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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  September 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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searching for a suspect. the investigation continues into the explosion in new york city and a suspicious device that was found and surveillance video what could help investigators learn more. a stabbing spree in minnesota. the suspect claimed that he worked for isis. and now police considering it an act of terror. and the shaky ceasefire. the united states and russia try to mend relations over the war in syria. but the question, will it be enough? from cnn world headquarters in atlanta, welcome to our viewer here is in the united states and around the world. i'm george howell.
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"cnn newsroom" starts right now. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> 1:00 a.m. on the u.s. east coast. we continue following the breaking news from saturday night's bombing in new york. the fbi and new york police made a traffic stop sunday night in this investigation. and we're learning more about another situation playing out right now in new jersey. let's go live to our cnn correspondent deborah feyerick following developments in new york. deborah, it's good to have you with us. what more have you learned. >> there are a couple of incidents happening across both manhattan and new jersey. we're told now that the mayor of elizabeth, new jersey tweeted that federal, state and local officials are on scene of a suspicious package at a train station in elizabeth, new jersey. right now they're saying there is no threat to public safety as the package is secured and also investigated. another incident also happening
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near the northeast corridor and north jersey coastline rail service. that has been suspended between new york and liberty international airport and elizabeth stations because police activity in the elizabeth area. whenever you have incidents like what happened in new york city and also in new jersey, obviously everybody gets on the heightened state of alert. so they take all calls seriously. the issue that happened earlier this afternoon at a bridge connecting staten island and new york, that the fbi put out a statement saying it was connected to what happened in manhattan. but the others seem to be separate there is nothing linking them to any of the incidents that happened. but it's all very early. this is all part of a larger investigation. and so you've got a lot of authorities paying very close attention to any potential call that is made. but they're also doing a lot of investigative work. and some of this investigative work may be leading to tips that
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are causing them to take action and look more closely at what would ordinarily be for example normal vehicles. >> just like what we saw. just 24 hours ago when we were covering the explosion and then the pressure cooker that was discovered. and then investigators thought that there was a third device, that's just because they're on that heightened alert, sweeping the streets of lower manhattan. but it turned out to be just garbage. but they're looking for everything as you rightly point out. what else can you tell us also, deb, about this traffic stop that investigators have made? >> well, what we can tell you is that this traffic stop, it happened at about 8:45 this evening. the fbi and nypd conducted what they call a stop of a vehicle of interest to the investigation into saturday's bombing in manhattan. but they're not telling -- they're not giving any other specifics. there is no indication, for example. and there is reason for this. the head of the fbi here in new
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york said they're really focused on operational security. they're making sure that nothing leaks that could potentially compromise this investigation. in any serious way. there has already been some information that has been released that is a cause of concern obviously because there are people who are at large. there is certainly one person who is at large, possibly more. and you never want to give anyone the heads up as to what it is investigators are discovering. but they did release a picture of that pressure cooker. on that pressure cooker there was a cell phone. so obviously if you've got a cell phone, you want to see if anybody called that cell phone, possibly, to detonate the device. and if so, officials can triangulate one phone to the other and get some good information, some good intelligence. again, everything is being looked at. but they're really trying to be very careful. you can see the device there. that's the one that did not explode. and george, let me tell you, the nypd bomb squad, they were able
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to render that safe this afternoon. so now that is in quantico. it's going to be analyzed very, very closely. because there might be some sort of dna on that device. maybe a fingerprint. it may be a hair. it may be something that will give information as to who made that device. and if that person is in a system, some sort of a government database, that can be very helpful information. but they're looking at it very closely. >> deb, and you set me up for the next thing. i want to talk to our guest about it. but the simple fact that when people set these devices out, you know, a lot of times they're not thinking about the fact that yes, fingerprints are left over, especially if that device doesn't detonate. deborah feyerick live for us in new york, we'll stay in touch with us through the night as you continue to follow the work of these investigators. let's now bring in our steve moore, contributing with us. law enforcement contributor. he is a retired supervisory
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special agent with the fbi live via skype in los angeles. i want to talk than. and i heard you speaking with my colleague natalie allen earlier about it. but the simple fact that they have this device that did not detonate. and now investigators will be able to glean some information from it, steve. >> yes, they will. when you're putting a bomb to or an ied together, you're not going to spend a lot of prime minister worrying whether you leave fingerprints on it, or whether you have touched the phone that you're taping to the device because you think it's going to be blown into itty-bitty little pieces. and when it's not, that information becomes available to the fbi and new york joint terrorism task force. the other thing is it's got a cell phone on it. and if that cell phone was on and part of the system, meaning that it was pinging cells, you could track it back for two weeks and find out where it
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spends its nights. so that cell phone is a gold mine. >> also want to talk about the fact that -- and again, this is unrelated. but these officers, these investigators have found a situation in new jersey that they're looking into. what do you make of that? we understand that they're looking for everything right now. this heightened sense of alert. >> well, we won't know obviously for a little while, george. and you're right to ask the question. it could be just an abundance of caution. this looks suspicious. and we should be checking these things out. but i don't know right now whether i would put much credence in it. i think this group wanted to attack new york. it's certainly possible. i mean, they hit new jersey, i believe, before the marine corps charity run. so it could be something.
