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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  September 17, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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planned to start about the exact same time it detonated. waiting for a live update from prees there and possibly from the fbi which has overtaken the case, looking as potential terrorism case. take you there live when it begins but begin with produce r shimon. this was supposed to be a race and happened to be delayed and therefore the bomb went off early before the runners would have passed that location. learning three devices made from pipe, only one detonated and fbi has taken over. what else? >> reporter: we know really they're trying to figure out how potent the devices were, what they were made of, chemicals in the bombs, how they were made. those are the clues to help them figure out who was behind it.
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fbi just a couple hours ago took the lead on the case, treating it as a terrorist matter and that's standard in those cases. given that it was charity race for marines, that has people wondering whether or not someone was intentionally, which it appears they were, targeting this race, targeting people in this race and like you said, thankfully the race started late. obviously whoever did this sort of really -- i think people got lucky. had this race not started late, we would have been dealing with a very different kind of story. i just think investigators now are trying to learn more about the device and fbi now will go through its -- the way they conduct investigation in trying to run down leads and look at surveillance video around seaside heights to see who left
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the area and who was around. talking to witnesses and see if anybody saw anyone suspicious. now going into figuring out how made and who was behind this. >> thank you very much. stay with us. bring in former fbi assistant director and senior law enforcement analyst for us, tom fuentes, one thing that stands out to me tom is it appears that the route for this race wasn't fully swept. as shimon reported last hour usually anything like a trash can that could hold a bomb or anything like that after the boston maratherathon bombing wo have been removed. what happened here? >> this is typical of public policy. couple of years go by, don't have another attack like the boston marathon. not a high publicity race like
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boston or new york city marathon. every little community race around the country, probably thousands throughout the country, after a while not going to get that scrutiny. unfortunate but probably what we have here. all of a sudden everybody will start looking at race routes. this is a short race not 26.2 miles of a marathon route but typically that's what happens. a complacency and everybody warn about the possibility of the terrorist act, exaggerating don't have to worry. ancient history. >> stay with us, waiting for the press conference live from seaside hiegtds where the fbi took over the investigation and looking at possible terrorism moving on to political
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headlines. donald trump is on the campaign trail and staying on message, on prompter after a rough patch. going back to strong suit attacking obama administration's immigration policies. >> every day our border remains open innocent americans are needlessly victimized and killed. every day sanctuary cities are left in place, innocent citizens put in harm's way. every day we fail to enforce laws and this is happening all the time, is a day when a loving parpt is at risk of losing their child. and it's happening every single day. all across this country. dining room tables have an empty seat at the family table. >> trump stayed on that script which wh it comes to immigration, border control. it's an issue that he has
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frankly owned this presidential campaign. but while he stayed on message today, lot of the buzz was around something he said at rally that some say is renewed call for violence against his opponent hillary clinton. >> i think that her body guards should drop all weapons, they should disarm. immediately. what do you think? yes? yes. yeah. take their guns away. she doesn't want guns. let's see what happens to them. >> the department of homeland security released the following statement after that. it is a long-standing policy in the department and u.s. secret service we don't discuss the protective apparatus, techniques or procedures around any protectee. joining is editor and chief of the daily beast and historyian and professor at -- and former
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policy director. john. this is not the first time he said something that some read as threat to hillary clinton. and connoting violence, this is the second time. because a little bit ago he called on second amendment folks to do what they could to stop here. >> look, there's a steady drum beat of incitement around this campaign. this is what happens when trump goes off script. he's not on message. he's on teleprompter. this has been the secret to his success in addition to errors from hillary clinton but he can't get away from thought experiments like if hillary wants to take your guns away, not her reality, how about take away the security detail. it's invitation to ugliness.
