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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  September 18, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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same day this weekend before a marine corps charity 5k run. the investigators have not concluded the events in new york and new jersey are connected. more on the breaking news out of new york, i'll bring in cnn's deb feyerick. what more have you learned? >> one thing we can identify is the second device on 27th street, that had a cell phone attached to it. what that suggests according to experts is that there was a higher level of sophistication in order to make that device. the bomb squad has been handling it all afternoon because that device, because it didn't explode, could have additional clues. a fingerprint. a piece of hair. some other sort of dna that can help identify who was responsible for that device. it's unclear whether that person and the person who planted the device here on 23rd street, just behind me, whether they are one and the same. all of that right now under investigation. i walked by there a little while
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ago, and you've got teams of forensic investigators from the fbi and nypd. they're looking at everyshrapne. trying to identify if any of it is from the device or whether it was collateral from the impact of the blast explosion. now, we can tell you that right now, they don't know who is responsible. nobody has stepped forward to claim any responsibility. nor do they know why it was placed here in chelsea. but the nypd has a very sophisticated surveillance, security surveillance system throughout the city. they're going to be looking at all video. it's not just video from stores, but it's also video that is sort of strategically placed throughout. so they can more torre what nit going on. this is very active right now. you a lot of people working on a lot of different components. as far as this operational security, they're not saying a lot about what they do have, but
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they are making every effort to process every piece of evidence as quickly as they possibly can, fredricka. >> deb, we know the blockade is up. we see the police vehicles behind you. we also just saw a man and woman with a stroller, baby stroller, walking behind you. this is complicated pause this is a very residential community. lots of businesses, too. but how are people able to live there with this investigation underway, and the promise of a new work week starting tomorrow? >> well, you're absolutely right. that's an excellent point. it almost reminds me of 9/11, when in order to get anywhere, you had to show identification, saying you lived in a certain part of town. that is happening here. we've seen a couple of people who had to show a license to indicate that they do live on 23rd street. they're not just letting anyone go in and out. they're trying to keep this scene as sort of calm and as pure as they possibly can. that specifically is true for
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where they're doing the majority of work. it has been a disruption in this entire area. the timing of this device, also very questionable. why they did it, you know, at 8:00 on a saturday night in an area, while there were a lot of people, there were areas close by that had even more people. why was it in a dumpster? usually, when a bomb squad finds something, if there is a threat of detonation, the first thing they'll look for is a dumpster that they can put it in in order to blunt the impact. that may have been why some of the injuries, fredricka, were less than they otherwse would have been, had that dumpster not blunted the impact. all of these are questions that authorities are looking into as they try to figure out who did it and why. the cell phone, very disconcerning. that means unlike the boston marathon, where the bombers were close to the device, with a cell phone, you can be a great distance from the device. that raises a lot of additional concerns, as well, fredricka.
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>> thank you so much. keep us posted there. meantime, again, the other sizable investigation underway is in st. cloud, minnesota. our nick valencia is working that story. we heard from the mayor. we heard from the police chief there. they talked about the heroic acts of an off duty police officer who took down this suspect who stabbed nine people, ages ranging from 15 up to 53. what more can you tell us about what's being learned there? >> much of the press conference last hour highlighting the valued effort by the off duty police officer, a former police chief in albany, minnesota. a part-time police officer in nearby avon, minnesota. he engaged the suspect, shooting him multiple times. apparently, the suspect got up from -- after being shot at least three times before eventually being shot dead. we don't know much about this individual who carried out the attack that left nine people injured in a mall in st. cloud. the press conference didn't offer details about him.
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we are expecting a press conference to be held by community leaders and organizers in the samaomali american area there in minnesota. there are outlets reporting the name of this suspect. cnn has been unable to identify this person independently and corroborate that. fbi, we heard from them earlier at the press conference, that they're investigating this being a potential alct of terrorism. perhaps it has something to do with the media wing of isis going online earlier to claim responsible for this individual, calling him a soldier of isis. cnn unable to authenticate that claim. it is similar to past claims of responsibility by this network of individuals inspired by isis. here's what we know happened. yesterday, 8:00 p.m. saturday in st. cloud, minnesota, at the crossroads mall, this individual entered the mall and almost immediately began stabbing people, leaving nine injured. three of the people still in the hospital. their ages range from 15 to 53.
