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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  September 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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operating in the new york, new jersey area. investigators are on the hunt for this man, ahmad khan rahami after a string of terrifying weekend bombings. here's what we know right now. this man is 28 years old. he's a new jersey resident. he was born in afghanistan. police want to talk to him about the new york explosion, and believe he could be the man seen on surveillance videos. mayor bill de blasio now calling on the public for help. >> i want to make it very clear that this individual could be armed and dangerous. he should be treated as armed and dangerous. anyone seeing him should call 911 immediately. but we definitely have now someone that we want to get in immediately for questioning. >> this is a fast-moving situation. this morning we've learned a number of new details, including that explosions in new york and new jersey may be linked. part of the investigation unfolding right now in elizabeth, new jersey where police are conducting a raid. and just after midnight, a bomb
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exploded when police cut a wire in a backpack with five devices. it was found in a trash can outside a bar near a train station. cnn is covering this story from all angles. we have reporters on the ground in new york and new jersey. but let's begin with cnn investigative producer shimon prokupecz. shimon, bring us up to date. first let's start with an active terror cell because that sounds quite ominous. >> this is probably going to be the first time that new york city has had to deal with something like this. at least that we know of. >> they say lone wolves -- >> correct. >> but this is a cell. >> this is an organized group, perhaps. we don't know how many people were involved. could be anywhere from 6 to 12. we've been told less than a dozen. what's significant is we really have not had something like this in this sort of new era of terrorism that we live in. we don't know if it's being directed by isis or someone else
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or who was behind it. all we know is that there is a group of individuals authorities have been searching for for the last 48 hours. things have moved very quickly here. >> mayor de blasio intimated that this cell may be being instructed internationally. do we know that for sure? >> no. we don't know that for sure. i don't know that necessarily if the mayor said that or maybe the governor. there has been some talk -- >> there's been conflicting information. >> there has been. evan perez and i have not been given any indication either way. initially, the mayor had said that there was no terrorism involved with this. so you know, perhaps maybe now the mayor is taking a different stance on this. initially the mayor had said that you know it's just too soon to tell whether this was -- >> we don't know how big this group may be. >> no. all we know is we believe less than a dozen and certainly authorities believe that. as they're doing searching like the one in new jersey and other places that we may not even know about, they are finding clues, they're finding new things and working off those clues and conducting their investigation is going in different
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directions. >> okay. let's concentrate on the suspect right now. this 28-year-old man. what do we know about him? >> we know his last known address is elizabeth, new jersey. we know he's 28. we know that he's from afghanistan. he's a naturalized citizen. and that's really all we know right now. we believe based on what law enforcement has told us that he is seen on video at the explosion site in chelsea on 23rd street, and on 27th street. they believe he's on that video. this is why they want to question him. so now authorities are out searching for him. there was some indication that authorities knew where he was or at least had some idea of where he was. because they're not just learning his name this morning. they've had his name for quite some time. but there's probably a reason why we're just learning of it this morning. perhaps their leads have dried up and so now they're out searching and continuing to search and they have not found him so now they're asking the public for their help. >> he's a naturalized american citizen. we don't -- he was born in
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afghanistan. >> yes. >> we don't know when he came into the united states. >> we still don't know. that's something we're trying to figure out. we've not been told when he came here. certainly there's a huge, huge manhunt right now under way for him around new york city really. >> they're asking for the public's help, too. >> yes. >> that's why we have his wanted poster, the fbi put out a poster and we're going to be showing you a phone number throughout the morning. you can call this number. i'd love for us to put the number up right now. call that number that we're about to show you there it is, 1-800-577-tips. if you've seen this man you know this man please call in to that tip line and help police track him down because he could provide vital information into what happened over the weekend. all right. so the search for this man comes as -- comes as police surveillance video shows the same person was seen at both chelsea locations on saturday night. cnn's jessica schneider is following that angle for us. what are you learning? >> well, carol, we knew that video surveillance would be key to this investigation. police commissioner james
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o'neill said it yesterday, and now it turns out that two key pieces of video taken right here in the chelsea neighborhood of manhattan have led the police and the fbi to release that wanted poster for 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami. they're now looking for him as you mentioned. now let me piece it together for you. investigators found two pieces of video, one from right here at west 23rd street where that explosion happened saturday night. the other four blocks north at west 27th. they say the same man appeared in both locations in that surveillance video, and he was seen wheeling a duffel bag. now the duffel bag was here at 23rd, also at 27th. they say that two other men were also seen in the video after the first man left, going in to the duffel bag, and pulling out a white plastic garbage bag that investigators believe contained that unexploded pressure cooker. now authorities now believe that the man seen in both locations is, in fact, 28-year-old ahmad
