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tv   New Day  CNN  September 19, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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cuomo said you can't let the terror get hold of our lives and decide that we're going to give up our freedom, our democracy and who we are as the american people. >> wendy sherman, appreciate your perspective. >> thank you. >> there is new information coming in right now. we have breaking coverage on the bombings in new york and new jersey. let's get right to it. >> this is cnn breaking news. welcome our viewers in the u.s. and around the world who are watching "new day." we do have a major breaking story at this hour. there's a massive manhunt under way for the man police are looking for that may be behind the bombing in new york city and two other bombings in new jersey. his picture is on your screen now. >> all right. his name is there as well. his last known address was in elizabeth, new jersey. he is 28 years old. the fbi kauxs this man could be armed and dangerous. if you see him, you see someone who looks like him, this is not the time to play it safe, except with your own personal safety. stay away. do not engage.
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pick up the phone. 800-577-tips. 800-577-tips. we have every angle covered. let's again with cnn producer shimon, let's reset for people. this happened yesterday people heard about it. the investigation was immediate, and coordinated. and focused on surveillance video. what did they see? and how did the trail go fromth so on the surveillance video which they found in the chelsea area on 23rd street where the explosion occurred. they see a man wheeling a duffel bag. and in that duffel bag eventually he's seen later on and in that duffel bag investigators believe was the pressure cooker. all day yesterday properties were telling us that they had some idea of who this man was and they were working to find him. this morning -- >> why? just so that people don't -- were they following this guy and lost him and then this happened? or because of the forensics on the pressure cooker bomb they found their way to him? >> we don't know how they found
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their way to him. but they have some idea of who he was. and i think they had been working on trying to apprehend him. this morning, just a couple of -- just an hour ago the police released this photo of this man and they say he specifically is being sought in connection with the chelsea bombing. where the massive explosion occurred and the 29 people were injured. that is what they're saying specifically that this is what he's being -- that's what he's being sought in connection for. >> they released this very quickly so it lets you know the urgency they feel to find him. he's 28 years old. he is originally from afghanistan. he's a naturalized citizen. do we know yet from your reporting, he is connected to a larger cell? >> so they believe there perhaps there may have been a larger cell operating between new jersey and new york. there was the bombing at the marine charity race in seaside heights which occurred on saturday also. a bomb exploded.
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believed to be a pipe bomb. so from there, the investigation began and they have now they believe pieced all of this together and believe it's all part of one, perhaps, this is what they're going by, one group operating out of elizabeth, new jersey. it seems to be centered out of elizabeth, new jersey where the fbi has been all morning conducting a search. >> they found a lot of similarities in material of these bombs, detonation devices. the check on that is it's also very common technology. but the timing seems to be more than a coincidence for them. we know there's also an active search going on right now. >> that's happening in elizabeth, new jersey. authorities there, of course, are looking at this second scene. that's where this bomb exploded. several others were found in a trash can near a train station. let's bring in cnn's rachel crane live with all of the breaking details. >> alisyn, sources are telling cnn that this raid that is
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happening behind me that it's the that this is connected to the ongoing terror investigation. we've seen fbi agents here all morning going in to this friday chicken restaurant also conducting their investigation in the home above it. we've also seen atf agents here, we've seen state police. we're also hearing several reports that this is the last known address of ahmad. we have not been able to confirm that. but that's what multiple sources, multiple reports are saying. this morning we have also been seeing that the perimeter, the secured perimeter is being widened around here. of course the day is starting, residents are coming on to the street wondering what is happening. everybody has many questions. chris? >> all right, rample, thank you very much. let us know what you figure out from the scene. there are a lot of different operations going on with this investigation right now. there was a stop of a vehicle that was going over the verrazano bridge, authorities believe that those men may have been suggestive of a wider group of people at work.
