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going into the 30s. very businessate times. >> very, very busy. especially on saturday night. chelsea one of the hottest neighborhoods, actually. comes in year after year as one of the places where everybody wants to be. housing prices are rising and so forth. very trendy area. i've been to that cinema that was in the shot many, many times there. 8th avenue and 23rd street. this is a cultural center among other things. a lot of artists live there. a lot of galleries and museums for people to patronize as well. this is a big, big deal. this isn't off in some remote neighborhood. >> i want to get to daily beast editor tim teaman. he's on the scene. what can you tell us? >> i've never seen anything like it. i've lived here in chelsea for 6 1/2 years. you can probably here the firemen behind me. apologies. lots of ambulance now on the move. the ambulances -- for the last
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hour or so. but suddenly a lot of vehicular activity going toward the scene. i heard the bang from my apartment and came out to see what was going on. just around half past 8:00, i would say. and i managed to get down close to the sirens. i managed to get down to 25th and 6th. one lady they fetched away. there were a lost rumors flying around in the crowd about what actually happened. but apparently some kind of explosion has happened -- >> i want you to stand by. mr. teeman, if you will stand by. interviewing someone live now. witnesses. let's listen. >> what was going through your head when you heard -- >> that there's an explosion. and then you start -- i'm an architect. you get concerned. you hear about gas explosions. i've lived through 9/11. and there's a concern for humanity. >> tell me about the scene afterwards. once you heard the explosion -- >> first responders coming. so a lot of the blinking lights.
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first responders. a lot of police. and then as they started -- fire trucks, emergency vehicles. undercover emergency vehicles. i spoke to one ambulance man, i go what's going on? he says i haven't heard anything yet. he goes, we're still investigating. >> was it chaotic? was it calm? >> it's pretty calm. there's a lot of people around the corner because there are still vehicles surprisingly, there was many vehicles still coming down 23rd street that they had to clear out. and as they start -- and then i just saw the first police car block everybody on 23rd street. and then get rid of all those cars. after all the vehicles were gone then you see people congregating on the corner. >> concerned at all for your safety knowing that this explosion just happened three blocks away from you and not a lot of information? >> initially, yes. you always have that concern because you don't know if it's three blocks away or if it's 100 feet away.
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and you don't know. these days you just don't know. >> well, thank you for sharing your appreciate you describing the scene a little bit for us. as you heard from anthony here who happened to hear the explosion three blocks away from where it happened. he said it sounded loud. he's an architect. he's familiar with some types of explosions. he says that for the most part people were calm -- >> again, that is new york 1 on the scene, a cnn affiliate there, interviewing a witness who was at least very close and heard the explosion. interesting. 23rd street. i lived not far from there a couple years ago. so i know this neighborhood very well. these are pictures that we are getting in now from this explosion. and i can't quite from my monitor make out exactly what that is. but again, it's debris from this explosion. it looks like it's part of a dumpster. here's what we know right now. according to the new york fire department, the department says 25 injuries in this explosion.
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none of them appears to be life-threatening. again, 25 injuries in this explosion in new york city in the chelsea neighborhood at 23rd street and 6th avenue. injuries to civilians, it's confirmed at -- and this is the address they're giving. i'm getting two different addresses, guys, if you can. 133. that's according to the fire department. i'm being told it's 135. but we're saying it's 133 chelsea -- 133 23rd street in chelsea. and that would be -- as i'm getting information here. the association for the blind is right in that area. if not 123, it's 125. again, none appears to be life-threatening. and that's according to a fire department tweet. i'm also being told that gas has been ruled out. officials are now trying to assess what caused this explosion. gas has been ruled out. law enforcement officials tell
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cnn. also they're trying to assess what caused the explosion. no secondary device has been located. that is according to our justice producer, shimon prokupesz. i want to get to cory johnson, who's a new york city councilman. cory, you are on the scene. what can you tell us? what do you know? >> hey, don. i'm at the corner at 23rd street and 6th avenue. your initial reports are what i'm hearing as well. it happened outside the association for the blind. for folks that aren't familiar with the neighborhood, 23rd street is a major thoroughfare, as you said, that runs east to west, and it's very busy on a warm saturday night in new york city. it's sandwiched between two subway lines, the taft train and the f and m lines at 23rd and 6th and the 1 train at 23rd and 7th. there are helicopters overhead, and what we're hearing is they're not saying it's a bomb yet. there are no confirmed reports of that. but the nypd bomb squad is here. the fbi is on the scene as well
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as homeland security investigators. -- >> corey, if you can stand by -- >> there are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of law enforcement officials here on the scene. >> core yeerks just stand by. i don't want you to go anywhere. i just want to tell our viewers that this is new video that we are just getting in to cnn that shows the chaos on that scene. and you can see broken glass and debris on 23rd street in manhattan. and as corey said, that is a major thoroughfare that runs east to west in the city in a very busy part of manhattan. corey, this is again as you said the association of the blind, which is where you were. describe what you're seeing. there's new video -- it looks pretty chaotic. what's going on where you are? did you see any of the injured? >> no. i didn't see any of the injured. what i'm seeing right now is i'm standing amongst law enforcement but of course away from the scene so as not to interfere. and the whole block is shut
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down. the nypd bomb squad vehicle is down on the block. there are two dozen fire trucks and ambulances that are here. and i believe the incoming police commissioner is on his way here. new york city's fire commissioner daniel nigro i saw on the scene and i'm standing in front of the people wearing the fbi, joint counterterrorism task force jackets. so there's a lot going on here. but we still don't know what it is. the initial reports say it was in a dumpster. i just read a piece online that said a lot of windows were knocked out in the association for the blind building. so that's what i'm seeing right now. >> corey, don't go anywhere because i want to update our viewers. what you're look at right now is the scene of an explosion in new york city, in manhattan. and here is what we know. we're told that it happened just
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maybe 45 minutes to an hour ago as we were, you know, covering this -- the congressional black caucus. an explosion taking place in the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan. specifically at either 133 or 135 west 23rd street. we'll get more specific about that. which would be the association for the blind. just a couple of miles from here where we are. people heard the explosion from, you know, quite a distance there. as you can see, there are several ambulances on the scene. many emergency personnel on that scene. we're now hearing there are injuries from the fire department, at least confirming now says 25 injured in this explosion. they're also saying, though, that none of these injuries appears to be life-threatening. they're saying that they're checking for a second device. nothing that's been found yet. and also that they are ruling out gas, a gas explosion here. that is the only thing that they have ruled out. there are now fears, though, that there could be other explosive devices. again, they have not found one.
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there's also some new video we saw of some of the debris, which appeared to be at some point part of a dumpster there. again, the bomb squad is there. bomb-sniffing dogs are being sent out to check on the neighborhood. and we're talking about a several-block area. our jean casarez, who is there on the scene, said this spanned over a couple of blocks and avenues down there. one device we are told was detonated and it blew up in a dumpster. that is the db rie you're seeing there. but again, there are fears there could be another device but so far no one has been found. our jean casarez, our correspondent is on the scene. new york city councilman corey johnson joins us as well. and shimon prokupesz, who is our justice producer, is live for us as well. i want to get to now, if everyone will stand by, jean casarez. you're first on the scene that we got here live to cnn. what are you seeing and what are you hearing?
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any new information for us? >> i made my way to 23rd street. 23rd and 8th avenue. and 23rd is where this explosion occurred. i am just seeing a massive line of fire trucks and ambulances and new york police vehicles. just i think you can see that screen now. and it stretches for blocks. we're also seeing an immense amount of crowds of people because let me just set the stage for you. this is saturday night. this is new york city. this is the chelsea area. an area where people go to dinner, where they walk and they hang out. and a saturday night in new york is where you're going to find a lot of people, especially in this beautiful weather that new york city had today and also tonight. people are just standing here. it's a calm scene. it's a very active scene, though. we do know at least 20 people injured, and that's being conservative at this point. but that is exactly what we're hearing. an explosive device. as you have said, i saw a
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bomb-sniffing dog myself just a minute ago. and it was not on 23rd. it was actually a wlok away they had that bomb-sniffing dog. also at within point the police yelled out to the people, stay back, this is a dangerous area. so the people are really being held behind these police lines, as you can see right behind me. but the people are here. they want to know what happened. and the police are working very hard to try to figure out exactly what caused this, is there anything else that there should be a concern about. and obviously who is responsible. so there's multiple layers of this investigation going on right now. and the nypd is working very hard. don? >> jean, i want you to stand by again. big breaking news happening in new york city at this hour. i want to update our viewers here. there's been an explosion in the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan. as you can see, that's where our jean casarez is. also joining me now, this is usually her time to be on the air, is poppy harlow-o who has made her way back to the studio.