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chan rahami. we understand he's a u.s. naturalized citizen originally born in afghanistan in 1988. his last known address was in elizabeth, new jersey where all that activity has taken place overnight. this all suggesting that nexus to foreign terrorism, and new york governor an drew cuomo talked about that possibility this morning on "new day." take a listen. >> i wouldn't be surprised if we do find a foreign connection to the act. yesterday we were saying that in pie opinion it was clearly an act of terrorism. it was a dangerous act. it appeared designed to intimidate civilian population. you set off two bombs in new york city. not to mention new jersey, and that is an act of terrorism. the question was whether foreign related. i think that answer might be coming today.
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>> while that search speeds forward this is all still very active investigation. west 23rd street still shut down behind me. just moments ago i saw the fbi evidence team searching here on the street. so this is an active investigation, and now an active manhunt, as well. carol? >> all right, jessica schneider reporting live from manhattan and chelsea this morning. let's bring in cnn's jean casarez in elizabeth, new jersey, where police are on site in union county searching the area near a train station where bombs were placed in the trash can. they found those bombs just after midnight. jean, what can you tell us? >> we are right here in elizabeth, new jersey. there is an fbi search warrant continuing to be executed here in elizabeth at a secondary location. it is close to where that back pack was found last night about 9:30. let me take you there. it was 9:30 last night and two men were walking by. just a trash can 23450er a pub close to the train station.
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they saw a back pack. they took it out. took it under the train rails where the train was traveling. and they opened it. believing something was in it. and they saw a pipe and wires. so they left. and they went to authorities saying this is serious. and that's where the bomb squad came in. i think what you just saw right there was an explosion, because when a robot went in to try to rectify the situation, it actually detonated one of the explosives. we understand there were at least four bombs in there. and one went off. so the other four have been contained now in a very solid and safe container. it, along with the fragments from the one that was exploded, will be sent to the fbi to quantico, virginia, for testing. carol? >> all right, jean casarez reporting live from elizabeth, new jersey. we'll get back if anything new develops. thanks so much. so, a possible terror cell in new york city. in new jersey. not lone wolf attacks but possibly this organized group. if that's true, then we're talking about a coordinated terror attack by a group of
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people working together. so let's talk about that. david rhodes is a cnn global affairs analyst. tomb l tom fuentes is former fbi assistant director and art roderick is former assistant director of the u.s. marshal service. welcome to all of you. so david, if this is a cell, how worried should we be? >> well, the fact that they've released, you know, the suspect's name, means they're trying to drive him underground, maybe spook them, block them from carrying out some kind of follow-up attack. but just the number of devices that have been found, it's clearly very alarming. you know, in terms of the foreign connection, it's not clear. he's an afghan but my suspicion if it's any foreign tie it's to isis and syria itself. this will be more a case of a young -- he seems like he had very little -- spent very little part of his life in afghanistan. so maybe a group that radicalized online. the worst case would be if someone had training in syria,
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and came back. that would give them, you know, better skills to carry out the attack. >> here's something that is kind of confusing. there's this terrible stabbing spree at a mall in minnesota, right? isis clamd responsibility for that. but we haven't heard a peep out of isis as it concerns new york and new jersey. why would that be, david? >> it's odd. you would think that isis would sort of leap at the chance to get credit for this. so there's a chance that isis is not directing the cell in new york. again there has been this, you know, we've seen this stream of attacks and it can be, you know, two or three lone wolves who somehow got together and radicalized online. to be fair, not to alarm people, we don't know. law enforcement knows but i certainly don't know at this point. >> let's talk about what law enforcement knows. mayor de blasio says this suspect that everybody's looking for here in new york city is a 28-year-old new jersey resident. he's a naturalized citizen. some people think he may be the bombmaker. do they suspect that because of
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the evidence they found on the scene of that unexploded pressure cooker and the cell phone they found? >> well that's very strong possibility, carol. but you know, this individual, and others associated with him might have already been under investigation. you know the fbi has said it has about 1,000 counterterrorism international terrorism investigations ongoing in all 50 states. so it could be that his name has come up before, and just when these devices went they might have suspected him or others associated with him. and then saw the face in the video from the other night, and put it together that it might be him. also you might have data from the vehicles coming and going from new jersey because they would have gone through toll gate plazas, tunnel plazas, up and down the streets of new jersey and new york and would have come under several traffic cameras, and might have gotten, you know, noticed by that. and we know the police and fbi were searching the subaru that was found yesterday. they were looking at that.
