiming at is not just generating a yong you are voter base but trying to eliminate stories that i think you are goic to see more of we've seen through the last several years so sort of whispers of contention or remaining lingering bad blood between obamas and clinton asks she's making clear that is not true. and don't believe it if you hear that coming forward. >> thanks up next for us donald trump and ivanevaivana trump re
5:49 pm
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donald trump is not, fair to say, publicity shy, with a few rare exceptions, and this is one of them it's an issue that unites him and his ex-wife, ivana, in a shared campaign against transparency, namely, a court fight over keeping their divorce records sealed.
5:53 pm
jean casarez reports. >> what's your feelings? >> reporter: "the new york times" along with gannet media are asking a court to unseal the documents, saying donald j. trump is now the 2016 republican nominee for the office of president. the sealed records address issues directly relevant to the presidential election, such as, his credibility, treatment of women, finances, litigious nature may well shed important light on his character and capabilities during an important period in his life. unsealing them would assist the american public in making an informed judgment in the presidential race. while the divorce documents may be sealed, there is plenty we do know about trump's 13-year marriage to his first wife, ivana. the couple was married in 1977 and led a very public life, while building their brand and raising their three children, donald jr., eric, and ivanka.
5:54 pm
all seemed well, until this. ivana in aspen with her husband during the 1989 winter holidays. she overheard a conversation donald was having with a friend about marla maples. his then-girlfriend was also on the ski slopes of colorado when the two actually came face to face. as trump told abc in 1994 -- >> we were actually standing near the restaurant, getting ready to put skis on, and i was standing there, like an idiot, and marla and ivana were here. >> from that point on, the gloves were off. a divorce action was filed and the tabloids had their covers. she wanted half and he wanted to honor nuptial agreements. they eventually settled. in response to the current court action, attorneys for ivana say she wants her family life kept private and confidential. saying the newspaper giants are on a fishing expedition, grasping for information that more often appears in tabloids.
5:55 pm
but not everything at the time was for public display. ivana alleged during a divorce deposition that her husband had raped her in 1989. the accusation was first revealed in the 1993 book by former "newsweek" reporter, harry hurt iii, "lost tycoon: the many lives of donald j. trump." as the book was close to publication, ivana composed a statement ultimately printed on the book's first page. "i felt violated as the love and tenderness which he normally exhibited towards me was absent. i refer to this as a rape, but i do not want my words to be interpreted in a literal or criminal sense." trump has denied the accusations. ivana commented again on the accusation, as rumors swirled last year after trump announced his candidacy. "the story is totally without merit. donald and i are the best of friends and together have raised three children that we love and
5:56 pm
are very proud of. i have nothing but fondness for donald and wish him the best of luck on his campaign." attorneys for donald trump say the disclosure is not required for political candidates and is not the responsibility of the courts. they cite as an example president obama not releasing his academic records and secretary clinton not revealing her full medical records, even though her medical condition is being raised as issues in the current campaign. jean casarez, cnn, new york. >> we'll be right back. it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress. and with this standard of luxury... it's an oasis. introducing the completely redesigned e-class. it's everything you need it to be... and more. lease the e300 for $549 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz.
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the best or nothing. i know more about isis then the apprgenerals do. age. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
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that does it for us this friday night. thanks so much for watching. time now for "cnn tonight with don lemon." so you think you've heard the last of donald trump's stance on the birther issue? think again. this is "cnn tonight." i'm don lemmon. donald trump moving on to florida tonight, poking fun at hillary clinton. >> welcome to all of you deplorable deplorables. >> after five years, trump trying to put to rest his role in the questioning of barack obama's birthplace. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> but hillary clinton


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