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again that man that we keep putting up on your screen, that is the focus of the investigation right now. a manhunt for this man, 1-800-577-tips. he is on the run. authorities do not know where he is. they are asking for your help. now another piece of this place was that this investigation is that there was another bomb near a train station in elizabeth, new jersey. so for that part let's get to cnn's jean casarez live at the scene with the latest. they brought in the robot to try and keel with it. what do we know? >> what we know is this is an active situation right now. it's a crime scene. a crime scene investigation is going on. they say if you see something, say something. this is an example of that last night at 9:30, 2 men waukd by a trash can here in elizabeth new jersey next to a pub near the train station. they saw a back pack. they thought there might be something in it. so they got it, they took it under the train tracks, they
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oepd it up and they saw a pipe and they saw wiers. they then went to local authorities and said we think we've got something serious here and what you are looking at right there is when that robot went in to actually rectify the situation. it accidentally detonated one of the bombs in there. and we are hearing that there were four bombs in there. at least four. multiple devices. so at that point the fbi is called in and all sources. they now have it in a safe container. they will be shipping it to quantico, virginia, for all forensic evidence. but they also, we understand, found some surveillance video from that pub and overnight they've been going over that video to see if there are any identities of someone who would have taken that back pack and put it in that trash can. chris? >> all right jean thank you very much. let us know what you learn as you learn it. now to minnesota. there was another attack there. didn't involve an explosive, and
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the authorities know who did it. they identified the suspect in this weekend's stabbing spree at a minnesota shopping mall, an isis linked news agency is taking responsibility, praising the attacker as a quote soldier of the islamic state. cnn's rosa flores is live in saint cloud, minnesota. what do we know? chris we're learning new details from community leaders here. and also from cnn law enforcement sources who are identifying the suspect in this case as dahir adan. he lived in this community, a 22-year-old. worked for a private security company. went to college. his parents lived in the apartment complex you see behind me. this attack happened on saturday night at about 8:15 p.m. authorities say that a man wearing a private security uniform walked into the mall, made a reference to allah, asked people there if they were muslim
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before attacking them with a knife. by the end of the night, nine people were stabbed. now authorities say this could have been so much worse if it wasn't for an off-duty police officer who was at the mall. jason falconer from nearby avon. they say that he sprung into action. he shot and killed the suspect. even when the suspect was lunging at him. now, a news agency linked to isis is claiming responsibility, and saying that this individual was a soldier of the islamic state. cnn of course cannot independently confirm that. we do know that the fbi is investigating this as a possible act of terrorism. alisyn? >> rosa, thank you very much. let's go back to our top story. we want to put up the picture of this man police say is connected to the new york city bombings. this is the person on your screen. ahmad khan rahami. we want to bring in wisconsin senator ron johnson he's chairman of the senate homeland security committee.
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senator, thanks so much for being with us on this very busy morning. >> morning. isn't it great news we already have the picture and the name of the perpetrator? at least one of them? great police work, you know, our hats off to the men and women in blue. >> absolutely. they are moving with incredible alacrity trying to bring all of this together and certainly to the public. you know, tv is powerful. tv can find this person. and so they're doing all the right stuff. but as chairman of the homeland committee, what do you know? i mean how -- do you believe that this was the work of a cell and that he's connected to them? >> well the news reporters do a whole lot better job of getting information out quickly. we have to wait for the fbi to actually release it to us so listen i don't have any more information than what's already being reported. this story is moving very fast. but here's what's disconcerting, you had multiple attacks, multiple bombs, probably multiple perpetrators it sounds like. so looks like it's a cell. we had a stabbing up in saint cloud, minnesota. alisyn, i travel around wisconsin and i ask wisconsinites have you ever
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heard of sami hams? how about the masonic center in milwaukee? his plot was foiled but he said he'd be 100% happy if 30 wisconsinites were slaughtered in his planned terrorist attack. so saint cloud, minnesota, milwaukee, wisconsin, new york, new jersey, san bernardino, orlando, you know this threat is real. it is growing, and it's metastasizing. cia director john brennan said all of our efforts, two years, over two years since president obama stated our goal related to isis is defeated isis remains a formidable, resilient and largely cohesive enemy. all of our efforts have not reduced their terrorist capability and their global reach. that's a pretty sad assessment of the lack of leadership, lack of activity addressing the root cause of this problem which is islamic state and islamic terrorism. >> obviously it's a chilling assessment of the idea that nothing has reduced their impact because we also hear that when their territory is shrunk it does release their impact.