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so that's among the possibilities. and it's also a possibility that the fbi knows where he's at and may have already had him under surveillance in the last day or two, and they're trying to line up others that are secretaried with him, trying to get the whole group as opposed to just one guy and the other group scatters. so there's a lot of possibilities to these kind of investigations behind the scenes that you just don't know about now will come out later in the facts. >> so art, the new york police department is holding over the overnight shift, it's adding patrols to the city transit system. all of that sounds ominous but i suppose they just want to keep people safe. they want to check people's bags throughout the city and they also want the public's help. so what can the public do? >> well i mean obviously if, you know, they've put out the wanted poster. there's a ton of information that they know that we don't know yet that's trickling out very shortly. when you look at how the joint terrorism task forces are set
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up, new york, new jersey, you have multiple agencies that come together. this is exactly the type of case that they were built to do. so you've got all these federal agencies, state and local agencies that come together, bring all this different kind of expertise. you have fbi with counterterrorism, you have u.s. marshals, who are experts at tracking individuals, and locating fugitives. you have atf which are the bomb experts. you have i.c.e. that have overseas connections. new jersey state police. when you put the two jttfs together there's a lot of capability here. they're way down the line in what information they're passing on to us. i think probably one of the comments earlier, that now they're putting out this information, they probably had this individual we're looking at him for the past 48 hours, before they put this information out. some of the leads might have dried up but this is moving very
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fast as far as if you're involved in those two jttfs and information is being shard across lines. one of the interesting things is you've got pipe bombs that are being discovered here in new jersey in these two separate incidents in seaside and up in elizabeth. and yet you've got pressure cookers up in new york, which indicates to me that we've got a very good possibility of more than one bombmaker. but quite a few individuals involved in this conspiracy. >> and just a last question to you, david, because something else confuses me. so, they put pipe bombs in trash cans. some of them unexploded. and, and in chelsea they put, they put the supposedly a pressure cooker bomb in a big garbage bin which would kind of contain the damage, right? it wouldn't hurt as many people. and then they find that one unexploded. what does that tell you about the skill of these suspects? >> there are, you know, questions about their skill which you point out are good things. the fact that they dumped
6:15 am
these -- the bombs last night in elizabeth is a good sign. they're sort of on the run it seems. they're not organized, not preparing another attack. they don't seem to be master bombmakers. but still these are dangerous devices. and it's critical that people contact the authorities if they know, you know, see anything suspicious or know this person. >> you guys are going to stick around and we'll continue the conversation a little later. he represents chelsea in the new york city council. i'll talk to cory johnson about news that a terrorist cell might be operating in new york and new jersey. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, isn't it time to let the real you shine through? introducing otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently.
