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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  September 18, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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was. thank you very much. >> we'll take a few questions and i will defer some to the lead investigator on this case. lieutenant eller. so, feel free if you have -- defer to -- >> all right, sorry. we lost that signal out of st. cloud, minnesota, but you heard there, this press conference unfolding, describing that there are now nine victims stabbing victims when this man who they are not yet ready to reveal the identity of, walked into a shopping mall in st. cloud and starting stabbing people. nine victims in all. two women, ages 15 and 50. seven men ranging in ages of 20 and 53. there was no elaboration from authorities there as to the
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security, private security firm, uniform, that was earlier reported, that this -- stabber was wearing, but we know that investigatoror have said they found the vehicle parked in shopping mall. they have looked through it and they have search warrants for at least one address. let's talk more about this with my returning panel. evan perez is joining us out of washington, d.c. art roderick, matthew horace and paul crook shank with with me now. so, we heard from investigators that it's quite clear this off duty police officer really preventeded, the or saved the live of many by unloading on this stabber. he walked around and stabbed nine people. what more needs to be determine nd this investigation in order to figure out the motivation behind this aatlanta. >> i think the chief mentioned
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they had done a couple of search warrants and there are many more to come. they're going to be checking social media. to see how the suspect was community kating with and what they were planning. in the most recent case, we've reviewed cell phone record, twitter, other social media and seems like they usually leave a path on social media. so that will the first thing they're focused on today. >> no further comment, paul, on isis claiming this man was a soldier of the islamic state. obviously, investigators are going to look further into that, but how will they be able to determine whether he was a lone wolf so to speak, whether indeed he was trained, directed by isis, why isis would want to take credit this. >> their going first of all look, is he radicalized. a network of radical contacts. we've heard about they'll be going through all the social media history, but the isis affiliated news agency just in the past few hours climbing that
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he was a soldier of the islamic state answering their call for followers in the west to launch attacks and just recently, one of their top xanders instructed followers to stay home, rather than to travel to syria and iraq, but isis offering no proof that he was following their orders. they may be just opportunistic here, seizing on early media reports, that he said alla, asked the religion whether, muslim, some of his victims, or it might be they have some information that he reached out the tho them before, giving thee claim he was inspired by them, but isis are not saying he was recruited in syria and iraq and sent back. got this make this clear. they're just saying that he was inspired by their cause. >> okay. and art, what are you hearing in this press conference that e
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liss isits more information to we're going to take you back to st. cloud there because they're now taking some questions. let's listen in. >> potential loss of life through -- >> in that video, what i've seen in that video is the suspect is entering with carrying a knife into the macy's and that's where the video i had an opportunity to see last night. clearly, he has a knife in hand. we can certainly see the officer when he came in, clearly and from what witnesses say, you can't hear the audio in video, but what i've heard from witnesses, he identified himself as a persolice officer. you can see him going down by command and then immediately lunging towards the officer.
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i'm a layperson to laurmt, but witnessing what may have been 20 feet beyond covered in les than two seconds with the knife. you saw hlunge at the police officer. the officer fired a few rounds, you see him fall and get back up. again, fired upon, you see him fall. you see him get back up. prz three times. even after that, to the point where he was still attempting to get back up again within officer, fatal blow. then you also see our officer entering the scene. definitely a knife. i would from vantage point, something sort of a kitchen time knife. certainly, the type of knife
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that created an injury on nine individuals, but didn't matter what the size of it. that was dangerous and caused a significant amount of injury. >> i'm watch ago video so, what i see is looks like 20 feet from the lunge and each one getting closer. to the point where the officer was to the point of falling backwards. if not, there's clearly, clearly, the officer's life was clearly in danger and to me in watchinging it, it looks like a training video for law enforcement. what law enforcement should do. he made a decision. if not there, it would have been much worse. my understanding, he does. >> couple more question, folk, then at the conclusion of this,
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briefing, we will continue to disseminate information is old fashioned way, via our media releases. if there's a need to convene again, we'll give you an principle time to get here. not to my knowledge. >> the video shows what the mayor said. wielding a knife. closed the distance on that officer in the blink of an eye. we have had minor contact i believe we had three in house contacts with this individual. nothing more serious than traffic violations thus far. how long this individual has
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lived in st. cloud, i don't know that yet. i'll defer that to the fbi. >> so, at this early stage in the investigation, i'm not going to comment. part of our process is searching the entire repository of databases on what we know b about something, to include immigration records if they're applicable. terrorism watch records. our own internal databases. that's an ongoing process, just takes time to put together a definitive package on this, so i don't want to comment are prematurely. >> a certain amount of o irony
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given what else happened yesterday, again, we e don't know there's any nexus between these events, but that's a good start right there. one more question, you guys. >> what was the age of the -- >> not releasing any about the suspect right now. we're deferring to the medical examiner on that. >> yesterday's comments about what the suspect may have said ain relation to alaa and the relation to asking people if they were possibly muslim. can you -- >> that's all i know right now. i suspect i'll get another briefing after we're done here. what i said yesterday is all i know. for right now. there was at least one victim asked if they were muslim and beyond that, i don't have any more information on that. right now. >> to our knowledge, the suspect was not an employee of the mall.