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>> it help him at all? >> no. the whole she's coming to take your guns, destroy the second amendment, of course not related to reality. but a lot of appeals related to fear. these are off-the-cuff comments. but the fact he doesn't realize there's a third rail there when you start musing about secret service taking away armed details. he's not as wrapped as presidential candidates usually are. >> speaking to law enforcement saying could or would lead to secret service or law enforcement getting shot at or killed. off the cuff comments but at the same time it's repeated stepping over the line. this is not something we saw with mitt romney, very different
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candidates but about 50-odd days out now. is trump not going to be able to go off prompter without making missteps like this? >> well i think that the issue is this is who donald trump is, this is the kind of candidate and campaign that he's run. and that's somebody who is going to speak off the cuff. there's only so much control a campaign can exercise over a candidate. at some point the candidate has to execute the plan the campaign puts in place. what makes donald trump donald trump is this improvisational offthe cuff remark. unfurntly they do go too far sometimes, create issues for him and his campaign that don't need to be there. reason he's rising in polls is he's sticking to prompter and message. but so far in this campaign no evidence he's been able to stick to that. >> just spent week in ohio talking to undecided voters in
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critical swing state. lot of them are life-long democrats. they like not on prompter comments. they like that. julien, let switch gears. robert gates, served under democrats and republicans, scathing analysis of clinton and trump but worse for trump. read part. trump has yet to learn when president shoots off mouth there are no do-overs, uninformed commander in chief is too great a risk for america. thing is he's not the first major voice in the defense community to come out and say something like this. we saw it last week in another op-ed. what do you make of whether this will move the needle at all, whether trump supporters are actually listening to somebody like this who served in both
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administrations. >> it's steady in the party. drum beat by security officials connected to the republican party and criticized on two issues, substance and what the policies are and temperment. don't want a commander in chief who goes off script and says thing about what he's saying about opponent but in the world of diplomacy. does it hurt him? so far able to rebound. mol polls not when where you think would be. >> and former director under clinton joining trump. support from big names. >> one of the things gates does this, see from criticism from major figures in the republican defense department. both candidates are flawed but one is flawed and other is dangerous. >> that's interesting distinction. >> it's crucial. however tightly scripted he is, it's character and what he does
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instinctively that matters in the oval office. >> and i think that's genuine. unlike campaign rhetoric, there is a fear he might be dangerous and do things which are beyond simply bad decisions, makes it different. >> listen to someone who hasn't spoken a ton on the campaign trail, michelle obama, call the closer for a reason. listen to what she had to say yesterday. >> we also need somebody who is steady and measured. because when you you're making life or death, war or peace decisions, a president can't just pop off. >> that was followed by huge applause. we haven't seen her stumping that much more hillary clinton. this wlaz major speech. how effective do you think it is in rallying the obama coalition, women, minorities and young voters?
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>> i think it's valuable for that reason. the surrogates the clinton campaign has are strong at top. trump campaign has surrogates as well but reality is if you bring michelle obama and president and clinton and all the folks they can trot out, appeal to different parts of the coalition. michelle obama to the younger or minority crowd, joe biden to the working-class crowd. trying to deploy the appropriate surrogate. question is whether trump campaign can be the same. >> just get comment on the birther controversy. two sentences after a plug for his hotel and support statements for military veterans yesterday, u.s.ers two sentences that president obama was born in the united states and i'm the one that closed the issue for you.
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does that go anywhere toward people who saw it as five years of delegitimizing the first black president? >> of course not and lied when he told the truth. it was lie from the beginning and sold by donald trump enthusiastically for five years and made it the foundation of his presidential aspirations and to back off because inconvenient and campaign want it's to go away, the two sentences not enough. what rotten people who pumped up this and legitimized this theory and used for politics. >> doesn't close anything. it was generated by conspiracy theorists. in 2011 in particular he raised to the top of the political radar. wasn't a real question. >> i heard it uttered by a number of voters in ohio who
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believed it. thank you very much. lot of news to get to. coming up, breaking news out of the philadelphia, suspect in the deadly ram path left a note expressing hatred to police officers. also donald trump painting a grim picture of the u.s. economy if hillary clinton is elected. >> the only thing she can offer is a welfare check. that's about it. >> economy not working or everyone but is it really time to just throw in the towel and change everything? man who claims he's extremely successful businessman and billionaire says only he can save us. do we need saving? economist ben stein with me ahead.
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shooting in philadelphia last night. oidified the done, opened fire into another car and into a bar around 11:30 p.m. last night. shooter's name is nicholas glenn, 25 years old, killed a civilian and injured others before shot dead by police. say he was quote, well-known by the police department and has a significant past. following the story, what else did we learn about the shooter and his motive, why he went on this rampath last night? richard ross jr. saying this individual was hellbent on causing a horrific night in west philadelphia. a lot made of the note found on the gunman's body now diseased. rambling and not lucid.