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an active manhunt under way in new york city this morning. officials now say it is possible an active terror cell could be operating in the new
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york/new jersey area and investigators are on the hunt for this man. his name is ahmad khan rahami. he's 28 years old. he's a naturalized american citizen. he's arrange mali from afghanistan and they're asking you if you know anything, if you've seen this man. if you know this man call the number on your screen, 1-800-577-tips. they do believe this man had some sort of connection with the new york city bombings over the weekend. new york city is on high alert this morning. responding by increasing security with 1,000 extra officers on duty checking bags. cnn has that part of the story now live from new york's penn station. good morning. >> carol, good morning to you. what a big difference we're seeing just with those heavily armed well-trained officers, tactical units, k-9 units and additional national guard members circulating around penn station. but of course they are everywhere in the city as you mentioned a little earlier the nypd actually holding over its
6:21 am
overnight shift officers, and now they are doing patrols this morning, as well. and it is again making a difference. everybody noticing these people stationed. and they're going to be doing bag checks. they're going to have k-9 units on the tracks when it comes to the transit system. and they're asking everyone to be vigilant. at one point we heard a collective sort of ping of people's phones getting that message about the suspect they're looking for. that's helping officers remain vigilant, see something, say something and that's where we stand right now as sort of everything is unfolding not only in the tristate, but also, you can imagine the strain officers are under with the u.n. general assembly beginning today. >> i see people behind you, they seem calm. but what's the mood there at penn station? >> you know, it's somewhat calm, because i have to say, new yorkers, new jersey, people coming in to penn station, they're used to this. but when you walk around you definitely notice a difference because there's just the volume of officers that we're seeing, more so than on a usual day.
6:22 am
but yes, everybody again just remaining vigilant. so yes of course, remaining calm but vigilant, as well. >> officers will be asking people to check their bags randomly throughout the day, throughout the week? >> well, yeah, they're going to have officers stationed at different subway stations here at penn station, as well. but it is going to be random. that's all part of the nypd's process. right? to just go to certain areas that aren't necessarily just times square or the u.n. general assembly but random areas in the city checking bags. having those k-9 units, checking the tracks and subway systems as well to be cautious but also with the suspect's name and picture out there, also looking for this person as well. >> all right. brynn gingras reporting live. officials naming the man wanted for questioning in the chelsea bombing and saying the events in new york city and new jersey suggest a possible terror cell in those states the new york mayor bill de blasio has this message for citizen.
6:23 am
>> our federal partners and certainly the nypd for 15 years have done an extraordinary job of finding any individuals who might have had a plot in mind, or thwarting plots as they were moving. i think people should have confidence that we're very well protected. but there will be moments like this. there will be moments when someone tries something. thank god there were no fatalities the other night. and the important thing is to get this individual quickly and continue to be strong and vigilant. >> joining me now new york city councilman cory johnson his district includes k4e8sy. welcome, sir. >> thank you, carol. >> thanks for being here. the mayor says that the public plays a crucial role here. so in your mind, what can people do to help? >> well, i mean, law enforcement needs the assistance of the public. part of the reason why those
6:24 am
bombs were located last night in elizabeth, new jersey was because people saw something, they said something, then called law enforcement officials immediately. in the case of the boston bombers, a couple of years ago, they were apprehended because the public got involved. we need the same thing here in new york city. i'm here right now at the site on 23rd street. the governor is about to arrive here, and we're heading to penn station on the subway together. where he's going to hold a press conference and give an update on what's currently happening. >> and you guys are going to ride the subway. is that for a reason? >> you know, just to show the public that this subway station is reopened. that people should be using the subway. the subway station 23rd street and 7th avenue the one train that was closed for a little while after the bombing that took place here, so we're here, and the governor's going to
6:25 am
provide more information. the state of new york is supplementing nypd forces with 1,000 additional officers. national guard members. as the city is on high alert. >> when you hear that will are suspicions that there is a terror cell operating within new york, new jersey, that's got to be unsettling. >> oh, i mean it's frightening. you know, this neighborhood that i represent, chelsea, is a residential neighborhood, the home of the largest lgbt community in the city of new york, and west 23rd street and west 27th street i love those two blocks but they're not nondecrypt run of the mile blocks. they're not blocks with military facilities or police facilities. it's not times square or grand central, or the world trade center. these are places that you would never think would be a target. so, it's even scarier that on a warm, busy, bustling saturday
6:26 am
night that this type of threat would happen here in this residential neighborhood. >> it is puzzling that the suspect placed these pressure cooker bombs in garbage bins, and not left them somewhere out on the street or in a restaurant or something like that. >> well, i mean, i'm not of course a counterterrorism expert and i know you guys have had plenty of people on talking about this. but i would say that you know, what i'm hearing, it's similar to what was used in boston, those homemade pressure cookers. stuff that's been in al qaeda manuals in the past. but we have to wait to see if we have more information here on site right now. the fbi is still gathering evidence. i can see them here. they're trying to look at anything that's still on the street, or in the sidewalk, or on the surrounding buildings. so i'm sure we're going to get more information in the hours and days to come.