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suspect did have on a private security uniform and again, we're in the process of figuring out if the suspect was an employee of private security firm, former employee or what. >> i just want to again reiterate the response and thank not only the st. cloud pd, the fbi. the bca. our st. cloud fire department. the ambulance, emts and folks that came to a tremendously rapid response. >> once again, just lost that signal out of st. cloud, minnesota, we're not hearing a name, the eyedty of this now dead suspect, someone who
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stabbed nine people at a shopping mall. we did hear more from tism of t duty police officer who helped prevent more serious injury of the people there. he was described by the police chief and mayor there, he saw this suspect stabbing victims in the shopping mall. he identified himself as a police officer. and then that suspect lunged at him and the mayor descried that three times, even after being shot by the off duty police officer, that suspect lunge at him, tried to get back up and that he was using ng the words of the mayor there, it appeared to be a kitchen knife. let me bring back the panel there to talk about what tran pyred in st. cloud minnesota. evan in washington, d.c. art, matthew horace, shimone and
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paul, welcome back to all of you. so, r art, to you first. because the mayor said it seted insignificant, perhaps not important about the specificity of the knife, but perhaps learning more about the knife, the weapon used here, might be able to tell more about the sequence of events leading up to this. what other kinds of information will investigators try to learn about this suspect? >> where was he employeed a was he a security guard? i think bob had mentioned earlier, too, that this tactic, this stabbing tactic, was used in the middle east quite a bit and in europe. where they couldn't get to handgun or or or tan webs so, they go to a knife. where did the iknife come from? i think who has the he associated with, his family members. i think matt had mentioned something about the social media aspect, which is key to
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determine federal government he's been in touch with over the internet, but looking at websites for inspiration. or what were his associates there in st. cloud, minnesota. is he from the area there? how long has he lived there. luckily enough because officer faulkner's action, they can go back and take their time and peace this together because you don't have a threat here because hiss heroic actions. >> this off duty officer, he's a part time officer in avon. a former police chief of the albany police force and you heard the mayor there say he prevented loss of life. pretty extraordinary instinct and training kicking in. the mayor saying this should be training video used here. so, incredible policing on the part of this part time police officer. what more are you hoping to you know, hear about the suspect, the motivation, what the
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inspiration, especially after isis claiming some responsibility that he's a soldier of isis. >> the next several days, they're working to validate this information. i think this was an incredible act law enforcement bravery. what we're trained to do, engage that suspect. he saved lives by his quik action. amazinging. >> paul. >> i just imagine this perpetrator had a gun. we could have been talking about an orlando sort of sized event. law enforcement has been scared about this kind of scenario. a shopping mall in middle america. that's an attack on the every day life of a lot of people here. this the united states. it's not clear at this point of the motivation. whether this guy was motivated somehow by some kind of islamist ideology or some different ideology or there's another set of explanations linked to mental health or so on at the
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authorities have not revealeded much at this point. zpl the chief only really touching on the earlier reports that this suspect asked if you're a christian or muslim. to at least one of the victims and even in the name of alla stapfing one of the victims. >> we've seen that in terrorist attacks from other groups. in africa. in the middle east. before. what they've try ied to single out, nonmuslims and actually separated them out. that remains to be seen if he was motivated by islams. the report are kind of going in that direction. >> okay. >> from a law enforcement perspective though, we really don't care what the motivation is. when things come down to that level of violence, we're going to take action and do it swiftly and that's what you saw happen here. >> so, we're quoing to continue our conversation a moment, we also want to talk about the
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commonality or lack there of, whether this is purely coincidence, to be investigate ng miljanic-petrov -- we're going to come back and have discussion about all of those things.