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i wouldn't put a lot of stock in it right now. >> i want to talk about this traffic stop. pointing out to viewers no one has been charged with anything. but this traffic stop that has been made in connection with what happened in new york. obviously, as you pointed out. investigators can determine fingerprint information from, you know, things that didn't detonate, things that were left over. so tell us where we are with that. >> well, the fbi doesn't patrol. the joint terrorism task force isn't out looking for people randomly. that was a targeted traffic stop. and the fact that they did it on a bridge is interesting to me. that lowers the risk of anybody getting out and running because there is not very far to run. so i think it was calculated. i think the stop on the bridge was calculated. because you're not going to do that because it's -- unless you have to because it's going to jam traffic up. and that's not a good thing.
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the fact that they -- the people in the car, there were five in the car. that's interesting. and now they're all at fbi headquarters. that's interesting too. they may not be under arrest. they may not even be under investigative detention. but they are being questioned. >> i want you to help me to square the circle. a lot of people are asking this question there is confusion about the simple word terrorism. we know the governor of new york has come out to say that this is terrorism. but at the same time, the mayor has indicated that there is no nexus to international terrorism. at the same time the city, not looking at this as terrorism. >> that's a great question, george. and i believe the fact that the joint terrorism task force is still working on it. probably indicate where this is going to go. however, you're correct. there are many different kinds of terrorism. you could have a domestic terrorist. you could have somebody who is a white supremacist.
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you could have some independence group from puerto rico. i mean, i'm not saying that that's likely. but there are many different types of terrorism. it doesn't have to mean islamic terrorism. isis, something like that. >> steve moore live for us in los angeles. steve, we appreciate your insight. we'll stay in touch with you. i'm sure plenty of questions ahead as we seal to be starting a busy night with investigators on the job. thank you. less than an hour before saturday's explosion in new york, a man with a knife wounded at least nine people. this happened at a shopping mall in st. cloud, minnesota. a media agency affiliated with isis claimed the attacker was a soldier of the islamic state. cnn cannot independently confirm that information. the fbi is investigating that stabbing as a potential act of terror. and police say that the current evidence points to a lone wolf attack. the city's mayor praised the
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offduty police officer who shot and killed that attacker. listen. >> he clearly prevented additional injuries and potentially loss of life. his heroic actions are exemplary, having witnessed what he did as the suspect was lunging at him. with the knife. not only did he fire, the suspect went down. he came back up. on three different occasions. >> still ahead here, on "cnn newsroom," we are following other news around the world. people in syria desperately waiting food, medicine, supplies in a week-old ceasefire. why the united states and russia are blaming each other. plus how home cooking became a recipe for success in cairo's little damascus. stay with us. red 97! set! red 97! did you say 97?