6:27 am
the no important thing though is if you see something, you know, say something, call 911. contact the nypd. or your local law enforcement agencies in the metropolitan area as they try to hunt down persons of interest. >> all right. councilman corey johnson. thank you so much for being with me this morning. i'll let you get back to it. and stay with us as we continue to cover the breaking news. authoritying looking for this man, wanted for questioning in connection to the new york city bombing. if you have any information contact the fbi. when it comes to healthcare, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live.
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- airbnb has helped me so much financially especially starting my own business. san francisco is such an expensive place to live. the way people work and travel is changing. the guests are now able to stay longer, stay five days, enjoy another day in san francisco and spend more money in the neighborhood. my guests are able to extend their stay and spend more money on activities and restaurants. - the extra income that i get from airbnb has been a huge impact in my life. this is cnn breaking news. we are following breaking news this morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. investigators believe a terror cell is behind the new york city bombing. the explosion in seaside park and the bag of explosives found in elizabeth, new jersey. authorities searching for this
6:32 am
man, his name is ahmad khan rahami. he was born in afghanistan. he is a naturalized american citizen. rahami is believed to be the man seen in surveillance videos at the bombing on 23rd street in chelsea and on 27th street where the pressure cooker was found undetonated. now this man is wanted for questioning in connection to the new york city explosion, and the fbi is asking if you have any information please call them, 1-800-577-tips. if you have any information please do call. the new york governor andrew cuomo is calling the bombing in new york an act of terrorism. this as investigators believe a terror cell could be behind both the bombing in new york city, and the blast at a marine race in seaside park, new jersey on saturday. let's talk about this with the director of the george washington university's program
6:33 am
on extremism. and joining us again cnn's senior law enforcement analyst tom fuentes. thanks to both of you. tom, i just want to start with you with this manhunt. we're finding out a little bit more information about this suspect. he's a naturalized citizen. he was born in afghanistan. we don't know how long he's lived in the united states. but, police seem to have a beat on him and seem to be hot on the trail perhaps? >> well, perhaps, carol. and i think the joint terrorism task force in new york city as well as in new jersey sure are working very closely together on this. and they may have already had reason to be looking at him before all this started. you know, we don't know. and we'll find that out at a later date. so we don't know how much information they have about him. but i would pro-assume it's a lot by this time they've done neighborhood searches, talked to friend, neighbors, checked social media, any phone calls, computers, e-mails, anything they can find on him or their associates.
6:34 am
so there's a good possibility they know a great deal more than we know obviously and that their big -- right now their big concern is the rest of the group. not just him, but are more attacks in the works. is that possible? and this is what we saw in europe, where you know you kept having this repeat of attacks back and forth between france and belgium, because parts of the cell were still out there and still working. even when they had suicide bombers they still had parts of the cells out there. and continuing to do attacks. so that's the main concern right now for everybody in this investigation, is to wrap up everybody if they can before they do something else. >> and of course there's always concern that suspects change their appearance, right? so the new jersey police just released on twitter these alternate pictures of the suspect and there they are. you see him thought hair. he looks quite different in each picture. so this won't be so easy. >> no, none of this is easy.