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welcome back. we're following two major breaking news stories today. you just saw the press conference out of st. cloud, minnesota, where authorities are talking about now a dead suspect, someone who unleashed terror in a shopping mall, stabbing nine people before being taken out by an off duty police officer and of course o,
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investigations going on in the chelsea community of new york city where a a explosive device went off injurying 29 people and then an unexploded pressure cooker located just blocks away and then a third start we're or follow ng new jersey, which is a devices that were located there on the weekend of what would have been a 5k run. let's talk about these things first to st. cloud. nick is vol fol lowing that. and nick, it was clear that investigators wanted to spend less time on the suspect and more on the heroics of the off duty police officer. woint reveal the identity of the suspect, but he has been taken out. >> we've reached out to mr. faulkner to get comment, but have been unable to get in touch with him, but phenomenal details provided that mr. faulkner, this officer who was off duty but at
11:21 am
mall, engaging this suspect, shooting him multiple times. getting up three times before being shot dead. this suspect now, the online media wing of isis called -- has claimed responsibility. so far cnn has been unable to awe authenticate this claim, but it follows a -- claiming responsibility for individuals inspired by isis. just a short time ago, the special agent in charge there, rick thornton, saying this act is being investigated as a potential act of terrorism. however, they are unsure if this suspect had any communication with the terror group. they did mention they've executed at least two search warrants at one residents of this individual. his car also found in the parking lot impounded. there does not seem to be a threat to the community there, but they did mention william
11:22 am
anderson, the local police chief there, an irony that this happened on the same day of explosions in new york as well as new jersey, we know from our shimone, that vest garretts are looking at clues there in new jersey and new york for similarities, perhaps if there's any coincidences. also brought up at this press conference to see if there's any connection on what happened yesterday on what turned out to be horrific tragic night that could have been a lot worse. >> keep us posted on the investigation in st. cloud, minnesota. let's talk about now, what cnn is reporting as similarities between these explosions on the left, you're seeing in chelsea, this is the dumpster at west 23rd and 6th avenue. it caused significant damage there and injured 29 people. all of whom have been released from the hospital. then to your right, you're seeing the remnants, the damage caused by another explosive device in seaside, new jersey,
11:23 am
over the weekend. about the time when a 5k run was supposed to take place there. i've got the panel back with me. you've seen them all afternoon long. we're talking about through your sources, that you're learning there are similarities investigators are looking at between what happened in energy and in new york. >> right. let's go through those. first of all, the cell phone, which was the detonator used in the devices in new jersey. three of them. only one went off. it was an older model type cell phone and we're told it's a very similar type of brand of cell phone. was also found in the two incidents in new york. the bomb that did go off on 23rd street, as well as the pressure cooker device found on 27th
11:24 am
street. we know that the authorities have establish that had the 27th street device did not explode. the one found on the street was a device that could have killed people. it was a real bok. it was something still up in the air last night. so, we know that these devices, the type of detonator was using a cell phone as some type of an alarm r or a timing device, so there wasn't any phone call to detonate. this wasn't set off by making a phone call as perhaps some might assume. if you're talking about a cell phone instead, it was simply a timing device. there's recipes that have this type of device, we've learned from talking to sources that the
11:25 am
found o use of black powder. that's a very common ingredient. you can buy at any hard wear store, at wall mrt, around the country. a very common type of explosive device that you can use, make at home. clearly, there was some expertise here. because a couple of these were able to go off and hurt people in new york, but some did not go off. so perhaps whoever was behind this, if there were multiple people here behind these things, there were some just limited expertise in putting them together. >> and while there are similarities underscored by the cell phones, there are great difference in these devices, but how might that further complicate things for investigator sns. >> well, i think what's, it com complicates them because they can't find a direction link. no one has told us there's
11:26 am
direct link. certainly, it's raised some suspicious among investigators, why would you have a similar phone on these three devices. so that's what they're focusing on right now. the material in the bombs on 23rd street and 27th street. doesn't necessarily match what's in new jersey, so that's different. the cell phone is the key. that's about the only thing that links these devices. right now, they're going to run through systems now to find out where some of this material was purchased. that's what's going on now. >> do you see significance in these similarities and difference? new jersey and new york? sfwl to me, the difference means tl maybe more than one individual that creates a more scarier scenario, but i think from an investigate, purely an investigative standpoint, you have to assume there's some connection and law enforcement