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welcome back to cnn. following the breaking news here this hour, first in the bombing situation in new york, the investigation there. the fbi says that agents and police made a traffic stop on
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sunday night in relation to that saturday attack. we're told that five people were stopped. no one, though, has been arrested or charged with anything as of yet. we continue to follow details on that. also, investigators say that a man was seen in surveillance video at the site of saturday's explosion, and near where police found this pressure cooker. that was discovered just four blocks away. they say it was rigged with as they see there wires. it has duct tape on it and what appeared to be a cell phone, but it did not explode. we're also following a separate situation. another development in new jersey. the mayor of elizabeth, new jersey say the police have detonated a device found at a train station. we don't know what that device was or if it would have been connected to saturday's bombing in new york or new jersey. but for now, trains are shut down at that station. other news that we're following around the world. a week after a ceasefire began in syria, doubts are growing that the united states and
10:17 pm
russia can cooperate in the fight against isis. our senior international correspondent matthew chance looks at the growing divide now between moscow and washington. >> russia says the u.s.-led coalition air strikes which killed so many syrian government troops has endangered an already shaky ceasefire. u.s. and russian diplomats have been trading barbs over the incident with the latest salvo from moscow accusing the united states of not only defending isis, of also engaging in a, quote, bloody experiment in syria aim at regime change. even before the air strike which russia says hit syrian forces as they were battling islamic state fighters, tensions in the truce were already starting to show. with both sides accusing one another of failing to meet their commitments. u.s. officials criticizing moscow for failing to ensure its ally, the syrian government had withdrawn from a key road into
10:18 pm
rebel-held eastern aleppo. humanitarian convoy isn't able to set off from across the border in turkey until that road is open, safe, and clear. and russian defense official says dozens of rebel attacks have taken place since the truce was announced, despite a promise by washington to rein in anti-syrian government fighters. all this during what was meant to be a trust-building phase. instead, it's illustrated just how little trust there is between the warring sides in the syrian conflict. matthew chance, cnn, moscow. >> matthew, thank you. as matthew mentioned, food and medicine for syrians trapped by the war is still stalled at the border with turkey. the united nations has been waiting more than a week now to get security guarantees from the syrian government before it sends trucks into aleppo. america's top diplomat says russia is dragging its feet on that and other obligations that are part of that ceasefire
10:19 pm
agreement. listen. >> the opposition feels threatened because the bombs continue, even as they're is supposed to be a cessation of hostilities. so let me just say this clearly. russia signed up to a cessation of hostilities. assad said he would live by it. then he needs to stop and let the joint center get up so russia and the united states can coordinate in order to avoid the kind of terrible thing that happened yesterday which we all acknowledge and regret. >> in the meantime, in aleppo, air strikes killed at least one person sunday. it is the first time the city has been bombed since the ceasefire began last monday. cnn's fred pleitgen looks at how people there are carrying on with their live ace mid the ruins. >> driving through a battered city. the ceasefire is barely holding in aleppo. breaches becoming more frequent.
10:20 pm
still, the residents are cleaning up. even the youngest. ali is 12 years old. he and his siblings among the many displaced now finding shelter in a bombed out hospital. "we have to keep working until we totally clear this room and the room next door" he says because this is going to be our home. as calm prevails at least most of the time, the syrian government is moving an increasing number of displaced people into the bombed out ruins of former front line districts. these families forced to move several times. the baby abdul malik born in a tent. we lost three homes, his grandmother says. every one got destroyed. now we're displaced. if we had the money, we could flee. despite the fact that the ceasefire is very fragile, the people here aren't wasting any
10:21 pm
time. they're getting to work picking up the piece, hoping that against all odds, the truce may hold. and while few are optimistic about the chance, some also displaced several times say even the current tenuous ceasefire is a blessing. "the ceasefire is good so far," he says. "i've been here a few days and the situation is better. well can hear some shelling, but it's much less than before." as the warring factions and their backers struggled to keep the truce alive, aleppo's people like 12-year-old ali hope the hard work they're putting in will not be wasted again. fred pleitgen, cnn, aleppo. >> fred pleitgen reporting there for us. almost 5 million syrians have fled their country since that war began. many have now fled to egypt. our ian lee looks at how a group of refugee women are building a
10:22 pm
new life for themselves in cairo's little damascus. >> reporter: the secret to good syrian cuisine is care and variety. that according to lena kusa, a bit of a top chef. her family encouraged her to share her culinary prowess. her chance came unexpectedly. we left syria because our house was destroyed and there was no school for my children, says the mother of three. lena landed in a kitchen in cairo, along with six other syrian refugee women. their catering service is called olive oil in arabic. now wafting aromas of home fill this community center. tonight menu stuffed grape leave, and sambusak. the women don't always see eye to eye over recipes. but consistency is key.