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you don't buy that? >> no. the analogy i use is a bee hive in your backyard. we all know what we have to do. you've got to take it out. but what president obama in effect is doing is he's poking that hive with a stick. he's doing some damage, stirring up the nest. they are leaving the nest, they're setting up different hives. isis is metastasizing, evolving. we talked about lone wolves. now we're talking about wolf packs potentially directed in brussels, istanbul, and you know, nobody knows this situation right here. but we know as long as isis exists they're going to be -- they're going to continue to inspire -- >> so if air strikes are not the answer, what do you think -- >> america has to show leadership. >> what's that look like? >> not the number of troops, not the massive effort. like george h.w. bush did in the first gulf war, he assembled a committed coalition of the willing, stated the objective and assembled those countries. people don't realize but our coalition members paid for 85% of that effort. they provided close to 250,000 troops. we have got to defeat isis --
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>> basically ground troops is what you're saying? >> i've talked to high administration officials who do confide and say listen if we did this, if we led we could take out isis in two months. >> with ground troops? >> yes, well who else is going to do it? who else is going to do it? we've been sitting here for two years. we have not defeated isis and here again we're sitting here on a monday morning, and we've seen pipe bombs and pressure cooker bombs and stabbing in saint cloud. aren't you getting sick of it? you know -- >> but i mean so -- >> this isn't going away. >> in other words you're saying if the u.s. led with ground troops into syria, that then that would stamp out isis? we always hear about the ideology. it's an ideology that's already taken root here. >> we have to deny them that territory. we have to destroy that caliphate and got to be tenaciously relentless in hunting down islamic terrorists wherever they reside. i'm not saying this is something we're going to accomplish in six months or two years. this is a generational war. but the blunders, the strategic blunder of historic proportions
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of this administration was not leaving a stabilizing force behind in iraq. we have not remained relentless and we have to. >> donald trump was just on a different morning show and he talked about what he predicts for the future. so let me play that for you. >> it's a mess. and it's a shame, and we -- we're going to have to be very tough. i think maybe we're going to be seeing a big change over the last couple of days. i think this is something that maybe we'll get -- will happen perhaps more and more all over the country. >> what do you mean? more terror strikes? >> yeah. because we've been weak. our country has been weak. we're letting people in by the thousands and tense of thousands. i've been saying you've got to stop it. >> senator, what do you think about that? that he predicts that this will happen more and more across the country? is that the right tone? >> i can't predict anything. other than i do know, as john brennan stated, we've not reduced their capabilities. president obama declared an end to the war, right? did it end? there's only two ways to end a war. you either defeat the enemy, or
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both sides lay down their arms. isis is not laying down their arms. they continue to inspire. yes we're making some progress. you know, inching away or nicking away at that caliphate. because it's more difficult for foreign fighters to come into syria and iraq, isis is telling people kill in place. that's probably what we're seeing here. i can't for sure say it. take a look at the picture of the perpetrator here and somehow you just might assume that whether it's directly inspired or directed, it's probably inspired in some way, shape or form by what's happening over in the middle east. >> you're obviously blaming president obama for much of this. >> no, no. i blame islamic terrorists. but i do -- i do say that president obama, by bugging out of iraq, rather than heeding the lessons of history as we did in germany, japan and south korea leaving a stabilizing force behind, we allowed isis to rise from the ashes. >> i mean look you know the other side says that president bush declared mission accomplished prematurely and went in, and to iraq and upset the apple cart there you know
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that that that -- >> even vice president biden said iraq was a spectacular success as they were bugging out. yeah, we had to leave that stabilized force behind. so again, you know, we have to heed the lessons of history. we have to look at the root cause and right now the first root cause is that the -- caliphate exists. they hold that territory. we have to deny them that territory, destroy that caliphate, and then again, with a committed coalition of the civilized world, we've got to remain tenacious and find and root out islamic terrorists wherever they reside. it's a generational struggle. it's already been a generational struggle. >> senator ron johnson thanks so much for being here on "new day." >> all right we're going to have more breaking coverage. the man on your screen, he is the focus. there is a massive man hunt that police are having right now. they need your help. he's about 5'6", 200 pounds. 28 years old. if you see him, say something. make this call. do not approach him yourself. he is believed to be armed and dangerous by authorities,
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we're staying on breaking news. police are looking for the man on your screen right now. his name, ahmad khan rahami. he's believed to be 28 years old. he's believed to be about 5'6", 200 pounds. last known residence was in new jersey. authorities don't know where he is right now. they believe he could be armed