6:35 am
takes a great deal of work, great deal of expertise to do this. you know, people talk about facial recognition software. but, but facial hair and how much facial hair, and sunglasses, and if they're wearing caps all makes it that much more difficult. there's a lot that just has to come from old-fashioned shoe lither and going out and talking to as many people as possible that know this individual or have worked with him, or students with him. or any other association to learn as much as possible about not just him, but who does he associate with. who is he affiliated with? who are his friends? >> lorenzo it is curious that no one's claimed responsibility for this. in minnesota there was the mall stabbing and isis jumped right on the bandwagon said yes it was one of our recruits. one of our soldiers operating within the united states. but that didn't happen with the bombing in new york city, or the bombs found in new jersey. why do you think that is? >> it's difficult to say at this
6:36 am
point. i think it's too early to say. what we have seen also from some dynamics in europe is that isis claims responsibility for attacks which are carried out by people who have no normal affiliation to it when that individual sends a message to isis. that happened in france several times for example. somebody has no prior connection to isis, but a few hours and not a few minutes before carrying out an attack sends a message to isis saying i'm about to carry out an attack and pledging allegiance. isis then claims responsibility. or they have claimed responsibility for attacks in which no set connection was made but it was clear it was somebody who embraced isis ideology. in this case probably they were basically in the dark as much as we were for a long time about who exactly was behind this. i mean it's difficult to know. i wouldn't be surprised if they were to come up and next few hours or few days claiming responsibility for this as well as they have done in the past. claim responsibility for attacks that took place weeks prior to
6:37 am
their communiques. >> and here's why it may be just so difficult to really figure these out so, so, so the for example the pressure cooker bombs that were the one that was unexploded that was found in new york city. police found christmas lights, flip phones, in that presser cooker and it was very similar to boston but the boston attacks didn't really have anything to do with isis. but christmas lights and flip phones were also found in the san bernardino shooter's home but he was connected to isis. >> i think the reality of it when it comes to a lot of these individuals at the grassroots level whether in the states or in europe, particularly in the states, they really don't care that much about whether it's al qaeda or isis. they embrace the general jihadist ideology. they hate the west, they hate america. they as much as al qaeda and isis are fighting each other on the ground in the middle east, to some degree to home grown radicalized individual, somebody who has no connection to
6:38 am
organized group, those petty squabbles between isis and al qaeda matter only to some agree. so they might pick up instructions from inspire which is the al qaeda magazine, and then also sympathize with isis. to them it's about a general ideology and general hatred for the west. >> all right. tom fuentes, lorenzo vidino, thanks to both of you. apparently investigators are linking this suspect, this naturalized citizen that we've been showing you to the seaside park you know they found explosives there, and they're also connecting him to the bombings in chelsea but not elizabeth, new jersey. we don't know quite why. we don't know quite why we're still investigating that and of course if we get any new information on that we'll pass it along to you. all right still to come, we are learning more about the man who stand nine people at that minnesota mall and also about the man who heroically stopped him. everyone thought i was crazy to open a hotel here. everyone said it's so hard to be a musician,
6:39 am
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i know more about isis then the i'mapprgenerals do. age. s. john mccain, a war hero. he's not a war hero, he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured ok. donald trump compared his sacrifices to the sacrifices of two parents who lost their son in war. how would you answer that father? what sacrifice have you made for your country? i think i've made a lot of sacrifices, built great structures. i've had tremendous success, i think... those are sacrifices?