10:23 pm
pomegranate is a crucial signature ingredient in syrian food. it gives it that perfect combination of sweet and sour. it also gives the food its darker color. the end result, delicious. but it goes deeper than that. "when we cook, we bring the memories of the mothers and grandmothers to every boy, girl, and family who tastes our food, and we continue the legacy," she says. she too is syrian but a listening-time cairo resident. she turned her love of cooking into a passion of helping others. >> and i always thought that you don't truly empower people unless you give them a source of income. it gives people back some of their dignity. it makes people less insecure about saying they're refugees. >> reporter: egypt is home to roughly 115,000 syrian refugees. cairo's little damascus also
10:24 pm
offers flavors of home, even specific like aleppo-style chicken. typically only men work in these restaurants. but this restaurant is special in that it only hires women. "we have families working with us here that don't have a male breadwinner. the women depend on themselves to support their families," she says. if the restaurant succeeds, more women will be hired. but success won't only be measured in just food and money. >> the cuisine, the kitchen, the love of food and the centrality of food in any syrian home is extremely important for us now when we feel that everything else is dividing us. ian lee, cnn, cairo. >> thank you. syria will certainly be top of mind at the u.n. general assembly set to begin this week in new york, one of the biggest diplomatic events of the world. richard roth tells us what we can expect. ♪
10:25 pm
>> reporter: once again, the world gathers in new york at the united nations at a time the globe feels like it's up in the air and in a state of upheaval. from presidents to prime ministers, political heavyweights come together this week for the 71st session of the united nations general assembly. >> it's the world cup of diplomacy. it's the oscars of diplomacy. it's also an interesting fashion week. >> reporter: the speeches inside the general assembly hall get rolling tuesday morning. brazilian president michael temer who took over after dilma rousseff's impeachment will kick off. brazil is always the first country to speak. the host nation, the u.s. follows. president obama will likely reflect on what was and what was not achieved during his white house term. it's also a farewell for the
10:26 pm
u.n. secretary general bianc ba. >> it comes at a critical time. >> reporter: you can expect to hear a lot about several key global issues, including europe's ongoing refugee crisis, the war in syria, and north korea's nuclear tests. among the other highlights we'll hear from president erdogan of turkey following the failed coup attempt in his country in july. president rouhani of iran is scheduled to give his address on thursday followed three speakers later by israel. this year's notable newbies include the british prime minister and canadian prime minister justin trudeau. with high profile no-shows including raul mondesi of cue r vladimir putin. it's possible the candidates could appear with a world leader for a sit-down at a nearby new york hotel. the u.n. again reminding visitors of the need for peace. unfortunately, some of the
10:27 pm
u.n.'s own member countries are unable to live up to that global goal. richard roth, cnn, united nations. >> we continue with the breaking news we're following. a traffic stop made in connection with the explosion in new york just the other day. cnn continues. (announcer vo) who says your desk phone always has to be at your desk? now, with one talk from verizon... hi, pete. i'm glad you called. (announcer vo) all your phones can work together on one number. you can move calls between phones, so conversations can go where you go. take your time. i'm not going anywhere. (announcer vo) and when you're not available, one talk helps find the right person who is. hi, john. (announcer vo) so wherever work takes you, you can put your customers first. introducing one talk-- another way verizon connects your business better. learn how at
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this is cnn breaking news. >> welcome back to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. we continue following the breaking news out of new york. i'm george howell. the fbi says that its agents and police made a traffic stop sunday night in that bombing investigation in the chelsea
10:31 pm
neighborhood. no one has been arrested or charged, though, as of this point. also, investigators say they are looking for a man that was seen in surveillance video at the site of saturday's explosion and near where police found this, a pressure cooker that was discovered just four blocks away. we're also monitoring news of a suspicious package that was found in elizabeth, new jersey. that is where rachel crane is live and joins us with the very latest. rach rachel, what more do you know? >> well, george, i just spoke with the mayor of elizabeth who described what has happened here this evening. he said that two men found a backpack in a trash can close to the train station here. they looked inside that backpack thinking they were going to find something perhaps valuable. that's when they saw something suspicious. what he described as multiple devices. they then dropped the backpack, went around the corner to a nearby police station where they notified the authorities of what they had found. that's when the police went to
