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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  September 17, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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i think that her body guards should drop all weapons. let's see what happens to her. >> he has led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president. >> hillary clinton and her
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campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. >> he's lied and he's divided this country enough. >> that does not give anybody the right to violate me. >> nearly one in four female students will experience unwanted sexual contact. >> when it comes to an athlete people don't talk about it. i chose the school because i thought we were better than this. >> what's the problem? >> i've been abducted. >> the woman on the phone keeps her voice quiet as her alleged captor sleeps next to her. >> is there any way you can get out of the building. >> i know without waking him and i'm scared. >> those are some of the stories we have for you this morning. i want to let you know we're grateful for your company as always. >> this is cnn news room. thanks for being with us.
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>> we have a lot of political headlines to talk about this morning. as well as three other big stories we're following. >> reporter: i'm rachel crane in ashland, ohio where a harrowing 911 call led to the rescue of a kid napped woman, the recovery of three bodies. >> i'm nick valencia here in atlanta. we're following a breaking story what officers say is an ambush of police officers in philadelphia. >> reporter: the protest is catching on in some high schools across the country. that is not what has happened at colin kaepernick's old high school. and new this morning, donald trump trying to disarm one controversy, but perhaps giving critics ammo for a new
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controversy instead. at a rally in florida, the republican nominee said he's a staunch defender of the second amendment and falsely again claims that hillary clinton wants to take guns away. and then trump wandered aloud about clinton's security detail. >> i think that her body guards should drop all weapons. they should disarm. right? right? i think they should disarm. immediately. what do you think? yes, yes. yeah. take their guns away, she doesn't want guns. let's see what happens to her. >> this comes as trump tries to pivot away from his birther claims. that was yesterday, now saying the actual words that president obama was born in the u.s. but falsely blaming the birther movement on hillary clinton. clinton's campaign is responding this morning with a web video out just a few moments ago. watch part of it. >> barack obama was born in the
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united states. period. >> you don't still question he was born in the united states, do you? >> i have no idea. >> here's the thing, just over 50 days to go until election day, the polls are tightening, the candidates and their surrogates hitting the battle ground states today. cnn's chris frates is kind of monitoring all of it, good morning to you. >> good morning, you're exactly right. it's battle ground saturday out there on the campaign trail with candidates and all of their surrogates stumping in key swing states. let's take a look at the map, get a sense of where the politics are popping today. in ohio, they're going to see the most action with senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. stumping there for hillary clinton. donald trump, he's headed out west, going to colorado. and mike pence he's headed to the sunshine state of florida. hillary clinton is not in a swing state. she's doing a fundraiser and a dinner here in washington, d.c. but her cesurrogates are out in
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force in ohio. warren and sanders will be working hard to turn out two key groups that haven't been fans of hillary clinton, those are young people and progressives. a recent cnn orc poll shows that clinton has work to do there. she's trying trump by five points. 41% to 46%. on the republican side, mike pence heads to a retirement community in florida. sunshine state, florida, and a cnn orc poll of likely voters there shows trump and clinton in a dead heat with trump edging out clinton 47% to 44%. that's inside the margin of error. razor thin for donald trump. trump himself is headed out to the conservative bastion of colorado springs tonight. he's trying to put colorado back into the republican column after president obama turned it blue starting back in his first run
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against john mccain in 2008. all of this campaigning comes as the polls have tightened this month in september. cnn's most recent poll of polls, shows clinton edging trump nationally by just two points. 43% to 41%. so a lot to watch on the campaign trail. >> hey, chris frates, thank you so much for breaking it down for us. >> moments ago, the department of homeland security released a statement of donald trump's comment to disarm clinton's secret service detail. it's a long-standing policy of the department and u.s. secret service we do not discuss the projective apparatus tactics, techniques or procedures around any protectee. let's bring in the co-chair of women vote trump and a donald trump supporter and farron johnson, a hillary clinton supporter.