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poppy will help me with the coverage here. we'll continue covering it as long as possible. poppy, why don't we bring in now -- do we have chief -- shimon proku pechlt sz, who is your justice producer who is joining us from washington, d.c. shimon, you have new information? >> they have ruled out gas. i think what they're trying to figure out if they can find anything that would indicate this was a bomb. so they have 9 bomb-sniffing dogs there and that's part of what thaur doing. the bomb squad is also taking some samples of some of the material where the explosion occurred and they're checking to see what that is. if you look at that dumpster photo, if you go back to that, you can see sort of there's kind of this blast and it's outward. something in that dumpster obviously exploded that caused that sort of blast. and remnants from that dumpster probably hit a lot of the people who were walking by. that could be what caused some of their injuries. i will say like what you said
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earlier they have not found a secondary device. clearly everyone's first thinking is this was a bomb, of course, a loud explosion occurs in chelsea so everyone assumes there was something there, a device. but they haven't found anything to indicate this was actually a bomb. could it have been a bomb? could it have been something else? one official i spoke to said maybe it was construction material. we just don't know yet. and all are urging us to be a little cautious in what we're saying. >> shimon, 23 you'll stand by. because we're getting new information now. investigators believe the preliminary cause of this explosion is an ied in or near a dumpster. they believe that the explosion was caused by an ied in or near the dumpster. that's a law enforcement source told cnn. the source stressed that this is preliminary and it is not conclusive, poppy. >> right. and shimon, stay with us, because don, when i was on the air earlier today shimon was reporting other breaking news for us, this pipe bomb that
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detonated in seaside park in new jersey around a marine run this morning. and shimon, we were just talking about that being placed in a trash can. the fbi taking over that investigation. and then this happens today and don is reporting, we have this now, that investigators believe the cause of this explosion was an ied in or near a dumpster. obviously not relating the two events at all. but the fact that the two things happened on the same day, one in new jersey, not that far from new york city. >> yeah. so the thing -- are you talking about -- so what happened in new jersey today ceremony has everyone a little height epd -- on heightened alert. so that ao. kurz earlier this morning. the fbi then spoke with the jttf. they sort of get together and they were talking about what happened there. we know that the joint terrorism task force all over the country sort of have been on alert today and have all been briefed on what happened there. >> shimon, i want you to stand
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by because we have to get to someone who is on the phone. chris duffy a connecticut emt and firefighter. he's on the scene. chris, what can you tell us about this situation happening in chelsea? >> yeah, hi, don. i was on 7th walking toward 23rd and heard a very loud explosion. the explosion sound probably lasted for i don't know, three o'five seconds. it was the loudest thing i ever heard. i actually jumped. i didn't see the explosion. initially i thought this can't be real, you know, fireworks or something. i didn't know what it was. and then saw a lot of people look over. so i walked up 23rd and there was a cloud of i guess it was spoke coming toward me and some people were running away. i walked away for a split second because i thought i don't have my gear or anything. but then i thought, geez, somebody could be hurt. so i went up there. and immediately police were op scene. credit to them and fdny.
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and i started to get closer, and they -- i couldn't get close enough to see where the explosion was. i did not smell gas. the cloud that i kind of walked through smelled like something that had burned, a fire or smoke smell. and the police started yelling for us to all run away, it was not safe, get off the street. i snapped that photo that i think has been out there. i don't think -- i said it was a dumpster. he don't think it was a dumpster. i think in hindsight it was just kind of a large trash bin. but that's what i saw. >> is that part of the trash bin you're saying, we're looking at this photo you that sent in? >> yeah. so that -- it looks like it was -- if i can remember correctly, it was like a plastic kind of container, like a big trash bin. not like a metal -- i didn't touch it, obviously. but it was not like a metal dumpster. i didn't know what to call it at the time but i think it was more of a plastic bin. there was glass all over the
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street. there were kind of those plastic block therz they put on the street that were spread all around. i did see one man. he was being attended to by personnel on scene. he had some kind of head injury, an elderly gentleman. bleeding from the head. >> chris, stand by. thank you very much. i appreciate that. >> and chris, we're also just getting the first tweet from the mayor of new york city, bill de blasio. his twitter account saying they're heading to the scene of the explosion at 23rd and 6th. more information to come. so one-run would expect we would hear from the mayor in a press conference as soon as possible. but again, we just know he is headed there at this moment. as we wait for more information on that, updating you on the breaking news of 25 injured on west 23rd street, the middle of a very busy saturday night in manhattan. let me bring in tom fuentes, former fbi assistant director who's joining us. tom, at this hour no secondary device has been located.
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but what are the nypd officers, the fdny, obviously any fbi, atf in the area, what are they doing to sweep the area, make sure the civilians and first responders are safe, make sure there aren't any secondary devices? >> poppy, sources tell me they do believe they have an improvised explosive device that caused this. they are sweeping the rest of the area to make sure there's no other device that's could pose a danger to the people. and now they're just awaiting, you know, a large number of bomb experts that are going to be arriving from nypd, the fbi, other agencies. and you have probably the best collection of explosives experts anywhere in the world based in new york city. so between the police department and the federal agencies they should be able to get to the bottom of what type of device caused this explosion pretty soon. >> and what would they be doing to make sure that there aren't
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secondary devices, a third, a fourth, a fifth located in the vicinity? what are they doing to sweep that? because obviously this is new york city on a saturday night. you've got tons and tons of people. that's right next to a major subway intersection right there as well. >> well, you're right. and they can't sweep the whole city. thk really try to do that neighborhood and bring in dogs and, you know, look in garbage dumpsters and other places where a device might be hidden. but there's only so much they can do. and you're right. that's an enormous city. and they don't have enough dogs there to dot whole sweep of the whole city. the other thing they are doing is that the explosive experts in new york will be comparing devices with what they found in new jersey. oftentimes the explosive examiners and investigators immediately contact each other, send photos to each ooft different pieces of debris to try to compare whether or not is it was made by the same person.
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>> just so our viewers know what tom is talking about, as you know, don, earlier today investigators in sea sade park, new jersey found a pipe bomb that exploded. it was placed in a trash can right around a military run, 5k run that was happening this morning. tom fuentes saying they'll compare the two, see if there's any possible connection. no reporting of a connection at this time. tom, stay with me. let's listen to an eyewitness and what they told new york 1, our affiliate what they saw. >> i was at 22nd and 7th avenue sitting outside, having dinner. and i felt a loud explosion. i felt like a lightning bolt struck the building. it like shook the ground. and everyone ran out of the restaurant in the street. the whole city in the street. i've never seen so many cops drive the wrong way. fire trucks, undercover cops, cops driving the wrong way aggressively, like 20, 30 miles an hour, upstream, up 7th avenue. closed everything down. people smelled smoke. first they thought it was a building collapse. then we heard it was an ied and everything else. everyone was on twitter.
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but the whole nand shut down. we were supposed to go see a movie tonight. that shut down. everything shut down. seems like a lot of chaos. >> what was going through your mind? were you concerned? >> they said there may be other bombs and to stay put. and the cops are telling people not to move anywhere. i live in the neighborhood. i was concerned. there's been a ton of construction in this area. everything's been closed down. i assumed it was that. but it was pretty scary for sure. >> you said you saw them going backwards against traffic, ambulances. was it chaos or was it controlled? >> it was definitely controlled. but it was aggressive. the fire station on 19th street and they were going up 7th avenue and the ambulances and undercover cops. it looks like fbi and other people coming. no one was running out of the subways. i was afraid it it was in the subway. that didn't happen. but definitely everyone was told to get out. and they keep moving the perimeter further and further. first it was 23rd, then 2 27bd. they moved people away from 22nd. the cops are on it. they're doing a great job. >> did you see anybody injured or running from the scene or anyone being put in an
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ambulance? >> i wasn't that close. but i saw on twitter allegedly 25 people have been taken to the hospital. so. >> [ inaudible ]. >> it's disconcerting. we're talking about this just being what happened and why hels a&e. i walk down the street every day. i live over here and i work over there. and this is mike my main thoroughfare. i'm either in an ub, a cab or on foot on the street all the time. this is my neighborhood. this isn't a tourist attraction. this is just the middle of the city. it does frighten me. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> there you have that eyewitness account, don, from someone who said this is the route i take every single day, this is sort of the middle of manhattan. and now 25 people are injured from what authorities believe is an explosive device in or near that dumpster. but you know, don, if any city has just a huge amount of surveillance, it is new york city. so tom fuentes, who's with us still, talk to us about what investigators are doing right now in terms of the surveillance
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footage because there are cameras on every corner in new york city. what footage are they able to scan through right now that would lead them to who may have caused this? >> well, they'll be looking at all of the footag of cameras that are at street corners, on sidewalks, in front of businesses. even though it's a residential area you might have private cameras on those apartments that also would show people walking around. that's going to be very difficult because people walking down the sidewalk and tossing something into a garbage can may not attract attention, and being at night if might be hard to have enough resolution and the photography to make out the faces of someone or get a good description of someone that may actually put something on the ground like that. you know, during the boston marathon bombing there were thousands of videos that were examined but they had the advantage at least that it was broad daylight and in the downtown area where it was easy to obtain that much camera
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footage. but this is nighttime. it might be a little more difficult to be able to identify someone from pictures taken by those videos. >> we also don't know if it was a timed device at this point because it's very early on in the investigation. so the person who put it there, person or persons who put it there, we don't know exactly when they would have put it there. but tom we want to update the viewers and i have a question. again, this is breaking news coming out of new york city. you're looking at these new images coming into cnn. there's been an explosion in the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan, a very busy neighborhood on a saturday night here. west 23rd street and 6th avenue. according to the new york city fire department at least 25 people have been injured here. they do believe the injuries are non-life-threatening. they have ruled out a gas explosion. and at this point we believe it was an ied. my question is to you, tom, quickly is what are the odds? this happening in new jersey as poppy was on the air covering it earlier. there was a device that exploded there. and now you have this device not far away in a very busy section
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of new york city. >> well, it is highly coincidental, don. you're right. the only other thing, it could possibly be a copycat if someone already had explosive devices that they were ready to deploy and then heard about the attack in new jersey earlier today and decided that they would also do that, that sounded like a good idea to them. so it's possibly a copycat. it's possibly the same person. but they'll have a good idea when the experts examine those devices. they'll get a pretty good idea if they were made by the same person or from the same bomb-making school or instructions from the internet. >> again, ied, that's very early on, that's preliminary reports. nothing has been confirmed or nothing is conclusive at this point as we look at these pictures. >> as we look at these images, these coming to us from reuters of what happened tonight. just a little oaf an hour ago. they're in the busy chelsea neighborhood the intersection of 23rd street and 6th avenue.