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this individual was wearing a private security uniform. investigators looking further into that, to whether or not he was currently contracted by the security firm or had worked for them in the past. we also know that he was mentioning allah and had asked at least one of the victims if they were a muslim before carrying out this stabbing. earlier, i did speak to an individual who was a witness. she described it being very chaotic. she rushed out. one of the lucky ones to be able to get out of there almost immediately. investigators saying that the mall remains closed. it is an active crime scene. the suspect's car was found in a parking lot that has been impounded. they've conducted at least two search warrants at a residence in minnesota. we're hoping to learn more about the individual at a press conference. expected to be held 30 minutes from now, from the somali american community. so far, all we know is this individual has had at least three encounters in the past
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with police. all, we're told, from minor traffic violations. fredricka? >> nick valencia, keep us posted. thank you so much. let's bring back the panel and talk more about this. panel of to expert on isis, terrorism, you name it. joined by tom fuentes, former assistant director at the fbi. cnn law enforcement analysts. tom, you first. a search warrant underway for at least one residence of the suspect. officials still not naming the suspect. they have impounded the vehicle. what will they be looking for, especially to determine whether he was being influenced by anyone to ror a group? >> first of all, they'd withhold the identity of the individual because they want to get to all possible locations of interest before the media does, so they can conduct the search warrants. oftentimes, that's the reason
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the authorities hold back on the identity until they have chance to cover their leads. that's one thing. but they'd be looking for computers, other electronic devices, documents, pamphlets, manuals, any other indication of what this person thinks and does and who he communicates with, what kind of literature he reads in his home. so these would be among the things to try and develop a profile of what this individual's personal philosophy or ideology might be. >> and, art, we heard the mayor in st. cloud there describe the weapon as a kitchen-like knife. how important will it be to determine the source of this knife, the history of the knife, whether this was something purchased by this individual? if so, if the location where he purchased it. if not, taking it from his home. if he say anything during the purchase. how vital and important is that? >> well, i mean, that's part of
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the investigation. whether it is vital or important, we don't know yet. we have to figure out where the knife came from. did he bring it from home? did he for chpurchase it at the? all these things will feed into each other. the key here is that we had a very heroic police officer who responded. i know we say he was off duty. in this day and age, no law enforcement officer believes they're ever off duty anymore. i think everyone now just about carries a firearm when they're off duty from their regular law enforcement job. they might not be in uniform, but they're always looking for a certain incident like this to occur. to be able to respond like this is what we all want to eventually end up doing. i will tell you that not carrying a firearm in a particular situation like this, not being able to respond to save lives would have a detrimental effect on any police officer that, quote, was off duty. >> matthew, the fbi calling this
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an act of terror. what transcribed, what took place at this shopping mall. here, we're talking about three potential terror events taking place on the same day in different geographic locations. >> the fbi is going to do their due diligence and try to determine if there is any connection between the three. more importantly, who are his associates? did he case the mall? why this mall instead of another location? what did he know was going to happen there? was this a random act or a planned act? did he telegraph his actions on facebook or twitter or snapchat on instagram, or did he come up with this? every case we saw recently, there was social media activity that could have told us what was going to happen. >> gentlemen, thank you so much. tom, matthew and art, we'll talk again. stay with us. straight ahead, we're talking about these three colossal events on u.s. soil in
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welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield in new york. it was 8:30 last night when chelsea in new york was rocked by an explosion. later, police would find an undetonated device. 29 people in all have been injured. thankfully, all have since been released, we understand, for today. still, a lot of concern throughout the city. police presence has been stepped up. not just because of the explosion taking place last night, but this is also a week of the gathering of the u.n. security council. big week ahead of us. let's talk now more about the state of the city. congressman charlie with me now.