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good morning. >> good morning. >> amy, i want to start with you this comment from donald trump where he says lets see what happens to her. before we get to gun policy, gun rights and gun control, what does he mean by that phrase from your perspective? let's see what happens to her. >> well, victor, i think he was just talking conversational style to his supporters there. i don't think donald trump wants anything to happen to hillary clinton. it was a week ago when she got sick and off the campaign trail and he said at one of his events that he hoped that she got better and returned to the campaign trail because he liked the competition. so to think that he meant anything else, i think he was just trying to show the hypocrisy of one set of rules for her and another set of rules for regular people. >> let me ask you, in your heart of hearts, i know that so close to an election campaigns go for any gaffe on any side. do you believe sincerely that donald trump was trying to send a signal for someone to act out
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violently against hillary clinton? do you believe that was what he was trying to say? >> he is basically continuing everything he's done the entire campaign. let's face it, since he's been running for office. he's been inciting violence at his rallies, he's made these comments earlier on about hillary clinton saying to second amendment supporters if she becomes president, she's going to appoint justices that would take your guns away. i think he made a big gaffe by going far beyond. if you look at that speech, he went off script again. his campaign spent the last week and a half trying to make him more presidential. try to put him more of -- he did it. do i think that he wants hillary clinton to be murdered or shot? no. do i think he's using it as another dog whistle moment to his supporters, absolutely. >> we're going to continue this conversation on the other side of this commercial break. stay with us. we've got a lot to talk about, including the scathing editorial from a former secretary of defense who served under bush
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and obama. he's blasting both hillary clinton and donald trump. we'll have a portion of that for you. he says one of them is beyond repair. how he's sizing up the next commander in chief potentially. that's coming up. also two police officers, four others, shot in a rampage overnight. now we're learning the shooter left behind a note. it looks great. wow! what is happening? oh my gosh, it's going up! but the malibu's not the only vehicle that was awarded. this is mind blowing. the chevy camaro, equinox, and silverado hd were awarded most dependable as well. this is extremely impressive. there's so many! doing it once, yea, great job, four times, obviously, they're doing something right. absolutely here's the plan. you want a family and a career, but most of the time you feel like you're trying to wrangle a hurricane. the rest of the time, they're asleep. then one day, hr schedules a meeting with you out of the blue. and it's the worst 19 minutes of your career. but you don't sweat it because you and your advisor have prepared for this.
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let's just get a sandwich or something. "or something"? you don't just graduate from medical school, "or something." and we don't just pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and hand-slice avocado. there's nothing "or something" about it. 12 minutes after the hour. former defense secretary robert gates has sharp words for each of the presidential candidates. in a op-ed he's calling donald trump beyond repair and says hillary clinton needs to dress forth rightly her trust worthiness before the election. let's bring back our panel. and i want to start with you, and read a portion of secretary gates' op-ed this morning. he says, mrs. clinton has time before the election to address
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forthrightly her trustworthiness to reassure people about h judgment. to demonstrate her willingness to steak out one or more positions in national security at odds with her party's conventional wisdom. and it will affect how many people vote including me. your response? >> i think secretary gates is absolutely right. hillary clinton is going to do just that. i mean, with 51 days left to go in the election, she's going to have the opportunity to particularly go to background states and really talk about her experience as being secretary of state. now the untrustworthiness part, she's been transparent on many more issues than donald trump. she's been open. i think you'll see a well-rested and well-prepared and a qualified candidate in hillary clinton who is going to have a message that's going to resonate with american people. >> does there not have to be some change if she's going to
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chaun change that number is? it's 2/3 of people according to most polls who do not believe she's honest. >> the first thing we've got to say, hillary clinton is trustworthy. she's had a long, successful career in politics. president obama said it best. this is a person who was the first lady for president clinton and knows the white house, knows federal government better than anyone. i think this whole issue of trustworthiness is okay for people to feel, but let's not indict her as a person who has been full of scandals and lies. >> let me read what he said about donald trump. at least on national security, i believe mr. trump is beyond repair. he is stubbornly uninformed about the world and how to lead our government and tempmenterally unsuited to led our men and women in uniform. it's unqualified and unfit to be commander in chief. before i get your response i want to read what donald trump tweeted out a few minutes ago.