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and dangerous. they want you not to approach him. they want you to call them. you see the number on your screen. 1-800-577-tips. 1-800-577-tips. authorities say this is the man at the center of the explosion of that bomb in chelsea. they believe that that explosive device, and the others that have been found in new jersey and also in new york are connected in some way. they may be looking for more than this man, but this is the key. so if you see him, say something. let's bring in white house press secretary josh earnest, josh it's good to have you with us. we know you're here with the president because of the g-8. we want to talk to you about that but the your honorensy involved. we haven't heard from the president yet. he was getting on a plane as the explosions happened. no word from the white house. why not? >> listen, the president's been getting updated through the night and even already this morning by his national security team about the latest of the investigation. obviously this is something we're following closely. there are a bunch of federal resources up here in new york because of the u.n. general
5:21 am
assembly meetings over the course of this week. so federal officials are deeply involved here and i think it's likely you'll get a chance to hear from the president relatively soon. >> and it's important, though, isn't it, josh, because i mean of course you had almost 30 people who were injured. all of them thank god are out of the hospital. but lives have changed forever. the country's afraid. we don't know where this guy is that they're looking for. there may have been a cell at play that went somewhat undetected. time for leadership. where's our leader? >> listen, i think the president will have an opportunity to address this later today. what we're focused on is making sure we're letting the federal investigators who are on the job lead the course of this investigation and follow the facts and get to the bottom of exactly what's happened. they're obviously working through the night. we saw first responders respond heroically on saturday night to save lives and look out for innocent people. our investigators are continuing to do really good work to get to the bottom of what exactly happened here. the president's fully supporting them. he's the one that's in the loop being updated on this regularly. but look chris this raises a bunch of broader questions about what we need to do to make sure
5:22 am
we're keeping the country safe and protecting -- >> is this a reflection of a reality that we are not safe? that this cell was able, if it is a cell, you know, this is very early in the investigation. >> right. >> but if there was some number of people planning to do harm, and they went undetected, if this can just happen and it can't be stopped on, you know, every time, obviously, is it a reflection of the fact that we're not that safe? >> no i think we are safe. and there's no denying after 15 years we just observed the anniversary of 9/11, our country is much better equipped to prevent those kinds of attacks. that is a testament to our men and women in the military who have worked very hard overseas to apply pressure to terrorist organizations that want to do harm to the united states. in fact just earlier this month the united states military took two different strikes against senior isil figures. these are two plotters, adnani who is responsible for some of the plotting in europe, and another senior external plotter from isil. so we're continuing to apply significant pressure to senior leaders in isil who might want to do us harm.
5:23 am
the other thing we have to do chris is we have to acknowledge that one of the other difficult things to do is to try and disrupt these sort of loep wolf activities. it's hard to get inside the mind of an individual. it's easier to disrupt plots. we have more capability to disrupt those kinds of plots than it is to try to disrupt and prevent a lone wolf. the president's acknowledged that that is a big challenge. so what we have seen is dhs do a much better job of working with online companies, google, twitter, facebook, and others that are coordinating with the federal government to shut down the channels that we know that isil and other extremist groups are using to propagate their hateful, bankrupt ideology. >> the fbi just put out a bolo, be on the look out for, just so you understand that this is the urgency. this is the man that they want in connection with what happened in chelsea. that explosive device a pressure cooker bomb it was believed they believe is connected in terms of the material involved and technology involved with bombs that were found also in new jersey and mutt imlocations.
5:24 am
one of them went off during a marine sponsored race. ahmad khan rahami. 5'6", about 200 pounds. authorities want your help not in apprehending the suspect they believe he could be armed and dangerous. last known address elizabeth, new jersey so people in and around that area bad guys like this when they're on the run tend to start very close to home. so if you see something, call. 1-800-577-tips. now the face of the man on this screen. the name. he's a naturalized citizen here. he is from afghanistan. it raises the specter of the fear, the xenophobia of those who are getting into this country and whether they are efficiently vetted in a way that has to be done. we know. but can it be done well enough? this is a big, big issue in this campaign. is this a reflection of not getting it done? >> well, chris, i don't want to speak to any individual suspects or individuals who are wanted right now. what i can tell you is that we
5:25 am
are, when it comes to isil, we are in a fight, a narrative fight with them. a narrative battle. and what isil wants to do is they want to project that they are an organization that is representing islam in a fight and a war against the west, and a war against the united states. that is a bankrupt, false narrative. it's a mythology. and we have made progress in debunking that mythology. isil was a group that was viewed as on the move and on the march when they made a bunch of progress in iraq a couple of summers ago. but since that time we have worked with iraqi security forces. we've taken back more than half of the territory that they previously controlled. we made important progress inside of syria taking back 25% of the ground they previously controlled there. we've taken senior isil plotters off the battlefield. so we have made progress in debunking this mythology that somehow isil is waging this war. here's another element of this fight. we can't play into this narrative that somehow the united states or the west is against -- is fighting against the muslim religion.