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all right. hillary clinton is set to address the media at any moment now. we're going to take you out live to white plains where clinton is set to step before the cameras before leaving for philadelphia where she will give a speech amd at millennials. we will monitor the speech and of course bring you any live updates. we do suspect she may talk about what's been happening in the new york, new jersey, minnesota area, as well. also new jersey state police releasing these four pictures of somebody they desperately want to find. this man's name is ahmad khan rahami. he is suspected in the seaside bombing and also in the chelsea bombings. they want this man for questioning. if you have any information about him, if you know him, if you know anybody who knows him, please call 1-800-577-tips. that's the fbi line. please give them any information that you can. these pictures of the very same man. i know it's tough. but please help. we also know now who went on a
6:44 am
stabbing spree at the crossroads center shopping mall in saint cloud, minnesota, over the weekend. the attacker now identified as 22-year-old dahir a. adan. he attended college locally in saint cloud and worked as a private security form. adan stabbed nine people before an off duty police officer name jason falconer shot him to death. falconer is a former police chief in albany. he now works in the nearby town of avon. the minneapolis star tribune says this officer is a medal winning marksman. a firearms trainer. saint cloud's mayor says falconer was in the right place at the right time. >> he clearly prevented additional injuries, and potentially loss of life. his heroic actions are exemplary in having witnessed what he did, as the suspect was lunging at him with the knife. not only did he fire.
6:45 am
the suspect went down, he came back up, on three different occasions. >> after an isis linked news agency called adnan the suspect here a soldier of the islamic state members of the muslim community started fearing a back lash especially against sploil muss limbs. joining me to talk about that is a community leader in minnesota. welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you for being here. do you know this suspect? >> i do not know him personally. >> do you know of him? >> well, yes, i know him through the community, what i'm hearing from the community leaders, neighbors from the city of saint cloud. a lot of neighbors knew him as a quiet person, who really waved at them and didn't have any problems at all.
6:46 am
>> and i ask you these questions because we often hear, you know, in regards to many different kinds of crimes, crimes committed by many different kinds of people, that people knew of the suspect, but they never really thought anything was wrong, and, and they were surprised by his actions. are you surprised? >> i'm very surprised. and especially when you know someone through other people that that person had no trouble communicating with neighbors. he was very nice person, as they said. i know that he knew of him as -- so through that yes i am surprised. also, there are some rumors now in our community of some people who knew him and saying probably he might have some sort of a mental health issue. all kind of things are flying around about his identity. >> community leaders say they fear backlash. can you tell me about that? >> yes.
6:47 am
really, there is a big concern of backlash. we often find ourselves in this kind of situation, in a position where we are as a community generalized as a bad people. and this is not the first time. you know, i'm saying this, i myself being a person who has been vocal against radicalization in my community. i work with the community on a daily basis, and i feel and i receive a lot of calls. >> do i still have you bihi? >> yes, i'm here. can you hear me? >> oh, you're here. yeah, yeah, i just wanted to ask you about your community efforts, because i know your state was at the center of a federal investigation into the recruitment of fighters for
6:48 am
isis. this has been a big concern in your community, and i'd like you to tell people what your community is doing to, to try to stop the radicalization of young men and women within your community. >> i started this work back in 2008, in november, when i -- we found our -- my nephew missing along with several other young men from this community. and later on we learned that there was a big recruitment happening to our young, vulnerable men, and that for the last eight years we've been engaged in our community. and the biggest support of fighting radicalization in my community came from the somali american community. those who were paid for it, supported, and were concerned and afraid for their kids. and the reason being is this community is very fond of their new home of america, and they
6:49 am
are really very busy chasing the american dream and trying hard to raise their kids with success. and also, they have a background where they fled from al shabaab and warlords and violence. sometimes they find themselves in a position where they can't understand why someone would generalize all of them as a bad people who are fond of terrorism. while they are victims of terrorism themselves. >> all right. i have to leave it there. thank you so much for being with me this morning. still to come in the "newsroom," hillary clinton set to speak to reporters any moment now from the tarmac at white plains. you see her plane there. i'll be right back. you tell your insurance company they made a mistake.