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i never met former defense secretary robert gates. he knows nothing about me. look at the results under his guidance a total disaster. what's your response to the critique from secretary gates? >> i think that the american people thing that washington is beyond repair and we need real leadership. look at what's gone on in the world and how the middle east has turned into an inferno under obama and secretary clinton. and people want change. and when you look at what happened yesterday when donald trump had admirales and generals and medal of honor recipients up there supporting him, i think that speaks volumes. i have to throw this in here, victor, you know, as far as secretary clinton's trustworthine trustworthiness. the polls show the american people don't trust her. everything time there's a document dump we learn more and more. stand up and tell the truth. you would think after four days off the trail she would be
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rejuvenated and revived and talk about new things and she comes out and it's the same old policies that's what with -- >> let me throw this to you, amy. we've discussed the untrustworthy numbers, but the unqualified numbers for donald trump are in the high 50s to low 60s. if there's a choice for the voters between unqualified and untrustworthy, do you think if this is their classification and their summation here, they'll choose unqualified over untrustworthy? >> well, this is the thing, donald trump is not a politician. he's never held elected office. he is a successful businessman. and it's all about the people he surrounds himself with. you can't change that trustworthiness. she has a long period of time where people don't trust her. and a lot of it has just been recently. so i do think -- the polling shows the american people are with donald trump. he has the momentum. they want change. they don't trust hillary clinton. >> those numbers are tightening.
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ten seconds and we've got to go. >> listen, donald trump is going to try to lie his way to november. i mean, we just caught him lying on the birther issue. amy -- >> he didn't -- >> yeah, he did lie. he also is going to basically, you know, try to be this new and improved guy. he can't. we'll see the same old divisive donald trump in the next 51 days. >> we got to wrap it there. i know you want to come back in on that birther issue. we got to go. >> okay. all right. getting word this morning that one person is dead and five others injured after an overnight shooting spree in pennsylvania. two of those people who are injured, are police officers. nick valencia has been looking into this. >> good morning, another ambush on police officers in this country. this time, in philadelphia. i'm nick valencia here in atlanta. we'll give you the details about the shooting and what the note found on the gunman said. this is the "cnn newsroom."
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two police officers are in the hospital, a suspect is dead after shooting in pennsylvania. >> the philadelphia police commissioner says a man walked up to an officer last night. and shot her. as she sat in her car. he ran off. officers chased him for blocks as he shot five other people encountered along the way. nick valencia is following this. there was a note that was left behind by the suspect as well? >> it may indicate his motive. we haven't seen the note. but according to an affiliate it expressed displeasure about police officers. police are confident this was an ambush in philadelphia. about 11:30 p.m. last night the suspect approached a police officer sitting in her car, struck her twice. no words were exchanged. i mention that police found that note, according to our local affiliate on the suspect who is now deceased. the police commissioner in
7:22 am
philadelphia addressed the shooting last night. >> don't know what his ideology is or thinking. i'm not even going there. it's just a hatred of police officers. >> there was no mention of religious -- >> nothing like that. we have no reason at this point to believe it's related to any beliefs of a religious nature or anything like that. just his feelings about police departments and police officers in general and probation officers. >> we mentioned that the suspect is dead. six people were shot all together. those two officers as well as four civilians. in addition to opening fire there on that police car, the gunman indiscriminately opened fire on a bar. two people are in critical condition. we mentioned a civilian, shot seven times. she's now deceased. >> we appreciate it so much. all right. let's take you now to orlando. one person dead. another six wounded after a
7:23 am
shooting there. this happened in the middle of the street. >> it happened early this morning. in fact, someone started shooting as patrons were leaving a local pool hall. officers are still trying to find a suspect. and they don't have a description to release just yet. when they do we'll bring it to you. donald trump promising a huge overhaul of the economy, but how realistic is it? we weigh the pros and cons and how it stacks up against hillary clinton's plan. that's next. so if you're a business traveller heading to the windy city, there's an exciting way to take in chicago's famous landmarks from the sky. it's something fun to do when you're off the clock. >> welcome to chicago. this is the chicago helicopter experience. we are currently clooili-- >> you leave from downtown, taking in views from the whole
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and so grateful to see you. >> good to be with you. it's all about the battle grounds today and the race for the white house. in about 30 minutes, senator bernie sanders will be hitting the trail for hillary clinton in ohio. poll numbers there in a bit of a slump giving democrats heartburn in recent days. >> donald trump's latest off script comments have a lot of people talking. here's what he told supporters yesterday in florida.