11:27 am
will gather evidence to show there's not a connection but that there is a connection. if you do it the other way around and look at these two incidents in a vacuum, you could miss some information here, so you've got the jttf in new york city. the jttf in new jersey working together and i believe they're coordinating with the jttf in minnesota to see if there's a connection. >> woer going continue this conversation. going to take a short break. we'll be back with coverage. first there's shaving. blades. sharp and precise. then gillette shielding. comfy lubrication before and after. and also cooling. oooh... got goosebumps. gillette proshield chill. with lubrication before and after the blades. shields and cools while you shave. proshield chill from gillette. the best a man can get.
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welcome back. we're on top of a couple of breaking stories today. nine people stabbed at shopping mall in st. cloud, minnesota. the fbi is investigating the incident as a potential act of terrorism. isis now claiming the ait can was carried out by a quote soldier of the islamic state. the suspect was shot dead by an off duty police officer and police now saying they have found similarities between the device that explode d in new yok city last night and the one that exploded in seaside park, new jersey, before a marine corps 5k charity run, however, it's not been conclude that had the incidents are connected.
11:32 am
jessica schneider is following all of that for us. jessica? >> this investigation very wide ranging. you can see a flurry of activity behind me as police vehicles come in and out of what was a crime scene. we're at west 23rd street where the explosion went off at 8:p30. the commissioner saying one of the key components is video. james o'neill saying that they have obtained surveillance video from all around this area from the two distinct crime scenes, where the unexploded pressure cooker was found. the commissioner saying they are looked at the video and we've gotten a look as well. this is a very busy business district with bars, restaurant, businesses, a lot of them. most having surveillance cameras so, what we've seen, we see moments when the explosion went off, you see the burst of light
11:33 am
from the explosion. you also see the reaction from the people on the street here. this happened at 8:30 on a saturday night. this is a very busy district. a lot of people live here. they come here for entertainment. there's clubs and restaurants and bars. you can see from inside one of the businesses, the shattered glass of o windows and doors and then startled and disturbed and upset reaction from the people who are on the street, on west 23rd right here. as they scatter and move to get out of the way. to flee this explosion site. so now, investigators are looking at this video, piecing it together. they're asking witnesses for additional video as well and we're learning one of those videos that they got a hold of does feature an individual in the general area of this explosion. investigators are trying to figure out if the individual is associated with this explosion,
11:34 am
trying to identify this individual as well. the other key component in addition to the video is also forensics. the state police have also taken the remnants of explosive device. also, that unexploded pressure cooker state police are k looing at that, the bomb squad is looking at that, but it's also being looked at in quantico, virginia, so many different agen agencies. the fbi field office here in new york saying this crime scene will be as such until well into this evening. these street in the chelsea neighborhood will be locked down for some time today. governor cuomo was here eaearli said the subways should be
11:35 am
running tomorrow. he also stresses he'll be deploying 1000 guard members into the subway terminal, bus terminals and at the airport, so obviously a wide ranging investigation. with a lot of precautions. >> thank you so much. we'll check back with you. let me bring back our panel now. we've got evan perez, art, matthew, shimone and paul. we have talked about the reported similarities from shimone and evan's reportinging. similarities of cell phones within these devices, but there are a lot of differences in the devices in new jersey and new york, so matthew, we're talking about some of the components of the substances, substances, things seem like they're very different and we're talking about pressure cooker versus another device. >> number one, black powder,
11:36 am
commonly used in the use of pipe bombs. first responders are people witnessing incidents, they may see we saw a chit white cloud of smoex when the explosion occ occurred. investigators know black powder may have been used. the pressure cooker has been september lab. they can determine what type of explosion was used. the other thing is the fragments from the pipe bomb that exploded and the ones that exploded in new york will be examined to try to determine what type of explosives is on the inside of those pieces and they'll pull this together fairly quickly for us. >> are these all things that can be homemade, which would make it that much more difficult to trace? the components, the purchase of these components to find the suspects?