10:32 pm
the backpack, agreed there was something suspicious in there. and now the local authorities responded as well as the fbi. the mayor also told us that they were up to five devices found in that backpack. he said that there was no timer on those devices, no cell phone on those devices. he also pointed out that this is the perfect example of if you see something, say something. because it is because of those two individuals finding this backpack, going to the police that they were able to respond. now he also pointed out that one of those devices in that backpack was detonated. he said that was by accident. one of the robots was trying to cut one of the wires and that's when one of the devices went off. all the streets and the surrounding area have been closed down. the northeast corridor has been closed down between newark liberty airport as well as here in elizabeth. unclear of when that service will be restored. george? >> rachel, is there a sense
10:33 pm
given what happened? is there a sense that there could be further investigation to determine if there is anything else out there to discover? >> well, george, of course new york and the surrounding area and here in new jersey, everybody is on the heighten alert because of what has happened recently. it's too early to speculate whether or not this incident here in elizabeth is connected to any of the other incidents in seaside and also in new york city. >> rachel, give us a sense also. this has been a busy night for sure. what have you heard from people if you had a chance to talk to people, given the new news that you discovered there. people who live in that neighborhood, the sense that they're feeling? >> you know, george, george, we just got here moments ago. the first thing we did is speak to the mayor. he did say that it's sunday evening. that this has been a relatively quiet night. that trash can where the backpack was located, he pointed out is close to a local pub.
10:34 pm
but he said that it's not heavily trafficked this evening because it is late on a sunday night. so as i pointed out, we've only had a chance to speak with the mayor at this point. but he did say that this is something that no mayor wants to have to deal with, that this is obviously very trying times. and that the city of elizabeth is on alert. he also pointed out that they did a secondary search of the surrounding area to make sure that there were no other additional devices. and he said that that sweep turned out negative. and that it has been fulfilled. that there was nothing else suspicious other than this backpack with multiple device, up to five device, george. >> rachel, we know you and your team have been moving quickly to get this information and to get to it air with us. we appreciate that. we also want to ask before we leave you here, we want to make it very clear to our viewers, that this situation here, there is no connection to the situation in new york, correct? >> no, there is absolutely no
10:35 pm
connection between this incident here in elizabeth and the incident that we saw yesterday in new york city. it is far too early in this investigation to begin to speculate about that. right now we are just dealing with the situation here in elizabeth. and once again, far too early in this investigation to speculate of any connections. george? >> you're reporting very precise there. if you see something, say something. that bringing some new information here for these investigators tonight. rachel crane on the spot there in elizabeth, new jersey. thank you so much for your reporting. and we'll stay in touch with you. this is cnn breaking news coverage. we will continue with more on the investigation that we're learning from new york. a traffic stop connected to the bombing in chelsea in lower manhattan. stay with us. with dand bold styling to to stay ahead of the curve... the lexus rx, rx hybrid and rx f sport. this is the rx, elevated. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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you're watching cnn following the breaking news in that investigation into the bombing in new york city
10:39 pm
saturday night. the fbi says that it made a traffic stop with police on sunday. a traffic stop of a vehicle of interest in that case. it happened on a bridge as we understand. as of now, we're told that there are no arrests, there are no charges, and that the investigation is ongoing. there may be another clue a well. investigators telling cnn that a man was seen in surveillance video at the site of that explosion and near where police found this. a pressure cooker that was discovered four blocks away. you see it here. it's got wire, duct tape on it, what appears to be a cell phone. but that device did not explode. also following another separate situation in new jersey, elizabeth, new jersey. police there detonated a suspicious package that was discovered in a waste basket. the mayor of elizabeth says the men who found it saw wires and a wipe and then contacted authorities. it's that old saying, if you see something, say something. they did it. and now investigators and state police are looking into it.