7:29 am
>> i think that her body guards should drop all weapons. they should disarm. right? right? i think they should disarm. immediately. what do you think? yes? yes. yeah. take their guns away. she doesn't want guns. let's see what happens to her. >> donald trump promising the most economic growth that the country has seen in decades. the republican hopeful is vowing up to 4% maybe more he said in economic growth. and that's a number we haven't seen since the 90s. the clinton administration. he's promising to add 25 million jobs over the next decade and says he can cut taxes by more than $4 trillion over that same period. how realistic is the plan and how does it stack up against hillary clinton's plan? let's bring in nilla richardson. oxford economics estimates
7:30 am
trump's proposal would cost the economy another $1 trillion. let's put up his economic plan and see how this potentially could work. he says he can increase gdp by 3.5% to 4%. add those 25 million jobs, $4.4 trillion in tax cuts. how realistic is this, from your estimation, how much would it cost? >> it's about as realistic as fishing in an empty pond. there is little here to hook on to. now the 25 million jobs, let's stop there. that's probably the one that comes closer to reality. we're creating about 2.5 million jobs this year. and so might be sustainable in two years if the rest of the economic policy is right. but, you know, we've seen that trump wants across the board tax cuts. these tax cuts help the wealthy more. and you're right, the estimate is $4.4 trillion. some researchers have said even
7:31 am
$10 trillion in tax cuts. the problem is, that he leaves untouched the 2/3 of government spending that are set to balloon over the next ten years. you can't have it both ways. you can't cut taxes to the bone and yet pay for all of these entitlement programs and raise defense spending. >> yeah, medicare, medicaid, social security, number dealing with the two thirds and defense. let's look at hillary clinton's plan. she focuses on the minimum wage, you see raising it to $12, federally, raising taxes on the top 5% of earners. then $1.1 trillion additional revenue over the next ten years, what do you see here? >> we have a path to payment. we know that there's going to be? tax increases. we know that it's going to fall preg predominately of those of the upper income bracket.
7:32 am
there is leverage there to pay off the increased spending. what's missing in hillary's plan is pretty glaring, which is corporate tax reform. that's where we have some kind of consensus in congress that we need to have tax reform. people disagree wildly about how to do so. and yet this is untouched in hillary clinton's plan. so i think that is a missed opportunity. >> "the new york times" cbs poll as it relates to who voters trust on the economy and jobs, there's the trend that continues that donald trump has a sizable advantage there. 8% in the latest poll. if, you know, the plans come down as you said, his is not realistic but you see some realism in hillary clinton's plan, why do you think he continues to have this advantage? >> i think the problem is articulating a vision of what a plan should do. we all know that we want economic growth. in reality, what does that mean to the average person going to work every day trying to find
7:33 am
child care and buy a home. we should say we need to see wage growth. income growth in this country. we need to see productivity growth which is at decades long lows. we need to figure out how to bring new technology and generate innovative solutions to long existing problems. hillary has many plans and proposals but it lacks a vision that speaks to what people are troubled about and concerned every single day. >> all right. chief economist with redfin. thanks for being with us and helping us understand the number. get ready for the first debate between hillary clinton and donald trump face to face on stage. monday september 26th. coverage is right here on cnn. a grisly discovery for authorities. they were able to rescue a woman from her suspected kidnapper, but in doing so, they found the bodies of at least three other
7:34 am
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an ohio man suspected of being a serial killer is caught after his captive was able to dial 911, get some help, and the thing is, she did this while the suspect was sleeping right next to her. listen to this. >> who abducted you?