5:26 am
the fact is there are millions of patriotic muslims in this country right now that make our country proud. they serve in our armed services. they serve in our law enforcement. they are adoctors. they are teachers. they are lawyers. they are nurses. these are individuals who make a substantial, and positive contribution to our country. and isil would rat -- that is an inconvenient fact for the isil narrative and we can't paint with a broad brush. we can't suggest and, and, and hold under suspicion individuals as possible terrorists just because of the of the way that they worship god. that is, that is contrary to what we believe as americans. it also undermines our fight against isil. >> that gets into the a doing of this election. many as you know in the intelligence community believe that our cultural assimilation of muslims and really everybody who comes to america is a big reason we haven't seen more home-grown threats as we're seeing in europe now there are other factors as well of course but it gets us into the dialogue of this election and there does seem to be this tension between
5:27 am
do we come together or do we exacerbate what is apart? president obama weighed in in an interesting way. he was speaking to african-american voters. and he said, basically, i would see it as an insult to my legacy if black voters don't come out for hillary clinton. that is unusually strong language for him and it's an unusual message. it would be an insult to my legacy if you don't come out for her. what's the impact of that supposed to be from his perspective? >> i think the impact is to send a clear message to the president's supporters across the country that even though his name is on the ballot he feels passionately about the outcome of this race. and it's important for people to understand that if they're wondering. many people have been very dismayed at the rhetoric that we've seen in the context of this political debate. a lot of peopleville been turned off by politics because of the rhetoric that's been coming from the republican side and there's a tendency to want to just shut it out and ignore it and the president is saying the stakes are too high.
5:28 am
even though my name is on the -- is not on the ballot, the progress that we've made is because the republican candidate is promising to undo all of that to roll it all back so the president despite the fact that he's not on the ballot feels very passionately about the outcome of this race and feels like it's important for people to be engaged particularly people who had not previously been involved in politics but got engaged in support of his campaign for the very first time. the president's making the case to them that they should stay engaged. >> joosh earnest. we know we're expecting the president. he's going to speak at the g-8 today. we expect to hear what he says about the ongoing investigation here. we appreciate you giving us an advance on what we're going to hear. >> appreciate it. >> always a pleasure. alisyn. >> what would libertarian candidate gary johnson do about terror threats? governor johnson joins us next.
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continue to follow all of the breaking news. there is a massive manhunt under way. the fbi looking for this man, he is 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami. he is wanted in connection with the bombing in new york city on saturday that injured dozens of people. joining us now to discuss national security is libertarian presidential candidate gary johnson. governor johnson thanks so much for being here.
5:32 am
>> alisyn, thank you for having me on. >> what would president johnson do about the terror threat of home grown cells? >> well, first of all, what happened in new york just really glad that nobody was killed. having been governor of new mexico, i'm -- was always amazed with law enforcement and just how qualified they are. just how on the scene they are. just how they have better ideas with regard to how to go forward than anybody else. already there is a suspect that's been identified. to me what that says is look, we've got a system that is working. of course, constantly you're looking to improve on things in this country. i would be overseeing the improvement that obviously could take place. the fact that we interviewed the fbi interviewed the shooter in orlando on a couple of occasions. obviously the system is working up to a certain point. but the fbi has real good ideas
5:33 am
on how to proceed that the shooter in orlando wouldn't have fallen through the cracks. >> but obviously -- >> suspects -- >> sorry to interrupt you but it didn't work -- >> yeah, right, right. >> clearly there's something that needs to be fixed. >> well, clearly. and i'll bet, and i wish i had this intelligence, i would love to sit down with the fbi right now, and understand from them what direction they would like to take forward -- they would like to take forward. clearly, you know, they dropped the ball. i would suspect that they recognize that better than anyone else. and we are in a process here. and we all have to work together to you know, to see these threats, to see actions like this not occur in the future. >> yeah. >> but it's really a collaborative effort and as president of the united states, you know, you're going to be the arbiter in chief over all of
5:34 am
this. and it's why i -- it's why i'm seeking the job. i just -- i just found it to be incredibly challenging, interesting, and interesting from the standpoint of always trying to make things better. >> yeah. >> i mean that's as humankind. as citizens of this country. >> yeah. >> that's what we want to see. >> but, but, but, governor what you're talking about is being reactive, the fbi doing a better investigation once they get a tip or once something happens like a bombing. what about stamping out isis ideology? what's the plan for that? >> well, that it is taking place. that we do have millions of muslims that live in this country that are contributing members in this country, look i think that we are -- i think it started with regime change at the very beginning, and why is this the case to begin with? but you know, looking at the source, looking at lone wofls, i
5:35 am
hate that term, but looking at inspired isis attacks, you know, are we ever going to be able to prevent that? well, we should certainly be engaged in trying to make that happen. i don't know if this is so much reactive. i mean obviously there's a lot of pro-action going on and in our case, you know, more pro-action that we should set up a task force, an enhanced task force to actually deal with potential tips, and how there would be a follow-up. look, resources, direct resources in areas that are going to make a difference, take resources away in areas that aren't making any difference. >> governor i want to talk about your campaign. you did not -- you found out this weekend you did not qualify for the first debate stage. i know that that was a big blow to you. you had been hoping to get there. there are also reports that your running mate, vp nominee bill weld is considering actually dropping off tt ticket.