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a major bus station is right there. let me bring back in our crime and justice producer shimon prokupesz who has been working his sources. shimon, you have new information for us. what can you share? >> at this point the fbi along with the nypd are processing -- they're calling it a crime scene because it's lack of anything else right now. they're going under the theory that something bad happened here. initially there was some talk this wasn't showing anything nefarious but i think that seems to be changing because officials just don't know, investigators just don't know right now. they're going to be progs the crime scene along with the fbi. i know the fbi is heavily, heavily involved now. and i think that's partially because of what happened in new jersey today. i think if new jersey had not occurred maybe people here would sort of not assume this is anything bad right now. but i think because of new jersey things have chads a lot here today. they're sort of processing the crime scene. they're going to look to see
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exactly what this is. everyone right now just from law enforcement is thinking this was some sort of an ied, something exploded so this would be an ied. they're just trying to figure out what happened. and also important to stress it doesn't appear any of the people have been seriously injured. nonetheless, a really, really scary moment, really frightening for people who were walking up that block or down the block and sort of just were hit, heard this loud explosion and it looks like this dumpster just exploded. i mean, it exploded. striking so many of the people who were walking on the street. >> shimon, i was racking my brain trying to think when the last point in time was in new york city specifically when something like this was found that did not detonate. >> i think times square bombing -- the times square incident where they found the
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bombs in the car. that was a really serious incident. i mean there, have been smaller ones in new york city. there was a couple -- several years ago someone threw an explosive device at a military post, kind of a recruitment center in times square. so we've had small incidents like that in new york city. but again, nothing like this. if this turns out to be some sort of an explosive device, it's going to be pretty significant. and it's going to be tremendous tension and it will definitely change some things in new york city because presumably since times square we really haven't had anything like this. and the nypd obviously with their sort of counterterrorism units have done a pretty good job of keeping the city safe. this would be something they're going to take very seriously. and you can -- i've been talking to the nypd folks and they've all said they're out there, they've deployed units across the city to make sure there are no additional incidents.
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certainly after this morning's incident in new jersey the nypd redeployed units all over new york. at military recruitment sites and some other areas where potentially someone may target military-type folks. so the thing in new jersey this morning everyone is sort of under the theory that they were targeting the race because it had to do with the military. on 23rd street in chelsea on that street i've been there several times. i know you probably have been there several times and don has been there several times. there are no military kind of places there. so it would be interesting to know why someone would target that area. was this just sort of an opportunity for someone to do this? we just don't know. >> it is a very busy neighborhood as well. it's also a neighborhood that is known as a gay enclave, as is the west village, as is hell's kitchen. so i'm not sure if that plays into it. but shimon, if you can stand by. just give you the information that we do have here. shimon mentioned he's been speaking to the nypd. this will be the first real big event and real test for the brand new as of just two days
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ago jimmy o'neil, the new nypd commissioner. bill bratton, who was the commissioner twice, just retired late last week. again, this explosion happened in the chelsea neighborhood on saturday night. injured at least 25 people, we're told, from the fire department. gas has been ruled out as a cause of this explosion. according to a law enforcement source. there is a preliminary belief by investigators that it could have been caused by some sort of device. near a dumpster. but we don't know what that is. this is all preliminary information. some people on certainly media saying they heard an xwloegs. and poppy as you heard in the interview with new york 1 the gentleman said it felt like a lightning bolt hit his apartment. >> we have heard from other eyewitnesses who said it was heard as far away as hoboken. and to give our viewers a sense of perspective, hoep hoboken is directly across the entire river from where this is. >> and the path train is near
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there that goes over to new jersey -- >> right at that intersection. >> there are several train lines as well. he want to ask councilman, city councilman corey johnson who's on the phone now, we're also hearing the subways in the area have been shut down. do you know anything about that? what do you know? >> yes. the subways as you both said, the s and the n line at 23rd and 6th and the path train, those have been shut down at 23rd and 6th. at 23rd and 7th is the 1 train. that has been shut down. and i am being told that for amtrak there is no impact at penn station. amtrak will rely on new jersey transit service. things are still operating there. that's just about ten blocks north of where we are. the most recent update i have in the last ten minutes is that the patient count is now 26. 23 patients with minor injuries.
7:32 pm
one patient with moderate injuries. and two current patients currently unknown. no reported fatalities at the time and what i'm be told is the nypd bomb squad, which is here at the scene, is going to be -- they are continuing the search for secondary devices. they haven't said it's a bomb yet. but as you've reported and as i've heard from constituents all night, i'm standing here the the corner of 23rd street 1k36th avenue, theand 6th avenue there was a massively loud explosion. i started getting texts from constituents who live blocks away from this area that said did you just hear that explosion. so clearly it was something that was very, very loud. the mayor just arrived on the scene about five minutes ago. new police xhiergs james o'neil is here as well as fire commissioner daniel nigro. and there are hundreds of law enforcement officers here. i'm in one of the cordoned off
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areas with law enforcement. there's well over 100 firefighters. maybe a couple hundred firefighters. the fbi is here and they've set up a command post at 23rd street and 6th avenue that they're operating from jointly with everyone meeting right now. that's the latest that i hear. >> hey, corey, just quickly, the information that we have, as i said, 25 injuries. you're getting information that we don't have. can you go through that again? are you getting that from official sources? >> yeah, i'm getting this from law enforcement sources. that the patient k0u7b9 is now 26. 23 patients with minor injuries, one patient with moderate injuries, and two patients the injuries are currently not being categorized. i'm told the patients have been -- a series of them have been taken to bellevue hospital, which is on the east side and that's where a lot of folks go as a level 1 trauma room. and that other patients i'm told
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have gone to other hospitals but no one has indicated where yet. >> okay. and we've also learned in just the past few moments that the president, president obama, has been briefed on the situation here in new york city. again, the president just after he gave his remarks tonight at the black caucus dinner that don of course was covering earlier was briefed after he left the stage. the president will be updated we're told on additional information as it becomes available, this coming to us from the white house. i do want to also let you know that we have our first tweet from the nypd counterterrorism chief, tweeting at this time 25 confirmed wounded but none with life-threatening injuries. they are actively monitoring the situation. again as we were just hearing from the councilman, he's hearing from his law enforcement sources, 26 are injured. also i want to reiterate. councilman, are you still with us? >> yes, i am. >> so the -- and you said the f train, m train, path train to
7:35 pm
new jersey and the 1 train are shut down. is that what you're hearing? >> councilman, before you talk about that, i just want to say that the path train hasn't been running all weeks because that he were doing shuttle bus repairs 6th and 7th avenue. that may not have affected this. >> it's a very important point. it's a big step for them to shut down the subway in new york city. that is the way that almost everyone gets around and they rarely, rarely would do that. so can you just confirm for us again that you know definitively you that know those train lanes are shut. the f, the m, and the 1 train? >> that's what i'm being told. i'm standing here and all the -- i can see the different subway entrances and they're cordoned off. maybe trains are still running past these stations. i don't have information on that. >> rerouted. >> just so you all know, a
7:36 pm
little after 8:30 i was walking down 23rd street approaching 8th avenue and i didn't hear the explosion but i all of a sudden saw swarming emergency services and law enforcement vehicles and they got to the scene right away, closed the scene down. what i'm also being told is i don't know if you have footage of this but the building it happened in front of as you reported, don, is the association for the blind. it's a 210-unit building. 14 stories. and it's for people who have different visual impairments that live here in chelsea. it's located right next to a church. and from where i'm standing they now have sort of light towers on 23rd street down the block where it supposedly took place that's illuminating that area. this building is covered in scaffolding. and it's a building that i know well because it's been going through now a two-year
7:37 pm
renovation. so there has been construction going on at this building for two years. they're doing a full renovation of the building. so it does make sense that there were a series of dumpsters that were outside on 23rd street on the north side of 23rd street. you know, this block has restaurants, a dunkin' donuts. there's a best buy on the corner that i'm on right now. so this is a very, very heavily trafficked area. it's saturday night. and we're not far from madison square park, from the flatiron district. this is a very busy area. so it's not surprising something happened. >> let me ask you this. i've got two different things. i know the neighborhood very well. i lived on that very street, on 23rd street but a little bit further down between 10th and 11th. it's on the north side of the street as you said. one report was 133 west 23rd. the other was 135. is it a combination of both?
7:38 pm
do the buildings span both addresses? >> i'm being told it's 135 west 23rd street. >> okay. all right, councilman, we need to move on. go head, poppy. >> wei want to get to rachel crane our correspondent at bellevue hospital on the east side of manhattan. that's where some of the injured were taken, again, at least 25 injured. rachel, what are you hearing from the hospital at this time in terms of the extent of the injuries, how many patients are getting? >> we don't have that information yet. we are here outside bellevue hospital. there are many police officers. strategic response right where the ambulances have been coming in. on our way we saw several ambulances. we spoke to several people who said they'd heard the explosion, that when they emerged from the subway that people were running. but as we pointed out, right now we just know that some of those -- at least 25 victims have been transported here to
7:39 pm
bellevue but we done know the extent of their injuries. >> so you're -- have you seen any of the patients coming in? yes or no? >> no, we have not seen the patients come directly to bellevue. >> all right, rachel. >> none of the ambulances were pulling in while we were here, don. >> okay, rachel, we'll get back to you. make sure you stand by. don lemon here with poppy harlow. poppy is usually on the air this evening. poppy of course diligently ran back here. you were on your way down -- fairly close to the neighborhood. >> right. i was heading home to brooklyn. but it's interesting because we went through brooklyn, not through manhattan because the traffic was so bad. now we know why. you're looking at some new video in to us tonight from chelsea, from that intersection at 23rd and 6th avenue after this explosion went off there. around 8:45 p.m. many, many emergency response vehicles. many police officers.