11:37 am
. >> weapons or nigs, the key part here that i find interesting when you look at these events is that we had a good combination of police work, luck and maybe incompetence on the part of the bombmakers either replace m of the bombs or thinking there would be a syrup thetic explosion with the device in energy, where only one of the pipe bombs went off, the other two didn't. that's key. those other two were attacked. that's another key part, as well as the other device that didn't go off up in new york city. so you've got great police work, a little bit of luck and maybe incompetence on the bomb maker's part, all coming together to really make this an event where we could have had a lot of fatalities and did not. >> there may with a think thag because devices are so dimpbts, they can't be from the same group of influence s. that really the case?
11:38 am
>> i would say i don't think anyone really knows. i think some folks who we've talked so, we just don't know. that's probably the best thing to do now. some are saying this could go on for weeks. >> a very busy week in new york. meet thg week and now, this. >> they're adding extra, extra layers and subways all over the city. a lot of it is to make people feel safe, too. and there's going to be a lot of work. i'm just sort of looking at 23rd street and where the blast occurred in chelsea.
11:39 am
it's hard to believe that they have not found any good u surveillance video to see who did this. it's crazy to think that, but that's where we are now. just don't have any good leads of who was behind this. there's a lot of work. >> and paul, you've got three, three pivotal incidents happening this weekend. minnesota, we heard the investigate ors there. the suspect, they're looking further into them. isis claiming responsibility, calling him a soldier. it's silent. as it pertains to what took place in new jersey and new york, does that say anything, indicate anything to you? >> maybe. incidents in new jersey, in new york. they would love to claim some kind of ownership before world leaders come to new york. so far, they have put off no
11:40 am
prior statement at all suggests they say the individual was radicalized. that may change in the hours ahead. but if they had any inkling that this guy was doing it in their name, i think we would have had a statement out them already. every hour that goes past and there's tho claim from a dproup like isis, will tell us something. >> got a lot going on. wee going to continue our conversation. we'll have a break right now and be right back. now that fedex has helped us simplify our e-commerce, we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment.