10:40 pm
across the world, in japan now, that nation is on alert with another powerful typhoon headed toward the region. our meteorologist pedram javaheri was at the world weather center following that. pedram? >> hey, george, great seeing you. this is such a series of events that are set up here across parts of japan. see some of the images from recent weeks where we've had multiple typhoons make landfall. when you do the numbers and look at exactly what has happened since the 5th of august, the sixth tropical disturbance to make landfall across portions of japan. of course this is an area accustomed to getting tropical weather this time of year. this is among the most decade we've seen it in a decade's time. this is the time of year, september into october that you still have an active pattern in the tropical world across this region. so we're watch these storms one after another come through. and this particular typhoon, typhoon malaka is equivalent to a category 3. this would be a major hurricane
10:41 pm
if it was placed into the atlantic ocean. see the yellow? that is all tropical storm-force winds. it will be a blustery seth world cup the storm system even after it progresses through parts of southern and central japan over the next several days and gets to tokyo as a weak disturbance. a lot of gusty weather in store across tokyo as well. virtually all of the island nation gets covered with heavy rainfall over the next several days. the forecast looks something like this. the temperatures in motion there, into the lower 20s celsius. that is around 70 to 75 fahrenheit. notice the theme there. rainfall after rainfall after rainfall as we approach the first day of autumn on thursday across the northern hemisphere. we're watching tropical storm paine. it's more of a nuisance when you're following what it's forecast to do. it parallels the coast of baja california region and eventually pushes northward into the northern tip of the baja and what it will do for our friends across parts of northern california, parts of arizona,
10:42 pm
bring in tropical moisture. we'll take anything we can as we approach areas that don't see much rainfall in recent years. we'll take that, george. >> and it's warm over there. >> it is. this will bring it down a little bit. >> pedram javaheri, thank you so much. >> thank you. 17 soldiers were killed when militants attack and army base in indian administered kashmir on sunday. four militants died in the gun battle near the india-pakistan border, that disputed region there was one air strike there -- rather it was one of the worst strikes on security forces in that disputed region in almost three decades. so talk more about this, let's bring in our new delhi bureau chief ravi agrawal. what do you know? >> hi, george, what i can tell you is this attack took place on sunday morning as you said. let me tell you a little more about the place it took place. it happened in a town called uri
10:43 pm
which is known as the line of control which is a line that divides kashmir into indian kashmir and pakistani kashmir. this town has been fairly peaceful over the last decade. but early on sunday morning, four militants snuck up to the army base. they attacked directly on the army headquarters with ak-47s and grenades. the indian army says about 17 of their soldiers were killed. the death toll may even rise because about seven others are in a critical condition right now. now new delhi has wasted no time in responding with some very tough statements so far. india's home minister. so essentially the number two person in the indian government took to twitter on sunday to say that pakistan is a terrorist state and should it be identified and isolated as such. so very tough words from him. in his tweet came right as a top indian army official said at a
10:44 pm
press conference in new delhi that he had found what he called quote/unquote pakistani parks on the gear of some of the militants who were found dead. so very tough words from india already. and pakistan has also responded to those words, saying that it thinks that india's claims are completely baseless. it also called them irresponsible. and it said that this is not the time to be making comments like that. now, george, this reason why this is all so much more serious from a global sense, of course, that india and pakistan are both nuclear states. the state of kashmir has been fought over for many decades now. and it also comes right as leaders from both india and pakistan are in new york for the start of the united nations general assembly meetings. >> certainly you would expect, ravi icy relations to to be even icier given what's happening. let's talk about the separatist sunday's incident giving
10:45 pm
context. this attack does come at a time of real unrest in the indian state of kashmir. >> that's right, george. so entirely unrelated to sunday's attack, you could say is the fact that the indian side of kashmir has seen unrest now for well over two months. and this unrest stemmed from the fact that in july a commander, a commander of a militant outfit known, a very young man of just 22, he was killed by the indian army in an operation that was described by the indian army as one that was of great importance for the indian state. it was almost straighted by the indian side. but it was met by protests in kashmir by kashmiris who were very upset at the killing. they probabl supported or sympathized with the person that was killed that led to about two months of protests in the state of kashmir, george.