7:40 pm
new york counterterrorism. the mayor is there on scene. as we continue to discuss -- >> before we bring errol in i want to say -- we want to get information about the subway lines because as poppy pointed out it is a very big deal if they shut the subways down. >> i can't remember the last time the subways were shut down. maybe hurricane sandy. >> and then 9/11 before that. unless there's flooding or something but usually they don't shut it down they'll try to reroute it. there's a difference between a subway platform or an entrance or an exit being closed -- >> which would make sense said close the subways next to there so there would not be masses of people coming out of the train because they're trying to do their emergency response -- >> not far from new york 1. chelsea market, correct? >> we're in chelsea market, as a matter of fact. a short walk -- >> errol lewis is here. time warner -- >> from the scene there. and my colleagues there are doing what we do, which is taking phone calls from viewers, getting a sense of what's going on. i think they were one of the
7:41 pm
first on the scene just ten blocks away. look, it's the kind of thing that when new yorkers hear this kind of thing some of the calls, it might seem humorous to non-new yorkers but as new yorkers we would understand this. people would call in and say i heard the explosion and i went out to the deli. or hey, it's a dumpster fire, you see these around the city all the time. it's not that big of a deal. so new yorkers can be a little blase just because the city is so noisy. for something like this to happen in chelsea, chelsea as has not been one of the areas where you expect to hear this kind of thing. we know further downtown the world trade center site has been a terrorist target for a long time. we know midtown things happen because everybody's trying to get into times square, not just new year's eve but lots of other times of the year as well. it's a little unusual for what is truly a residential neighborhood. we know about it as kind of an arts district and we know about it as a place where lots of things go on but there are a lot of brownstone there's. there are a lot people who live
7:42 pm
there. >> marty, you said live pictures, right? you're looking at live images now of 23rd and 6th avenue where you still have many, many emergency responders. but you also, don, have people, new yorkers going about their evening. traffic is flowing. and this just speaks to new york and the fact that this is a busy saturday night. they've cordoned off some areas. but not all there at that intersection. we have learned that the nypd according to our shimon prokupesz has increased security across new york city as a precaution. that's according to a law enforcement source. increasing security across new york. let's bring shimon in. >> nypd counterterrorism unit is also monitoring the situation in chelsea as well. >> shimon, what more do you know in terms of the heightened security across the city right now? >> right. so as a precaution, because law enforcement does not know what happened here, specifically yet. and it's out of just abundance of caution, they decided they're going to redeploy some of their
7:43 pm
counterterrorism units to sort of sensitive sites, areas around manhattan that are more populated, times square, other tourist locations just as a precaution. there's nothing to indicate that there is something else about to happen. and there's really nothing to indicate really right now that what exploded here was a bomb. i just want to tell you one other thing that investigators are tell me, is they're looking at possibly a construction toolbox which was near the site of this dumpster which may have caused this explosion. they don't exactly know if that's what caused it but they're looking at that now. if i could just sort of read something. there was i alarge construction site toolbox in front of this location. so they're looking at that now to see if maybe that caused the explosion. so again, they really still don't know. they're going through everything, trying to figure out what happened here, what caused the explosion-s and so they're taking everything into
7:44 pm
consideration as they process the scene to see if they can find any remnants of a bomb or something else that may have caused this explosion. >> the only thing, errol, if we -- stand by, shimon. the only thing, nothing as you said, nothing stands out about this neighborhood except for that it is sort of an arts and cultural district, also was known as a gay enclave. that has been sort of gentrified now. it would be interesting -- we don't know what the cause is. to look at factors as to why someone, if this is indeed so, would specifically pick out this specific neighborhood in manhattan. >> it is striking. and there's no getting around it. if you wanted to look for an lgbt neighborhood, chelsea would rank very high. folks think of greenwich village but -- >> and hell's kitchen. yeah. >> it's chelsea. obviously we're not going to jump to conclusions. we don't know anything about it or who might be behind it or
7:45 pm
certainly any motive. but it's got to be a source of concern for residents in that community, especially after what we've seen in some other cities around the world, after orlando, after paris. >> and i think it's important to note, this is a big week in new york city. this is the beginning of the u.n. general assembly, which kicks off this week, which means world leaders from across the globe all descend on new york city for this week, which is filled, filled with security. >> a new police commissioner -- >> two days in. you're looking at a podium there where the press is gathered right near the scene of this. because there will be a press conference any moment. we'll bring it to you live when it happens. we know the mayor de blasio is already on site. one would assume errol lewis he'll be checking in with the head of the fdny, the head of the nypd first, right? and talking to them. getting a full picture of what we're looking at before he will brief reporters. >> absolutely. of course the mayor's personal bodygua
7:46 pm
bodyguard, his detail is nypd. and buzzers i'm sure were going off and they will completely brief him. not rumor, not hype, not speculation. he'll tell us what he knows and what he doesn't know. he, the mayor, and the nypd, have been through this many, many times in many, many situations. as was mentioned, this was the very first day on the job for the new police commissioner. >> his first day. because friday was the last day for commissioner bratton. we're told that obviously the press conference will be held by the new york police department. and i'm wondering if the new commissioner will probably lead that press conference. again, as errol just said, it's his first day on the job and now he's having to deal with this. also we should say as we wait for this press conference as you were on the air this evening we talked about this a little earlier, the explosion at the jersey shore and now this. coincidence? we're not sure.
7:47 pm
we suppose posed that question to com fuentes. tom, are you there? these two things happening on the same day. what should we make of that? >> until we find out more about the devices and other parts of the investigation, it is pretty early to speculate on that. it could be a coincidence. it could be the same person. it could be a copycat. so awful these things are possible. there are a lot of people out there making bombs or in possession of explosive devices all the time. this is not a rare event, unfortunately. it's just a question of when they decide to put one out and explode it. so it could be that somebody hearing about the device in new jersey earlier today decided okay, my turn and they may have done that. or they'll find out when the explosive experts compare their notes into tonight or tomorrow if the wiring's the same and it looks like the same person put it together that will change the aspect of the investigation into being a wider conspiracy. >> and tom, what we do know
7:48 pm
about the device in new jersey, in seaside park, new jersey, is it was actually three pipe box placed in a trash can on a timer. >> at or near. >> if it is indeed a bomb. we don't know the new york city one. but in new jersey it was a pipe bomb. three of them. and one detonated. >> what were you saying, tom? >> i said my sources are telling me the device tonight in new york city is an ied. >> yeah. those are the preliminary -- >> it's all just moving very quickly and our shimon prokupesz reporting they did find a big toolbox right next to it. construction toolbox. they're trying to decipher what it could have been. let's go to someone else who's on the scene. daily beast senior editor tim teeman. as we await this nypd press conference, what are you seeing, what are you hearing? >> absolutely. i live in the area. i heard a very loud bang in my apartment after half past 8:00.
7:49 pm
i came out to see what was going on. 23rd and -- [ inaudible ] where the emergency activity is. i saw a lady being stretchered away. i heard people in the crowd saying other people have been injured and stretchered away. and there as was a period of silence among the crowd. he we were being pushed back more. to 23rd and 6th. we can see police and emergency vehicles ranging along multiple blocks. certainly the community i would say is very muted and shocked. but something -- we don't know what exactly happened. we'll know when the police conference happens at 23rd and 6th. people are very muted and shocked at what possibly has happened here this evening. >> stand by. and i want to update our viewers here. this is don lemon here with poppy harlow. poppy and i are covering the breaking news that's happening here in manhattan. as you can see on the bottom of your screen, according to the new york city police department, 25 people have been injured in an explosion in the chelsea
7:50 pm
neighborhood of new york city. it happened about 8:30 or so this evening as the president and secretary of state -- former secretary of state hillary clinton were at an event, congressional black caucus in washington, d.c. and we were on the air live as this was happening. we're getting reports from a councilman who is on the scene, councilman corey johnson who's going to join us now. he's saying according to his sources there are 26 people who are injured. what we have officially here at cnn is 25. 23 corey said minor injuries. one he said it was a moderate injury. and then two injuries that are unknown. but all of them at this point which is good news that they're not life-threatening injuries, corey. correct? >> that's what i'm being told. the report that we got was 23 minor, one moderate. i don't know what one moderate means but it doesn't seem like it's life-threatening. and they were saying there are two that were unknown. but what everyone's saying here
7:51 pm
is they're saying it wasn't -- none of the injuries seemed to be super serious, thank god. >> again, this happened about 8:30. you said you were near the area. >> i was on 23rd street and 9th avenue leaving dinner with a friend. walking toward 8th avenue just after this happened maybe three or four minutes after it happened. then i saw a series of fire trucks, undercover police vehicles, marked police vehicles all rushing to the scene. ambulances. i came over to 23rd and 7th. right when they were sort of blockading 7th avenue. and it was sort of just after it happened. they blocked off 7th avenue, blocked off 23rd street.
7:52 pm
they started making a larger perimeter on 7th avenue, on 6th avenue. i've been here for the last couple of hours. >> how far are you from this press conference? >> i'm at 23rd and 6th. i'm with a couple other elected officials. gale brewer and the state senator. and we're waiting for the mayor, who is being briefed right now. >> stand by, congressman. thank you so much. i want to let our viewers know that we have learned the president, president obama, has been briefed on the situation, on the explosion in new york city according to the white house. he will be updated as more
7:53 pm
information is available. we've also learned just moments ago that hillary clinton, secretary hillary clinton told about this explosion shortly after she left the stage at the congressional black caucus dinner in washington, d.c. tonight. she was briefed. per an aide she was told about the new york explosion shortly after those remarks tonight. and we're also told that the secretary instructed her staff to provide updates as the situation develops. again just updating you on our breaking news. don lemon and i are here covering for you tonight. an explosion around 8:40 p.m. tonight in the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan at 23rd street and 6th avenue. a very busy end of summer saturday night with people out and about. emergency response vehicles coming in droves, more than ni this hour, we know that there was an explosion, gas has been
7:54 pm
ruled out, preliminary reports of an ied, but as simone is reporting, it could have been something else and we're waiting for the -- we don't know, we're waiting for the mayor and the head of the nypd, james o'neill, on his first day on the job. >> which is interesting, and new york mayor bill de blasio, as you heard cory say, he had been briefed by the manhattan bureau president, he's being briefed. i think it's important to point out too that this is a situation that they no doubt take seriously, poppy, the nypd as increased police presence all over the five boroughs of manhattan. and the counter terrorism unit monitoring the situation in chelsea. the count that we have, 25
7:55 pm
injured, does not appear to be life threatening, although we're getting slightly different numbers from corrie johnson who is a new york councilman. >> i want to bring lewis back in, someone who covers new york city, not only politics, but new york city in general, and your studio is located not very far from where this occurred in chelsea. one thing that is interesting, i don't know if we have those live pictures that we can bring up on the other side of the screen. there you go, people are going about their business, in new york, you've got some emergency response vehicles, a lot of them there. but people are crossing the street, you see some with their children, as far as we know, the subways are still up and running. >> this is the new york sports club. >> this is equivalent to about five blocks or so away.