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talked about himself and hatred towards police officers and probation officer. he was well-known. know a little bit about his past. 2009 listed as suspect in a gang rape, a year later cleared from wrongdoing but commissioner said this man was well-known to the cops in this area. rich ross jr. the commissioner spoke about at press conference. >> to go and fire at so many people that had no issue about you and no encounters previously to do something like this horrific. we're saddened by the loss of life by the 25-year-old but by the same token just fortunate more people, even civilians didn't die from the gun fire. >> commissioner ross saying may
1:20 pm
never know the motive of nicholas glenn but know they're confident in saying this was an ambush on police officers. >> unbelievable and talking about restraint, the officers were able to use last night in pursuit of this gunman, not firing any shots that injured any other civilians. thanks. much more on that ahead. and also donald trump revealing more details of the economic plan of his on thursday. how would it affect you, the average american, coming up, ask how his plan would affect all of us. you're live in the "cnn newsroom."
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breaking news overseas right now in syria where a declared cease-fire has more or less been holding for more than a week but just learning of coalition air strikes and significant death toll. inside syria this weekend, 83 regime forces dead, 120 others at least injured. give us details on that. what do we know? >> reporter: high poppy. there was statement by the syrian military brought out about 45 minutes to an hour ago.
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they accused ut-led coalition of bombing syrian army positions in the town of derazar, it's a city surrounded by isis and held mostly by isis. regime only has a few areas and the airport and syrian military was saying because of the air strikes isis was able to advance, directly blaming the coalition for helping isis advance. u.s. put out statement saying there was air strike today near there, but say trying to hit isis armored vehicles. don't dispute they have may have accidentally hit the syrian military but at this point it's really unclear what exactly happened there and who exactly is responsible for the air strikes.
1:26 pm
russians themselves have come forward and say they believe this is u.s. planes that by accident struck these syrian military positions. they blame the u.s. for what they call lack of coordination that america didn't inform the russians were going to conduct air strikes around the area. this is something that -- cease-fire in any way. causing angers. >> making clear to the viewers, video is not damage from this air strike but week ago of the devastation in aleppo. this is cease-fire agreement that had been holding but still came with troubles. people that needed it most, civilians there, still not getting humanitarian aid they need despite the cease-fire, and air strike arguably makes the situation even more dire.
1:27 pm
>> you're absolutely right. i think it's going to make it a lot more difficult for the cease-fire to hold. already seeing it in trouble with some breaches taking place. areas in aleppo earlier today we heard cannons go off, machine guns fire. this is very uneasy kees-fire and because aid delayed to lot of areas in eastern aleppo made holding the cease-fire even harder. getting aid to the people one of the main reasons for the cease-fire. air strikes are not going to help because going toward the point more and more problems of the cease-fire but at this point, all say they think the cease-fire by and large is holding and we're hearing a few
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the suv that dares to go beyond utility. this is the pursuit of perfection. donald trump unveiled new details of his economic plan this week, you heard it, he did it live on thursday. his economic proposal includes a lot of things including lower taxes. he removes what he describes as destructive regulations, wants increase in u.s. energy production and new trade deals, scrap nafta, deals that favor american businesses. part of speech as economic club. talked about boosting economic brouj up to 4% growth. not seen this since bill clinton in the house and it was the daut
1:32 pm
come boom. 4% growth has happened. could happen. a very different time. would be double where we are right now. how would all of these proposals put together affect the average joe. >> where does the rubber meet the road? exactly. it's hard to see how his economic plan benefits average person day one because what he's talking about 25 million jobs created, that's what americans really care about, over a ten-year period. for context have hit that rate under the obama administration, not sustained but you can see from the chart if we have it available, in 2014 and 2015, we had close to 3 million jobs a year created. he's talking about 2.5, sustaining that rate. and to your point, this is a very different economic reality that we're under versus the 990s, the last time we that that
1:33 pm
sustained economic growth. we have aging work force, we have more and more automation, make it more difficult to generate that kind of growth. day one the wealthy will benefit, get the disproportionate advantages from the tax cuts, businesses will benefit from the huge tax cut and less regulation. here's the thing, all could be good, not saying it's bad, but there's no evidence that the save gsz companies make off his plan will go to hiring more people. >> it's trickle-down economics 101, what have the past 20 years shown us about whether this works. he also talked about -- big part is scraping nafta and get a better trade deal. he actually could as president scrap nafta.