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11:44 am
ran out. the whole city was in the street. never seen so many cops drive the wrong way. fire truck, undercover cops, cops driving the wrong way aggressively. up 7th avenue. closed everything down. people smelled smoke. first, they thought it was a building collapse. then we heard it was an ied and everything else, but the whole neighborhood shut down. >> i was driving a car and next thing you know, i felt an explosion. and the car just tilted oaf. halfway. came back down. and what happened was i just blackeded out from the next thing you know, i'm in the an ambulance. >> i just heard the loud explosion. shook the walls of my parm. so i knew in that moment that it was abnormal. this is not something youn, this was not right. something was terribly wrong and at that moment, i looked at out my window. just to see if i could see anything. there were other neighbors
11:45 am
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a diplomatic fire storm has erupted a after u.s.-led coalition air strikes killed an wounded dozens of syrian soldiers. it prompted russia to call an emergency meeting of the uchl n. security counsel last night. the u.s. is expressing regret over the incident. central command says they were after isis targets at the time. cnn's global affairs correspondent joining me now. so, elise, you had an exclusive interview with the secretary of state, john kerry. what is he saying about this and
11:50 am
the dip k showdown that's followed? >> well, fred, said that the u.s. clearly regrets what is happening, but it was kind of a cynical plot by the russians to call this meeting when in fact, they've been aiding the syrian regime and bombing the syrian people for the last several years an the u.s. has not gone to the security counsel in terms of that. i asked secretary kerry about whether this would jeopardize the cease fire just put in place last week. that he negotiated with lavrov in geneva. >> biggest judgment they need to make is to stop assad from bombing people indes krim nantly. if you are serious about having cease fire, they should keep assad from flying and prove their sincerity about a cease fire, but to allow asaturday, he
11:51 am
doesn't want a cease fire, so allow him to continue to go after opposition friending they are news ra is in and of knitse a huge challenge tho effort. so e call on russia, stop the grand stand, show boating and get the assistance going. it is sunday morning. this started the past week and the assistance is supposed to be flowing. the e regime once blocking it. so, russia's client, russia's supported friend is the blockade to the ability to move forward here. and the opposition feels threatened because the bombs continue. assad said he would live by it. then hes to stop and let the giant lemations center get set
11:52 am
up so russia and the united states can coordinate in order to avoid the kind of terrible thing which happened yesterday wh which ch we acknowledge and regret. >> so, there you have secretary kerry saying the u.s. regrets the incident, but put the o onu on russia. so it remains unclear, the cease fire was put in a week ago. we're supposed to start working jointly on targeting nusra and isis and other group, but because no aid has gone through, which is really a condition on this agreement, it remains to be scene when the u.s. is starting to work with russia. secretary kerr y told me they ae not ready yet. >> so, what is the feeling this point about the stability and any assurances of this cease
11:53 am
fire? zwl well, i asked secretary kerry, you said you wanted seven k days of quiet. haven't had one. no aid is getting through. how much longer are you going to let this go on? is the u.s. going to keep knocking its head against the wall. he doesn't seem to be ready to pull the plug yet. he said all of the other options are very ugly. the cease fire may not be perfect, but it's really the, there is no alternative to trying to work with the russians to stop the violence on the ground because clearly, the u.s. is not interesteded. the president has kind of said he is not going to launch any military actions so u.s. really has no choice but to try and reduce the violence as much they can. >> thank you so much. straight ahead, that new york blast and of course, the ongoing investigation in minnesota. we'll have more on that straight ahead.
11:54 am
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we're back, trying to piece clues to the explosion on west 23rd street and a dumpster in lower manhattan, the chelsea area, injuring 29 people and also a pipe bomb explosion in a garbage can in seaside park, new jersey. reporting from evan perez and shimone, saying that investigator rs telling them there are some similarities between those two ploegss as it pertains to cell phones being used as detonators. how does this further complicate or compliment an investigation of this caliber. >> i think it complicates and compliments the effort as
11:59 am
security prak tigs ner, we know what we have to do to prepare for the known. these things that happen like what happened over the last 24 hour rs the unknowns, making sure that people were on point and ready for anything. >> when ever there's been an incident of this caliber, vest garretts are able to get to the bottom of who's responsible. >> one of the things i'm most proud of to haved in federal service and law enforcement, one incident we haven't solved. when you bring the best of the best to the table, the atf, fbi, tremendous assets. state and local bomb squads, we will determine what happened here. >> thanks so much. much more from you and other experts coming up. next hour starts right now. this is cnn breaki ining ne. >> thank you so much for joining
12:00 pm
me. we're on top of major breaking news stories today. nine people stabbed at a shopping mall in st. cloud, minnesota. we heard from the fbi, they're investigating the incident as a potential act of terrorism. isis now claiming the attack was carried out by a quote, solgs of t islamic state. police say they have found similarities between the bomb that went off in new york city and the one in seaside park, new jersey. however, they have not concluded that the incidents are connected according to sources talking to our journalists here. our expert rs following these stories. i want to start with deb fayerick as she is at the sustain of the york bombing. what more are you learn something. >> the two big questions are who and why.


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