10:46 pm
the protests have also seen about 85 protesters killed. the indian army has faced a fair bit of flak for that. because to disperse the protests, it's been shooting pellets into the crowd. it has blinded several hundred of these protesters in kashmir. so all of sunday's attack comes amid a time of increased tensions in the indian state of kashmir. and i should contextualize this by saying it comes many, many years after a sort of relative peace in the state of kashmir. so very worrying signs for india, pakistan, and indeed the world. >> ravi agrawal, ravi live for news new delhi. we appreciate your porting. we'll stay in touch with you. this is certainly a tense situation. after frightening videos began surfacing online, one of its flagship phones catching fire, samsung is trying to turn a coroner its massive worldwide
10:47 pm
recall of note 7 smartphones. paula hancocks joins us now from seoul following this story. paula, how is the company working with its customers? >> well, george, it's certainly a big week for samsung here in south korea. this is the first day that customers can come in to one of these shops and actually exchange their old device for a new one. now we're in the business district of seoul. you would expect it to be fairly busy. it's three income the afternoon almost and so far they have only exchange lead phones. so we're not exactly seeing a rush at this point. but there are many different places around south korea that people can come and exchange these phones. what we have been seeing is one man came in this morning and was unable to change his phone because he had to go to the place where he had bought it from. another woman was unable to change her phone because she bought it online and she has to send it back to where she had bought it. from we spoke to those people. they said while they were inconvenienced by what had
10:48 pm
happened with this galaxy note 7, it hadn't shaken their loyalty in samsung. neither one thought they were going to go for another brand in the future. that's an interesting point you probably see here in south korea, the home of sam stung. it will be very interesting to sow what the case is around the world. this week you have the united states also carrying out the exchange. you also have many countries in europe carrying out their exchange. so it will be interesting to see whether or not that loyalty extends beyond the birthplace of samsu samsung. >> is there a sense that this phone catches fire, is there a sense that samsung is moving aggressively and proactively to make sure that customers are done well, get what they need? >> well, certainly this is what samsung is hoping. they say they have done things very quickly as soon as they realized there was a problem, that they tried to rectify it. we've heard some analysts say
10:49 pm
that it has been transparent in many ways. but then of course you have many customers who are simply not happy with the way things have happened. they believe that it wasn't quick enough, that there was the global recall with the exception of much of china announced. and then afterwards they had to wait and find out exactly when they would be able to exchange their phones. and one of the customers we spoke to said he was concerned only after authorities in the united states have said that you should not power up or charge your samsung phone on a flight. and that was extended to bus, to trains, to public transport. no downtown it, it is a pr disaster for samsung. it's not what any big company wants. what samsung is hoping certainly here in south korea is that they have sent these phones back to 400,000 people so far. they say it's just the first few weeks that it was available. and usually those are the die-hard samsung fans that want the phone that quickly, that are
10:50 pm
desperate to have the phone that quickly. they're hoping in that respect those that have this faulty phone will remain loyal to the brand. of course they don't that will be telling for sure. thank you so much there. we continue to follow breaking news after the explosion that happened in chelsea and lower manhattan. we learned more about the traffic stop made in new york and a separate situation in new jersey. details after the break. stay with us. ♪ ♪ the highly advanced audi a4. ♪
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ifshlths the latest on the investigation since that explosion in new york city saturday night but in a separate incident tonight we have updates. the city's mayor says there were up to five devices discovered in a backpack inside a wastebasket near train tracks. no cell phones or electronic timing devices were found on or near the devices.
10:55 pm
the pib and poli the fbi and police are on the scene there and train service has been effected as the investigation continues. the fbi and nypd conducted a traffic stop sunday night of a vehicle of interest that may be connected to this blast. more for us. >> there have not been any arrests in this incident. five people were stopped. it was a traffic stop along the arizona bridge and more on the brooklyn side and we have opinion told that no arrests, no arrests have been made. they have questioned what their role is. what their involvement is. it's unclear that the fbi is not telling us which is understandable because they're still trying to figure out what happened here. who was involved and if there was one person involved and if is there something more, something bigger? is there something more going on and it's going to be one of the
10:56 pm
leads that they intercepted and they wanted to question some folks and wanted to pull them over and they have opinion questioned and no arrests have been made. no one has been taken into custody. are they still being questioned by police? >> that's a good question. we don't know if they have been released or where they are. the nypd told us that they assisted in the traffic stop and the individuals were taken to the fbi offices in manhattan and the fbi is not for us we don't know why they were stopped. what their role is. if they had any role. this was just as a precaution that the fbi wanted to talk to them. >> more news continues as our breaking news coverage returns after the break. a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and complicated. that's why at cancer treatment centers of america, every patient gets their own care manager,
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you might have heard its name... stella artois be legacy 2:00 a.m. on the u.s. east coast. we continue following the breaking news here on cnn. the latest on the investigation after the bombing the new york saturday night. >> hello everyo,


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