7:38 am
>> sean grate. >> where is he at now? >> asleep. >> where is he sleeping at? >> in the bedroom. >> does he have a weapon? >> he's got a taser. >> are you injured? >> a little. >> this is the suspect. and after the arrest, police say they found bodies. now the suspect is behind bars on a $1 million bail. we're in ashland, ohio where the investigation is underway. authorities say there could be as many three people who were victims here, deceased victims? >> reporter: that's correct. authorities responded to this abandoned home and they found two bodies of people who have been identified as elizabeth griffis and stacy stanley. sean grate the suspect led authorities to a second location where a third body was found. that body has not been verified.
7:39 am
grate has not been charged in that case. authorities say that identification process could take over a month. now grate's arraignment is scheduled for monday. and his defense attorney tells us that he is expected to plead not guilty to the charges of kidnapping and two charges of murder. but these discoveries happened because of this harrowing 911 call that happened here in this abandoned home. the surviving victim had been held for nearly three days in captivity before she was able to free herself and get aheld old her captor's cell phone. >> is there way you can get out of the building. >> i don't know without waking him and i'm scared. >> is there a bathroom in the house. >> his bedroom is closed and he made it so it would make noise. >> so if you told him you had to go to the bathroom he would do something to you. >> yeah, because he had me tied up. >> reporter: now, outside of the
7:40 am
home where these women's bodies were found, a make shift memorial has been started. people leaving flowers, leaving candles, teddy bears. we just saw a woman who was a friend of elizabeth's stop by. obviously, very, very distraught. the community trying to make sense of what happened. we also know that stanley leaves behind two sons, they tell cnn that her funeral will be held today. >> rachel crane for us there in ashland. thank you. the university of north carolina says it takes every sexual assault allegation seriously. there's a victim, an alleged victim who says the university failed her. are colleges in the u.s. doing enough to protect students to support alleged victims? we'll have a discussion about that. stay close. get experian creditworks basic for free today and you can start getting better. you'll get access to your experian credit report and customer service experts to help answer your questions.
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the university of north carolina defending its policies this morning as it faces tough new criticism over how it handled sexual assault cases. the chancellor released a statement saying, quote, we are committed to insuring every step of our policy and procedures is correctly followed. he is responding to allegations from unc sophomore delaney robinson. she says the university and local police didn't thoroughly investigate when she reported her alleged rape back in february. we want to talk about this with
7:45 am
amy zeering, the producer of a film called the hunting ground about sexual assault on college campuses. amy, thank you for being here. i know you've done extensive research on this. what is your reaction first of all to the fact that this alleged victim delaney, came forward, put her face out in front of cameras? >> oh, i'm extremely grateful to her. it's a very, very brave thing to do from what we learned in researching this issue for the last four years. when you come forward, you yourself are blamed and ostracized. and it's not an easy thing to do. we owe her, you know, a debt of gratitude. he has a tremendous amount of courage. >> what does it say about the culture, about what's happening that she felt like this had to be done in order to progress her case? >> it's sad that a victim has to go public in order to try and get a modicum of justice needed in their case.