5:36 am
because he's concerned at this point that a vote for both of you would deny hillary clinton a vote and therefore help elect donald trump. can you tell us about that? >> well, you know, that i'm polling higher right now than ross perot was when he was invited to do the first debate. and let's remember that at a point he was actually leading in the polls to become president before a whole bunch of stuff happened of which i couldn't even offer you an explanation. him dropping out. >> sure. >> him coming back in. no bill weld is in this for the long haul. and beyond my wildest dreams bill weld is my running mate and look, we don't think either side office the alternative that americans really want. and it's a combination of being
5:37 am
fiscally conservative. small government. i don't think hillary offers that. i think bill is really concerned that hillary is going to grow government, taxes are going to go up, and that there has been pay to play. there's been pay to play and really big questions on these e-mails that for bill weld have recently been raised. so, no. no chance bill weld drops out. we're in this for the long haul. we still think there's an opportunity to win. of course it would be to be in these last couple of debates. >> yeah. >> you know, the fact that i didn't have to do the first debate, gosh, and still get elected, maybe that will end up to be a positive. less work, huh? >> i like the silver lining. governor gary johnson. thanks so much for being on "new day." great to see you. let's get over to chris. >> all right, thank you very much. obviously the main story, this man on your screen right now. this is the man wanted in connection with the bombing in new york city. he is the focus of a huge manhunt. there's a number for you to
5:38 am
call, 1-800-577-tips. is he part of a larger terror cell? what does it mean that he's from afghanistan? we're going to talk to our security experts next. ♪ mapping the oceans. where we explore. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency. developing more clean burning natural gas. my job? my job at exxonmobil? turning algae into biofuels. reducing energy poverty in the developing world. making cars go further with less. fueling the global economy.
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this is cnn breaking news. all right. there are a lot of new details to tell you about in and around the new york city bombing investigation. the man on your screen is still the head line. this is the man that authorities want to talk to in connection with the explosion in chelsea and maybe the other devices found in new york and in new jersey. his name ahmad khan ra mammy. he's believed to be 28 years
5:42 am
old. about 5'6". about 200 pounds. last known place of residence, elizabeth, new jersey. if you see him, do not approach him. authorities say he could be armed and dangerous. they want you to call the number on your screen. 1-800-577-tips. all right let's talk about what we know and what it shows to investigators in a larger terror picture. cnn terrorism analyst paul crook shank, cnn law enforcement analyst and former fbi director tom fuentes. and cnn crime and justice producer. shimon, you are really heading up what we know from authorities. where are they now in terms of not just this man, but who else can be connected to him? >> they're working through that. they have talked to some people as we know they stopped the car overnight with some, about five people in the car. we don't know what the connection is. we believe the people who were
5:43 am
stopped may be may know some of the people involved. we also know that they had raided for searched the home in elizabeth, new jersey overnight. this seems to be centered around elizabeth, new jersey right now. the reason they're looking for this individual is because they believe, now they're cautioning us, they believe he is the man on the video that we have been describing since yesterday in chelsea, seen around the area where the explosion occurs, and also seen again on 27th street with this duffel bag where they eventually found the pressure cooker. >> we have been wondering what the significance of this guy is. that would make sense if he was the one on the surveillance video. isis not claiming responsibility. how significant is that to you? >> deafening silence from isis on this one. so far. and if you think about the suspect, he was born in afghanistan, came to the united states. if there is, indeed, a overseas terror connection we do not know that at this point bought
5:44 am
governor cuomo at least raised the possibility this morning. investigators will look at groups like the pakistan taliban like al qaeda. the pakistani taliban were a group that directed the times square attack attempted attack in may of 2010. this may have -- this may have no isis connection whatsoever. but yet we've yet to hear any claim from any overseas group. and investigators don't know if this has a foreign connection yet. >> faisal shaz add was a big wake-up call. he had a legitimate life here and to the surprise of everybody in that man's life, including his own family, he was just waiting to be activated all along. tom fuentes that tax us to the concern about how does it grow out from this man, there was reporting early on from authorities when they stopped that car on the verrazano, there's a group, there may have been a cell in elizabeth, new jersey.