7:56 pm
this is new york, they do not shut down big chunks of new york, even after something like this. >> the city never sleeps, and the subways are not shut down, it takes a couple of hours and a lot of work to shut down the new york subway. a lot of those cars, those people you see walking, they're not hanging out, they're going to work. somebody's got to make is doughnuts for the brunch tomorrow. there's a lot that always goes on and the fact that we have streets that are in a grid pattern, means that as happened here, if you section off the area that you want, like this section of 23rd street, there's no particular reason to inconvenience everybody else. the people who live on that block are going to have a hard time getting to where they want to go. everybody else will in fact be able to get around. and it's considered one of the
7:57 pm
things that the nypd does well in order to keep everybody calm, is to not suddenly inconvenience tens of thousands of 350epeople. that's when it feels like an emergency, if they're separated from their medicine, from their pets, their kids, that sort of thing. >> people say this is a residential area, a industrial area, it's a mixed use neighborhood, you may live above a restaurant or a dry-cleaner could be there. everything happens in this area, you saw the chelsea cinema that's on the corner. there's a gym there, there's a bbq right on the corner. and there's a 24-hour deli that's on the corner of 8th and 23rd. and where harold lewis is located, chelsea market, with shops, and all types of businesses.
7:58 pm
and around there, residences, homes, not that any neighborhood is not up and coming in new york city, but this is really a neighborhood that is undergoing a renaissance, the prices in the neighborhood are going up very quickly. but again, if indeed turns out to be targeted, why this particular neighborhood was targeted? >> that's right, there's not some sort of big -- you know, it's not -- the brooklyn bridge or the world trade center or the new york stock exchange or some iconic landmark there at all. >> it's not in that particular area. >> just to update our viewers, we are waiting for a press conference there, we'll hear from new york city mayor bill de blasio, and we'll hear from the new york city police chief who's first day on the job. so far we have learned 25 people injured in this explosion, the cause of it unknown, gas has
7:59 pm
been ruled out and we do know that all of those injuries at this point we're told are nonlife threatening. >> yeah, it will be interesting to hear what jimmy o'neil, who's the new nypd commissioner, he's certainly not new to the new york city police department, so he is certainly used to dealing with this particular situations of this magnitude and even greater here in new york city. and if any city is prepared to deal with something like this, it's new york city having dealt with 9/11 and many other terrible incidents that have happened to the city. this is cnn breaking news, on the east coast, and specifically new york city. >> we have breaking news, out here on a busy saturday night. there are a number of injuries, multiple injuries.
8:00 pm
we have learned that none of those injuries are life threatening. investigators believe what exploded may have been an ied, an improvised explosive device, but this is early going reporting, some device went off inside or near a dumpster, as of right now, the new york police department has increased security all across the city. >> and that's just as a precaution, of course. you can't be too careful in these situations, and that's what the nypd and other city officials are dealing with. just as a precaution, not in response to any specific threat. and again, as we look at the screen there, the biggest screen there on the right, those are the cameras and microphones getting ready for officials to step up to those microphones to hold a press conference, jimmy o'neil, the mayor bill de blasio
8:01 pm
is on the scene as well, as well as several city leaders, manhattan bureau chief and a councilman serving that area as well. there could be other explosive devices in the area, the bomb squad is there, bomb sniffing dogs are being used to check out this neighborhood. we saw them earlier in this neighborhood roaming the streets, officers with dogs. >> as we await this press conference, i was thinking about the fact that this will be the first time that the city and the world public hears from the new nypd police commissioner, quite a first day on the job. >> but again, he's been with the new york police department for quite some time and one of the reasons he was hand picked actually by new york city, the outgoing new york city police commissioner bill bratton, so he
8:02 pm
is very equipped to deal with this and he will be leading this press conference, no doubt that it will be him. and no doubt the mayor, i'm sure will also offer his support for the city and tell them they have the situation in hand. this is all preliminary investigation, i'm sure they are working on this behind the scenes obviously, and it's taking a while for the police commissioner to be briefed, as they step in front of the microphones, they want to be absolutely clear about what's going on. >> i want to bring in our crime and justice producer and there is no one better sourced with law enforcement. so shimon, let's just be clear on what we know, these preliminary reports in to us and to you and our team, we're hear ied, improvised explosive device, we're now hear that
8:03 pm
they're looking for something else that could have caused this explosion. >> they're looking at something that could have occurred from a construction site. there's construction down the block from wrote this explosion occurred. i spoke to a source a short time ago, who said they were looking at something maybe from the construction site that may have caused this, what specifically that is, i don't know. you know, i don't know what the police will obviously say when they come out and have this press conference, but i would be kind of surprised if they came out and told us what they thought the cause was. i think they're going to bring down the fear and make sure that everyone knows they're safe and the city is safe. but i just don't know if they evening know if they can rule anything in or out right now. that's what's going on, that's what they're continuing to do. perhaps they're going to say, hey, this is what caused it, which would be great, i don't know that they're going to be able to do that right now. law enforcement all across new york city, i can tell you the fbi, the nypd, everybody has come in, all of the high ranking
8:04 pm
people, all of the joint terrorism task force are working, all of the high ranking officials from the nypd unit, everyone is working trying to figure out what's going on, and no doubt they're trying to run down leads, if this turns out to be something nefarious, they're going to be running down leads, all these stores on this block has surveillance cameras, so they're going through that to see if anyone walked by this before it exploded. or if anyone put something there before the explosion. i can tell you there are so many possibilities right now that nothing has been ruled or out, they're still trying to figure out what happened here. >> we don't know what it is because if there's -- if there's construction in the area, it could have been caused by that, we don't know exactly what it is. they did say that they ruled out a gas explosion. so we know that it was -- >> i remember a few years ago
8:05 pm
covering a major gas exploesion that took out part of a building. no connection being made, the fact that these two were found on the same day has heightened awareness and alert over this. >> of course, if it happened in new jersey, which is not far from here, one would have to wonder what's going on. there's no doubt about that, don't know, we don't know if it is connected at all, but of course we have to ask our intelligence and our security experts. let's get to someone who is on an eyewitness who is on the phone right now, his name is ryan mcmillan. ryan, where were you, what did you see? what did you hear? >> hi, how are you? i was on the corner of 23rd and 6th with my wife and two
8:06 pm
daughters and we were just about to go into the subway and there was just -- we were just sort of loitering to see if we needed to go to the subway or have my daughter go to the bathroom and there was a huge explosion, and i saw the back of an suv pop-out, like all the glass went out into the street. and my wife and i looked at each other and we ran up 6th avenue. none of us were knocked to the ground, it was obviously very shocking, but it didn't feel something like -- there were no fires or anything like that, it was just a huge noise, and we could sort of feel the blast. but it was mostly just shock and we ran and people were screaming and running up the block, it was definitely shocking. >> and shocking and unnerving, no question. thank you so much for your account of what happened, and stay with us, i do want to get to our cnn correspondent on the scene, jean casaras, who's been there from nearly the moment this happened. we're waiting for the press
8:07 pm
conference from mayor bill de blasio and the head of the new york city police department james o'neil. have you heard anything on the ground there, it's been about two hours since this explosion occurred, on what may have caused it and what they're saying at this hour? >> reporter: what we're hear right now is this press conference is going to start any moment, we're right here on 23rd street, which is the street where this explosion took place, we're a little beyond 5th avenue, between 5th and 6th avenue. police are saying nothing right now, so i don't think anyone knows exactly what is going to be said, but i will tell you that there are many civilians here, we were allowed in a little farther along 23rd street because we are press but there are many people on the street corner here waiting and wondering exactly what is going to be said. and also the emergency vehicles have gone nowhere, they're still
8:08 pm
here, they're still here in force, their lights are still on, we're still hear helicopters above us. everyone just seems to be prepared for anything at this point. but officers have come up to check microphones, and we do believe that this press conference will be minutes away. >> and jean, on the left side of our screen here, we're seeing these new aerial images in to us. these are live images from our affiliate wcbs, on some of these emergency response vehicles. richard crane and bellevue hospital had reported a number of emergency vehicles there, but had no information on the extent of the injuries, what we heard previously is 25 injuries, most of them nonlife threatening. do you have any more detail on the victims. >> reporter: there are fire trucks all over this area,
8:09 pm
spreading block after block, but they have officially tweeted out that there were 25 injuries, of course that can increase, but that's what has been said officially, they cannot believe there were any fatalities, of course this is a working situation right now. but we do know that the counter terrorism units here, i saw dogs going from building to building and not on 23rd street. but on the street surrounding 23rd street in the chelsea area. so i think officially now poppy, it is 25. >> don lemon here, poppy harlow here as well. go ahead, poppy. >> we're just seeing this in from the nypd chief of special operations division, that a possible second device has been located. again, a possible second device has been located. >> and that's what we want to
8:10 pm
get to evan perez. evan, you are getting this information as well. what do you know about this second device? >> reporter: that's right, don, at this point, the authorities there in new york are looking at a possible, still very preliminary information here, a possible device down on 27th street. we're seeing this a lot this afternoon after what happened in seaside park, new jersey, there's a lot of concern about possible copycats or perhaps since the person who was behind the new jersey bomb that was found has not been arrested or detained yet, you know, there's concern that that person would be at large and trying to do other things. so what we're getting is a lot of reports now, from frankly up and down the east coast, there was something of a report of a possibility explosion in charlottesville which turned out to be luckily be just a transformer that went bad, the
8:11 pm