7:46 am
that's sad we're at the state where we can't trust the institutions or the criminal justice system to do right by victims of a brutal assault. that's a felony. the part that's hopeful is she came forward, she's being heard. your station is covering this. that's kind of a radical new move in our culture. that part is extremely positive. >> i know in the hunting game, there were multiple women who say they were raped and these are women specifically from unc. part of the chancellor's statement that addresses the changes that they had made in the last year, and since the film, i want to read that to you. she says the comprehensive changes we made in 2014 included more clearly defining consent. streamlining and better publicizing reporting options. adding confidential resources, changing the adjudication procedures, adding resources to provide compassionate care and accommodations for those who need support with their day-to-day logistics, academics or work. is that a starting point?
7:47 am
is that what's going to change the culture of this? do all of these things together do enough? >> you know, you read that kind of quickly and i don't have that in front of me. it certainly is a good starting point. you know, it's going to take time for these changes to really -- we're going to see the kind of positive results we want to see and reforms and changes. it really starts with a cultural transformation and a better understanding of this crime. it should be thought of as a crime as any other. take sex out of the equation, that confuses people and makes it seem like it could have been consensual. we have to think of it as a brutal, brutal violent crime like any other and treat it as such. if we did, then you'd see change. then people wouldn't think oh, maybe the story isn't exactly accurate. you know, i'm not really sure. it's just, you know, he said she said. it's actually not.
7:48 am
>> i was going to say, what you're saying it's our mindset needs to change in order to effect this? >> yes. 92% to 98% of the time when someone reports a rape they're telling the truth. yet we're not seeing people who have been robbed or beaten going on camera to say they weren't given justice, they were blamed, they were questioned. we're seeing it with these crimes. that has to change. there's no reason -- it's a statistically unlikely for someone to be making up this story as it is for any other crime in our culture. if you -- what you have to go through, you know, the rape kit, the reporting, it's brutal. i mean, you wouldn't do that lightly. and you wouldn't do that frivolously. >> in fact, she said the police failed her. let's listen together here to what she told cnn about her interaction with officers when she went to report this. >> i was treated like a suspect.
7:49 am
i was asked what were you wearing, what were you drinking. how much were you drinking. do you often have one night stands? did you even say no. how many men have you slept with. what's your sexual history. questions along those lines. >> i see you shaking your head through the whole thing. >> it's perfectly outrageous. imagine if we reported a robbery, would anyone say to you what were you wearing when you say he took your television set? are you sure you didn't mean to give him the television set. were you both drinking. these questions are completely -- they have absolutely nothing to do with it. you know, women and men know when they are sexually assaulted. it's categorically different from a consensual experience. i know that time and time and time again. it isn't gray, it isn't fuzzy. it isn't complicated. you have to be completely -- something really wrong with you to falsely report that crime.
7:50 am
>> in your research, specifically at unc, did you find that the people there were reporting similar questions being asked them? if they had reported? >> yeah, we found that, unfortunately -- if you watch the film, you know, we have a really good montage of students from around the country, from all universities, from ivy leagues, state schools, sports schools, the same thing i'd hear over and over and over again. it was odd. it was extremely rare when i ever heard anyone say they reported and they were supported, believed, the proper actions were taken. more often than not, 99.9% of the schools across the country, these reports were met with skepticism. and you know, they were revictimized. >> we appreciate your perspective on this, thank you for being here. >> thank you for covering this issue. >> sure.