1:34 pm
infuriate mexico and canada because of that but talks about mexico and china ripping off the united states. what tactics would he use. >> haven't heard the specifics about forcing china and mexico to the negotiating table. and spoke to tom bairic, putting together the trade policy for the campaign. here's how he said we could get tough on china. >> if you're dealing with china, trump is right. i do a lot with the chinese,ad mire them and they're amazing and lot to learn but they run all over us. biggest owner of our debt but run all over us. >> how? >> don't have legislative process, going to enforce intellectual and privacy rules or let google in, they just do it. people don't understand how complicated the trade negotiation process is. you need a stick and the stick
1:35 pm
is they need to sell goods to us. everybody in the world needs to sell to us. north america is blessed by being surrounded by oceans. amongst the three countries we could survive by ourselves. >> he also said empowering the trade representative so that person doesn't have to consistently go back to congress is another way that america could be more forceful in its -- >> but the obama administration sued some of china's agriculture processes this week through the world trade organization. not like this administration isn't going at china. >> we actually talked about the process and what he said is problem is w.h.o. has no teeth or enforcement ability. he questions why we're part of it. >> thank you. great interview. more online? see more there. big name in business back donald
1:36 pm
trump. coming up right now is ben stein, famed economist, a republican, want him to dig more into trump's economic plan. thanks for being here. >> honored. >> where does the rubber meet the road as christina said, what's the reality? you called some of the plan a bad joke where taxes and trade are concerned. why? >> it's a bad joke because we like free trade, it's good thing. tom beric is friend and smart and successful man but we want china to sell us goods cheaply. overwhelming mass of americans are whying chinese goods not making things to compete. that's good for us. don't want to keep the chinese not selling us inexpensive goods. i would like to take exception against your correspondent because it's really not a jienantic tax improvement for
1:37 pm
the rich or well-to-do, in the fine print you see many deductions that the well-to-do use, especially mortgage deductions are being taken away by donald trump or that's his plan. lowers the top rate but the deductions hit hard. >> he also does lower. corporate tax rate significantly. down to 15%, talking about big companies. and possibly small businesses, although the "new york times" points out a discrepancy if he actually will give to small businesses as well. that's the argument is benefit the wealthy in terms of big businesses getting the tax breaks. >> thing is people don't understand what big business is, it's owned by a hell of a lot of little people. pension plans and university endowments. if you cut out corporate income
1:38 pm
tax entirely, which i think is good idea, money flows directly to the shareholders, generally speak people preparing for retirement or sending children to college or higher education. no good economic reason to have a corporate income tax as well. if want to raise rates much higher on very wealthy people is fine with me but idea somehow doing a bad thing lowering kporpt tax rates is nonstarter economically. >> you've heard companies like tim cook at apple and ge talking about money to repate rate, bring back if with he had lower corporate tax rate. let me ask you this, in this speech on thursday talked about plan as being deficit neutral. that's nonsense. >> look back to reagan and to the tax cuts, yes they spurred
1:39 pm
growth but the deficit ballooned. can trump do it? what would be different this time? >> with the greatest respect, mr. reagan lowered taxes dramatically the first years and then raised them a lot after. idea that reagan tax yearsar all tax cuts is not factually true. there is no connection between lower tax rates and increasing performance, mr. moore, a wonderful, incredibly nice guy is one of trump's big economic advisers is preaching that all day and night. he's a great guy but there's no evidence that cutting taxes increases economic grouchlkt as to tim cook or the other nice rich people bringing back money to america, we have a surplus of capital. don't have to worry about not having enough capital. the country is awash in capital. >> trump says 4% economic
1:40 pm
growth. that's what you're going to see. >> out of the question. >> why? we saw it in '98, '99, 20000. >> at that point starting to reap the gains of mechanic mechanicalization of intelligence, now we have a work force that in large measure doesn't want to work. smallest number of people actually working out of the labor age population than we've had in a long time maybe ever. just a different world out there. would be nice to have it but we don't. >> what do you mean? a large portion of the work force that doesn't want to work? >> we have a large percentage of the people 18 to 65 years old who simply have dropped out of the labor force and not seeking work. large and increasing all the time. that's been a plus statistically
1:41 pm
for mr. obama, makes employment numbers look better. >> what are you attributinattrig difference between giving up work because of the government benefits or someone looking at economy and tried so long to find a job, hasn't happened, therefore not counted in unemployment rate. there's a big difference there as to the why. >> i don't know what the why is, i wish i did. my son is one of those people. wish i could know why and get him to go to work. but what we do know is government pays an awful lot to people who aren't working. some states including my beloved california, mother of three unmarried can get as much in the way of welfare of different kinds as starting school teacher. we have subsidizing people who don't work. why people don't work, i don't know, it's happening
1:42 pm
dramatically and unpleasant characteristic of today's economy. >> a lot to unpack and another segment we need about that. we'll have you back. ben stein, thank you. >> thank you. >> coming up next, colin kaepernick's decision to drop to knee in the national anthem is sparking another protest in his hometown. go there live. also the influence the quarterback is having on high school football players, you're live in "cnn newsroom." seriously. like new garlic sriracha-grilled shrimp. it's a little spice... ...a little sizzle... ...and a lot just right. and try new parmesan peppercorn shrimp. helloooo crispy goodness. and the classic... ...handcrafted shrimp scampi... can't get enough of? still gonna floor you. it may be called endless... ...but that doesn't mean it'll last.