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chelsea is where this took place. you were at the congressional black caucus dinner when this explosion happened at 8:30 last night. how did you learn of what evolved here in the city? >> when we broke up around 11:00, everyone thought being from new york, we knew what was going on. the president didn't share. seemed to be a feeling they didn't want to say anything until they knew something. they knew one thing, it was a domestic act of terror. but they had no idea whether it was connected with anything else. just recently, i called washington for an update. they said the city and state and federal government are cooperating. homeland security and fbi. it looks like this is going to be the new norm. >> what are your concerns about what we do know thus far about
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the explosive device, what we don't know about it? >> it's pretty hard to have concerns. we're so pleased that we got a great new york city police force. we've been trained by washington. they are experts. the things that have been uncovered. i was with secretary johnson over the weekend when he was talking to groups. he went out of his way -- >> homeland security chief. >> -- to say how trained new york city policemen are and the first responders. if there is any place that feels secure, it's in my city of new york. but these things do cause me to be upset. we have to learn a lot about, if you see something, say something. we're new at this. we aren't tattle tales. this is a new era and everyone has to be alert. >> we're hearing from this
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officials such as yourself. the governor, mayor, saying it is incumbent upon the residents and visitors of the city, if you see something, say something. we're talking about devices in a dumpster, potentially to cause more harm or potentially just to go unnoticed by passersby. when people are asked to be vigilant, what do they do? what are they looking for? >> well, i'll tell ya, i have been so pleased to see new yorkers following through and calling up and saying, there's a bag here. it's been here. no one is around. the things that a few years ago, i wouldn't think about doing, you always are rushing and doing something. if you know that a terrorist only has to get through once, no matter how many of them you catch, once you become more alert, not like when you visit israel, but certainly, you get a
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higher sense that everyone is in danger. all of the eyes looking, it truly, in fact, makes a difference. i think we're beginning to enjoy that responsibility. >> the new jersey and new york governors both saying this is an act of terror. the city mayor saying intentional. not willing to use the words "an act of terror" at this point. how do you believe those semantics play in -- >> you knock down my door for anything. that's a terrorist act. if you intend to scare somebody, that's a terrorist act. i think the differential is whether or not it is involved with international conspiracy or whether it is copycats. whether or not they're homemade people. >> not linked to international terrorism doesn't mean it's not ruled out. is that your understanding? >> they haven't ruled out anything. they are so vague in saying
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absolutely nothing except be calm. if someone tells me to be calm, i'd like to think they're calm, too. i feel very good about the security in the city of new york. but it does emphasize how important elections are. because as much ego as we have in this city of new york, we are so dependent on the state and the federal government for support, for intelligence and what to do. who is running the shop in washington makes all the difference in the world. if someone was applying for a job to the general manager, you'd say, what experience do you have? for what? just in case anything happens. where would you go to help us out? so i'm not politicking, but i do believe that we can't afford just to go to the polls being frustrated. we have to go as intelligent voters. saying, what's in the best interest of the people of the united states of america?
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because you can't have a rally if you have terrorists working against you. >> the first presidential debate taking place this upcoming weekend. how much do you see the course of events that have taken place this weekend, new york, new jersey, minnesota, playing in the dialogue and the debate, the questions, the answers, the demeanor? >> i wouldn't want to be a part of the news media like you for anything. i am used for rules. rule frs figs for fighting. rules for the debates. rules for house of representatives. rules for the state legislature. for me to believe there is an animal out there that doesn't believe in rules and no referee, it's unbelievable. you know, i was -- someone told me muhammad ali was alive and at his prime, he got into a fight. the guys fought in cages. the referee saying, you know, be careful. don't hit him below the belt. it seems like with this real
1:21 pm
estate guy, there's no rules that apply to him. he's so entertaining, i guess, for the commercials. but it's frightening for the country. whether you like someone or don't, you're supposed to look and say, are you qualified? but when you find someone that can easily be admitted into an assign asylum and he's popular because the world is feeling frustrated, it's time for somebody to bring us to the table. not as republicans and democrats, but who is going to be your commander in chief? who is going to be in charge of your country? >> congressman charlie rangel, good to see you. thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. stay with us. we are learning more information about the three attacks now on u.s. soil on one day. we're waiting a live news conference on the minnesota mall stabbings, right after this.