5:45 am
how do they look at that type of investigation? >> well in the first place, chris, they'll be looking at whatever communication devices he had. so his cell -- or has, still has, cell phones that he may have used. if they believe that the dumpster bomb on 23rd street, the first bomb exploded in new york, was detonated by a cell phone call, then that a cell phone went through the chelsea phone towers, at that time when that bomb was detonated. there may have been another attempt using that phone to detonate the second device on 27th street and again the two individuals that removed that pressure cooker from the duffel bag may have disturbed the wiring which may have caused it to not detonate. that may have been disabled accidentally by those guys. and that's why it didn't detonate. but they would have cell phone connections trying to detonate it. so that's one aspect of it. and then looking at does he have social media accounts? who was he in communication with and how?
5:46 am
or is he using dark apps which the fbi is not going to be able to penetrate and it's much more difficult for the investigation. then you've got all of the video cameras that we've talked about as shimon mentioned that have helped identify him as carrying the duffel bag or dragging the rolling duffel bag around. but you also have all of the street cameras, the toll bridge and tunnel cam ras that would show the vehicles coming and going from new jersey and possibly from elizabeth, new jersey. so they'd be trying to piece together all of the highway video that's available to the police and to the fbi, showing the movement of in particular that subaru vehicle or other vehicles that may be associated with him. >> right. that brings us to the traffic stop that was made near the verrazano bridge. do we know and there were i think five people questioned. >> yes. >> do we know what that guy in the wanted poster's connection is to those people? >> no we don't. but what we do know is that we've been told by authorities that they may be from the
5:47 am
elizabeth, new jersey area. again, everything right now seems to be centered around elizabeth, new jersey where the fbi is conducting its search. perhaps maybe this guy lived there or they thought he was there and they went in and he wasn't there so this now has started this manhunt. >> this is the first successful attack in new york city since september 11th. we heard that from outgoing commissioner bill bratton. you know it's an interesting reminder. today is the first day on the job for ee neil, the new commissioner of the new york police department. what a day to start your job. should this be seen as a failure if there was an operation of more than one individual going on multiple devices left in multiple areas, and they were never even on the radar, should that be a concern? >> well we'll have to see how things shake out. but clearly from the nypd fbi point of view they view any attack that could get through as a failure to some agree. they don't want any attacks to get through. but we'll see whether there were sort of any missed warning
5:48 am
sienz. but the testment that the efforts of the fbi and nypd over the years that we have not seen other attacks as there have been plenty of plots chris. >> tom, paul, shimon, thank you very much. appreciate the perspective. the first presidential debate is one week from tonight. so how will the terror bombings now affect the debates and the 2016 race? our political director joins us next. ve colitis or crohn's, and your symptoms have left you with the same view, it may be time for a different perspective. if other treatments haven't worked well enough, ask your doctor about entyvio, the only biologic developed and approved just for uc and crohn's. entyvio works by focusing right in the gi-tract to help control damaging inflammation and is clinically proven to begin helping many patients achieve both symptom relief as well as remission. infusion and serious allergic reactions can happen during or after treatment. entyvio may increase risk of infection, which can be serious. while not reported with entyvio, pml,
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yp update on the breaking news. authorities are looking for this man on your screen in connection with saturday's bombing in new york city that injured 29 people. take a look there if you know anything call the number on your screen. 1-800-577-tips. how does what happen this weekend impact the first presidential debate? one week from tonight as well as the entire race. david chalian is here to talk about the politics connected to this. david thanks so much for being here. where are the polls right now david in terms of who voters believe is stronger on fighting terrorism? clinton or trump?