local power company in virginia reported that. so that calmed the fears there in that area. in new york, we're getting a lot of these calls, suspicious devices, so at this point we know that the authorities are taking all of this very, very seriously. when you have something like this, you have to be on guard for possible copycats, but there's been a possible second device found just a short ways away from 23rd street. we're trying to get more information from the nypd and other authorities there in new york. >> this information coming out from the nypd chief of special ops division, saying there could be this second device, on 23rd between 6th and 7th. what would it take for them to put this out publicly, or is this their way of saying, we don't know, but keep people away from that area while they investigate? >> i think that's what it is, try to make sure that people are
8:12 pm
a aware, and frankly just stay away from the area as much as possible so the authorities can figure this out. there are a lot of people on the street at this time on a saturday night in manhattan. so the authorities there are under pressure to make sure they put something out to at least let people know what they are dealing with, they're aware of this, they're figuring it out and they're going to provide more information as they have it. but they're looking into this possibility of a second device, there on 27th and 6th, just a few blocks away from that first explosion. as shimon has been pointing out, we're still dealing with a lot of preliminary information, we're waiting for the nypd to provide the official word here, but what we do know is there was an explosion here, in or near this dumpster, we know it was possibly an ied, but there is
8:13 pm
still work being done to try to figure that out. there is a construction site, there's a lot of possible othe things that could explain what happened here, and that's why these guys are trying to work the scene tonight. >> stand by, evan, i want to bring in eroll lewis here. you were there while the president was giving his speech, trump in colorado springs, they have all been updated on the situation, the president and both presidential candidates. donald trump saying to a crowd in colorado springs saying to his supporters saying a bomb went off in the city, then going on saying, just before i got off the plane, a bomb went off in new york city and nobody knows exactly what's going on. he said we have to get tough folks. he's doing this before officials know exactly what's going on, they haven't determined what
8:14 pm
caused this. one wonders as the commander in chief, saying that it was a bomb, it could very well be but we don't know, how would he act as a president of the united states if he's giving this information before there's even confirmation. >> it's a source of great concern, when he says we have got to get tough, the implication is the armed forces are the united states is under attack from some foreign source, as opposed to it could be anything. it could be a jilted lover, it could be a property dispute. it could be literally anything. >> it could also be as shimon said a construction toolbox explosion. >> it could be an accident. >> also in that, the former defense secretary robert gates slammed him in an editorial, he was very hard on trump. he said that secretary gates probably has a problem that we
8:15 pm
don't know about, making that comment about the former secretary and a comment about the explosion in new york city and not knowing for sure what's going on. >> everybody will have to make up their own mind about it. that's the beauty of a democracy, but here in new york, we have been through so much and so often, but the poison that can be spread through fear, rumor, false accusations, there's really no room for any of that stuff. and i think we're going to see from the local officials, certainly the nypd and the mayor, the right way to talk to people, the right way to talk to millions of people, there are over 8 million people right here in the city. there is a right way to talk to million of people in the city when we have a lot of things going on at the same time, concern for those who were injured, questions about whether or not the danger is really behind us, what people should do. >> eroll stand by, richard quest, our cnn's richard quest joining me on the scene of where
8:16 pm
police have located a potential second te secondary device on 27th street between 6th and 7th avenue. >> reporter: i'm at 28th street and 7th avenue. the perimeter is being increased quite considerably, many more barriers are now being put into place. i'm a block away or so from where this potential second device is. and in fact, the police are telling us to clear the block and if they do so, they were saying earlier, that they were doing so for our own safety. we're now being moved, bearing in mind, the first device is on 23rd and 6th, we are at the 28th, five blocks north, and two blocks, two long blocks west. and they are still moving up further back. poppy, from what i can see --
8:17 pm
yes, go ahead. >> we're being told we're two minutes away from this nypd press conference beginning, 'll bring it to you live as soon as it happens. but meantime, richard, are the authorities telling you why they're asking you to back off so much? >> no, other than to say it's for your own safety. and there's a sort of urgency about the way they're doing it. they have suddenly brought in some very large trucks, some covered trucks, which i frankly have no idea what's underneath. but quite a lot of extra equipment has been brought down seventh avenue and is now staging, there is also more nypd officers at various staging points on 7th avenue. so it does appear, poppy, quite clearly that there is a -- besides the focus of attention on 23rd street, there's now most definitely a focus five blocks north, four or five blocks
8:18 pm
north. >> just so our viewers know, don, the images that we're seeing on the screen are not what richard is describing, they're looking at the 23rd street scene, where that first explosion was, we're not seeing yet what richard is describing. >> just out of precaution, this is all preliminary, we don't know exactly what happened. we do know there was an explosion of some type, according to official people here in the city, they're saying the one thing they can rule out and this is according to them, is a gas explosion, but they have not ruled out anything else, there are some reports that there could possibly be some other devices, as erol has said here, and we will say as much as we can, as possible, we need to proceed with as much caution as possible until those officials step up to that microphone and tell us what exactly it is, we don't know. the president of the united states has been briefed, also both presidential candidates
8:19 pm
have been briefed. it's also important to point out that the president is due here in new york city for a fund-raiser tomorrow night. so they're worried about security. the people who are going to speak, the mayor, mayor de blasio, you see in the center of your screen, the tall gentleman there, also the commissioner james o'neill and also nypd officialings will speak as well. >> and this is the first official day of nypd commissioner bill o'neill. and truly people across the globe will be descending on new york city. >> they're about to step up to the microphones, and this will be the official word as to what they know right now. and there are officially two scenes, one at 28th and one at 23rd. there's bill de blasio. >> i want to go over a couple of key points and you're going to hear from nypd commissioner james o'neil, fire commissioner
8:20 pm
dan nygrove. and we'll hear -- tonight new york city experienced a very serious incident. all elements of our first responders have been a part of the operation here nypd, fdny, office of emergency management, fbi and federal authorities working with us. at this point we can confirm that none of those injured are likely to die. we also want to be upfront saying that there is no evidence at this point of a terror connection to this incident, this is preliminary information, it's something we will be investigating very carefully, but there is no evidence at this point of a terror connection. i also want to affirm that based
8:21 pm
on what we know at this hour, there's no specific connection to the incident in new jersey, it is again too early to say anything definitive on those questions, but there's no specific evidence of a connection at this point. i want to say more broadly, there is no specific and credible threat against new york city at this point in time, from any terror organization. so as we arabe analyzing what happened here, we're doing it against the backdrop that we have no credible and specific threat this morning. but we do want to be very clear, the early indications is this was an intentional act. we're going to have a lot more to say in the coming hours as we have more detailed analysis, but we believe at this time this was an intentional act. i want to assure all new yorkers that the nypd and all other agencies are at full alert and that our anti-terror capacity in
8:22 pm
particular is at full alert, our critical response command and our other key units, our strategic response crew, and other emergency services units are all on the scene and are being vigilant all over the city at this point in time. and we have in this city the most advanced ed anti-terror capacity than any other city in the country. i want to be clear, whatever the cause, whatever the intention here, new yorkers will not be intimidated, we're not going to let anyone change who we are or how we go about our lives, we have the best police force in the country, and another of police agencies, oem, et cetera, making sure we're safe. we are at this point of course tracing every lead and every potential. it's too early to give you any details of the investigation
8:23 pm
because it has just begun over the last few hours. so i want to say up front, we're not going to go into a lot of detail about what we're finding so far in an investigation that will take certainly more hours before we can give you more, but we do want to urge all new yorkers, anyone who may have information related to this incident, anyone who was an eyewitness, the nypd needs that, please reach out if you have any information we can use, call 1-800-577-tips. 1-800-577-tips if you have any pertinent information. ti finally a second site as we speak is being treated by the nypd, it's 27th street between 6th and 7th avenues, there's an investigation under way, and a substantial nypd presence on
8:24 pm
that scene. with that i want to turn it over to commissioner james o'neil. >> thank you, mr. mayor. >> at approximately 8:30 this evening, officers from the 10th precinct were on patrol, driving westbound on west 23rd street d they witnessed a large explosion in front of 131 west 23rd street. the officers immediately called for additional units and ambulances. the fbi and the joint terrorism task force were requested to 1307 respond. as of this time the exact cause of this explosion has not been determined. at this time an extensive search is being conducted. there's an ongoing situation on 27th street right now. the area around the explosion site is being treated as a crime
8:25 pm
scene. as of this time there is no indication to date that -- the exact nature and cause of this explosion has not yet been determined. as of the most recent information, there have been 29 injuries reported, one of these injuries may be considered serious, commissioner nigel will talk about that in a the minutes, the fire department is investigating any possible structural damage as a result of this explosion. and as further information is developed, we whethill provide and give you updates. >> our units heard this actually from their locations and joined the nypd members on the scene, searched the buildings that were affected and as commissioner o'neil said, there were 29
8:26 pm
injuries, one considered serious. 24 of these people have been transported to area hospitals with various degrees of scrapes, abrasions from glass, from metal. thankfully, none of these are life-threatening injuries and the 24 patients that have been removed are not in a serious condition other than the one patient with a puncture. >> thank you very much commissioner. okay, we will take your questions now. >> was there a bomb in a dumpster, mr. mayor? >> again, it's too early to determine specifically what the incident was caused by. we're telling you at this time we believe it was intentional. as soon as we're able to determine what specifically caused this explosion, we will report it to you. >> you said that you don't believe that this was an act of terror. can you elaborate?