7:51 am
several high school football players are now emulating san francisco 49er colin kaepernick. it may be hard for him to find fans in his hometown. >> reporter: you might call it the kaepernick effect. you're seeing it happen across the country with high school students taking a knee during the anthem. we want to show you what happens in colin kaepernick's hometown? it really is a city guide divided. we'll have that coming up . emissions. the challenge is to capture the emissions before they're released into the atmosphere. exxonmobil is a leader in carbon capture. our team is working to make this technology better, more affordable so it can reduce emissions around the world. that's what we're working on right now. ♪ energy lives here. hhi.o. welcome. this is the chevy malibu. it was awarded "most dependable midsize car"
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by j.d. power. it looks great. wow! what is happening? oh my gosh, it's going up! but the malibu's not the only vehicle that was awarded. this is mind blowing. the chevy camaro, equinox, and silverado hd were awarded most dependable as well. this is extremely impressive. there's so many! doing it once, yea, great job, four times, obviously, they're doing something right. absolutely
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we want you to meet another one of this year's cnn top 10 heroes. a woman helping to nourish cancer patientwi with nutritiou foods that might be out of their reach. >> when people become sick their life becomes complicated. eating well tends to go to the bottom of the list but it's critically important. what we do is not so much about chopping onions, but about making this difference in this family's life. >> watch the full story at several high school football players are emulating san francisco's 49er colin kaepernick and kneeling during
7:56 am
the national anthem. in kaepernick's hometown he's not viewed as a hero. >> sara sidner is in tuloc california. what are they saying there? >> reporter: good morning, guys, you know, it really is a mixed bag here. and while he is their hometown guy, and his jersey still exists in some places. some people are pretty upset about what colin kaepernick did and others are in full support of his protests. political football has a whole new meaning. what began in the nfl with 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is now showing up under the glare of friday night lights. from the land of lincoln across the country to the golden state. where an entire high school football team protested racial injustice. >> we do think about the consequences that can happen after the game. we good boos and negative energy
7:57 am
and stuff like that. it's like, it really don't matter. if it's right, then it's right. >> reporter: the protest is catching on in some high schools across the country, that is not what has happened at colin kaepernick's old high school. during his alma mater home game, the standout protest has sparked controversy and conversation in turlock california. >> it was really disrespectful. i think he's an idiot. >> at the once popular kaepernick dog has been stricken from the menu. glen newsome said it was a business decision most of his customers agreed with. >> one of the nice things about our country is you get to make choices. we didn't want it to become a political football. we could see it was going to develop that way. >> down the street at the pizza parlor, his jersey is proudly
7:58 am
displayed. >>. >> reporter: your brother was telling you to take it down it's not good for business. >> we want toded to satisfy our customers. >> reporter: you took a stand, why do that? >> here within turlock loyalty is a lot. the community is very loyal. so we're going to stay loyal to, again, our hometown boy. as his career continues. >> reporter: she says she is supporting their hometown guy not the way he has decided to protest. have you had customers who have decided i can't be in here? >> yes. >> reporter: is his protest creating friction in this town? >> yes. yes. there are locals that support him. and there are locals that don't support him. >> reporter: like navy veteran veronica moren. she hasn't abandoned her pizza parlor but she can't stomach his
7:59 am
protest. what were your emotions when you saw it happen? >> i was disgusted and disappointed. it hurt. it hurt. like i said, i believe in the flag. i believe in the united states of america. >> reporter: ultimately, the hard working growing town of turlock, california, is a microcosm of the rest of america. kaepernick's protest making some uncomfortable. and others proud. >> it's generated a discussion. and i think that's what he wanted. so, i mean, in that essence, i think he's got what he was going for. >> reporter: so it certainly has created a discussion. what we found interesting here is that a lot of people -- we talk today quite a few people, didn't want to go on camera or go public with their opinion because some people feel like, if they support kaepernick, it looks like they're going against the troops or against police. and if they don't, it looks like they might be a racist. difficult talk here, but a lot of it. guys?
8:00 am
>> no doubt. sara sidner, thank you so much. really interesting piece. thank you, sarah. >> we want to thank you for spending time with us. >> much more ahead in the next hour of cnn news room when we turn it over to fredricka whitfie whitfield. >> i'm in the nation's capital because there will be a special smith sewnument event. we've got a full plate from the nation's capital. good to see you and we'll see you again tomorrow morning. >> it is the 11:00 eastern hour. i'm fredricka whitfield, newsroom starts right now. the presidential race inches closer and the pace intensifies. with election day now less than 52 days away. the candidates and their surrogates are scrambling on this saturday. next hour, bernie sanders goes on the stump for former rival hillary clinton. he's in kent, ohio. and fellow senator


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