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welcome back. we continue to follow the attack that took place in a shopping mall in minnesota. nine people were stabbed by one
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s suspect, who was taken down, killed, by an off duty police officer. investigators have not revealed the identity of the suspect. however, we are awaiting a press conference from members of the somali community there in minnesota. somali community is a fairly significa significant, large populus there. there has been no connection made by officials between the suspect, the victims and the somali community. however, somali community members, leaders, have taken it upon themselves to hold a press conference. we are there. we want to hear what's being said. of course, as it happens, we'll bring that to you live. meantime, we're also following two other breaking news stories. possibly connected to terror. police now saying they found similarities between the bomb that went off in new york city last night and the bomb that went off in seaside park, new jersey. however, investigators have not concluded that the incidents are
1:27 pm
connected. let me bring back our panel of experts to discuss the developments. tom fuentes. matthew and art. we're awaiting the press conference as it gets underway in minnesota. we'll breakaway. somali community leaders is all we're being told will be carrying out the press conference. let's talk about what took place in new york and new jersey. tom, no definitive connection yet from authorities. according to our sources, there are similarities in the way of the cellular phone use. how much of a fingerprint are on the devices? >> the only information investigatively is you have people looking at various websites on the internet on how to construct the devices. going to libraries and doing research on that. if you're going to use a cell phone as a detonating device or
1:28 pm
timing device for it, then you would see that similarity in, you know, the making of the device. it doesn't necessarily mean that it was the same individual that made the devices or the same bomb school, other than it was being talked about or promoted as one way to make a device on the internet. similar people, you know, with the same mindset, saw that information. >> art, is this a coincidence? is there something sinister in the fact that you have three possible terror attacks. again, not definitively have fes officials called all of the incidents terror attacks but the fbi is saying a possible terror attack as it pertains to minnesota. is this a coincidence, or might be there a link? >> fred, from a purely investigative standpoint, when you investigate, you don't believe in the koinss.
1:29 pm
three attacks in a 24 hour time period. you have good police work in the response to officer falkner in minnesota. we have luck in the fact that the bombers were sort of inept. when you look at the difference between the explosion in seaside, where it blew the bottom off of the plastic trash receptac receptacle, and you saw two trash receptacles next to it that were in tact. the difference between the explosion in chelsea, there is a difference there. i think you have the ineptness on the bomb maker's part and the placement of the device that saved a lot of people in both occurrences. >> so saved a lot of people, matthew, but might it have been the intent that it would be used to intensify the attack? that it would launch additional shrapn shrapnel? >> sure. every bomber has a unique signature. in this case, we're seeing evidence now to tell us both of
1:30 pm
the devices that went off have similarities. the pressure cooker bomb didn't go off but it might be similar. >> the only similarity, the cell phone. >> yes. >> the wiring is different from what we've understood in our initial information. one is a pipe bomb. one is a pressure cooker. there are dynamics. what is fueling the explosives might be different, too. >> very well might be. >> black powder in at least one. >> the one we saw the video of earlier, clearly a plume of white smoke. >> in new york. >> it tells us black powder or little explosive might have been used. the other cases, the similarities be come. the investigators will run down the leads and continue down the road. >> we're looking at video that we received only within the last hour and a half or so. different perspective of the explosion at 8:30 last night in chelsea there. you see everyone is going about business as usual. then one of the cars stops. then you see an explosion behind
1:31 pm
him. then you see people, debris, all of that kind of, you know, in rapid motion there. art, does anything stand out in particular as you get another chance to look at this video in terms of how it might redirect this investigation? >> it was a pretty intense explosion, compared to what happened at seaside. you see the debris immediately flying around. i think the key part here is going to be able to put this device together and make a comparison between the other device that was found on 27th street. take a look at the similarity in those two devices. more than likely, they were very similar. but that's a pretty intense explosion you're seeing there. blowing windows out and creating damage to the building that it was near. so that's an intense, intense blast. very lucky that nobody lost their lives during this explosion. >> tom, your observation? >> well, i think in looking at that, it almost looks to me like the concussion from the blast
1:32 pm
might have blown loose leaves off the trees. some of what we see falling on the sidewalk, to me, appears to be leaves falling down. it is, you know, autumn now. we're about to have the leaves come down on their own. but they might have gotten a little boost from the concussion of the blast. >> gentlemen, thank you so much. tom, art and matthew, thank you so much. we'll pick up our conversation. we'll be back in a moment. now that fedex has helped us simplify our e-commerce, we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive.