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6:54 am
speak before boarding her campaign plane. m.j. lee is out there for us, set the scene for us. >> reporter: we are expecting hillary clinton to hold a press conference here on the tarmac at the westchester county airport. we do expect her to address the incidents over the weekend in minnesota, new jersey and new york. what that means, carol, is one week before the first debate, the politics of terror will take center stage once again. over the weekend we saw clinton and trump responding to the incident in new york in contrasting styles. trump was quick to call it a bombing and said a bomb had gone off in new york before he had much information about what had actually happened. clinton n the meanwhile, wanted to wait for more information before drawing conclusions. given the new information that we've gotten over the weekend, we'll see how much further she goes than the statement that she released yesterday where she did actually call the incidents
6:55 am
apparent terrorist attacks. no doubt about it, she'll be trying to draw a contrast between herself and donald trump on the issue of terrorism and foreign policy. carol? >> mj lee, we'll get back to you when hillary clinton begins speaking. thank you so much. mr. trump on his part spoke about it over the weekend, as did hillary clinton, but mr. trump appeared on "fox & friends" this morning and did comment on the bombings over the weekend. he slammed president obama and hillary clinton's terror efforts overseas in part for the bombings here in new york city and in new jersey. and he suggested that local police get tough and dispense what is being politically correct. let's listen. >> the local police, they know who a lot of the people are. they are afraid to do anything about it because they don't want to be accused of profiling. and they don't want to be accused of all sorts of things. in israel, they profile, they
6:56 am
have done an unbelievable job, but israel has done an unbelievable job and they profile. they see somebody suspicious, they will profile and will take that person in and check out. do we have a choice? look what is going on, do we really have a choice? we are trying to be so politically correct in our country, and this is only going to get worse. >> all right. so that's what he said on "fox & friends" this morning. here to discuss, nia malik henderson and david cantanese. welcome to you both. david, what was mr. trump suggesting through? >> well, i don't know. i think that needs more probing. he's basically -- i know he has suggested doing this in the past, but if he's outlining a position of profiling, i think more questions have to be asked of him. how exactly would he profile? what standards would he use? and i think in the light of the incidents over the weekend, he
6:57 am
is certainly going to be asked exactly what he means by those comments. and i can't imagine secretary clinton agreeing with that. >> yeah, and nia ma llika, i sa that because just a few weeks ago they had to work out a deal with this problem of racial profiling. >> he's saying the police aren't doing their job because they are adprks adprks -- afraid of the consequences. i don't suspect he has much evidence to suggest to local police that they aren't doing
6:58 am
their jobs to the fullest they can within the bounds of the law. so yeah, here we go talking about terrorism again. i think the conventional wisdom is that terrorism, when an incident like this happens, that it benefits donald trump. i don't think there's much evidence that that is actually true. he does lead on terrorism in terms of asking people who will be tougher on him. terrorism and isis, i think hillary clinton handles the foreign policy more broadly. we'll see what hillary clinton says today in the press conference. >> but again, david, it's the big bold statement. he comes out and says something. and hillary clinton will be much more nuanced in her comments. doesn't that resonate when things like this happen in our country? >> well, it usually does because people get scared and see the headline comes out, this is absolutely frightening this can happen on a sidewalk or street
6:59 am
corner at any given, point in time. look at the rolling information we got over the weekend. the other problem with these events is we have never had as much information as we require politicians to have when they make these statements. i mean, originally they didn't have any connection. you had politicians coming out to say there was no connection to the events in new jersey and new york. then it was unclear. you're still getting mixed signals about this from the state of new york and mayor de blasio about whether this was terrorism, whether it was intentional. it changed throughout the weekend. even over the last 24 hours the information on this. then we require a presidential candidate to come out with statements on what they would do. and frankly, they're not getting this information much quicker than we are. and trump is impulsive. he's going to be the tough guy to slam down hard on the perpetrators, on the terrorists. hillary clinton, this is -- she
7:00 am
is inherently more cautious and i think we'll see that again today. i think she wants that contrast with donald trump because she thinks, even if it doesn't benefit her in the short-term where people want a more emphatic reaction, they trust her more in the long-term. i think that is her bet. >> we'll just have to wait and see what she says, those comments coming from hillary clinton at any moment. nia-malika henderson and david cantanese, thank you. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" begins right now. i'm carol costello. officials are now saying it is possible an active terror cell could be operating in the new york/new jersey area after a spring of weekend bombings. and investigators are on the hunt for this man, ahmad khan rahami. they want to speak


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