5:52 am
>> so in our most recent poll alisyn trump had about a five or six point lead on that question. who can better handle terrorism? but that is not the full story. it's a really interesting thing when you dig in a little deeper here because when asked who can better handle the responsibilities of commander in chief, hillary clinton edges donald trump out. when asked, who could better handle foreign policy, hillary clinton has a big lead. who is the stronger leader? that's a donald trump strength. and who's got the temperament for the office? that's a big hillary clinton strength. so it seems to me, if you break it all down, if you're going to have an emotional response to this where you just want brute strength and response, you're probably going to tend to find donald trump's response to this a bit more appealing. if you're looking for someone to sort of detail a policy proposal of what built in to this moment and what the detailed policies are to get out of this moment and how somebody should handle this with some caution perhaps in the oval office, you might lend yourself to be a hillary clinton supporter.
5:53 am
>> but david, context matters. we're talking about in a debate. okay. you're going to have a moderator who is clued in to these things. you're going to have an opponent to check you in realtime. if we look at what's going on here right now, trump said it was a bomb. he was right. he says it's a mess. he says our leaders are stupid and that this is going to happen a lot more. you say that kind of incendiary, empty rhetoric on a debate stage next to your opponent with a moderator there to push the discussion you're at risk, aren't you? >> you are potentially at risk, although it also may be what a lot of the american electorate is looking to hear. so yes, you're at risk for perhaps being exposed as you said because the moderator and your opponent are going to push deeper and deeper. it's not just one sound bite and move on. the way these debate rules are set up is you're talking about 15 minutes dedicated to a specific topic yair. and it's all about digging deeper.
5:54 am
we haven't seen donald trump do that a ton throughout this election and yet -- >> a ton. >> -- it could be -- but it could be, chris, that his -- his qualities of being seen as the stronger leader, as being seen as better on terrorism, just because of his rhetorics, could be still quite appealing especially in the context of a recent attack. >> we have a short example of the candidates' different styles when they got this news that there was a bombing in new york and this threat they both made statements and they were quite different. take a listen to this. >> just before i got off the plane, a bomb went off in new york. we better get very tough, folks. we better get very, very tough. >> i think it's always wiser to wait until you have information before making conclusions. >> sort of see their signature styles there, understated, versus, you know, donald trump just sort of sizing it all up, even without the details.
5:55 am
>> yeah, listen, i think hillary clinton it was apparent had a very clear intent on saturday night to want to draw that contrast alisyn with donald trump. you know, saying i think you have to wait to get information. trying again to portray him as just too risky, never mind that it might be seen as some empty rhetoric and he doesn't have the policy goods to back it up. but too risky because he's too quick to jump on something without all the information. i have little doubt that today on the campaign trail both candidates obviously will address this. but you're going to see the clinton campaign want to draw this contrast again just like you're going to see donald trump as he was tweeting last night trying to say that the obama/clinton policies have allowed us to get to this moment. >> confidence versus competence. that's what you see in the two approaches. >> interesting way to size it up. david chalian, thanks so much for being here with your perspective. >> thanks, guys. >> much more of cnn's breaking coverage will continue when "newsroom" with carol costello begins after this very short break. we'll see you tomorrow. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake.
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each day was fueled by thorough preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way, emily went right on living. but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. ...which meant she continued to have the means to live on... ...even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. this is cnn breaking news. and good morning. i'm carol costello, thank you so much for joining me. we begin with breaking news. officials now say it is possible an active terror cell could be
6:00 am
operating in the new york, new jersey area. investigators are on the hunt for this man, ahmad khan rahami after a string of terrifying weekend bombings. here's what we know right now. this man is 28 years old. he's a new jersey resident. he was born in afghanistan. police want to talk to him about the new york explosion, and believe he could be the man seen on surveillance videos. mayor bill de blasio now calling on the public for help. >> i want to make it very clear that this individual could be armed and dangerous. he should be treated as armed and dangerous. anyone seeing him should call 911 immediately. but we definitely have now someone that we want to get in immediately for questioning. >> this is a fast-moving situation. this morning we've learned a number of new details, including that explosions in new york and new jersey may be linked. part of the investigation unfolding right now in elizabeth, new jersey where police are


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