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welcome back. we continue to follow the breaking news out of new york. investigators searching for clues and suspects in the intentional bombing in the chelsea neighborhood. we've got brand-new pictures, in fact. just in. take a look. you can see investigators closely studying the damage and the debris left on the streets in the aftermath of the bombing last night. that explosion damaging buildings in the area. of course, you can see glass blown out of the door there. police say the devices used in
1:36 pm
the bomb iing and another one i new jersey are headed to the fbi lab in k'wa lab. 29 people injured in the blast, all who have been released from the hospital now. meantime, you see in the small box, press conference underway. minneapolis, we'll take you there. members of the somali community there. there was an attack taking place in st. cloud at a shopping mall. nine people were injured in a stabbing. the suspect was shot dead. investigators are not revealing anything about the suspect thus far. members of this community say they wanted to initiate their own press conference. let's listen in on what they have to say. >> many people affected by this incident. first of all, sympathies go to
1:37 pm
the families affected. and those victims that have been hurt last night by the individual suspect. we condemn it. the strongest word we can possibly do. and in our faith, muslim community, somali, we came together with the greater community. the loss we had, the injured, and people affected by this incident. at the same time, we wanted to strongly condemn any terrorist act. we have to condemn any terrorist. any terrorism that happens in america or the world. we don't believe in violence. we don't agree anyone to take murder to his hands and hurt
1:38 pm
other people. we don't agree with that, and we strongly condemn that. i will leave the rest for my colleagues to follow. >> thaicnk you very much for yo leadership. up next is hussein from minnesota. welcome. >> j-a-y-l-a-n-i. last name, h-u-s-s-e-i-n. the executive director for the council of american and islamic relations. i welcome you all and thank you for being a part of the press conference. today, we join our fellow minnesotans, sending our heartfelt condolences to the families and the victims of the tragedy. we're all shocked, just like you. we're all grieving, just like you. this is an act of an individual,
1:39 pm
and we want our community to realize this fact. there are still an investigation, as this investigation is going on. we are not clear of all of the aspects of this incident. including the connection to isis, which there is no connection at this point from the law enforcement and, as well, also from the community. therefore, we need to realize that, as well. we are -- >> 2016 -- >> also concerned about the potential backlash to this community. we understand in st. cloud, there is more antimuslim organizing. we hope that they do not use this incident as a way to continue to polarize, divide and spread fear in our communities. this is a tragedy that affects all people in st. cloud. this is an opportunity for the community to come together.
1:40 pm
>> there are a few items that have not been bid on yet. >> one other fact i want to make sure we understand. this community, st. cloud muslim community, the somali community, are hard working individuals. there are people who are just like everybody else. woke up this morning to this tragedy. they're trying to make some sense out of it. finally, i want to reiterate, again, how this community, the muslim community, feels about this tragedy. we send, again, our sympathy and our condolences. heartfelt condolences to the victims. we are glad to hear that many of them will be recovering very shortly soon. for those still in the hospital, we send, again, our condolences to them. finally, this is a tragedy. we hope from this tragedy we can build a better, stronger community here. a strong st. cloud that is inclusive and welcoming for all people. thank you.
1:41 pm
>> thank you, jaylani hussein. up next is one of our community leaders that has been in the community for a long, long time. he's one of the first people that came to st. cloud. his name is mohamed. please, welcome. >> thank you. >> could you spell your first and last name? >> first name is mohamoud. m-o-h-a-m-a-d. i am with st. cloud somali salvation organization and central minnesota islamic center. we are here today as central minnesota somali community to express our solidarity.
1:42 pm
and we are -- we were devastated to hear the news of st. cloud mall stabbing. we, the somali community of the central minnesota, like to express our thoughts and prayers to the victim of september 17th, 2016. tragedy. also, we would like to express our sympathy -- empathy to the family of the deceased. the news of the st. cloud mall was shocking to the friends, relatives and the community. we were all shocked. we were not expecting, according to the police release, we do not know the motive of that stabbing incident.