8:27 pm
>> i'm going to stay broad on that point. and commissioner o'neil will jump in at any point. because we have no credible and specific threat, because there is nothing specifically linking what we have seen so far of this site to anything that suggests terrorism. but it's preliminary information, we just want to assure new yorkers based on what we know at this moment, this is not linked to terrorism. this is an ongoing investigation. [ inaudible ] . >> too early to say. >> right over here. >> was this explosive device outside on the street or was it inside the dumpster or do we know? >> right now, it appears that the explosion was outside on the street. hold on one second. 6 right now, it appears that the explosion took place outside on the street. and if anybody's got any information they need to call
8:28 pm
1-800-577-tips. hold on. >> you have this on video, what does the surveillance video show you, how does it inform what you're tellings this evening? >> we do have video of the explosion and we're going to use it in our investigation. >> are people allowed back into that building? >> at this point there's no need to evacuate anybody from that building. and we do have traffic, we do have streets is closed from 14th and 32n't street, from 5th to 8 th and that's just for traffic reasons. [ inaudible ] . >> on 27th street? we're still investigating that right now. >> it was an ied? >> we're still investigating. >> you talk about that you have different surveillance video. can you talk about anything talking about [ inaudible ]
8:29 pm
looking at any specifically? >> at this point, we are not. and we are in the process of collecting more video. >> right here. right here. [ inaudible ] >> you're going to have to speak up a little bit. >> you said it was an ied. >> we haven't said that, we said that at this point in the investigation, it wasn't caused by natural gas, and we do think it was an intentional act. this is all part of the investigation. [ inaudible ] >> it's too early to tell in the investigation. this happened about two hours ago. >> is there anyone being arrested on 22nd street? >> right now not that i know of. we're actively investigating the device on 22nd street. >> you said it was some sort of device, what kind of object did
8:30 pm
you see or witness or find? >> we're not going to go into that right now, as i said, we're in the very early stages of the investigation. >> it seems like that would have been outside the area you initially secured, so what's the assessment of the overall area? are these areas clear? >> lester, that's the process, we have the area cleared, we start where the incident happened, we move north, south, east and west, as far as we need to. >> one more question and we'll come back and update you. >> was it a trash can or a dumpster? what actually exploded? >> we're still in the process of trying to figure out where the initial part of the explosion was. >> we'll be back to update you, thank you. we'll be back to update you. >> all right, and there you zborks you just heard from the mayor of new york city, from the
8:31 pm
new police commissioner, poppy a lot coming out of this press conference, the thing that worried most people, at this point they don't believe there was a connection to terror. they said there's no credible threat at this point, they do believe, though, which is important that this was an intentional act of some kind. they have video of it, they're looking for more video. 29 injuries, as opposed to 25 or 26 that we heard earlier. >> and they believe that one of those injuries may be more serious than previously thought. again, not life threatening, but a puncture wound may be more serious. evan perez, our justice correspondent working his sources, joining us now, they're calling this an intentional act, and you heard the mayor say a few times that it is an intentional act but they do not believe that there is a nexxus of terrorism there. and they're not talking specifically about an ied device
8:32 pm
at this point now. >> right, exactly. what was remarkable about that, is the way they were hopscotching a little bit, i understand, it's obvious this is still very early in the investigation, but there was some curious worth choices there, saying it's intentional, but they're not going so far as to calling it a device, which i thought it was an odd things for them to not do. because just a few breaths later, they were talking about investigation into a possible second device. so it may well be, obviously after you have an explosion, not much of a device is found, you have to put together the crime scene to figure out what exactly caused it. in the second instance, maybe they're looking at an actual object, a device. so at this stage, the mayor is i think trying to calm people down. but we don't know what this is.
8:33 pm
but they're not ruling out anything. there's certainly no indication of terrorism, but you can't rule this out after what we have seen today, not only in new jersey, but these 29 injuries from this event. >> right, they did say that there is no, according to the mayor, connection at this hour to finding that pipe bomb inside the trash can in seaside park, new jersey today. james o'neil, the brand-new nypd commissioner, this being his first full day on the job, did say they have the -- do you think that it was the video that led them to believe that it was intentional, what else could tell them that it was intentional unless they saw something else detonating it. >> they can use whatever device that was used. >> there's a lot of possible evidence that they're looking at, including the crime scene
8:34 pm
itself. they're looking at whether or not there might be project tiles, it's early, and we're just talking about what the possibilities are here. but you look at certainly at the pattern that the explosion took and that tells you some things, it also may well be that they are looking at some early video, some of the video as you know in that area of man hat tachb, there's a lot of surveillance cameras and the city has a very good job of being able to tap into all of those to see what is going on in different parts of the city. this is a very well watched city by the nypd. so that's one of the things that may be pointing to what the mayor and the police chief said there, the police commissioner said during that press conference, but at this point, it's really so difficult to sort of ascertain, what even caused this explosion, that apparently was loud enough or big enough that some officers that were at
8:35 pm
the scene and saw the explosion went there immediately. and the fire department said that some of the fire men felt the explosion from a short distance away, so it was large enough, that's one of the reasons why they're trying to figure out what exactly caused it. >> e van, since we're on this vain, i want to bring in our national correspondent, julia, can you go through some of this information with me now, having listened to this press conference, between what the police commissioner, the fire commissioner and the mayor, they're saying that it was an explosive device that was outside, they think it was intentional, but they don't believe it was terror. explain that to us. >> so that may be confusing to many of your viewers, and this is based -- listen, don, i'm always careful with you, this is based on my experience and reading and being in many of
8:36 pm
those press conferences. i do not believe that the new york police department would come out this quickly and with a great degree of certainty saying no suspected terrorism unless they had a pretty good clue of who or some sort of hint or some sort of eyewitness that would suggest it was something but all the things that people fear in new york city and another terrorist attack. they just wouldn't do it. it's a new leader, they don't want to look flat footed. so i take that at facing value from the new york place department, so it means that it was purposeful. the video cameras will likely show movement that close to the dumpster or the area, it takes a while to do forensics on a device, but i always say this in any disaster, you kind of want to wait a few minutes, don't say anything, especially for leadership, don't say anything that gets too far in front. >> we're going to bring you back.
8:37 pm
>> juliette, stay with us, with your expertise, so critical at this hour, but our correspondent jean casaras is right on the scene there. we're now seeing this detail from the nypd's counter terrorism bureau, noting the 29 injuries reported, now saying for the first time, one of those injuries may be critical, saying we remain on the scene, what else do you know? >> reporter: we heard at the press conference they said it was very, very serious, but right here on 23rd street rye now, mayor bill de blasio started out by saying we have had a very serious incident tonight in new york city. and it is about one block away from me right now. this is an active crime scene, what you're looking at, one block away, and this is where the dumpster, the reciprocal is, that the explosion took place outside of it. they are now confirming. but they are processing the
8:38 pm
scene right now, they did confirm minutes ago that they have gotten video at that moment in time when that explosion took place, they are currently collecting more video. they are asking anyone that has any information, video or being an eyewitness, they would not go so far as to say if there was a device involved, but that there was an explosion, they do say that they will continue to give updates through the night as they see exactly what it is that they can report. but it is an active crime scene, they did say they believed it was intentional. an intentional act, they do not believe at this point that there is any correlation at all with terrorism. no link, no threat to new york city, but they did confirm, that just blocks from here, 27th, they are investigating another situation, would not say exactly what was that was, does not
8:39 pm
appear an explosion went off, but all forces are in that area right now. but as we are standing right in the area, one block away from where this happened, it is an active crime scene, there are many people still out tonight, new york city, saturday night, people on the street corner, they can't get beyond the police tape, but they're not leaving to go about their business, they're standing here and they're waiting as are all the emergency vehicles tonight and there are many out here. >> so don lemon, as you heard from poppy harlow, we have just heard from bill de blasio, the new nypd police commissioner, bill o'neill. and i believe the mayor said 131, poppy, west 23rd street. this is what they told us, the mayor said there's no evidence of a terror connection at this
8:40 pm
point, because there is no link to a credible threat. he also said there's no known link to a similar incident, one that was in new jersey earlier, at the shore, at a marathon. they also are saying that this was definitely an intentional act, but the exact cause of the blast has not been determined. and they say the area is being treated as a crime scene, poppy. >> we have also learned, and this is important, in the last half an hour or so, that a second site, just four blocks away from this is also being investigated now, the investigation still under way at 27th street between 6th and 7th avenue. the nypd, all of the other first responders and those agencies are at full alert, that includes the nypd's anti-terrorism division, even though they say there's no nexxus to terrorism at this time. we do have an update of injuries
8:41 pm
at this hour. we do know that 29 people were injured in this blast just a few hours ago, on a busy saturday night. one of those people we're learning may be in serious, possibly even critical condition. there of the injured taken to area hospitals, bellevue hospital on the east side of manhattan, minor cuts, scrapes, et cetera, but at least one in what appears to be critical condition. >> especially since there is a second scene, poppy, that we got confirmation from officials, that if there is indeed a second scene, it could be that they know who the culprits are. and it doesn't mean that there's another explosive device, we don't know, we don't want to speculate, keep the speculation to a minimum here. as poppy and i referenced earlier, the president has been updated about this situation, and both presidential
8:42 pm
candidates, we know donald trump wassprings, he told a crowd that an explosion happened in new york city, and that we have to get better about it. and hillary clinton spokes to the press on her plane, and this was just moments ago. hire it is. >> i've been briefed about the bombings in new york and new jersey and the attack in minnesota. obviously we need to do everything we can to support our first responders, also to pray for the victims. we have to let this investigation unfold, we have been in touch with various officials including is mayor's office in new york. what they are discovering as they conduct this investigation and i'll more to say about it when we actually know some facts. >> do you have any reaction to the fact that donald trump immediately upon taking the stage tonight called the
8:43 pm
explosion in new york a bomb? >> i think it's important to know the facts about any incident like this, that's why it's critical to support the first responders, the investigators who are looking into it, trying to determine what did happen. i think it's always wiser to wait until you have information before making conclusions, because we are just in the beginning stages of trying to determine what happened. >> any concerns about what this might mean for the state of the race? >> i'm just concerned about any kind of incident that happens anywhere in our country and i think we should again withhold judgment until we know more about what happened with the likely motivation might have been.