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colin kaepernick's decision to take a knee during the national anthem has stirred up a debate whether it's disrespect to the country. students at high schools across the country emulating the quarterback at their games but one place the protest has not caught on is kaepernick's hometown. >> political football has a whole new meaning. what began in the nfl with 49ers quarterba quarterback, across the country.
1:47 pm
whether entire high school football team protested racial injustice. >> we think about consequences that happen after the game. boos and negative energy and stuff like that but really don't matter. if it's right, it's right. >> we respect people in the armed forces, army and navy. can't say it clearer than that. not a disrespectful movement. think it's a smoke screen not to deal with issues. >> while the protest is catching on in some high schools in the country, not what has happened in the colin kaepernick's old school. during the national anthem every player stood stick straight but their hometown football standouts protest has sparked controversy and conversation in turlock, california. >> i think it was disrespectful and he's an idiot.
1:48 pm
the popular kaepernick dog has been stricken from the menu here and most of the customers agreed with it. >> didn't want it to become political football and could see would develop that way. >> but down the street at pays za parlor. it's displayed. >> your own brother telling you to take it down. >> we wanted to satisfy our customers. >> and you took a stand. why do that? >> here within turlock, loyalty is a lot. community is very loyal. so we're going to stay loyal to our hometown boy as his career continues. >> reporter: she says she's supporting their hometown guy, not the way he has decided to protest. have you had customers who decided i can't be in here? >> yes.
1:49 pm
>> reporter: is his protest creating friction in the town? >> yes. there are locals who support him and those who don't. >> reporter: like navy veteran veronica, she hasn't abandoned the local pizza parlor but can't stomach the protest. >> i was disgusted and disappointed. it hurt. like i said, i believe in the flag, the united states of america. >> reporter: ultimately the hard-working growing town of turlock, california is a microcosm of america. making some uncomfortable and others proud. >> i think it's generated a decision and that's what he wanted. >> reporter: there are certainly some people in the town that really support him and what he did but receiticent to talk abo. worried about backlash but understand he's simply trying to
1:50 pm
make america better in their point of view. >> fascinating report from turlock, california, thanks sarah. >> coming up next, this. >> choose your opponents wisely. >> i have a knack for it. >> "game of thrones" looks to reign supreme at emmy awards. will any newcomers? (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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the small screen's biggest stars gathering in los angeles tomorrow night for the 68th annual emmy awards. stephanie elan has a preview. >> dragons and elections. >> people do admire me johnny. >> and o.j., the emmy awards celebrate the year's greatest achievements in television and this year's nominees couldn't be more varied. all eyes on "game of thrones" the most nominated. >> it is pretty much a foregone conclusion it's going to reign
1:55 pm
supreme on emmy night. >> vies for second consecutive emmy's win, facing "the americans," "better call saul," "house of cards" add newcomer "mr. robot." everyone loved last season of "veep". >> but has tough competition with all the netflix favorites. with 22 nominations, people versus o.j. simpson is the one to watch. critically acclaimed drama stars oscar winner cuba gooden jr.
1:56 pm
>> i think the emmys will be the formal coronation for "the people versus o.j. symimpson" a jimmy kimmel will host. >> everyone is fair game and people lr ruthlessly mocked. >> we'll find out who has the last laugh at the 68th emmy awards. >> thank you so much for that. coming up next, live pictures out of seaside new jersey where people holding a press conference about explosive device detonated on race root for a charity race. what we learned about the multiple pipe bombs found. next.
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i'm poppy harlow in new york and begin the hour with breaking news out of the syria, reports of american-led coalition air strikes that may have hit syrian troops and vehicles and killed dozens of syrian military forces. on the phone is


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