1:43 pm
nevertheless, central minnesota somali community is in distress. we are afraid of the consequences of this incident. we would like to say loud that our community in central minnesota has no relationship with isis or any other islamic terrorist group. we were the victim of those terrorist group. as i said 16 years ago on the steps of our courthouse, that we were the victim of those terrorists. now we are facing, again, to suffer for their act. they are minorities in our faith.
1:44 pm
it's losing the credibility of our faith. islam is peace. thank you, and i pray for the victims. >> that was mohamed. up next, he is a specishe is a r who lives in st. cloud. please welcome her to the stage. she is a mother for many. please welcome. >> good afternoon. my name is l-u-l, h-e-r-s-i. i am here as a mother, as a community member. as anybody who was outside the mall yesterday waiting to know their loved ones, if they were dead or alive. this is a tragic event. it has been a dark day, a day we'll never forget. i hope we remember it in a good
1:45 pm
day. i really want to send my koll -- condolences. as a mother of four children, my son wasn't home when this happened. i was thinking, you know, the mall and my son being there. after he knocked on the door and came in at 8:ho40, i realized aa mother the other people standing outside are also feeling the same way i was feeling. we condemn the acts of yesterday. it was an individual, and we don't know what motivated that individual. we cannot at this time take the hate. let's unite as one minnesota. let's take love instead of hate. let's preach the good of us, not the bad. that just happens once in a while. we don't hope for this to happen again. i said last night, not in st. cloud. not in st. cloud. that's what i kept telling my
1:46 pm
kids, not in st. cloud. i hope my neighbors, co-workers, friends, community members, my elders and everybody else will take this into heart. please, let's spread love instead of hate. i'll say it again. isis does not represent us. it does not representi islam. it does not represent the somalis or anybody of that faith. isis is a different faith from islam. isis has their own religion, and they have their own belief. so please, as minnesotia iaminn cloud, let's come together and let's be one. let's show the rest of the world, today we overcome it. with all the news media on us, show them we are not what happened yesterday. we are better than that. we can do better than this, st. cloud. please, take my words in heart and be -- let's also condemn what happened and also let's come together and try to build a better community for everybody else. don't retaliate back at anybody
1:47 pm
else. >> members of what we're told to be the somali community there, leaders of the samaomali commun there in the twin cities of minneapolis, st. paul, considered the somali capital of the u.s., with 60,000 somali nationals there, living in the community. this coming after police investigating the shopping mall stabbing, not revealing any details about the identity of the suspect. these leaders saying they feel compelled to send their solidarity and condolences to the families impacted by the nine who were stabbed and injured. the suspect was shot dead by an off duty police officer. again, no more being revealed about the suspect. reportedly, earlier, isis claiming responsibility. calling that suspect a soldier of isis. police instead giving much of the credit to an off duty police officer for having to preserve lives. seeing this suspect stab people
1:48 pm
indiscriminately in the shopping mall. the police officer identifying himself, then shooting. then witnesses saying, seeing the suspect try to get up from the ground three times before being shot dead. of course, we're still awaiting more information about the suspect. police say they are -- they have impounded the vehicle of that suspect and will be examining the residence of the suspect before revealing any information about the identity. again, you're seeing and hearing a very impassioned plea from members of the somali community there. now expressing their concern for any potential backlash. cnn's nick valencia has been following this story for us. what more can you tell us about the direction of the investigation? >> let's start with this individual. he has been identified by local media as being a member of the somali american community. cnn has been, so far, unable to verify this. his name is out there and being floated around.
1:49 pm
that's perhaps why we saw this press conference that we were just watching here live on cnn from the somali community. an impassioned plea, clear and direct language, that this individual who carried out this stabbing attack at a mall in st. clo cloud, minnesota, does not reflect or represent the thousands, the tens of thousands of law-abiding somali americans there in and around the st. cloud and st. paul, minnesota, area. so far, we don't have very many details about the individual. the investigation is focused on the car that was impounded in this parking lot. as well as the search warranting being executed at at least one residence in the area. we do know that this suspect has had at least three encounters in the past with police. all of them, we're told by the police chief, were minor traffic violations. here is what we know happened. 8:00 p.m. last night, the individual entered the crossroads mall and almost immediately began stabbing individuals there in the mall
1:50 pm
indiscriminately. he was mentioning allah. he was dressed in a private security uniform. we're waiting on getting details about that. wlr whether or not he was working for this firm or had in the past. he asked at least one of the victims if he was muslim before he carried on his attack. injuring nine people. three still hospitalized. we're told none of the injuries are life-threatening. it is a variety of people he injured. raging in age from 15 years old to 53 years old. at that press conference earlier, fredricka, we heard not just from the mayor but also from the fbi and the chief of police there. they highlighted this valiant effort by a local off duty police officer. let's listen in a little bit to what they said. called his brave actions in subduing the suspect. i'm told by the control room we don't have that. i can tell you, fred, they did highlight this officer's incredible bravery. jason faulkner. we reached out to the officer.