8:44 pm
obviously do everything we can to determine who was behind these incidents. i don't think it's time to think about -- >> do you think obama talked about this? >> no, it was not raised in any very short conversation. >> do you think he's more coordinated in any way? >> i do not know and i don't think it would be appropriate to speculate until we do know let's try to figure out as much as we can by having the experts, the professionals go through this, try to determine what you have to in order to trace it back and then see who's behind it. thank you all. >> thank you. >> that was moments ago, hillary clinton speaking to the press on her plane, you can see that was white plains new york, a suburb
8:45 pm
of new york city, but two very different responses here, hillary clinton urging caution, saying we don't know even if the two were connected, and that may be before the press conference because they're saying they don't believe new jersey and new york are connected at this point. and she was account about the donald trump response. >> donald trump made a statement very early on, shortly after the reports of this explosion, we want to play that for you now. >> i must tell you that just before i got off the plane, a bomb went off in new york and nobody knows exactly what's going on. but, boy, we are living in a time, we better get very tough, folks, we better get very, very tough. >> donald trump speaking earlier tonight in colorado springs, colorado, don lemon and i are with you covering this breaking news, 29 injured, one possibly
8:46 pm
critical, erol lewis is with us, you cover new york city. and you happen to be based right there. your responses. >> the contrast of the responses, so do you think were they similar? were they different? >> i read hillary clinton is trying to be sort of calm, show an air of command, an air of not wanting to jump to conclusions, knowing, i think as she durksz because she's been in the limelight for so long that she's talking to millions and possibly tens of millions of people. and she knows what i have seen on social media, as i'm sure what you've seen between as we're doing is work here, that's rumors flying all over the place, that there's coordinated terror attacks, there's this, there's that, it's so important not to let those rumors fly, so
8:47 pm
important not to feed into the hyster hysteria, this is a well contained, thank god so far, there's been no loss of life. but you change the facts a little bit, this is how we end up in wars, this is how we end up making serious and grave mistakes, one statement from the police commissioner, he said one of the first responders was the joint terrorism task force. this is the government working, we pay all these taxes, the fbi, local authorities, other federal agencies they all work together. they happen to be based in chelsea and they responded. so when they say it's an intentional act, but there's no terrorist connection, it's not just some politician, it's not the mayor just mouthing off. these are the top intelligence officials that we have available to us who have proved themselves over and over again. i think hillary clinton is aware of that and that's what i took sort of from her tone, that she
8:48 pm
understands it's a big apparatus that has to be allowed to do its work before the politicians really step in. >> you're looking at live images, aerial images at the scene of an explosion in new york city in a very busy saturday night, at the chelsea neighborhood, on the intersection of 23rd and 6th avenue. don lemon and i are here covering it all for you, we just heard from mayor de blasio, he said that 29 are injured, there is no specific connection to that earlier pipe bomb explosion in new jersey. there's no evidence of a terror connection, but they're still calling it sbechxal. >> and as julia, our national security analyst has been saying, there is a distinction here for the viewer, for lay people like us, it may be a bit
8:49 pm
confusion iing saying it's intentional but not terrorism. and everyone i'm hear from is saying in this particular situation, what the nypd needs, what the officials need is they need space to deal with it. and it's best to be more cautious about your comments and what's happening than to go and assume what something is and it may not be that. >> and they need space to do this investigation, that would speak to the fact that they have told people to clear out of 27th street, to a secondary location, where they believe there could possibly be a secondary device, they're investigating that area. >> so we're going to continue to move on here, we're going to be live here in new york city as long as it takes, but we don't believe now that there's any connection to terror, but they did not rule it out completely. but let's give them a chance to investigated. i'm going to go over what the police commissioner said, what the fire commission never stayed and what the mayor said, he said
8:50 pm
the nypd is on full alert. there is no connection to the explosion that happened in new jersey. no credible threat. they do however believe there was an intentional act. if you were in this area, if you know anything, they also ask you to call this number, 1-800-577-tips. they also said besides this explosion, which also happened. >> there's also a second scene, 27th street between 6th and 7th avenues. that street is being closed off. we don't know why they're there, if it's second device or culprits are there. no ideament don't want to speculate. james o'neill said the explosion happened at about 8:30. the tenth precinct got a call and joint terrorism task force.
8:51 pm
29 injuries right now. one serious because of a puncture wound and adding to that. saying that they do have video showing the explosion which will help and in the process of collecting video. >> great that they have video already and pouring through this. so many eyes in the sky in new york. video cameras everyone. >> and in people's hands and pocket. >> that's what they're asking for, anyone close to the scene asking that you call that number, 1-800-577-tips and give them any information that you have. they do thinks this intentional and not saying who they believe carried it out. >> rachel crane is outside bellevue where some of the injured were taken. you didn't see them coming in
8:52 pm
and i don't know if changed right now. but may see family members and friends and emergency vehicles showing up. what is the situation? >> reporter: outside of bellevue is a heightened security presence. steady stream of ambulances coming in and each checked by armed guards. spoke to an individual in the er at the time of the explosion. he said suddenly the emergency room had over 30 officers inside. told his treatment would take longer because a situation had come up. he also said he saw two young women speaking to fbi agent and also a police officer. one of those women had a cut over her eye but neither one of the injuries seemed serious. very much a heightened security presence outside of bellevue, seen a steady streechl officers coming here to the scene. >> thank you very much.
8:53 pm
get back to rachel crane outside of bellevue hospital where many of the injured were taken. >> and get tom fuentes's perspective. former assistant director of the fbi. tom what do you make of the fact that mayor de blazio said there's no evidence of a terror connection it at this point but early indications are it was intentional. what tells them it's intentional and not terrorism. >> poppy, i have no idea. i've been a special agent in charge, run two joint terrorism task forces. what you have someone deliberately commit an act that results in 25 people being injured. unless it was accident that person was carrying something zanks and accidentally detonated. intentional is terrorism in my
8:54 pm
book. i don't know why administering words. they can but doesn't make sense to me to be honest. >> interesting. >> also said they believe there's no connection to the incident in new jersey. earlier this morning a pipe bomb went off in a trash can in seaside park, new jersey and on a timer set to detonate when racers were to run by that area. started late and didn't injure anyone. they said already no connection to that. how would that know that so quickly. >> well whatever caused the explosion, mysterious device that exploded and hurt the people must have been enough different from what caused the new jersey to say it's two different devices or events. i don't know what could explode at hand of a man or woman that causes all these injuries.
8:55 pm
if not explosive device how it can't be deliberate act. fact they didn't know of a talent beforehand is irrelevant. a lot of crimes happen and nobody knew until it happened that it happened. fact we didn't have advance warning in orlando or san bernardino didn't mean you couldn't say it wasn't terrorism. didn't know about the threat before it happened. i don't understand this argument, confuses me. if somebody else understands it, congratulations but i think they're playing word games. >> these are live pictures now. some of the injured, they have inside of this ambulance and emergency and rescue vehicle. live pictures coming in from affiliate wabc help us out as well as new york 1. appreciate the help. bring in juliet.
8:56 pm
we've been talking about as we look at pictures here, poppy specifically asked tom fuentes, how would they know it's not connected. looking at components of the device, components that survived the explosion and if they are the same would make an assessment they're connected. if not assume they're not connected. correct? >> that's exactly right. also don't know what kind of eyewitness or photo information they have. we don't even know -- we're using the word device, we don't even know what the device is, there's been no disclosure. specifically is it a hand-made pipe bomb, similar to military style ied? these things haven't been disclosed and don't know if device is the right word to be
8:57 pm
using at this stage. i heard what tom was saying and experts disagree, that's fair. i would find is it so surprising that a new police chief first day come out and say this is not related to terrorism from the get-go. to kaumt stiff course. to admit it wassin tenl. unless they have idea of some person in charge of it. if it ends up terrorism, the story is new police chief and nypd were flat-footed. why say that? they must have more evidence. >> re were parsing words. when we hear terror we think of international terror. could they mean it's not organized terror group like al qaeda or iesz or some conspiracy but a lone wolf in this act? >> absolutely. the lone wolf is animated by
8:58 pm
known or unknown terrorist organization, call it terrorism. if you're asking me has terrorism in our minds become equated with islamic terrorism or lone wolf isis affiliated, the answer is yes. we can parse words and we certainly do. but i interpret the nypd to say that they have no information that this is tied to the isis inspired islamic terrorism. they would not have been that direct in their language. are there other types of terrorism that existed well before 9/11 and have existed after? absolutely. white supremacy, antigovernment terrorism, 1995 oak oklahoma attacks, absolutely and it's a great point you're making that we talk in code. we're all guilty of it but i think the nypd came out strongly
8:59 pm
to say we don't believe it's isis lone wolf type. if i could just add one more thing, people wonder, earl saying from new york one, saying this government working. people wonder what tax pair money goes to in terms of supporting law enforcement and first responders, what we're seeing at hospitals is surge capacity. what we invest in first responders so that they save lives. it's remarkable to see, reminds us that's what we're depend on the but also what they train for every day. doing their jobs. >> juliet is our national security analyst, continuing with us now. >> a lot more ahead. getting close to midnight here in new york city, i'm don lemon. >> and i'm poppy harlow. an explosion has taken place in
9:00 pm
chelsea neighborhood of manhattan in busy saturday night. hearing 29 people injured in the explosion that occurred around 8:40 p.m. eastern time. three hours ago. one of the injured in serious possibly critical condition. 24 with more minor injuries taken to area hospitals. cause of the blast not known but they are calling it intentional. >> they are calling it intentional according to top city officials who held a press conference a short time ago. one included the new police commissioner on the job today for the first time, james o'neill for outgoing bill bratten who retired on friday. held a process conference and heard from the mayor who said there is no evidence as of now