1:51 pm
he owns a business in minnesota. we've been unable to contact him. he's unwilling to talk because this is an ongoing investigation. this is a person who, clearly, as was said by the mayor there, stopped what could have been a lot more injuries. or even death. >> it was the mayor who, during the press conference, even said his actions really should be training video for everybody. particularly off duty, on duty police officers, what to do in a situation like that. he was truly heroic. thank you so much, nick valencia, appreciate it. >> yeah. >> joining me on the phone is a somali community leader in minnesota. thanks so much for being with me. you saw and heard this press conference of somali nationals and leaders there, talking about their concern about backlash. even though little has been revealed publicly about this suspect. what more can you tell us about your concerns, the community's
1:52 pm
concerns, and the direction of this investigation? >> thank you for having me. i really feel that the community leaders there have done a wonderful job to express and articulate the feelings of the community in st. cloud, minnesota. there's a lot of concern that the actions of -- evil actions of an individual might, again, effect law-abiding citizens of the somali american community. i think it was a great job. again, i want to say, again, what we -- our thoughts and our prayers are with the victims. >> have you had conversations with police? if so, what has been said to you? >> i did have communication with leaders there.
1:53 pm
the community leaders already identified, to the local media and to us, that the name of the person is adin. he didn't work for that security communi -- did work with the security firm part-time. they were in communications to the parents of the young man who committed the atrocity. so, yes, he told his parents, according to the community leaders, that he was going to the mall. earlier that evening, saturday around 6:00, to buy an iphone 7. nobody knows what happened after that. >> of course, we have not confirmed the name of the suspect. police have not publicly revealed it during the press conference we did air. just about two hours or so ago. talk to me, if you would though, about the community's concerns,
1:54 pm
as we heard in the press conference about potential backla backlash. how are people there in the community trying to get ahead of that potentially? >> there is a huge amount of concern from the community, that the actions -- evil actions of this individual might impact the whole community. especially in that original st. cloud area. there were challenges, a lot of challenges, between somali american community and some few members of the mainstream community. they have done a lot of work, both sides, the majority of the community, to come together many times to connect as one united community. but this action is felt as a
1:55 pm
tragedy, but tragedies to victims and families and a tragedy that will -- we don't hope, but it might affect the lives of both somali american communi community. >> bihi, thank you so much for your time and your sentiment. truly appreciate it. tom fuentes and art roderick back with me now. your initial reaction to the somali community coming out, showing their solidarity for the support of those injured. the family members and, at the same time, talking about their concerns about pabacklash, tom. >> this is a really tragic story for these parents. they flee 15, 16 years ago from war-torn somali. freeing war lords. they come to america, becompatribe become patriotic americans, and
1:56 pm
bring their sons, who are 5, 6 at the time, not known to them, become radicalized. the parents didn't have a clue. for them to show solidarity with their fellow minnesota residents is so moving and important that they did that. >> art? >> tom is right. they came out and condemned this right away. >> exactly. >> that this individual is not -- did not do this with knowledge by the community. we've been talking about this all day. the fact that, you know, he just told him, i'm going to buy an iphone at the mall, and all of a sudden, ends up doing this, is -- there's got to be some trail somewhere, that this individual left behind. you just don't all of a sudden change your mind while you're going to buy an iphone 6 and
1:57 pm
stab nine people. >> thank you so much. art roderick and tom fuentes. thank you for all my guests. i'm crfredricka whitfield. that's it for me. more news with poppy harlow. is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work that blazes the path to your passions?
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